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UT Admn ignores security at Lake Club
No CCTV cameras installed on porous Lake Club boundary
Rajinder Nagarkoti
Tribune News Service

Youngsters at the pool party organised at Lake Club on Sunday. Tribune photographs

Chandigarh, August 21
Practising before preaching is surely not the UT Administration’s style. While it had issued a number of directions to many hotels, restaurants and big shopping malls in the city to install CCTV cameras, it is yet to install ones at the Lake Club, where youngsters had created a ruckus during a party on Sunday.

The Administration as well as the Police Department regularly hold meetings with traders, businessmen, hoteliers and the owners of shopping malls regarding the installation of CCTV cameras. However, sources said, the UT Administration never put forward a proposal to install CCTV cameras on the premises of the Lake Club.

Requesting anonymity, a senior official of the UT Administration said there was no fixed boundary wall at the Lake Club where they can install CCTV cameras. Besides, there are many areas on the Sukhna Lake side and adjacent the tennis court from where people can easily enter the club, he added.

The sources revealed that after the incident on Sunday, where youngsters had entered the swimming pool and trespassed on the property of the club, the authorities are seriously considering installing CCTV cameras, especially at the main entrance and the lawn area of the club.

Meanwhile, Additional Deputy Commissioner (ADC) Mahavir Kaushik today started a probe into the incident. The sources said he had sought the booking-and-entry register of the club. The ADC has also sought the details of all the terms and conditions of booking a party at the club, the sources added.

Organisers tender apology

The party organisers, Event Experts, on the Facebook have posted an apology to the guests. The apology reads, “Hey people… we are extremely sorry for the inconvenience caused to you. And it was a bad day yesterday. We are highly embarrassed and you guys are aware that our intentions were right. It was just because of miscommunication about the party on the part of the management. But, we make sure we'll make up for this n will come up with a rocking party soon !!”

Was Lake Club partner?

In the invitation to ‘Island Pool Party’, which was put on various websites, the Lake Club was mentioned as one of the two partners in the organisation of the party. The name of the Lake Club was mentioned as the second partner. But, the UT officials denied their involvement, saying that the organisers could have used the name of the club to promote the party.

Beachwear fashion show

In the invitation to the party put on various networking sites, it was mentioned that five DJs, Ikraam Aulakh, Vinay, Ankit, Sadu and Deep, would perform at the party. It was also mentioned that for the first time ever in the tricity, a poolside beachwear fashion show would be organised.

Admn seeks help from media

To identify the youngsters, who were present at the party at the Lake Club, the UT Administration has decided to seek help from newspapers and news channels. A senior official said they would now collect photographs clicked by the photographers of the print and electronic media and investigate the matter accordingly.



Police quizzes five guests
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, August 21
The UT police today questioned some guests who had arrived at the controversial pool party at Lake Club on Sunday.

While over 200 guests had come to the party, the police questioned five guests who told the police that it was a “free-for-all fun-filled party” where they had gone for free booze.

The UT police had drawn flak for its failure to stop and frisk guests who had arrived at the party. The police had no clue whether any teenager below the age of 18 was drinking at the party. Moreover, it failed to find out if any of the youths were under the influence of drugs.

The police had arrested five persons, including Lake Club caterer Sanjay Singla, and four others for trespass on Sunday.



Empty beer bottles, cigarettes found
Rajinder Nagarkoti
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, August 21
Empty beer bottles, cigarettes can be easily seen near the swimming pool wall at Lake Club where youngsters had created ruckus on Sunday.

The presence of bottles of beer and packs of cigarettes, some of them filled with some stuff, also raised questions on the investigation conducted by the UT Administration and the UT police that why even after two days of the incident, the authorities did not collect the samples of cigarettes and empty beer bottles.

The Chandigarh Tribune team saw empty bottles of beer and cigarettes near the swimming pool today. Requesting anonymity, one of the Lake Club employees said on Sunday there were more than 200 youngsters at the party and out of them, around 60-70 were enjoying in the swimming pool. Youngsters were using both the swimming pools. They had brought cigarettes with them whereas the organisers arranged the beer, he added.

