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getting TSI certificate
MC changes criteria again
Puneet Pal Singh Gill
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, February 14
A week after the Ludhiana Municipal Corporation changed the criteria for getting a TS1 certificate, the civic body has further modified the criteria. Now, only those building owners would have to get a no objection certificate (NOC) from the building branch whose properties have been either challaned or have been constructed in violation of building bylaws.

On February 7, MC Commissioner Malwinder Singh Jaggi had issued fresh guidelines for getting a TS1 certificate. These guidelines were issued to check the increasing menace of illegal buildings in the city.

The MC Commissioner had earlier decided that for getting a TS1 certificate, the building owner would have to get an NOC from the building branch as well. Presently, while getting a TS1 certificate, an NOC from only water supply, sewerage and house tax was required.

But after these fresh guidelines were issued, some Congress councillors had opposed these on the ground that people would be harassed at the hands of the building branch officials. Some other councillors had also shown concern over these guidelines.

But now, MC Commissioner Jaggi has again amended the guidelines. “If the building branch of the civic body issues any challan against any building bylaw violation, details of that particular challan would be noted down against the property name in TS1 register. So until the person clears his challan (pending dues), he would not be issued the TS1 certificate. So in a way we have simplified the guidelines so that people don’t get harassed by the building branch,” claimed Jaggi.

He further said that the amended guidelines would help the MC catch only “genuine” defaulters.

“I have got a list of all challans done after April 1, 2007, prepared. This list has been handed over to all Zonal Commissioners, who have been asked to update these details in the TS1 registers. So next time any defaulter approaches us for getting a TS1 certificate, we would automatically come to know about the challan amount pending against him. Until he clears his dues, he would not be issued the TS1 certificate,” said Malwinder Singh Jaggi.

TS1 certificate

TS1 certificate is an important document which contain all details regarding property number, owner of the property, year of construction, whether residential or commercial, total area, total number of rooms, locality where located etc. The certificate is required at the time of sale or purchase of property. If this property is sold to some person, the name of the person who constructed it would also remain in the certificate.


Farmhouses hub of amorous activities, says police
Shivani Bhakoo
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, February 14
After the brutal killing of DSP Balraj Singh Gill and Monika Kapila at a farmhouse on the Hambran road on February 1, residents having palatial farmhouses feel reluctant to provide their places even to their near and dear ones for organising get-togethers and picnic parties for kids.

If the city police is to be believed, many farmhouses have become a perfect place for "amorous activities" by residents.

Hundreds of city residents, having no dearth of money, have constructed palatial farmhouses on the Pakhowal road, Hambran road and Ferozpur road etc. A majority of farmhouses are about 30-40 km from the city.

The owners of these farmhouses take their families along to spend sometime in peaceful surroundings, away from the maddening crowd of the city.

A senior police officer said, "All farmhouses are located on the outskirts of the city where there is no check. And there is no denying the fact that many of them have become a perfect setting for indecent activities. The owners organise bachelor-parties and get-togethers to have fun. The elite strata of society is involved in all these activities and we can do nothing. We cannot keep any check on such parties as we have no right."

While a local resident having a farmhouse on the Pakhowal road said that earlier he provided the keys of his farmhouse to his friends and their families to enjoy, but after the recent incident, he felt reluctant to oblige anyone. "My friends, their families were always welcome for picnic at my farmhouse, but now I make sure that I am present at the farmhouse in case someone wants to organise a get-together or a party," said the resident, adding that anti-social elements took shelter in the farm-houses, which were deserted with no care-takers.

"We need to keep care-takers at the farmhouses who have a family. The farmhouses can be misused by anyone if there are no care-takers," said another resident, having a farmhouse on the Ferozpur-Moga road.



Valentine’s day
Police keeps eye on ‘love birds’
Shivani Bhakoo
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, February 14
While love-birds in the city remained busy with Valentine’s Day celebrations today, the police made sure that there was no display of ‘obscenity’ at public places. An additional 300 police personnel were deployed throughout the city to keep an eagle eye on the activities of youngsters so that there was no unruly incident.

At the same time, the police ensured that love-birds celebrating the day in a decent manner were not troubled unnecessarily.

“We cannot stop them from sitting in a restaurant or a park if they do not indulge in any indecent activity,” said a police official, on the condition of anonymity.

“We have to make sure that there is no case of eve-teasing, traffic violation, pillion-riding by youngsters or any other unruly incident,” he further said.

