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Grooms Wanted

Well-settled Chandigarh based Brahmin Business family invites alliance for their Convent Educated, Manglik Daughter 87 born, 5-4, B.Tech., slim & cultured presently engaged in family business. Boy must be well qualified & settled in business from affluent, cultured & well established family. Tricity preferred.  C2-43082

Suitable match preferably IAS, PCS, HCS for PCS (ETO) selected, good looking Arora Khatri girl, born 7.8.84, 3.45 p.m. Chandigarh, 5'-4". Done M.B.B.S. 98159-38307,  C2-42030B

SM4 beautiful, fair, Non-manglik Arora girl, 5'-4", 25.08.1984, 6.05 pm, Jalandhar, MA English. Educated family. Undergraduate excuse. Decent early marraige. Contact after matching Kundli. 98760-25254. C2-42776

Qualified match for Non Manglik Hindu Khatri girl, 5'- 3", 22.06.1985, 9:15PM , Amritsar, B.Tech.,technology analyst Infosys Chandigarh, 5.09 LPA. Photo must.  C2-43212

Professionally status match for convent educated, MBBS, Medical Officer (HCMS-II) beautiful, Punjabi girl, born 1984, ht. 5'-4", younger brother Advocate, father reputed businessman, mother Graduate, associated with family business. Contact: 99961-48391. C2-43414

Match for fair, slim 23/5'-6", employed MNC Bangalore. Father Senior Army officer. Educated well settled family from Chandigarh. Army Officer/Defence background preferred.  081030-94041. C2-43602

Match for smart, beautiful Arora M.Sc.(Eco.) slim, fair, girl Dec 1983, 5'-4'' convent school teacher. Reputed family Amritsar. Kundli must 94174-24435. C2- 43636

Suitable match for Arora Khatri girl M.A., M.Ed., Punjab TET cleared, Presently working Clerk on contract basis.15.7.84/5'-3"/5.25 PM, Chandigarh. Tricity serviceman preferred. 098148-23898.  C2-44304

Match for Hindu Khatri slim, fair 5'-1", 7.8.1988, 4.25 am Chandigarh, MCA, PGDB. Private job Chandigarh. Email:  99883-47152. C2-44326

High status NCR business family seeks alliance for convent educated, February 1981/5'-4", non-manglik, Phd. girl. NET/SLET cleared. Assistant Professor (University, NCR). 085688-37775,  C2-44500

Professionally qualified/ businessman/NRI match for fair, working girl, MBA (Finance), 34/5'. Caste no bar. 98150-69478,  C2-44636

Educated businessman, industrialist Manglik, non- Manglik boy for slim, Manglik Hindu Khatri girl, 23/5'- 3", convent educated, B.Com., MBA (HR). Father well established businessman, educated, small family. 0161- 6545074.  NA2-30142

Well educ., NRI/India based, considerate & W. settled, I'less upright man, frm metro, Hindu/Sikh in 40s, OHAC for I'less, 5'-5", 46, slim, Sikh female, V. attr., cultured, postgrad, W. established prf. non-ortdx, cultured/defn. serv fmly in India.  C2-33414

Looking suitable match for slim, family oriented girl (only sister of three brothers), 1983/5'-2", BA, B.Ed. Ramdasia Sikh, one brother settled permanently in Australia, father ex- govt. contractor. 0061-430430653 (Aus), 9915211795. C2-41912B

Match for Lobana Sikh beautiful girl, 3.11.83, 5'-3", M.Com, MBA (Finance). Boy should be educated, having own business or good serviceman. Contact: 98159-67009. C2-42532

Professionally qualified match for unmarried, beautiful Sikh Kamboj girl 33 (looks younger) 5'-7", MBA, BE, working SDO at Chandigarh, 60,000/-. Upper caste no bar. Contact only Bachelor.  C2-42664

