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Bridge project faces delay
Puneet Pal Singh Gill
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, March 17
There seems to be a further delay in the completion of the much-hyped Lakkar Bridge project. Even though the Railways Department officials had claimed that the project would be ready by March 31, the contractor of the project has claimed that they were yet to receive the main drawings of one of the two bridges to be constructed on the railway tracks.

Sources within the Railways Department refuted these claims and said that the contractor was himself to provide the said drawings and that there was no delay on railways’ part.

These claims and counter-claims, related to the submission of drawings, have made one thing clear that the project cannot get completed by March 31, the deadline fixed by the Railways Department. The approach road to the rail over bridge (ROB) - from the Civil Lines side as well as up and down ramps from Clock Tower and Bhadaur House Market have already been completed.

A senior Railways official confirmed to The Tribune that initially there was some problem with the designer who was to prepare the drawings. “That is why, as per a mutual arrangement, we had asked the present contractor to get the drawings prepared from his own designer so that the work could be completed on time. Now the delay is only on part of the contractor as he is moving at a slow pace,” claimed the official, who did not wish to be identified.

Harinder Singh, project manager, Singla Engineers and Construction Pvt Ltd, said the company which was having the contract of constructing the Lakkar Bridge project, claimed that they were yet to get the drawings related to the construction of one side of the ROB.

“The drawing of one side - from Raikhy Cinema to Civil Lines - has been handed over to us, while our designer Abhay Dhonde from Bhopal submitted the drawing of portion from Civil Lines to Bhadaur House around 10 days ago. This drawing has been submitted with the designer of the railways department, who is yet to clear it. Till the time we get this as well as the drawing of the pier cap, we cannot go ahead with the work,” he claimed.

The contractor claimed that if all the drawings were submitted and the railways provided partial closure of railway traffic, the project would be ready by June this year.

MC target was Feb 15

During the Ludhiana Municipal Corporation’s general house meeting held on November 28, the then MC Commissioner AK Sinha had told the house that the Lakkar Bridge project would be complete by February 15. “I am personally in touch with the Chief Engineer of the Railways Department regarding this project and he has assured me that the project would get complete by February 15,” Sinha had claimed.

But this thing remained only on paper as the agency engaged by the construction wing of the Northern Railway started the piling work, for the construction of foundations and erection of two supporting pillars, at the under-construction ROB in place of the Lakkar Bridge in January. The piling work was delayed because the operational wing of the Northern Railway took quite some time in permitting a block (partial closure of railway traffic). At that time, the railways authorities had claimed that the ROB was expected to be completed and opened to the public by March 31.

Railways target was March 31

IEven though Railways had claimed that the much-hyped Lakkar Bridge project would be ready by March 31, project contractor has claimed that they were yet to receive the main drawings of a bridge to be built on rail tracks.


Lakkar Bridge hangs fire
The project was floated way back in 1997, its cost has escalated 4 times
Puneet Pal Singh Gill
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, March 17
The much-hyped 933.162-meter long Lakkar Bridge project has hung fire since 1997. It is a clear reflection of the sad state of affairs in the state government as well as the Railways. The project was aimed at reducing traffic congestion in the city.

The Rs 13-crore project to build a rail over bridge (RoB) in place of the 105-year-old Lakkar Bridge was floated way back in 1997 and due to the delay in its execution, the cost of this project has now escalated four times to Rs 58 crore.

The Y-shaped bridge would have one portion near Raikhy Cinema Chowk while the other one would land in front of Bhadaur House.

In 1997, the civic body had claimed that the over bridge would provide easier access to the newly developed areas and announced that the project would be completed within two years. At that time it was decided that half of the project cost would be borne by the civic body while the rest by the Ludhiana Improvement Trust. However, owing to technical glitches in planning, the project remained stalled for over a decade, and work restarted on November 27, 2009.

Mayor Hakam Singh Giaspura and the then Ludhiana Improvement Trust (LIT) chairman Ashok Juneja had formally inaugurated work on the stalled project on November 29, 2009, and at that time they had claimed that it would be completed by June, 2011. Later, a deadline of August, 2011, was fixed, which was extended to October, 2011, and later to December, 2011.

In September last year, Senior Deputy Mayor Parveen Bansal had announced that the project would be complete by December end and had boasted that it would be like a New Year gift for the residents.

Even as both the ends of the bridge were completed in time, the construction of the portion over the railway tracks is yet to start.



