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Brides Wanted

Delhi based Agrawal family invites alliance for their verey handsome son, fair, smart, of pleasing personality, vegetarian, teetotaller, highly educated, professionally qualified, very intelligent, a Genius, successful entrepreneur, running a multi-crore prestigious industry of international repute. Ht. 5-10, Nov. 70 born (looks 30) never married looking for really beautiful, tall, talented Sanskari girl no dowry: Caste no bar.  Ph: 7827181680.

Beautiful, tall, professionally qualified match for Manhas Rajput boy born on 24-7-1983, 11:40am, Shimla, 6'-2", MBA, working in reputed MNC, Delhi. Father University Professor. , M. : 94644- 75271 C2-41760

Suitable match for Kashyap Rajput handsome Sikh boy 5'- 8", 20.12.1984,
2:05 pm, B.E. (ECE), working as Senior Engineer, having Salary Rs. 5.30 lacs per annum as yet in Bharti Airtel Ltd. at Gurgaon. Preferred suitable employed beautiful girl. Contact: 01883236449, 098881- 24447, Timing 7.00 pm to 10.00 pm. E-mail:  C2-43266

PQM for handsome Arora/Khatri  Sikh, cleanshaven, US citizen,  Ivy League Dentist,31/5-11. Running own high volume dental practice seeks  beautiful, educated, cultured  girl from well established family. Medico/Dental/other professionals from USA/Canada preferred, caste no bar. email photographs : 425-891-9215  C2-43044

Parmar, Doaba Punjab, 1981/5'-8", cleanshaven, St. John's convented,
MBA, UBS, Chandigarh B.Tech. PTU, working Wipro Banglore. 10 LPA.  98760-97441. C2-43898

Match for Brahmin boy American citizen 6'-2"/31, veg., non-smoker,
non-drinker, IT Manager, Master in Information Tech., double Bachelor in Computer Science & International Business. Govt. job. Prefer a Medical Prof. girl. Reply with biodata & picture. Contact: , Mob: 0012095795626, USA. A2-41417

Manglik Saraswat Brahmin handsome boy, 31.12.85, 8 p.m. Amritsar,
5'-11", study visa Australia for last 4 years seeks Australian citizen, IELTS pass, slim, tall girl. Contact after matching kundli. Contact: 0183- 2265040, 95922-20997. A2-41461-OL

Suitable match for Brahmin (Kaushal) boy from Himachal, well settled
family, Canadian citizens, 1.12.1984, 02.20 p.m. (Mussoorie-India), 5'-8", BBA/CA (BC- Canada).  A2-41957-OL

Status Punjabi Sarswat Brahmin family invite alliance for their tall, smart
son 30 years, 6'-1", B.Tech.working in reputed MNC at Baroda. Good Package. Please contact with family details, horscope and photograph. e-mail: . Mobile +91 9898056892. C2-33878

Prof. qualified employed match in teaching for Brahmin boy 2.5.1981, 11.20
am Asr. MBA 5'-11'' Operation Manager in reputed Bank 7 lpa . Contact after matching kundli. Amritsar preferred 9872976455, 9888516455. C2- 41904

Saraswat Brahmin boy 16.10.1980, 4:45 am, Una, 6'-2", B.Tech. Computer,
running Institute, Chandigarh Dowryless, Early marriage. Contact: C2-43178

Beautiful, educated match for Khatri handsome boy, 23- 12-84, 5:00 p.m.,
Chandigarh/6'-0", well settled own business. No demand. 78144-17211, 98882-96466.  C2-42340

Alliance invited for well qualified, Anshik Manglik Khatri boy, 15.11.84, 11:40
a.m., Rohtak, 6'-1", working in MNC. Tricity preferred. 98767-60810.  C2-42496

Professionally qualified preferably U.S. based slim, beautiful, tall, working
match from a decent family for a Software Engineer, 26 yrs., 6'-0", Manglik handsome Hindu Khatri boy, presently working in USA. Contact email:  C2-43066