Suitable match for Ramdasia Sikh MBBS Doctor girl, April 1984, 5'-3", working Reputed Hospital. Father businessman, mother retd. Govt. officer Chandigarh. Send profile photo. E-mail:  Mob: 95924-01851. C2-43300

Cleanshave Punjabi Executive match for LL.B. (Hon.), Ramdasia girl 5'-6", Chandigarh born August 1986, working MNC Noida. NCR settled boy. Caste no bar. Ph. 98781-64649. Email:  C2- 43726 

Seeking tall, handsome, higly qualified, professional boy preferably settled in India from high status family for brilliant American board certified Post-graduate Doctor girl, 29 yrs, 5'-9", slim, extremely beautiful with charming personality, well groomed with rich blend of modern and traditional values, now working in leading hospital of Delhi, belongs to highly placed, affluent well connected Jat-Sikh family. Email:  A2-41406

Seeking Jat Sikh doctor/dentist/and professionals for USA born, 29 yr. old Doctor, 5'-3", very fair. 80436- 03382.  C2-34767

Wanted cleanshaven, well settled, Jat Sikh PQM for convent educated BMS, MBA (Singapore), very pretty, smart and fair, 25 yrs, 5'-05", working Jat Sikh girl. Bombay based family. Please reply with complete biodata and recent photograph to,  Mob. : 099874-30170 C2-39550

PQM for Jatt Sikh Sohi girl, M.A., M.Phill, doing Ph.D (English), Nov. 84, 5'-7", fair, beautiful. Respond with recent photo & biodata. M.No. 98557-97360. E-mail:  C2-39702

Suitable qualified clean shaven match for Jat Sikh girl, June 1984, 5'-6", M.Tech. Environmental. Father retired Army Officer. Contact with biodata and photo email :,  80541-55970. C2-39782

PQM for beautiful Jat Sikh girl, 27, 5'-7", in her second year of Internal Medicine residency in US. Please send details to  C2-40580

Jat Sikh family seeks suitable professionally qualified match for their daughter, 1984 born/5'-4", B.Tech (Comp), working as Senior IT professional in a MNC, earning handsome salary.Email:;  Phone: 9876982527, 9915104109. C2-41430

Seeking suitable Medico match doing Residency in USA for Jat Sikh, July 1984 born, 5'-4" , beautiful, slim, fair Dhaliwal Doctor girl, ECFMG Certified, applying for Residency this year. Respond with matrimonial biodata and photos at:,  94176-79587. C2-41720

Well educated Sidhu family (US citizens) seeking match for their only daughter, 1982, 5'-7", US educated MD, now in final year of Gastroenterology Fellowship (Washington, DC). Beautiful, slender, caring and personable. Father University Professor, property in US and India (urban and rural). Looking for match that complements their daughter, MD, Ph.D., MBA or ME, handsome, Jat Sikh, cleanshaven boy (6' tall) with strong work ethic, Western education/work-experience preferred. Send two separate photographs. Email:  C2-41768

Jatt Sikh family seeking Doctor (MD/MS) match for daughter MBBS, DGO first year, 1985, 5'-5". Email:  Phone +919988-604032. C2-41952

PQM4 Australian Citizen Oct. 80, 5'-8", convent Medico permanent job, package 90,000 AUD. Only daughter of Class-1 Officer retd. Sufficient urban property in India. Early marriage. Send biodata photo. 94171-24792. Email:  C2-42548

Jat Sikh girl, MBA, 26 years, 5', fair complexion, holding Permanent Canadian visa, permanent job. Parents USA Green Card holders. Boy interested setttling in Canada/USA educated cleanshaven. Contact: 85560-37707. C2-42608

Match for Jatt Sikh Dec. 84 born, 5'-6", B.Sc. Govt. job in Chandigarh.  Box 808F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Match for Jatt Sikh May 83 born, 5'-5", M.Sc. in Clinical Microbiology. Presently in Canada on Student Visa. E-mail:  Box 809F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Wanted Jat Sikh Medico NRI match (USA, CA) for MBBS Sandhu girl, fair complexion, 1988, 5'-4", Canadian PR from reputed business class family. E-mail:  C2-42748

