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Alert youth fends attack by autorickshaw gang
Mohit Khanna
tribune news service

Ludhiana, November 6
Residents of Sham Singh Road here were woken from their sleep by cries for help in the wee hours of today. What they saw was even more shocking. In what looked like a chase sequence straight out of a Bollywood film, the residents saw a youth being chased by two knife-wielding men in an autorickshaw. The youth ran towards a temple where he got help.

Twentythree-year-old Jatinder Singh, studying MTech at Thapar Engineering College, Patiala, was in a state of shock and visibly shaken.

It was around 5 am that Jatinder Singh, a resident of Kamla Nagar Colony in Bathinda, was returning to Patiala after meeting his ailing uncle at the Dayanand Medical College and Hospital (DMCH) in Ludhiana. He took an autorickshaw, unaware that the driver and his accomplice were members of the notorious autorickshaw gang which has been behind a series of murder and snatching incidents.

“I told them not to stop for any passenger and offered them Rs 50 to take me directly to the bus stand. But instead of taking the highway, they took a deserted road. I got suspicious and told them to take the main road,” said Jatinder Singh.

They then drove towards Sham Singh Road and stopped the vehicle. “I quickly got down from the autorickshaw. The driver asked me to sit inside, but I said I would do so when he started the autorickshaw. After three attempts, the autorickshaw started and I noticed the driver’s accomplice suddenly drew out a knife. I fended the attack and pushed him,” he said.

He alighted from the vehicle and ran towards Bhuri Wala Temple, screaming for help. “I saw some people taking a holy dip in the temple and ran towards them. The accused chased me in the autorickshaw. I managed to reach the temple and crashed at the gate,” he said.

People gathered around him and raised the alarm. Meanwhile, residents also came out of their houses. Sensing trouble, the attackers fled the scene.

The matter was brought to the notice of Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Raj Kumar and Station House Officer (SHO) Naveen Sharma. A police team reached the spot and started investigation. The investigating officer visited the auto stand near the DMCH, but could not trace the suspects.

Jatinder Singh said the attackers were in their mid-20s and seemed to be drug addicts. His father works as a junior engineer at the Bathinda thermal plant.


19-yr-old peacenik stabbed to death
tribune news service

Ludhiana, November 6
A 19-year-old youth, who was stabbed following a fight at Khud Mohalla last night, succumbed to his injuries at a local hospital this morning. The victim has been identified as Rohit Monga. He was stabbed when he was trying to mediate during a fight between two groups.

According to the police, three brothers -- Sonu, Monu and Chotu -- picked up a fight with Deepinder Singh, a friend of Rohit. The victim tried to intervene, but the agitated brothers started thrashing Rohit. Amid the melee, Chotu pulled out a dagger and allegedly stabbed the victim.

Rohit was rushed to hospital in a serious condition. He succumbed to his injuries in the hospital here this morning. Raj Kumar, Station House Officer (SHO), said the accused had been arrested and booked for murder.

The victim, a resident of Jamalpur, was the only child of his parents. His family has refused to divulge any details about the incident. His relatives said Rohit had not informed his parents that he was going to Deepinder’s house.



New form for PAN card, but applicants clueless
Shivani Bhakoo
tribune news service

Ludhiana, November 6
The Central Board of Direct Taxes has changed the application form for getting permanent account number (PAN). In the absence of proper intimation by the department, applicants are still buying and filling old forms. Even the private collection centres authorised to provide the forms are continuing to sell old forms to applicants.

The Central Board of Direct Taxes changed the application forms for PAN card applicants on October 17 by issuing a notification. But no public notice was given in this regard.

The president of the Young Taxation Lawyers Association said though the department had changed the form, the taxpayers were unaware about it. “Private collection centres are authorised to provide new forms, but even they are distributing old forms as they do not have the new ones yet. If an applicant fills the old form, no PAN card will be issued to him/her. The confusion must be cleared by the department in a proper manner,” he said.

As per the new format, form number 49-A will be filled by an individual and an Indian company or partnership. In case the applicant is a foreign national, then 49-AA form will have to be filled. Earlier, an applicant had to tick on various options and had to paste a photograph, but now two photographs would be required.

In the new form, another column has been added. If an applicant has been issued an ‘adhar’ card, it should be mentioned in the form. Several other details, including business or professional income from other sources, capital gains, income from house property or no income are to be mentioned in the new form. The forms can be downloaded from the Net as these are not available at the centres or the market.



Youth booked for obscene MMS
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 6
The police has booked a youth for creating and circulating an obscene MMS of his alleged former girlfriend. The police booked the suspect identified as Rahul Mahindru, a resident of House Fed Colony, here today.

Naveen Sharma, SHO of Division No. 5, said the victim and Rahul used to study together in Amritsar. The MMS was created in Amritsar after the girl got married to someone else. 



2 members of land mafia nabbed 
tribune news service

Ludhiana, November 6
Non-resident Indians (NRIs) planning to invest their hard-earned money in the booming real estate market of the city need to be cautious as cons posing as property dealers are on the prowl and pocketing money by selling gullible NRIs fake property documents.

