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Counting on March 6, 16 still waiting 
Shivani Bhakoo
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, March 3
Arrangements have been made for counting of votes on March 6. As per the directions issued by the Chief Election Commission, counting will first start with postal ballots. At least 16 employees working in Phillaur maintained that postal ballots were not sent to them though they had filled 12 B forms. The District Election Officer said the postal ballots were sent to all those who were on poll duty. A few employees could not have cast their votes due to discrepancies in the forms submitted by them.

A Phillaur-based teacher, who resides in the city, disclosed that his colleagues had filled 12 B forms and submitted them to the returning officer (Phillaur SDM) during the second rehearsal.

“We were told that form will be sent to our Ludhiana address from Jalandhar where we were on poll duty. The results will be declared on March 6, but we have not received postal ballots so far. Sixteen of us have failed to cast our votes in the Assembly poll that took place on January 30,” the teacher added.

Another local resident, who was put on election duty near Mandi Ahmedgarh, said a large number of his colleagues preferred not to cast the vote due to tedious procedure of sending vote through post. “We were asked to fill the form and submit the same to returning officer. Most of the employees were so bugged with election duties that they preferred to avoid filling forms and cast their votes. Though it is irresponsible, it has happened with many employees,” said a bank employee.

District Election Officer of Jalandhar (where local residents were put on duty) Priyank Bharti said employees, who had submitted the 12 B forms, were sent the ballot paper through post. “Guidelines of the Election Commission must be followed. They must have submitted the forms but discrepancies could not be overlooked. These employees could have contacted the authorities if they failed to get the postal ballots,” added Bharti.

Dry day

District Magistrate, Rahul Tewari, has declared March 6 as dry day to maintain law and order and peace in the city. All liquor shops will remain closed and won’t be allowed to store or sell liquor in the district. Tewari directed officials of the Excise and Taxation and the police departments to act tough and ensure that no liquor shop, hotel, restaurant, club, marriage palaces or other establishments sell or serve liquor or intoxicants to people. Storage of liquor and intoxicants by individuals will also be curtailed during dry day. Steps will be taken to check the clandestine movement of liquor or intoxicants from adjourning areas. 



Abduction unfolds, is family drama
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, March 3
What appeared to be a high profile abduction of a child from outside the school allegedly turned out to be a family drama?

The incident took place outside Sacred Heart High School in BRS Nagar today morning when nearly eight persons allegedly alighted from two vehicles and forcibly took the child by thrashing his mother and maternal-uncle.

The abduction put parents, who were visiting the school to leave their wards, in a tizzy. The police also sounded an alert and the number of vehicle on which the persons had taken away the child was flashed.

The real story behind the abduction unfolded when, the Dr Himanshu Sachdeva (38), mother of the boy, told the police that the abductor was none other than Dr Atul Sachdeva (42), father of child.

Narrating the incident, Dr Himanshu Sachdeva said, “The incident took place at around 8.15am when she along with her son Vaibhav (seven) and brother SM Jhanji, was heading towards the car after leaving her daughter Panvi (13) at the school for her exams.

After leaving Panvi, she was scheduled to visit Sacred Heart Convent School, Sarabha Nagar, to check the result of her son. As soon as she came out of the school nearly eight persons, including her husband and other relatives alighted from two vehicles and started thrashing her and her brother.

“While escaping my husband said he would takeaway my daughter as well. I don’t want to loose my children,” said Dr Himanshu, while breaking into tears.

Adish Damba, an eyewitness, said, “I was scared. It looked like broad daylight abduction. The men came, thrashed the woman and her brother, and then fled.”

Dr Himanshu further said she was having strained relations with her husband. She added that she along with her children was living at her paternal house in Nabha ever since her husband allegedly threw her out of the house. However, she was quick to add that she had not lodged any police complaint.

“I have been staying in the city with my brother SM Jhanji in BRS Nagar for the past a few days as my daughter was appearing for the exam,” said Dr Himanshu.

Later during the day it was found out that Dr Atul Sachdewa too had lodged a counter complaint against his wife at the Sunder Nagar police Chowki.

SHO, Sarabha Nagar, Brij Mohan, said: “Dr Atul Sachdewa, father of the boy, called me and narrated the entire story.”

Sources said the SHO further informed the control room that it was not an abduction case but a family dispute. She feared that her husband too would forcibly take her daughter away. Dr Himanshu said she has not filed any complaint of domestic violence against her husband before.

Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police (III) Kulwinder Singh said: “We are investigating the case from all angles. Yes, it is true that husband cannot take the child forcibly. But still we have to record the statement of both parties.”

