Corporate rising
From a golf kit to a portable hi-end gymnasium to Bohemian glass designer lamp shades, corporate gifting is getting more and more experimental
Jasmine Singh

People don't always like that you advice, even if it is for free! The same doesn't hold true for gifts though; whether there is an occasion or not, gifts are always expected to be around the corner. A smile, a sad moment, a heart-break, a new job, salary hike, Father's Day…any day has to be embellished with a gift! Now, if they are so important in the existing scenario, how important would gifts be in the corporate sector? From big boss to the colleagues, from colleagues to the big boss and from big boss to other bosses, there is no substitute to the rotation of corporate gifts. This Diwali, we check out the hot bargains in this section.

As we move on with the list, neither the 'dear-expensive-dry fruits' have made it to the list, nor the 'could-be-adulterated' mithais. So, what do we have here…recreational gifts make for a good buying and gifting option for Diwali. If you think your boss needs some action (other than the posh sedentary office life he enjoys), sports kits, especially a golf kit or a portable hi-end gymnasium, will do the needful. Priced between Rs 5,000-20,000 this is one corporate gift, which is being explored for the first time. Anand Mathur from Ctech Pvt Ltd has chosen golf kits as Diwali gifts. "Dry fruit baskets in all forms are already out, enough of designer candle sets; with people becoming health conscious, what better gift than a sports kit."

Well, if health is not your cup of tea and you still want to keep it simple, Bohemian glass designer lamp shades in different styles is another corporate gift that can make an impression. Starting from Rs 1,500 onwards, the lamps can brighten up your heart! A Chandigarh-based apparel company has distributed one of these designer lamps along with customised wallets to its employees.

There you are - customisation is still the 'in-thing' in corporate gifting! From little things like key-chains, caps, mugs, diaries, sweat shirts and photo frames, customised gifts add personal touch to the whole occasion. And last but definitely not the least (because someone out there would have already thought of a different corporate gift while we are it), gold and silver plated idols and paintings rule the roost in the 'traditional' corporate gifting sector. Priced slightly higher, starting at Rs 3,000 onwards, many corporates believe in gifting idols of Ganesha and Lakshmi for Diwali. Sameer Kang, a Ludhiana-based, businessman has ensured that a gold-plated idol of Lakshmi reaches every client.

"The idea is to gift something classic and at the same time keep in mind the sentiments attached to the festival. I have to also take into account my status; so gold-plated idols are the best for corporate gifts."

In the end, however, it is the thought that matters and not the price or maybe! Says Praveen Kharbanda who owns the franchise for Dollar Store in Sector-35, "There is limited choice in crockery as a corporate gift. We have mug-sets, kitchen bowls, glass platters, but not many people go in for these." As we said, it is not always about the money (though it is)!

So, a festive collection launched by Aamara in Chandigarh has various options for women in the corporate sector. According to Vandana Singh and Nisha Singh, the two women behind this new format, "We provide a wide range of designer suits, designer saris, kurtis, tunics and a range of accessories, which can make for classic gifts for women in the corporate sector."

Art of gifting
From exquisite bed linens to imported crystals to latest laptops to Mont Blanc pens—Ludhiana provides a wide option for Diwali
Poonam Bindra

Come Diwali and it's time to think about lights, sweets and of course the most important of them— gifts. The custom of exchanging gifts had lost popularity earlier, but this year the sentiment seem to be returning and we can see Ludhianvis making a bee-line in the gift shops.

"Utility is the key word when it comes to Diwali gifting," says socialite and cookery expert Veenu Dhanda who likes to gift from the heart. "I feel bed linens make for a good gift too," she says.

But ask Jeevan Gupta of Jain Crockery House and he says, "Crystal and other crockery items as gifts will never go out of fashion and these days we are flooded with customers." Imported glassware and other fancy items too are a rage and with shopkeepers sourcing everything from Indonesia or Bangkok, the options are unlimited.

Judging by the rush at Arty Shops, it seems the Ludhiana folks have evolved much culturally and do like to gift art pieces. The trend of gifting diamonds and gold for dear ones is not catching up so much even after watching the Tanishiq ad featuring the Bachhans. But yes, branded watches are much in demand.

