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MC to file plaint into assault on ATP
Demolition in Model Town Extn on Nov 4
Puneet Pal Singh Gill
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 7
The Ludhiana municipal corporation has decided to lodge a police complaint against the protesters who had manhandled the female Assistant Town Planner (ATP), Kamaljit Kaur, on November 4.

MC Commissioner AK Sinha has said that such a behaviour by any person would not be tolerated. “Our officials perform their duty with devotion and if this is the way people, who are encroachers on government land, are going to react, we will certainly get a case registered against them. Moreover, if we remain quiet, such incidents may recur in the future as well,” said Sinha.

The ATP had suffered internal injuries in the assault and was taking treatment for a spinal injury. Confirming this, the ATP said the injury was hampering her day-to-day functioning.

“I had already been suffering from back pain and it got aggravated on November 4, when a woman protester pulled my hair. I learned about this injury after I got myself examined from a doctor,” said the ATP.

A woman protester had grabbed the ATP by the hair and pulled it when a municipal corporation team, led by Kamaljit Kaur, had gone to demolish jhuggis in the Model Town Extension area on November 4.

The protesting woman was trying to prevent the MC officials from carrying out the demolition drive.

A senior MC official, who did not wish to be identified, regretted that most encroachers in the city enjoyed political patronage.

“That’s why each time we go to remove encroachment, people misbehave with us. If we go ahead with the drive, we are abused and even manhandled. If we return without carrying out the drive, people accuse us of shielding encroachers.

The senior officials should ensure that a heavy police force is deployed during all demolition drives so that we can perform our duties without any hindrance.”

A big chunk of land, which is a green belt, was handed over to the MC by the Ludhiana Improvement Trust some years ago. However, 40-odd jhuggis had come up on the land. Accompanied by a heavy police force, a team led by ATP Kamaljit Kaur had demolished these jhuggis on November 4.


Eid-ul-Zuha: Goats worth Rs 10 cr sold in city
Shivani Bhakoo
Tribune News Service

A man feeds goats in Ludhiana.
A man feeds goats in Ludhiana. A file photo

Ludhiana, November 7
On the occasion of Eid-ul-Zuha, goats or “bakr” (Urdu word) worth over Rs 10 crores were sold here in the past two-three days. Starting from today, the goats will be sacrificed for three consecutive days as a mark of respect and obedience to gratify the God.

Celebration of Bakr-Eid has immense religious significance and is observed worldwide with enthusiasm.

Mohammad Mustakin, principal secretary, Shahi Imam, Punjab, said goats worth several crores of rupees were purchased (for sacrifice) by the Muslim community in the city this year to seek Almighty’s blessings.

“As per our religion, exchanging and distributing the meat of a sacrificed animal is considered a blessing. Devotees share the meat with friends, neighbours, relatives and the needy after offering prayers on the festival. The family that offers the sacrifice, retains a small portion of the share,” he said.

He added that in Ludhiana alone, over 10,000 goats were purchased for sacrifice by the devout. Each of them cost between Rs 7,000 and Rs 30,000 or even more. “We avoid sacrificing the Rajasthani goat but Barbara, Amritsari and Dogala (the breeds) are preferred to please the God, as these are well-built goats. If the cost of each goat averaged Rs 10,000 then goats worth over Rs 10 crores have been sold this festival,” said Mohammad Mustakin.

Maulana Usman Rehmani, Naib Shahi Imam, who purchased a pair of goats worth Rs 52,000 said goats that were healthy, well-built and attractive, were sacrificed to God.

On the contrary the goat, which was sick, injured or weak, was never offered for the sacrifice, said Rehmani.

Mohammad Ajmer, a tailor by profession, said he purchased a brown-coloured goat worth Rs 9,500 on Id. “We wait for the day. It is not easy to sacrifice a goat on Bakr-Id for each and every individual. Last year, I could not offer it to God as I could not save enough money. But this time, I had saved enough to purchase one. God has been kind to me and my family,” he said.



Youth kills friend; at large 
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 7
A 21-year-old migrant youth allegedly killed his friend by smashing a brick against his head following a fight after a drinking session at the Azad Nagar in Jodhewal Basti last night.

The two were reportedly drunk when the incident took place.

The incident came to light when certain residents of Azad Nagar spotted a man’s body lying in a pool of blood and informed the police about the incident.

The victim, identified as Kuber (27), a native of Bihar, was working at an eatery. He had gone to 21-year-old Parmod Kumar’s house to consume liquor.

According to station house officer (SHO) Jatinder Kumar, preliminary investigations suggested that both Parmod and Kuber got into a fight after consuming liquor.

“A brick has been used to kill the victim,” said Jatinder Kumar.

The victim sustained several injuries on the head, which resulted in his death. After killing Kuber, Parmod fled the scene.

The police has registered a case of murder under Section 302 of the IPC against Parmod and launched a manhunt to nab the accused.



Man crushed to death
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 7
An over speeding truck crushed a motorcyclist to death near the Jamalpur Chowk here this morning.

The man, identified as Suresh Kumar, an employee of a local factory unit at Ram Nagar, was heading towards the Samrala Chowk on his motorcycle when the over speeding truck hit him from behind.

As a result, he fell on the road as he lost control over the motorcycle and the truck run over him where he died on the spot.