The employee said the youngsters were in beachwear and each one of them had brought a set of additional clothes with them. Some of them were jumping from the diving platform in the pool. Many youngsters were also sitting in their cars parked near the squash court, he added.

Sources said on Sunday, the party had started around 12 noon but around 4 pm when the Lake Club authorities came to know

about the youngsters entering the swimming pool area, the authorities had called the police and had vacated the pool area.

However, sources added that as soon as police and the Lake Club officials left, the youngsters again entered the swimming pool area and started consuming beer. Finally when the news reached senior officials of the UT Administration, the police and the Lake Club officials reached the spot and stopped the party.



UT mulls change in booking, security deposit rules at club
Rajinder Nagarkoti
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, August 21
Finally, waking up from deep slumber, the UT Administration is going to change some rules and regulations of Lake Club. A senior official said there would be changes in the the rules for booking and security deposit.

Sources said at present there was no provision of security deposit if any member booked any programme on the per-head basis. If there are around 50 guests, then the charges are Rs 25 per guest and if the number is between 50 and 100 then the charges are Rs 50 per guest. But, for such bookings, there is no provision of security deposit.

For Sunday’s party, Sanjay Singla, the official caterer of the Lake Club, had booked the premises of the club on a per-head basis and deposited around Rs 4,000 for 60 guests, which includes service tax and other taxes.

Now, the UT officials are soon going to amend some rules and would add security deposit clause to the rules for booking any function.

An official of the UT Administration said at present the security deposit clause was applicable to only those bookings where a member booked the lawn for a function. Soon, they will hold a meeting and include this rule in the existing set of rules so that they can forfeit the security in case of any kind of violation of the rules, he added.

He said they had also decided not to book the poolside lawn for any kind of function in the future. The administration is also considering introducing rules permitting the cancelling of the membership of a member who would host a commercial party in the name of a social get-together.

Despite repeated attempts, UT Finance-cum-Sports Secretary VK Singh was not available for comments on this issue.

No security deposit

At present there is no provision of security deposit if any member books the club on the per-head basis. If there are around 50 guests, then the charges are Rs 25 per guest and if the number is between 50 and 100 then the charges are Rs 50 per guest.



Excise Act violated
Rajmeet Singh
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, August 21
The controversy over the pool party at Lake Club is getting murkier. Two days after the high-voltage party was reported, the UT excise officials have stumbled upon a glaring violation of the Excise Act that could land the organisers in trouble.

Against the permission of five cartons of beer sought from the Excise Department, a permit of 45 cartons was in possession of the organisers. UT officials are unable to explain how the permit for 45 cartons landed with the organisers. “Whether the figure of four was added to change it from five to 45 or it was a typing error. It is yet to be seen,” said an official.

Additional Deputy Commissioner Mahavir Kaushik, who is probing the case, said he had heard about it, but was yet to go through the documents.

“A permit is mandatory for holding any private function. Though the permit fee is same at Rs 1,100, the organisers cannot possess more liquor than permitted in the permit,” said a senior excise official.

Official caterer of Lake Club Sanjay Singla, who had booked the party, refused to talk. He had booked the club on behalf of an event management company for the promotional event of a beer company.

By changing the permit figure from five cartons (60 bottles) to 45 cartons (540 bottles), more liquor was available for the guests. Though the permission for 60 persons could be given at the venue, there more 200 persons were in the party and accordingly, the demand of liquor also went up.

On Tuesday, empty bottles of beer thrown around the pool were self explanatory about the uninterrupted flow of beer at the venue.



mehak case
Post-mortem indicates death due to strangulation
Hina Rohtaki
Tribune News Service

Panchkula, August 21
The post-mortem of the body of newlywed girl Mehak, who was found dead under mysterious circumstances at her residence yesterday, was conducted today. According to the report, she died due to strangulation and was five-month pregnant. However, she was married only four months ago.