Poor man’s cycle to cost more
Manav Mander
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, March 17
Poor man’s cycle will cost more. The prices of bicycle are set to rise by 3 to 4 per cent once the excise and import duties on parts are hiked. While the prices of bicycles will increase in the local market, those imported are also set to rise. The bicycle makers at the local manufacturing hub have, however, hailed the Budget proposal to hike import duty saying that it would curb “unhindered” import of bicycles and parts from China “to some extent”.

“Prices of bicycle will go up by more than Rs 100 per unit because of 1 per cent increase in excise duty on bicycles and increase in basic excise duty by 2 per cent and increase in service tax,” said Gurmeet Singh Kular, president, United Cycles and Parts Manufacturers Association (UCPMA).

Pointing that the input cost of the manufacturers would jump due to announcement of hike in duty and taxes, he said bicycle makers would be forced to pass on the impact to customers.

“The prices of the cycle will rise between Rs 70 and Rs 100 depending upon the cost. Manufacturers will be left with no option but to pass on the increase in input cost to the customers,” said DS Chawla, former president of the UCPMA.

Jeevan, a labourer at one of the construction site in the city, said even poor people had not been exempted in the Budget. “I was thinking of buying a cycle as it takes me nearly an hour to reach my workplace but now it is not possible. It should not have been done,” he said.

The Budget has proposed a hike in basic excise duty from 10 to 12 per cent and 1 to 2 per cent on bicycles. Service tax has also been increased from 10 to 12 per cent.

The city-based bicycle manufacturers said increase in custom duty alone wasn’t sufficient for curbing the flooding of bicycle and parts from China at cheaper prices.



Customs official caught taking bribe
Shivani Bhakoo
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, March 17
VP Singh, superintendent in the Customs Department here, was caught red-handed by CBI sleuths for accepting a bribe of Rs 1.5 lakh from a customs clearing agent.

According to reliable sources in the department, VP Singh had to clear various files of certain companies, but Singh, allegedly, was dilly dallying in clearing the files of the customs clearing agent Gurjeet Singh Walia.

Sources further added that for the past more than 10 days, Walia was after the official for getting the files cleared for his customers (companies). The files were reportedly sent one step ahead (for clearance) in the examination department of Customs, but Singh got those back just to ask Walia to pay Rs 1.5 lakh for getting the work done.

"Today, about a dozen CBI sleuths came from Chandigarh and caught VP Singh red-handed while accepting the bribe amount. VP Singh was arrested from Gateway Rail Freight Link, Sahnewal, at around 11 am by the raiding team. Later, the team members raided Singh's house at Sector 32, near Vardhman Colony here, and recovered cash and jewellery worth over Rs 1 crore," said an official in the department on condition of anonymity.



No grant for PAU in Budget
Charanjit Singh Teja
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, March 17
In the Union Budget announced yesterday, Finance Minister Pranab Mukhrjee announced special grants to five agricultural universities of the country. The UPA chairperson, Sonia Gandhi, had promised a grant of Rs 100 crore to Punjab Agricultural University (PAU) for infrastructure development during the election campaign of the Congress.

Five agricultural universities that have got grant in the Union Budget 2012-13 are Kerala Agricultural University (Rs 100 crore), University of Agricultural Sciences Dharwad, Karnataka (Rs 50 crore), Chaudhary Charan Singh Haryana Agricultural University, Hisar (Rs 50 crore), Orissa University of Agriculture and Technology (Rs 50 crore) and Acharya NG Ranga Agricultural University in Hyderabad (Rs 100 crore).

The PAU had been expecting this grant from the Centre to get over the financial crunch as the lion's share of grants received by the university is used to pay salaries to its employees.

Earlier, the PAU received this one-term grant for infrastructure development in 2006. With this grant, the PAU started a number of projects but some of them are still incomplete because of scarcity of funds.

"With the change of times, the university requires infrastructural changes. There are some projects coming up on the university campus and at out stations work on which has been discontinued. The state government are not in a position to give funds to the university,

so the Central Government should reserve funds for the PAU," said an employee.

Meanwhile, Vice-Chancellor of the PAU BS Dhillon said: "The Central Government gave us Rs 1 crore for infrastructural development in 2006. Now, it has given the same infrastructural grant to other universities. It is not necessary for the government to allocate funds to us in every budget. We are receiving funds for infrastructure from various schemes of the Centre."



Shell out more for eating out, holidaying
Manav Mander
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, March 17
Foodie and footloose Ludhianvis have hit a speed breaker. Those, who love travelling, will have to shell out more for staying in hotels. Eating out has also become expensive for food lovers.