“As far as celebrating the day is concerned, it is between two persons. About 300 police personnel are generally deputed in the city, but today, 600 are on duty,” he added.

He also said those with police control rooms, traffic police, ‘thanas’ and NGOs were asked to patrol the city till late in the evening.

Four extra motorcycles each were deputed at places like Sarabha Nagar, Ghumar Mandi, Malhar Road, Pakhowal Road, Mall Road and Model Town.

“They will make sure that the day passes off peacefully. Personnel will keep an eye on ‘geri’ routes of youngsters,” said the official. The police also watched the activities of youngsters outside hookah bars, cinema halls, restaurants and public parks.

Additional police personnel were deployed outside select schools and colleges to make sure that no one was harassed in the name of Valentine’s Day celebrations.



Unauthorised colonies
GLADA a mute spectator
Kuldip Bhatia

Ludhiana, February 14
Claims of stern regulatory measures by the Greater Ludhiana Area Development Authority (GLADA) and taking action against defaulting developers notwithstanding, the unauthorised colonies on the periphery of the mega city keep mushrooming without much regulatory and enforcement action by GLADA.

Information provided by GLADA authorities under the Right to Information Act (RTI Act) to the Council of RTI Activists, a city-based NGO, reveals that from March 2010 till date, 143 unauthorised colonies were identified in different parts of the city.

The GLADA authorities have claimed that where the names of colonisers or developers were known, cases were got registered against the offenders under the provisions of Punjab Apartment and Property Regulation 1995 (PAPRA), and in such cases where the developers were unknown, copies of revenue record like jamabandi and title deeds were sought from the revenue department for bringing the culprits to book.

The regulatory body (GLADA) has further claimed that steps were being taken to stop internal development works in the unauthorised colonies.

However, the ground reality is quite different. That some 150 more unauthorised (it is the official count and there would be many more which had not been identified) had come up in the city within a period of two years, shows that the regulatory measures being taken by GLADA are anything but effective. Moreover, slapping a few criminal cases or hauling up some of the erring colonisers in the court of law have also failed to act as deterrent to the “highly connected” developers.

Sources in the real estate sector assert that carving out a residential colony without obtaining licence under the provisions of PAPRA and fulfilling other statutory conditions is such a lucrative business that the colonisers will go to any length to keep the regulatory body or other departments in “good humour” till the time the plots are sold and the developer can get away with the booty.

“Deals are struck even before the development of a colony is taken in hand by the unscrupulous colonisers and everyone - GLADA officials and staff, police and revenue officials, has a finger in the pie,” maintain the sources, while adding that whatever little regulatory and enforcement measures are taken, that is an eyewash.

Making a similar observation, Rohit Sabharwal and Arvind Sharma, president and general secretary, respectively, of the Council of RTI Activists, have alleged that such a large number of unauthorised colonies could not have come up without the connivance of staff and officials of GLADA. The state government ought to order a high-level probe into this serious irregularity and guilty officials be identified and brought to book. 



Last day for Aadhaar enrolment today
Gurvinder Singh
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, February 14
The enrolment for the current phase of Aadhaar cards for unique identification will close at post offices in the city after February 15. According to sources, the enrolment for unique identification cards will resume on April 1, after a hiatus of a month-and-a-half.

It has been learnt that the target for this financial year has been met. In the interregnum, the processing of enrolment done will be completed.

The enrolment is being done at five locations, the head post office at Bharat Nagar, the sub-post office at Miller Ganj and the post offices at Khanna, Jagraon and Doraha.

According to sources, about 36,000 persons have been enrolled at post offices in the district, of which about 11,000 are from the city. Around 7,000 persons have been enrolled at the head post office and around 4,000 at the sub-post office. On an average, about 70 persons a day are being enrolled at the post offices, with each enrolment taking between 10 and 15 minutes.

This includes the time for taking photograph, fingerprints and eye scan. 
Noida-based Smart Chip Limited is the enrolment agency for the district.



Sterilising stray dogs from his pocket
Puneet Pal Singh Gill
Tribune News Service

Dr Ajay Pal Singh Mangat (left) sterlises a stray dog at his hospital in Ludhiana. photo: inderjeet verma

Ludhiana, February 14
Even as the city is grappling due to the stray dog menace and the Ludhiana Municipal Corporation (MC) has failed to sterilise dogs in the city, a city veterinarian is leading from the front and has been sterilising stray dogs on his own and with his own funds. Till date, he has sterilised a total of 313 such dogs from his own pocket and has urged the city residents to contact him in case they want to get stray dogs sterilised free of cost.