In the latest incident, Paramjit Singh and Parminder Singh, both residents of Ropar, were nabbed for selling land on the basis of fake documents.

The police recovered a fake driver’s licence and voter card from the possession of Parminder Singh. In the documents, he changed his name and address and posed himself as Sukhwinder Singh of Mohali.

Bobby, an NRI who owns a house in Field Gunj, came in contact with the accused who showed him a plot measuring 200 sq yd at Aman Park and struck a deal for Rs 7,900 per sq yd. Bobby gave a token amount of Rs 10,000 to the duo and it was decided that Bobby would pay the first instalment of Rs 8 lakh on November 5.

According to Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Mukhtiar Singh, Bobby was later shocked to learn that the price of the property in the area was much higher and that the plot was being sold to him for peanuts.

He wondered why the duo was selling the land at a throwaway price and visited the revenue department.

He was shocked to know that the land did not even belong to the duo.

He then informed the police. The police laid a trap yesterday and Bobby called Parminder and Paramjit to pay them the first instalment of the plot.

When the accused came to see him, the police raided the place and nabbed them.



Yellow metal prices continue to head north
Shivani Bhakoo
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 6
Jewellers have been crying that the ever-increasing prices of the yellow metal have hit their business hard. They maintained that they got another blow at the hands of private and government banks, which had started providing pure gold to customers for investment purposes.

Anand Sekri, president of Ludhiana Jewellers’ Association, said in the absence of a buyer in the market, their business had been hit badly in the recent years. But now for the investment purposes of the yellow metal, buyers had started purchasing the pure gold in the form of coins, biscuits and bricks. Instead of going to their traditional jewellers, customers prefer banks for purchasing the expensive metal.

“Due to regular increase in the prices of gold, not many customers come to buy jewellery these days. But witnessing the increasing prices of gold, buyers do purchase gold for investment purposes. And for getting the pure form, banks are preferred over jewellers. Due to this new trend, our business has been hit badly,” said Sekri.

The jewellers and economists believe that prices of the yellow metal had witnessed the increasing trend after 2005. In 2000, the yellow metal was available for Rs 4,400 per 10 grams, but from 2005, the prices saw a tremendous increase.

Dr MS Sidhu, professor and head, department of economics and sociology, Punjab Agriculture University (PAU), said after 2005, the prices of gold increased in an uncontrolled manner. He said in 1925, gold was sold for Rs 18 per 12.5 grams (not 10 grams). While in 1947, when the country got Independence, gold was available for Rs 80 per 12.5 grams. Till 1975, gold was sold up to Rs 540 per 10 grams. In 1990, prices of gold were increased up to Rs 3,200 per 10 grams. But after 2005, the prices increased tremendously. If the jewellers are to be believed then the prices will cross Rs 30,000 per 10 grams till March 2012. “We are expecting that prices will reach over Rs 30,000 per 10 grams by the end of the current financial year. For a middle class person, gold has become out of reach in the recent times,” said Sekri.



Yet another snatching
tribune news service

Ludhiana, November 6
In yet another incident of snatching, a 44-year-old woman fell victim to motorcycle-borne snatchers in the Model Town area here today. The suspects fled with a gold chain weighing 2 tolas and a locket worth about Rs 80,000. They also pushed the victim who was on a scooter. She escaped with minor injuries.

The incident took place this afternoon when the victim, Ritu Garg, was heading home on her scooter. She said two motorcycle-borne youths came from the rear and the youth sitting pillion lunged towards her neck. “The youth snatched my chain and kicked the scooter. I lost balance and fell on the road. In the meantime, the accused fled the scene,” she said.

Rakesh Garg, husband of the victim and an employee with the public works department (PWD), said: “Snatching cases are on the rise in the Model Town and Model Gram areas. The police must do something to nab the accused.”



Spirit of Eid-ul-Zuha pervades
Gurvinder Singh
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 6
The time of the year has arrived to thank Allah, celebrate his bounties, meets brothers and sisters and pray together. Sacrifice is significant to show gratitude for him.

Bleats of goats could be heard in market near Dana Mandi at Bakr Mandi on the eve of Id-ul-Zuha. Markets are all resplendent with new clothes and sewayian.

A boy sells a locket
A boy sells a locket

Faizan, a seven-year-old boy, has smiles on his face. He sits with his cousin in the Sufian market selling caps. He loves the day, its festivities and the feast that follows.

The caps in all colours and varieties are being sold between Rs 20 to Rs 50.

Rafiq Alam, selling sewayian, said the day is very significant. “I will perform “namaz” at 9.30 in the morning before the “qurbani” is done. It is a ritual performed on the occasion.

 man offers grains to goats on the eve of Eid-ul-Zuha in Ludhiana on Sunday.“It is a reminder of Prophet Ibrahim's readiness to sacrifice his son for the God's sake. On this day, special ‘dua’ is done for peace and prosperity,” said Mustkeen, at Jama Masjid at Field Ganj in the city. “The day also coincides with the day when the holy Quran was declared complete. The day is also a celebrated for brotherhood. After the sacrifice, two-third of the meat is distributed among the poor,” says Mohammad Alam.