The police said now it was investigating that whether she had killed herself or was strangulated by somebody. The body of 23-year-old Mehak was found at her in-laws' residence with a stole around her neck. Her husband, Sandeep Garg, has absconded.

The police said the exact cause of her death could be ascertained after the receipt of the viscera report. Sources also stated that the girl, who was married four months ago, was five-month pregnant.

Meanwhile, the deceased's family created a ruckus at the Sector-14 police station alleging that the police was not taking due action and all the four suspects in the case were roaming free. In the afternoon, the family refused to receive the body after the post-mortem. They would receive the body only after the police arrests her in-laws. Some relatives pacified the agitating members of the family and she was cremated.

Late last night, the police booked the in-laws, including Mehak’s sister-in-law and husband, under charges of dowry death. Mehak had got married to a businessman based at Sector16, Panchkula.

“We were waiting for the post-mortem report. How could we arrest someone without a substantial proof? The post-mortem report states that the girl died of strangulation. Now, we have to investigate whether she was strangulated or she killed herself,” said Inspector Lakshmi Chand, SHO, Sector-14 Police Station.

Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP), Crime, Dheeraj Setia also reached the spot and pacified the agitating members of the family.

Meanwhile, the girl's in-laws claimed that the girl committed suicide by hanging herself from the ceiling fan.

Poison found in body

A board consisting of three doctors conducted the post-mortem on Mehak's body. The team also found some poisonous substance in her digestive system and injury marks on the body, which have aroused suspicion among the doctors. Doctors said it was after the viscera report that the actual cause of the woman's death could be ascertained. “The injury marks are 24-hour-old. We have also found congestion in her stomach,” said Dr Sunil Gambhir, member of the board.



Mehak was victim of in-laws’ torture: Parents
Hina Rohtaki
Tribune News Service

Panchkula, August 21
The ‘torture’ which 23-year-old Mehak underwent is beyond description. Searing food was thrust into her mouth, hands were poked in boiling water and boiling milk was poured over her feet only because she could not meet her in-laws greed for dowry.

Mehak had completed her BBA from Punjab Technical University. Her body was found with a stoll around her neck under mysterious circumstances at her in-laws house in Sector 16, Panchkula.

Mehak came to know after her marriage that her husband Sandeep Garg was already divorced. He was earlier married to a girl in Barnala. Mehak’s family alleged that the in-laws greed for dowry took their daughter’s life.

“We were not aware that these were the last days which she spent with us when she came for Raksha Bandhan. Mehak, who did not want to go back to her in-laws house, revealed that all of them, particularly her mother-in-law, sister-in-law and her husband, tortured her everyday. Sometimes they spilled boiling milk over her feet saying that it

was too hot and at times they used to thrust boiling dal and scalding food in her mouth saying that it was not nicely cooked,” said Subash Mittal, Mehak’s uncle.

He added: “Mehak was upset. We thought that things would settle down with time, but now we are repenting why we sent her back.”

“They killed my little doll. She was a quite girl and was in the habit of bearing everything. I saw her last happy only on the day of her marriage,” said Mehak’s father Sunil Mittal, who was inconsolable. He said: “Her in-laws asked her to lift heavy things though they knew that she was pregnant.”

Mehak hailed from Delhi and got married to Sandeep Garg on April 15, 2012. Garg has a construction business and is still absconding. However, Mehak’s in-laws refuted the allegations. “Why would we torture her? She was having an affair with someone where she worked earlier in Delhi and even when she went for Raksha Bandhan, she met that boy,” said Rekha Garg, Mehak’s mother-in-law.



Snatchers target woman inside house
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, August 21
Incidents of chain snatching continue to create a panic in the city. Now, snatchers have started targeting women inside or near their homes.

A 70-year-old woman, who was doing yoga at the lawn of her house at Sector 38-B, was targeted by motorcycle-borne snatchers who took away her gold chain.

While the UT police has strengthened patrolling outside parks where women on a morning walk are usually targeted, snatchers have outsmarted the police by snatching the gold chain of a woman at her house.