Meanwhile, the truck driver, Jager Yadav fled from the scene. Investigating official Gurdev Singh said the accused had been booked under Section 304 (A) of the IPC for causing death due to rash driving.



Sambar strays into Moti Nagar, rescued
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

The sambar after being rescued by forest officials.
The sambar after being rescued by forest officials. A Tribune photo

Ludhiana, November 7
Residents of the Moti Nagar area got an unexpected visitor in the shape of a Sambar, which strayed from the forests of Mattewara, here today. It had apparently taken refuge in the area from stray dogs.

The injured animal was being chased by stray dogs when it was noticed by residents. This led to high drama in the area.

Residents from other areas also joined the “spectacle”. The sambar got trapped in a plot and in no time, the place turned into a zoo.

“I was shocked to see such a huge animal running towards me. It was being chased by dogs. I shooed the dogs away to protect the animal. Before I could react, the animal jumped into the vacant plot,” said Joginder Singh.

In the meantime, the police reached the scene and informed the forest officials about the incident.

A rescue team was sent and the forest department employees took the animal into their possession.

Naresh Mahajan, district forest office, said the sambar might have got separated from its herd in the Mattewara forest area and entered the city.

“Once out of the forest, dogs might have attacked the animal forcing it to take refuge in the residential area,” he said. The animal was released in the forest after being given the first-aid.

Dr Sandeep Jain, wildlife activist, said wild animals often strayed into residential areas in search of food during this time of the year.

Scarcity of food in their habitat was often seen as one of the reasons for this type of behaviour among animals.

Got trapped in plot

The injured sambar was being chased by stray dogs when it was noticed by residents. The sambar got trapped in a plot and in no time, the place turned into a zoo



Cong leader gets fresh death threat
This time, e-mail sent from Osama-bin-Laden’s hideout in Pakistan
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 7
The Congress leader, who had lodged a complaint with the police pertaining to a threat e-mail a month ago, has received yet another e-mail and this time it has been sent from the place where Osama Bin Laden was killed.

The e-mail sende`r claims himself to be a resident of Pakistan. It was learnt that the mail was generated from a shop located near Ayub Medical College in Abbotabad (Pakistan) — the place from where dreaded terrorist Osama Bin Laden used to operate his terror network.

While issuing another death threat to Congress leader Ishwarjot Cheema for informing the police about the previous e-mail, the anonymous sender has even warned the police investigating officers against probing the matter.

The sender has even claimed that he has strong links with various political parties. “Earlier I was taking the matter lightly and had dismissed the e-mail as a cheap prank by my political rivals. But now, it is assuming serious proportions. The fact that the man who sent the e-mail claims to be a resident of Abbotabad in Pakistan has definitely got me thinking. Now I believe there may be a terrorist angle to it,” said Cheema.

“The anonymous sender was rattled after the police began investigating the matter and inquired Dr Mukesh Kaveeshwar in Bopal for his role in sending the e-mail, as it was sent from his ID ‘dr_m.kaveeshwar@yahoo.com’,” added Cheema.

The sender has further threatened the Congress worker against going ahead with the investigation or else he will be killed.

On October 8, Cheema had received an e-mail from an unknown person, who claimed to be living in Bhopal. He had “requested” him to help his organisation, failing which he would be eliminated. Cheema reported the matter to the Sarabha Nagar police, which forwarded the complaint to the cyber crime wing.

The first e-mail sent on October 8, a copy of which is with The Tribune, reads: “I am a senior consultant at Government Homoeopathic Medical College, Bhopal…. I am giving you a chance to do business and money in near future. I am attached to the pious Muslim fighters, they are jehadi fighting for the cause…. I request you to help our organisation and join for the cause, if you don’t help us we may harm you or you may be killed as your town has seen so many casualties in the recent past. Don’t go to police. We are watching you. I am waiting for your reply and give me time to meet you…. Contact me as soon as possible otherwise this may prove fatal to you.”

The fresh e-mail has even named the political party and with whom the anonymous sender claims to have a contact. The sender has even stated that the investigating officer probing the matter is corrupt. The man has even sent his mobile No. 00923459327808 for further contact.

Excerpts from second e-mail sent October 31

“In spite of our requests, you have reported the matter to the police. Dr Kaveeshwar is very simple person and has not don (sic) any crim (sic).He helps us with money…. Your contact in MP is troubling him…… Dr Kaveeshwar is already on bail in a case in J&K… You can call me personally or via agent and my shop in is near Ayub Medical College in Abbotabad, Pakistan.” (sic)



National Cancer Awareness Day
From shock, disbelief to perseverance, recovery
As the city observes National Cancer Awareness Day, three cancer survivors share their stories of the struggle against the disease with Minna Zutshi.

Manjit Kaur (62), homemaker
Initial reaction
There was shock, disbelief. The reports confirmed my worst fears. I had (chronic myloid) leukemia.

The battle
Fortunately, it was in its first stage. I meticulously followed the treatment prescribed by the doctor. For the past five years, I have been taking the medicine. Every year, I get the bone marrow test done.

Support system
My family has been a pillar of support. The costly medicines were proving to be a financial strain. So, my family decided to take the help of a charitable organisation that helped us foot the medical bills.

The recovery
I knew that I had to get well for my family. I had strong willpower to emerge as a winner. During my weak moments, I would pray fervently. Today, I keep myself updated with the advances made in the treatment of the disease. 