Surbhi Ahuja, manager, Mont Blanc Boutique, tells us why, "The exorbitant rate of the yellow metal is making the folks look for alternatives which could be a branded pen, a brief case or a hand bag."

Silver shops are doing good business, providing another alternative to gold. "For close ones, gifting a piece of the latest technology like an I-phones or laptops is my preference" says entrepreneur Ashok Walia, who also feels that corporate gifting has become very stylish.

Another rage which is storming Ludhiana this Diwali is health food. Food packs containing exotic oats, pure honey and almonds are in great demand. Roopa Pahwa, who always holds a Diwali bash at her Fitness centre, plans to gift packs of fibre biscuits.

The environmentalists are not to be left behind. Socialite Neena Uppal would be distributing saplings as Diwali gifts.

Shall we dance?
Jasmine Singh

On a song: Daljit Singh
On a song: Daljit Singh

Once a singer, always a singer. This may also be interpreted as this—once you have started your career as a singer, then you better stick to it, come what may, whether it is doing you good or bad. Jokes apart, Punjabi singer Daljit Singh likes to stick to this ideology.

Daljit, who is in Chandigarh to perform at Tagore Theatre, has no qualms in waiting for success as and when it comes. "I have been singing for almost 10 years now, some of my albums, like Sohni Lagdi, have done well, while some haven't," says Daljit who doesn't believe in looking for others options if one particular album does not click. "As a singer, I believe I have to struggle throughout my life, some days will be good, some wouldn't be that great. I still have to give my best shot in music," he says.

With a good number of one-song-wonder cases in Punjab music industry, Daljit feels it boils down to luck and destiny. "There are two ways of looking at it, sometimes a song makes a singer, in other cases it is the singer who popularises a song. However, in some cases you could be plain lucky," he smiles.

We got the idea! How long can you sit on one hit? "Maybe for a year or so, if you don't give the listeners something new they will soon forget your past achievements," provides this singer who is all set to refresh our minds with his song Aaj Nachna along with Aman Hayer.

"Aaj Nachna has all dance numbers, following the trend." So, we are not breaking stereotypes in Punjabi music industry. Daljit takes a minute to think about it. "Perhaps we have already. At the same time, we cannot ignore the audience, their likes or dislikes."

As far as we know, music lovers want the entire package—voice and looks. For Daljit that isn't asking for more. "This is the reason I like live shows so that I can be up, close and personal with my fans. Live shows provide an immediate response to the singer."

Most Punjabi singers eventually take the road leading to the Punjabi film industry; Daljit too acknowledges the possibility. "I am open to films," he says talking about his venture Agony of Soul, a TV feature film that won many awards.

Daljit, who is serving in the SSP office, Mohali, feels he can do a lot for his profession as a singer. "I want to build up police-public relationship through my songs. I want to sing songs that can highlight their image," shares Daljit.

If music be the food of life…..
Live gigs, karaoke, jam sessions and celebrated singers— music is the most important element after good food when it comes to an eating-out experience
Manpriya Khurana

It takes just a bit of tacky music to drown the ambience, the crowd and the flavours of the food in its din. The lone live band belting out yesteryears' tracks has been long replaced by local rock bands, live gigs, jam sessions, celebrated singers, especially flown in. Music's spinning at breakneck speed and deafening noise!

"When you go out and when you are spending that kind of money, the best a restaurant can do and the least they can do is to serve the entire experience with quality music," opines singer Sukhmani, now a touring professional, who earlier played at Orchid Lounge. "In Delhi, it's a major thing to have the right kind of artiste and the clubs and restaurants are ready to invest a significant amount of money. Chandigarh is following closely."

At Peddlers, the Fridays are reserved for rock shows, while the Wednesday for karaoke nights and Thursdays for acoustic. Some are changing the theme each day, while others are keeping it same. At La Dolce Vita, the Italian restaurant of Hotel Rio, there's a list available in every genre to be played as per the visitor's request. While at The Lobby they'd rather keep things a little stable. Shares Shivani Manchanda, PR manager, The Lobby, "We like to keep things standardised, so that people know what to expect when they visit us. People do not visit a place just because of music but it's a very important factor." She pegs the ratio of what's served at a restaurant higher than what's played at a restaurant.

