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Augmenting power supply to city
Officials hold meeting
Kuldip Bhatia

Ludhiana, June 4
In the wake of grim power situation prevailing in the mega city for nearly a fortnight, the chairman and managing director (CMD) of Punjab State Power Corporation KD Choudhry today reviewed the work for the augmentation of the distribution and transmission network and status of projects in different stages of execution to strengthen the system to meet the spurt in the demand for electricity during the peak summer season.

At the review meeting attended by officials, Choudhry was apprised of major snags that had hit the power transmission and distribution system during the past few days, thereby affecting the power supply to almost the entire city.

PSPCL chief engineer of Central Zone KL Sharma told the CMD that with fire destroying two 100 MVA transformers at the 220-KV Lalton sub-station and a new 100 MVA transformer installed on Ferozepur Road developing initial hiccups, almost one third capacity of the zone was gone.

"Officials and staff worked on a war footing to reconstruct one of the damaged transformers at Lalton Kalan to rectify the snag in the newly installed transformers at Ferozepur Road. With both transformers becoming operational during last week, some 90 per cent of the demand of power is being met by the PSPCL while occasional load shedding is being exercised in some localities," the chief engineer said at the meeting.

Choudhry observed with a bit of concern that the hub of industry in the state had no cushioning capacity as far as the infrastructure for power distribution and transmission was concerned, with the result that even minor snags in the equipment created major problems and people had to suffer. "The constraints in the way of providing uninterrupted power supply to the city have to be removed as early as possible, and the PSPCL management would go all the way to achieve this objective," he assured.

In the course of the assessment of the progress of the new projects for addition of capacity in the zone, Choudhry was informed that the second 100-MVA transformer at the Lalton Kalan sub-station was expected to become functional on June 8, while another 160 MVA transformer, in the process of installation at the Ferozepur Road sub-station would be commissioned within next one month.

"With the capacity addition, the city would have adequate cushioning capacity, and it would become possible to bring about significant improvement in the quality of power transmission and distribution," the PSPCL chief engineer asserted.


Demand for gensets, inverters up 
Tribune News Service

With mercury rising, customers make a beeline for buying invertors.
With mercury rising, customers make a beeline for buying invertors. Photo: Inderjeet Verma

Ludhiana, June 4
The sudden rise in temperature and frequent power cuts have pushed the demand for inverters, batteries and gensets by 40 per cent here.

With the city reeling under massive power cuts in the sweltering heat due to the gap in demand and supply, people are making a beeline for the shops selling inverters and gensets, both branded and local ones.

After the sub-station at Lalton caught fire, the city faced erratic power supply and city residents thronged the shops selling inverters and genets. Gensets were also hired on rent for a few days.

"A lot of people took gensets on hire for nearly two-three days. It proved to be a good opportunity for us as we fell short of gensets and the queries of the people were pouring in. We charged Rs 100 per hour and managed to earn some quick bucks after the city was blacked out due to the fire in sub-station at Lalton," said Rakesh Kumar, dealing in the same of gensets on the Pakhowal road.

"The demand is exceptional this year. Compared to the last summer, the demand has gone up three times at least. This year, purchases started early due to the long hours of power failure," added Bittu, dealing in the sale of inverters. Most shops have sold out branded products and the price of assembled models have also gone up due to the shortage of branded goods.

"Earlier, on an average, we used to get 20 enquiries a day. Now, we receive at least 80 calls a day," he added.

The basic model, which used to sell at prices ranging from Rs 13, 500 to Rs 14,000, is now priced above Rs 16,000. A basic model can help a household run four lights and four fans for at least three hours. Similarly, the price of a UPS that can power six lights and six fans for three hours is up from Rs 22,000 to Rs 25,500.



Spat over AC installation leaves 11 injured
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, June 4
Nearly 11 persons were injured following a clash between two groups of neighbours at Harbanspura in Division No 3 Area here today.