Satish Giri (40), hosiery employee
Initial reaction
Persistent weight loss was a cause for concern for me. When the diagnosis (chronic myloid leukemia) was done, I focussed only on one thing — Not to let the disease get the better of me.

The battle
I decided to not let anything discourage me. I would not give up —that was my promise to myself. The name “cancer” is frightening to most people, but I did not let it frighten me.

Support system
I did not look for any support outside my immediate family. My wife provided me all the support.

The recovery
It’s not easy when you know you have this problem. But your attitude can make a difference.

Paramjit Kaur (38), private sector employee
Initial reaction
It was tough to accept that I had parotid gland cancer. I had to brace for the days ahead.

The battle
I was operated upon thrice. I did not slacken my fight against the disease. Anything that the doctor said was followed religiously. I went for regular medical check-ups.

Support system
I decided to rely on the support of my family and friends. Instead of keeping my disease a secret, I let my relatives help me out

The recovery
I keep myself busy. I don’t let my mind remain idle even for a minute because that is the time when I can let negativity overpower me.

‘Early detection key’
Early detection helps. Consult a doctor in case of any swelling or lump anywhere in the body. In case of fever that does not respond to treatment, it’s a must to consult a medical expert.
Dr Devinder Singh Sandhu, oncologist 



Quacks flourish as authorities turn a blind eye
Jaswant Shetra

A quack sells medicines to patients near the Civil Hospital, Jagraon.
A quack sells medicines to patients near the Civil Hospital, Jagraon. A Tribune photograph

Jagraon, November 7
Quacks, operating in Jagraon and surrounding areas, are doing a brisk business. Seeing them doing a good business, several other quacks from various places have reached the town and are flourishing.

The business of quacks is booming, as there are still a large number of people, especially those from the rural background, who are visiting these quacks for the treatment of various ailments. Most of the people, who fall prey to such quacks, are villagers and a majority of them are illiterate.

The administration, too, seems to have turned a blind eye towards the issue and the practice is going unabated despite awareness programmes conducted by the government.

Interestingly, some of these quacks are also operating near the Civil Hospital. But nobody has so far taken a notice of this practice, which may pose a serious threat to anyone’s life.

In spite of a ban on quacks and instructions issued by the government to health department officials of all districts to check the menace of quackery, the evil is going unchecked in the city.

There are a large number of quacks, who are operating their makeshift “clinics” in various areas of the town.

Despite the fact that a number of people have fallen victims to quacks in the past, still people used to visit these quacks for treatment.

Health experts said apart from inaction by the health department, people prefer these quacks over qualified doctors due to the lesser money charged by them.

“A large number of people have an age-old belief that the quacks are better than a qualified doctor. While some of the people visit the quacks due to lesser money, some for their age-old belief. Moreover, these people claim that the treatment received from a quack gives quick relief as compared to doctors, whose treatment is quite complex and the patient need much more time to recover,” says Dr Ajay Bansal, a renowned orthopaedician.

When contacted, Dr Rupinder Kaur Kakkar, SMO Civil Hospital, Jagraon, said, “We launch drives to check the menace of quacks. We keep on conducting checks and whenever we get any complaint, an immediate action is taken if he is found unauthorised. But even if the quacks are still thriving, we will make sure that a strict action is taken against them.”



National Cancer Awareness Day
Health department draws a blank
Mahesh Sharma

Mandi Ahmedgarh, November 7
Showing scant regard for the key mission of the WHO’s Cancer Control Programme, the state health department came up with nothing to create awareness about carcinogenic factors and preventive measures on National Cancer Awareness Day today.

Though a large number of NGOs and government-sponsored agencies are operating in the area, none of them has come forward to create awareness about the causes and consequences of the world’s second largest killer, after cardiovascular ailment.

Though the cancer calendar contains at least two awareness days every month, barring September and December, those responsible for cautioning the target groups were not aware of these special days.

The Tribune has found out that none of the government agencies or NGOs of the area had initiated any action to celebrate the National Cancer Awareness Day, observed on November 7 every year.

Ceremonies, if any, are restricted to managements of some multi-speciality hospitals.

Emphasising the need for awareness about the causes and risks of the dreaded disease, Dr Devinder Singh Sandhu, executive chairman, Cancer Council of India, said the government should have taken up the responsibility of creating awareness among people.

“Though we have been regularly organising seminars and workshops on special days concerned with cancer, the information does not percolate to the target groups. However, the attempt has been to prepare the medical fraternity for fighting the problem,” said Dr Sandhu.

Appreciating that the western community had started understanding the need for taking preventive measures to control fast increasing incidences of cancer, Dr KC Goyal, physician and former civil surgeon, called upon office-bearers of medical, social and educational organisations to make coordinated efforts to educate people about the adverse effects of changed lifestyle.

“Our lifestyle and food habits have resulted in high incidences of latent stages of cancer, which could be cured if detected at an early stage,” said Dr Goyal.

He stressed that the youth should be asked to shun smoking and drinking, which have since been identified as major factors behind common cancer.

Dr Sunit Hind said the increase in incidences of cancer deaths was due to unawareness towards causative agents and symptoms of the disease.

Officials in the state health department at various levels, however, showed ignorance about the day that was first observed at the national level.

Though the National Rural Health Mission authorities were learnt to have sent communication to the state government health department to observe the annual day, a senior health department official, on the condition of anonymity, said the day was not listed among other annual functions to be celebrated by the department.