Nothing oversteps the food factor but the auditory senses come a close second to the taste buds. Laughs Sukhmani, "If the music is not worth it and the food is amazing, then the place can, at best be popular for take aways."

At S-Lounge, different genres take over. Shares Prakash, general manager, Swagath Restaurant, "It is important to play all sorts of music, some people like Bollywood, while others prefer hip or trance. And music being such an important factor, they would hardly visit us again if the whole experience is not satisfying."

Besides lounges and clubs, those on the other side of the hospitality industry are taking the concept much further. "It's not just restaurants but a whole lot of places where they are dishing out innovative music. It's normal to find a DJ in a café and even gyms," opines DJ Raghav city- based freelance DJ.

For the places not restricted by a particular genre of music, the DJ's always there to entertain requests. Flowing in guest DJs or singers from far and varied cities, is the norm at not only clubs, rather resto bars, even fine dining places. Shares city-based DJ Aryan, resident DJ, S-Lounge, "It's the best part after food. For those who go out, wholesome experience is very important. Especially liquor buffs go looking for something new every day. Once you reach the venue, music is the factor that adds flavour and freshness."

Af-FAIR with the best
Vasudha Gupta

Pick-N-choose: (Anti-clockwise from L) Navneet Saini with her paintings, home decor items and exotic candle stands from Atmik Photos: Pravesh Chauhan

There are very few places where you can find a host of things under one roof. Thanks to a few big brands that have taken over the city, the possibility of finding everything at one place is becoming remote. It is perhaps because of this very reason that the 16th edition of CII's Chandigarh Fair has brought a range of products - consumer, fashion and food - under a single roof. On at the Parade Ground, Chandigarh, we give you a round up of what's good and what's the best here.

Neighbour's pride

One category that stands out is Pakistani embroideries. From suits, embellished dupattas, there is much to delight the shopper in you. Colours take centrestage with bright hues. Rohi Rung, for example, brings forth a range in delicate embroideries. The traditional embroidery of village Cholistani has been commercialised for the masses and brought here. If suits don't impress you much, there is the option of shawls, brought together by Kashmir Handicraft (SWAT), Pakistan, to ensure that your winter woes are reduced. Plus, the winter is the best time to buy carpets, brought to Chandigarh from Afghanistan, expect fine knots and some great weaves in the variety here.

Home Décor

The range at the fair is baffling; from handmade wooden articles to the exotic customised tea light candles and curios. Baishali Ghosh from Atmik, a Delhi-based interiors store, offers more than just wax in candles. From glass containers to the decorative boxes, it focuses on raising the bar when it comes to gifting options. The Buddha in white and gold suddenly infuses a sense of peace; brought here by Amazing Arts, the product range varies from murals, oil paintings, pottery, jharokas to designer mirrors.

Handmade wonders

If there is anything that attracts an array of visitors, it is handmade artifacts. Arkriti, from Rajasthan, has revived the art of painting on cloth. Coming from the Bilwara distract, Sunil and Jyoti Sumani have kept the tradition alive and given it a modern twist. "We have innovated on wood," says Sunil. Playing around, the creative fusion comes alive with nature-inspired work with mehendi designs made by brush. Not only state-specific art from West Bengal, Rajasthan and Orissa, the focus also remain on promoting women entrepreneurs. Navneet Saini, an architect by profession, showcases her talent.

The food pavilion has a mindboggling variety to tickle your taste buds. Hyderabadi, South Indian, Rajasthani and of course, the delightful food from Pakistan, garnished with affection. You can also check out the Auto show, complete with cars, automotive products and accessories. Take a look at the infocom also, which brings the latest in the world of communication for you.

(On till October 24)

Revolutionary thought

"The most intelligent species on earth poisons its own food before eating it. We've almost destroyed our own habitat. Evidently we've landed ourselves in a soup. It's like we started from one end of the earth, relentlessly destroying it, and have come a full circle. There's no more earth left," comes a rather startling statement from Rishi Miranhshah.

Rishi has translated Masanobu Fukuoka's seminal work, The One Straw Revolution, on natural farming and a sustainable, spiritual way of life from English into Gurumukhi.

A translator for the past 10 years, Rishi has worked on several publications, including British Columbia Health Guide. But as a book, Kakh to Kranti is his first attempt.

