L U D H I A N A   S T O R I E S


Novel campaign methods held the key
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, March 7
The victory of SAD candidate Manpreet Singh Ayali, SAD rebels Bains brothers and Congress candidate Bharat Bhushan Ashu has again proved that it is not the big banner, but the proactive approach that has proved to be a deciding factor.

These candidates jumped into the poll fray with a plan. The task was cutout and they worked day and night to ensure their victory. Their success reflects how professionalism has taken over the old school of politics.

The rise of Manpreet Singh Ayali is not an overnight success story. He was up against sitting Congress MLA Jassi Khangura. Due to delimitation, Dakha was a new battlefield for both candidates. Thanks to skyrocketing land prices, a small farmer in Ayali’s constituency could boast of possessing land worth Rs 5-6 crore. Luring people here with money was not possible. Ayali cashed in on his humble demeanour and people-to-people contact. He made sure to attend every wedding, bhog and kirya ceremony for nearly two years.

The constituency consists of dedicated Congress and Akali voters. Ayali did not waste time pursuing Congress voters, instead he targeted the lower income groups, who had benefited from the schemes of the SAD regime.

A BSP candidate was made to contest the election so that the SC votes did not go to the Congress. Further, there was a dedicated team of party workers who were reporting to the sarpanch of the respective villages in the constituency to help the latter in canvassing.

Informers, who were providing details of the rival camp, also played a pivotal role in forming the next strategy.

Role of technology

Brothers Balwinder Singh Bains and Simarjit Singh Bains made full use of technology and created a data base to segregate voters as per their religion. They were aware of the migrant vote bank and which way it would tilt. A power-point presentation was a routine affair at the party office of the Bains.

SAD leaders Hakam Singh Giaspura and Hira Singh Gabria were left far behind their tech savvy counterparts. While Giaspura and Gabria were doing the rounds of the office of the returning officer before each public meeting, the Bains chalked out a schedule of their meetings in the run-up to the elections and got permission for month-long campaigning in one go.

Allotting sites well in advance

The Bains brothers allotted prime locations well in advance to put up banners and hoardings. When Giaspura and Gabria approached the Municipal Corporation contract committee for placing orders for hoardings, they were stunned to know that the hoarding sites had been allotted to the Bains.

Team game

Having a team of confidants proved to be the biggest strength of the Bains. They had identified their men for the task. While the trusted aide of Simarjit Bains, councillor Kamaljit Karwal, was given the task of a chief election agent, Swarandeep Singh Chahal, Parminder Singh Soma and five sitting councillors were in charge of the campaigning. Further, there were hundreds of block-level workers who were canvassing for them. A lobby of informers were continuously providing them with inputs about the activities and plans of the rival camp.

Morning meetings

For Congress candidate Bharat Bhushan Ashu, the wee-hour meeting with his party men turned out to be a winning formula. He used to meet his aides at 5 am and conduct public meetings from 7 am and door-to-door canvassing, which stretched till late evening.

Another meeting was held with area councillors and confidantes and strategies for the next day were formulated.

Playing a key role

Mamta, wife of Bharat Bhushan Ashu, reached out to women and managed to win their confidence. The main opponent, BJP leader Rajinder Bhandari, did everything right, but fell short of confidants.

He showed a glimpse of meticulous planning and launched his campaigning from the area where there was dissidence against the Congress. He hit the peripheries of constituencies and even conducted door-to-door campaigning to woo voters, but did not receive the support of BJP councillors, which was the primary reason for his poll debacle. Though he was backed by seasoned Akali leader Shivtar Singh Bajwa and former SAD MLA Harish Rai Dhanda, but block-level campaigners and councillors eluded him.


‘Memorial’ is ‘marigold’, courtesy PSEB
Names of most schools misspelt in detailed marks cards
Charanjit Singh Teja
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, March 7
It is quite all right to substitute “memorial” with “marigold” as per the new detailed marks cards issued by the Punjab School Education Board. Most of the schools of Ludhiana district that have “memorial” as part of their name find it substituted with “marigold”. It is left for the teachers to decipher what the connection is.

The Punjab School Education Board has issued roll numbers to students of such schools by changing the name of the schools. While translating the schools’ names, the board inadvertently changed “memorial” to “marigold”.

Shanti Devi Marigold School has been written on the roll numbers of students of class X (second semester) of Shanti Devi Memorial School.

Similarly, the names of DP Memorial School Mundian Kala and Baba Nand Singh Memorial School have also been distorted. Moreover, the education board has removed the word “Singh” from Baba Nand Singh Memorial School in the detailed marks cards of class XII students.

“It is a major blunder by the Punjab School Education Board. Now, we will have to go to Chandigarh for the correction. The mistake was committed by the board, but it has become our headache now,” said Ajmer Singh, principal of Shanti Devi Memorial School.

Jaswinder Singh, principal of Baba Nand Singh Memorial School, said: “I read the incorrect name of the school when I opened the package containing the roll numbers. Later, when I opened the package of the detailed marks cards, I detected the same mistake. Some other schoolteachers also complained that the names of their schools had also been misspelt. Almost all the name of schools are incorrect. This has caused a major inconvenience for us.”



Women’s Day Today
Politically sound like their husbands
Minna Zutshi & Shivani Bhakoo
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, March 7
The stereotypes related to women abound. Even though every year International Women’s Day gets its share of the limelight, the stereotypes just refuse to leave. Politics, for one, is considered a male province. But not many realise that the better-halves of politicians have mastered the art of politics to perfection.

