Cute couture
Ashima Batish

The common psyche of most mothers when it comes to shopping for their kids is to buy one size bigger than what is required. Everything is bought keeping in mind that the dress or footwear should fit the next season too. Mothers would rather pad the shoes or fold hemlines of the denim. And to talk of kids fashion in India!

Well, it was a dreaded term not so long ago but it has gone through some changes recently. Now, you can look forward to Armani Junior coming to DLF Emporio in collaboration with Suneet Varma. Or, rewind to the first ever India Kids fashion Week held in Mumbai. Kids fashion is getting bigger, so is the list of fashion designers and brands that are coming up with kid’s collection.

The nouveau fashion line is certainly the offshoot of mainstream fashion stream—both prêt and couture. Nishka Lulla, whose kid’s collection was well received at the India Kids Fashion Week, explains the same, “Parents who wear creations by ace designers, want their kids to develop style sensibilities too. The best way out is to buy designer creations for them as well.” Her collection comprised Indo-Western and ethnic Indian designs. The market’s potential is still untapped in India, and whatever little has been, is by the retail stores of Benetton and Tommy Hilfiger.

The fashion week has suddenly broadened the horizons of the market. “It offered opportunities to those who were waiting for the right time to venture into the market. With several international brands also hitting the racks, the kids fashion market is witnessing an exponential growth,” comes from designer Rocky S, who too showcased at the fashion week.

Rocky S with Dia Mirza at India Kids Fashion Week
Fashionably yours: Rocky S with Dia Mirza at India Kids Fashion Week

Even if the concept of the fashion week was new, the tried and tested formula of getting mileage with show stoppers was once again put to practice. “The designers tried their best to make the fashion week look as professional as the regular ones,” adds Nishka. While Sushmita Sen and her two daughters walked the ramp for her, for Rocky S, Dia Mirza was the show-stopper.

Several other big names from the fashion industry also have ventured into the kids segment. Aneeth Arora and Gaurav Gupta are such two names.

The designer creations for kids begin from the age of four-year-olds and go up to tweens (term for the children who fall in the age-group of 8-12). One important aspect of kid’s fashion is that it is not determined by trends. It doesn’t follow the ‘fashion forecast’ pattern, since the emphasis is on making children look adorable and not fashionable.

Another feature of this segment is that pricing has to be right. “A kid can’t differentiate between a Gucci or an Armani. What matters is the variety in the wardrobe, so why not keep the pricing nominal?” says Prerna Nigam, brand manger of Enroute Label, a shoe brand for kids. For that matter, even Rocky S feels that splurging money on kid’s outfit is pointless, as they grow so fast. “A solution is designing clothes in such a way that kids can wear it for at least two seasons, but ensuring that they don’t look oversized at the same time.”

Chandigarh too made its presence felt at the fashion week with 612 Ivy League. Mohita Indrayan, the designer concern, says that it’s the only segment of the fashion industry which is recession proof, “Because it’s not need based. There is, in fact, an emotional quotient attached to buying clothes for kids.” And for those who want the perfect combination of emotional and style quotient, Armani Junior will be soon making its way to India, opening up a new chapter of kid’s fashion. 

Everlasting bond
Nonika Singh

When one is born in the family of talented gems such as Ritwik Ghatak and Mahasweta Devi, art curator, critic and writer Ina Puri, feels aesthetics come naturally. In Chandigarh, Puri talks about her association with famous painter Manjit Bawa

  • Each painting of his is like a jewel exquisitely composed.
  • He washed his own clothes for he considered it an exercise for his fingers.
  • He cooked and sang with as much passion as he painted.

That’s one of India’s most significant artists, Manjit Bawa, as seen through the eyes of art curator, critic and author Ina Puri who shared a special relationship with him, one of solitude. In Chandigarh at the invitation of the Chandigarh Lalit Kala Akademi, Puri who has penned three books on the great artist talked about the genius of the man and the compassion of the artist in whose canvasses animals and humans coexisted in complete harmony.

As Puri remembers his last days, in particular the day he went into coma she also went down the memory lane to share many more significant moments of their long association.