After the Budget eating out and hotel stays have now become more expensive with taxes now accounting for over 30 per cent of the bill you settle at restaurants because of the hike in service tax from 10 per cent to 12 per cent.

The hotel accommodation with a daily tariff of over Rs 1,000 and air-conditioned restaurants serving liquor came under the service tax net in the last Budget. A five star hotel stay will cost Rs 300 more on existing tariff of about Rs 15,000 per night. Taxes on food bills would account between 30 to 36 per cent after the proposed hike.

“It is certainly going to put a burden on us,” said a manager of one of the five star hotels in the city.

Manisha Ahuja, a bank employee, said her family was planning a trip to Bangkok during this vacations but they would have to think twice before finalising the trip. “Hotel stay, dining out, air fares all have been increased in the Budget. We will have to reconsider our decision,” she added.

Swati Sharma, another homemaker, said, “Dining out on weekends was the only entertainment for us, now it has become costly”. Hailing from Mumbai, Swati finds the city boring and dining out on weekends was the only amusement available to her in the city, now that too will go.

Suresh Jain, a city-based businessman, said though dinning out and holidaying would become dearer after the next financial year, these could not ignored. “You need to go out with family and friends once in a while. We are left with no option other than shelling out extra bucks,” he added.



Joint families thrive in Punjab
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, March 17
Usually with development, nuclear families increase and the joint family system starts taking a backseat. But in the states like Punjab, Haryana and Gujarat, joint families continue to thrive. Going by Census 2011, the percentage of joint families in Punjab is the fourth highest at 23.9 per cent, followed by UP, Rajasthan and Haryana.

According to Dr Sukhdev Singh, Professor of Sociology at Punjab Agricultural University, theoretically, it is paradoxical that being one of the most developed states, Punjab has one of the highest percentage of the joint families.

In comparison to North India, where apart from the above-mentioned states, Himachal Pradesh also has higher number of joint families, South India has a lesser number of joint families.

Because the north had always been prone to attacks by invaders in the past, the joint family system was the preferred form of the family system because it gives better security, he said.

In Punjab and Haryana, the system owes it origin in the agricultural setup where more workforce is required. However, the system is on the decline very rapidly because of job-mobility and increasing materialism.

In Gujarat, it is the business that keeps the Marwaris together as under the extended family system families of kin work together to support the businesses and helping them excel in it, he says.

He says it cannot be said with authority as to which system is better as both have their merits and demerits. Whereas the joint family system doesn't encourage development of individual personality in the protective type of environment, nuclear families can lead to problems like isolation. The joint family system sometimes may become source of domestic violence.

"Our Indian society is in a state of transition. It is changing continuously and change is inevitable," adds Dr Sukhdev Singh, Professor of Sociology.



Decline in advertisement via direct mail
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, March 17
Remember the days when you used to get unnamed envelopes containing advertisements and promotional material of companies or newly opened showrooms the neighbourhood?

With new avenues and means of advertising through the expansion and arrival of mobile, Internet and evolution of out-of-home advertising, the promotion and advertising through direct mail is rapidly on the decline.

Although advertising through leaflets in the newspapers is still prevalent to an extent, direct mail though post has almost become negligible.

The direct mail facility - available with the postal department by the name of direct post, has become almost redundant, according to sources.

Apart from the increasing means of advertising, the main reason for the decline of the utilisation of this facility with the postal department is its higher cost. It costs Rs 1.5 per article for using the direct post facility, while it costs Rs 2 for outstation mail. But the cost is way higher than distributing leaflets through newspapers. Corporate houses and advertising agencies who used to avail this facility of the department hardly utilise this form of promotion. They used to form a major proportion of clientele of the department. But now, most of them have shifted towards better, faster and wider means of advertising, and now only smaller clients use this facility, an official said.



Multi-Crore Fraud
Man who defrauded Nirmal Baba names two more
Claims to have videographed his friend, agent’s meetings
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, March 17
Ten days after five persons, including a woman, were booked for defrauding Nirmal Baba, a spiritual guru, of Rs 1.07 crore; it has come to light that a city-based businessman and an insurance adviser, too, were behind this conspiracy.

This came to light after Inderjit Anand (45), who was arrested for siphoning off money from Nirmal Baba’s account, divulged that his businessman friend, whom he knows for the past three decades and who owns a retail showroom in the city, had kept him in dark. Sensing foul play, he had videographed their meetings and recorded the voices of his friend and the insurance adviser. “I mistook my friend’s intention and trusted him. I thought he will dole me out of the financial crisis, but he used me instead,” added Anand.

