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Police cremates undertrial’s body
Relatives of the deceased had refused to claim it; he died on July 4 at Central Jail
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 8
A youth, Gur Amardeep Singh (35), who died in Central Jail on July 4, was a law graduate and belonged to an affluent family. But none of the relatives turned up to attend the funeral of the drug-addict who turned a thief.

Gur Amardeep was cremated yesterday by the police after his kin refused to claim his body and stated that they had snapped all ties with him.

Gur Amardeep, who was caught three months ago by the Sarabha Nagar police, was wanted in several theft cases that took place in the city. Tracing the antecedents of Gur Amardeep proved to be a task for the Sarabha Nagar police.

It was on Thursday that the jail authorities informed the Sarabha Nagar police about the death of Gur Amardeep. The police quickly swung into action and visited the place, which Gur Amardeep had given as his address in the police records, but it turned to be a fake one.

Next day, the police came to know that Gur Amardeep's paternal aunt lived in BRS Nagar. They contacted her and informed her about Gur Amardeep’s death.

But the police was in for a shock when the paternal aunt refused to claim the body and said that Gur Amardeep was thrown out of the house when he had committed a theft in her house. She further told the police that Gur Amardeep began living with her after the death of his parents. She said that his stepmother lived in Khamano along with her children. The police then visited Khamano, but from there it was sent back.

His stepmother told the police that Gur Amardeep was good in studies and went on to become a law graduate. She said Gur Amardeep got hooked on to drugs and began committing crime.

Due to his anti- social activities the family snapped all ties with him. She told the police that neither she nor any member of her family wanted to claim his body.

Manjinder Singh, SHO, Sarabha Nagar, said, "The deceased undertrial was well educated. We met his family members, but they refused to claim his body."

The post-mortem examination was conducted yesterday and the body was cremated in the presence of the Judicial Magistrate.


Income above Rs 10 lakh
Now, file IT return electronically
Manav Mander
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 8
Any individual or a Hindu Undivided Family (HUF) whose total income during the previous year exceeds Rs10 lakh will now be required to file income tax returns electronically.The Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) has made e-filing compulsory for the assessment year 2012-13 onwards.

Similarly, an individual or an HUF, being a resident, having assets, including financial interest outside India or signing authority in any account located outside India will now be required to furnish the return in Form ITR-2 or ITR-3 or ITR-4, along with the e-filing of the returns. However, digital signature will not be mandatory for these taxpayers and they can also transmit data in the return electronically and thereafter submit the verification of the return in Form ITR-5.

Filing of the returns electronically under digital signatures is already mandatory for any company required to furnish the return in Form ITR-6 or a firm required to furnish the return in Form ITR-5 or an individual or HUF required to furnish the return in Form ITR-4 and to whom provisions of Section 44AB are applicable.

"The department is emphasising on e-filing, because it's easy, fast and secure method of filing of income tax return, and it also helps the department to provide taxpayers value-added services like tracking

of refunds, viewing tax credit status, email and SMS alerts regarding status of processing and refunds," said an senior income tax official.

While a tax payer, Abhishek Khanna, who will be filing the return electronically, is looking forward to it. "I expect it to be a hassle-free work rather than doing everything with pen and paper and one is really conscious of mistakes. I appreciate this step and wish e-filing should be made mandatory for every tax payer," he said.



Gian Singh Rare Wala Market
No car bazaar for the first time in 30 years
Shopkeepers alleged that authorities buckled under pressure of industrialists and took action
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 8
For the first time in 30 years, there was no car bazaar at Gian Singh Rare Wala Market, near Preet Cinema, Model Town, as the city police and the municipal corporation (MC) staff ensured that no cars on sale and purchase would be parked on the road.
Gian Rare Wala market wears a deserted look in Ludhiana
Gian Rare Wala market wears a deserted look in Ludhiana. Tribune photos: Himanshu Mahajan
Police personnel deployed at Gian Rare Wala market following the High Court’s orders
Police personnel deployed at Gian Rare Wala market following the High Court’s orders

The action was taken following a writ petition filed by a resident in the Punjab and Haryana High Court, in which the traffic police and the MC had been one of the respondents.

A team of traffic police equipped with 10-tow away vehicles reached the market

here this morning along with the MC officials. However, the police action irked the car bazaar owners and there was stiff retaliation.

Sources said that in order to avoid embarrassing situation the police conducted a closed-door meeting with the car bazaar owners yesterday.

"Though the court has not yet issued any orders. But still the police is cracking its whip on poor car dealers, who eke out their living by selling and purchasing of old cars. Many residents are dependent on the business.