A majority of office-bearers and activists of social and medical organisations were not aware of a number of special days being observed every month to aware target groups on causes and consequences of various types of cancer. 

List of special days for raising awareness

n Cervical Health Awareness Month — January

n National Cancer Prevention Month — February

n Tobacco Awareness Month — February

n World Cancer Day — February 4

n National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month — March

n Kidney Cancer Awareness Month — March

n Lymphedema Awareness D-Day — March 6

n Kick Butts Day — March 23 (Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids)

n National Young Adult Cancer Awareness Week — April 3-9

n National Minority Cancer Awareness Week — April 17-23

n National Melanoma/Skin Cancer Detection and Prevention Month — May

n National Neurofibromatosis Month — May

n National Cancer Research Month — May

n Brain Tumor Action Week — May 1-7

n World No-Tobacco Day — May 31

n Oral, Head and Neck Cancer Awareness Week — May 8-14

n Men’s Health and Cancer Awareness Month — June

n National Cancer Survivors Day — June 5

n Sarcoma Awareness Month — July

n There are no cancer awareness dates for August.

n Childhood Cancer Awareness Month — September

n Gynecologic Cancer Awareness Month — September

n Blood Cancer Awareness Month — September

n National Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month — September

n Prostate Cancer Awareness Month — September

n Thyroid Cancer Awareness Month — September

n National Breast Cancer Awareness Month — September

n National Mammography Day — October 21

n Lung Cancer Awareness Month — November

n National Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month — November

n National Marrow Awareness Month — November

n National Hospice/Palliative Care Month — November

n National Stomach Cancer Awareness Month — November

n There are no commemorative dates for December



Rifle body faces civic body’s apathy
Possession of land allotted for construction of shooting range 
Puneet Pal Singh Gill
Tribune News Service

The proposed layout plan for the development of public utility and memorial complex in Ludhiana.
The proposed layout plan for the development of public utility and memorial complex in Ludhiana. photo: inderjeet verma

Ludhiana, November 7
Even as the state government had allotted 5,500 sq yards of land for the construction of a shooting range for District Rifle Association, the association has not been able to take the possession of the land due to encroachments. The association members have rued they have brought the issue of illegal encroachments on the land several times with the Ludhiana Municipal Corporation (MC), but to no avail.

The MC officials say they would soon visit the site and make sure all encroachments are removed.

Not only this, but the Maha Sabha Ludhiana, an NGO working in the area, has now proposed to develop a public utility and memorial complex, which would house, an open air theatre, memorial of Shaheed Sukhdev and a park for the area residents.

“The project is of 12,105 sq yards, around 2.5 acres. For the project, we are already in the possession of 3,709 sq yards, while 4,933 sq yards of it is allotted to us by the state government. If we are given another chunk of 3,465 sq yards, adjoining to this land, we can construct the project without taking even a single penny from the state government or any government agency,” claimed Col JS Brar (retd), president of Maha Sabha Ludhiana. The NGO members said even though they have been allotted land for shooting range, they have not been able to take possession of it. “When we had tried to construct a boundary wall last year, some of the encroachers demolished it. We wrote to the MC to demarcate the land so that we could start our project. But till date, nothing has been done in this regard,” said Brar.

Assistant town planner Kamaljit Kaur, when contacted, said she is already looking into the matter. “I have planned to visit the site in a few days so that I can have a first hand look into the encroachments, if any. If we find any encroachments on that land, we would demolish them without wasting a minute,” she assured.



Reporters’ Diary
‘Credit war’ over Shatabdi among politicians

There is no stopping political leaders and parties to lay their claim to making some contribution for introduction of Shatabdi from the mega city to New Delhi. Even as Congress MP from Ludhiana, Manish Tewari and his fellow member of the Lok Sabha from Sangrur, Vijayinder Singla were involved in a fight over the Shatabdi and the Union Minister of State for Railways, KH Muniyappa, had to intervene to settle the issue during his visit for flagging off the train. Two Punjab ministers from the city - Sat Pal Gosain and Hira Singh Gabria, have also jumped on the bandwagon. Forgetting that it was the Congress-led UPA government at the Centre whom the Punjab government functionaries never hesitate to flog even on the slightest pretext that had given a go-ahead for the new train, both Gosain and Gabria claimed that they had also taken up the matter for introduction of a new Shatabdi with the Centre.

Consumer satisfaction, uphill task

Consumer satisfaction seems to be an uphill task for Punjab State Power Corporation Limited. A few days ago, in order to pay electricity bills, residents came to the office around 8.45 am and were waiting for the collection window to be opened at 9 am, but none came to open. On asking the reason for delay, one of the employees said, “The keys of the room have lost, so the office will not open. You can pay your bills at the adjoining window, which is for senior citizens.” As a result, everyone shifted to the other window where they were taken by surprise as the employee refused to collect bill from them, as the window is meant only for senior citizens. He said, “We will collect bills only from senior citizens.” The harassed consumers were left with no option but to wait for another half-an-hour, as the lock was broken and the work began, which got delayed by 45 minutes. A few stranded consumers said, “The government department ise taran kam karde ne ji.”