Jat Sikh very beautiful homely girl, 22/5'-4", doing MCA (last year). Father Class-1 Officer, Mother house wife, two brothers. Send Biodata:;  Contact: 9780973422. C2-42762B

Jat Sikh match for M.A. Fine Arts, B.Ed., U.G.C. cleared, 5'-5", 31, fair, beautiful girl, doing job. Father retd. Class-I officer.  Box 818F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Handsome qualified preferably Doctor/Engineer/Computer professional/ MBA match for beautiful, 5'-6", USA citizen Dec. 1986 born girl, completed Masters in Social Work (MSW) & working towards Clinical license. Parents well settled in USA & India. Respond with recent photo & complete biodata. E-mail:  C2-43100

Seeking alliance for beautiful, slim, Jat Sikh 82 born, 5'-4", M.A. English, Diploma in Computers, Convent educated girl. Well educated decent family match preferred. Send biodata and photos at :  C2-43185

Seeking well settled match for Jat Sikh MBBS, M.D., Consultant reputed Hospital Mohali, beautiful, homely girl, Dec. 1979/5'-4".  C2- 43528

Australian well-educated Jat Sikh parents seek alliance for their very well-settled daughter 25 yrs, 5'-4", beautiful, fair, slim, convent educated, Chandigarh backgroud. Pemanent government job. Good salary. professionals from high status Jat Sikh families invited to respond with photo and bio-data to  C2-43708

Jatt Sikh professionally qualified well-settled teetotaller match from educated family. Girl 31 yrs., 5'-6", well-cultured, MCA, Punjab Govt. Transferable job, Posting Chandigarh. Father Lawyer, Mother Graduate, Brother abroad.  C2- 44280

Professionally qualified, handsome, turbaned only Jat Sikh match for beautiful, attractive features girl, belongs to well settled family from Mohali/Chandigarh, Dec.85/5'-4", M.Tech Computer. Professor in IT College. Only three daughters. Elder married in U.K. 86993- 40144.  C2-44342

Jat Sikh preferably Australian/Canadian citizen well settled, Postgraduate, turban wearing, Non-drinker match from status family for beautiful Randhawa girl 27/5'-3", TR Australia, Topper Multimedia Designing from Monash University, Melbourne. Parents & only brother PR Canada.  C2-44484

Professional match for Jat Sikh, beautiful, slim, convent educated, March 81 born, 5'-10", tall, B.Tech. from W.I.T., working in reputed IT Company. Father retd. Col. Caste no bar. Phone: 93501-03989. E-mail:  NA2-29417

Professionally qualified match for Jat Sikh girl B.Tech. 28, 5'-5", working as consultant MNC 9 LPA. Email:  98140-12715. NA2-30286

Seeking US based suitable match for 31/5'-8", smart, beautiful, slender, tall girl. Masters from Colombia University working for industry leader in NYC, earning six figures. Respectable Jat Sikh family. Email details, recent photograph at:  NA2- 31462

Suitable qualified match for Saini Sikh Amritdhari girl, Aug. 1983/5', M.Sc. Bio-Physics, working on Project, persuing Ph.D PGI, Chandigarh. 98144-06119, 92168-78822. E-mail:  C2-41926

Suitable match for Saini Sikh girl, 30.03.1984/5'-3", Time 9:20 a.m., M.A. English, M.Ed., UGC, Computer course, TET cleared, Pursuing Ph.D. in Education, Govt teacher in Chandigarh, Salary 30000/-. Send biodata with recent photograph, family details. Email :,  Box 832F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Well-settled, professionally qualified MBA/Doctor/Engineer, tall, handsome match from affluent family for beautiful, smart, Bachelor of Physiotherapy, 5'-7", May 26, 1983 born, Saini Sikh, blend of modern & traditional values girl. Father retd. Pb. Govt. Officer. Upper caste no bar. Email:  C2-44462