Before taking any action the MC and police should have taken into account the fact that their move could render several people unemployed.

An alternative arrangement should have been made for us before uprooting us here," said Amarjit Singh Tikka, Congress leader, who also deals in sale and purchase of vehicles.

He further said that the area housed some of the top industrialists in the town. He complained that the authorities buckled under their pressure and took action against car bazaar owners.

Bean Juneja, SHO (Traffic) said, "We have to ensure that commuters do not face any inconvenience due to the car bazaar."



Pramour kills woman, held
Jaswant Shetra

Jagraon, July 8
A widow was done to death allegedly by her paramour late night at Hujjran village near Sidhwan Bet. The deceased has been identified as Gurcharan Kaur, wife of Des Raj, who died some years ago after a prolonged illness.

After a few hours of the murder, the police arrested Mohinder Singh of Gosewal village in Jalandhar district for allegedly killing Gurcharan Kaur. The police has also claimed to have recovered a sword from the possession of Mohinder Singh, which was allegedly used in the crime.

The police said, after the death of her husband, Gurcharan Kaur began having a love affair with Mohinder Singh after which he visited her house regularly.

"After some time, Gurcharan Kaur began ignoring Mohinder and told him that her family members had come to know about their relationship and it was not possible for them to meet anymore. This made Mohinder suspicious and he began keeping a vigil on her. In the meantime, he allegedly came to know that Gurcharan Kaur was seeing another man, which infuriated him and in a fit of rage he came to her house last night and murdered her with a sword", said Jangjeet Singh, SHO, Sidhwan Bet police station.

After listening to the cries of Gurcharan Kaur, the family members woke up and they claimed to have seen Mohinder holding a sword and fleeing from the house. The relatives immediately informed the police about the incident following which the police reached the spot and took the body in its custody, added Jangjeet Singh.

Harjeet Singh Pannu, SP (D) Ludhiana (rural), also visited the spot. On the information given by the family members of the victim, different teams of police launched a manhunt in the area and the accused was ultimately arrested along with the sword used in the crime just after a few hours.

Jangjeet Singh, during the preliminary investigation, said Mohinder had confessed to have killed Gurcharan Kaur as she had developed illicit relationship with another man. The police has handed over the body of the deceased to her kin after conducting a post-mortem examination.

Meanwhile, the police has registered a case under Section 302 of the IPC against Mohinder on the basis of the statement of her brother-in-law Surjit Singh.



LIT fails to act against tenants as arrears keep mounting
Kuldip Bhatia

Ludhiana, July 8
That the Ludhiana Improvement Trust (LIT) has been unable to properly manage its properties given on lease or rent in different parts of the city at a pittance over last several decades is evident from the fact that arrears of rent have gone up to over Rs 15 lakh even as the shops, flats and SCOs have been given on a monthly rent or lease money ranging between Rs 25 and Rs 210.

Information collected under the Right to Information Act by Arvind Sharma, secretary of the Council of RTI Activists, has revealed that the LIT authorities had not only faltered in recovery of the monthly rent from its tenants, but no worthwhile steps were taken to get the shops/properties under unlawful occupation or enforce the clause of enhancement of monthly rent, which ought to have been comparable to the ongoing market rate for commercial properties.

The LIT authorities have admitted that out of 30 properties given on rent in Lajpat Rai Market, 17 in Jawahar Market, 9 in Bhadaur House and one in Feroze Gandhi Market, 25 tenants had sub-et the shops in gross violation of the terms and conditions of the rent deed, another shop was under unauthorised occupation while a majority of the tenants or occupants had not been paying monthly rent for the last several years.

The information supplied to Sharma further says that LIT had adopted a resolution 20 years ago (March 1992) for enhancement of monthly rent as per the prevailing market rate, but it turned out

to be an exercise in futility. Another plan for construction of commercial complex in place of the dilapidated Lajpat Rai Market and adjustment of bonafide tenants in the new complex also proved stillborn.

The LIT authorities said that some of the tenants or unauthorised occupants had filed court cases against eviction while the Trust had initiated proceedings against many of them under the Public Premises Act for getting the properties vacated.

"In the wake of extended litigations, it was decided by LIT in 2011 that tenancy of the shops, flats or SCOs, which had been sub-let by the original allottees, should be regularised and enhanced monthly rent be recovered from the tenants," the LIT authorities asserted.