A man offers grains to goats on the eve of Eid-ul-Zuha in Ludhiana on Sunday. Tribune Photos: Himanshu Mahajan



Students exhibit managerial skills
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 6
Ego clash in old and new generation is posing threat to human values and man is suffering from various disorders in life. Because of these disorders, people are going to yoga gurus, psychologists and others to get peace and harmony. People should be trained to live in different ego state of mind in order to live a peaceful and happy life and remove personality disorders.

These were the views of Dr Meenakshi Malhotra, an eminent management guru and behaviour scientist from University Business School, Panjab University, Chandigarh. Dr Malhotra was addressing students of MCom business innovations at the concluding day of the two-day workshop on “Managerial skills and personality development” at SCD Government College.

Dr Meenakshi was the key speaker at the concluding day of the workshop, who also spoke on the transactional analysis at different stages of mind. Dr Manpreet Kaur, research scholar from Guru Nanak Dev University, presented his views on emotional intelligence and explained how different situations demand different emotions to handle different stages.

Students also exhibited their managerial skills.



India ranks 78th in corruption, says civil society body
Lovleen Bains

Doraha, November 6
“As per the study conducted by Transparency International, a global civil society organisation, India has been placed on 87th number out of a total of 178 countries as far as the rating of corrupt countries is concerned. While Denmark, Finland, Sweden, New Zealand and Singapore have been declared as the least corrupt countries, Somalia, Afganistan, Burma and Iraq have been placed as the most corrupt ones,” said Dr Kuldip Singh, fellow Panjab University, during a seminar on “Eradication of Corruption with the proposed Institution of Lokpal” organised by the post graduate department of political science of Guru Nanak National College, Doraha, today.

As teachers from local colleges presented their papers and took active part in the discussion, Tarsem Bahia, former principal, AS College Khanna, said, “Concentration of money in fewer hands is regarded anti-social and unethical but there are people in the country who earn Rs 20,000 in a minute and on the other hand those who live beyond Rs 32 a day. This is largely the result of corrupt practices being followed and conducted without any fear of police and justice. If the framers of law need to stand in the dock today, the undaunted faith of people in the institution of Indian democracy is sure to be shaken once and for all. Although Switzerland holds majority of the conferences against the evil of corruption but even this country is not free from corruption in any way.”

Jaswant Singh Gill former principal Guru Nanak National College Doraha said, “Religion today has become the major source of corruption as it is under the guise of religion that the culprits and the evil doers go free and make their business prosper by leaps and bounds.”

“The Lokpal bill, put forward in the Parliament in the year 1968-69, is lying there despite the fact that 43 years have passed and seven prime ministers have changed thereafter. The Anna movement has surely helped in providing at least some hope to the Indians,” said principal Narinder Singh Sidhu.



Cancer awareness day today
Tribune news service

Ludhiana, November 6
The Christian Medical College and Hospital has organised a national cardiac CME here. Dr Sewa Singh Leggha, a USA-based oncologist, who is here to attend the CME, said, “60 per cent of the world population die of cancer. There are more than 100 types of cancer and any organ can get affected with cancer.”

The country is observing the national cancer awareness day tomorrow.



Safai sewaks continue to shun work
Garbage heaps dot streets
Our Correspondent

Mandi Ahmedgarh, November 6
With safai karamcharis shunning work to express their solidarity with their protesting temporary counterparts, the town is fast turning into a garbage dump.

Apprehending outbreak of an epidemic, office-bearers and activists of various trade and social organisations have urged the state government to rationalise the deployment of safai karamcharis across the town and the surrounding localities.

As many as 57 safai karamcharis working with various mohalla safai committees have been on strike in protest against the alleged apathy of the government towards their long-pending demands. Nearly 52 permanent safai karamcharis have also shunned work to show solidarity with the protesters.

Residents are throwing trash outside their houses. Streets and roads across the town are turning into garbage dumps and foul smell has begun to emanate. The situation near religious places, educational institutes and government offices is no different.

Office-bearers and activists of the Municipal Safai Mazdoor Union said the strike would continue and they would not resume work unless their demands were accepted.

Sources said that the number of permanent safai karamcharis had decreased from 81 to 52 during the last two decades while residential areas and the population had almost doubled.

The civic body had tried to resolve the issue of shortage of staff by deploying temporary safai karamcharis through mohalla safai committees. At present, 57 safai karamcharis are working in the town and have launched their “struggle” to get their jobs regularised.



Youth Fest: Elocution, debate dominate Day II
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 6
A plethora of events continued on the second day of the 53rd Panjab University Inter-Zonal Youth and Heritage Festival at Ramgarhia Girls College, Miller Ganj.