Jat Sikh Dhillon family seeks alliance for their daughter, 1982 born/5'-8", US Citizen, working as a Residential Loan Officer in well known California Bank. Medico/Dental/Other professionals preferred. Email:;  Phone: 001-925-699-1980. C2- 31013B

Jat Sikh Dhillon family seeks professionally qualified match for their daughter, Sept. 1986/5'-5", Bio- Medical Engineer. Presently working as Technologist in Canada (Govt. job) on work permit. E-mail:  98152-26582. C2-39458

Suitable match for Saraswat Brahmin, New Zealand PR girl, 1983/5'-1", BA, LLB, LLM. Whole family settled in New Zealand. 0064-7573-5610. E-mail:  C2-41868

NRI preferably Australian match for Sikh Mair Rajput 31/ 5'-6'' B.Sc (IT) IELTS 6.5. band girl brief marriage annulled. Upper caste welcome 9855556491.  C2-44432

Doctor or M.Tech., tall match for California citizen beautiful Jat Sikh Shergill girl, 25, 5'-4", B.Sc. Nursing, coming India in the first week of Jan. Reputed family. Contact: 073575-14414. NA2-30519

Suitable match invited for Ludhiana based Sidhu deaf and dumb girl, 24/ 5'-3", very fair, beautiful, 12th pass, professional hair cutting and Beautician Course from famous Habibs. Operates computer, drives and routine work. 94173-10460.  C2- 44232B

Match for daughter, BAMS Punjab, born 1983, 5'-2". Father Mgr. in Bank. Settled in Chd. Tricity preferred. Only OBC and upper caste may apply. singh-23-  Box 833F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable match for 5'-3", 81 born, Prajapati, B.Com, PGDCA girl. Looking for educated well settled boy. Contact: 86995-21647. C2-42470

Rajput girl January 1977/5'-1", Post-graduate English, PGDCA, Multinational IT Chandigarh, drawing 7 lacs. Thakurs, Brahmins, Khatri preferred. 9463594556. Email:  C2-42742

Match for fair, slim, beautiful, 15.4.1983, 5'-5", 4:00 p.m., Graduate Govt. employee Kashyap Rajput girl, Early marriage. Upper caste no bar. Serviceman/businessman around Chandigarh preferred. Send photo, biodata:  Box 822F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable match for Saraswat Brahmin BA, NTT girl 5'-4", 15.02.82, 1:10 a.m., Semi Govt. job in reputed Company, Chandigarh. 99881-24350.  C2-32056

Govt. Bank employed match for Punjabi Saraswat Brahmin girl November 1987, 5'-3", BA, PGDCA Trainer at IT Park, Chandigarh, 1,75,000/- appx. p.a. Kundli photograph must. No demand.  Box 798F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable match for Mohyal Brahmin (Mohan) girl, slim and good looking M.A., B.Ed., 2nd July 86, 9.45 a.m. Jalandhar born, sister married, settled in New Zealand. Father retd. NRI. Email:  Mobile 98723-56343. C2-42954

Engineer/MBA/Advocate/Doctor match for slim, fair, Saraswat Brahmin girl, 23.10.83, 12 noon, 5'-3", B.A.M.S.. 99153-64731. C2-43104

Suitable match for H.P. background settled Tricity B.Tech in Computer Science girl, 11/85, 5'-1", 12:05 p.m. at Dharamshala, Brahmin Bhardwaj Gotra, working in MNC. Tricity settled Himachali preferred. E-mail:  095920-40419. C2-43338

For Sarswat Brahmin girl Aug77, 5ft MA, M.Ed., M.Sc.(IT), MCA, UGC Lecturer, B.Ed College. 094262- 80503. C2-44464