This is a book which is close to his heart. "First, this book addresses a significant issue, second, it's in a language that takes your hand, shows you the beauty and joy of life, and leads you gently to the path that you want to share this with anyone who might be interested in it," says Rishi.

With Masanobu Fukuoka, Daniel Quinn, Bill Mollison, John Zerzan, Jiddu Krishnamurti, Marguerite Duras, Roberto Juarroz, Juan Ramón Jiménez as his favourite authors, Rishi believes the process of enriching life must include the process of enriching a language as well and he does that by taking up translation work.

The book emphasises that growing of food cannot be separated from eating of food, and eating of food cannot be separated from our physical, moral and spiritual health and charts the journey of agriculture and civilization from the very beginning.

"The amazing aspect of the book is that it deals with it very playfully, doesn't create a gloomy atmosphere, and doesn't instill any fear in the reader. In fact, you sense a certain joy enveloping the whole book. One possible explanation for this could be, as I understand, that the author was a Zen practitioner, and quite an advanced one," says Rishi.

Want to know more about sustainable way of living, well, Kakh to Kranti is all for you!

Simply fashionable

Being stylish is about being individualistic and not over the top. Rishabh Syal, pursuing masters in International business and Finance, is one such person who knows how to make a statement through his signature style.

Your sense of style is…

'Keep it simple' yet stylish. I experiment with different looks, drawing a tangent to the latest trends and fashion rather than blindly following them.

Latest addition in the wardrobe…

Beige and navy chinos and chunky cardigans just in time for the autumn-winter collection.

Brand freak or street smart?

I am unfortunately a brand freak. I like the comfort and longevity that branded merchandise provides.

Choose one—sporty, glamorous or chic.

It would be glamorous. As it stays with you any hour of the day, whether you are 'playing the field' or laying off field!

Your style icon…

Arnold Schwarzenegger. He carries off almost anything and everything with so much grace and exuberance.

Who is the worst dressed celebrity around?

Charlie Sheen in his laid back shorts and shirts look, which nonetheless is iconic, but a bit boring as a man of his calibre could have offered more to his fans.

One fashion trend you do not understand…

Women wearing shorts with leggings and jumpers. Shorts are something I am not used to seeing on women, I still prefer the good old skirt.

You take on accessories…

I think accessories can make or break an outfit. You can wear the dullest piece of clothing from your wardrobe, but if you choose the right accessory to go with it, it can do wonders to your over all look and save the day.

One thing that boosts your confidence?

Shoes! I believe shoes are the most arresting part of the outfit.

(As told to Vasudha Gupta)

If you think you fit in the profile, get in touch with us at We'll sift the best from the rest.

it’s rocking
Rahman does it again

The song for this week has already become a youth anthem. After a very long time, a track has been accepted by youth. The Sadda Haq T-shirts are already a rage. AR Rahman has once again produced some music that will stay with music lovers for a long time. Sadda Haq goes well with the theme of the movie, Rockstar. Music lovers tell why the song is a chart buster.

Bollywood's best

Sadda Haq is a rock anthem now. AR Rahman's music is fabulous and makes it the best rock song ever made in Bollywood. Though, there are other songs in this genre, this one truly fulfills all the parameters. You can make out the use of guitar. Mohit Chauhan's voice does wonders to the track.

— Jaspreet Mann, student, MAMDAV College.

Rahman magic

AR Rahman is once again at his best. Sadda Haq is his one of the best creations. I think the music of the track is a prelude to the film dedicated to the journey of a rockstar. Mohit Chauhan further complemented the feel of the song with his magical voice. Sadda Haq is like the Bollywood version of We Will Rock You.

— Mayank Jain, student, Panjab University

Lethal look

We got to hear AR Rahman's music after a long time, and the best music director of India hasn't disappointed. Mohit Chauhan in Sadda Haq is phenomenal. But I think it's Ranbir Kapoor's look and acting in the song that has made it really popular with youngsters. He looks like a typical rockstar with long hair and beard.

— Sunidhi Garg, BPO employee.

(Compiled by Ashima Sehajpal)

Promoting Punjabi

Pandit Rao C Dharennavar It is strange, but this man from South India has not only learned Punjabi but has also been working on books in Punjabi. Pandit Rao C Dharennavar's Punjabi translation on Maha Gynai Sarvagna was released by S P Singh Oberoi in Chandigarh recently.