On the other hand Dr Himanshu said she would not lodge any complaint if her husband handover their son to her. Dr Atul Sachdeva, however, could not be contacted. 


Flout traffic rules, pay hefty fine
Move blessing disguise for police
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, March 3
The government’s move to harshly punish traffic violators by amending the Motor Vehicle Act has come as a blessing in disguise for traffic police personnel in the city.

The city police has generated revenue worth Rs 3.26 crore by issuing 2,01,599 challans in 2011. It, now, hopes to achieve the target of Rs 10 crore this year if locals continue to violate traffic rules. Experts feel that the three-fold rise in penalties would increase corruption, as violators would prefer to grease the palm of traffic cops rather than being fined for the offence.

“Besides, increasing the penalties, the police should lay down stringent licence rules. Residents, who had hardly driven any vehicle, get licence easily. Such people drive their vehicles recklessly and are dangerous on road,” said Kamaljit Soi, a road safety expert.

He also blamed cops for the rise in traffic violations in the city. The situation has worsened, as the traffic cops instead of managing the traffic are more interested in challaning people.

“You can come across six to seven cops at the Bhai Bala Chowk hunting for commuters. But no one could be seen managing the traffic at Ghumar Mandi,” Soi added.

The traffic in the city has deteriorated due to the shortage of cops. There are only 126 cops for managing traffic in the city. 


Pollution-1,088, over speeding-94, without helmet-60,451, without seatbelt-7,892, Triple riding-8,159, wrong parking-23,155, wrong side-4,138, red light jumping- 21,384, underage driving-575, pressure horn-701, using mobile phone-8,447, black film-3,002, smoking-253, dangerous driving-696, drunken driving-99, misbehavior-91, overloaded schoolchildren vehicle-201, overloaded passenger vehicle -1,567, without driving licence-24,850.



Five booked for defrauding spiritual guru
Had withdrawn Rs 1.7 crore from PNB account 
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, March 3
The city police has booked five persons, including a woman, for committing a fraud Rs 1. 7 crore with noted spiritual Guru, Nirmal Baba.

According PAU SHO Lovedeep Singh , Inderjit Singh Anand, his wife Poonam Anand, son Nawal Anand, brother Harish Anand and a friend Ajay Kumar, all resident of New Professor Colony and BRS Nagar, respectively, have been booked following a complaint lodged by Balwinder Singh, senior manager, Punjab and National Bank (PNB) on the Barewal Road.

Inderjit created a fake cheque and withdrew Rs 1.7 crore from the account of the spiritual guru.

Inderjit encashed the fake cheque (FAK947271, Dated February 14, 2012) by claiming that it was issued by Nrimal Darbar account in New Delhi's PNB Bank branch.

Interjit Singh Anand deposited the fake cheque and diverted Rs 1.7 crore in his joint account and later encashed the entire amount.

The matter came to light when Nirmal Baba lodged a complaint with the bank authorities in Delhi and refused to have issued any cheque of whooping Rs 1.7 crore.

He showed the bank authorities that the original cheque, bearing no amount, was lying with him.



‘Need to improve sanitation’
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, March 3
District Governor Sanjiv Sethi paid an official visit to the Rotary Club, Ludhiana, at Sarabha Nagar here today.

Through several projects including Nirdosh School, school for special children, free computer centre, homeopathic dispensary; the club had been working towards aims of rotary including increasing literacy, improving health and reducing hunger, said Sanjiv. He said that the club had given grant worth $80,000 for advanced equipment for Guru Tegh Bahadur Hospital for the orthopedic unit. Stressing on the need to improve sanitation facilities in the country, he added that the club would take initiatives in this direction.

A 50-litre RO unit was also donated at Gupta Model School, Civil Lines, by the club. Recounting the accomplishments of the club, a member said that the club had been providing scholarships at the schools including Government School for boys at Jawarhar Nagar and artificial limbs have also been provided to the handicapped. Rotary international had been assisting governments towards the service of society and has been the instrumental in removing the malaise of polio from the country, Sethi said.



Councillors upset as mayor ‘postpones’ meeting
Says it could not be held due to poll code
Puneet Pal Singh Gill
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, March 3
Mayor of the Ludhiana Municipal Corporation, Hakam Singh Giaspura, stepped in to “postpone” the meeting of the advertising sub-committee today. He told civic officials that the meeting could not be held due to the model code of conduct.

A few councillors and officials questioned the Mayor’s interference at a time when the Election Commission had already given relaxation of holding such meetings. The Municipal Corporation had even allotted a contract for advertising unipoles after opening tenders just a few days ago.