There are roughly more than 20,000 stray dogs in the city and the MC officials launched the much-awaited dog sterilisation drive in 2010. The contract for this purpose was given to a private company, but the company was able to sterilise around 3,000 stray dogs only. These days, the dog sterilisation drive has been in doldrums.

Perturbed over the increasing number of stray dogs in the city, Dr Ajaypal Singh Mangat, a leading veterinarian and dog breeder, decided to go solo.“For me, charity begins at home. That is why, I have been sterilising both male as well as female dogs from my own pocket and in the last four years, I have sterilised 313 dogs in total. As I am a veterinarian, its my responsibility to take care of the animals, especially dogs, who are man’s best friend,” said Mangat.

Vandana Mangat feeds stray dogs along the Sidhwan Canal near the Ferozepur Road in Ludhiana. Photo: Inderjeet Verma

The process adopted by Mangat and his wife Vandana is very interesting. “Both of us have loved stray dogs for many years and Vandana used to feed stray dogs around our house. Some years back, both of us decided to take care of these animals, which are usually ill treated by residents. Instead of taking care of stray dogs, people dislike them,” said Ajaypal.

Interestingly, Vandana now feeds around 30 dogs in Country Homes, Ghumar Mandi, Lajpat Nagar, near Punjab Agricultural University and other adjoining areas.

“When we feed them, these dogs become friendly over a period of time. So it becomes easy for us to catch them and later sterilise them in our hospital. They are kept in our hospital for around a week and later released in their respective areas. Now, some of our relatives have also started helping us. Until a dog becomes friendly to us, it’s very difficult to catch him,” Dr Mangat said.

He advised the civic authorities as well as the residents to feed the dogs in their respective areas. “Only that stray dog would attack human beings who is either hungry or fears them. If we beat them up, things would worsen and people would be more prone to such attacks,” said Vandana Mangat.



Studies to take a hit
Teacher training for new recruits around exams

Charanjit Singh Teja
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, February 14
While teachers with government schools are struggling to complete syllabi, the office of the Director-General of School Education will organise induction training for teachers recruited this session. A letter has been issued to all district education offices and principals of in-service teacher training centres to start the one-month induction training from February 21. It will be completed on March 29. The teachers who will undergo this training will be exempt from examination duty.

“Government schools are already facing shortage of teachers. With examinations round the corner, the department will conduct training. The education department is more interested in the use of grants than studies,” said a teacher, requesting anonymity.

Sneh Saini, principal of the teacher training centre, said, “Induction training is mandatory for all newly recruited teachers. In this batch, the district education office has sent us a list of 250 newly recruits in the district. It is decided at the headquarters level when the training will be conducted. We are not responsible for the timing.”

Gurvinder Rattan, president of the 7654 Teachers Union, said, “Most newly recruited teachers have come from the educational field. They show their experience at the time of recruitment. Induction training is good for improving skills, but teachers are now busy in the completion of syllabi. It should be conducted after the examinations, lest it affect studies.”



PAU notes
Farmers discuss problems with experts
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, February 14
A joint meeting of kisan committees of Punjab Agricultural University (PAU) and fruit and vegetable producers was held under the chairmanship of Vice-Chancellor, Dr Baldev Singh Dhillon, here today. The progressive farmers from across the state participated in the meet wherein specialists of the university responded to their queries. Dr LS Brar, director of horticulture, Punjab, also attended the meet.

Addressing the participants, Dr Dhillon said PAU lauded the contributions of the farming community, which enabled the university to play a key role in heralding the Green Revolution. He called upon the farmers to give their feedback and suggestions to PAU for devising and revamping the research programmes. Referring to the farmers as the “Cream of Punjab”, Dr MS Gill, director of extension education, PAU, said the meet would provide a platform to the participants to interact and discuss their agri-problems with the experts. “In view of farm labour shortage, the PAU has developed various technologies such as happy seeder for crop residue management, laser land leveller that saves irrigation water up to 25 per cent and mechanical paddy transplanter,” he said. The participating progressive farmers sought information on various aspects of agriculture, including DAP fertilizer, marketing of agricultural produce, including fruits and vegetables and seeds of wheat, potato, guava and onion. Besides, they deliberated on paddy straw burning, weed control in wheat crop, subsidy on poly house and straw reaper, use of potassium nitrate in fruits, net-house cultivation of vegetables, processing of peas, disease control in fruit and vegetable crops, dryness of kinnow plants and shortage of power supply in rural areas. The farmers also expressed concern over the shortage of farm labour.