Rao who teaches sociology in Government College - 46, already has a few translations in Punjabi under his belt. Rao has chosen Sarvajña, a Kannad poet for his recent work. Famous for his pithy poems, which are called tripadis, with three padas he is known name.

"This translation of his tripadi vachans into Punjabi is my effort to bring people from North and South closer," says Rao. At the event Sukhnaib Sidhu, an active journalist from remote village from Punjab read a paper on the book.

"I started learning Punjabi in 2003 from small kids when I joined work here," says Rao. Influenced by Japji Saheb and modern poets like Sant Ram Udasi, Paash and Shiv Kumar Batalvi, Rao has already translated Japji Saheb and Sukhmani sahib in Kannada. "I will go to villages in Punjab and play nukkad natak to promote Punjabi," says this spirited writer.

Problem of plenty
Even too much time off can be stressful

While a lot of people around us at the workplace may be invariably heard cribbing for weekly offs or on not getting the wished number of holidays, scientists say even too much time off could prove stressful.

According to researchers, there is one thing that matches the stress of not having enough free time: having too much of it.

Experts from the University of Cincinnati in Ohio and Baylor University in Texas asked 1,329 teenagers how much spare time they had, and how happy they were.

Those who thought they had little free time were often miserable, but teens with plenty of time to themselves soon run out of things to do.

"What is more desirable: too little or too much spare time on your hands? To be happy, somewhere in the middle," the researchers said. — IANS

Costume drama
We tell you what to expect, fashion-wise from upcoming movies


Enough has been written about SRK's electrifying (literally) and heavy outfit. Arjun (as Ra.One) has a similar one in red (G.One is blue). Kareena plays a young and happening mother and Manish Malhotra has designed her look in the film. Her red saree in Chhammak Challo and sexy white dress in Criminal are much talked about. She looks fabulous!

Ranbir Kapoor in RockstarRockstar

People are already flipping over everything related to Rockstar! The buzz is immense and positive. So Ranbir's character goes from being a nerd to being a sought-after rockstar and that shows in his clothes. Since he becomes a rockstar, he wears lots of loose clothes in strong colours, lots of chains, and bandanas, and has a messy look. Nargis is aptly cast as a gorgeous Kashmiri and she is seen in the most beautiful Kashmiri shawls, stoles and kurtas. This trend will definitely catch on. A portion of the movie has been shot in Prague and the characters have dressed in the traditional outfits of the region. Aki Narula is the genius behind the trendy and contemporary look and style of the movie. Of course, Imtiaz Ali must also be thanked for the same.

A still from Ladies Vs Ricky BahlLadies Vs Ricky Bahl

This is a fun romantic comedy all the way. Ranveer Singh has about seven different avatars in the movie as he travels from Delhi to Lucknow to Goa to Mumbai.

Aki Narula has done the costumes for everyone.

Anushka Sharma looks ultra hot in the bikini tops. We love her wild hair and make-up! She looks like a confident beach babe.

Parineeti plays a regular Delhi girl, Aditi Sharma is clad in Indian wear and Dipannita is seen in smart formal wear. The film will be out this December.

Rishi Kapoor in AgneepathAgneepath

Hrithik Roshan has a very rugged and raw look, Sanjay Dutt is plain wicked and seen in loose black overalls or kaftans, while Rishi Kapoor is seen in kurtas.

Priyanka Chopra plays a streetwalker so she is flaunting her hot-bod in sarees and chaniya-cholis. The movie is very dark and the costumes are under-played.

Ek Main Aur Ekk Tuu

The Shakun Batra film releases in February and only one still has been leaked. Kareena plays a hairstylist in it so she is naturally very trendy. Her look has been styled by Manish Malhotra. Imran Khan's character goes from uptight to relaxed and cool and that will reflect in his hairstyle and clothes.

The Dirty Picture

The Milan Luthria film seems to be all about Vidya Balan's (enhanced) assets. We have probably had enough of them already! She is seen in shiny, figure-hugging and revealing and outrageous Indian costumes throughout the movie which traces the life of soft-porn Southern star Silk Smitha. None of these outfits look like they can be worn in real life!