And the one that is etched on her mindscape is how she met him for the first time. A trifle diffident before her first encounter, she recalls, “The minute he looked up at me with a warm enigmatic smile, I became an integral part of his life and he of mine.” Later, she went on to play a stellar role in his odyssey and in her own words “brought him peace so he could just paint and paint.”

So, is it possible to maintain objectivity about the art of an artist with whom she felt such a deep emotional connection? She replies, “He taught me to be objective about his art.” That she considers his art whose colours and compositions she was drawn to right from the beginning, par excellence there is little doubt. But in awe of Manjit she certainly wasn’t.

Born in Kolkata in the family of talented gems such as Ritwik Ghatak, instead this niece of Mahasweta Devi, is totally enamoured by her mausi whom she calls her real guru. Soon she intends to convert the much lauded writer’s Breast stories into a unique project for which she has already approached filmmakers as well as visual artists. Having worked with Manjit, while her bar may have been raised high, she is very excited by what she sees in the art world today. Mithu Sen, Thukral and Tagra are some of the young names she is happy working with. In the passing away of

M F Hussain, Manjit Bawa and Jehangir Sabavala, she agrees that a generation of artists have gone but adds, “That’s not to say new energy is not coming in. Young artists are working in ways that take you by surprise.”

In the absence of Manjit, life too doesn’t cease to spring surprises as she continues to discovers notes penned by him, “For Manjit had a habit of writing something and putting it away in books,” Is it any wonder, she says “Manjit is my friend” and not was.

And this friend’s art she wants to take to the common man via exhibitions and through the National Award Winning film Meeting Manjit directed by Buddhadeb Dasgupta and produced by her that was screened on Friday evening at the Government Museum auditorium. The film may have climaxed on a haunting note Mitti khurdi khurdi jaandi… reminding viewers of the ephemeralness of life, her bond with Manjit has certainly endured death.

Ethereal notes

Ina Puri might be considered an authority on painter Manjit Bawa whom she rates as a fine raconteur who loved to tell stories, but her first book was on none other than santoor maestro Pandit Shiv Kumar Sharma. Whether she is compelled to write about men with spiritual auras or not, a new project with the great musician could well be in the offing.

Doc Talk
Go natural
Dr Jastinder Gill

Holi the ancient Indian festival of colours marks the beginning of spring. Spring is the season of flowers, green leaves, freshness, and fragrances. Colours have an astonishing affect on health. Holi is celebrated by millions using either dry or wet colours. Earlier, natural colours made from flowers, leaves and herbs were used. But, over the years, due to commercialisation, these natural colours have been replaced by synthetic ones, which contain toxic chemicals. These colours contain heavy metals, acids, alkalis, powdered glass, asbestos, chalk pastes etc. Black paste has lead oxide, green-copper sulphate and red-mercury sulphite. The shimmering shine given to these colours is by mica and powdered glass. These chemicals are meant for industrial use as in dyeing textiles etc.

Danger points

It is fun to play with colours and water, but the harmful effects could lead to skin, hair and eye problems. These chemicals create havoc on the skin and hair, in the form of allergy, rash, irritation, infection and much more.  The symptoms may vary from mild irritation, dryness to severe form of irritant dermatitis burning, itching and allergic dermatitis. These chemicals can lead to skin cancer. The hair damage can be in the form of itching, dryness, scalp infections etc. The delayed affects could be loss of hair, and coarse, thin and lusterless hair texture.  Be extra careful for with young ones, newborns and infants, as they have very sensitive skin. Pregnant mother should be cautious too, as the chemicals get absorbed from the skin. So, use natural colours made from flowers and herbs, which have beneficial effects on skin and health.

Damage control

Holi without colours is meaningless. So, the best way to enjoy Holi is to follow these simple skin and hair care steps.