Adieu to Dr Amrik

Dr Amrik Singh Sidhu, a vegetable breeder, who served Punjab Agricultural University (PAU) in various capacities as head, department of vegetable crops; director, regional station, Faridkot and Bathinda; was given a warm send off by faculty, staff and students of the departments of vegetable crops, landscaping and floriculture and horticulture of PAU.



From schools
Adieu to seniors at Spring Dale school
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, February 14
A farewell party was organised for students of class XII at Spring Dale Senior Secondary Public School, Sherpur, here on Tuesday. The function started with a shabad gyan. A cultural bonanza of songs, group dance and western dance was thrilling and entertaining. A one-minute game show was the main attraction of the programme wherein the students participated with great zeal and enthusiasm. The class XII students shared their experience about the school through heart-touching speeches.

Boys participate in a 100m race at the athletics meet of Ramgarhia Senior Secondary School; and (right) girls take part in a modelling contest during the farewell function at Spring Dale Senior Secondary School in Ludhiana on Tuesday. Tribune photographs

Calligraphy contest

A calligraphy competition was organised at BCM Arya Model Senior Secondary School, Shastri Nagar. About 50 students from different classes participated. Students showed their talent in various national and international languages like English, French, Chinese, Hindi, Punjabi and Sanskrit. It was surprising to see Judita from Lithuania and Elina from Norway writing in Punjabi and Hindi, respectively. Vaishally, Gursimran and Sanpreet were marvelous in their talent who wrote in French, English and Chinese. Visitors were spellbound to see their art of calligraphy.

Athletics meet

Ramgarhia Senior Secondary School (Boys), Miller Ganj, organised the annual athletics meet and prize distribution function here on Tuesday. Principal Ashok Tondon extended a warm welcome to chief guest Hari Singh, principal (retd) Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College. The day was marked by various events like 100m race, 200m race, sack race, long jump, etc. Er Navjot Singh (USA), guest of honour, emphasised the spirit of sportsmanship among the students. The event ended with the distribution of prizes to the students who excelled in academics. Ranjodh Singh, president, Ramgarhia Educational Council, appreciated the efforts of the students and teachers and stressed on the significance of sports for the all-round development of the students.



Absenteeism in schools up
Charanjit Singh Teja
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, February 14
It is Tuesday morning and Munish and Ranveer are standing outside a local cinema hall in the school uniform at the Ferozpur road. As per the plan, they have come to watch a movie and are waiting for their friend, who is yet to come. They are well aware that their exams are round the corner, but they want to celebrate the Valentine’s Day.

Like them, a number of school students can be seen roaming in shopping malls, Sarabha Nagar markets, Rose Garden and Rakh Bagh during school timings.

A look at the attendance registers at government schools reveals that an average of about 25 per cent of the students are absent on a weekday due to various reasons. The government school authorities admit that tendency of absenteeism is increasing in the schools. Teachers believe that a majority of the students miss the classes on festivals and family programmes. Even absence of corporal punishment is increasing the tendency of absenteeism.

Sanjeev Thapar, principal, PAU Model School said, “We try to maintain discipline but in spite of all our efforts, some students always create indiscipline. The ban on corporal punishment is also encouraging the students towards indiscipline. Now, we have started calling up their parents. If a student is absent from the classes for three days, we call their parents to know the reason of their wards being absent from school. It is an alternative practice of corporal punishment for the students.”

Gurbeer Singh, a teacher from a local school, said, “To an extent, our social set up is responsible for absenteeism. Marriages and various occasions celebrated in families are a typical excuse of absentees. Even parents also support the students on these occasions.”

Meanwhile, renowned educationalist Kushwinder Singh, “The main reason of absenteeism is the lack of interest and motivation to education. We can divide students in two categories - those who are aware of their future and those who are not. Who are aware of the future think that education is not leading them to employment, so they lose interest in studies. Meanwhile, those who are not aware about future are not clear about their goals. There is some problem in our education system that the system is not able to motivate the students towards studies.”

Param Saini, a psychotherapist said, “One of the biggest factors of absenteeism is that our students are not aware about their goals. Our education system has become merit based instead of value based. Social and humanitarian subjects are disappearing from the curriculum, that is why students lack interest in the schools.”