Professionally qualified preferably US based slim, beautiful match from a
decent family for handsome Doctor MDS (PG in Dentistry), 28/5'-11" NM, Hindu Khatri boy, working as Senior Lecturer. Contact email:  Phone: 98788-22780. C2-43084

PQM for handsome, smart and tall MCA Manglik/non- Manglik working
Chandigarh, 9.50 LPA, 28.8.83, 6.00 a.m. Ferozepur. Contact M: 97799-60137.  NA2-30954

Sikh boy 28/5'-7", Mechanical Engineer, well-settled in Australia (Australian
citizen). Native place Chandigarh. Mob: 99888-10536. E-mail:  C2-43370

Suitable match for Lubana Sikh Multani (cleanshaven) 32 yr, 5'-10",
Graduate businessman boy, well settled in Ludhiana. Contact: 085580-61861. Email:  C2-43634

Suitable match for US citizen Weaver Sikh cleanshaven boy 30/5'-10", B.Sc.
in Nursing, Govt. Job. Caste no bar. Doaba preferred. Biodata/photo. Email:  NA2-29767

Sikh Doctor/doing Postgraduation girl for handsome, humble, intelligent &
future oriented Sikh Mair Rajput boy, 29/5'-9", doing MS General Surgery (Final Year), from a recognised Medical College in Punjab. Father also Doctor, running own hospital, family owns agricultural land.. Upper caste no bar. 0161-3251374,  NA2-30147

Suitable beautiful well-educated match for Amritsar- based Randhawa Jat
Sikh vegetarian non-drinker boy 28/5'-10", Diploma Electronics Engineering (Italy PR) well-settled business in Amritsar. Send BHP. Email:  , (99148-43481). A2-41012-OL

Jat Sikh Gill parents seek a match for their Son, 30 Years, 6' tall, born and
educated in Toronto, Engineer and working with a large Corporation. Girl should be Canadian born and educated, age under 29 years and with good family values. E-mail:  C2- 30945

Jat Sikh parents looking for beautiful, educated Jat Sikh girl age 30-35 yrs
from good family for USA citizen, B.Tech., 40/5'-10", issueless divorcee, teetotaler, handsome, looks younger, Sr. Manager, six figure income. Girl only consideration. Do send photograph with response. E-mail:  Contact: 96468-72322. C2-33146

Well established Canadian Jat Sikh family seeking a suitable match for their
Canadian very handsome 31 yrs, 6' tall, MD (Doctor), only son. Girl should be tall, slim and beautiful, with University degree from Canada/USA with strong family values to settle in Canada. Please send a biodata and recent photograph at E-mail:  C2-34059

Match for Jat Sikh Bhullar clean-shaven fair boy, 28/5'-6", B.Ed.,
Government Teacher. Urbanised middle class Patiala family. U/R property. Seeks beautiful, slim, Permanent employed girl. Preferred near by Patiala. No dowry. Girl main consideration. Contact E- mail:  or Box 2129M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Software Engineer US citizen divorcee handsome Jatt Sikh boy, Dec. 79,
5'-10" looking for beautiful Sikh girl. Email:  Box 2130M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Wanted educated sober girl from decent family for highly qualified 31/6' boy
M.Tech & MBA ( USA) handsome alrounder personality. Running own business at Mohali in collaboration with US firm. Status urbaized family. Father Class-1 Officer (retd.) Email:-  C2-42074

Chandigarh based handsome Jat Sikh Dangi boy, 6', 1986, B.A. PGDCA,
private job. Parents Gazetted Officers. Box 2131M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Jat Sikh parents, well settled in UK seek a suitable match for their Son, 27
years, 5'-11", tall, born and educated in UK. We are looking for a beautiful, talented, educated and well cultured girl belonging to respectable family. Family originally comes from Ludhiana. Apply with photograph and family details to  C2-42214

Jat Sikh parents seeks match for handsome Canadian born 29/6'-2"/B.Sc.
fair skin, non-drinker respectful son. Working with the government. Girl should be beautiful, tall, educated, family values. Call 98152- 64001 or send biodata and picture to  C2-42230