Gross violation

The LIT authorities have admitted that out of 30 properties given on rent in Lajpat Rai Market, 17 in Jawahar Market, 9 in Bhadaur House and one in Feroze Gandhi Market, 25 tenants had sub-let the shops in gross violation of the terms and conditions of the rent deed, another shop was under unauthorised occupation while a majority of the tenants or occupants had not been paying monthly rent for the last several years.



18 months on, girl still missing
Our Correspondent

Mandi Ahmedgarh, July 8
Even after 18 months since her minor daughter went missing, a woman is shuttling between various offices in the police department to get an action initiated in the matter.

Salma, the aggrieved mother, has alleged that the district police also got the case file submitted to the Punjab Human Rights Commission closed on the pretext that the applicant did not want any action on her complaint.

She has now urged higher authorities to get the matter probed by officers of some other district.

In a letter addressed to the higher authorities of the state, including the Chief Minister, Director General of Police, and Human Rights Commission chairman, Salma of Chand Cinema Road area has accused the local police of shielding certain persons who according to her had sold her minor daughter after abducting her over 18 months ago.

Nazma (12) had disappeared under mysterious circumstances after a woman of the locality had beaten her on the evening of January 18, 2011. As Mohamadd Rashid, girl's father was working and staying in a distant town; Salma had informed the police about the disappearance. Apprehending that some residents of the locality had abducted her daughter, she provided names of at least twelve persons who could provide information on the sequence of events on that evening, Salma said.

Disappointed over the "unconcern" of the police towards her daughter's fate, Salma knocked at the door of PHRC on July 13, 2011, but she was shocked to learn that the case had been closed with "misleading remarks" of the district police that the applicant (Salma) did not want any action in the matter. The police, however, filed a missing report on September 10.

It was during this period that an anonymous caller informed Salma that her daughter had been seen at Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh. The caller also claimed that some persons from the local town had sold her to an old man in UP. The caller had demanded Rs 25,000 for providing further information about the girl, but he did not turn up at the fixed place when the family reached to have talks with him, Salma said.

Salma said she had provided the telephone number of the caller to the police. The police, however, "failed to identify and track him even after so many months".

Salma alleged that an attempt was also made to implicate her and her husband in a false case when she declined to withdraw the case under the police pressure.

"I was shocked when, the male officials confined me illegally for many hours when I visited the police station to inquire about the status of the FIR. I was told that the persons whom I had suspected of abducting my daughter had filed a complaint against me," said Salma, adding that she was allowed to leave only after a written compromise was made.

Denying allegations made by Salma, SHO Davinder Singh said the investigation team had already interrogated a number of persons but no clue could be found about the missing girl.



reporters’ diary
Celebrating monsoon arrival in style

City residents celebrated the arrival of monsoon in style. Some relished home-made "pakoras" with spicy "chutney" and a hot cup of tea while others were seen making a beeline to "samosa" shops in the evening. Youngsters enjoyed by taking a "geri" of their favourite route. Yet others gathered over a cup of coffee at their favourite coffee shop and enjoyed it with the lip-smacking cake and cookies. Happy Monsoon !!!!

Mobile menace

Admittedly, mobile phones have almost become an integral part of people, especially the youth who have acquired the habit of using their cell phones at all times even while walking, running or driving. But a few of them realise the grave threat that the otherwise harmless device poses to them as well as others on the busy roads and streets when the drivers or even pedestrians use their mobile phone while moving on roads. Making or taking a call, reading or sending an SMS is a distraction, and is almost like walking or driving with ones eyes and ears closed. Even though the city traffic police has raised the penalty for using mobile phone while driving to a deterrent level, but still one frequently comes across car, two-wheeler and auto drivers, cyclists or rickshaw-pullers using their mobile phones while on the move with little or no concern to themselves or other road users. The traffic police has to act tough to curb the menace.

'Women have an edge'

Although men consider women as poor navigators and drivers, but women seem bent upon proving it wrong. In an online advertisement of a second-hand SUV, it was especially mentioned that the vehicle was in an excellent condition, with "clean title and no accidental history" and the first owner of the vehicle is a "non-smoking female." A woman said they had an edge as they took care of their vehicles better, being more caring about things and cleanliness-freaks than men.

Man's biggest enemy is hunger

Holding langars by various organisations for one or the other reason is common in the city. One day on way to my office, I saw that an organisation organised a langar. People, especially passersby, were coming and leaving for their respective destinations after eating the food. Suddenly, I saw four children reaching the place but by that time the event had ended. Unable to resist hunger, they picked up used plates and started licking them. It reminded me of famous Hindi writer Agey's story "Shatru" in which he had written that man's biggest enemy was his "hunger".