The neighbours, who fought with each other over the installation of an air-conditioner (AC), again exchanged blows and assaulted each other with sharp-edged weapons in Civil Hospital.

Bittu Chopra, a Harbanspura resident, was installing the air-conditioner outside his house.

Bisham Malhotra, his next-door neighbour, objected to the installation of the AC and complained that the heat thrown by the exhaust fan of the AC would raise temperature in his house.

The argument turned ugly and both neighbours called their friends. The two groups first clashed at Harbanspura.

After the clash, they were rushed to Civil Hospital, where they also tried to get a medico-legal-certificate.

But during the time of treatment they again clashed and both the groups attacked each other with sharp edged weapons.

A youth, identified as Jimmy Dang, was seriously injured in the clash and rushed to the CMC&H hospital for treatment.

The injured were identified as Bisham Malhotra, his wife Saroj, sons Sunny and Honey, relatives Subash Uppal, Vikas, Jimmy and Chand.

Sham Sunder, Anil Kapoor, Kiran and Ram Parkash were from the group belonging to Bittu Chopra.

The police has recorded the statement of both groups and started investigation.



Real estate dealers make it big
Benefit from extended payment schedule
Kuldip Bhatia

Ludhiana, June 4
If the default amount of more than Rs 36 crore standing against buyers of property sold by the Greater Ludhiana Area Development Authority (GLADA) in an open auction during the past a few years in the city wasn’t shocking enough, there is more behind the well-organised racket of jacking up market rates of built-up property and plots in specific areas, especially those in the vicinity of residential and commercial pockets developed by GLADA or other local area development authorities elsewhere in the state.

Experts in the property and real estate market assert that the extended payment schedule staggered over three years for property sold in an open auction and giving possession on payment of 25 per cent of the sale price, were two major factors that were being exploited to the hilt by smart players.

“The facility of making payment in equated half-yearly installments over a period of three years is an age-old practice, aimed at providing benefit to the genuine buyers. But in the wake of steep rise in the prices of land and built-up property, and some of the commercial pockets commanding price of as high as Rs 1 lakh or more per square meter, the speculators and real estate dealers are taking full advantage of extended payment schedule to set a new benchmark for market rates in a particular locality,” sources maintained.

If the real estate dealers in the city are to be believed, the public auctions for sale of property, conducted by GLADA or other government agencies, have become convenient tools for the market forces to artificially jack up the rates of property.

“The property that went under the hammer is often taken by the real estate developers or their agents at abnormally high rates on payment of 10 per cent earnest money and another 15 per cent within one month of the auction. A majority of the buyers don’t come forward to pay the balance amount for the simple reason that they never intended to really purchase these particular properties as the sole objective of entire exercise being to raise the prevalent market prices to a new high and make easy money,” a property dealer based in Urban Estate said.

Citing example of auction of plots in Urban Estate and Sectors 32-A, 38 and 39 recently, another real estate developer said the prevailing market price of plots and other property had gone up by almost 40 per cent immediately after GLADA sold the plots at a prices ranging between Rs 25,000 and Rs 45,000 per square yard. “Understandably, many of the bidders did not deposit the balance amount as they never wanted to buy this property in the first place. The money lost by them by way of 10 or 25 per cent of the sale price of the property was written off as a sound business investment,” the dealer commented.

Maintaining that the prevailing policies for auction of property were in favour of speculators, Kulwant Singh, a city-based businessman, wanted the state government to amend the system of selling property through public auction. “If development agencies earnestly want to keep speculators away, they should impose a restriction on change of ownership for a specific period, or else the total sale price of the property be recovered within a period not exceeding six months or at least one year.”



Rehri owners play cat-and-mouse game with health officials
Anupan Bhagria
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, June 4
It seems the health department is playing a cat-and-mouse game with ‘rehri’ owners who sell eatables. They are in habit of fleeing from the spot the moment they see any vehicle of health department conducting inspection at random.

The team of the health department has to keep on waiting for hours together for that particular “rehri” owner to come. At the end, they are left with no option other than destroying the unhygienic eatables.