Sources said the within the Municipal Corporation said the Mayor not only spoke to Municipal Commissioner Malwinder Singh Jaggi and Joint Commissioner Ajay Sood over the phone, but questioned the “reason” behind calling this meeting.

“The Mayor was upset. Moreover, senior municipal officials also felt that the sub- committee members want to favour a particular advertising agency. That is why, senior municipal officials decided to postpone the meeting,” the sources added.

“I wonder why a few officials were in a hurry to hold this meeting when they are aware that the model code of conduct is imposed in the state till March 9. I told them to postpone the meeting and not to repeat such thing in future,” the Mayor added.

Bharat Bhushan Ashu, Congress councillor and party candidate from the Ludhiana (West) constituency, said he failed to understand the reason behind postponement of the meeting.

“I respect the Mayor, but the meeting was called by senior municipal officials and they would have certainly checked everything. But I will not like to say anything on the issue. The meeting would be held on March 12,” Ashu said.

Joint Commissioner of the Municipal Corporation, Ajay Sood, said the meeting was postponed on Mayor’s direction. “The meeting will be after the results of Assembly are announced next week,” he added. 



Record entries received
Puneet Pal Singh Gill
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, March 3
The flower and baby-show competitions held by the Ludhiana Municipal Corporation received an overwhelming response with a large number of city residents taking part in it. Compared to last year, the MC has received double the entries (1,284).

After a gap of many years, the civic body had started these competitions last year.

Commissioner of the MC Malwinder Singh Jaggi said the kind of response they received this year is beyond imagination. “Though we were expecting this competition to be successful, when I had a look at the total entries, I was pleasantly surprised. Last year, we had received around 600 entries, but this time the number is 1,284,” said Jaggi.

This year, for the baby show, a total of 252 entries have been received. A total of 350 residents have submitted their entries for the painting competition and 290 entries for the pot-plant competition. As many as 289 entries have been received from the local schools and colleges while 103 entries have been received from the government institutions and private nurseries.

The flower show and baby show was formally inaugurated by AK Sinha, Director, Local Bodies Department, today. Tomorrow, residents would be submitting entries for competitions in cut flower, flower arrangement, dhol and rangoli. 



Lavish parties begin
Gurvinder Singh
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, March 3
Though the date of the elections of the Sutlej Club has not been announced yet, members, who are keen on contesting various honorary posts of the club, have started throwing lavish parties to woo the other members to vote in their favour.

According to a club insider, there is a proper code that the members should spend a minimalist on canvassing, but some of the candidates have announced their candidature and throwing parties at farmhouses in order to get the members on their own side. Not going by any code, spending on their campaigns run into lakhs, as some candidates spend extravagantly to win the elections, say sources.

The coveted posts are that of vice-president, mess secretary, finance secretary, sports secretary and bar secretary.

According to a member, some of the contestants are unnecessarily going out of the way even as the date of the elections is yet to be announced. "Only after the Deputy Commissioner announces the date of the elections, should any member start campaigning," said a member, requesting anonymity. "The date of the elections would be announced by the DC only after the results of the Assembly elections are out," said another member.

"Being a member of the Sutlej Club is a matter of prestige in itself. The prime reason for joining the club is that you are part of the elite club. It is only this zest for prestige, that makes these elections keenly contested ones," said a club member, who is not contesting the elections.

Another member said by winning these posts, members want to gain closeness with administrative officials, including the Deputy Commissioner, and share a good rapport in high social circles.

"As I don't contest the elections, it is fun time for me. Even though I have no allegiance to any of the candidates, I am making merry as parties are being thrown," says another member. 



NGO to start training for youngsters seeking career in armed forces
Puneet Pal Singh Gill
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, March 3
After empowering women of Sunet village, an NGO, Maha Sabha, Ludhiana, would start a free training programme for youngsters, who want to join the armed forces. The programme would be started at “Gadri” Baba Bhan Singh Memorial, located at Sunet village.

Residents of the Sunet Colony have constructed a memorial depicting Cellular Jail, commonly known as Kala Pani, in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, where two statues of Baba Bhan Singh are located. The memorial is looked after by an NGO, Maha Sabha Ludhiana.

The NGO is successfully running a stitching centre for women and a library inside two rooms of the memorial that has been attributed to the life of Baba Bhan Singh, a Gadar martyr, who had died in the jail after being tortured brutally by Britishers for raising the voice for freedom.

“Women folk of the area are trained free so that they can empower themselves financially. But after our NGO received a grant of Rs 10 lakh from the state government, we decided to construct two more rooms. The construction of the rooms is almost complete and now we would focus more on the youth, which is falling prey to drugs,” said Col Jagdish Singh Brar (retd), president of Maha Sabha, Ludhiana.