The day II began with the college shabad to invoke blessings of the Almighty. Ranjodh Singh, president, Ramgarhia Educational Council, and principal Dr Narinder Sandhu extended welcome to Roop Singh, director of Sikh Itihas Research Board, SGPC, Amritsar, who was the chief guest.

The dance items included classical dance, group dance and bhangra. Solo classical dances stole the show.

Kumar Sharma of Arya College, Ludhiana, gave an enthusiastic performance and stood first. In the group dances, students presented Haryanavi, Rajasthani, Maharashtrian and Naga dances.

A display of great feats with ease and grace mesmerised audience. Vaar/kali singing, kavishri and women traditional songs were the categories of music contests. The competitions of debate, elocution and poem recitation were also held during the day.

The topic for debate was “Children now a days are more influenced by TV and films than by their parents”.

In elocution, “Justice delayed is justice denied” is the topic and in poem recitation, students expressed their thoughts on nature, social evils and life and death.

Principal Dr Narinder Sandhu appreciated the talent of the students and expressed that for her all participants are winners because they have exhibited the courage to come forward and perform. She said it was a wonderful opportunity for the students of the host college to watch dazzling performances of students from over 180 colleges of 12 zones affiliated to Panjab University, Chandigarh.


Group item: Kavishri: 1st: Ramgarhia Girls College, Ludhiana; 2nd MMD DAV College, Giddarbaha; 3rd PG Govt College-11, Chandigarh.

Individual prizes: 1st Jaswinder Kaur (Ramgarhia Girls College, Ludhiana); 2nd Ramesh Khan (MMD DAV College, Giddarbaha); 3rd Sandeep Kaur (GGS Khalsa College for Women, Jhar Sahib).

Kali: 1st Khalsa College for Women, Civil Lines, Ludhiana; 2nd Guru Nanak National College, Doraha; 3rd BCM College of Education, Ludhiana.

Individual prizes: 1st Baljit Kaur (Khalsa College for Women, Civil Lines, Ludhiana); 2nd Rajni Sharma (Guru Nanak National College, Doraha); 3rd Kiranpreet Kaur (BCM College of Education, Ludhiana).

Vaar: 1st Govt College-46, Chandigarh; 2nd Ramgarhia Girls College, Ludhiana; 3rd SCD Govt College, Ludhiana.

Individual prizes: 1st Gurinder Singh (LLR Govt College, Dhudike); 2nd Jagseer Singh (SCD Govt College, Ludhiana); 3rd Shivani (Govt College-46, Chandigarh).

Individual prizes: poem recitation: 1st Ravi Kumar (Govt College of Education, Chandigarh); 2nd Heena Chaudhary (PU-Chandigarh); 3rd Nishtha Bedi (PG Govt College for Girls-42, Chandigarh).

Elocution: 1st Sushmita Gaur (DAV College-10, Chandigarh); 2nd Megha Sharma (Guru Nanak National College, Doraha); 3rd Trichi Choahan (Dev Samaj College for Women-45, Chandigarh).

Debate: 1st Rajat Jain (GGDSD College-32, Chandigarh); 2nd Arshpreet Kaur (Govt College for Women, Ludhiana); 3rd Manju Angrish (DAV College, Sec 10, Chandigarh).

Classical dance: 1st Kumar Sharma (Arya College, Ludhiana); 2nd Mrigya Samyal (DAV College-10, Chandigarh); Kusumpreet Kaur Pandher (Govt College for Women, Ludhiana); 3rd Pallavi Saluja (BCM College of Education, Ludhiana).

Group dance: 1st Guru Nanak Girls College, Ludhiana; 2nd Arya College, Ludhiana, BKS College, Muhar; 3rd Dashmesh Girls College Chak Allah Baksh, Mukerian.

Individual prizes: 1st Harpreet Kaur (BKS College); 2nd Jashan Geet (Govt College for Home Science-10, Chandigarh); 3rd Kuljit Kaur (DAV College of Education, Hoshiarpur).

Indian orchestra: 1st Govt College for Women, Ludhiana; 2nd SGG Janta Girls College, Raikot; 3rd Guru Nanak National College, Doraha, PG Govt College-46, Chandigarh.

Individual prizes: 1st Isher Singh (Guru Nanak National College, Doraha); 2nd Layka Bhatia (Govt College for Girls, Chandigarh); 3rd Sumit (PG Govt College-46), Dipti (Govt College for Women, Ludhiana).



at the crossroads
Ruminations during twilight years

“Shafaq-ki-lali” (Glow at the time of sunset) has a charm of its own. It is heart-warming even when it tends to be short-lived. One recollects the events of the hectic day and expects that the approaching night will provide him the much-needed restful sleep. Likewise, the twilight years of life are welcome as these have the cosiness of their own. It is like searching a blanket at bed when the cold is overpowering at dawn of wintry days. At long last, the warmth of the blanket makes the mind calm and peaceful.

