Off-screen reality
In Chandigarh, actor Prabhleen Sandhu talks about her upcoming film and what she hopes will improve in the Punjabi film industry
Ashima Batish

Just a few films old and Prabhleen Sandhu believes she has deciphered the functioning of the Punjabi film industry pretty well, “The industry isn’t professional enough, it doesn’t pay much attention to promoting a film and sincerity is missing.” Whatever negative impression she has of the industry, don’t blame her entirely for it. Experiences lead to opinions; at times, to being opinionated. In Chandigarh, to promote her film, Rahe Chardi Kala Punjab Di, she talks about her film and the stark difference between Bollywood and the Punjabi film industry.

She will be seen essaying the lead role of Zeba, a Pakistani girl who falls in love with a boy when she goes to London. “Twist in the tale comes after their marriage. The boy from Punjab, India, leaves her and goes missing. She then heads to India in search of her husband.” In the backdrop, social evils prevalent in Punjab are also addressed. “We have talked about dowry, drug addiction and female foeticide, the main one of course being marrying NRIs.” Playing the central character, she says wasn’t tough, given her experience in television.

Hailing from Ferozepur, Prabhleen’s career has been more or less like any other aspiring actor. She got a break with a TV daily soap, Aap Ki Antara, in which she played the role of Antara’s mother, went on to do Mohe Rang De, directed by Abhinav Kashyap. Next on the career graph, a few Punjabi films got marked and now she is all set to venture into Bollywood. “Abhinav is my godfather. It’s because of his belief in my talent that I managed to get a lead role in Shahid; starring Raj Kumar Yadav, co-produced by Anurag Kashyap.” She will also be been seen in 16, produced by Shailesh Singh, whose last production was Tanu Weds Manu.

The budget of the movie is not something that bothers her; she says that it’s not the budget that differentiates Punjabi films from the mainstream cinema. “Small budget films have done very well in Bollywood. What matters is how efficiently you are with film-making. Once the film is over, the producer has to release it, which doesn’t promptly happen here.” Be it TV or films, the medium, she says doesn’t matter. “I love to act. That is where it ends. I feel sad when justice is not meted out to my hardwork. Wish my next experience in the Punjabi cinema will be a pleasant one.” Experiences indeed lead to opinions!

Muscle power
Virender Singh Ghuman, who has created waves by becoming the first Asian to make it to Arnold Schwarzenneger’s Classic Europe, is all set to take Punjabi industry by storm 
Jasmine Singh

The last Punjabi actor that we remember who had muscle, we mean doley sholey, was our wrestling king Dara Singh. Rest of the muscle-making machines are placed in Bollywood—Salman Khan and Hrithik Roshan to name a few.

But now we have our very own Punjab da gabru to talk about—Virender Singh Ghuman from Gurdaspur district Punjab, who is the first Indian and the first Asian to make it to the top line of Arnold Schwarzenneger’s Classic Europe, an international body building championship. Virender makes his debut in the Punjabi movie with his muscle strength. He laughs at the repeated mention of biceps and triceps. “I have a combination of body and presentable looks,” he smiles.

We tell him, Punjabi movies haven’t seen a body- builder as a hero for a long time. “We have actors with good bodies in Bollywood, but I must add they are also inspired by Arnold Schwarzenneger,” adds Virender, who is also the first Indian to win Australian Grand Prix 2011.

However, for Virender the big thing is that he has been chosen by Arnold to be the brand ambassador for his signature gymnasiums and food supplements in India.

Great, isn’t it? “Arnold is a great body builder and a fine actor, and this is something I wish to be too.” Virender moves to talking about his debut movie Kabaddi — Once Again.” I have done a good number of music videos before this, so when I was approached for the film, which has a meaning, I could not turn it down. I trained for almost a year for the same,” he adds.

The movie is Kabaddi —Once Again, is being released by Jalandhar-based Kapil Batra and Rajan Batra Film Production House Private Limited. Virender wouldn’t have made it so far had UK-based NRI Harjinder Singh Dhanoa not spotted him and referred his name to Sukhminder Dhanjal, national-award winning Punjabi director for movie Baghi 2006.