Col Brar said that he felt bad when he came to know that a large number of Punjabi youth could not enter the armed forced. “Punjab contributed the most in armed forces, but these days our youth is getting directionless. That is why, I along with other ex-servicemen decided to start a free training programme for the poor. We would not only prepare them for the written test, but also for the physical test,” he added.

Jaswant Zeerakh, general secretary of the NGO, said that the memorial was constructed so that the new generation could be made aware of the supreme sacrifice of Baba Bhan Singh. “But the civic body has failed to keep its surroundings clean. Even there are several encroachments, which have not been cleared by the Ludhiana Municipal Corporation despite several reminders and written submissions,” he claimed.

Tomorrow, the NGO would organise a free medical check-up and eye camp at the memorial, near the CFC School, Sunet village.



‘Don’t promote vulgar songs’
NGO wants administration to shelve Diljit’s show 
Charanjit Singh Teja
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, March 3
The district administration is gearing up to organise “Diljit Night” on the first day of Regional SARAS Mela (March 10) at the Government College for Women. But the Istri Jagrati Manch, an NGO, is gearing up to oppose the decision taken by the administration.

Punjabi Singer Diljit is on the “hit list” of the NGO. Its activists have been opposing indecent songs sung by him. The organisation had demonstrated in front of Daljit’s house in Dugri, Phase II, about a month ago and demanded action against him for singing vulgar songs. They had also burnt the effigies of five famous Punjabi singers all over the state.

The activists of the NGO are upset over administration’s decision to promote indecent and vulgar songs in the girls’ college.

Opposing “Diljit Night”, Amandeep Kaur Deol, state committee member of the NGO, said, “Language and culture is not on the priority of the state government. Administration is aware of the fact that women have been opposing vulgar songs. It is promoting such singers instead of taking action against them.”

Gurbax Kaur, president, Istri Jagrati Mach, said, “It is bad that the administration is going to organise Diljit Night in women’s collage. Diljit will sing indecent songs in front of them. We oppose the decision taken by the administration and the college for organising the night.”

Additional Deputy Commissioner Rupanjli Kartik said: “Diljit will not be performing in the SARAS mela for the first time. We will ensure that he doesn’t sing such songs.”

Minister for Cultural Affairs Heera Singh Gabria said, “No one has lodged complaint against these singers. I am not even aware of their names. People should hand over the CD of such songs. We have the provision to take actions against such singers.” 



Workshop on ghazal
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, March 3
A workshop was organised at Punjabi Bhawan. Surjit Patar, while addressing the two-day “Ghazal Dialogue and Workshop,” said Punjabi ghazal was no longer the poor cousin of the Urdu ghazal, as it has its own identity.

Saying that Punjabi ghazal had come a long-way and had its own identity and recognition now. He said that since its inception, there had been discussions and debates that ghazal in itself was not a complete literary form. Many were skeptical about its recognition as a form of literature. For those, interested in learning the art of ghazal, should immerse them in ghazal rather than caring about the technicalities of its writing and form, said he. "They should read widely ghazals so that it would develop an affinity and bother about the technicalities later," he said. "It was similar to learning a language, language developed first but grammar was discovered later."

On the occasion, books including Kithe Kithe Peer Aje by Gurdyal Dalal, Buland Parwaz by Pooran Singh Pandhi and Bifre Mausam by Sudarshan Walia were released.

S Tarsem, convenor Punjabi Sahit Akademi, presented his research paper on Poetic Language of Contemporary Punjabi Ghazal. Shamsher Mohi, Siri Ram Arsh, Gagandeep Sharma, Bal Anand, Gurcharan Kaur Kochar participated in the debate. 



Trust to set up dental clinics
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, March 3
The Baba Jaswant Singh Trust (regd), Ludhiana, and Ekom Charity Trust, UK, are organising a free prosthetic limb replacement camp, denture-distribution camp and eye and dental check-up camp at the Gurdwara Nanaksar complex, Samrala bypass chowk, on March 4 and 5. This two-day camp will be inaugurated by BC Thakur, State Information Commissioner, Punjab.

Addressing a press conference here yesterday, Baba Jaswant Singh, Chairman of the Baba Jaswant Singh Trust (regd), Ludhiana, said: "This camp is being organised in collaboration with the Ekom Charity Trust, UK."

The trust will be establishing satellite dental clinics in rural areas of Punjab with the primary goal of providing comprehensive dental care services and creating dental awareness in rural areas.

The president of the Ekom Charity Trust, Sukhdev Singh, said their organisation had been actively working for the past three years in India for the welfare of society by organising free camps and carrying out road-safety campaigns.