Brahmin convent educated girl, Agastya Gotra, 5'-7", 11.04.1984 born, (5:30 a.m. in Kullu), Officer in Nationalised Govt. Bank. Seeks teetotaller suitable professionally qualified and employed match from Himachal Pradesh. Contact after matching kundli. Dowry trend is seriously regretted. E-mail:  Box 844F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable match for Hindu Khatri Non-Manglik beautiful girl, 5'-3", 16.6.1983, 10:40 p.m., B.Sc., B.Ed., M.Sc. (Math). Contact: Mobile No. 97795-84908. E-mail:  C2-42724

M4 Pb. Kh. B'ful, slim girl PO in State Bank, 26 yrs, high status fmly, govt./bank job pref.  C2-44454

Suitable match for Khatri girl, 25/5'-3", B.Tech., MNC employed, 4.5 LPA. E-mail:  C2-44516

Professionally qualified match for beautiful girl 17 Jan, 81/5'-3", MBA, M.Com., working as Dept. Manager in Chandigarh. Email:  Mobile: 98762- 21935. A2-41915

Businessman/CA match for smart fair non-Manglik Arora girl, CA, 5'-3", Dec. 85, working in Delhi. 97819- 96893.  NA2-29708

Wanted suitable match for Himachali Dhiman girl, working as School Lecturer in HP Govt., M.Sc., MBA, B.Ed., intelligent social girl. Early marriage, Feb.1976, 5'-1". Cell: 088940-01630. E-mail:  C2-41918

Wanted suitable match for beautiful Himachali Dhiman girl, M.Sc. Botany, Net cleared, 15.4.1979, 5'-3". Cell: 094180-91077. E-mail:  C2-41920

Suitable match for Hindu Dhiman vegetarian girl, 5'-3", June 82, Ph.D Biotech, serving Application Scientist (Chandigarh). Chandigarh based settled family. Caste no bar. Tricity preferred. 098154-04274.  C2-43374

Sikh turbaned match for Dhiman Chandigarh Administration Dental College Nurse (B.Sc.), 2.9.1987, Gheer, Gehdu 5'-7". Bank/Government employee Tricity preferred. Person willing abroad excuse please. 98883- 96269. C2-44046

Suitable match for Sikh Ramgarhia girl, Virdi/Bassan, July 82, 5'-1", MA (Eng.), M.Sc. (Fashion), Teacher. Ph: 97800-29989. E-mail:  C2-44246 

Professionally qualified/Defence-Civil Officer/Established businessman match for Sikh Ramgarhia Architect girl, (B. Arch, M.Arch), 5'-3", 27 years, very fair, smart, working MNC. Elder sister Architect (M.Arch) well settled in life. Younger brother Civil Engineer. Father Chief Engineer (Retired) Punjab Government. Decent upper caste Sikh family no bar. Email:  Box 838F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable match preferrably from USA for Mazhabi Sikh girl, Aug-1980, 5'-6", B.Tech from PEC, MBA from USA. Working in USA, visiting shortly. Early marriage. Caste no bar. 98760-92770,  C2-37635

Ad-dharmi (Chamar) settled in Canada seek suitable match for their 25/5' tall, professionally qualified daughter. Boy should be from same caste, professionally qualified or student pursuing study in Canada can also be considered. Send recent picture and biodata. E-mail:  C2-41778

Match for Jatav/Chamar slim, very beautiful girl 24/5'- 4", B.Pharma, working Pharma Company, Mohali. West U.P./Chandigarh based preferred. Educated family. Father Gazetted officer ITBP. 090415-95506, 094016- 15002.  C2-43662

Cleanshaven match for Ramdasia girl, B.Tech.Computer from IIT, born March 1987/ 5'-5", slim, fair, working Software Engineer Bangalore, package 14 Lacs. Please send biodata photo to Email:  C2- 43856