“A great body solves no purpose when it comes to acting. To deliver a role one must know how to act, dance and fight,” he adds.

Song of the Soul
For singer Seema Anil Sehgal music is a social commitment
Jasmine Singh

We had to inch really close to hear her soft, hardly-audible voice. Sitting in the far end of the sofa, petite looking Seema Anil Sehgal has to lift the mike each time she has to say something. And the minute she talks about the poet Faiz Ahmed Faiz, the revolutionary poet who has touched her life in a huge way, the faint voice suddenly springs with energy.

In Chandigarh to take part in an exclusive concert of poems of Faiz Ahmed Faiz Pracheen Kala Kendra, Seema along with her husband, talks about the various aspects of poetry and magical balm like qualities it has.

Often called as the singing sensation from Jammu and Kashmir and the peace singer of India, Seema picks up Faiz’s poetry for a particular reason. She delicately picks the mike to say what she feels about it. “Faiz Ahmed Faiz has a lot of insaniyat in his poetry. Every time I read his nazm, I discover something new. His poetry gives me a lot of peace and optimism. He presents even the most profound thought and idea very delicately,” says Seema who composed and sang an entire music album dedicated to Indo-Pak unity, Sarhad. The album was presented by Atal Bihari Vajpayee to Pakistan as a national gift. “Music is also a social commitment, I thought of coming out with this album when even thinking about Indo-Pak unity was a crime,” she says.

Looking at Seema, you can’t help letting the word nazaakat drop in here and there. She uses music with meaningful poetry. And the word meaningful is said with a lot of stress. “It saddens me to see what people are singing these days. Meaningful poetry always inspires,” adds Seema who admires Farida Khanum and has also sung many contemporary poets.

Poetry and meaning, two words that touch soul only when they are balanced. And Bollywood definitely doesn’t believe in this. “I can see the trend where singers take two lines from a poet and complete rest of the song themselves. There is no harm as long as they give credit to the poet,” puts in Seema conferred with Hakim Sur Award for National integration through her music in 2005.

Coming back to the lines, the meaningful words and Faiz’s poetry, sadness is something that has been an undertone of his poetry. She smiles as softly as she speaks. “Sadness is an important part of our lives, it teaches us various other expressions of life. Faiz also has sadness who the poet always presents it in a romaticised manner, something like a bitter pill coated in sweetness.” Seema breaks into one of her most liked compositions mujhsey pehli si mohabat mere mehboob na maang…. “See Faiz has this charm of saying things in a romantic and sugar coated manner,” she looks at her husband whom she considers to be her greatest support system.

(Catch her on May 20 at Tagore Theatre at 7 pm)

first-day-first show
Departmental goof-up

Alarmed at the hitherto unseen escalation in underworld criminal activities, some top officials including the home secretary, the home minister, and the director general of police, hold a secret meeting in which they take a decision to create a new unit which is unofficially referred to as The Department.

Department is a story of a power struggle within the bowels of the mother of all powers - the police ‘Department’.

Bad story
The movie has a baseless storyline and it just looks like a bad collection of fight scenes. It is a slow torture and definitely not worth seeing even once. — Shivam Khullar, bank employee

Nothing good about it
The only good thing about the movie is that Amitabh Bachchan’s acting reminds one of his earler film Sarkar. Rana Daggubati remains stiff throughout the movie while delivering his dialogues. — Ankita Kumar, student, PU

Flop tale
To start with even Nathalia Kaur’s item number does not do any good to the movie as it crosses the limits of vulgarity. Overall the movie is shot quite badly which is straining to the eyes. It is surely Ram Gopal Varma’s another failed experiment. — Tusshar Kaushik, student, GGDSD College

(As told to Sabia Talwar)

coming soon 
Musical spin Entertainment comes to Chandigarh with the first-of-its-kind music festival
Jasmine Singh

Every second youngster you meet will flaunt a handset loaded with music of almost all genres; ipod plugged in the ears is nothing uncommon these days. Global music is the new language, but since it is still being scripted, this new language is yet to gain popularity.