Admn’s apathy

The condition of major roads in the city is pathetic due to traffic congestions and traffic jams. The authorities concerned, including the police and Municipal Corporation, though claim to be doing their “best”, still commuters feel the heat everyday. On top of it, religious organisations do not miss an opportunity to create more hurdles by blocking the main/connecting roads by organising religious functions and events and commuters are forced to adopt alternative routes. These days, when prices of petrol have reached to the maximum, commuters find it, too, difficult to adopt long routes. They continue to crib over the harassment but who cares? Neither the authorities nor organisers seem to be willing to come up with any solution!

Illegible handwriting

Illegible handwriting is often called a doctor’s handwriting. As more and more people are using computers and gadgets these days, fingers and thumbs are becoming adept at typing than writing. As a result, good handwriting is losing its relevance in the digital world and thus interest in calligraphy is dwindling. A doctor said handwriting these days resembled ours. “So people don’t tease us anymore,” he chuckles.

Challenging change

Despite modernisation, some of the traditions and festivals in our country remain completely untouched and unaffected. Rather they have become even more pronounced with the passage of time, providing a safe sanctuary from the wilderness and pace of change. Some of the festivals like Chhat Puja challenge change and time even in this era of change.

Contributed by Kuldip Bhatia, Anupam Bhagria, Shivani Bhakoo.



Roshni-11: BCM, Guru Nanak school clinch overall trophy
Lovleen Bains

Doraha, November 7
An inter-school annual function “Roshni-2011” culminated at the Doraha Institute of Management and Technology today.

Dr HS Bains, Registrar, Punjab Technical University, Jalandhar, was the chief guest for the inaugural ceremony and Sukhpal Singh, chairman, Doraha Group of Institutes, was the chief guest for the prize distribution ceremony.

Dr Bains exhorted students to take their studies seriously. He also congratulated management, director, staff and students for achievements in the field of academics, sports and extra-curricular activities.

Dr RK Lekhi, institute director, presented the annual report. The overall trophy was jointly bagged by BCM Senior Secondary School, Chandigarh road, Ludhiana, and Guru Nanak International Public School, Gujarkhan campus, Ludhiana.


Flower arrangement: 1st Tejinder Kaur of Guru Nanak International Public School, Gujarkhan campus, Ludhiana; 2nd Somya of BCM Sr Sec School, Chandigarh Road, Ludhiana; 3rd Upasna Takyar of Nankana Sahib Public School, Samrala; consolation Sameer of BCM Sr Sec School, Chandigarh Road, Ludhiana.

Mehandi: 1st Nishita of BCM Sr Sec School, Chandigarh road, Ludhiana; 2nd Aarti Watts of RS Model Sr Sec School, Shastri Nagar, Ludhiana; 3rd Divya of DAV Public School, BRS Nagar, Ludhiana; consolation Jeewanjot Kaur of Guru Nanak Model Sr Sec School, Doraha.

Fancy dress: 1st Ishpreet Kaur of Guru Nanak International Public School, Gujarkhan campus, Ludhiana; 2nd Karanvir of Green Grove Public School, Khanna; 3rd Diljot Singh of Nankana Sahib Public School, Samrala; consolation Mitasha of BCM Sr Sec School, Chandigarh road, Ludhiana, and Anmol of RS Model Sr Sec School.

Rangoli: 1st Harshdeep Singh of DAV Model Sr Sec School, Khanna; 2nd Manpreet Kaur of Nankana Sahib Public Sr Sec School, Rampur; 3rd Aradhna of DAV Public School, BRS Nagar, Ludhiana; consolation Archita of DAV Public School.

Creative writing (essay): 1st Navkiran of Green Grove; 2nd Baninderpreet Singh of Nankana Sahib Public School, Samrala.

Poem writing: 1st Shweta of RS Model Sr Sec School, Shastri Nagar, Ludhiana; 2nd Arshdeep Kaur of BCM Sr Sec School.

Story writing: 1st Rahat of Doraha Public School, Doraha.

Folk song: 1st Sarpreet Singh of Raja Jagdev Model Sen Sec School, Jarg; 2nd Robin Khan of Saraswati Model Senior Secondary School, Doraha; 3rd Samridhi of BCM Sr Sec School, Chandigarh Road, Ludhiana; consolation Parwinder Singh of Nankana Sahib Public School, Samrala; Ramandeep Kaur of Sarkari Kanya Sen Sec School, Jarg; and Prabhjot Kaur of Guru Nanak International Public School, Gujarkhan Campus, Ludhiana.

Best out of waste: 1st Harleen Shah of Doraha Public School, Doraha; 2nd Gopal Jain of BCM Sr Sec School, Chandigarh Road, Ludhiana; 3rd Ajayvir Singh of Guru Nanak Model Sr Sec School, Doraha; consolation Jiti of Govt Sen Sec School, Doraha.

Quiz: 1st LovishGarg, Abhinav Sharma and Gurjot Singh of DAV Public School, BRS Nagar, Ludhiana; 2nd Hardik Kaushal, R Karunvir Bhardwaj and Gagandeep Kaur of Doraha Public School, Doraha; 3rd Sanketdeep Singh, Gagandeep Singh and Rahul Sharma of Guru Nanak Model Sr Sec School, Doraha. Poster making: 1st Taranjeet Kaur of Guru Nanak International Public School, Gujarkhan Campus, Ludhiana; 2nd Sheenam of BCM Sr Sec School, Chandigarh Road, Ludhiana; 3rd Prabhleen Kaur of Guru Nanak International Public School, Gujarkhan Campus, Ludhiana; consolation Prabhsimar Kaur of DAV Public School, BRS Nagar, Ludhiana, Muskan of BCM Sr Sec School, Chandigarh Road, Ludhiana.