The free prosthetic limb-replacement camp is being organised with the cooperation of the Bharat Vikas Parishad. The Ekom Charity Trust will distribute prosthetic limbs among 200 poor and needy patients free of cost.

The eye-check up camp will be conducted by the eye specialists, Dr Satish Thomas, Dr Rupali Chopra, Dr Gurvinder Kaur, Dr Jacob Koshi, Dr Ashish Chander, Dr Thomas Mathew and Dr Dazy Chowdhary of the CMC, Ludhiana.

Dr DS Kalsi, Principal, Baba Jaswant Singh Dental College, Hospital and Research Institute, Ludhiana, and his team of dental specialists comprising Dr Harinder Kuckreja, Dr Naveen Oberoi, Dr Parminder Pal Singh, Dr Sumit Bansal, Dr Navdeep Kaur, Dr Jaswinder Kaur, Dr Paramjot Kaur, Dr Preetinder Singh Mokha, Dr Tejpal and Dr Kirandeep Kaur will check up visitors and educate them on common dental problems and their treatment. 



Small screen mirror of society: TV actor
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, March 3
"Small screen played an integral role to promote Indian culture. It is a mirror of society in which good and evil things reflect," said TV actor Karan Mehra who became famous for his daily soap "Yeh Rishte Kya Kehlata Hai".

Karan was in the city for the three-day fashion carnival. On this occasion, Karan said after passing out from NIFD, he was attracted towards modelling but luck steered him towards television.

Talking about his experiences in the entertainment world, he said avenues and opportunities had increased.

Nisha Rawal, who has acted in Bollywood films, was also present on the occasion.

On being asked whom she would like to work with, she expressed her desire to work with Amir Khan, saying that he is in himself an institution of acting. She said she has acted in a few movies, including “Haste Haste” and “Rafuchakkar”, but both the movies did not do very well. It is acting and characters that matter, so whether you are acting on the small screen or in movies as an actor, it makes little difference, she said.



Challenges in retail sector discussed
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, March 3
National conference on "Retail Sector in India- Opportunities and Challenges" was organised by the Business Management Department of the GGN Institute of Management and Technology (GGNIMT) here today. The two-day conference has been sponsored by the PTU.

The First day of the conference witnessed a huge crowd of academicians, experts and industry technocrats from Northern India. Chief guest Gurmeet Singh Kular, president, UCPMA, inaugurated the first session. While delivering the inaugural address, Kular shared his experience of how he managed to hold a very reputed position in UCPMA and advised the audience to have an open mind that learns irrespective of age.

The keynote speaker, Dr Pankaj Priya of the Brila Institute of Management and Technology, Noida, discussed at length the current scenario of unorganised retail that accounted for almost 95 per cent of the trade as against organised retail. Dr Priya enlightened the audience with the challenges and opportunities and future scope of organised and unorganised retail in India.

Dr Karamjit Singh, UBS, Chandigarh, chaired the first technical session. He put the current size of the retail industry at $450 billion and anticipated its growth to be around $850 billion in the next 10 years. He highlighted the fact that the farmers in the current scenario were getting only one third of the total price paid by the consumers as against the two-third price the farmers get in developed countries.

The Institute Coordinator Gunwant Singh Dua, Gursharan Singh Narula and others were present.



285 students awarded at annual function
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, March 3
Guru Nanak Khalsa College for Women, Gujarkhan Campus, Model Town today felicitated its achievers during the annual prize-distribution function held at the college auditorium.

Navtej Bharati, a renowned Punjabi poet, graced the occasion as the chief guest.

Welcoming the chief guest, Officiating Principal Kawaljit Kaur read the college report. She congratulated the prize winners, motivated the students to scale greater heights and thanked the teachers for their motivational guidance.

Navtej Bharati gave away the prizes to the winners and inaugurated a flower exhibition put up by the Home Science Department and Fine Arts. Harpreet Kaur, Head of Department, exhibited her abstract series "Freedom in Nature".

As many as 285 students were awarded for their hard work for the session 2011-2012 in academics, cultural activities and sports. Lauding the students for their achievements in various fields, the chief guest congratulated the Principal, staff and students for the ever-growing graph of their achievements. He described the college days as a ground for character building and personality development. He said: "Studying from such a college is a prize in itself as many do not even get the privilege of education."



Board all set for class X, XII exams
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, March 3
The Punjab School Education Board (PSEB) is all set for class X and class XII exams, as the board authorities will be issuing roll numbers to the students on March 6.

The examinations of class XII are scheduled for March 12, and those of class X for March 20. The board would release question paper bundles for class XII exams to the district education officers on March 7 and for class X examinations on March 16.