Contributed by Manav Mander, Kuldip Bhatia, Gurvinder Singh and Anupam Bhagria



Builders defer strike following govt’s assurance
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 8
Following the government's assurance, the Ludhiana Builders Association has decided to postpone their "construction closure call" which they were suppose to start from Monday onwards. Construction activity in the state is facing a tough time due to a ban imposed on mining.

"As far as a hike in construction raw material is concerned, the Punjab government has promised to solve the matter," said HS Virdi, president of the Ludhiana Builders Association.

He said Anil Joshi, industry minister, said he would solve the issue of mining immediately by re-starting 500 stone crushing units in Punjab after getting a few legal formalities completed.

Press Secretary Ajit Singh has requested the government to initiate steps to implement its commitments so that the prices of construction material might again come down.



Sahnewal to Doraha
Residents demand extension of bus route
Lovleen Bains

Doraha,July 8
The residents of Doraha, Sahnewal and surrounding villages have demanded that the route of low-floor buses on the GT Road be extended from Sahnewal to Doraha.

As a meeting of the board of directors is to be held shortly, we request the officials of Ludhiana City Bus Service Ltd to extend the GT Road route up to Doraha as the commuters who have to travel short distances are facing inconvenience. Townsters and residents of villages situated on the GT road are the worst affected.

“The route can be extended up to 3 km. Residents of Doraha get the buses for Ludhiana and other main destinations. But these buses to not stop at small stops like Kanech, Sahni, Pawa Khagat, Jugiana and Dhandhari," he added.

Students residing in Jugiana village lamented, “First we have to hire an auto-rickshaw from Jugiana to Sahnewal and shell out Rs 10 everyday. Then we have to pay for bus fare. We keep requesting bus conductors to drop us at Jugiana, but they do not listen to us. Ultimately, we have to board a bus from Doraha to Sahnewal, take an auto to reach home."“The Ambala-Delhi bound buses seldom drop and pick passengers from Doraha. The private buses always reject our pleas. They treat passengers badly," complained a resident.

“How can the authorities overlook the inconvenience of residents, especially students, as there are a number of educational institutions at Doraha and?" asked a student. Baljit Singh, manager, City Bus Service, when contacted, said, “The routes are notified by the transport department and route permits are given by the RTA, Patiala. Efforts are on to extend the route by December 31, this year.”



Fresh trouble for Naib Tehsildar
Accused of getting a ‘shamlat’ land registered against orders of court
Shivani Bhakoo
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 8
There seems to be no end to trouble for the Naib Tehsildar, HS Sidhu, who recently joined at the Sub-Registrar Office (West). A local resident has alleged that violating the orders of the Punjab and Haryana High Court, the official got a “shamlat” land registered recently but terming all these allegations as baseless, Sidhu said that he had the record of over 100 such registries done by his predecessors so he had not violated any orders of the court.

Vishnu Dev, a resident of Basant Nagar, Shivpuri, alleged that Sidhu had recently got registered the title deeds of “shamlat” land, which was against the orders issued by the Punjab and Haryana High Court. Dev alleged that for vested interest, the Naib-Tehsildar had violated the orders and his previous records must be checked.

Vishnu Dev alleged that the act of Sidhu had not only violated the court's orders, but due to the step taken by the naib-tehsildar, the state exchequer would bear huge revenue loss. Not just the land-deal of “shamlat” land had been registered, but in another violation, less than two acres of land was also registered under the agriculture land category by the Naib-Tehsildar.

"I have sent a copy of my complaint along with documents attached to the Chief Minister, Punjab, the Punjab State Human Rights' Commission, Chandigarh, the Chief Justice of Punjab and Haryana High Court and the Deputy Commissioner, Ludhiana, for necessary action", said the resident.

Meanwhile, Sidhu said that some persons were allegedly defaming him in order to settle scores. "They are levelling baseless allegations as they do not want me to work here. I have all the records that prove that I have not done anything wrong. As far as the orders of the High Court are concerned, they came on June 19, after which no registry of “shamlat land” took place. I am ready to face any probe because I have not violated any rule", said Sidhu.

The Deputy Commissioner, Rahul Tiwari, however, said that he had received one such complaint and had marked an inquiry to the SDM (West).



City residents get new water park
Tribune News Service

A water park that was inaugurated at F2 Raceway in Ludhiana
A water park that was inaugurated at F2 Raceway in Ludhiana. A Tribune photograph

Ludhiana, July 8
A new water park was opened at F2 Raceway here today. On the first day, children were seen enjoying slides and pool at the park. One of the slides which is in the form of a frog's tongue was the major attraction.