Compatible match for very smart handsome and talented Jat Sikh Engineer
25 (Feb. 1987), 5'-11", Graduate from IIT Kanpur, working in USA with reputed American company as Process Design Engineer in Strategy Technology and Commercial Integration.  C2-42520

Seeking a well educated, suitable match from a status family for my son, Jat
Sikh, 1979 born, 6', tall, Public School educated, Doctor MS Opthalmology, army background.  C2-42582

SM4 Jat Sikh boy, 27/5'-8", BE/ME STR. Engg. SDO (PWD B&R) Govt. job
rural & urban property preference BE Civil, Architect. Early marriage, no demand. 98767- 89218. Email:  C2-42616B

Suitable match for Jat Sikh handsome 28/5'-11", B.Tech, MBA boy, doing
own business, having considerable Rural & Urban properties. Well settled family at Mohali.  C2-42714

Alliance sought from status families only for handsome Jat Sikh clean
shaven Advocate boy, 27 years/5'-7", settled in Delhi doing corporate job. Father Senior bureaucrat in Central Government. Please contact 98141- 72803. E-mail:  C2-42792

Canadian PR Jatt Sikh Engr. boy, 26 years, 5'-11", working as Engr. in Oil and
Gas Industry, looking for Jatt Sikh girl having Engg. background working or studying in Alberta. Contact 001403-473-0250. Email:  C2-42865

Seek alliance for handsome 30 years, 5'-9", Sanawrian boy, officer of
Punjab Govt. require beautiful, highly educated girl from high status family.  98887-11563. C2-43218

Jat Sikh Veg. family from Amritsar seeks suitable match for M.Tech.
Mechanical 5'-9''/ 30+ 16 lpa working at Gurgaon in MNC  9653422118. C2-43607

Jat Sikh parents seek educated and beautiful Jat Sikh girl (5'-4" - 5'-8") for
their son, age 27/6'-0", B.Eco./B. Law. (Admitted Solicitor) and employed in MNC, clean shaven, raised and educated in Australia. Only Australian residents need to apply. Please send latest photos and bio data to   C2-43618

Suitable match for Jat Sikh Chahal handsome boy, 6'-3", 1984, Australian
PR. Beautiful, well educated girl 5'- 6" or above from India/Australia preferred. Email:  C2-43996

Well educated, min. 5'-5" tall Jat Sikh girl for handsome, turbaned Jat Sikh
boy 9th May, 1987 born, 5'- 10", done Merchant Navy course from Dubai & New Zealand, 3rd Officer in Merchant Navy. (Salary in six figures per month). Family owns agricultural land, only son. Girl main consideration, no demands. 0161-6545074.  NA2-27919

Educated, homely girl, preferably from Malwa region for fair Jat Sikh boy,
24/5'-10", LL.B from PU, Chandigarh. Assisting father in family business. Father established businessman & landlord. Educated, small family. 0161- 3269074,  NA2-30145

Wanted beautiful, professionally qualified/well educated Jat Sikh girl settled
in Canada for unmarried Jat Sikh Canadian PR boy, done Engineering from India, 1971 born (looks younger), athletic built, 5'-9", belonging to respectable, highly educated family of Ludhiana. Email:  NA2-30149

Match for Jakher Jat Sikh born in India (Punjab) 26 year, height 5'-11", job
Chemical Eng. in welknow company in USA. Suitable preferred, qualified match recent photo send  Contact: 88721- 73984. NA2-30288

Extremely beautiful tall, fair Doctor/Engg/professional girl for fair, very
handsome Punjabi Hindu Khatri reputed never married boy 5'-9"/38, done MD, also taking USMLE, plans to move to US. Canadian immigration in process. Parents Doctors India, brother Bhabhi Doctors in USA. Email:  Box 2157M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Wanted NRI beautiful girl for handsome Brahmin boy, 35/5'-7" in Australia
for four years. Well settled business family. 92161-79030, 94786-41843. Email:  A2-41467-OL