Desi Boyz

The boys are mostly topless and are wearing (and flaunting) their impeccably toned physiques. Deepika is seen in her usual glamourous avatar and we gotta say she looks hot in blouses paired with hot pants. Chitrangda is not too prominent in the promos yet but we guarantee that she will scorch the screen. — HRM

Miles to go…

LEARNING CURVE: Amitabh Bachchan
LEARNING CURVE: Amitabh Bachchan

Amitabh Bachchan is happy these days. Despite his age, he is one of the busiest actors in the industry. The way he speaks, the way he walks, the way he dresses - everything is just admirable. What can be more exciting that at this age, he will be making his debut in a Hollywood film, The Great Gatsby. The film stars Leonardo DiCaprio, and is directed by Baz Luhrmann. We speak to Big B about his Hollywood debut and more.

Hollywood calling

I have almost finished shooting for my first Hollywood film, The Great Gatsby. I have a small role, but the film and its memories will always remain with me. It was a great learning as well as a very memorable experience. A few more weeks of work are left, which we will finish by next month.

Learning new things

It's been a great experience working with Baz Luhrmann. I have learnt a lot from; he is simply superb with his vision. He is great with his talent; he knows how everything will work, how long it will take and how to use his actors well. I was actually awestruck with their work culture, and I believe we are yet to learn many things.

Sincerity of work

I have learnt a lot from my first Hollywood film. I had revelations almost every day. I have always been an admirer of Baz Luhrmann's work and of him as a person, but after working with him, I admire him more. I observed many technological aspects of production in Hollywood. Their way of production and management is different from ours. I was attracted to the sincerity of work and the easy delegation of everything there. We have come a long way, but we still have a long way to go, as well.

Cool, classy fragrance by Nicole

IMAGE WISE: Nicole Richie
IMAGE WISE: Nicole Richie

After jewellery, accessories and a clothing line, designer Nicole Richie is set to break into the scent industry by launching her first fragrance with the TPR company.

"(Nicole) has a wide breadth of creative talents being an author, a jewellery designer, a fashion designer and an aspirational figure.

She also has three million Twitter followers, but more importantly she has trade credibility.

She's done a great job with her image," said Brian Robinson, TPR president.

The product will feature a "cool, classy scent with an edge" and is due to hit stores in America in September next year. — IANS

Tasting success

Success story: Barun Sobti
Success story: Barun Sobti

After a jumpstart, Star Plus’ prime-time show, Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon?, has rocked the number one spot at the 8 pm time slot beating other shows. Moreover, the show completes 100 episodes and looks forward to more. The show’s USP is the cute chemistry between Arnav and Khushi. We spoke to Arnav Raizada aka Barun Sobti about the success of the show.

Why do you think Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon is a hit?

The show is a hit because of the freshness in the story, track twist, proper presentation of the show and the two diverse characters –Arnav and Khushi.

It is now the number one in its time slot of 8 pm, leaving Colors show Balika Vadhu behind. How do you feel?

It feels great. I simply concentrate on my work and then go home. I don’t bother with any other thing except my work. I am happy that finally our team work is getting the success it deserves and has become the number one show in its slot.

Lots has been said about your chemistry with Sanaya aka Khushi. What do you feel about it?

Even I have heard a lot from my fans that they love my chemistry with Sanaya. I feel it’s all about the characters, their projection and attitude which the fans love. I am doing my job as an actor and I am glad that my work is being appreciated.

What does your family, and your wife think of the chemistry between Sanaya and you?

My family, wife and friends love the show and our chemistry. They are more concerned about Arnav and Khushi actually. My wife loves the concept of the show and the story of opposites attract. She was amazed to see me as Arnav.

How are you planning to celebrate the completion of 100 episodes of the show?

I think we will have a cake cutting ceremony after pack up. I am happy that the show has reached its first milestone.

How have fans reacted to your character?

They love to stay away from me as they think I am Arnav. Women, especially, ask me questions as to why I am like this. I am happy to know that they are appreciating the character a lot. — HRM


Love for Britain: Roshni Chopra, Heena Khan and Drashti DhamiRevelling in London

Jay Soni and Ragini Khanna from Sasural Genda Phool, Karan Mehra and Hina Khan from Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, Drashti Dhami from Geet Hui Sabse Parayi flew to London recently for a rocking Star Parivaar event at London’s Wembley stadium.