The roll numbers of the students of class XII would be distributed at the PSEB district offices from March 8 to 10.

Question papers and other examination material will be distributed among the examination staff at Saheed Sukhdev Singh Thapar Government Senior Secondary School for Girls, Bharat Nagar.

Anil Sharma, District Manager, PSEB, said: "We will receive roll numbers of class XII students from the head office on March 5. So we'll distribute them among the students along with their first semester detail marks cards (DMCs)". 



Dearth of funds forces schools to stop scheme
Charanjit Singh Teja
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, March 3
The mid-day meal scheme is perceived as an important tool for enrolling more students in government schools all over the country, but things are different in Punjab. This scheme has been discontinued in most of the schools of the district due to the scarcity of funds.

According to sources, mid-day meal scheme is being run with 75 per cent funds from the Centre and 25 per cent from the state governments. The authorities had released last installment for the scheme in November 2011. Now, the state government is not in the position to release more funds for the scheme. Most of the schools were managing the cost of cooking foods from their funds till January. With the government not providing any money, the schools have stopped spending from their funds.

“Most of the students, who study in government primary schools, are from poor families. Many of them enrolled themselves in the schools just to get food. Now with the scheme being stopped, they are feeling deprived,” said a teacher from a government school.

Vice-president of the Government Primary/Elementary Teachers Association, Sukh Ram Baggi, said: “We met the authorities on numerous occasions, but they seem helpless as the government is not releasing its share. School teachers are under debt.”

District Manager, Mid-Day Meal, Tarsem Lal Banga, said: “How can teachers run the scheme on their own if the government doesn’t release the funds? We can’t put pressure on any teacher to do so.”

Ranjit Singh Malhi, District Education Officer (Primary), said, “We have been sending mails to state mid-day meal manger for releasing the funds for continuing the scheme. Our teachers worked hard to run the scheme, but they are helpless. Most of the schools have discontinued the scheme.” 



Five days training programme for vet farmers at PAU
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, March 3
A five-day programme on "Extension delivery system" was organised from February 27 to March 2 by GADVASU.

Dr SNS Randhawa, director of research, Guru Angad Dev Veterinary and Animal Science University, Ludhiana said that extension plays a great role in transferring of technologies to livestock farmers and is a two-way link between researcher and farmers.

Researcher reveals about the technology and in turn gets feedback from the farmers. He said that since the inception of the vet varsity, scientists have been working hard to uplift the status of livestock farmers through imparting scientific knowledge and transfer of technologies to the livestock farmers of the Punjab and that of the adjoining areas. This training was designed to acquaint the vet field with various methods of extension.



From colleges

Annual function held
An annual function, UPRISE-2012, was organised at the Ludhiana Group of Colleges (LGC), Chaukimann. Amar Singh Chahal, SSP Ludhiana, was the chief-guest. A modeling show was organised in which Shavina of the MCA was declared as Miss LGC 2012 and Lakhwinder Singh as Mr LGC 2012. Ms Charming and best costume titles were won by Pallavi of the BCA and Ankush of the MCA, respectively. Overall personality title was won by Tarun Toor of mechanical engineering. A choreography, 'vatan de Parwaane', was presented by the students. Apart from the other events, malwai gidha and gidha were also performed. A skit on "say no to drugs' was also presented. The chief guest gave away the prizes to the winners. College toppers of the university examinations were also felicitated on the occasion with certificates and trophies.

Farewell party

The students of the departments of computer science and business administration of Khalsa College for Women, Civil Lines, Ludhiana, bid a farewell to their seniors at a function held in the college, here on Saturday. The students presented a cultural bonanza of songs, dances and choreographies on the occasion. Harleen won the title of Diva 2012. Miss graceful and Miss confident titles were won by Aarti and Surpreet, respectively. Ishita Sharma, Prabhjot Grewal and Ravneet Kapoor were adjudged as Miss Glamorous, Miss Charming and Miss Elegant, respectively. The chief guest of the day was Surinder Khera former faculty member, the department of history, Khalsa College for Women, Ludhiana.

Students bring laurels

Students of the PCTE-IHM have brought laurels to the institute by winning awards in the two days Dr MS Randhwa golden jubilee flower show and competition. The students of hotel management participated in which Simrat Bagga stood first in fancy button hole event and Monish stood second in fresh flower making arrangement.

Student to get award

Divya Kumar, a city based student, will be awarded prize for topping in the annual prize distribution function of University School of Open Learning, Panjab University on March 13. Divya has scored 64 per cent marks in MA final Political Science (correspondence) exams last year.