PAU staff irked over faulty aid system
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, February 14
Employees of Punjab Agricultural University (PAU) are unhappy with the aid system of government. After 50 years of its establishment, the government fails to provide appropriate grant system for the salaries of employees. The employees have to organise protest marches and rallies every month to get salaries.

The Punjab government used to release the grant every month for the salaries of employees and other expenses. From the past one year, the Punjab government is not sending the regular grant for salaries. Now, the university authorities have to adjust the funds every month to meet the expenses and release the salaries.

Lakhwinder Sandhu, vice-president of PAU Employees’ Union said, “By recognising the contributions of PAU towards the state economy in general and agrarian economy in particular, the Punjab government should sensitively deliver its responsibility to provide need-based grant to PAU.

Moreover, the university authorities are also fed up from this evergreen ‘crisis management’.”

Comptroller PAU AC Rana said, “The university has few sources of income, which is not sufficient to give the salaries of employees. The government should release the grant every month. Otherwise, it is hard to manage funds for the salaries.”



Aastha crowned Miss Green Grove
Our Correspondent

Doraha, February 14
Management, staff and students of Green Grove School organised Fete-Au-Revoir to bid adieu to students of class XII. School president JPS Jolly accompanied by chairperson Satinderjit Kaur Jolly inaugurated the function by lighting the lamp, which was followed by a prayer song.

Western dance performance by Navera Jolly of class XI charged the atmosphere. This was followed by a Punjabi duet by Navera Jolly and Suhail.

The class XII students dedicated a special song “Kabi alwida na kahna” to the school president. The group dance performance by girl students of class XI and bhangra added coup-de-grace to the entire show.

Aastha Mehta of class XII was crowned Miss Green Grove and Varun Dhall was adjudged Mr Green Grove. Avreen Kaur was Miss Farewell, while Sandeep Singh was Mr Farewell.



Training programme on biotechnology applications
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, February 14
A three-day training programme on “Micro encapsulation methods for food and biotechnological applications” was inaugurated here today at the Central Institute of Post Harvest Engineering and Technology (CIPHET).

Entrepreneurs, scientists and researchers are participating in the programme to enhance their knowledge in micro encapsulation. CIPHET director, Dr RK Gupta called for the need of collaborative research for developing micro encapsulated products, especially in the field of health foods.

“We have developed some gazettes and instruments for micro encapsulation,” he said, adding that in the coming years, this new technology has high potential.



Ludhiana scan

Bike expo from February 24
Preparations are afoot for the three-day bicycle trade show, bike expo, which will commence from February 24. Being organised by the Wheel Publications and Expositions, the trade show will have participation from the All-India Cycle Manufacturers’ Association, United Cycle and Parts’ Manufacturers’ Association and Indian Cycle Rickshaw Manufacturers’ Association. The number of stall put up by cycle and parts manufacturers, which was around 600 last year, is expected to cross the 1,000 mark this year.

Tributes paid

Adeeb International has expressed deep sense of shock and grief at the sudden demise of Prof Shahryar, the noted writer, poet and lyricist. In a meeting held under the presidentship of Kewal Dhir, rich tributes were paid to the deceased, who had enriched Urdu and Hindi literature with his meaningful and relevant contributions. Dhir recalled that the distinguished annual honour of the Adeeb International - the Sahir Award, was conferred upon Prof Shahryar here in 1995. — Tribune Reporters



Sports meet
Paras, Chandan, Guneev adjudged best athletes at DMCH meet
Our Sports Reporter

Ludhiana, February 14
Paras (2008 batch) and Chandan (2010 batch) in the boys’ section shared the best athlete award, while Guneev (2010 batch) was declared the best athlete in the girls’ section in the 46th annual sports meet of Dayanand Medical College and Hospital (SMASH-2012) held here today.

Gian Chand Dhawan, vice-president, DMCH managing society, inaugurated the meet in which faculty, undergraduates of MBBS batches, besides students of the college of nursing shrugged their shoulders to finish among position holders.

Other members of DMCH managing society, Amrit Nagpal, Prem Kumar Gupta and Rajesh Sood, along with faculty, Dr Daljit Singh, Dr Jagdeep Whig, Dr Rajoo Singh Chhina, Dr Sandeep Puri, Dr Ashwani Chaudhary and Dr BS Shah, were among others present at the inaugural ceremony.