Not only did they dance to the some songs from the 90’s but enjoyed the venue as well. Comedian Rehman Khan and host Roshni Chopra hosted the event while Roshni performed on Munni Badnaam Hui while Drashti did on Sheila Ki Jawani.

love for Britain: Roshni Chopra, Heena Khan and Drashti Dhami

Hitting dead end

Wrapping up: Yashashree MasurkarAs Yashashree Masurkar was disappointed with her role of Mrignayani in Imagine’s Chandragupta Maurya, in the upcoming episodes her character will be killed on the show. Chandragupta (Ashish Sharma) will finally free Chanakya (Manish Wadhwa) from Dhanananda while Mrignayni will commit suicide. The story will once again focus on Chandragupta, Chanakya and Dhanananda.

Wrapping up: Yashashree Masurkar

Director’s dream!

Reshmi Ghosh recently stepped into the shoes left empty by actress Sadhika Randhawa on Zee TV’s Shobha Somnath Ki as the conniving Indumati, but it seems that all is not well with the actress. She has been extremely unwell and had to undergo major surgery due to some health complications. And while that might have spelt disaster for most directors and script writers, Reshmi has proved her mettle with her strong work ethic. Right up till her surgery, she was still shooting on the sets for the week’s episodes. At times, she has even fainted due to the strong doses of medicine that she has had to take. Even after her surgery, she has cooperated with the team, shooting for a few scenes however and whenever her health permitted.

Leaping ahead: Ronit Roy Udaan to films

Post the award winning Udaan, Ronit Roy has been getting a lot of film offers but he has chosen a few as he wants to continue with his television assignment playing K D Pathak on Sony’s Adaalat. Ronit has been signed on in Karan Johar’s next film Student of the Year where he will play a football coach called Coach Shah. For his homework Ronit is learning all about the game.

Leaping ahead: Ronit Roy

Of twists and turns

In Rajan Shahi’s Kuch Toh Log Kahenge on Sony, Dr Nidhi (Kritika Kamra) was shocked to see Dr Ashutosh (Mohnish Behl) hugging a senior doctor. As she has quit her job, now she doesn’t want to meet him ever. In the upcoming episodes, an intern will invite Nidhi for her wedding. She will agree to come only if Dr Ashutosh isn’t coming. Eventually she will meet him at the wedding. Will this change her mind about joining the hospital again?

Bigg fan?

Tennis champion Sania Mirza, who was rumoured to have been approached for Bigg Boss 5, is a huge fan of the show. She has been tweeting a lot about the Colors reality show appreciating the drama. She also looks forward to watching host and her friend Salman Khan again on the show.

Zeta-Jones the unfaithful

Catherine Zeta-JonesActress Catherine Zeta-Jones will star along with actors Mark Wahlberg and Russell Crowe in Broken City directed by Allen Hughes. The 42-year-old actress will play the cheating wife of the New York mayor to be played by Crowe. The script has been written by Brian Tucker, while Wahlberg, Randall Emmett, Stephen Levinson and George Furla will produce the movie. The shooting for the movie will start next month. — IANS

P Khurrana

ARIES: Today, love and travel figure prominently. You can put yourself in line for a promotion. Strong feelings can overwhelm you and distort your sense. Rather than letting them stew under the surface, call a family meeting. Tarot message: Don’t reveal your plan of action to anyone. Lucky colour: Pink. Magic number: 63. 

TAURUS: Make efforts to maintain harmony. Communication on the job can assume greater importance. But you do need to be careful that you do not get caught. Don’t let the petty aspects take precedence over what is rewarding. Tarot message: Don’t do anything at the cost of health. Lucky colour: Aqua. Magic number: 59. number: 47.

GEMINI: New people whom you meet will be rather exciting. Health problem could slow you down. Some of you might be lying in the arms of your lovers and be reluctant to make any changes all day long. Tarot message: Make compromises outside and come to terms within yourself. Lucky colour: Purple. Magic number: 36.

CANCER: Love life is sparklingly beautiful. Enjoy a relaxing day. Get into your hobbies or a favorite sport for mental and physical stimulation. A friend might try to talk you into doing something you would rather not do. Tarot message: Do not expect too much from others. Lucky colour: White. Magic number: 50.