  • Before going out to play, apply a moisturiser, and then a sunscreen on the face and other exposed parts of the body, even pure coconut oil or olive oil can be applied to the body, as it forms a protective barrier and thus protects the skin from colours. For extra protection use lacto calamine on top of the moisturiser and sunscreen.  
  • Do not forget to apply moisturiser and sunscreen on lips. Girls can apply lip colour for extra protection and boys can use a lip balm.
  • Protect your hair by applying leave-on conditioner; even simple coconut/olive oil can give good protection to your hair. This is the only time; I recommend the use of hair gel. Apply gel or oil on your hair before you go out to play Holi, it shall protect your hair. 
  • Wear clothes which cover all exposed areas as arms and legs.
  • Use cap or hat to protect your hair.
  • Wear sunglasses to protect your eyes 
  • Girls can apply nail paint on their nails to protect them from damage.


Cleanse: At the end of the day first thoroughly cleanse your face, body and hair with lots of water to wash away the colour. Then use soap and shampoo to cleanse the body and hair. Do not rub vigorously. Be gentle. You can use a hair conditioner after the shampoo

Moisturise: Moisturise the skin well and condition the hair.

Treat: In case of mild irritation or rash, apply calamine lotion. In case of severe allergy or irritation consult your dermatologist. In case of eye irritation, splash water. Do not rub the eyes as it can cause abrasions. If the eye sight is blurred, then visit the ophthalmologist.

(Dr Gill is senior consultant, Department of Dermatology and Cosmetology, SPS Apollo Hospitals, Ludhiana.)

Band of boys
Pammi Bai’s new Folk Band brings alive the music of the yore…

In times when music is synonymous with deafening noise and meaningless lyrics, there is one singer who is making efforts to restore our tradition to the glory it deserves.

Heard enough of Rock Bands, it's a Folk Band put together by Pammi Bai, a known singer-dancer from the region. On Saturday, this band gave its first performance at Randhawa Auditorium Kala Bhawan-16 in as part of the programme to celebrate MS Randhawa Memorial Function. No head banging here, but musicians with their folk instruments totally in sync, made the audiences ponder over the lyrics and enjoy the moment.

And, what a picture they presented! Artistes dressed in bright green and yellow colourful traditional kurtas, with pags in place. So were their instruments adorned with ornaments. A timeless Heer and folk song like Langh aa ja made one transport into the world bygone.

When Pammi Bai started a drive against vulgarity in Punjabi music a decade and half ago, he was admired and applauded by Punjabis settled all across the globe. With his newly formed Folk Band, he strives to repeat the feat.

About 10 albums to his credit that truly celebrate the spirit of Punjab, Pammi has stuck on to his principles for all these years. One of the few singers who has been working on preserving the rich Punjabi tradition and not falling prey to the westernization of culture, this singer has put in a lot of research and hardwork in upholding the folk.

Says the singer, "Our Folk Band brings alive the very traditional Punjabi instrumental music." Pammi has a team of around ten, deft at toomba, algoza, toombi, sarangi, wanjli, bugdu, been, dhadd, dholki, dhol, ghara, chimta, dafli and dhoru. But finding these artistes wasn't easy. "Though one can find the traditional instruments, it isn't easy to hit upon people who actually know how to play these," says Pammi, who is also doing research on folk music at Punjabi University, Patiala. Most of the musicians in his band have imbibed music from their forefathers who have been folk artistes themselves.

It took Pammi good time before he could trace his team and put the band together. Together they have prepared some 25 songs. "Through our folk band, we strive for creating an era when Punjabi folk music was listened to and admired," says Pammi who has no airs. He's all grateful to the masters who helped him hone his art. "I am making my humble efforts sticking true to my roots. If we don't expose our youngsters to the fine music that we have inherited, we aren't giving them a chance to choose."

An outstanding singer as well as dancer, Pammi refuses to be swept by the changing times. And, rather be a cultural icon that people would look up to in the generations to come.

Chatter box
A sweet bond

Kirit Nagpure and Samir Soni from Parichay
Kuch Mitha ho jaye: Kirit Nagpure and Samir Soni from Parichay

The reason for the fabulous onscreen chemistry between Kunal and Siddhi in Colors’ Parichay is their love for sweets. This on screen romantic couple has a sweet tooth and loves gorging on chocolate, pastries with cupcakes being their biggest weakness. No wonder they are sweet.