Gurpreet Kotli, wife of Gurkirat Kotli, who won from the Khanna Assembly constituency, is sophisticated. And if her persuasive skills are the yardstick, she could very well have been a politician herself. But she chose to revel in the reflected glory of her spouse.

Politics is by no means an unfamiliar field for women, she says. They are as interested in politics as men. In fact, they have a voracious appetite for political issues that often whet up their curiosity. Gurpreet learnt, what she says is, the basic lesson of politics during the campaigning for her husband.

“Accessibility is the basic requirement for a political leader. You may or may not be able to redress the grievances of the people immediately, but you must be approachable,” she says.

Politics is a time-consuming career. It’s a 24x7 job, she says. So, it’s not on her agenda. “I have to be there for my children. I take care of most of their needs so that my husband can devote his time to politics,” she adds.

Neelam Dawar, wife of Surinder Dawar, Congress candidate who won the Ludhiana Central seat, knows the grind of politics. Right from getting party ticket from the party high command in Delhi to making sure that her better-half emerged successful in the polls, it has been an election journey for her.

Almost like an astute politician, she knows that post-poll, she has to express her gratitude to party workers and voters for their support.

She has had the taste of politicking when the issue of the party ticket came up. She also learnt the art of negotiating when she met the councillors who were against the allotment of ticket to her husband. “Getting the ticket was a difficult task, especially as there was considerable opposition. But I have always believed in God. Eventually, everything got sorted out,” she says.

Another political lesson that she cannot forget is that of accessibility. “It is because of the voters that the political leaders achieve their success. They should remember this,” she remarks.

Mamta Ashu, wife of Bharat Bhushan Ashu, the winner from the Ludhiana West constituency, may not have consciously cultivated her down-to-earth image, but it has stuck to her. And for good. It inspired confidence among the voters, she feels.

The division of labour worked well in her case. There was very little time for campaigning, so it had to be quick, effective and efficient. The husband-wife duo divided between themselves the areas to be visited. It worked well. The big task of campaigning became easy and manageable.

Mamta, who is a councillor, believes in striking the right balance between home and profession. “A successful woman is one who crosses all the hurdles slowly with a smile.”

Her political lesson: Try your best to measure up to the expectations of the people who have voted you to power.

From a bureaucrat’s wife to a politician’s wife, it may have been a long journey for Ranbir Kaler, SR Kaler's wife, in a short span of time. However, she has not only taken it in her stride, but also lived each moment of it. Her husband won the Jagraon Assembly seat on the SAD ticket.

“The polls have been an important learning experience,” she says. She got an insight into the lives of people, many of whom live in poverty. And she found them to be affectionate and responsive.

Politics is a new field for both of them. There’s still a lot to learn, she says. However, she’s quick to dismiss the contention that politics is a male domain. Her husband's foray into politics has given her a new perspective on society and she's making the most of it.



SAD Victory
‘Blue-eyed boys’ have eyes set on cushy postings
Puneet Pal Singh Gill
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, March 7
After the SAD and the BJP regained power in the state, several “blue-eyed boys” of the ruling party posted in the Ludhiana Municipal Corporation (MC), have found a reason to smile. Several of them were expecting punishment postings had the Congress come to power.

Not only civic body officials, but also some police officers are now “relaxed” that their party has managed to form the government again.

A senior MC official said a senior Akali leader had always helped him with postings. “I was apprehending that the Congress would form the government since such had been the trend for decades. But now that the SAD-BJP combine has come to power again, I am confident that I will remain in the same station,” boasted an MC official, who did not want to identify his “political benefactor”.

During a visit to the MC zone D office today, the employees could be seen discussing the results, which remained a hot topic throughout the day. It is a common practice by MLAs and other senior leaders to ensure that their own “men” are posted in their respective constituencies.

A police official said a local Akali MLA had helped him several times in getting prime postings. “Even my present posting is because of him. Now that the SAD-BJP combine has retained power, it’s party time for us. I can remain posted in the city for the next five years,” a police officer remarked.



Jeeta and Jaggi fail to amuse
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, March 7
Jeeta and Jaggi, the two cartoon characters launched by the Congress during the run-up to the elections to target the policies of the SAD-BJP regime, have become the victim of scorn at all social networking sites soon after the election results were announced.

Even the video-sharing website are replete with mocking details about the Congress cartoon characters. “Aaj khamosh kyo ho gai bhai,” read a post on the Facebook page of Jeeta and Jaggi.

The short messaging service (SMS) was just as nasty. “Jhootha and Thaggi along with Jeeta and Jaggi were thrown out of the state,” the SMSes said.

Upinderjit Singh, an SAD supporter, remarked: “Initially, we were baffled at the Jeeta and Jaggi campaign as it had significantly dented the image of the SAD. We did not want a public spat, but due to the frontal attack by the Congress, we also had to launch Jootha and Thaggi. Now, Jeeta and Jaggi would not be seen for the next five years.”



Bains brothers not to join any party
Puneet Pal Singh Gill
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, March 7
After a thumping victory, Bains brothers have clarified that they would not be joining any party. They said the decision to whether or not support the SAD or Congress would be taken after consulting residents of their constituency.

“These are not our individual victories, but of the residents of our constituencies. So the decision of whether to side with the SAD or Congress or remaining Independent, would be taken after thorough consultation with residents of Atam Nagar and Ludhiana (South) constituencies. But one thing is sure that we would not join any party as we would not be able to perform our duties freely,” said Simarjit Singh Bains while talking to The Tribune.

Both brothers, Simarjit and Balwinder Singh Bains, had yesterday created a history by winning both Atam Nagar and Ludhiana (South) constituencies as Independents.