Nostalgia overpowers the mind during the twilight years of life. It is nothing but sentimental yearning and wistful longing for a happier or better time in the past. Pain is hidden in the recollection of the past but the mind winnows the painful element in it like chaff so that what remains is like the corn that cheers up as it is worthwhile. In my case I always delve on the pleasant happenings in my life whereas the unpleasant events outnumber them. To think and to be sad is unrewarding as no one is ready to listen to a tale of woe. It is said that one is alone in a state of misery but others join heartily when one is joyous and cheerful.

During my stay in Shimla in 1950s, I studied English literature for my postgraduate degree in the subject. In between, I was drawn to French fiction by Maupassant, Flaubert and Zola, which left a deep imprint on my mind. Long evenings during the winter season provided me leisure to read novels and ponder over the vicissitudes in the lives of human beings as outlined in fiction. In the summer season, evenings were spent on the Mall road, strolling mostly with some friends between the Scandal Point and the Clarke’s Hotel. That hobby, if it can be called as such, helped me study the body language of the people around. Else, the scandalous stories associated with some men and women there added fuel to the fire of romantic scenario of the hill station.

The decade that I spent in Shimla inspired me to do some creative work in Urdu, the language dear to my heart. I wrote my first novel Sogwar (In Mourning) in 1959 and the second one Mona Lisa (Symbolic reference to Leonardo da Vinci’s famous painting) in 1961. These novels were greatly admired by the readers in India and Pakistan. After my joining in 1963, the department of English in Government College, Tanda Urmar, I was drawn to Punjabi literature, particularly after the formation of Punjabi speaking province. Later with 4 Punjabi novels in my bag, I joined Government Brijindra College, Faridkot, in 1968 on my transfer. The college helped me inculcate the best in Punjabi fiction, as a result of which I added two more novels to my oeuvre.

In 1974 I came to Kapurthala to teach postgraduate classes in English in Government Randhir College. My stay there for eight years was very fruitful in many ways. I started writing for The Tribune regularly, particularly for the Sunday Reading, besides continuing my process of writing novels in Punjabi. I had started writing critical articles in English and Punjabi in regard to Punjabi novel in Faridkot and I continued to do so in Kapurthala as well. Teaching postgraduate classes in English helped me to delve deep into the fathomless sea of literature. Luckily, I was given the job of teaching Greek and Latin classics in translation as prescribed for the students of MA English. That enhanced my knowledge of the classics, with the result that I wrote my seventh novel Jugaan Ton Paar (Across the Ages) based on Homer’s epic the Iliad. My 8th novel Jadon Saver Hoi (The Dawn of Freedom) was also published at this place.

My transfer to Government College, Ludhiana, in 1982 is a landmark in my teaching as well as literary career. Here again teaching MA English classes gave me an impetus to go on writing for the English newspapers and journals, besides translating my Punjabi novels into English I wrote two more Punjabi novels, rounding off the total to 10. Later I contributed entries in English about Punjabi literature to Encyclopedias published by Sahitya Akademi, New Delhi and National Book Trust, India. I received Kartar Singh Dhaliwal Award in 1993, Shiromani Sahitkar Puraskar in 1995 and Sahitya Akademi Award in 1999 and was selected Fellow for a research project on Punjabi novel in Indian Institute of Advanced Study, Shimla. I hesitate to count my books in English and Punjabi as I am not good at arithmetics.

Nostalgia is indeed an excuse for counting one’s blessings, ignoring the misfortunes.

— NS Tasneem



Foundation stone of ayurvedic institute laid
Our Correspondent

Raikot, November 6
Baba Ramdev, chief of the Patanjali Yog Peeth, Haridwar, urged Punjabis to follow tenets of Guru Gobind Singh who had sacrificed his whole family while fighting against the injustice and atrocities of erstwhile rulers.

Baba Ramdev was here to lay a foundation stone of Atma Singh and Prem Pyari Memorial Ayurvedic Institute and Hospital.

“Nothing on this earth can discourage me from fighting against corruption till the black money kept in foreign banks is handed over back to people of the nation,” said Ramdev.

Maintaining that ayurveda helped cure ailments, Baba Ramdev added that the intensive research and development undertaken at the Patanjali Yog Peeth, Haridwar, had generated a large number of herbal and allied preparations to treat otherwise incurable diseases, including cancer and cardiovascular ailments.

He appreciated Gurcharan Singh, a transporter, for donating land for the construction of the institute.

He added that the yog peeth would adopt Grucharan’s native village Shehbaz Pur under the Model Gram scheme. “Manufacturing units based on organic farming will be set up in the village, which besides providing employment to the youth will also make better education and health facilities available to the residents,” he stated.

He said classes for various courses through distance education would start after the completion of the building and later a viradh ashram and a school for poor students will also be set up.



Cultural programme marks annual function
Our Correspondent

Mandi Ahmedgarh, November 6
Acknowledging the role of teachers in preparing students for their career, authorities at the Air Force Station, Halwara Kendriya Vidyalaya, exhorted the students and staff to strive harder for achieving higher targets.