"I loved sliding through the trail of water sprinklers," said nine-year-old Miheer. Although it is open to all, the water park is more likely to attract children, said a parent.

"With the depth of about three feet, the water park is a good addition to the city for children to hangout and play around," she said.

Built at a cost of Rs 2 crore, the park's structure has been built with material imported from China and Thailand, said Prem Kumar Patel, general manager of the facility.

"Hygiene has especially been taken care of; there is a water-filter facility available at the park," Patel said.

Trained lifeguards had been employed at the park to ensure safety, he further said.



Issuance of licences
Restaurant owners told to follow deadline
Anupam Bhagria
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 8
District Health Officer Dr Kulwinder Singh has asked owners of eateries in the district to get a licence issued by August 5 or face the music.

The DHO issued these instructions after the state health department set August 5 as the deadline for the implementation of "Food Safety and Standard Act -2006". The DHO said, "In Ludhiana, there are about 6,000 restaurant owners earning Rs 12 lakh per annum. Despite making these people aware of the implementation of the "Food Safety and Standard Act, 2006, we have received only 500 applications so far. Out of these, 50 have got themselves registered and about 95 have been issued licences".

When asked why 450 applications were still pending, the DHO said, "We received applications in bulk, so we are still conducting inspections before issuing licences."

The DHO stated, "Anyone with annual income of Rs 12 lakh is supposed to apply for the registration while those earning more than Rs 12 lakh per annum need a licence”



Skill camps by apparel centre a big draw
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 8
The Apparel Training and Design Centre's (ATDC) Skills for Manufacturing of Apparel through Research and Training (SMART) centres and skill camps offering 2-3 months courses are a hit among those seeking employment in apparel industry.

"Since 2009, over 40,000 candidates have been trained under the ATDC community colleges and ATDC-SMART centres," said Harpreet Singh, Principal, ATDC, Ludhiana.

In February 2011, the government had announced to launch a new scheme in the textile sector envisaging skill development of 30 lakh persons in five years and the Ministry of Textiles had selected ATDC as a nodal agency for implementing the Integrated Skill Development Scheme (ISDS) on a Pan-India basis.

"The visionary creation of the brand "SMART" has proved to be a major success capturing the imagination of the government and apparel industry. The unique features of the "SMART operator" are that the operator is not an "ordinary one", but an extra-ordinarily trained "SMART operator" which can help an apparel factory in quality, productivity and efficiency. The new SMART fast track curricula developed by ATDC-SMART team has helped in bringing out a more scientific approach to training of shop floor workforce. The other initiatives include trainers' manuals, trainees' kits, digital learning contents, life and soft skill training and above all training of trainers' which all have given an edge to ATDC's training mission," added Harpreet Singh.

The introduction of ATDC Community College and ATDC-SMART training project were important game changers for ATDC and apparel industry and would create a self-sustainable path in near future, he added.



Dehydration can result in stone formation: Doctors
Anupam Bhagria
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 8
Inadequate fluid intake can lead to dehydration which in turn can result in stone formation.

Dr Baldev Singh Aulakh, professor of urology and transplant surgery, Dayanand Medical College and Hospital, said, "Punjab, Rajasthan, Gujarat and neighbouring areas of Pakistan are known as "stone belt" as temperature remains high there."

Dr Aulakh said, "I have come across patients aged between 1 and 80 with stones in kidneys and excretory system. But it is more prevalent in patients in the 20 to 40 age group.

In children, it happens due to congenital blockage in kidney, which should be removed at the earliest to avoid future problems and kidney damage."

Dr Nitin Aggarwal, another city-based urologist of Balaji Hospital, said,"Among every 100, there are 1 to 3 per cent of people who suffer from stone formation due to dehydration in this belt."

Reasoning out the stone formation, Dr Anand Sehgal, another city-based urologist, RG Stone Clinic, said,"Due to dehydration, the salts in the urine get crystallised and precipitated and gets deposited in the form of small stones. Later, these stones become of macro sizes."

Do’s and Dont’s

  • One should take lemonade
  • Take enough fluids
  • Stone patients should drink more water
  • Any congenital blockage in kidney should be removed immediately otherwise stone formation keeps on recurring again and again



Artificial limbs distributed
Tribune News Service

Members of the Bharat Vikas Parishad distribute artificial limbs among the differently abled in Ludhiana
Members of the Bharat Vikas Parishad distribute artificial limbs among the differently abled in Ludhiana. Photo: Inderjeet Verma

Ludhiana, July 8
Artificial limbs were given to 30 persons at a camp organised by the Bharat Vikas Parishad, an NGO, here today. Dean (Academics), Dayanand Medical College and Hospital, Dr Raju Singh Chhina inaugurates the camp.