Seeking a beautiful, highly educated Sikh vegetarian girl, working in India or
abroad for our US citizen, Amritdhari Saini son 29, 5'-11", working as a Patent Attorney in New York. Please respond with complete biodata and picture to  or 510-799- 6807. A2-41997-OL

Well connected Professional Jat Sikh family seek suitable match for their clean shaven, handsome, 82 born, 5'-10" son. Presently working for Investment Bank in London. Girl must be beautiful, convent educated, with good sense of humour and willing to settle abroad.  C2-42452

Match for smart Hindu boy, MCA, working with Pvt. Ltd. Company in Mohali,
5'-6", 12-01-1982. NRI girl required. 9646106161. C2-42924

Suitable medico dentico professional match for fair handsome 35/5'-7",
MBBS, MRCP, MRCGP Khatri boy, working Consultant G.P. National Health Services Hospital UK. Parents doctors. 094163-78082.  C2-43532

Beautiful, slim, Non-Manglik IT Engineer/Medico or Professional match
having study/work visa for USA for well-settled Brahmin boy 29/5'-10", BE, PEC, employed USA H1B. Upper caste welcome. Contact with kundli, photo. 94171-43721.  C2-44134

Professionally qualified career oriented settled/willing to settle abroad
match for Canada settled boy status PR Hindu Khatri MBA, 5'-8", healthy but very active 05.02.80, Jalandhar, 5:50 a.m., Senior Manager MNC, interests - travelling/hiking/music/reading/theatre/art. Coming India September, highly settled educated family. 094173-85177, mail biodata, pics.  NA2-29657

Well qualified SM for Kapoor Khatri boy 5'-8", 22.7.84, 6:25 am, Mohali, living
in Australia since 2007 PR preferred or interested to go abroad after marriage clearing IELTS with 7 bands each. Conact: 99140-01334. E-mail, biodata to  C2-41830

Suitable match for Non-Manglik boy, 7.9.82/9:05 a.m./Jaipur. B.Com.,
PGDBA, 5'-8". Working in Telecom MNC in Amritsar as Deputy Manager. Own house in Chandigarh. 98760-79820.  C2-41970

SM4 Mahajan boy CA, PO in Bank, 5'-8", 04.09.86, 8:35 p.m., Jalandhar.
Upper caste no bar. Contact: 94640- 19792. Email:  C2-42330

Suitable match for Khatri boy, 20-08-1983, 11:25 a.m., Chandigarh, 5'-10",
Diploma in Mechanical Engineering, working at Mohali. Own house in Chandigarh. Contact 94638-00088. C2-42738

Match for Ropar based smart Hindu Boy Asstt. Manager HDFC,
5'-11"/31.8.1983, 6:15 p.m., Working girl preferred. 9888661611. C2-42922

Suitable PQ Manglik match for very handsome, 5'-8", 1983 born Jal. boy, job
package 6 lac. Educated, cultured value based status family. Ph: 98728-40882. C2-43274

Professionally qualified working match for Punjabi Khatri handsome non
manglik 08.01.1983, 14:14, Hoshiarpur, 5'-8", B.Tech, MBA, working top telecom company Gurgaon, 8 LPA. Status family, Panchkula. Email:  , 0-98144-37342. C2-43584

PQM for Mech. Engineer, 37/5'-8", working Deputy Manager MNC Gurgaon,
10.5 LPA. 099969-29427. E-mail:  C2-44128

Respectable high status Khatri/Punjabi family of Jalandhar seeks
beautiful/charming alliance for handsome Manglik son 26/6'-1", B.Tech. (ECE), working MNC Gurgaon, +7 LPA. Upper caste no bar. Preference professionally qualified working in NCR. Send biodata/snaps to  NA2-30591

Tall, educated status match for handsome Sikh Ramgarhia turbaned boy 81
born/6 feet, Manager, MBA, 6 LPA, Defence background. One sister married. Early marriage. Caste no bar. Contact: 85668-64200, 99150-38294.  A2-41014-OL