Air Commodore AK Nabh was the chief guest and Alka Nath, president Air Force Wives’ Welfare Association (AFWWA), gave away prizes to the outstanding performers. Appreciating the role of teachers in preparing students for academic and extra-curricular activities, speakers said more efforts should be made to achieve higher targets. The students performed various items during the cultural programme on the school premises. Giddha, bhangra, dances, skits and poems presented by the students were appreciated by all.



BJP slams Cong for high inflation 
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, November 6
Adopting a political resolution in the state working committee meeting held here yesterday, the BJP made scathing attacks on the Congress-led UPA government in the Centre for the unprecedented rise in the prices of essential commodities, various scams and the lack of will to take remedial measures.

The national president of the party, Nitin Gadkari, listed its achievements like the Right to Service Act, commencement of work on the new thermal power projects, expansion of healthcare and educational facilities, development in agriculture and industrial sectors, empowerment of women and Dalit communities and carving out two new districts to substantiate its claim that the state had marched ahead under the SAD-BJP rule.

Targeting the UPA government for its failure to tackle the ever-rising prices of food items, the resolution said that on the one hand huge quantity of foodgrains was rotting in godowns and on the other hand, the prices of daily use items were going through the roof. “Yet another hike in the petrol prices is a shame and rubs salt into the wounds of the common man,” the resolution stated.

Claiming that a wave of change was about to sweep the nation, the state executive of the BJP mentioned the "satyagrahas" launched by the civil society against corruption and black money.

Keeping an eye on the Assembly elections due in February next year in the state, the resolution of the BJP vowed to accelerate the pace of progress.



Local bodies dept going easy on encroachers
Puneet Pal Singh Gill
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 6
Even as the Punjab State Human Rights Commission (PSHRC) had ordered an inquiry against encroachments in the city, even after seven months the department has failed to start any inquiry and is sitting with their eyes closed for reasons best known to them.

The PSHRC order had come after an NGO, Maha Sabha, Ludhiana, approached the commission regarding encroachments mushrooming in different parts of the city.

Col JS Brar (retd), president of Maha Sabha, had complained that land sharks have been encroaching upon government land in L block of Bhai Randhir Singh Nagar and other areas near Sunet village here. Brar had complained that both Ludhiana Municipal Corporation (MC) and Ludhiana Improvement Trust (LIT) were allegedly helping land grabbers.

After receiving the complaint, the commission on March 9 ordered the director of local bodies department to look into the matter and take necessary action.

“But till date, no inquiry has been ordered by the local bodies department. That is why, we have sent a reminder to the commission, so that officials take this issue seriously, otherwise the government would lose land worth crores,” said Brar.

A site reserved for a school in L block of Bhai Randhir Singh Nagar has been encroached upon and no action has been taken to remove it so far. “Even around one acre of land has been reserved for the special purpose, out of which more than 80 per cent has been encroached by influential people and that is why the civic body is not taking any action,” alleged Brar, who is also a member of the MC committee on encroachments.

The District Rifle Association was allotted 5,500 sq yards of land, falling in Khasra number 995, for construction of a shooting range for public in Sunet village.

“A major part of this land has been encroached upon by the land grabbers and the MC is not taking any steps to remove the encroachments. We have requested the commission to order the director of the local bodies to initiate an inquiry. Both MC and LIT should immediately take steps for removal of the encroachments in the light of Punjab and Haryana High Court directions to the MC in CWP 4886 of 2003,” said Brar.



Motion games gain popularity
Gurvinder Singh
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 6
People can increasingly be seen running or playing football, volleyball in their homes in front of display screens. As video games are no more sedentary with children playing on computers or simply pressing buttons of a remote, motion gaming is gaining popularity nowadays, as it not only has entertainment value but also being used by people to become fitter.

The latest versions of gaming consoles like Microsoft X-box Kinect and Sony PlayStation are adding a new dimension to the video games, as boundaries between the virtual world and reality are blurring. A player just has to stand in front of the game camera and the virtual character in the game responds to the movement of the player.

Not only the sports genre, games like “Dance Central” are getting popular amongst city youth. It has not only entertainment and educational values, but also gaining popularity as a fitness game. Various dance forms like hip-hop are included in the game. There is a singing game as well by the name “Singing Star”.

Some of the games allow multiple players. “Earlier, I used to play computer games and my parents would tell me not to play. But after I got this motion game as a gift, my father and I play some of these games,” says Ankit Kukreja, a student of class VIII.

Nikita Chhabra, a resident, said she was never a fitness freak. “But while playing virtual games, you actually feel like doing aerobics and it becomes interesting,” she says.

Motion games are one of the highest selling in the city as compared to other regions, said Jayont R Sharma from Game4u Store at MBD Neopolis.



Panel to probe into ESIC delivery case

Ludhiana, November 6
A three-member committee has been constituted to conduct a probe into Chanchla Devi’s delivery which, according to her family members, took place on the premises of the ESIC Model Hospital in the absence of doctors or paramedical staff on Friday.