He appreciated the efforts of the NGO.

Additional Deputy Commissioner (Development) Dr Rishi Pal Singh was the guest of honour. He said although the government was doing a lot for the differently abled, without NGOs it was difficult to help them out.

Former president of the NGO Kamla Jain enlisted the achievements of the NGO. Pankaj Jindal, ML Anand, Ashok Sikka, RP Gupta and Harsh Sachdeva were also present.



Humour an integral part of life
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 8
Humour is an integral part of our lives and with the changing times, it has taken many forms. The "hasya sabha" of the yore has been replaced with the influx of jokes through SMSes, messenger services and yet these never seem to be enough.

"I wake up with a joke and it is a perfect start to my day, says Aarti, a resident. "I think jokes make the life all the more better. These are the most important part of the language, I believe," she says.

As International Joke Day was celebrated with the start of the month, residents say jokes are never enough in these days of hectic and strenuous life.

In the times of stress and speed, jokes relax and make people smile, says Rohit, who unfailingly sends jokes to friends and acquaintances everyday.

"My phone clocks at least 10 jokes an hour through SMS, BBM and social networking sites," says Amit. And the good part about jokes is that you may go on reading and cracking jokes to friends, these keep you going during these stressful days, he says.

Sarabjeet is not content with sharing messages, as he believes that telling jokes is an art, and the timing and wit are the greatest assets one can have. "There is always a sense of style and the whole body language adds that extra tickle to the joke," he says. Jokes make mundane life fun, he says. Popular amongst his group of friends, he says he doesn't refrain from having a laugh at himself.

But there is so much vulgarity that is doing rounds in the form of humour, there should be campaigns for clean humour, says Arun.



State govt looking for space to expand industry
Shivani Bhakoo
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 8
Realising that there was virtually no space for further expansion in the industrial hub, the state government has asked the district administration to look for viable land between 500-1,000 acres for setting up more Focal Points and Industrial Areas in the city.

MP Arora, IAS, managing director, Punjab Small Industries and Export Corporation, has asked the administration to find a suitable space in the city for further expansion of Industry.

As per information, the state government has reportedly asked for the government, panchayat or non-government land, which is reasonable and has all details, including registry and mutation records.

The Deputy Commissioner has reportedly asked six departments to find a suitable place and report to him within a week or so.

Chief Administrator, GLADA, Commissioner, municipal corporation, Ludhiana, Additional Deputy Commissioner (Development), SDMs, district development and panchayat officer and executive officer, Improvement Trust, Ludhiana, have been issued letters to look for the space for setting up more Industrial Areas and Focal Points.

An official said a letter sent by the Deputy Commissioner was received by the department recently. He said, "We have been asked to reply within seven days. There are certain viable lands which can be used for the purpose, but we have to check all records of these lands. And the land has to be reasonable, too. So we are on job and hope to identify a chunk for the growth of the industry in the city," said the official.

There are eight Focal Points and two major Industrial Areas in the city where there seems to be no scope for further expansion and the industry has been demanding for more space for further growth and expansion.

"If the state government comes up with another cluster for the industry in the city or nearby, the industry will be relieved," said Badish K Jindal, president, Federation of Punjab Small Industries' Association.



On a green mission
10 lakh saplings to be planted in city
Anupam Bhagria
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 8
To boost the "Hariyali campaign" started by Punjab Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal, 10 lakh saplings will be planted in Ludhiana.

Rishi Pal Singh, Additional Deputy Commissioner (Development), and Babita Kaler, deputy director, Local Bodies, have been appointed as nodal officers.

Stating this Ludhiana Deputy Commissioner Rahul Tiwari issued instructions to officials of various departments during a meeting called by him in this regard.

The Deputy Commissioner said, "There are 13 nurseries in the district where plants have grown to the height of 3 feet. Saplings should be planted within 10 days so that these gain the height of 7 feet within a month. With this, the possibility of their survival increases. He asked officials of the district education office, health department, animal husbandry department, hospitals and dispensaries to carry out plantation drives in their offices. He said all officers would submit a proforma of demands for saplings on July 10 at 5 pm.