Medico match for MBBS Rajput/Ramgarhia teetotaller turbaned Sikh boy, 34
years/6 feet from high status Chandigarh based family. Government job. NRI excuse. Contact:  Box 2048M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable match for Ramgarhia qualified clean shaven issueless divorcee few
days, 35 years/6'. Own business Chandigarh seek slim, beautiful, issueless, qualified girl. Upper caste no bar. Contact 099146-24047.  C2-41622

Professionally well settled BE handsome fair Himachali Dhiman boy, Dec.
84/5'-11", 8 lakhs, preferred Delhi. Email:  98101-56332. C2-42198

Professionally qualified working match for Ramgarhia Sikh handsome,
smart, fair turbaned boy, Non-drinker, Non-trimmer, 11th Aug. 79/5'-7", B.Tech, (IT), MCTS, MNC Mohali, 42000/- p.m. in hand. Father Retired Colonel, settled in Mohali, small educated family. 94176-43274, 0172-2274570.  C2-43380

Suitable match for unmarried Ramgarhia Sikh boy 72 born, 5'-9", Canadian
citizen. Email:  98157-01002. NA2-30096

Well settled abroad suitable match for Ramgarhia boy (only son) 26/6'-2",
BA, IELTS 6 Band. Studying Master Degree in Business Administration at London University. Upper caste no bar. (98152-09992). NA2-30117

Match for Gursikh handsome, convent educated, 28/5'-9" boy B.Tech.,
Technology Analyst, Infosys, 7 LPA. Chandigarh based status family. E-mail:  C2-42734

Unmarried, pref work'g SM 4 unmarried Pb. Adh 74 born 5'-9", fair, h'sme r/o
Noida Adv work'g in law firm in Delhi, salary 6 Lpa. Send bio-data & photo to  C2-39394

Suitable match for smart & handsome convent educated Ad-dharmi (SC)
Ravidasia Sikh boy wearing turban. B.E. Mech., officer in Merchant Navy, September 1984/5'-10", from respectable & highly educated, Doaba-based family. Father Senior Engineer in Pb. Govt., brother is also Engineer in MNC. Well-settled family. Girl from educated family preferred. Early marriage. Photo & bio- data. Email ID: . Phone No. 98141- 31195. C2-39476

Match for Ramdasia Sikh (Weaver) vegetarian, teetotaller, November
1984/5'-11", Private teacher, M.Phil. boy from well settled and status family. Mother gazetted officer, father Govt employee, seeking educated, B.Ed. Teacher Govt/Private, slim and beautiful girl. 98153-82120. C2-42232

Match for handsome Pal boy, 25.6.1981/5'-8", MBA, serving MNC Gurgaon,
pkg 6.6 lacs, preferably serving girl. Contact 090505-33711, 099535-20037. Email:  C2-43514

Compatible match for M.Sc. IT (PU), M.Tech. from Swinburn University
Australia, born at Chandigarh on Aug. 81/6'. Property in Tricity. Only son from status family. No liability. Email:  C2-43730B

Suitable match for US citizen Arora Sikh boy, 38/6', own Physical Therapy
Clinic, well settled seeks beautiful, slim, tall girl. Caste no bar. Please respond with bio-data and Photo to:  C2-38021

Match for Arora Sikh boy, 29/6', B-Pharmacy, own Industry. Father
Gazetted Officer (Retd.), own kothi, Mohali. Contact: 0172-2225749, 98551-85961. Email:  C2-42642B

Well educated parents seek suitable match for their younger son 28 years,
5'-7", MS from leading university in USA, working as Manager at Microsoft, USA. MBBS/BDS/Lawyers/CA/ Engineers preferred. Caste/Horoscope/location no bar. Please contact:  C2-41700B

Professionally qualified match for Garg boy, August 1980, 5'-8", PGDBM
(Finance), Manager in Govt. Bank in Chandigarh. Send biodata and photograph. E-mail:  C2-43762


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