Balwinder, an SGPC member defeated SAD candidate Hakam Singh Giaspura by a margin of 32,232 from Ludhiana (South) and Simarjit, a councillor, defeated Cabinet Minister Hira Singh Gabria by a margin of 28,498 votes from the Atam Nagar constituency.

Simarjit said: “I am in no hurry to decide our next course of action. A lot needs to be done on development front in both constituencies. Even if we don’t side with any party, we will continue to do our work like before.”

Bains brothers had started their political careers from the SAD (Amritsar) almost a decade ago. For them, contesting elections as Independents is nothing new. Balwinder Singh Bains won the SGPC election for the first time in 2006, while Simarjit, a two-time councillor, had won the Ludhiana Municipal Corporation elections in 2002. On both occasions, they had contested as Independents. On October 30, 2004, they joined the SAD.

During 2007 Municipal elections, Simarjit fielded at least 12 Independent candidates against official SAD candidates, chosen by Gabria. Interestingly, eight of them won the elections and later joined SAD. But relations between Simarjit and Gabria started deteriorating.

Simarjit, who was named an accused in the Tehsildar GS Benipal assault and stripping case in June 2009, was hopeful that the SAD would allot him ticket from Atam Nagar, but Gabria had his say. Instead, the party gave ticket to Balwinder from Ludhiana (South). This was the start of rebellion as Simarjit met Sukhbir Badal at Jalalabad and returned Balwinder’s ticket and later announced that they would contest as Independents from two constituencies. A few days later, they were expelled from the party. Yesterday, both brothers were declared victorious from Atam Nagar and Ludhiana (South).



Bigwigs has high hopes from SAD-BJP govt
Submit wishlist to boost industrial growth in the city
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, March 7
Industrialists have pinned high hopes on the SAD-BJP government and are hopeful that it will look after their interests. Industry representatives today congratulated Parkash Singh Badal and the Chamber of Industrial and Commercial Undertaking, on behalf of the industry, has submitted a wish list for the growth and development of the MSME sector.

Inderjit Singh Pardhan, President, Avtar Singh, General Secretary, and Upkar Singh, Joint Secretary, of the CICU, respectively, has placed following points before the new government.

Timely completion of power projects to ensure adequate power availability: Today, power has become as important as air and water. In fact, one of the challenges before Punjab’s journey to the future is to ensure adequate supply of power. As such, power projects should be completed within stipulated timeframe.

Establishment of new industrial focal points/estates: Industry has to buy land from agriculturalists and then convert this for Industrial use. This leads to delay in getting power connection, government clearances and delay in completing the project. Necessary steps should be taken to create land bank for developing Industrial Focal Points/ Estates near Ludhiana, Jalandhar, Amritsar and Mohali, which are industrial hubs of Punjab.

Upgradation of industrial policy: Industrial Policy 2009 should be upgraded by adopting the models being followed by other states especially Gujarat for uplifting the MSME sector in Punjab.

Enactment of the Punjab Industrial Infrastructure Maintenance Act: As stated in the industrial policy 2009, this Act is yet to be enacted. The tax and other charges to be collected from particular focal point/ estate will be spent on maintenance and upgradation of the infrastructure in particular area through creation of special purposes vehicles for each area. This Act should be implemented as early as possible so that industrial areas can come out of pity shape.

Technology upgradation and brand equity fund: Building new technology is a costly proposition for the MSME sector. A solution has to be found on how new technology could be provided to the MSME sector. The state government is requested to create the technology upgradation fund by allocating Rs 1,000 crore and Brand Equity fund with allocation of Rs 10 crore per year for uplifting the MSME industry.

Boosting export potential: Introduction of steps such as upgradation of industries, market development scheme, easy VAT refund scheme, setting up exhibition/ conventions centre and providing freight subsidy for transporting goods from factory to ports are need of the hour for enhancing export growth.

Skilled development scheme to be popularised: A few companies from Punjab are getting the benefit of skill development scheme. Registration process should be simplified and time bound (maximum 60 days) so that industry gets benefited under this scheme for getting adequate skilled manpower and generation of employment avenues.

Improving competitiveness and providing support for intellectual property rights to MSME: Punjab is a landlocked state having no raw material and situated near international border. The industry has to bear extra cost in freight, CST and entry tax therefore goods are costlier than neighboring states. Incentives should be provided for organising seminars/workshops for evolving new business models, planning professionally to work on chosen path and enhancing competitiveness by achieving internal efficiency. Government should provide incentives such as 50 per cent reimbursement of cost of patent registration and training of intellectual property rights.

Speeding up of roads and bridges under construction: The construction of roads and bridges in progress are causing traffic jams. The repair and construction work should be carried out on war footing for smooth flow of traffic.



SAD victory raises hope of Jagraon residents
Jaswant Shetra

Jagraon, March 7
Return of the SAD-BJP alliance into the power and victory of its candidate Shiv Ram Kaler has raised the hope of those living in this constituency. It has been lagging behind on various fronts for the past 10 years.

The SAD candidate has emerged victorious after a long gap. The trend was reversed during the last two Assembly elections. A candidate, who won from this constituency, was made to sit in Opposition during previous term of the state government.

During the Assembly elections held in 2007, Gurdeep Singh Bhaini of the Congress had defeated Bhag Singh Mallha of the SAD from this constituency. But as the SAD-BJP alliance defeated the Congress and formed the government in Punjab, Bhaini had to sit on the Opposition benches.

Similarly in 2002 Assembly elections, Bhag Singh Mallha of the SAD, who had defeated Congress candidate Paramjit Singh Siwia, was made to sit in the Opposition as the Congress defeated the SAD-BJP alliance and formed the government in Punjab.