The names of those doing a good job will be sent to the Chief Minister. He also instructed all officials of the sub division level that they would be responsible for plantation drive in their respective areas.

While Divisional Forest Officer Daljeet Singh and Prof Avtar Singh of Punjab Agricultural University gave technical information as how to plant a sapling.



Babies’ day out at play school
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 8
More than 160 parents turned up with their kids for the baby show organised at Mother's Pride Playway School here today.

Parents saw their little ones mingling with other kids; an "exposure" important to teach them how to behave in a new environment, some parents said. Some parents were seen interacting and sharing tips with each other.

"It is important for children to interact with more and more people as they grow," said Abhishek Budhiraja, a parent.

He said that although at home, his daughter was very playful and interactive; she became withdrawn in presence of others.

"For this reason I brought her here, so that she gets prepared for school life," Abhishek said, adding, "If she wins any prize, it would become a cherished memory for us."

Chandni Arora, mother of little Ridham, also wanted to see how he behaved in a group; an important step in his preparation to join a school, she said.

Many parents also said that such baby shows organised at play schools gave them an opportunity to check facilities at these schools. This would help them in making a choice when the time came for admissions, they said.

The babies were awarded under various categories at the end of the show -- healthy baby, sunniest smile, most active baby, friendliest baby, most attractive baby, and sparkling eyes.

According to Dr Anuradha Jain, one of the judges, many babies were found overweight due to the tendency of over-feeding children in Punjab.

"Although, it is not harmful as such, it can lead to children becoming overweight as they grow up, something that needs to be taken care of," she said.

Awareness of parents was also checked by experts and doctors who were judging the babies.



RJ Dhanveer's 'Top 20' to make TV debut
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 8
Fans of radio jockey and actor Dhanveer will get an opportunity to watch him on their television sets soon. The RJ, who hails from Barnala, made this announcement on his visit to the city today.

"As my radio countdown show, Top 20, is popular in the region, youngsters are curious to know how an RJ works and how a radio studio looks look; so we have thought of this new concept to bring the radio show right onto your TV," he said, adding, "Now viewers can connect with me visually as well."

Dhanveer said entertaining and keeping audience interested on a radio show was more challenging because being an RJ you only have "your voice to connect with your audience".

Dhanveer, who will also play the lead in upcoming Punjabi movie 'Yaar Pardesi', said that the reason behind his popularity as an RJ was that he spoke a simple language.

"RJ's tend to speak fast and with an accent, but I speak in a simple entertaining manner, in the language of the people," he said.

He learnt Urdu to infuse Punjabi with words that would appeal to everyone, he said.



CBSE all set to do away with rote learning
Charanjit Singh Teja
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 8
The Central Board of Secondary Education is all set to start open-book board examination for classes X and XII from the next academic session. The current examination system of the country encourages students toward memorising the syllabi, but with the implementation of the new system, students will be allowed to open textbooks in examination centres.

The board will put analytical questions in the paper.

As per information, the board has formed an exam reform committee to suggest changes that will discourage rote learning system.

The system is already implemented in the US, UK and Canada. Now, the Human Resource Development Ministry (HRD) is interested in implementing the open-book exam system in CBSE schools.

"The examination system needs to be changed to uplift the education system. Current pattern of examination strengthens the memory of students, but we need a system that enhances the ability of students. Under the open book system, the board will set situation-based question papers and students will have to think, analyse and apply his knowledge to solve the question," said Vandna.

"The pattern will be more effective as the objective behind the system is to encourage students towards understanding the subject rather than just memorising the books. Moreover, when it is running successfully in a number of evolved countries, the government should introduce it here as well," said Jasveer Kaur, a teacher from a CBSE-affiliated school.



Grow more trees for plywood industry: Principal secretary
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 8
During a meeting of the Punjab Plywood Manufacturers Association, DS Bains, Principal Secretary, Home Affairs and Justice, with additional charge of Forest and Wild Lives, exhorted farmers to grow more poplar and safeda trees, because compared to other crops, these were better sources of income generation. It would benefit both farmers and plywood manufacturers in Punjab, he said

The meeting was called to discuss how farmers, growers, and agro-based plywood industry in the state could leave behind other states in terms of financial progress.

Naresh Tiwari, president of North India Plywood, said that there is no need for 'mandis' to sell wood, timber and firewood, since it would add to financial burden on the industry and growers. More and more safeda trees, which is in a meager quantity in Punjab, be sown, he said.

Avinash Singla, general-cum-finance secretary, said there was no need for issuing new licenses for plywood manufacturing units in the state because the existing units were running on minimum profits owing to competition at the state and national level.