Avinash Bajaj was doing yoga at her house at 6.40 am when a youngster knocked at the gate. He entered and pretended that he wanted to ask something from her. Before Avinash could smell danger, he snatched her gold chain and fled with his accomplice who was waiting for him on a bike with ignition on.

In yet another incident of snatching reported 20 minutes after this incident, snatchers, who were riding a bike, targeted 50-year-old Pushpa while she was returning from a temple on foot. The incident occurred near KB DAV School at Sector 7. Pushpa was walking towards her home when a pillion rider snatched her gold chain and both miscreants fled the scene.

The police said both the incidents are the handiwork of the same youngsters.

Mobile phone snatched

In yet another case, Ajay Kumar, a resident of Bapu Dham Colony, Sector 26, alleged that occupants of a car sped away after snatching his mobile phone on the Madhya Marg, Sector-8, Chandigarh. The police has registered a case.



Student Elections
Tension on PU campus, 15 arrested
Tribune News Service

Supporters of PUSU and SOPU argue during campaigning
Supporters of PUSU and SOPU argue during campaigning

Chandigarh, August 21
The Chandigarh Police today arrested 15 students of Panjab University and Post Graduate Government College, Sector 11, under preventive measures.

Four student leaders belonging to the Student Organisation of Panjab University (SOPU) and Panjab University Student Union (PUSU) were arrested under the preventive measures by the Chandigarh Police from PU’s south campus today, following an altercation between supporters of both parties.

Around afternoon, members of both student organisations reached the University Institute of Engineering and Technology (UIET) for campaigning when the incident happened.

Eyewitness said the supporters from both parties were raising slogans and were about to clash when the police reached the spot and dispersed the crowd.
The arrested student leaders
The arrested student leaders.

The police then arrested the leaders of both parties who were leading the groups to avoid clash between both rival groups.

Those arrested have been identified as Manoj Kumar Lubana, alias Mauji, Robin Brar and Hardeep Singh, all associated with SOPU, meanwhile, PUSU leaders, Jeevanjot Singh Chahal and Sanjeev Sharma, were also arrested.

Sources said the incident was the fallout of altercation between both parties near the law department in the morning.

SHO, Sector 11, Gurmukh Singh, said apart from five students arrested from UIET, four students were arrested from PU’s evening department, belonging to both SOPU and PUSU, and six students from government college. “All students have been booked under the preventive measures and would be produced in the court tomorrow,” said Singh.

Police officials stated that more arrests under the preventive measures will take place at PU and city colleges if the student leaders try to create law and order problem.

Meanwhile, security has been beefed up at the south campus and vulnerable locations, including law department, student centre and near chemistry and physics canteen, to keep a check on the student parties.


Panchkula gets new signboards
Locating sectors will be easier; 5 boards cost HUDA Rs 13 lakh
Hina Rohtaki
Tribune News Service

Panchkula, August 21
Now, it won’t be difficult to locate various sectors in Panchkula as new signboards have been installed at various points in the city.

The process of installing new signboards is still on. Currently, signboards have been installed at roads separating Sectors 5 and 6, Sectors 7 and 8, Sectors 5 and 8, Majri Chowk and NH-22. The HUDA has spent around Rs 13 lakhs in installing these sign boards. “We have installed around five boards and will be soon putting up more at other points as well,’ said a HUDA official.

The Panchkula police had suggested the Haryana Urban Development Authority (HUDA) to install such boards to check accidents and to assist outsiders visiting the city. “Visitors often get confused while looking for a particular sector or house. There is a possibility of accidents in absence of signboards. Drivers might apply sudden brakes while trying to locate houses and that might lead to accidents,” said a senior police official of the traffic wing.

“I had come to install CCTV cameras at a house at Sector-2 in Panchkula. There was no signboard to indicate the sectors. I got so confused and finally landed up at Sector 4. It is good that new boards have been installed which will help us locate places,” said Sanjeev Sood, owner of a CCTV camera shop at Sector 43 in Chandigarh.

“My relative from Delhi reached Majri Chowk instead of our house at Sector 10. There were no signboards to show direction. With the installation of the boards I hope it will be easier to find sectors,” said Vishal Bhushan, a resident of Sector 15 in Panchkula.