People feel that they had to pay a heavy price for this as the constituency lagged behind on developmental front. Whether we talk of the civic facilities, health and educational infrastructure, sports, rural infrastructure, this constituency has achieved nothing remarkable in the last 10 years.

Even Bhag Singh Mallha and Gurdeep Singh Bhaini were seen lamenting in the past publicly that they could not develop the constituency well because they did not get enough funds as they were not part of the ruling party during their stint as the member of the state legislative assembly.

The fate of this constituency seems to be changed following post delimitation. The people of this constituency now have high hopes from new MLA Shiv Ram Kaler who fortunately will be a part of the ruling coalition.



Speaking out
Take action against corrupt
As the government is set to take charge again, city residents have huge expectations from the government in return to the faith they have reposed in it. Gurvinder Singh talks to a few to seek their opinion.



Bus driver, conductor rejoice over SAD victory
Ferry passengers free of cost
Gurminder Singh Grewal

Khanna, March 7
Overwhelmed by the historic win of SAD in the recent Punjab elections enthusiastic supporters of SAD are expressing their happiness.

In one such incident, a driver and a conductor of a bus service plied the Bus on the Patiala- Jalandhar route via Khanna to ferry passengers free of cost.

A jubilant driver of the bus, Paramjit Singh while talking to mediapersons at the bus stand, Khanna, said that he and his conductor were so happy with the victory of SAD-BJP combine in the state that although they had taken the bus on lease, yett they decided to ferry the passengers free of cost all day today.

He said that they were aware oh the heavy expenses but still they carried their decision as they were up beat over the big win of the SAD-BJP combine

The conductor of the bus was witnessed calling out to passenger to board the bus free of cost. A woman passenger who was traveling in the bus from Ludhiana To Patiala told the mediapersons that she was surprised with the decision of the driver and conductor but it was true as she was given the ticket but was not charged.



‘Women not willing to join industry’
Manav Mander
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, March 7
Though city is an industrial hub of the state, but contribution of women in industrial production is very less. Only 15 per cent women are working in various units across the city. Industry is facing labour shortage, but not many women are coming forward to join it.

Maximum number of women is working in the textile and hosiery industry. But only a few are working in the engineering sector. Recently were allowed to do night shifts so that they can take care of their homes in the day. Still not many women have come forward to grab the opportunity.

The report of the World Bank has some shocking revelations to make. According to the report, percentage of working women has gone down in India. In 2008, it was 29.4 per cent while in 2011 it has gone down to 23.3 per cent.



Students eagerly wait for laptops
Charanjit Singh Teja
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, March 7
Poll results have brought smiles on the faces of Class XI and Class XII students as they are waiting for the SAD-BJP government to provide them with new laptops. They will become eligible to vote in the next Assembly elections and the alliance would not like to annoy them by adopting dilly-dally attitude.

For most students, the SAD-BJP government means free laptops. Meanwhile, a few students who don’t have faith on promises made by the government say that they would believe them only when they get the laptops. Harmeet Singh, a student of local government school, said, “Girls received bicycles during the previous tenure of the Badal government. Now, it is time for boys to receive benefits. I hope that after the oath-taking ceremony, the government would give us bicycles.”

Mandeep Kaur, a student of Class XI, said, “I have been demanding laptop from my parents for the past two years. Now, my parents hope the SAD-BJP government will give a laptop to me.”

“I don’t think that the government will give us laptops till the end of its tenure. It is basic trait of politicians to t make promises before the election and fulfill it in the end of its tenure,” said Harnek, a student of Class XIIth from a local school. 



International Women’s Day proud to be woman
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, March 7
It’s International Women’s Day and many woman in the city are going to celebrate the day. On the other hand, many of the one's we spoke with were not aware that the day happens to be tomorrow. But they said that women's day was about celebrating womanhood.

Some women are planning to celebrate the day. It is a great day for us, and we are going to celebrate the day with all women friends at the farmhouse and celebrate the day, says Palak Jain, studying at the Khalsa College for Women.

Some women however say that it is a day of empowerment for women. According to Bhavleen Arora, a student, although women have not been able to achieve their rightful place and respect in the society, yet they are on the way as things are gradually changing in the male-dominated society. According to Manpreet, another student, parents still do not give that much of independence to girls to pursue their dreams but the environment is changing gradually.

But Bharti, pursuing BSc, is skeptical if things will ever change. Even if a woman achieves something, she is always looked at with a cynical eye in the society even today. Although there is much talk about woman-empowerment, but mentality of the people at large have not changed, she says. Shilpa, agreeing with her says, "The glass ceiling for women has been raised, but it has never gone away, and one can only wonder if it ever will," she says.

Going by the challenges that have been there for women, they have come a long way and are finally bgining to prove that they are no less than any men, and are better and capable of multiple tasks and responsibilities, our success is there for all to see, says Harshpreet Kaur, a BCom student. The future belongs to women, she says.

Jagriti, another student, says she was proud to be a woman and would celebrate the day with her friends.



Women have lesser access to productive resources: Report
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, March 7
The State of Food and Agriculture Report by the Food and Agriculture Organisation of UNO maintain that women comprise, on an average, 43 per cent of the agricultural labour force in developing countries. Women in rural areas have less access to productive resources and opportunities than men. The gender gap is found for many assets, inputs and services and it imposes costs on the agriculture sector, the broader economy and society as well as on women themselves.Dr VK Taneja, Vice-Chancellor, Guru Angad Dev Veterinary and Animal Sciences University (GADVASU), in context of International Women's Day, which falls today said though female farmers produce less than male farmers not because they were less-efficient farmers but "Extensive empirical evidence shows that the productivity gap between male and female farmers is caused by differences in input use. Closing the gender gap in agriculture would generate significant gains for the sector and for the society. If women have the same access to productive resources as men, they can increase yields on their farms by 20 to 30 per cent. This can raise total output in developing countries by 2.5-4 per cent", said Taneja.