Dance to the tune: 1st Gurleen Kaur of Guru Nanak International Public School, Gujarkhan Campus, Ludhiana; 2nd Sukhmeet Kaur of Shri Guru Harkrishan Public School, Model Town, Ludhiana; 3rd Raj Saini of BCM Sr Sec School, Chandigarh road, Ludhiana; consolation Nisha Sharma of Guru Nanak Model Sr Sec School, Doraha, Shifali of RS Model Sr Sec School, Shastri Nagar, Ludhiana.



Degrees conferred on engineering students
Tribune nEWS sERVICE

Ludhiana, November 7
The annual convocation of Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College was held in a well-decorated auditorium of the college on Saturday.

The programme started with the recitation of ‘shabads’ by students of the college.

Dr MS Saini, director of the college, read out the annual report and highlighted achievements of the college. Dr Saini said the Government of India had sanctioned Rs 10 crore to the college for technical education quality improvement programme. Referring to the sustained involvement of the faculty in research and consultancy, he averred that a number of research projects had been undertaken and a sizable number of research papers had been published.

Avtar Singh, president, Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee, said the SGPC had launched programmes to root out female foeticide.

Placement drive

Three students of BCA-III Nikhil, Ishaan and Rishab of Kamla Lohtia SD College, Ludhiana, were selected by Wipro during a placement drive held at Rayat Bahra, Kharar.

Cross-country race

Sri Aurobindo College organised a cross-country race “Run for Fitness” here on Saturday with an aim to apprise students of the importance of fitness. More than 500 students and all faculty members of the college participated in the race.

The race was flagged off by Dr RL Behl, principal of the college. All students and faculty members wore specially designed T-shirts bearing college insignia to mark the event. The boys covered the total distance of 5km, whereas girls covered 3.7km. Among the boys, Rahul Chhabra of BBA III was the winner, whereas Agyapal Singh Guliani of BBA-I and Karan Ajmani of BCom-III won the second and third places, respectively.

Among the girls, Jasleen Kaur Thandi, secured the first position, while Chhavi Jindal of BCom-I stood second and Sukhdeep Kaur Grewal of BCom-I stood third. Col PS Choudhry, director, education appreciated the enthusiasm of students and motivated them to participate in sports and co-curricular activities.

Boxer brings laurels

Dakha College boxer wins gold medal in Panjab University Inter-College Competition. Khushdeepak Kumar, a student of BA final Guru Teg Bahadur National College, Dakha, won the gold medal in concluded inter-college competition of Panjab University on the university campus, Chandigarh. Khushdeep was honoured by college the principal Dr Assa Singh Ghuman. Dr Ghuman announced a cash prize of Rs 5,000 to Khushdeepak.


Amloh: Under the Sarv Sikhya Abhiyan, a five-day seminar on English and social studies concluded at Government Senior Secondary School, Amloh, here on Saturday. District coordinator Charandeep Puri, master trainer Kuldeep Kaur and Kulbir Singh highlighted modern techniques of training. As many as 47 teachers from Sirhind block 3 participated in the seminar. 



Govt fails to provide info on farmers’ suicides
Jaswant Shetra

Jagraon, November 7
The Punjab State Information Commission has issued a notice to the Punjab government for failing to provide information under the Right to Information (RTI) Act sought by an RTI activist.

The commission issued this notice when not even a single official from any of the government department appeared before the information commission during a hearing on October 31, following a complaint filed by the RTI activist in which he has stated that the state government has been refusing to provide the information sought by him.

As no government official appeared before the information commission, State Information Commissioner Ravi Sidhu took strict notice of this and instructed senior officials of the revenue and rehabilitation department to remain present during the next hearing, failing to which the commission will have to take a strict disciplinary action against them.

As per the information, RTI activist and general secretary of Universal Human Rights Commission Iqbal Singh Rasoolpur had sought the information regarding the number of farmers who had committed suicides due to debt from 2002 to 2008 under the RTI Act.

Through his application, Rasoolpur had asked the state government to provide information regarding how much financial assistance has been provided by the state government to family members of the farmers who had committed suicide.

Rasoolpur stated he had also sought details of the surveys conducted by the state government from Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana; Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar; and Punjabi University, Patiala, on the issue of how many farmers have committed suicide due to the increasing debts but the state government refused to provide any details of these surveys on different pretexts every time.



3 buffaloes charred to death

Khanna, November 6
Three buffaloes were burnt to death as a fire broke out under mysterious circumstances on Saturday night at Monpur village. Balkar Singh, a farmer of the village, said they had tied their cattle in a verandah after milking them.

Late at night, some villagers informed them about the fire. But by the time the fire could be doused, three buffaloes were charred to death. Balkar said he had suffered a loss of about Rs 1.50 lakh. — OC



Drama, histrionics dominate Day III
Tribune News Service

Students stage a play during the youth fest at Ramgarhia Girls College in Ludhiana on Monday.
Students stage a play during the youth fest at Ramgarhia Girls College in Ludhiana on Monday. Tribune photo: Himanshu Mahajan

Ludhiana, November 7
The third day of the ongoing 53rd Panjab University Inter-Zonal Youth and Heritage Festival began with great vivacity at Ramgarhia Girls College, Miller Ganj, here today.