Benefits of boards

  • To deter frequent occurrence of accidents
  • To help outsiders locate sectors in the area

Installed at

  • Signboards have been installed at roads separating Sectors 5 and 6, Sectors 7 and 8, Sectors 5 and 8.
  • Two more signboards have been installed at Majri Chowk and National Highway-22

A boon

I had come to install CCTV cameras at a house at Sector 2 in Panchkula. There was no signboard to indicate the sectors. I got confused and finally landed up at Sector 4. It is good that new signboards have been installed which will help us locate places.

Sanjeev Sood, owner of a CCTV camera shop, Sector 43, Chandigarh



No imposition of house tax for month
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, August 21
With the announcement of byelection of ward number 7 of the municipal corporation, residents of the city got a relief from the imposition of house tax for a month.

During an interaction with political parties today, UT state election commissioner Rakesh Mehta said the communication would be sent to the corporation that during the code of conduct, the authorities should not impose house tax in the city.

In the last coordination committee meeting, MC Mayor Raj Bala Malik had assured the UT Administration that house tax will be imposed in the city at the earliest. The house tax committee chairman decided to hold a meeting on August 13 to discuss the issue, but it was postponed as officials were not available for the meeting.

In the last three months, the UT Administration has sent a number of reminders to the MC for imposing house tax in the residential area of the city, but till date no decision has been taken by the authorities.

In the latest reminder, the administration again asked the corporation to impose minimal house tax and revise the property tax to avoid any problem in getting grant-in-aid through Jawaharlal National Urban Renewal Mission (JNNRUM) in future.

In a communication, the administration has referred to the MC Act in which it is clearly stated that after every four years, the property tax should be revised by the authorities. But since 2007, the authorities have not revised the commercial property tax in the city.

The local government secretary, UT, further informed the MC that the second Delhi finance commission, which was tasked to devolve funds from the UT Administration has also recommended that the corporation should raise its own resources through taxation with the objective of making it self-dependent.

However, the MC has neither imposed house tax on residential areas nor have they revised the property tax since 2007. As the MC has signed an MOU with the Ministry of Urban Development under the JNNRUM, they will impose the house tax to raise funds.



Booth allotment not in MC’s ambit
Cancels construction work of 136 pucca booths at Mauli Jagran
Aarti Kapur
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, August 21
Waking up from the slumber after four years, the Chandigarh Municipal Corporation (MC) has now realised that booth allotment is not under their jurisdiction, resultantly they have cancelled the construction work of 136 pucca booths at Mauli Jagran whose work had commenced 10 months ago.

A senior official confirmed that they are bringing the agenda for cancellation of construction work of booths in the next House meeting scheduled for August 29.

It seems that the construction work of booths has become an issue of prestige, both for the Congress and BJP. As on one side, the Congress is making every effort to get the project cancelled, on the other side, the BJP is demanding drafting of a new policy of the booth allotment before the completion of work. Even leaders of the BJP staged a protest in Mauli Jagran after the proposal was mooted for the cancellation of the project.

Recently in a special Congress councillors meeting, it was decided that the construction work of the booths at Mauli Jagran be cancelled and a policy be drafted afresh for the allotment of booths in villages and colonies.

Sources in the corporation said the Mayor asked the officials to table the issue of cancellation of booths in Mauli Jagran for the consideration of the House after the meeting.

A high drama was witnessed in the last general House meeting when Congress councillor Subhash Chawla raised the issue that when the booth allotment was with the estate office then how the corporation was constructing booths in Mauli Jagran without having any allotment policy for it. The BJP councillors alleged that the Congress was proposing the move to cancel the project on the directions of Madhu Bansal, wife of Union Minister and Member of Parliament Pawan Kumar Bansal.

Interestingly, the Congress councillors raised the objection on the project, which was mooted by their former Mayor Kamlesh to rehabilitate shopkeepers of Mauli Jagran and a similar proposal was mooted for Sector 52 vendors also.