He further added that women were important and integral part of physical and economic strength Indian society. Their vital contribution can develop more positive and new horizons in the society. Taneja said that agriculture-related professions demanded more physical labour whereas livestock sectors needed less physical input, so they were more female-friendly. He said that women were contributing to livestock professions in rural areas but not in a systematic manner. So their contribution did not reflect in calculative data. "The organised work of women‘s may deliver better results in production and economy", said the VC.

Taneja said that vet university may help women in becoming entrepreneurs. "We have a number of value-added products like flavoured milk, different type of lassis, whey drink, cheese, dhoda burfi, milk cake, meat pickle, meat patties, fish products, ornamental fish and aquarium business. Trainings are available for all products and professions", he said adding that the theme of 2012 International Women’s Day was "Connecting Girls Inspiring Futures" so he invited women to create the self-help groups. These groups may do well in all categories. "Advance education to women in the field of animal husbandry may also reap good results in research, extension and further studies because these professions are more inclined to females", said Taneja.



Stay away from artificial colours, say city doctors
Anupam Bhagria
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, March 7
People play Holi with varied range of colours irrespective of its ill effects on skin, hair and eyes.

Chemicals used in these colours play havoc with health in the form of allergy, rash, irritation and infection etc. These ymptoms may vary from mild irritation, dryness to severe form of irritant dermatitis burning, itching and allergic dermatitis.

Dr.Jastinder Gill, senior consultant, department of dermatology and cosmetology, SPS Apollo Hospitals, said, "Before playing Holi apply a moisturiser, and then a sunscreen on the face and other exposed parts of the body. Even pure coconut oil or olive oil can be applied on to the body, as it forms a protective barrier and thus protects the skin from colours. For extra protection, one can use lacto-calamine on top of the moisturiser and sunscreen." She further said that one should not forget to apply moisturiser and sunscreen on lips. Girls can apply lip colour for extra protection and boys can use lip balm.

Protection of one’s hair is a must. One must apply leave-on conditioner; simple coconut or olive oil. “This is the only time; I recommend the use of hair gel. Apply gel or oil on your hair before you go out to play Holi, it will protect your hair.

One should wear clothes which cover all exposed areas as arms and legs, cap or hat to protect hair, sunglasses to protect eyes.Girls can apply nail paint on their nails to protect them from damage.

After playing Holi

  • First thoroughly cleanse your face, body and hair with lots of water to wash away the colour.
  • Use soap and shampoo to cleanse the body and hair. Do not rub vigorously. Be gentle.
  • Use a hair conditioner after shampooing hair
  • Moisturise skin well and condition hair.



Fun, flowers, colours at fashion institute
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, March 7
It was fun with flowers and colours at the International Institute of Fashion Design. The institute celebrated Basant-Utsav Pushap Holi with fervour and enthusiasm today.

Budding designers at the institute played safe Holi with no harmful colours. No water was used but Holi was played with gulal and tilak. Everyone danced to the tunes of Holi songs. The dance floor was strewn with fresh flowers as students enjoyed and played holi by showering flowers on one another while jiving to the tunes of melodious music.

Popular songs like Rang Barse bheege chunarwali added to the flavour of Holi. Guneet, a student of fashion design, said that everyone was enjoying the day to the fullest. Colours are the most joyous part of the Holi celebrations as they add life and vitality to the festival, said Karan Dua, pursuing interior design.



‘Music spicing up Holi for eons’
Tribune News Service
Kapil Sharma is a city-based classical vocalist
Kapil Sharma is a city-based classical vocalist. A Tribune photograph

Ludhiana, March 7
Colours, fun, frolic and dance defines Holi for most, but the music has been spicing up the celebrations for eons, says a city-based classical vocalist, Kapil Sharma. Traditionally it is the Bhav Sangeet, special songs for Holi (Dhamar) that has been adding melody to the celebrations.

Kapil’s musical journey began at the age of 12 with the city-based teacher Ashok Khushdil. The turning point came when he heard the classical maestro Girija Devi perform at Heritage festival in Patiala. He was so enthralled by her singing that he decided to learn music from her. He could not get a chance to meet her. He got a chance to meet her in 2005. She had come as a judge for a TV show. He expressed his desire to learn music from her. At first, she refused on a pretext that she only teaches girls. She got impressed with his singing and asked if he is willing to leave home.

He left his Class XIIth studies after pursuing his parents. He came to Benaras to learn music for six years in 2005.

It was the result of this perseverance he was awarded by the President during the Republic Day celebrations last year as a young classical musician. He has also been awarded with Avadh Samman by the UP government, Citizen council award in the city, Sangeet Sankalp award by Kurukshetra University.

His favourite styles of singing comprise “Khayal”, “Thumri”, “Dadra”, “Holi”, and “Kajri”. He also sings bhajan and Gurmat Sangeet.