Recently, during a random checking conducted by the team of the health officials led by District Health Officer Dr Kulwinder Singh at the Sherpur Chowk, a “rehri” owner selling sugarcane ran away, but he left utensils and equipment behind. District Health Officer Dr Kulwinder Singh said: “We kept on waiting for its owner for almost two-to-three hour. But when nobody turned up, we destroyed all sugarcane and the juice.”

It is not for the first time that health officers are facing this problem. An employee of health department said, “We often face this problem. Our efforts to conduct random checking get nullified when such ‘rehri’ owners flee from the spot on seeing our van. Mobile phones have become a handy tool for conveying the presence of health officials to other ‘rehri’ owners”.

Ludhiana Civil Surgeon, Dr Subhash Batta, said: “The ‘rehris’ are allotted numbers by the municipal corporation, but now those selling eatables are being registered by the health department under the Food Safety and Standard Act.

District Health Officer, Dr Kulwinder Singh, said: “We have pinned our hopes on the Food Safety and Standard Act. In it, ‘rehri’ owners selling eatables are supposed to get themselves registered. We are making them aware of it and fixed August 5 as deadline. With this, we will get all details of ‘rehris’ serving eatables anywhere in the district. The health department will issue ID numbers to them. Thus, we will be able to keep a check on the menace of unhygienic and adulterated food being sold by them. “People should also this in mind before eating food served by ‘rehri’ owners. Those who comes such violators can lodge their complaints at 0161 2444193,” he added. 



Two found dead
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, June 4
A 45-year-old man was found dead under mysterious circumstances at his house in Tagore Nagar here today. The deceased was identified as Vinod Kumar.

The incident came to light when a neighbour visited the house of Vinod Kumar and was shocked to find him lying dead on the floor.

He immediately informed the police about the incident. The police reached the spot and sent the body to Civil Hospital for postmortem. The investigating officer said Vinod was living alone, while his family stays abroad. The exact cause of the death would be known only after the postmortem.

Meanwhile, another middle-aged man was found dead in Division No. 7 near Shani Mandir here today.

The incident came to light this morning when residents saw the body lying near the temple. The residents informed the police about the incident. The SHO Division No. 7 reached the spot and started investigation. The body was sent to Civil Hospital for post mortem.



Guidelines annoy teachers
Charanjit Singh Teja
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana June 4
School teachers are annoyed with the new guidelines issued by the education department, as it has stopped sending diaries in schools for CCE since the semester began. On the other hand, the DGSE has directed the teachers to maintain their diaries regularly.

Instead, the DGSE office has sent a layout of a diary to the schools. Teachers of the upper primary schools have been asked to arrange diaries on their own. Now, the DGSE states that teacher’s diary is an important tool to regularise and pre-plan teaching and learning system in schools.

It has directed principals of various schools to ensure that teachers maintain their dairies regularly and jot down their remarks every week.

Teachers of government schools state, “If diaries are so important, the higher authorities should not have discontinued it.”

Sandeep Singh, a teacher from local Government School, said, “It is true that teacher diaries are very helpful for pre-planning teaching methodology. Thus, the department should star sending dairies like earlier. 



Ward number 66
It's bumpy ride for residents here
Charanjit Singh Teja
Tribune News Service

A bus shelter in a dilapidated condition.
A bus shelter in a dilapidated condition.

Ludhiana, June 4
Major issues

n Narrow roads, which are mostly encroached by shopkeepers and vendors, lead to traffic jams.

n Residents are deprived of parks and green belt.

n Some of the roads in the ward needed re-carpeting.

n Sewerage blockage is also a problem in some of the areas in the ward.

n Stray animals, especially dogs, roam freely in the ward.

A view of an ill-maintained road in ward number 66.
A view of an ill-maintained road in ward number 66.


Voters: 18,000

Population: 45,000

Major areas: Janta Nagar, New Janta Nagar and Shimlapuri.

