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Use Tibet to confront China

The Ministry of External Affairs was reportedly behind the directive from the Board of Film Certification to filmmaker Imtiaz Ali to either delete or blur the Tibetan national flag and the ‘Free Tibet’ banner from the “Sadai Haq” song in his recently released movie “Rockstar”. It may be true because the Indian government has often returned China’s antagonistic behaviour towards India with unnecessarily genial gestures.

The Government of India’s policy of appeasement towards China has now reached the point of violating the freedom of speech of its own citizens. Why is India so afraid of China? The answer lies in the Indian leadership’s inability to confront China. The Chinese leaders have sensed the feebleness in the Indian leadership; India has completely failed to recognise that China will never regard India as a friendly nation regardless of how hard India tries to please China. Historically, China is the aggressor and India tends to be defensive. This timid foreign policy has not served India well.

Connecticut, US

Rahul’s immaturity

This is in connection with Rahul Gandhi‘s speech in UP. He said in his speech, ‘Why do you go to Maharashtra and Punjab to beg?’ This shows his political immaturity, lack of wisdom and respect for labour. Why are migrant labourers forced to go out of their parent states? The Centre and state governments have failed miserably to create employment opportunities for the poor and landless. The migrants have established themselves well in other states due to their sheer hard work. How can Rahul call it ‘begging’? He must understand that the biggest beggars in India are politicians, who shamelessly beg for votes on false promises from helpless voters to exploit their poor conditions and helplessness.

Capt Amar Jeet Kumar, SAS Nagar

Railway lines

At railway stations, there is repeated announcement to use stairs and not to cross railway lines on foot as there is great risk to precious lives. People ignore this warning and generally cross railway lines to reach other platforms because they often feel tired and find it mundane to climb up and down the staircase. If all railway stations are made like the Delhi Metro stations (moving stairs), it will put a tab on the wrong-doers. Nobody will travel without ticket which will increase the Indian Railway's income too.

KK Chawla, Kurukshetra

Wake-up call

Some ministers have pronounced that the Government of India shall bring the Lokpal Bill in the coming session and they shall try to table and get the bill passed as early as possible. The Lokpal Bill is no ordinary bill and it will need an amendment to the Constitution. Social activists and legal experts must express their views on the matter more frequently.

DALIP SINGH WASAN, Advocate Patiala

Social reformer

This is with reference to the article, ‘The Bard’s political ballads’ (November 19), by Prasun Sonwalkar. The bard and balladeer of Brahmaputra, Bhupen Hazarika, was not only the region's biggest cultural ambassador but also a social reformer who brought the Northeast closer to the rest of India. Because of his multifarious qualities, master-painter MF Husain spoke very high about him. While asking him to provide music for his film “Gajgamini”, he had said, “You paint through your songs, but I can’t sing with my paintbrush. It is up to you to fill this lacuna in my artistry”.


Is it justice?

High-profile citizens can enjoy freedom even after being in jail in our country. The recent example is that of Manu Sharma, the killer of Jessica Lall. Interestingly, he has got the parole despite violating his earlier parole. In September 2009, he was spotted in a discotheque when he was on a 30-day parole to attend to his ailing mother and to perform rituals related to the death of his grandmother. His ‘ailing’ mother was seen at a media briefing promoting a cricket tournament in Chandigarh. What kind of justice is this? A criminal, who has murdered an innocent girl, is still getting things done according to his wish. If he can attend his brother’s marriage and take part in family functions, what’s the use of giving him punishment? Why is there discrimination against ordinary prisoners? If such is the situation, the purpose of punishment will not be served.

Prerna Priyakshi, Bangalore

Valuable advice

This is with reference to H. Kishie Singh's column, ‘Good Motoring’. His advice to keep vehicle tanks full with fuel is highly commendable. Very few people are aware that in empty tanks there is more air because of which there is greater petrol evaporation which is quite a wastage. In these days of high petrol prices, it is a sound advice to keep the tank at least half full. Next time I will follow his advice. His advice is quite valuable for any motorist.


Useless seminars

Government schools are sometimes devoid of teachers because of the seminars being held during prime teaching hours. The seminars are also not information oriented as no new technique or method is taught. The seminars must stress on novel methods of education and they should be conducted for short intervals and invite small groups of teachers one at a time.


Learn from the West

Laws grind the poor, and rich men enjoy life. Well, it was very inspiring and thought provoking for me to read VK Kapoor's middle, ‘Extras' of life’ (November 14) and Kirandeep Kaur's letter, ‘Treat the Extras with love and respect’ (Nov 16). Though we always talk about western countries where respect is given to every individual and every profession, we hardly apply the same in our own country. Being thankful to them is more important. We feel proud to be the citizens of the 21st century but we still want helpers or servants for every kind of work. We know that they make our life comfortable, but we still torture them, abuse them and, moreover, are never satisfied with their services. We will get respect only when we respect them.




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