And one thing that guarantees this popularity is music festivals. Oh yes, the first name to be dropped here is the Goa Sunburn Festival, and off and on music concerts taking place in the metros. So, someone from Chandigarh thought it was time the city had a music festival of its own. Entertainment comes with the first-of-its-kind music festival The Bling, which will be held at the Golden Tulip Spa Resort, Morni Road, on June 2.

Gurjit Budwal, managing director of Entertainment, is the man who shot the most expensive and lengthy video Lift Kara Dey Remix (Adnan Sami) and also the brain behind this spin. “Along with my partner Prashant, I would hear of all kinds of music festivals across the globe. We thought of bringing something to the city. The Bling will be one such musical night, which will see the best from many genres.”

A crowd of hundreds swaying to the notes of music, different symphonies mesmersing the senses, music festivals have always been the most sought-after thing for music-lovers. At The Bling, Bollywood singer Neeraj Shridhar, Dj Amely, from Ukraine, and Milli Moonstone, from London, will whip up music from different genres. Adds Gurjit, “The concept of live music festivals is growing up at a fast pace; exposure to international music has increased. A music festival brings in different shades of music. With The Bling, we plan to do the same; where people will enjoy music followed by an after-party.”

There is someone in the group who has experienced and seen global music growing - Flora Baker, a writer who is also handling work for Milli Moonstone. “Music brings together different cultures and a festival like this will definitely expose music lovers to different kinds of traditional as well as contemporary forms. Also, this is going to be a one of its kind event.”

Child-like passion
It’s not easy to give up the razzle-dazzle of the glamour world and work with children. We find out a few who are driven by the sole purpose of bringing joy to children’s life 
Vasudha Gupta

Whether it is the corporate world or the service industry, the economic sector is brimming with job opportunities today. There are only a few, apart from the teaching fraternity, who can resist the lure of the hi-flying corporate world and work with the younger lot.

For some, it’s just pure passion of working with children and for some it is just introducing fun in their lives. We chat up with a few who are shaping up lives of children rather than finding satisfaction behind balance sheets and account statements.

When was the last time you gave your child the freedom to do what he wanted to do? From acing in school grades to giving an outstanding performance in the aptitude tests, a child is being pushed to the limit. “I have seen children, and I am talking of students in Class I to Class X, just sitting and completing their home work during rehearsals,” shares Zubin Mehta, director of the Wings Theatre Academy. Running a successful theatre academy in St Kabir Public School since the last three months, Zubin is excited about a play which will be staged soon. With pressure of academics ruining children’s creativity today, Zubin hopes to introduce enough cathartic experience in a child’s schedule. “Theatre gives the opportunity for a child to express themselves freely and being part of that mechanism is a great feeling,” he shares. Being a catalyst in making life a bit more fun for the younger generation, Zubin is constantly upbeat about being able to help children in whichever way he can. Having witnessed a dyslexic child overcome her lack of confidence while on stage, the director is certain that it will make a significant difference in academics as well. For him theatre is also about mind and body activities and can help overcome learning disabilities.

Without an iota of doubt, music tends to play an integral role in a child’s grooming. Looking at this, two musicians Paulus Paul and Ondry Paul have released a CD on children’s songs. The duo, also running a rock band, could have chosen to cut an album but opted for children’s music. “Coming from a family of musicians, it’s been part of our growing up years,” Paulus shares. For the duo, watching a three-year-old, who still has to get a grip on the language, can easily break into a song and that is what inspired them. “The sheer joy of watching kids having fun with music motivates us to work with children,” he adds, strumming his guitar. Although the band performs at parties, weddings and get-togethers, their true calling is working with kids. “Just looking at how they interpret music and learn from words is so much fun,” Paulus shares. To make music interesting, the duo introduced hip-hop in the CD.