Captain's challenge

MTV's latest show, Captain Shack started off with a bang and now it progresses to personalities being developed and camps being formed as contestants come together to deliver the required challenge. The goal is to make a Captain's Fashion line, which will bring in mixed emotions and goof-ups.

Fan following

Popular stars Reyansh (Kunwar Amar), Swayam (Shantanu Maheswari) and Vicky (Archi/ Pratik Kalsi) from Channel [v]’s leading show Dil Dostii Dance have been the talk of town of late. The handsome trio has been making a lot of ladies fall “head over heels”. The female fan following list seems like an endless affair with each surpassing the other in their ardent expression of love. One such occasion was witnessed recently when the trio was invited to be a part of an annual function of a reputed school in the city. Star power : The trio from Dil Dostii DanceAfter a happy and joyful celebration, as they were about to leave, an excited mob of 2500 girls gathered around them. While some were screaming out their names, there were yet others who fainted with sheer joy of having caught a glimpse of their favourite on-screen characters. As for the D3 stars, they remained in a state of delightful shock. The mob was finally cleared as the security force came into action. Having said this, it would be interesting to watch what lies in store.

Star power : The trio from Dil Dostii Dance

Jay’s new show

Jay Bhanushali is set to return to serials with producer Sumeet Mittal’s new show on Star plus. Buzz is that the story is about a fair guy who gets married to an average looking dark-skinned girl. Jay’s wife Mahii Vij too played the dark skinned Nakusha in Laagi Tujhse Lagan who later turned out to be a fair beauty.

Playing Holi with flowers

Holi Hai!: Dilip Joshi Tarak Mehta Ka Oltah Chashmah fame Dilip Joshi (Jethalal) loves to play Holi in a very different style. He does not like to play with colours because it is unhealthy. So, since many years every Holi, he has been going to Swami Narayan Temple near Bhavnagar in Gujarat to play Holi with flowers. He also enjoys singing bhajans with other devotees. “I love to play Holi in peace and purity, so I go to Swami Narayan Tepmle every year. There are more than a million people who come from across the globe and we all play holi with flowers, sing Bhajans and enjoy. This type of activity gives positive energy and peace of mind. In my serial ‘Tarak Mehta Ka Oltah chashma’ we always celebrate all festival according to the script but in real life I celebrate my festival as per my choice,” says  Dilip Joshi.

Shivaji’s saga

Veer Shivaji on Colors will soon take a leap and in the story  Shivaji (Paras Arora) is heading towards Inayat Khan (Chetan Hansraj) and will fight with the warrior. In a deadly fight the dictator will be killed. For the shooting, Tanaji and Jeeva Mahala did stunts without harness like jumping from 70 feet height.

Paras Arora

Grooming classes

Rajan Shahi asked senior actor Amardeep Jha to groom Vidhi Parekh, the lead of his new show Jamuna Paar. Amardeep is seen as Shankri Tai in Yeh Ristha. Vidhi who has been studying mechanical engineering became an actor by chance. Having introduced many girls like Hina Khan, Sara Khan, Rajan wanted the best grooming of Vidhi as well. Actors Prepare: The cast of Jamuna Paar

Astro turf
P Khurrana

ARIES: Relatives will be difficult to get along with. Do not get involved in any land deal. Look after yourself, and you will avoid problems. A woman would be supportive. Tarot message: A confrontation needs to be managed with care.

Lucky colour: Royal blue.

Magic number: 59

TAURUS: You will be happy in the company of your friends. A good time to strengthen ties with your partners. Handle property matters carefully. Some of you could be suffering from financial insecurity.

Tarot message: You must realise that it’s important to enjoy your dreams. Lucky colour: Crimson.

Magic number: 41

GEMINI: Friends will be easy going and willing to fall in line with your plans. Property matters will be highlighted. A romantic alliance is likely to blossom by evening. Nothing is to be taken seriously.

Tarot message: Do not let anyone take advantage of you.

Lucky colour: Burgundy.