Dr SM Kant, former director, department of youth welfare, Punjab University, Chandigarh, inaugurated the function by lighting the ceremonial lamp. Ranjodh Singh, president, Ramgarhia Educational Council, extended welcome to guests of the day. Drama and histrionics dominated the panorama and art lovers’ savoured items of fine arts on the third day of the festival.

Fine arts items like cartooning, collage making, clay modelling and photography tested the creativity and ingenuity of the students. The spectators were thrilled to see the spectacular performance of the participants. Quiz lovers rejoiced at the brilliant performance of the students. Quiz master Sharad Manocha grilled the minds of the teams and gave them a tough challenge. The team of Government College, Sector 42, Chandigarh, bagged the first prize in quiz. The guests of honour for the evening session were PPS Gill, State Information Commissioner, Punjab, and Jagbir Singh Sokhi, industrialist and councillor, along with photographer TPS Sandhu, president of Punjab Sahit Akademi, Prof Gurbhajan Gill and French artist Martine Le Cam.

Addressing the students, they said theatre played an influential role in entangling the knots of social evils and dissolving prevailing taboos.

Principal, Dr Narinder Sandhu appreciated the efforts of the students and said the students had not just depicted the problems of life on stage but had also suggested solutions for them.


Quiz: 1st PG Govt College for Girls-42, Chandigarh;

2nd DAV College-10, Chandigarh; 3rd DAV College, Abohar.

Collage making: 1st Aakanksha Dhawan (MCM DAV College-36, Chandigarh); 2nd Sarabjeet Kaur (Guru Nanak College for Girls, Muktsar); 3rd Preety (JS Khalsa College for Women, Mehna).

Cartooning: 1st Sparsh Goel (Govt College of Arts-10, Chandigarh); 2nd Rajan Kaur (PG Govt College for Girls-42, Chandigarh); 3rd Pinki (DAV College of Education, Abohar).

Rangoli: 1st Ankita Baghla (Guru Nanak College for Girls, Muktsar); 2nd Shaina Verma (DAV College, Hoshiarpur); 3rd Rimmy Devi (Govt College, Hoshiarpur).

Clay modelling: 1st Jatinder Kaur (Ramgarhia Girls College, Ludhiana); 2nd Manjit Singh (Govt College of Arts-10, Chandigarh); 3rd Priyanka (GPC Alour, Khanna).

On-the-spot photography: 1st Baljit Singh (LLR College, Dhudike); 2nd Prerna Bhardwaj (PG Govt College for Girls-11, Chandigarh); 3rd Navdeep (Maharishi Dayanand College of Education, Abohar).

Still life: 1st Vijay Kumar (Govt College, Hoshiarpur); 2nd Bhupinder Singh (Govt College of Arts-10, Chandigarh); 3rd Radhika Gupta (MCM DAV College-36, Chandigarh).

On-the-spot painting: 1st Sarabjeet Kaur (Govt College, Hoshiarpur); 2nd Simrjit Kaur (Govt College, Hoshiarpur); 3rd Lalita (GMT College of Education, Ludhiana).

Poster making: 1st Anupreet (Panjab University, Chandigarh); 2nd Gurpreet Kaur (GCW, Ludhiana); 3rd Jagmeet Kaur (Bhutta College of Education, Ludhiana).



Provide solutions to industrialists’ problems
Shivani Bhakoo
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 7
Entrepreneurs in Punjab were surviving despite adverse circumstances and hurdles in the state. The state or Central government should look for the solutions, otherwise the industry will have a bleak future in Punjab.

The problems at the grassroots level must be addressed on priority. Unfortunately, neither the state government nor Central government was taking the industry in Punjab seriously.

Around 150 industrialists, who took part in a seminar on “Industry challenges and opportunities” organised by the Centre for Economics Policy Research and Swadeshi Jagran Manch, maintained that it was too late to organise such discussions, as industrialists in the state were already facing several problems, now was the time to act and provide viable solutions.

An industrialist said such discussions were beneficial if the government gave timely solutions.

The government representatives, too, admitted that entrepreneurs in Punjab were surviving due to their own efforts. “That means they also know that the government was doing little for the industry. There is no industrial package by the Central government and state government had burdened the industrialists with taxes, how is our survival possible?” asked another industrialist.

Tikshan Sood, Minister for Local Bodies and Industries, was the chief guest. Amongst others Satpal Gosain, Parveen Bansal, Prof Rajinder Bhandari, Subhash Sharma, Hem Raj Aggarwal also took part in the seminar.



Ecuador’s folk artistes leave audience awestruck
Tribune News Service

Artistes from Ecuador perform during the Punjab Multi-Cultural Festival in Ludhiana on Monday.
Artistes from Ecuador perform during the Punjab Multi-Cultural Festival in Ludhiana on Monday. Tribune photo: himanshu mahajan

Ludhiana, November 7
A nine-member folk dance troupe from Ecuador performed during the fourth Punjab Multi-cultural Festival organised by the Punjab Cultural Promotion Council (PCPC) at Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College.

Ecuador’s folk artistes led by director Carlos Jonathan Minota of the Tierra Negra International Folk Group depicted folk traditions of Ecuador, using Marimba and other folk instruments from Ecuador. In addition, folk dances, Sammi and Jindua, were also performed by students of Nankana Sahib Public School and gatka martial arts was also displayed at the event.