“I received a cheque for Rs 1.07 crore from my friend in February 22. He promised to give Rs 5 lakh to me for getting it cleared. I was shocked to see the cheque issued by Nirmal Darbar, Delhi. When I enquired about it, he said the spiritual guru wanted to invest the money through him,” Anand added.

Anand deposited the cheque in Punjab and National Bank (PNB) for clearance. The cheque was cleared and the money transferred to Anand’s account.

“A few hours later, Ajay, an employee of businessman, withdrew Rs 3 lakh from the bank. I withdrew Rs 10 lakh from the bank and handed it over to my friend. I transferred rest of the amount in his HDFC joint account and withdrew Rs 50 lakh. They stopped near the West End Mall and took Rs 50 lakh from me. I withdrew rest of the amount and handed it over to my friend the next day,” Anand added.

“I received a call from the bank stating that there was something wrong in the cheque and I need to get it rectified while I was having a cup of tea at my friend’s house. I got panicky and told my friend to arrange the money. But he kept on delaying the issue. The bankers came to my house to enquire about the issue.”

The insurance adviser came to the businessman’s house and told him that he had been robbed. “All hell broke loose at me. I was numb and did not know what to do. They came to my house and assured bank authorities that they would deposit the entire amount,” he said.

Anand’s wife spoke to Nirmal Baba with the help of the bank manager. “The spiritual guru was upset and refused to speak any further on the issue,” said Anand’s wife. Anand pressurized his friend to return the money, but the latter kept on delaying the issue.

“The fraud lay bare when my businessman friend told me ways to usurp the money. Fortunately, I recorded the entire conversation. From then onwards I started recordings each meeting I had with my friend. The money is with them,” said Anand.



Vikas Jindal is dental council vice-chief
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, March 17
Dr Vikas Jindal, a resident of the city, was elected vice-president of the Punjab Dental Council today. He secured 11 out of 18 votes.

The Punjab Dental Council held its elections for the posts of president, vice-president and four executive committee members at Chandigarh today. Dr Randip Singh Mann was unanimously elected its president.

The four executive committee members who were unanimously elected are Dr Amarjeet Singh Gill, Dr Inderjeet Singh, Dr Madan Gopal Arora and Dr Sachin Dev Mehta.

The Punjab Dental Council is an autonomous body, which is responsible for the continuous dental education (CME) programmes, also takes care of the quality of the dental education in the state.

All the practising dentists in the state are registered with the Punjab Dental Council.



A man with a mission
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, March 17
Craze for foreign pastures has failed to dampen the spirit of Roop Singh Roopa, an NRI, from serving his motherland. He has mooted and executed several novel plans for the upliftment of educational and health facilities.

Roop Singh Roopa (76) was an accounts officer in the PAU. He took voluntary retirement in 1992. He went to the USA and settled in Delaware. He was recently in the city for organising pensioners’ mela at the PAU.

“I still remember the day when I was shot at by terrorists opposite the PAU hospital in 1989 and a large number of people were willing to donate blood for me. How can I forget the love and care people showered on me,” he added. He hails from Sailvrah village in Bathinda district. “I have visited more than 15 countries for attending the conferences in my capacity as the general secretary of the All India University College Employees Association,” he added.

Narrating about the literacy campaign started in his own village, Roopa said: “The literacy mission, which was once started by the Punjab government, has been shelved. A few years ago, I asked students of government senior secondary school at my village to educate their parents as majority of them were illiterate. I gave Rs 500 each to these students as reward. I have rewarded 155 such students so far. I hope to make each and every person in my village literate in next three years.”

Potable water was not being supplied in the government school. He said, “ I got a water cooler with RO installed in the school. I am also giving cash prizes to meritorious students of Classes V, VIII, Xth and XIIth.” 



832 get degrees
Guru Nanak Girls College convocation held
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, March 17
The annual convocation of Guru Nanak Girls College, Model Town, was held here today. Dr Gurbachan Singh, Chairman, Agricultural Scientists Recruitment Board (ASRB), New Delhi, was the chief guest on the occasion.

The function commenced by taking the blessings of God through the recitation of shabad “Dehe Shiva Var Mohe”. Degrees were conferred on 832 students, including 489 graduates from the disciplines of BA, BSc, BCom, BCA BSc (FD) and BBA and 343 postgraduates. The roll of honour was awarded to 21 students. Fiftyeight students were given college colours and merit certificates were awarded to 25 NCC students.