Councillor Speaks

Five years ago, the look of the ward was shabby, as most of the roads were encroached by vendors. I have removed all encroachments from the main road. Secondly, most of the roads in the ward were uncarpeted and I got more than 90 per cent of the roads re-carpeted. Moreover, five tube-wells were also installed in the area to get rid of the shortage of potable water.
—Kamaljit Singh Karwal

Residents Speak

Earlier the condition of roads and sewerage was not good in the area, but in the last five years, the MC has changed the face of the ward. There are some areas, where the roads are still ill-maintained. Otherwise the area has no major problem.
—Pritm Singh

There is no major problem in the ward, as roads are well maintained. A few of the roads needed re-carpeting. There is no proper system to lift garbage and it can be seen strewn on roadside. Moreover, the area is lacking on green belt and parks.
—Ranveer Singh



Ward number 67
Encroachments, stray dog menace dot ward

A view of garbage strewn along the Sidhwan Canal in ward number 67.
A view of garbage strewn along the Sidhwan Canal in ward number 67.

Major issues

n The green belt opposite the grain market is ill-maintained and many people have encroached upon a large portion of it.

n The ward does not have any park and green belt is full of encroachments.

n Electricity transformers are less in number, due to which they trip frequently due to overloading.

n The sewer line is old and the number of connections have increased over the years, which leads to problems.

n Stray dog menace is prevalent in the ward.

Main areas

Dashmesh Nagar, Chet Singh Nagar, Arjun Nagar, ITI, Grain Market, besides many others.

Population: 30,000

Voters: 11,000

Councillor Speaks

During my tenure, I have got development works worth around Rs 8.5 crore for my ward. New tube-wells were installed and all roads were re-carpeted. Several other development works are in the pipeline and they would also be completed soon.
—Sukhwinder Kaur Shira, Councillor

Residents Speak

We want that the green belt of the ward should be maintained properly, so that this industrial area should give a greener look.
—Manminder Singh, a resident

The area around the grain market should be beautified and more trees should be planted here.
—Kulwant Singh, a resident

The area councillor keeps a proactive approach. Even though some problems do exist in the ward, the councillor is constantly making efforts to solve the problems.
Rajesh Kumar, a resident

The councillor, Swarandeep Singh Chahal, is helpful and supportive. Whenever we meet him for work, he always helps us.
—Jasvir Singh, a resident



Ward number 68
Garbage, industrial waste major problems

A view of garbage strewn along a road in ward number 68.
A view of garbage strewn along a road in ward number 68. Photos: inderjeet VErma

Major issues

n Garbage is one of the main problems of the ward and it could be seen scattered in different parts of the ward.

n With some parts of the area having industrial units, the problem of garbage and industrial waste is prevalent in the ward.

n Several roads have transformers and electricity poles installed in the middle of the road.

n Some of the roads are full of potholes.

n Stray dog menace is prevalent in different parts of the ward.

Main areas

Vishwakarma Colony, Ram Nagar, Janta Nagar, Partap Nagar, besides many others.

Population: 30,000

Voters: 10,000

Councillor Speaks

Ever since I became a councillor, I have always kept a proactive approach. The overall development of the ward has been my main agenda in last five years and I had introduced a single window system for the residents of the ward. People of my ward can come to my office for getting any work done and they are never charged even a single penny.
—Parminder Singh Soma, Councillor

Residents Speak

Even though the councillor is making efforts for the development of this ward, still several problems like garbage accumulation exist in some parts of the ward.
—Surjit Singh Lotey, a resident

The area councillor should give emphasis on maintaining greenery in the area, so that this industrial area gives a greener look.
—Veeru Lal, a resident



Ward number 69
Green belt cries for attention
Puneet Pal Singh Gill
Tribune News Service

An ill-maintained green belt in ward number 69 in Ludhiana.
An ill-maintained green belt in ward number 69 in Ludhiana.