Sports bodies groan as kabaddi rakes in moolah
Charanjit Singh Teja
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 7
As the Punjab government is spending crores of rupees on Kabaddi World Cup, it has left authorities of other games fuming. Coaches and sports enthusiasts are rattled by the bias policies of the state government and complained that while players who have the potential to win laurels for the state in the upcoming Olympics in London are being ignored, while kabaddi is given undue prominence.

While the Punjab government is spending a huge amount on Kabaddi World Cup, it sounds strange that apart from the political mileage, few other benefits can be seen in this event.

Ironically, Punjab-style kabaddi is not scheduled in the National Games, Asian Games and Olympics Games, so this style would not enable these players to be recognised on the national or international level. It is not only the matter of identity, when it comes to jobs, the gradation of kabaddi stands nowhere. At the time of recruitment in government departments, only national-style players get marks on the behalf of sports achievements.

On the other hand, people concerned with 28 other games that are under the sports department, Punjab, are ruing that while other games are facing a number of problems due to shortage of funds then what's the point of spending such huge amounts on kabaddi.

Teja Singh Dhaiwal, general secretary, Punjab State Basketball Association, stated, “Other games are not on the priority of the government. On one hand, the government is investing crores on Kabaddi World Cup, other games don't even have the basic infrastructure.”

He further added, “Kabaddi is not scheduled in college and university games. Performance of Punjab kabbadi teams was poor in the previous National Games held at Ranchi. It is the major disadvantage that kabaddi stands nowhere on the national and international level. So the government should promote other games also.”

Pargat Singh, director, Punjab sports department said, “The Punjab-style kabaddi started last year only at such a big level, so it’s still at the initial stage. There is little difference between the national and circle-style kabaddi. Even though, it is not scheduled in the National Games, Asian Games and Olympic Games, but the Punjab government has recognised the game last year like other 28 games.”



Experts dwell on innovative science teaching techniques
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 7
The two-day zonal convention-cum-workshop on education in physics and related sciences focusing on structure and delivery in classroom for 21st Century was organised at Guru Nanak Public School, Sarabha Nagar, by the Indian Association of Physics Teachers (IAPT).

Eminent professors from different states presented their lectures. Emphasis was laid on innovative and cognitive skills to improve the quality of science education in order to cope up with the global scenario. Around 270 delegates were part of this convention and 500 students attended it. Educationists from different universities spoke on topics related to teaching sciences. Dr VK Mittal, professor of physics from Punjabi University, Patiala, gave a presentation on examples of computer simulations with modern techniques, while Dr Shashi Trehan spoke on innovative science teaching techniques. Prof DV Sathe elaborated on making science learning attractive, while Dr MS Marwaha from Guru Gobind Singh College, Chandigarh, stressed on innovative laboratory demonstrations.

Prof Ved Ratna, former professor at NCERT, New Delhi, said disregard for science practical was inculcating corruption in young minds.

Dr Shashi Trehan, former district science supervisor from the city, said innovative techniques for teaching science must be adopted to make children take interest in the subject.

It was discussed that with information technology and Internet, there is no limit to what can be learnt and taught in an interesting manner and that engenders curiosity and the spirit of query amongst learners.



On wedding day, bride subjected to thrashing
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 7
Just a few hours before her wedding, a woman was not only denied her bridal dress by a bridal wear store but also her brother was thrashed by workers of the store here today.

Shruti Gupta, a resident of Harcharn Nagar, who was scheduled to get married this evening, had placed an order for her wedding dress to a store owner at the Fountain Chowk here.

When she, along with her brother, went to collect her dress today, she was curtly replied that it could not be delivered to her. When she objected, she and her brother were allegedly thrown out of the store.

The division no. 8 police station has received the complaint and started investigations, said SHO Gurpreet Singh.

In the complaint, Shruti stated that she had ordered a “lehanga” and she was promised that it would be delivered today. She went to collect the dress along with her brother Ritesh Gupta this afternoon.

"On seeing us the shop authorities went pale. We were made to sit at the shop for nearly an hour and the shop authorities told us that they had sent an employee to fetch the lehanga from a tailor. But after an hour they expressed inability to deliver the wedding dress. This led to an argument and I told them it was a breach of trust. Only few hours were left before my sister was to get married. The employees and the authorities started fighting and threw us out of the shop," said Ritesh Gupta. No case was registered till the filing of this report.



Ludhiana Scan
Bicycle rally on November 9

Ludhiana: Gift of Life-Organ Donation and Awareness Society (Glodas) would organise a bicycle rally to encourage people to donate organs. The even would be conducted on November 9, 2011. About 500 cyclists are expected to participate in the rally that would commence from Circuit House. The rally would pass through Ghumar Mandi, Fountain Chownk, Rose Garden, and culminate at the Dumra auditorium in Dayanand Medical College and Hospital and would follow a lecture on organ donation. Donation of the human organs after death or from the brain-dead persons gives the fellow human beings a chance to live quality life.

Free medical camp

A free medical camp was organised by Mohan Dai Oswal Multispeciality and Cancer Hospital on its founder’s day. More than 300 patients were examined in different specialties like gynaecology, ENT, orthopaedics, paediatrics, pain clinic, medical oncology, dental. Facility for subsidised investigations and diagnostic tests was also offered to the patients. The camp will continue till November 19, 2011. — Tribune Reporters



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