The Principal, Dr Charanjit Mahal, presented the annual report highlighting the achievements of the college. Dr Gurbachan Singh felicitated the students and exhorted them to strive for excellence in the present globalised world. Gurbir Singh, president of the Guru Nanak Education Trust, congratulated the degree holders on their success and wished them good luck for their future.



pau notes
‘Home management needs attention’
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, March 17
In a view of the weather warming up this month, home scientists of the Punjab Agricultural University (PAU) have urged the farm women and the home makers to pay utmost attention to home cleanliness, child care, health and diet, seasonal food intake, storage of winter wear and purchase of summer wear clothes. Providing tips for the household practices, the expert, Dr Surinderjit Kaur asked the home makers to fill in all the cracks and holes on walls and floors of kitchen, bathrooms, store and other rooms of the house with cement or plaster of paris so that the insects-pests do not find any place to hide. Stressing on proper diet and care of health, the expert Dr Kirti Grover said during the examination days, eating right food helps in keeping the brain active and reduces the anxiety to a great extent. For full performance of brain, omega-3 fatty acids are vital and should be included in the meals. Educating about the wise buying and storage of the clothes, the home science expert, Dr Harinder Saggu suggested the women to wash and store the quilt covers, heavy blankets and winter clothes.

Rice variety

Rice is grown over 27.5-lakh hectare area in Punjab with a production of over 10 lakh tonnes in Punjab. Diseases are a major bottleneck in the successful cultivation of the crop. "The intensive cultivation of rice witnesses the attack of diseases and insect-pests, thereby, resulting in huge losses to the farmers. Among the diseases, bacterial leaf blight is the most devastating disease because once it appears it is difficult to check. At present, 10 pathotypes of the bacterial blight pathogens are prevalent in Punjab," disclosed Dr Manjit S Gill, additional director of research (crop improvement), Punjab Agricultural University (PAU). He said that improved crop varieties with tolerance to diseases could help in obtaining the desired level of productivity.



From schools

Graduation Ceremony
Students at a function at Ryan International in Ludhiana on Saturday
Students at a function at Ryan International in Ludhiana on Saturday. Tribune photo: Himanshu Mahajan

Ludhiana: The graduation ceremony was held at Ryan International School here on Saturday. The air was filled with pride and jubilation as the Montessori III students received their degrees in a formal convocation and were promoted onto the next level of academic journey. The function consisted of scintillating and foot-tapping performances by the tiny tots. The students presented traditional dance forms of different states of India, thus highlighting the rich and varied cultural heritage of the country.

The parents were delighted to see their little ones showcasing their dance abilities in a synchronised symphony and receiving their degrees from the guests of honour.

In the message sent on this special ceremony, the Founder Chairman, Dr Augustine Francis Pinto, said: "The initial years lay a strong foundation in developing in a child love for learning and create conditions for him to pursue a positive approach in life. At Ryan, we lay special emphasis on the cultivation of all three dimensions of the mind, body and spirit. We believe, free the child's potential and you will transform him into the world".

Extending her wishes to the students and parents, Managing Director Madam Grace Pinto said: "The contribution of recreation in a student's life cannot be underestimated. It not only leads to better academic performance, but also helps in personality enhancement”.

Flower fest

Vatika Nursery School observed its annual cultural function "Vatika Flower Fest 2012". Kids put up a gala show and danced to the beats of "Mere Pyare Chanda Mamma". Lively presentations of rhymes, fancy-dress show, songs, group dances were enjoyed and appreciated by one and all. The alumni of Vatika gave their mesmerising performances and won the hearts of the audience. Kartar Singh Patna was the chief guest. Principal BM Bhandari proposed a vote of thanks to the parents.

Farewell party

Doraha: Students of Sri Guru Harkrishan Public School here organised a farewell party for the outgoing students of Class X on the school premises on Saturday. The students of Class IX presented a cultural extravaganza. Seniors attired in formals sashayed down the ramp confidently.

The programme began with a Punjabi fusion dance depicting the importance of Punjabi culture over the Western culture. The cultural programme concluded with the beats of bhangra. Jaspreet Kaur, director of the school, addressed the students and blessed them. The Principal, Manjushaw Vinayak, extended best wishes to the outgoing students. — Tribune Reporters



College notes

Workshop concludes

Ludhiana: Two-day workshop on "Business Research Methods" concluded at SCD Government College here on Saturday. Today’s session was divided into two parts. In the first part Dr Ashwani Bhalla, Executive Vice-President of the Punjab Commerce and Management Association, delivered the talk on “Research Methods for Business a Skill Building Approach".