Ludhiana, June 4
Major issues

n Green belt along the Old GT road near Dholewal Chowk is in poor state. Even though trees have been planted, grass and flowers are missing.

n With some part of the area having industrial units, the problem of garbage and industrial waste is prevalent in the ward.

n The sewer line is old and the number of connections has increased over the years, which leads to problems like blockage.

n Some of the roads are full of potholes.

n Stray dog menace is prevalent in different parts of the ward.

Main areas

Parbhat Nagar, Bhagwan Nagar, Vishwakarma Colony, Dholewal, Gandhi Nagar, Sewak Nagar, Kalsi Nagar, GT Road, Link Road, besides many others.

Population: 30,000

Voters: 7,000

Councillor Speaks

Several development works were carried out during my tenure. I have always kept a proactive approach and consider residents of this ward as my family members. All roads of my ward have been re-carpeted recently and there are no major problems in my ward.
—Swarandeep Singh Chahal, Councillor



Rupee  Devaluation
CICU for zero tax on export
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, June 4
The Chamber of Industrial and Commercial Undertaking (CICU) has demanded zero income tax on export for strengthening the Rupee value, which is constantly declining against US dollar.

“The Rupee is depreciating regularly. Despite efforts put in by the government, it is not successful in controlling the devaluation of the Rupee. In 1991 a similar situation happened when Rupee was suddenly devalued from 18.86 to 28.38 and the government provided tax exemption to the exporters. It was a very successful measure leading to steep hike in the export in India,” said Avtar Singh, general secretary, CICU.

In May 2011, the Rupee versus US dollar was close to 44.00 where as the current price is close to 56.00 so in a year Rupee has weekend by 27 per cent, correspondingly the Indian export price has increased accordingly. The export is not competitive presently and India is losing grounds to China, which is strengthening its export by improving quality and offering products at competitive prices. Chinese tax structure is also supportive to the exporters, added Upkar Singh, joint secretary, CICU.

The Rupee closed at 56.23 on Wednesday due to oil importers increase demand, ahead of the end of the month. The global cues are providing trigger that the rupee was also being weighed down by deep concerns about country’s economic and fiscal conditions.

CICU have urged the government to follow the same measure and announce no income tax from export income for the next five years. It will definitely lead to increase in export hence dollar inflow will increase strengthening the Rupee.



Philatelists disappointed
Released stamps reach head post office after a few days
Tribune News Service

An information brochure about the stamps.
An information brochure about the stamps. A Tribune photograph

Ludhiana, June 4
Postage stamp collectors wait intently for stamps to be released but increasingly they face disappointment now a days and the stamps released reach the Head Post Office after a delay of a few days.

"This delay in arrival of postage stamps has started happening very often. We wait for postage stamps to arrive on the date of release," said Mukesh, a postage stamp collector.

The information about the arrival of a stamp is put on in advance on blogs and websites, and we keenly wait for postage stamps to be available at the post office. But the delay of four-five days is too much.

Another philatelist said sometimes, philately enthusiasts kept sending postage stamps to foreign collectors and friends on the basis of date of release of the stamps, so the delay in arrival of stamps became disconcerting.

However, an official from Circle Post Office at Chandigarh said that sometimes, the delay creeps in the case of non-government postage stamps in particular. As the department of posts invites proposals for stamps printing at least two years in advance, but sometimes these are accepted only a year in advance, leaving lesser time for printing and dispatch of the stamps all across the country. So the delay happens particularly for the proposals accepted just a year in advance, he said.

The delay also happens due to transportation hitches, as most of the stationery of the department is printed at a press in Nashik, he said.



Badal directs officials to speed up construction work
Bhai Randhir Singh Minaret
Shivani Bhakoo
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, June 4
Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal has asked the district administration to speed up the construction work of a minaret and restoration work of a historic rest house in the district.

Sources said the Chief Minister had asked the administration to complete the construction of the Bhai Randhir Singh Minar at Narangwal village and restoration of the historic rest house at Bassian village in Raikot within the next six months. The GLADA would sanction funds for both the projects.