Magic number: 46

CANCER: You will get an opportunity to become a member of an important club. Family affairs run smoothly. Take a look at why you are putting up with situations you do not like.

Tarot message: Increase your self-confidence which will be on trial.

Lucky colour: Forest green.

Magic number: 25

LEO: Love relations would be bubbling with excitement. Students will get down to their tasks and creative hobbies. Businessmen can expect help from clients and loans from bank. Expect a few visitors at night. Tarot message: Win the war with honesty, not by distorting facts. Lucky colour: Cream.

Magic number: 27

VIRGO: Tendencies for manipulation or revenge should be controlled. Believe in your own worthiness. The right day for investment in property. Industrial owners to take care of labour problems. Tarot message: Trust your heart and intuition rather than confusing yourself.Lucky colour: Yellow.Magic number: 43

LIBRA: Sacrifices made today can put you in a far better place in future. Any real estate transaction should not be started. Sudden travel plans could disturb your routine. Tarot message: Question the judgments which will shape your money aspects.

Lucky colour: Black.

Magic number: 60

SCORPIO: Speak your mind to your beloved to clear misunderstandings. Domestic issues come up for urgent consideration. Have no worries your work is well under control. Tarot message: Don’t be too certain about obtaining a clearance. Lucky colour: Ebony.

Magic number: 42

SAGITTARIUS: It is a day to forget worries of work. Uncooperative family members will bring troubles in your life. Confide in a friend, take time for long work, or read a good book.

Tarot message: You need to take things slowly and listen to your inner voice. Lucky colour: Peach.

Magic number: 62

CAPRICORN: Today you will be in an enthusiastic frame of mind. Unexpected callers can intrude in your solitude as family matters can blow up and get out of hand unnecessarily. Tarot message: Change the status quo both at work and in relationships.

Lucky colour: Silver grey.

Magic number: 29

AQUARIUS: Trying to get some time for yourself, could be the hardest thing for today. Relax and be a little more tolerant. You will be in a mood to find fault with people who are dear to you.

Tarot message: Follow your instinct and don’t hesitate to act accordingly. Lucky colour: Purple.

Magic number: 30

PISCES: Teamwork is the key note of the day. Older people may create certain problems. Check your car before you set out for a long journey. Control your drinks.

Tarot message: Draw on those inner energies and begin moving from thought to action.

Lucky colour: Rusty.

Magic number: 64

The year ahead
Madan Gupta Spatu

If your birthday is March 4...

This year you will have a powerful presence, and your natural ambition will shine through. People will admire your abilities. Those who know you the best will understand that you need to be approached gently. You are sensitive towards conflicts in relations now. Don't take things personally. Communications with good friends promise to bring hope, joy and good feelings. Organisational involvements can now offer stimulation through new ideas, outlooks and projects. Your heart might be on your sleeve today, but that's no cause for alarm. Don't be shy about your innermost feelings, and try writing about them in your journal.   You need to develop a knack for making new friends.

Attending a social event could provide the mental stimulation you need to feel fresh.

There's nothing you can't do or accomplish in 2012 whether it is spending time with loved ones or doing work around the home or even finishing up old work. Your mind is focused and more than capable.

Business will be good. Artists and politicians will receive new assignments. Some of you may receive a fortune due to unexpected good luck in business, thanks to Venus.

Avoid lending or taking on debts. You need a good head in business! Those working as a rep will wish there were more hours in a day as you will have so many tasks to do which need concentration.

Valuable time will be wasted if you continue to deny the obvious.  You will feel better once you stop the destructive cycle. 

Your energy and confidence levels are likely to go up, as you are likely to win long pending legal battles. Suddenly life looks meaningful and cheerful and you will again be in your element. You will maintain excellent health throughout the summer. You are warm and ready for play in relationships. But there are some cosmic tensions afoot, which you'll no doubt pick up on. The freshness of the atmosphere renews your relationships. Some phone calls will soothe your soul and increase your sense of peace.