He emphasised that every manager should have a research-focussed mind to be successful in organisations. He highlighted the difference between pure and applied research and motivated the students to be expert in applied research in order to become good managers.

The second session focussed on students’ presentations on the various topical areas. The most attractive presentation was made by Aatish, a student of MCom (Business Innovations). He talked on questionnaire design and beautifully outlined the various types of questions which are generally presented in a questionnaire.

Farewell party
Students of the Commerce Department of the Khalsa College for Women, Civil Lines, at the farewell party in Ludhiana on Saturday
Students of the Commerce Department of the Khalsa College for Women, Civil Lines, at the farewell party in Ludhiana on Saturday. Tribune photo: Himanshu Mahajan

Students of the Commerce Department of the Khalsa College for Women, Civil Lines, bid adieu to their seniors here on Saturday. The Principal of the college, Dr Varinder Kaur Thind was present. The chief guest of the day was Dr Asha Dhawan, Dean, College of Fisheries, GADVASU. The students presented a colourful cultural programme.

Dr Thind motivated the students to give their best in whatever they do in their lives.

Camp held

A five-day Bal Chetna Course camp was organised by the Art of Living organisation under its project “EK SOCH” at SDP College for Women under the guidance and inspiration of Balraj Bhasin, president of the SDP Sabha and college. He was ably supported by Ranjana Sood, Assistant Professor of Economics with the college.

The camp, which started on March 13, saw the participation of around 50 students who have been adopted under the National Child Labour Project. Children were taught basic techniques of pranayam and meditation for a stress-free mind at the camp. They were also taught the importance of healthy living, cleanliness and hygiene, along with the values of compassion for environment and respect for their elders.

Dr Paramjeet Kaur Ghuman, Principal of the college, lauded the efforts of Art of Living in conducting such camps.


Students of MA Punjabi-1 gave a warm farewell to their seniors at the Government College for Women here on Saturday. A cultural programme was also presented.

Principal of the college Gurminder Kaur extended her best wishes to the outgoing students.


Mandi Gobindgarh: The annual prize-distribution function and convocation of Jawahar Lal Nehru Government College for Girls here was held on the college campus on Saturday. The chief guest, Dr Sujinder Singh, Dean (Punjabi Academic Affairs) Punjabi University, Patiala, conferred degrees on 128 graduates of the academic year 2009-10 and 2010-11. The chief guest gave away prizes to the toppers of the college in academics and cocurricular activities.

Principal Vijay Kumar Sharma, who joined the college on February 8, stated in his annual report that this was one of the four government woman colleges in the state and the only government college in the district. It was started by the municipal council as a private college in 1968 and was taken over by the government in July, 1976. Total enrolment of the college is 350. Out of 13 posts of lecturer, eight posts are lying vacant which has affected the performance of the college in sports as well as education. Municipal Council Chief Dharmpal Rao, members of the PTA, the parents of the students and other honourable personalities graced the occasion with their presence. The students presented a colourful programme. Among the students, Gagandeep Kaur, Narinderjeet Kaur, Hardeep Kaur and Simranjeet Kaur were awarded for their academic positions.

Vice-Principal Brigendra Tohra presented a vote of thanks and the ceremony ended with the singing of National Anthem.

Hena Miss Farewell

Khanna: Gurjeet Singh and Hena Sharma were declared Mr and Miss Farewell during a party thrown by the computer department for the students of BCA final year at AS College Khanna. A cultural programme was presented by the students of BCA II.

Solvia Chauhan was declared Miss Personality. Principal RS Jhanji greeted the students on this occasion and expressed wishes for the better future of the outgoing students.

Paper presentation

Doraha: The Postgraduate Department of Commerce and Business Administration of Guru Nanak National College here organised a paper presentation contest on Saturday. About 25 students of MCom BCom and BBA participated in this contest. Eighteen papers were presented by students on various topics related to marketing, finance, investment, service sector, RTI Act and consumerism in India.