The minaret would be constructed at a cost of Rs 1.5 crore. Rs 40 lakh for the project has already been released and the Punjab Works Department (PWD) has been asked to construct it.

The historic rest house at Bassian village, where Maharaja Dalip Singh had stayed for sometime before he was exiled to England, was in a dilapidated condition and Intac Solutions, an architectural firm from Delhi, has been entrusted to conserve the historical building. The total cost of the project would be Rs 3 crore and the GLADA had already released Rs 2 crore for preservation of the building.



From Schools  & Colleges
Summer camp concludes

Ludhiana: Don Bosco Global School, Ludhiana, organised a summer camp, which began on May 26 and concluded on Monday. Students from different schools of the city, besides Don Bosco Global School, participated in the camp. The summer camp offered multiple workshops on calligraphy, vocal and instrumental music, dance, pot and glass painting, mirror decoration, mehandi and flower making. The swimming classes were a huge success. The summer camp culminated with a grand cultural programme where the participants were given certificates and prizes.

Students win laurels

It was the time of glorious moment for students of BCM School, Basant City, as they got smart kid general knowledge Olympiad award conducted by the Society of Science Education, New Delhi. Sarthak of class III got first rank in Punjab and overall Olympiad award with a cash prize of Rs 3,000, Gaganpreet of class VII also bagged first prize in Punjab and won a mobile phone, while Gurleen and Harbalpreet got state rank 9 with the prize of wrist watch each. Principal Amarjyoti Chawla congratulated them. She also said these types of activities and prizes boost 

Students shine in BCA-III exams

Ludhiana: The result of Bachelors of Computer Applications (BCA) final year was declared and students brought laurels to their respective colleges. Students of the Government College for Women have shown good result in the BCA examination conducted by Panjab University. College principal Gurminder Kaur honoured and congratulated the students.

Guru Nanak college

Students of the Guru Nanak Khalsa College for Women have secured 100 per cent result in the BCA annual examination.

AS College

Students of AS College also excelled in Panjab University annual examination. Students of BCA final year have brought laurels to the institution by showing excellent results.

Master Tara Singh college

The students of BCA final year of the Master Tara Singh Memorial College for Women shine by showing excellent performance in Panjab University examinations. All students secured first division, out of which 14 students got above 70 per cent marks.

SDP College

Students of BCA final year of SDP College have shown 100 per cent result in the examination. Lovee bagged the first position by scoring 79.95 per cent marks, while Anu Bala and Kanchan bagged second and third position by scoring 77.54 per cent and 76.5 per cent marks, respectively.

Guru Nanak college

Students of BCA final year of Guru Nanak Girls’ College have once again proved their excellence in Panjab University examinations. The college results are 100 per cent and maximum students got first division.

Ramgarhia college

The students of the department of computer science and applications of Ramgarhia Girls’ College also excelled in their BCA final year examination conducted by Panjab University, Chandigarh.

GGN college

Students of GGN Khalsa College have shown excellent result in Panjab University annual examination held in April. Position holders in the college are Vidur Kumar Bakshi topped with 77.12 per cent marks, Harmanpreet Singh bagged secong position with 75.25 per cent marks and Manpreet Singh and Vishy jointly stood third with 73.54 per cent marks. 



PAU opens new seed shop
Charanjit Singh Teja
Tribune News Service

A seed shop on the Ferozepur road at the PAU in Ludhiana.
A seed shop on the Ferozepur road at the PAU in Ludhiana. Photo: Inderjeet Verma

Ludhiana, June 4
As a major relief to farmers, the Punjab Agricultural University (PAU) has opened a new seed shop at the Ferozpur road to facilitate visiting farmers. Now, all seeds of crops and vegetables are available at this shop. It is located at Gate No. 1 on the Ferozpur road.

Earlier, the seeds were sold at the farmer centre and office of farm superintendent, which were located in the interior areas of the university.