Mood: Easily thrown off by the full moon but recoverable quickly. Compatible signs : Virgo, Aries, Taurus. Lucky colours: Gold, pink. Lucky days: Monday. Lucky numbers: 7, 15, 22, 35, 44

Lucky gem: Ruby. Lucky flower: Daffodils. Suggestion on birthday: Donate any item-Gur, wheat, bread, copper vessels.

Kunal Deshmukh (March 4, 1982, Mumbai) made his debut with Jannat in 2008, starring Imran Hashmi. He started his career as an assistant director in Zeher (2005), Kalyug and Woh Lamhe (2006), under director Mohit Suri and the Vishesh Films' banner of Mahesh Bhatt. Kunal will do well in directorial and script writing fields because of his strong Moon and Mercury.

Stars glitter at Lakme Fashion Week

Bollywood celebrities made their presence felt on day one of the Lakme Fashion Week Summer/Resort as they were found either on the ramp or cheering for their friends

Fairy tale: Dia Mirza
Fairy tale: Dia Mirza

Malaika Arora Khan, Amrita Rao, Dia Mirza and Prateik Babbar were among those who walked the ramp for designers Vikram Phadnis, Khushali Kumar and Masaba.

Those seen in the front row cheering for their designer friends were Karisma Kapoor, Arbaaz Khan, Sonakshi Sinha, Neil Nitin Mukesh, Neha Dhupia, Sonu Nigam, Farhan Akhtar, Sajid Khan, Milan Luthria, Ameesha Patel, Bhushan Kumar and Sangeeta Bijlani.

It started with Prateik walking the ramp for designer Masaba in a black and white bundhgala and Patiala salwar.

“Every time I walk the ramp I am nervous,” Prateik said.

Her collection included maxi dresses, saris, patiala salwars, cropped tops, tunics, waist coats, blouses and jackets that were ideal summer wear. While, men’s wear had jackets, long shirt with contrast collar and cuffs teamed with wide salwars, traditional Indian dhoti a modern twist by moulding them into pants.

Then it was Dia Mirza who walked the ramp for Gulshan Kumar’s daughter Khushali Kumar, who showcased her debut collection. Khushali showcased a fairy tale collection titled Angels and Princess. “The theme of the show is just amazing.

Her (Khushali) outfit makes you stand out in a crowd as it has the potential to make all women look gorgeous,” Dia, who wore a backless skin color blingy gown said.

“For this show I tried to make a fairy tale, creating a special character — Dia Mirza. She was perfect for the show as she has a pretty face,” Khushali said.

Dressed in their traditional best, sisters Maliaka and Amrita walked the ramp for Vikram Phadnis. Maliaka was wearing a black colour velvet full sleeve blouse teamed up with embroidered ghagra, while Amrita wore an off-white colour traditional outfit.

“Both are like family to me. Both are beautiful in their own way,” Vikram said.

In all 15 designers showcased their best ever collection on day one of the Lakme Fashion Week here at a suburban five star hotel. — PTI

It’s rocking
International feel

A still from the track Angreji Beat

Honey Singh’s recent album International Villager is making waves everywhere and literally sweeping everyone off their feet. Honey has collaborated with various artistes like Gippy Grewal, Diljit Dosanjh, J-Star, Deep Money and others giving every song a different punch. Who hasn’t heard of Angreji Beat, Dope Shope, Brown Rang and Gabru or for that matter danced and swayed to these tunes?

The album is a hit, but it is the track Angreji Beat which is everyone’s favourite.

Fun tune

I love the song and especially the rap by Honey Singh. Gippy’s voice just pumps the Punjabi spirit in you and it is a total fun to dance on this track.

— Rajeev Thakkar, law student, PU

Party song

It is a party song and the one which makes you move and groove on the dance floor. Although I’m into hearing a lot of Bollywood songs, I really like the album International Villager.

— Aditi Jain, housewife


Punjabi music is definitely on a roll and Angreji Beat is taking it to a new level. Be it the video, the lyrics, the vocals or the rap, all are amazing.

— Pawan Mathur, employee, ICICI bank

(As told to Sabia Talwar)

Tweetie pie
Abhishek Bachchan

A lot of you asking where I’m shooting. I’m shooting for my film Bol Bachchan in Panchgani, a hill station in Maharashtra.