Suitable match for Chandigarh based beautiful SC (Mazbi Sikh) girl, 28/5'-5", B.E. (IT) from PEC Chandigarh. Employed as Software Engineer in MNC. Father Class I officer. Caste no bar in SCs. Contact: 98153-93618. E- mail:  C2-44188

Professionally qualified match for fair, beautiful, 5'- 1", 26.03.1979, B.Tech Ad-Dharmi girl Software Engineer HIB Visa visiting India July end. Send Bio-data, photo. Email:  9876743787. C2-44496

Professionally qualified match for Saini Manglik Doctor MBBS, MD, Delhi based girl, 10.09.1984, 12.20 pm, Delhi, 5'-4", daughter of Senior Army officer. Upper caste no bar. Contact: 09811801359. E-mail:  C2-39016

Suitable match for fair complexion, April 1988/5'-5", born in Patiala, M.A. (Economics), B.Ed., PGDCA. 075085-19194, 096460-50716. C2-41704

Ramgarhia Manglik girl, 14.11.1986, 5', B.Com, MBA. Seeks handsome, educated, settled Ramgarhia boy. Contact: 9888194865, 9988006944. E-mail:  C2-42956B

Suitable match for Khatri slim, fair, Law Graduate, November 1986.  98143-29098. C2-44328

Suitable match for Hindu Tonkshatriya legally divorcee girl, 4.1.73/8:27 p.m./5'-2". Govt job in Chandigarh. Having 8 years son. Caste no bar. Preferred around Chandigarh. Box 795F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Match for beautiful MA B.Ed., Saraswat Brahmin girl, 5'-1", November 1972, Divorced after three weeks. Email:  C2-41890

Match for Punjabi Hindu Arora issueless divorcee girl, MCA, 1983/5'-2", service, well settled businessman preferred. 80544-74898.  C2- 43292

Australian PR, Manager in Hotel Gupta non-Manglik girl, 14.7.1986, 9:30 a.m., Tapa Mandi/5'-1". 94175-07308, 94178-59121,  C2-41790

Suitable vegetarian, non drinker, non smoker match for Bansal 7.02.1988, 10.27 pm (Moga), 5'-7", slim, good looking, M.Tech. (C.Sc.), working girl. Parents Bank employees. 095010-04763.  C2- 42656

Suitable match beautiful Singla girl, 5'-3", 01.11.1978, Haryana Govt. Medical Officer. Status family Panchkula. Decent marraige. Preferred around Kurukshetra. Mobile: 098144-00157. C2-43558

Suitable match for fair, slim, beautiful Garg girl, 5'- 3", Born 14.6.1986 at 5:10 p.m./Ferozepur (Punjab). B.Tech (E&C). Working TCS Pune, Package 7.50 lakhs per annum. Simple middle class family. Early simple marriage.,  01636-232661, 97790- 92661. C2-44596

Seeking Gursikh Professionally qualified match for Gursikh Arora girl, Custom Officer in Australia, 26/5'- 6". Family settled in Sydney. 9814038957.  C2-42998

PQM for Kamboj Sikh BDS girl Nov. 83, 5'-7", PR Canada. Preferred Canada, US, PR boy. 98552-55252,  A2-41695-OL

Kamboj Sikh Canadian girl, 24/5'-4". Seeks cleanshaven , 5'-10, Canadian well educated boy. Contact: 001- 6477-105030. C2-42526


39 Kanal 16 marla Land Near Chandigarh Engineering College (Landran), Sector 111, Mohali (In R Zone). C2-42318

Chandigarh: One kanal old house in Sector 11 plot price for immediate sale. Person with ready cash may contact: Bagga Properties 98154-80171. NA2-31070

16 acres block on Machhiwara - Kohara link road. Single ownership. No Biana. 97798-18682. C2-43804

Category 'A': TF fully furnished excellent work. Shivalik society. Sector-49 A. Bank/Company lease. 94636-00860. C2-43878


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