Prize distribution

A farewell party was organised by the postgraduate department of humanities, Guru Nanak Girls College. Gurbir Singh President, Guru Nanak Education Trust and Principal Dr Charanjit Mahal presided over the function. To add colour to the occasion the students presented an entertaining cultural programme. Miss Ramanpreet was adjudged Miss Farewell. Miss Amandeep Kaur and Miss Karamjit Kaur Dhillon were crowned as first and second runners-up, respectively. Miss Navjot Kaur, Miss Amandeep Kaur, Miss Deepika and Miss Poonam Bansal were crowned as Miss Elegant, Miss Beautiful Smile, Miss Best Outfit and Miss Catwalk respectively. The senior students gave compliments to their respected teachers.



From schools

Campaign on safe driving
Ludhiana: A
n awareness campaign was carried out at at Toll Plaza, Ladowal, by the students of the BCM Arya Model Senior Secondary School, Shastri Nagar, under a project about the ‘road safety’. The project has been organised to sensitise the general public and the students’ community. Nearly 20 students of the NCC wing distributed pamphlets on 'driving etiquettes' to the passers by and motorists.
The students were seen imploring the drivers to follow safe traffic rules. A road safety oath form was also got filled from them and they promised to make 'road safety' their way of life.

Alumni meet

Over 150 old students got together on GN International Public School, Model Town. At the second alumni reunion, the former students exchanged a lot of "do you remember" anecdotes as their teachers. There was a dance presentation along with the bhangra team of the school.



Conman dupes migrant labourer of Rs 25,000
Jaswant Shetra

Jagraon, March 3
A migrant labourer, who had come to deposit money in a bank, was duped off Rs 25,000 by a conman in Jagraon, here today.

As per the information, the incident took place when a migrant labourer, Ramnarayan, had come to deposit Rs 25,000 in his account at Punjab National Bank branch on the Kacha Malak Road.

As Ramnarayan did not know about how to fill the form required for depositing money, so he was looking for someone’s help to fill the form. In the meantime, a youth, who was already present in the bank, approached him. He offered him help in depositing the cash, telling him that he was an employee with the bank.

Unaware of what was going to happen; Ramnarayan handed over the cash to the conman. After which the conman gave him one hundred rupees and asked him to bring lunch for the bank manager till he deposits the amount.

While Ramnarayan had gone to bring the lunch, the conman fled from the bank. When Ramnarayan returned the bank, he was shocked to see that the youth who had taken money from him was nowhere in the bank. After that Ramnarayan brought the incident into the notice of bank employees, who told him that the youth was not a bank employee.

Confirming the development, the SHO, Jagraon city police station, Surinder Singh, said that the police was trying to obtain the CCTV footage from the bank to find any clue regarding the conman.

A case in this regard had been registered.



In-laws booked in dowry case
Gurminder Singh Grewal

Machiwara March 3
The Machiwara police has registered a case of dowry against in-laws of a woman, Sandeep Kaur, a resident of Garhi Sainian village.

Chinder Kaur, mother of Sandeep Kaur, has moved an application with the SSP Khanna, who has marked an enquiry to the Machiwara police.

In the application, she reported that the marriage of her daughter was solemnised with Naresh Kumar, a resident of Nangal village on December 12, 2008. After sometime of marriage, Naresh Kumar and his family members started demanding dowry and often beat her up.

After an enquiry, the police has registered a case under Section 498 A, 406, 506 against Naresh Kumar, father in-law Santokh Kumar, mother in-law Krishna Devi and two sister in-law.

The police officials said that they were conducting raids to nab the said accused.



Gang of city Robbers busted
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, March 3
The police claims to have busted a gang of robbers with the arrest of Dharminder Kumar, alias Pradhan, a resident of Shimlapuri, Amandeep Singh, alias Sonu, a resident of Manakwal, Sonu Kumar, alias Handa, a resident of the Daba Lohara Road area, and Amit, a resident of Punjabi Bagh, Ludhiana, at the Lodhi Club Chowk, BRS Nagar, here yesterday. Sharp-edged weapons, a country-make 315-bore pistol, one cartridge and a motor cycle were recovered from their possession. They allegedly used to loot city residents by threatening them with weapons.

Gurpreet Kaur Purewal, ACP (West), said the robbers were arrested on a tip-off provided by an informer. "According to the information, all the four suspects were coming from Dugri on two motorcycles (PB 10 RT-1480 and PB 57 A-6984). The police party, led by SI Brij Mohan, frisked the suspects and checked the motorcycles. It found the weapons which were used by the suspects to intimidate residents of the city and snatch their valuable belongings", said Purewal. A case under sections 382-34 of the IPC has been registered against them and further investigation is on. 