Navjot Kaur (BCom I) presented a paper on the Right to Information Act and secured the first position while the second position was jointly bagged by Anu Puri (MCom II) and Kirti Kaushal (MCom I) for their papers on “ATM Penetration in Rural India” and “Salesmanship” respectively. Parminder Kaur and Gurpreet Kaur (BBA III) for their presentation on “Impact of globalisation on service sector” and Navneet Bhaskar (MCom I) for her paper on“Devaluation of rupee” collectively bagged the third position. The toppers of MCom, BCom and BBA courses were also felicitated on this occasion. Director Jaswant Singh Gill and Prof Gursharanjit Singh, Head of the Department, congratulated gave away the prizes to the students. — Tribune Reporters



Ludhiana scan

Annual meeting

The annual general meeting of the Ludhiana Sewing Machine Industries Association was held here on Saturday. The association also celebrated its golden jubilee. President of the association Joginder Singh, apart from other members, were honoured on the occasion. — TNS

SARAS Mela continues

A bonanza, SARAS Mela, which is going on at the Government College ground is the centre of attraction of fun seekers of the city. While rural artisans are making a good money, folklore artistes enjoy performing in front of a good crowd. Ranjit Singh Dhillon, MLA from Ludhiana East, visited the mela ground along with his 
family. On this occasion, he said the refreshing memories of rural culture and the 
presence of people drawn from all over the country have made the occasion 
beautiful. Dr Mamta Joshi, an artist from Himachal Pradesh, sang Sufi songs 
on Friday. — TNS



College of Nursing celebrates Alumni Day
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, March 17
The College of Nursing, CMC, celebrated Alumni Day here today. The induction ceremony was started by word of prayer followed by presentation of mementos and badges to the new members. Prof Ponnamma R Singh, Principal, College of Nursing, introduced the chief guest, Prof H Asha Emmanuel.

Speaking on the occasion, the chief guest spoke on the importance of alumni associations. Senior members of the profession felicitated the new alumni members. An alumni newsletter was also released on this occasion. The programme ended with a variety of entertainment items.

It was a homecoming for many of the senior alumni members. The scientific session on "Evidence-based practice" was chaired by Prof Triza Jiwan. 



Man robbed of cash, jewellery
Shivani Bhakoo
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, March 17
Hitesh Sood, a resident of the Gaushala Road, Police Division No. 3, was robbed of cash, two gold rings and a laptop worth Rs 1.5 lakh last night, about 200 meters from his house. This incident took place while he was returning from Haibowal. Despite making rounds at the Police Division No. 3 for registering an FIR, the police seems to be reluctant to register a case. The, complaint, however, written on a piece of paper.

Talking to Ludhiana Tribune, Hitesh Sood, working in a medical company said at around 11:30 pm last night, when he was returning from Haibowal to his house near Division No. 3 police station, two unidentified persons on a motorbike stopped him near a “gaushala”.

“On of them ridding pillion took out an axe, while the driver alighted from the motorcycle and asked me to handover whatever I had. They took my laptop, important documents, mobile phone, data card, two gold rings, cash in the pocket and my wallet. I got scared, as the rings were tight fitted. They forcibly took out both rings themselves. Unfortunately, there was nobody on the road and both youths had not even covered their faces,” said Sood further adding that he tried hard to read the number plate but it was “covered” with mud.

Before fleeing from the scene, they took away the key of by Bajaj Activa. “I had to tow the vehicle to my house. But when I approached the Police Division No. 3, I was asked to come again in the morning. They wrote the details on a piece of paper. The munshi asked me to come in the afternoon. I went there. Instead of registering a complaint, police gave a terrible picture of court. This is disgusting,” Sood added.



Bid to kidnap couple on road
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, March 17
A local resident Amit Sharma and his wife Monika Sharma escaped when a "gang" tried to kidnap them. Though the police had not registered any case till the filing of this report, the couple alleged that they were being "followed" by several youths from Jagraon till the railway crossing near Sacred Heart Secior Secondary School, Sarabha Nagar here.

Since Amit Sharma had gone to the police station for getting a case registered, his mother said both Amit and Monika were coming from Ferozpur in their car. At Jagraon, the couple went to a dhaba to get some snacks. When they started from Jagraon, two youths started following them on a bike. On reaching near Sacred Heart School, two other persons on a bike, started following them.

"Since a train was to pass through the place and there was a great rush, the couple drove fast to reach near the crossing. Then two more persons on a bike came near them and showed a pistol to Monika. Amit hurridly came out from the car with his kid, while Monika forcibly opened the door and ran near another car. The youths fled from the scene after seeing the huge rush at the crossing. The traumatised couple later reached home," said Amit's mother in a trembling voice.