He says that Holi finds mention in the words of Amit Khusro, Mirabai, Surdas, Sufi saints and seers. It is not only an ancient festival, but also a festival that is celebrated by people of all religions, and creeds promoting harmony and togetherness.



from schools
Schoolchildren soak in Holi hues

Bal Bharati school

Bal Bharati Public School celebrated Holi with joy. Students of pre-primary were enthusiastic and were told the stories of Prahlad and Hiranyakshyap, Radha and Krishna and Hola Mohalla of Anandpur Sahib, how during Akbar’s era people used to play Holi with flowers. They were told that Holi helped diminish all discriminations in society. Bal Bharatians played Holi by showering flowers on each other. Principal Punam Dogra exhorted that Holi spread the colours of oneness, trust, faith and belief in every bodys’ lives, she advised them to play safe and eco-friendly Holi.

Firststeps school

The Holi festival was celebrated at Firsteps School with splashing colours through art activities like blow-painting, thumb painting and hand painting. The day ended with children putting favourite colours on their friends.

Cherry Lane
Kids of Rising Star School celebrate Holi
Kids of Rising Star School celebrate Holi. A Tribune photograph

To mark the onset of spring season, children celebrated Holi on the school premises on Wednesday. They began the day by making colourful rangoli with teachers. Various shapes like circle, triangle, star, moon and flowers were cut out in school on which the children made rangoli. After that, the children played Holi with the teddy bears and other stuff toys in school. Each child applied colour on the stuff toys. Teachers advised the children not to play Holi with artificial colours. Instead they encouraged the children to sprinkle flowers petals on each other. Children had a gala time.

Everest play-way school

The 'Holi Festival' was celebrated at Everest Play-Way and Nursery School, Maharaja Ranjit Singh Park, Behind Shingar Cinema, Ludhiana, with great pomp and show. The children came with colors to celebrate Holi .

Cakes and sweets were distributed among children. There was a programme of dance presented by the tiny tots. Principal Poonam Sharma told students about the importance of the festival.

Sri Guru Harkrishan public school

As the festival of Holi reached its crescendo in the Sri Guru Harkrishan Public School, Doraha, the tiny tots of the school celebrated Holi in a colourful fashion, with great fervour and enthusiasm on Wednesday. The chief guest on the occasion was Jaspreet Kaur, director of the school. She conveyed her "Holi" greetings to staff and students. Students and teachers gathered in the school lawns to celebrate Holi and greeted one another with colours. They looked charming with the colours on their faces. Some of the children danced while tiny tots performed an impressive cultural programme to celebrate the festival. The students presented articles, poems and songs on the occasion. The Holi sittings were organised and classical ragas devoted to Lord Krishna were sung.

Jain public school

Holi was celebrated Jain Public Senior Secondary School (nursery wing) with great enthusiasm. On this day, school was decorated with the colourful charts. The children from nursery to class I participated in this cultural function.

— Tribune reporters



from colleges
Students bring laurels to college

Ludhiana: Mabvumbe Tsi Tsi, from Zimbawe, student of MBA-International Business (2010-2012) batch of Punjab College of Technical Education, Ludhiana, bagged second Position in the second semester examinations conducted by Punjab Technical University, Jalandhar. Another foreign student from Tanzania Ummi Masanjuo Calvin Marealle of the same batch got the fourth position in the university examinations. PCTE Students have bagged top eight positions out of 10 in the university examinations.

Dr KNS Kang, director-general, PCTE Group of Institutes, said, “ PCTE has 84 students studying from various countries like Mozambique, Rwanda, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Uganda, Angola, Nigeria, Lesotho, Bhutan, USA, Afghanistan. Tsi Tsi and Ummi are not only intellectual but also have dynamic personality, they both are the coordinators for the International Students Week-2012 to be held on the PCTE Campus from March 12 to 16”.Priyanka Sharma of MBA IB (2010-2012) batch bagged the third position, Shubham Mendiratta was sixth, Bhavneet Kaur seventh and Gagandeep Kaur, Harleen Kaur, and Mahesh Gupta were eight, ninth and 10 respectively in the Punjab Technical University examinations. Tsi Tsi expressed that “It was an honour to be awarded the second position at the university level, all the credit goes to my teachers for coaching and mentoring me. I also thank my family for encouraging and supporting me in everything constantly. Ummi Masanjuo Calvin Marealle and anither said that the persistent support of their parents and teachers made their goals achievable and they thanked them for their guidance and sustainability.”


Department of commerce and computer of the M.T.S.M. College For Women organised a farewell party for their seniors. Students presented a cultural programme. The main attraction of the party was modelling by final-year students.

College president Swarn Singh, secretary, Kanwalinder Singh Thekedar and college principal Dr Parveen Kaur Chawla and other members of the college managing committee wished the students good luck.


To mark the celebrations of International Woman's Day Voice of youth Foundation organised a seminar on “Falling child sex ratio - a silent emergency” in collaboration with the health and family welfare department, Ludhiana, at the D.D. Jain College of Education.On this occasion, Dr. Subhash Batta, chief medical officer, Civil Hospital, Ludhiana, discussed at length about the need of saving girl child in the society.

Dr. Sunita Goyal, associate professor, department of obstetrics and gynecology, DMC & Hospital, Ludhiana, delivered her views about “Female Foeticide”. Ridhi Sood and Dr. Harjinder Singh also discussed ways to save the girl child.

On the occasion, an exhibition depicting the charts on female foeticide was also organised by Navneet Singh Sekha district artist.

Principal Dr Vijay Laxmi asked the budding teachers to save the girl child in order to save mankind.