The Medical Superintendent of the hospital, Dr Permanand, said: “A three-member inquiry committee has been constituted to look into the matter. The panel members are Dr Rajan Sayal and Dr Suruchi Aggarwal from the ESIC hospital and a gynaecologist from the Dayanand Medical College and Hospital. The committee will file its report by next Friday.” He claimed that Chanchla Devi delivered the baby on the bed, but she was taken to the labour room by nurses and doctors for the follow-up procedure. She precipitated her labour by squatting and she was multi-para as this was her fourth delivery. — TNS



Advances in joint replacement surgery discussed
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 6
“The new implants are patient specific and thus leads to hassle-free life for a patient even after the implant,” said Dr HS Gill, senior consultant and head of orthopaedics department, SPS Apollo Hospital, Ludhiana, while addressing the annual conference of the Punjab chapter of Orthopaedics Association here today.

Orthopaedicians inaugurate the annual conference in Ludhiana on Sunday.
Orthopaedicians inaugurate the annual conference in Ludhiana on Sunday. A tribune photograph

The conference was inaugurated by Dr SS Gill, Vice-Chancellor of Baba Farid University of Health Sciences. Eminent orthopaedics and joint replacement surgeons discussed latest advances in knee and hip replacement surgery.

Jugdiep Singh announced that the SPS Apollo Organisation would be giving Rs 1 lakh to the Punjab Orthopaedics Association annually for oration by an eminent orthopaedician and for a fellowship to the best young orthopaedic surgeon of the region.

The lifetime achievement award was conferred upon Dr Hardas Singh, former professor and head of orthopaedics at Government Medical College, Amritsar. Dr SKS Marya, chairman, department of orthopaedics, Max Hospital, Delhi, gave the Satguru Partap Singh Punjab orthopaedics oration.

Dr Rahul Bhan, senior consultant at SPS Apollo Hospital and co-organiser of the conference, said about 150 delegates attended the conference and participated in the scientific programme.

In the first session of the scientific deliberations, joint replacement surgeons, Dr GS Channa (UK), Dr Sudhir Garg (head of Orthopaedics Medical College, Chandigarh) Dr AS Sidhu (Patiala), shared their experience regarding pearls and pitfalls of hip joint replacement.

In the second session on knee replacement surgery, Dr MS Dhillon, head at the PGI, Dr AS Prasad (Kanpur), Dr Sanjeev Jain (Mumbai), Dr Ashit Shah (Mumbai), Dr NK Aggarwal (Ludhiana), Dr Mrinal Sharma (Apollo Hospital, Delhi), Dr S Mahajan (Ludhiana) and Dr Vijay Khariwal (Ludhiana) gave guest lectures on recent advances in joint replacement surgery.



Ludhiana Scan
Punjab jails open today

Heera Singh Gabria, Minister of Jails, Cultural Affairs and Tourism of the state, informed that jails in the state will remain open tomorrow from 9 am to 5 pm to mark the occasion of Eid-ul-Zuha, allowing prisoners to meet their family members. Further adding that all arrangements have been made and superintendents of jails in the state have been given instructions in this regard.

Unique car rally

There was no revving up of engines or zooming past at blurring speeds in this car rally. In a unique rally, “Miles and Smiles”, organised by Hyundai those who saved maximum fuel were declared winners. Around 56 owners of the i10 car participated in the rally. The rally began with a presentation on tips to save fuel. Sanjeev Kaushal and Kuldeep Jain, who achieved the mileage of 30.23 kmpl and 32.47 kmpl, respectively, were declared the winners.
There was no revving up of engines or zooming past at blurring speeds in this car rally. In a unique rally, “Miles and Smiles”, organised by Hyundai those who saved maximum fuel were declared winners. Around 56 owners of the i10 car participated in the rally. The rally began with a presentation on tips to save fuel. Sanjeev Kaushal and Kuldeep Jain, who achieved the mileage of 30.23 kmpl and 32.47 kmpl, respectively, were declared the winners.

Placement drive

A placement drive was held at RIMT for MCA, MBA and BTech students. More than 150 students participated in the recruitment process and about 30 were placed in various companies.

Gurpurb celebrated

Gurpurb was celebrated at the Gitanjali Ladies Club on Saturday. Various schools from the city participated in the Saakhi competition. Children narrated incidents and episodes from the life of Guru Nanak. Guru ka langar was also served on the occasion.


The Punjabi Sahitya Academi honoured Mitter Sain Meet for his contribution to Punjabi literature at the Punjabi Bhawan on Saturday. He was presented with a citation, a shawl and a set of books. He has penned novels like Tafteesh, Katehra, Sudhar Ghar and Kaurav Sabha. He has brought to fore issues like corruption, inequality and problems in the system and society through his writings.

Protest against hike in petrol prices

The activists of Samajwadi Party, Punjab, led by the party general secretary RK Yadav, held a protest against increase in prices of petrol and burnt an effigy of the UPA government. Calling for roll back of the prices, the protesters said if the UPA government was finding it difficult to deal with inflation and price rise, it should quit on moral grounds, or else the President of India should dismiss the "inefficient and corrupt" government.