Sometimes, the reason could be borne out o compulsion, but the passion remains unadulterated. Manjit Singh had to take up tennis coaching due to financial constraints; today he moves around his travel plans to ensure that his students have good exposure in tennis. “Coaching children is not only a bit tough but also a major challenge,” he says. For this young coach, life is no more about going for international tournaments but more about providing the right facilities to his students and making them eligible for the same. Teaching children as young as four, he tackles each child individually. “Some of them can be very naughty but you have to hold your ground and mould your teaching technique accordingly,” he adds.

It’s time to leave behind the junior senior fundamentals and work for the shining future of India.

Big screen calling

Vishal Karwal, the winner of MTV reality show Roadies and the face of popular TV series Dwarkadheesh, comes to Chandigarh to promote his debut Punjabi film Appan Pher Milange. So, all talks of working in TV have taken a back seat as he shares, “I want to concentrate on Punjabi films as an actor. 

I don’t think there is any full-fledged Punjabi actor except Jimmy Shergill; there are only singers.” Vishal has enjoyed a good innings on television, but it’s time he expands his creativity. “Television has made me a household name and I have enjoyed working in it, but as an actor I feel I should stretch my horizon. Punjabi films is an excellent medium of doing so, the way it’s reach is growing it should be giving competition to Bollywood very soon,” adds Vishal. — Jasmine Singh

Sonu Sood’s fitness tips

Sonu Sood has been a fitness fanatic even before he entered tinsel-town. In fact, his tough physique helped him become a model and then an actor. The original fitness fanatic showed off his super-fit physique in the blockbuster Dabangg. He will be seen in Shootout At Wadala next and some more movies. He shares his fitness tips with us.

n Avoid oily and junk food. Eat healthy and follow a diet that suits your body type.

n Exercise regularly. Go for a jog or run if nothing else. I exercise for 2.5 hours daily. I do cardio for three days and weight training for four days.

n Sleep well and have plenty of water.

n Don’t get too stressed out about anything. Laugh and have fun. If you are happy, your body will feel and look happier.qn Enjoy and like your workouts. Look forward to them and don’t make a face when you have to exercise. Your workouts should be as important as sleeping or eating. —HRM

Sonakshi takes on Salman and Akshay!

“Frenemies” seems to be the growing trend in Bollywood these days. While some in the industry use their friendship to aid a co-star in distress others use it to make “tongue-in-cheek” remarks against their fellow actors. And this time, it is none other than the tall and beautiful Sonakshi Sinha who chose to pass some intentional remarks!

The actress has been doing a road show to promote her soon-to-launch film Rowdy Rathore. At one of the promotional events, Sonakshi cheekily quipped that she is definitely better in promoting a movie as compared to Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar! Not satisfied with her single statement, the actress further took a dig at her co-stars by adding that she would make a better Dabbang than Salman and a better rowdy than Akshay”!

We wonder how Akshay and Salman will react to her comments. The girl should keep a check on what she is saying because Salman and Akshay have been around for many years and their films work because of their star power and charm. Salman wins people over with his promotions and movies and is known to churn out blockbuster after blockbuster. Sonakshi has just begun and has only one hit film to her credit. Sonakshi’s other films are Dabangg 2, Lootera, Joker, Son Of Sardar and Once Upon a Time Again. All these films have superstars as heroes so she is not the one carrying the film on her shoulders.

Charlize Theron hated saying iconic Snow White line

Hollywood star Charlize Theron hated saying the line ‘mirror mirror, on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all’ when she starred as the evil queen in Snow White and the Huntsman.

The 36-year-old actress plays the story’s villainous Queen Ravenna in the modern take on the Snow White fairytale, and she said that she dreaded having to deliver the story’s most famous line, reported a website.

“I just dreaded it. We worked so hard to really find a foundation to ground the story emotionally in reality, and that was, for me, the only part that was kind of a throwback,” Theron said.