Inter-college contest

Keeping in view the International Woman’s Day. “Mata Gur Kaur Memorial Inter-College Competition” was organised at te G.M.T College of Education under the guidance of principal Dr. Shikha Soni. Punjabi writer Balwinder Singh Fatehpuri was the chief guest. Declamation, poetry recitation, rangoli and pot painting contests were held. Students from 12 colleges participated. The chairman of the college Kashmir Singh Thind congratulated the winning teams. — TNS



Marring Rani of Jhansi statue’s beauty
Jaswant Shetra

Jagraon, March 7
Hoardings and advertisement boards put up by various business establishments as well as non-governmental organisations (NGOs) at he famous Rani Jhansi Chowk of Jagraon have been marring the beauty of the statue of Rani Jhansi Laxami Bai. These hoardings have irked the historians as well as members of various religious and social organisations.

Apart from Rani Jhansi’s statue, the hoardings can also been seen near the Punjab Kesari Lala Lajpat Rai Park. The residents rue that the authorities concerned have never shown seriousness to stop the people from putting up these hoardings around the statue. The lethargic attitude of the local municipal council authorities in removing these illegal hoardings has irked the residents.

Even though the representatives of some social organisations have lodged complaints with the local municipal council officials against this practice and demanded the hoardings be removed, but all their requests seem to be falling on deaf ears and nothing concrete has been done in this regard.

Though some months ago, the council employees had removed some hoardings following the issue highlighted by the media. But after a few days some other hoardings were put up again. The residents feel that the practice continues due to careless attitude of the MC officials.

“The municipal council will remove these hoardings on a priority basis and impose a strict ban on putting up banners and hoardings here. If someone is found putting up any hoarding again, the council will take a action against the guilty and also impose hefty fine”, says Ravinder Raju, president of Shaheed Bhagat Singh Club, Jagraon.

Some municipal councilors have also been raising this issue in the meetings of the council. Raising this issue during the last general house meeting of the municipal council, municipal councilors Jatinderpal Rana and Kulwinder Singh Kala had urged municipal council president Baldev Krishan Dhir to impose a strict ban on installation of illegal hoardings at historical places. Dhir had assured them to put up a permanent signboard near the statue barring the people from putting up hoardings but no board had been put up so far.

MC president Baldev Krishan Dhir says that the municipal council has given an order to prepare a signboard prohibiting the people from putting up hoardings near the statue of Rani of Jhansi. He further said that the board would be installed near the statue within a couple of days and if someone was found violating these instructions and putting up hoardings there, hefty fine would be imposed the defaulter.



Doraha pensioners discuss problems with bank managers
Our Correspondent

Doraha,March 7
A deputation of the Government Pensioners Association, Doraha, led by president Pawan Kumar Kaushal met the managers of the pension disbursing banks viz the State Bank of Patiala, Bank of India, Punjab and Sind Bank, Punjab National Bank and Oriental Bank of Commerce, Doraha, today.

Gurdial Dalal, general secretary, Ranjit Singh Tiwana, joint secretary, Dhanvantar Vaid, finance secretary, Tara Singh, Chaman Lal and Mehar Singh were a part of the deputation. The deputation discussed the problems faced by pensioners.

“As per the Punjab Government, travel concession should be given to each pensioner after every two years in January and July which many banks tend to skip. The Punjab Government has also allowed the family pensioners to get the travel concession on the same conditions as that of the regular ones. Hence, the banks should also pay the travel concession to the Family Pensioners.As per Government rules, the banks should also pay D.A on the family pension”, said Kaushal.

“The Government of Punjab has revised the old-age allowance to the pensioners at the age of 70 years. The banks should pay the revised old-age allowance with DA to the eligible pensioners,” he added. A memorandum regarding the general demands of the pensioners was handed over to the respective banks and a solution to the problems was sought at the earliest.

The managers of the respective banks on their part assured that first preference would be given to solve the problems of the pensioners. Concerning some specific problems faced by the pensioners drawing pension from Punjab National Bank and the Bank of India, the respective banks gave assurance to solve problems at the earliest.



world kidney day
Leading healthy life after 21 years of a transplant
Tribune news Service

Ludhiana, March 7
After 21 years of renal transplant, Paramjit Singh who runs a Karyana and multi-purpose store at Una in Himachal Pradesh now supports his wife and two children. Paramjit who got his kidney transplanted at the age of 17 years in 1991 at Christian Medical College and Hospital is now to work as motivator and promoter for the renal transplant surgery.

Dr Kim Mammen, Dr Kim Mammen, professor and head, department of urology & renal transplant surgeon of CMCH said, "He has perfect health now and eats normal food considering the illness he suffered during his adolescence, 21 years ago. At the age of 17, in 1990, he was diagnosed to have end stage kidney failure and he was dependent on hemodialysis for his survival. Due to his kidney failure, he discontinued his studies and he was bed ridden for a while. He used to get hemodialysis three times a week at CMCH. His father, Rattan Singh, was a police officer and decided to donate his kidney for his son. On August 27,1991 Parmajit Singh underwent successful kidney transplantation at CMCH. A month later, he returned to Una and started his part-time studies."

Three years after the successful renal transplant operation, Paramjit Singh got married and now has two children. On the eve of World Kidney Day, Paramjit Singh proudly said “I am a true beneficiary of the gift of life by kidney donation and I am now cured of the end stage kidney disease. I was once destined to die but now, I am determined to live."