Ex-servicemen welfare society

Ex-servicemen welfare society held a meeting to discuss the problems of ex-servicemen. They discussed their long pending demands, including one-rank-one-position and full implementation of fourth pay commission, said Major General Satbir Singh (retd), vice-president, of All India Ex-servicemen Movement.

Annual prize distribution

Punjabi Sahit Trust Dudike organised its annual prize distribution programme at Punjabi Bhawan, here today. Director, Punjabi Bhawan reference library principal Pram Singh Bajaj presided over. Litterateurs KL Garg, Inder Singh Khmosh and Dr Harshinder Kaur were awarded.

Tribune Reporters



Battery thieves in police net
tribune news service

Ludhiana, November 6
With the arrest of two persons, the city police has busted a gang of youths who stole batteries from a mobile tower located in Passi Nagar on November 3. The accused have been identified as Sonu and Vicky, both residents of Jawahar Nagar Camp. They were arrested following a tip off.

The police has recovered 17 stolen batteries from the possession of the accused.

The accused told the police that they were planning to sell the batteries and buy drugs. According to the police, the accused were reportedly addicted to habit-forming drugs.



baseball meet
KCW eves emerge champions
Our Sports Reporter

Ludhiana, November 6
Players of the Khalsa College for Women (KCW), Civil Lines, survived some anxious moments against Guru Nanak Khalsa College for Women, Gujjarkhan campus, Model Town, before romping home victorious 5-3 to emerge as champions in the 7th Senior Ludhiana District Baseball Championship held at KCW campus here today.

The final turned out to be a keenly contested affair, as both teams fought for each run and KCW players proved their mettle to outplay their spirited opponents.

For the winning side, Raj Rani hit the home run to steer her team to victory, while Amanjit Kaur, Daljit Kaur, Ruby Bala and Sandeep accounted for one run to ensure win for their college.

For Guru Nanak Khalsa College for Women, Sukhjit Kaur, Virpal Kaur and Navdeep fought valiantly and chipped in with one run each.

However, the match played between Ramgarhia Girls College and RS Model Senior Secondary School to decide the third place turned out to be a mismatch, as the former came out triumphant without being challenged (10-0).

Charanjit Singh, district sports official (retd), and Sukhdev Singh, secretary, Ludhiana District Baseball Association, gave away prizes.

Harbir Singh Gill, coach Punjab baseball team, along with Sukhpal Kaur and Anu, teachers of the physical education department, Khalsa College for Women, and Arvinder Kaur of Guru Nanak Khalsa College for Women were among others present at the prize distribution function.



boxing meet
Sher-e-Punjab trainees win laurels
Jaswant Shetra

Jagraon, November 6
Trainees of the Sher-e-Punjab Boxing Academy of Chakar village near Jagraon brought laurels for the academy by winning several medals in the Panjab University Inter-College Boxing Championship held at Panjab University, Chandigarh.

Representing various colleges, boys’ trainees of the academy won one gold and two bronze medals in different weight categories. Khushdeepak Kumar, who played for Guru Teg Bahadur National College, Dakha, won a gold medal in the 57-kg weight category, while Maninder Singh and Rajmandeep Singh, who competed for Government College, Dhudike, clinched bronze medals in the 81-kg weight category.

In the girls’ category, trainees of the academy clinched two gold medals, one silver and one bronze medal in the competition. Savinder Kaur and Parminder Kaur, who played for SD College for Women, Lopon, grabbed gold medals in various weight categories.

Besides this, Rani Kaur who represented Guru Gobind Singh College for Women won the silver medal, while Sukhdip Kaur Dangian, who also played for Guru Gobind Singh College for Women, clinched bronze medal in their respective weight categories.

y Boys trainees of the academy won one gold and two bronze medals in different weight categories. Khushdeepak Kumar, who played for Guru Teg Bahadur National College, Dakha, won a gold medal in the 57-kg weight category, while Maninder Singh and Rajmandeep Singh, who competed for Government College, Dhudike, clinched bronze medals in the 81-kg weight category



Gurpreet, Gurtej bag top honours in gatka
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 6
Students of Government Senior Secondary School, Hassanpur village, near here excelled in the district-level gatka competition organised by the Punjab School Education Board recently.

The competition in the under-19 boys and girls’ category were held at Government Middle School, Lalton.

In the gatka exhibition, Gurpreet Singh and Gurtej Singh, both students of Government School, Hassanpur, bagged top honours in their respective groups. In the free-stick section, Gurinder Singh, Amrit Singh, Gurpreet Singh and Gurtej Singh from the school secured second position.

In the single stick event, students of Government Senior Secondary School, Hassanpur, namely Maninderpal Singh, Jagmeet Singh, Kirandeep Singh and Sukhwinder Singh, finished second.

School principal Jaspreet Mohan Singh appreciated performance of the students and congratulated team in charge Kuldeep Singh and PTI Gurmeet Singh.



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