“In a way it’s like, ‘My name is Bond, James Bond,’ something that is so... How do you do that in a way that people aren’t like, ‘Meh?’ And they decided to make me shoot that on my first day so I was just sweating bullets. I hated it, I hated it,” she added.

The film also stars Chris Hemsworth as Eric the Huntsman and Kristen Stewart as Snow White. —PTI

Morgan Freeman’s comedy act

Veteran Hollywood actor Morgan Freeman is in negotiations to star in a comedy film Last Vegas. The 74-year-old Oscar-winning actor will join actors Michael Douglas and Robert De Niro in the Jon Turtletaub-directed comedy, reported a publication.

The film tells the story of four ageing men— Freeman, Douglas, De Niro and one other, who reunite in Vegas for Douglas’ alter ego’s bachelor party.

However, the night leads to tension after it emerges that two of the men loved the same woman when they were teenagers.

Crazy, Stupid, Love writer Dan Fogelman will pen the script for the movie. Douglas was previously linked to the movie three years ago, but he was diagnosed with cancer in August 2010 and he took time out from acting to battle the disease. It will be his first movie since successfully fighting cancer.

Douglas’ last film appearance saw him star in Steven Soderbergh’s action movie Haywire, which released earlier this year. —PTI

Kabir has nothing against Pakistan

Salman Khan has a huge fan following in Pakistani and they have been equally excited about his upcoming film Ek Tha Tiger. The film tells the story of a Trinity College scientist suspected of selling missile technology secrets to Pakistan. And after the release of Ek Tha Tiger, director Kabir Khan has been flooded with questions if the film is against Pakistan.

But he vehemently denied it once and for all. “I have been getting lots of queries from fans thinking Ek Tha Tiger is anti-Pakistan. Let me say this once & for all... No, it is not anti-Pak,” he said.

Meanwhile, Salman is happy with the response the teaser of the film has been getting. “Salman is very happy with the tremendous response. We also shot the final song recently. It’s a great thumping track and the audience will love it,” he added.

Shahid nostalgic about Allah Jaane

Sufi songs and qawallis are the flavour of the season. Shahid has his first sufi qawalli in the movie Teri Meri Kahaani. Shahid has been feeling nostalgic whenever he hears the song from his upcoming film Teri meri Kahaani. The song has been shot in a dargah with Shahid. Shahid says he almost went back to his roots when director Kunal Kohli shot the song at the dargah. 

“Allah Jaane is my most favourite song. And it’s also the most romantic song in the album. Rahat Fateh Ali has sung it beautifully. I was very excited since a portion of the song has been shot at a dargah and when you see a sufi singer at a dargah singing with full feeling it takes you to another high. I got to this portion when my character Javed sits in the dargah doing that,” says Shahid.

It did not end with that. Shahid showed a portion of the song to his mother later. “My mother belongs to a Muslim family and when she saw the song, she was very excited and she instantly said to me: ‘You are finally going back to your roots.’  It was a great feeling. The song is a melody and has been shot on different locations. It’s going to be one of the most iconic songs of my career and this year,” he says. 

To my hubby, with love

Hollywood star Angelina Jolie says his ex-husband Billy Bob Thornton has a big beautiful heart. The 36-year-old actress, who divorced Thornton almost ten years ago, has penned a foreward for his new book, The Billy Bob Tapes: A Cave Full of Ghosts, reported a website.

“He (Billy) has an unmatchable wit and can make you laugh until your face hurts. To be with him is like being with a mad mathematician. He is constantly counting and repeating.

“Some people walk through life able to quiet the voices in their heads. He can’t. And I, and everyone else who knows him well, we love him for it. I know one thing: The world would certainly be a hell of a lot more dull if that man weren’t in it,” she said. —PTI

chatter box
Brief encounter, big impact

Mohit Mitoo (Bitoo of Zee TV’s Mrs Kaushik Ki Paanch Bahuein) is all smiles these days after his brief encounter with the legendary actor Amitabh Bachchan. They shot together for an advertisement, directed by R Balki.