Kidney health camp on March 10
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, March 7
The department of nephrology at Christian Medical College, Ludhiana, will be organising a kidney health camp in the nephrology OPD from 8 to 11 am on March 10. It will include free registration, nephrology and diet consultation, screening urine and blood tests, health education and awareness promotion. One should get his kidnyes checked up if a person is diabetic, have high blood pressure, smoke, use regular pain medications, above 40 years of age or have a close relative with diabetes or kidney disease.

on the occasion of World Kidney Day, RG Stone Urology and Laparoscopy Hospital is giving free consultation and investigations, including blood test (hemoglobin, tlc, dlc), urine test (routine and microscopy), ultrasound, X-ray (KUB) and uroflowmetry to its old (already suffering) as well as new patients. The main aim behind this is to create awareness and educate the populace about the risk factors and early detection of kidney diseases R G Stone is also organising health talks at different places, including its centres, rotary clubs, RWA’s etc. The free consultation will be provided from March 9 to till March 15.



ludhiana scan
Sahit akademi poll on April 15

The election of office-bearers of the Punjabi Sahit Akademi for the session 2012-2014 wll be held on April 15, prof Gurbhajan Singh Gill, president of the academy, said. He said that nominations for the same could be sent from March 26 to 31, till 5 pm in the evening. Scrutiny of the nomination papers will be done on April 1 at 3 pm and withdrawal of nominations will be allowed till April 5.


A seminar on “How to live without stress and tension” was organised at The Legends English Village to mark International Women's Day. The resource person was Dr Roshan Lal Gupta, a psychotherapist. He had an interactive session with women from different walks of life and addressed their queries.

Students honoured

The Ludhiana Branch of Asian Club organised a function at Government School, Kot Mangal Singh, in order to honour bright students. Cultural events were also organized, including rangoli making, mehandi design, poetry recitation and declamation contest — TNS



One injured in accident

Amloh, March 7
Two motorcycle-borne persons were seriously wounded when the motorcycle collided with a PRTC Bus and an Indica car at one km from here at Bhadal Thuha village today on the Amloh-Nabha road.

Gurmukh Singh who was present there said that people did not note the number of the car or bus as they immediately tried to call the ambulance at 108 and 101. Legs of both victims were fractured. The victims were identified as Harcharn Singh of Bhari village and Kuldeep Singh of Akalgarh village. After given the first aid at Civil hospital, Amloh, they were referred to Sector 32 Hospital, Chandigarh. — OC



Four hurt
Our Correspondent

Amloh, March 7
Four persons were hurt at Nabha chowk in Amloh when two motorcycles collided today. The wounded were taken to Civil hospital, Amloh, and after first Aid were referred to PGI, Chandigarh. Baljider Singh with his mother Rajwant Kaur, resident of Bhamarsi village was coming from bazar side on Hero Honda PB 23F 4750. When they reached Nabha chowk, a Bullet motorcycle hit them from the rear. The motorcycle was allegedly driven by Kulwant Singh of Baina Buland and with one pillion rider who was also injured. The case was being investigated.



Man assaulted
Our Correspondent

Amloh, March 7
Karamchari Dal chief and SAD working committee member Karamjit Singh Bhagrana was attacked at the By-Pass road near JP Nursing home, by some unidentified persons this evening.

The assailants with covered faces stopped a car without registration number plate where Bhagrana was talking to a person after parking his motorcycle nearby. The alleged unidentified persons rained cains on Bhagrana. When nearby persons raised an alarm.

The assailants succeeded in escaping from the site towards Nabha side, said Bhagrana.

The police was investing the matter.



Athletics Meet
Kirandeep bags 4 gold, adjudged best athlete
Our Sports Reporter

Ludhiana, March 7
Kirandeep Kaur, Computer Engineering IInd year student, bagged four gold medals to emerge as the best athlete in the two-day annual athletics meet of Satguru Ram Singh Government Polytechnic College for Girls, Rishi Nagar, that concluded here today.

Damanpreet Kaur, Information and Technology IInd year student, proved too fast and came out triumphant in the 100m sprints to be declared the fastest runner.

College principal, MP Singh, inaugurated the meet in which girls took part in various regular and fun games. He also took salute at an impressive march past. He gave away prizes to the winners and congratulated them.

Results: 100-m race: Damanpreet Kaur of Information and Technology 1st, Taranjeet Kaur of Computer Engineering 2nd and Jaswinder Kaur of Information and Technology 3rd. Triple jump: Jaswinder Kaur of Information and Technology 1st, Kirandeep Kaur of Computer Engineering 2nd and Shamanveer Kaur of Electrical and Computer Engineering 3rd. 100-m hurdles race: Taranjeet Kaur of Computer Engineering 1st, Jaswinder Kaur of Information and Technology 2nd and Kirandeep Kaur of Computer Engineering 3rd.

High jump: Jaswinder Kaur of Information and Technology 1st, Varinder Kaur of Information and Technology 2nd and Taranjeet Kaur of Computer Engineering 3rd. Shot put: Gurleen Kaur of Information and Technology 1st, Harpreet Kaur of Information and Technology 2nd and Gurjit Kaur 3rd. 200-m race: Taranjeet Kaur of Computer Engineering 1st, Rupinder Kaur of Information and Technology 2nd and Shallu of Information and Technology 3rd. 800-m race: Kirandeep Kaur of Computer Engineering 1st, Shamanveer Kaur of Electrical and Computer Engineering 2nd and Taranjeet Kaur of Computer Engineering 3rd. 400m hurdles race: Kirandeep Kaur of Computer Engineering 1st, Taranjeet Kaur of Computer Engineering 2nd and Damanpreet Kaur of Information and Technology 3rd. 400-m race: Kirandeep Kaur of Computer Engineering 1st, Varinder Kaur of Information and Technology 2nd and Pardeep Kaur of Information and Technology 3rd. Javelin throw: Nancy of Information and Technology 1st, Ajaypreet Kaur of Computer Engineering 2nd and Gagandeep Kaur of Electrical and Computer Engineering 3rd.The principal of the college gave away prizes to the winners and congratulated them.



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