In charge Bus Stand Chowk Dharmender said no FIR had been lodged so far. He maintained," They got panicky when some motorcycle-borne youths followed them. Here at Sarabha Nagar, some other persons were there. Since they were shocked, the couple thought that these youths were sent by the others who followed them. Still we are investigating the matter," said the chowki in charge. 



Sports Meet: Hari Singh wins 100m race
Our Sports Reporter

Ludhiana, March 17
The 7th edition of the annual sports meet for the employees of the Dayanand Medical College and Hospital and the Hero DMC Heart Institute was held here today in which a large number of participants competed for various sports events and fun games.

Dr Daljit Singh, Dr BS Shah and Dr Ashwani Chaudhary, all medical superintendents along with Col JV Singh, Deputy General Manager, Administration and Human Resources, were present at the inaugural function. Tanu Sachdeva, Assistant Manager (HR), welcomed the guests.

In cricket, Subhash Sharma XI of the DMCH emerged victorious while Ashwani Kumar XI of the Hero DMC finished runners up. Satwinder Singh and Bablu bagged the man of match and man of the series awards, respectively.

In volleyball, team of Surm Singh outplayed team of Sanjeet Singh Negi to come out triumphant and in hockey; Bahadur Singh XI defeated Subhash Sharma XI to romp home victors.

In football, team of Jagtar Singh got the better of team of Ravinder Singh and bagged top honours. In basketball, team of Jagtar Singh piped team of Nikhil Sabharwal to win the trophy and in tug-of-war; Hakam Singh (security) beat team of Joga Singh to lay its hands on winners’ trophy.

Other results: Carom (singles)- Ashok Kumar 1st and Arvind Sharda 2nd; Carom (doubles)- Mangal Singh and Bhagwant Singh 1st, Ravi Thakur and Lalit Negi 2nd.

Badminton (men’s singles)- Sanjeev Kumar 1st and Pawan Kumar 2nd; Badminton (men doubles)- Pawan Kumar and Rakesh Kumar 1st, Dharam Pal and Arun Kokhar 2nd.

Badminton (women singles)- Saroj Kumari 1st and Sushma Biswas 2nd; Badminton (women doubles)- Saroj Kumari and Anchal Bhardwaj 1st, Shikha Dhiman and Sushma Biswas 2nd.

Table tennis (men singles)- Arvind Sharda 1st and Abdul Majid 2nd; Table tennis (men doubles)- Gurpreet Singh and Arvind Sharda 1st, Sushil Kala and Mukesh Joshi 2nd.

100-m race (men)- Hari Singh 1st; 100-m race (women)- Sandeep Kaur 1st and Shveta 2nd; 200-m race (women)- Shveta 1st and Reena 2nd.



Sports bodies lock horns
Our Sports Reporter

Ludhiana, March 17
The Punjab Kurash Association (PKA) and the District Badminton Association (DBA)- the two city-based sports associations-have locked horns over holding a national martial arts competition at Shastri Badminton Hall near Guru Nanak Stadium.

The kurash association is organising the 6th edition of the Senior National Kurash Championship on March 24 and 25. Initially, the organisers had booked the multipurpose indoor hall of Guru Nanak Sports Complex for holding the meet.

Subsequently, the hall was closed for renovation. The work has not been completed as yet. This forced the organisers to look for another venue and they finally decided to organise the meet at Shastri Badminton Hall.

Rajeev Katna and Parveen Thakur, president and general secretary, respectively of the kurash association sought permission from the municipal corporation for hosting the mega event at Shastri Hall.

According to Parveen Thakur, nearly 250 competitors from all over the country along with officials will converge in the city besides a technical delegation from Iran to oversee the event.

When organisers visited the venue for making preparations for the upcoming championship, members of the badminton association raised objection citing this would damage the wooden flooring of the badminton hall.

Talking to The Tribune, Anupam Kumaria, honorary secretary of the badminton association, said the wooden floors had been re-laid and the hall renovated by the corporation at a cost of Rs 30 lakh.

The badminton fraternity would oppose the kurash association’s decision to hold the national meet at the hall, Kumaria added.

“The costly floor could get damaged during the national meet. The kurash association should look for another venue for holding the meet,” Kumaria added.

Parveen Thakur was optimistic about holding the event at Shastri Hall. He said officer-bearers of the badminton association would fall in line and allow them to use the infrastructure.

In fact, prestige of Punjabis was at stake, as players from over 20 states would be visiting the state, known for its hospitality, Thakur added. 



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