“I had heard a lot about Amit ji’s professionalism; this was the first time I got a chance to work with him. The man who was hospitalised a few days back was a bundle of energy on the sets. He was on the sets five minutes before his call time and the biggest surprise was that he already knew his lines. For a few seconds, Big B’s aura made me go blank,” said an excited Mohit Mitoo.

He added, “My jaws dropped when I heard Bachchan saab conversing in chaste Bengali with the director of photography because a few minutes back, I heard him speaking in three different languages with three different people. All in all it was a wonderful experience working with the legend…so much to learn from and admire from him.” Mohit has more reasons to rejoice these days as Mrs Kaushik Ki Paanch Bahuein has been performing consistently and if this week’s ratings are anything to go by, the show has climbed higher up on the charts. With the many twists and turns in the storyline and the entry of new characters, the show will continue to entertain viewers for sure. Keep watching Mrs Kaushik Ki Paanch Bahuein every Monday to Friday 10 pm only on Zee TV

The He-Man of small screen
Dare bare: Gurmeet Choudhary Gurmeet Choudhary, who is playing the character of Yash in Shashi Sumeet Productions’ serial Punarvivah, doesn’t only work in the gym to build a strong body but also he prefers to do fight scenes on his own. In the current track his stepson Ansh gets kidnapped and when the director Sumeet Mittal told him to use a duplicate for the stunt sequence, Gurmeet refused point blank. With the expertise that he did all the stunts had the unit in surprise. In fact Gurmeet had earlier done daring stunts for reality show performance and stage shows.

Back on track
In UTV’s Shubh Vivah on Sony, Sarla (Aashka Goradia) will soon be back. Amrit (Eijaz Khan) and Saroj (Neha Janpandit) will go to a temple and Amrit will decide to tell her everything about Sarla but he will be distracted as he will spot Sarla in the vicinity.

Zip Zap Zoom: Shashank Vyas Dreams on wheels
Shashank Vyas aka Jagya of Colors’ Balika Vadhu, has upgraded his car with a brand new Hyundai- Verna. His dad drove the car from Indore where he had booked it. The actor was so happy to have a big car that Shashank took his father and friends on a long drive to Siddhivinayak mandir in Mumbai.

Zip Zap Zoom: Shashank Vyas


Bring it on

Both on professional or personal front, it has been quite a challenging year for actor Ronit Roy. As not only has his courtroom drama Adaalat completed one and half years, but he has shot three films in the same time. Ronit talks about Adaalat, his fans and films and more…

The response for Adaalat has been great from day one. You must be thrilled with it.

I have been getting really good response. Because it’s a very different kind of a show, I get to interact with lawyers, builders etc. Even they find the show interesting. These are the people who normally don’t watch any serials. So, it’s really nice to have such different viewers. The success is a milestone for us.  

Which was the most challenging episode of the show and why?

Every episode has been challenging as every episode is a new story with new characters in it. We had many new actors in the show and being their colleague, it is my duty to guide the new actors and that is quite challenging in itself.

Which is the best compliment or fan reaction that you received for this role?

The girls love KD. I have received innumerable compliments on Twitter but I can’t pick and choose the best one.

What according to you is the unique trait of KD?

The USP of KD is that even though he is a lawyer he is not very serious. He is not boring and takes things in his stride. I have seen some lawyers up north who are like KD, they are jovial and dress casually.

You have played popular roles like Rishabh, Mihir, Dharamraj and KD. Which one was most satisfying as an actor?

It is really very difficult to choose one. Each of them is very close to my heart. I would feel incomplete without any of these roles.

Do we expect to see you in another show?

It isn’t possible for me to do another show. I don’t have enough time. Aadalat keeps me busy.

Tell us about your films

I have shot for Deepa Mehta’s Midnight Children, Karan Johar’s Student Of The Year and currently am shooting Shootout At Wadala.  

The year ahead
Madan Gupta Spatu

If your birthday is May 19...