Boys (MBBS): 100m race: Chanderpreet 1, Manish 2 and Sarabhjeet 3; 200m race- Rohan 1, Akash 2 and Rahul 3; 400m race- Sahil 1, Akash 2 and Prabhleev Bhogal 3; 800m race- Lukhwinder 1, Sarabhjeet 2 and Arman 3; shot put- Paras 1, Taranjit 2 and Sarvesh 3; discus throw- Paras 1, Randeep 2 and Inderbir 3; long jump- Chandan 1, Praful 2 and Ankush 3.

Girls (MBBS): 100m race- Pukhraj 1, Guneev 2 and Shagun 3; 200m race- Guneev 1, Vaani 2 and Bhavneet 3; 400m race- Guneev 1, Gurpret 2 and Gurkamal 3; shot put- Pukhraj 1, Ishpal, Guneev and Ankita 3; discus throw- Pukhraj 1, Ankita 2 and Guneev 3; long jump- Manneshi 1, Pukhraj 2 and Guneev 3.

College of Nursing (boys): 100m race- Navdeep 1, Vijay 2 and Vikram 3; 200m race- Navdeep 1, Vikram 2 and Vijay 3; 400m race- Vikram 1, Navdeep 2 and Sukhpreet 3; shot put- Davinder 1, Gurwinder 2 and Jashan 3; long jump- Navdeep 1, Gurwinder 2 and Shubham 3.

College of Nursing (girls): 100m race- Ramandeep 1, Tanvir 2 and Seerat 3; 200m race- Tanvir 1, Navdeep 2 and Karamjit 3; 400m race- Seerat 1, Rajvir 2 and Sandeep 3; 800m race- Harsanjit 1, Harjot 2 and Gagandeep 3; shot put- Rajbir 1, Parminder 2 and Arash 3; long jump- Ramandeep 1, Ramanpreet 2 and Jashan 3.



Bowlers’ selection
Rain plays spoilsport, 97 attend trials
Our Sports Reporter

Ludhiana, February 14
The Punjab Cricket Association’s (PCA) bid to select the talented pace as well as spin bowlers and induct them to attend the coaching-cum-training programme to further improve the standard of their bowling skills began here yesterday at Arya College grounds.

Aspirants from three districts, namely Ludhiana, Hoshiarpur and Moga, were eligible to take part in these trials. As organisers were expecting a large number of boys to turn up for the trials, the inclement weather played a spoilsport, as it drizzled continuously on the intervening night of Sunday and Monday, forcing certain aspirants to give a miss to the trials.

According to Ludhiana District Cricket Association coordinator Charanjit Bhangu to assist the panel of talent spotters formed by the PCA, a total of 97 boys came to appear for the trials, which included only seven from Moga district and 90 from Ludhiana district. “Not even a single player attended the trials from Hoshiarpur district,” added Bhangu.

The PCA formed a five-member talent spotters’ panel to shortlist the required stuff. The members of the panel include former Test players Pankaj Dharmani and Harvinder Singh, besides former Ranji players Bharti Vij, Mahesh Inder Singh and Joginder Puri. They supervised aspirants with the help of “speed gun” to ascertain bowling skills.

The exercise to spot the talented and potential bowlers will continue for one week during which the spotters will conduct trials at other district headquarters before submitting their recommendations to the PCA, which will call these players and experts’ panel further prune down the list for the final selection for the coaching stint at the Mohali cricket stadium, informed Charanjit.



Aditi hits bull’s eye at Gwalior
Clinches gold in All-India Inter-Varsity Shooting Championship

Tribune News Service

Ludhiana February 14
Aditi Sewak, a student of BSc (home science), Punjab Agricultural University (PAU), clinched a gold medal during the All-India Inter-Varsity Shooting Championship held at Jiwaji University, Gwalior. Aditi scored 375 out of 400 in the 10m air pistol (women) event.

Earlier, she had brought a team gold medal in the 10m pistol junior women (ISSF) civilian championship (individual), silver medal in 10m pistol junior women (ISSF) national championship (individual) and bronze medal in 10m pistol junior women (ISSF) civilian championship (individual) during the 55th National Shooting Championship held at Shivaji Sports Complex, Belwadi, Pune, in November 2011.

A state-level gold medallist in 2010, Aditi has participated in three national shooting championships in 2009, 2010 and 2011.

A brief function was organised wherein PAU Vice-Chancellor, Dr Baldev Singh Dhillon, lauded the remarkable performance of Aditi and honoured her for bringing laurels to the university. Dr DS Cheema, director students’ welfare, PAU, also congratulated Aditi.



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