Observing this need of the farmers, the university authorities had started selling seeds on the main road on a tractor-trolley for some time. But now, this has been replaced with a shop.

According to the university authorities, it is an initiative taken for the convenience of visiting farmers, as now they can buy seeds from the university gate and they can be sure of the purity and genuineness of the seeds.

Dr Jagtar Dhiman, additional director communication, said, “The university always takes care of the convenience of farmers. It is a step towards our services to the farmers.”

“Initially only seeds are available on the shop but after some time, literature and other products of the university would also be available,” he said.

Hardeep Singh, a farmer from Mullanpur, said, “Earlier we had to specially visit the university campus. The farmers’ office is far from the main road, so it was difficult to approach. Now, one can buy the seeds from the main gate easily and it is more convenient,” he said.



High interest rate vexes small units
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, June 4
Medium and small enterprises sector, which is one of the vital cogs in the Punjab’s wheel of progress, is suffering due to high interest rates charged by the banks.

This sector is the mainstay of Punjab’s economy next to agriculture and contributes significantly toward the generation of revenue and employment avenues.

Most of the Punjab’s industry is in micro, small and medium sectors, but they still have to pay high rate of interest on loans as their cash credit limits for working capital are inadequate.

Avtar Singh, General Secretary, Chamber of Industrial and Commercial Undertaking (CICU), said the banks were charging 14 to 16 per cent interest on loans to micro and small enterprises. He added that though the cash credit limit for a loan seeker should be 20 per cent of the projected sale figures of the approved project, but banks in general were not willing to grant this facility to MSEs.

Upkar Singh, joint secretary, CICU, said, “There is an urgent need to provide adequate credit at cheaper rate of interest to the MSE sector, which has been marginalised under existing institutional mechanism. The banks should also offer special scheme for cluster development which will help in promoting industrial growth trajectory in our state,” he added.

Stimulus packages

n Existing working capital limits should be enhanced by at least 25 per cent to meet extra expenses without additional collateral security.

n Interest rates should be brought down by 2 to 3 per cent for MSMEs.

n Women entrepreneurs should be provided credit at lower rate of interest up to Rs 50 lakh advances.

n About 50 per cent waiver of bank service charges for MSMEs should be provided.

Credit schemes not implemented

n Grant of collateral free loans up to Rs 10 lakh to all interested units.

n Grant of collateral free loans up to Rs 100 lakh to interested units under the CGITMSE Scheme.



Malaysia, Canada to participate in All-India Hockey Tournament
Anil Datt

Ludhiana, June 4
The All-India Sahibzada Ajit Singh Hockey Tournament is set to be an international event this year as two teams from abroad, Canada and Malaysia have confirmed their participation in which ten top outfits will be seen in action.

The second edition of this mega event will be held in the month of October this year at the Prithipal Singh Memorial AstroTurf Stadium of Punjab Agricultural University campus, Ludhiana.

Giving this information, Rajinder Singh, former national coach of the men's hockey team and chairman, Sports Council of Ludhiana said that the prize money for the winners in the men's as well as women's categories had been enhanced.

"The champions in the men's section would be richer by Rs 3.51 lakh while their counterparts in the women's section would pocket a cash prize of Rs 1.51 lakh in addition to the running trophies," said Singh.

Last year, the winners in the men's section received a cash prize of Rs 2 lakh while the eves got Rs 75,000.

Similarly, the runners up in the men's and women's sections would receive Rs 2 lakh and Rs 75,000, respectively.

The council would also organise a seminar in Ludhiana next month to update the Olympians office-bearers of the different hockey associations, informed Singh.

Rajinder Singh chaired a meeting of the Sports Council of Ludhiana held here today, during which it was resolved to increase the prize money for position holders.

"The meeting also decided to appoint the noted Punjabi singers, Satinder Sartaj and Harbhajan Mann as brand ambassadors for this mega event," added Rajinder Singh.