— Abhi, we have doubts if any one except for Mrs Bachchan is really keen on knowing where on the earth you are. Talk of self-importance. My God!

Neil Nitin Mukesh

Its time for playstation I guess. Wanna play max payne all over again. :D

— Considering we hardly get to see you on screen now Neil, developing extra curricular activities may be a good idea.

Preity Zinta

Morning Tweeple! Holiday begins today! Time 4 me to disappear, retreat & relax! Need to de stress before work starts again! Love U all!

— Hasn’t there been enough relaxing already Preity? Your last movie came out like a decade ago, right? Let’s get back to work.

Bipasha Basu

Night Out with friends after long!Too much Fun:)

— Now that the lover boy found nicer interests, it’s a good idea to re bond with buddies and friends.

Uday Chopra

Sygerix is the only intelligent emotion. The reason we don’t feel it today is due to a part of the brain that has still not developed in us.

— Yes, Uday, it’s a good idea to talk of things which don’t exist in your life. Perfect justification for not working in the industry.

Amitabh Bachchan

T 672 - booombadab boombada daba ... dabada ba boom di da .. huppidi whopidi hoopidi hap ha di padati tu .. JUST .. !! felt like saying it!

—Considering you are now a grandfather, Mr Bachchan, it’s important to talk sense.

(Compiled by Vasudha Gupta)

No distractions

Staying away: Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan has cut access to the Internet and emails because he is focusing on his television show titled Satyamev Jayate.

Aamir Khan is travelling around the country to places like Rajasthan and Kashmir and is taking a passionate interest in the show. He has disconnected himself from Twitter and doesn’t even check his email, site or blog. A source says, ‘Aamir is a very different actor. He doesn’t feel the need to be connected all the time. He feels technology can be distracting and right now he just wants to focus on the show. A lot of places he is shooting in don’t even have proper network so he doesn’t want to bother with that. 

Friends falling apart?

No rumour please: Farhan Akhtar and Ritesh Sidhwani

For quite some time, the B-town has been buzzing with the rumours of long-time friend Farhan Akhtar and Ritesh Sidhwani falling apart. However, the two buddies claim that there is no truth in the rumour.

“The Editorial team @Mid Day wake up, times have changed Frivolous articles don’t make NEWS if u need help to fill pages come to us.. Will help you in reporting Facts,” Sidhwani wrote on his Twitter page.

They have produced a string of movies like Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara and Don 2  under their production house Excel Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. Farhan, on the other hand, called it an entire fiction and wrote back: “@ritesh_sid you’re asking for the impossible Rits. But you must give them points for creativity. budding fiction writers out there.”

“Maybe they’re pitching themselves for the reading department we’ve set up at Excel,” he added.

Optical illusion?

Madame Tussaud’s Justin Bieber statue bears little resemblance to the actor

Poor show: Justin Bieber

Madame Tussaud’s debuted an unrecognisable Justin Bieber waxwork in Hollywood on Friday. It was the wax museum’s version of a birthday present to the finally legal pop star, who just turned 18.

Unfortunately, the figure hardly looks like Bieber. Though the details are accurate, the waxwork is far more feminine than the ‘Baby’ singer is himself.

However, Bieber fan Alisha Purdom didn’t seem to mind the differences in her idol.

The 14-year-old won a Facebook contest run by Madame Tussaud’s to unveil the new figure for the first time.

She kissed his likeness, sang the song she wrote to win the contest - ‘One Less Lonely Girl’ - and signed a giant birthday card for the star. — ANI

Exit size zero

Skinny models should be banned from the catwalk, say experts.

Academics at the London School of Economics said restricting the use of photographs of underweight models in magazines would help ease the pressure on women to be very thin.

A study of 3,000 women in Britain and Europe found young women, who account for 90 per cent of anorexia cases, were influenced by the size and weight of their peer group.

Experts said the eating disorder was a disease that was linked to social and cultural influences.

Women in Austria were the thinnest with a body mass index (BMI) of 23.67 compared to a European average of 25. — IANS


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