You might not accept anything on face value as June begins, which can lead to the identification of some very important issues. Still, you might want to downplay the fact that you are questioning everything. Your frustration could ruin your health if you keep thinking about past events. 

Try to relax as much as possible. Stick to your budget to avoid financial constraints. Don’t force your opinion on friends and relatives as it might not go in your interest. Be alert as chances of losing friendship are high on the cards. Mood: Prone to mistakes Compatible Signs: Capricorn, Taurus Lucky colours: Cyan, Military Green Lucky days: Monday and Tuesday. Lucky numbers: 8. 9. 14, 55 Lucky gem: Sodalite - The balancing gemstone. Lucky Flower: Daisy.

Astro Turf
P Khurrana

ARIES: A hazardous day. Keep your mind on the job. Be sure to get to the bank before it closes. Romance could be an anticlimax. Be tactful in your criticism as emotions will be easily aroused. Tarot message: Health of elderly member at home will need looking after. 

Lucky colour: Peach.
Magic number: 32

TAURUS: Old acquaintances are likely to pop up. Don't make any important move today. More efforts will be expected of you at office. Keep the law breakers at bay. Take up an old hobby again. Tarot message: Feel good about yourself and prepare yourself for a mental battle. 

Lucky colour: Orange.
Magic number: 28

GEMINI: A call or a visit from a relative you have not seen for ages brings an opportunity to catch up with the family members. Entrepreneurs must try for the loan. Tarot message: You may encounter some difficulties regarding finances. 

Lucky colour: Pink.
Magic number: 30

CANCER: This is a fantastic time to visit others and to keep abreast of news and gossip. Turning point in personal relationship. Hold your temper. Tarot message: This is not a bad time to open up new doors that could lead you in to a more lucrative direction.

Lucky colour: Yellow.
Magic number: 31

LEO: This is a good day for household repairs. Be sure to grasp a job opportunity. Beware when looking at electronic equipments. Motivation is likely to wane leaving you feeling frustrated and angry. Tarot message: Avoid gossip session at work place.

Lucky colour: Fuchsia.
Magic number: 64

VIRGO: Discussions and chit-chat with those in close proximity will increase but you will instinctively know when to talk and when to work. Financial transaction comes to the fore. Tarot message: You can stabilize your financial situation if you make property investments. 

Lucky colour: Burgundy. 
Magic number: 42

LIBRA: Catching up on jobs you have been putting off for a while is a wise idea. Time to try out meditation and yoga. You will shine in surroundings that are unfamiliar to you. Romance is unexciting.

Tarot message: Over optimism could lead to mistakes.

Lucky colour: Beige.
Magic number: 59

SCORPIO: Do not miss the opportunity to unload all that unfinished business that seems to be weighing on your mind and spirit. New partnership can be formed. Try not to nag people about minor issues. Tarot message: Do not overspend just to impress others. 

Lucky colour: Peach.
Magic number: 60

SAGITTARIUS: Communicate with a creative expression. Share problems with loved ones. Get on with minor repair jobs around the home. Over eating or drinking will be regretted. Do not take any risk with your savings. Tarot message: Leave things open ended for best results. 

Lucky colour: Deep Red.
Magic number: 40

CAPRICORN: Be positive in your approach. You will be better able to cope with jobs that require team efforts. Home entertaining should go off rather well. Women: keep your stakes low while playing cards. Tarot message: You will get the help you need if you ask for it.

Lucky colour: Purple.
Magic number: 57

AQUARIUS: Wherever you go and whatever you do, you will remain the focus of everyone’s attention. Relatives will be sensitive and difficult to get along with. Old patients: an improvement is indicated in health. Tarot message: Wait a while everything will get sorted out on its own. Lucky colour: Forest Green. Magic number: 52

PISCES: Do not get involved in any land deal. A secret love affair will bring you some pleasure. Make your boss aware of all the hard work that you have been putting in. Tarot message: You need to be creative if you want to retain your grip over your business. 

Lucky colour: Pink. 
Magic number: 63

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