On this occasion, Rajinder Singh was felicitated for coaching the Sher-e-Punjab team which emerged champion in the World Hockey League, held recently.

Olympian Hardeep Singh Grewal Neeta, Deputy Director, Panchayti Raj, Jalandhar, JP Singh, Prithipal Singh Batala, Inderjeet Singh Kadian, Jagbir Singh Grewal, Ajay Pal Singh and Gurvinder Singh were among others who attended the meeting.



Riot victims’ panel to support SAD
Puneet Pal Singh Gill
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, June 4
The Danga Peerat Welfare Association has decided to “support” a SAD candidate from ward number 60. Earlier, the association members had stated that they would oppose Akali candidates on grounds that they were not given due representation during the distribution of ticket for the municipal elections.

SAD-BJP candidate from ward number 60, Jaswinder Singh Bhola, is the nephew of Punjab Assembly speaker Charanjit Singh Atwal and is contesting the elections for the first time. This ward is one of the biggest in the city with 25,000 voters.

President of the association Surjit Singh, and Gurdeep Kaur, Harbans Kaur, Surinder Singh Pardhan, Amarjit Singh Dugri decided to give unconditional support to Bhola.

Surjit Singh said: “At least 4,000 riot victims live in this ward. We wanted the SAD to at least take our consent before allotting party ticket. Now, the things have been sorted out and we decided to support Bhola.” 



Ludhiana scan

NGO welcomes SC move

The Peoples Awareness Forum, an NGO, has welcomed the constitution of the judicial commission headed by retired Supreme Court judge Justice Kuldip Singh to enquire into the properties of the IPS officers and other bureaucrats and politicians along the periphery of Chandigarh. The forum also discussed the MC elections in Punjab and was critical of councillors who do not bother visiting their wards and come only to seek votes.

Inflation discussed

Members of the Punjab Hot mix Association in a meeting held here on Sunday discussed about the problems being faced due to increase in the prices of raw materials. They demanded that the government should make a mining policy. They also demanded that the coal tar tankers should be sealed during transportation and the raw material is of low quality and expensive, they alleged.

Safai sewaks protest

Safai Sewak working, on daily base wages at Punjab Agricultural University, held a protest at university campus here on Saturday. They were demanding to continue their services which were recently discontinue by the university administration. According to Sfai Sewaks, university administration discontinued their services due to lack of funds. There are 72 safai sewks working with University on daily base wages. Some of them claimed that they have been working with the university for 15 years.


A meeting of English Masters was held in Ludhiana at Sri Ram Chander Bhawan in which English Masters from the all over the state were participated. The teachers unanimously elected Jasjeet Singh as state president, Jaswant Singh as secretary, Amandeep Singh press secretary, Mandeep Singh treasurer and Sandeep Sharma as president of State Action Committee. The president Jasjeet Singh said that the government is giving step motherly treatment to the first time appointed in 2008 English Masters of the state. He demanded that only subject expert teacher should be appointed as lecturer and post of English master should be given in every school.

Pending wages demanded

District president of the Democratic Employees Front Ramanjit Sandhu and sectary Sukhwinder Leel have demanded to releases their pending wages of census. He said that it was unlucky that after several months teachers still not received their pending money.

Memos submitted

Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA) and Rashtriya Madhmiak Shiksha Abhiyan (RMSA) Teachers Union led by District President Baldev Singh submit memorandums to Chief Parliamentary Sectary Nand Lal Chudary and Forest minister Surjit Kumar. Both the ministers promised to take care of the demands of teachers.

Annual function

An annual function of Rotary Club of Ludhiana Midtown was held at Hotel Park Plaza here on Saturday. It was attended by most of the members of the club. District Governor Sanjiv Sethi was the chief guest on the occasion. President Pankaj Sharma shared the projects undertaken by the club this year. The club honoured Swapan Sharma, IPS, industrialist Sandeep Riat, Harjit Gill, XEN, PSPCL, S Baljinder Singh, principal ITI during the function.

— Tribune Reporters



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