Harmeet Singh, vice-president of the association, asked the government to provide agricultural land to plywood manufacturing units "on lease" to grow safeda and poplar trees. Bains assured the association that he would convey the minutes of the meeting to the Chief Minister at the earliest, and next joint meeting of growers and industrialists would be called shortly.



ludhiana scan
124 girls get certificates

Ludhiana: Social organisations should come forward to utilise youth energy for serving the society, said DIG SF Farooqi at a function in Mandi Gobindgarh on Saturday. The event was organised by Niskaam Kirtan Sewa Society to distribute certificates to the girls who had completed the sewing and cutting course. Society chief Karamjeet Singh Bittoo said the society was enabling the girls in villages to stand on their own feet by providing them free training in sewing and cutting. The society had completed training six batches for which 124 girls were given certificates on the occasion. The society had also arranged marriages of 113 needy girls at different occasions, Karamjeet said. District Police chief Mandeep Singh Sidhu presided over the event.

Bhog ceremony

Bhog ceremony of renowned artist Ajaib Chitrkar was held at Gurdwara Dasmesh Nagar, Gill Road, here today. Noted poets, writers and artists, including Surjit Patrar, Jagdev Singh Jasowal and Sardar Pansi, attended the ceremony. On a request made by the president of Punjabi Sahit Akademi, Gurbhajan Singh Gill, Punjabi literature department announced that the paintings of the deceased artist would be compiled in an album. The department would also provide books to the library in Gawadi village, which is named after him.

200 patients examined

A free medical check-up camp was held at ward number 5 on Saturday. As many as 217 patients attended the camp organised by Municipal Councilor Kiran Sood. A team of doctors from Desh Bhagat Ayurvedic College and Hospital attended the visitors.

Free medical camp

A comprehensive free medical health check-up camp was organized at Sirish Hospital, CMC City Center, here today. Specialist doctors from the Christian Medical College and Hospital examined around 300 medical and surgical patients during the camp. Gurprit Bassi (Gogi), Municipal Councilor, was the chief guest on the occasion. He lauded the efforts of the hospital for providing free medical check-up service to the community. Dr AG Thomas, director CMC, said the camp was a part of the commitment of the hospital to serve the community by providing expert health care.

Teachers’ union sets deadline

Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan and Rastriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyan Teacher Union has decided to organize anti-government protests from July 16 if its demand for a salary hike is not met by that date. The decision was taken in a meeting attended by teachers from all over the state here today. — TNS



Rs 3.5 lakh robbed
Miscreants take away money at gunpoint
Our Correspondent

Mandi Ahmedgarh, July 8
Some unidentified car-borne armed miscreants robbed a father-son duo of Rs 3.5 lakh when the victims were returning home on motorcycle from Sarinh village late last night.

The father, identified as Harjit Singh of Pohir village, received head injury in the incident.

The Dehlon police has initiated hunt for the unidentified miscreants after registering an FIR against them.

Investigations revealed that the car-borne robbers intercepted Harjit Singh and his son, by hitting the motorcycle they were traveling on, at a deserted place between Lehra and Gopalpur village on Ludhiana-Malerkotla road.

Before they could comprehend the situation, one of the miscreants hit Harjit Singh on the head with an iron rod, while his accomplice snatched the bag containing the cash from his son, Sandeep Singh, at gunpoint.

Harjit Singh has been running a money exchange office at Sarinh village for last many years. The police suspects that the miscreants had received information about receipt of a heavy amount of money during the day, and they conspired to rob the victims at a deserted place.

Harjit Singh was shifted to a private hospital where his condition is stated to be stable.



Theft at house
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 8
Thieves struck at a house of an oil dealer and decamped with gold ornaments and cash.

The complainant, Haresh Kumar, stated that the accused decamped with 27 tola of gold ornaments.

He said he was not in the city and on return he found the house ransacked.

He informed the police about the incident. A case has been registered in this connection.



4 booked for fraud
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 8
The police seized huge stock of substandard cement and booked four persons in this connection.

The cement was being sold in the open market by using the name of noted cement manufacturing companies.

SHO Meharban said Sohan Singh Pangli, owner of a local cement manufacturing company, had used the name of a noted cement manufacturing company on the sacks, and substandard cement was being filled in them.

Nihal Singh, the driver was transporting the cement to the market, while Vinod and Gian Chand were operating as the agent and manager, respectively.

Following a tip-off, 200 sacks of cement were seized. The SHO said the four accused managed to flee the spot.



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