Theft at cellphone shop
Jaswant Shetra

Jagraon, March 3
Thieves struck at a mobile phone shop late last night and decamped with mobile phones, accessories and other valuable articles worth Rs 50,000. The theft took place at the Sat Kartar Mobile shop situated near LRDAV College here.

According to the information, the thieves broke the shutter to enter the shop. After this they also broke the locks of the counter and showcases and stole the mobile phones and other expensive articles.

According to the owner of the shop Charanjit Singh, he came to know about the theft when a shopkeeper called him up and informed about the incident. “Following this I rushed to my shop and when reached there I found the shutter of my shop broken. I found that eight mobile phones kept in the shop and accessories were missing,” said Charanjit Singh.

He stated that four of the stolen mobile sets were quite expensive. He informed the local police about the incident following which a police team, led by SHO, Jagraon city police station, Surinder Singh arrived at the scene.

The police has recovered an iron rod from the shop. It is believed that this iron road might have been used by the accused for breaking the shutter. The police has also taken the fingerprints on the rod.

The police has registered a case against unidentified persons in this regard and the investigation is on. No arrest has been made by the police in this regard so far. The SHO said the police was conducting raids to nab the accused.



Two held on charge of snatching
Tribune News Service

  Ludhiana, March 3
Mohit Mohindru and Neeraj Kumar, alias Nonu, both residents of Mohalla Saidan, Phillaur, were nabbed by the local police from Chotti Puli, Chandar Nagar, here yesterday allegedly for their involvement in snatching cases. A case under section 382, IPC, has been registered against them.

According to the information, three rings and a motorcycle have been recovered from their possession. The police said on March 1, 2012, both Mohit Mohindru and Neeraj Kumar came to Varinder Verma’s shop at Upkar Nagar, near Pahwa Dharamshala, and asked the shopkeeper to show finger-rings for women. Mohit, showing that he was taking out money from his pocket, took out chilli powder and threw it in the shopkeeper’s eyes. They snatched the three rings from his hands and fled from the scene on a motorcycle. The investigation is on.



Sushank, Nidhi steal limelight at athletics meet
Anil Datt
Our Sports Reporter

Ludhiana, March 3
Sushank and Nidhi, both students of Christian Dental College, stole the limelight in the boys an girls’ sections, respectively, during the 28th Annual Athletics Meet of Christian Medical College and Hospital (CMCH) that concluded here today.

Dr AG Thomas, Director of the college, gave away the prizes to the winners. Chairman, CMCH, Ranjit Theodore congratulated the winners and thanked the dignitaries present there.

Results: (Men) 100m race- Jargan of Christian Dental College 1; 200m race- Sushank of College of Nursing 1; 800m race- Sushank of College of Nursing 1; Long jump- Danish of Christian Medical College 1; High Jump- Sushank of College of Nursing 1; Discus throw- Amit of Christian Dental College 1.

Girls: 100m race- Nidhi of Christian Dental College 1; 200m race- Nidhi of Christian Dental College; 800m race- Tinu of Christian Dental College 1; Long jump- Sona of Christian Dental College 1; High jump- Sheelan of Christian Medical College 1; 400m race- Preet  Kamal Kaur of College of Nursing 1.



Pargatdeep, Parwinder best athletes
Jaswant Shetra

Jagraon, March 3
Pargatdeep Singh of BA-II was declared the best athlete among the boys whereas Parwinder Kaur of BA-III was declared the best athlete among the girls during the annual athletics meet of Sree Ram College, Dalla. The two-day athletic meet came to an end here today.

A large number of students of the college participated in the meet with a lot of enthusiasm. Various track and field events like 100m race, 200m race, 400m race, 800m race, 5000m race, javelin throw, hammer through, long jump, high jump, triple jump, etc, were organised during the meet.

The boxing show matches among the trainees of Sher-e-Punjab Sports Academy, Chakar, were the major attraction of the meet. Besides, a race for the elder people of the village was also organised.

In the end, the college management also felicitated two pugilists of the college, Shavinder Kaur and Parminder Kaur. Shavinder and Parminder had won the second and third position, respectively, in the Inter-University Boxing Championship held at Jalandhar recently.

Ludhiana District Planning Board Chairman Bhag Singh Mallha was the chief guest at the prize-distribution ceremony. He distributed the prizes among the winners. Mallha also released Rs 25,000 for the development of college.

Principal of the college Balwant Singh thanked all the distinguished guests and the NRIs of the village who had made a remarkable contribution to the development of the college and the promotion of sports among the youth.



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