LEO: A piece of good news arriving by mail or phone will cheer you up. Household affairs continue smoothly. Businessmen should be careful about investments they make. Tarot message: Lack of confidence or lack of caution can leave you in losses; so be confident. Lucky colour: Forest Green. Magic number: 35.

VIRGO: Be conscious of your self-speak. A level of anxiety could interfere with your sense of well-being. Get outside for a walk and visit a local scenic spot for relaxing nature therapy. Tarot message: Don’t make hasty decisions as it could lead to a waste of time and money. Lucky colour: Crimson. Magic number: 33.

LIBRA: Anything you have done wrong or in a slipshod fashion can be exposed to the public. Make sure you join a reputable organization, then reap the spiritual rewards. Tarot message: Don’t waste an opportunity by being rash or impulsive. Lucky colour: Saffron. Magic number: 25.

SCORPIO: Be logical in your thoughts. A change of plans can throw you into turmoil. Don’t expect people to make compromises. Stop worrying about what other people think of you. Tarot message: Learn from past experience and desist from making a similar mistake again. Lucky colour: Peach. Magic number: 25.

SAGITTARIUS: Your marital status figures prominently. You might fall madly in love during travel. Face the facts talk to your partner, with love and honesty, changes can occur. Tarot message: Be determined and increase your self confidence which will be on trial. Lucky colour: Mauve. Magic number: 31.

CAPRICORN: Hasty actions can lead to situations best avoided. This will allow your mind the chance to catch up to your emotions and stay on track and be sensible. Colleagues might try to bully. Tarot message: Be articulate to prevent people from making their own conclusions. Lucky colour: Yellow. Magic number: 42.

AQUARIUS: Loved ones will do what they can to solve family financial problems. Once you get going, the pace will pick up considerably. You can expect to have people trying to influence you. Tarot message: Dare to accomplish those tasks which normally take up a lot of time. Lucky colour: Red. Magic number: 52.

PISCES: The card “Six of Wands” emphasises on accelerated social activities. Your effort will not go unnoticed. Love letter are promised. Talk with you lover about your future plans. Tarot message: Do not swing away from the course you have charted so far. Lucky colour: Orange. Magic number: 40.

Madan Gupta Spatu

If your birthday is October 23...

Plan a light Birthday party. Emotional upsets could throw you in a loop right now. Instead of giving in to your disappointment, go out and have fun. It may take time to get into the spirit of things, but it will happen. It isn’t a good idea to rely on credit cards to get what you want. By using your charge cards only for emergencies, you can avoid a lot of headaches down the road. The way you reason things out at this time involves a process of deep, unconscious revelation. This serves you well. Decisions made regarding relationships, or the problems of others should be correct. You protect those you love, and today you will be able to express some of your feelings as well. Contracts and agreements are favored now, as are studies, writing and correspondence. There’s no such thing as a casual conversation. After running errands, you’ll need to go home and ponder. Every comment can have a double meaning. In business, 2012 will be encouraging. Cast your boss or another higher-up in the role of an ally; try asking them for their input and insight with the implicit respect for their experience and expertise. Career point of view, March onwards, you’ll need more time to complete a task; discuss this with co-workers. You might feel nervous if you take those first steps down the road less traveled.  You will feel better when you realise that the path before you is golden.

Perizaad ZorabianYou will get stuck in the mire if you continue to waste so much time. Your dreams may be clear and helpful; respect your ESP about family members and use strong guidance and contributions to their thinking, events and positions. Be practical about a spending decision. Mood: Emotional but calm. Compatible signs: Gemini, Aquarius. Lucky colours: Teal, Lime Green. Lucky days: Monday and Wednesday. Lucky numbers: 6, 8, 12, 14, 49. Lucky flower: Carnation (Red). Lucky gem: Peridot.

Perizaad Zorabian (October 23, 1973) is an Indian actress. Her film debut was with Nagesh Kukunoor’s movie, Bollywood Calling.

Perizaad Zorabian was educated in New York City. The actress acted in N. Chandra’s Breaking News, a romantic comedy Kabhi Up Kabhi Down with Sanjay Suri and Highway 203 with Kay Kay Menon.

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