Records of the corporation revealed that in 2009, a proposal for constructing 136 booths were approved by the general House and its construction commenced in 2011 after the approval of the Chief Architect of the UT.

The authorities earmarked one acre of land for the project with the budget allocation of Rs 86 lakh, out of which Rs 4 lakh had already been spent on the market.



poor drainage system
GMADA officials meet people affected by flooding, look for solution
Kulwinder Sangha

Mohali, August 21
The chief administrator of Greater Mohali Area Development Authority (GMADA), AK Sinha, visited Phase IV today to meet the residents, who were adversely affected as rainwater entered their houses.

He was accompanied by senior officials of the authority. The residents blamed the GMADA for their plight and also demanded a permanent and effective solution to their problem.

Sinha has directed officials concerned to find a solution to the persisting problem of poor drainage system and to submit a report on the issue within a week.

Flooding in the HM pocket had brought misery to the residents. People tried to pile up bricks in front of doors while others used sheets to stop rainwater from entering their houses. People had to keep items lying on the floor at higher level to save them from getting damaged.

A JCB machine was ordered to provide an outlet to the accumulated water in the area. The stone wall erected to restrict entry of water was broken at four points to let the water pass.

NS Kalsi, a resident of Phase IV, said flooding in the area had started after the GMADA raised the level of the main road while widening it.

Another resident Ajmer Singh said that water flowed to the area from Phase II owing to the natural slope. Earlier, the natural slop was towards Phase V, but after the GMADA raised the level of the main road, the rainwater started to accumulate in the HM pocket where the drainage system is poor.

Jagjit Kaur, a resident, said in order to stop the water from entering the house, she had piled up bricks near the door. Yet, rainwater entered her house and damaged her many precious objects.



Development work stalled, residents blame GMADA
Akash Ghai
Tribune News Service

Mohali, August 21
Residents of Sohana village expressed resentment over the lackadaisical attitude of the GMADA authorities and other departments regarding the completion of developmental projects in the village.

The residents alleged that all roads and streets of the village had been dug last year to lay sewerage lines. “The work came to a standstill due to the careless attitude of the officials concerned and the contractors. The roads and streets are left with huge pits. After showers water accumulates in these pits making the areas more prone to accidents,” said Prem Singh, a resident of the village.

Sarpanch Parminder Singh Sohana said Rs 7 crore was allocated by the state government for different developmental projects in the village. “Out of the total, a sum of Rs 3 crore was released for sewerage laying which is being wasted as about one year has passed there is no development in the work,” said Parminder Singh.

He added that the GMADA has been entrusted to widen the 28-foot ring road around the village to 40 feet. “The GMADA is yet to float the tender while it has acquired the entire land of the village for different projects. The GMADA is doing nothing as far as development of our village is concerned,” alleged the sarpanch.

He added that the residents have sent several applications in this regard and have met all the officers concerned but in vain. “Now, we will meet Parkash Singh Badal to apprise him of our problems,” said the residents.



Shortage of Stretchers
Patients a harassed lot at GMCH
Hina Rohtaki
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, August 21
Gurvinder Singh, a resident of Sector 22, who was referred to GMCH-32 for a leg operation, kept waiting for half-an-hour in an auto-rickshaw, as there was no stretcher available. Gayatri Verma, a heart patient and a resident of Sector 9, Panchkula, also kept waiting for one-and-a-half hour for the stretcher.

Patients at the Government Medical College and Hospital, Sector 32, were a harassed lot as there were no stretchers and they had to wait for hours to get the same.

“I had fracture in my leg and had come to the hospital for getting the treatment. But when I reached here, there was no stretcher. We contacted ward boys, but they said all were occupied,” said KK Puri, a resident of Sector 21, Chandigarh.

A resident of Sector 15, Chandigarh, Gaurav Dogra, who had severe stomach disorder, said, “I was not in a position to stand and immediately needed a stretcher, but none was available. I contacted the nurses for the stretcher, but they said there is shortage of trolleys.”

Around 70 patients on an average come daily to the GMCH emergency.

Despite the fact that the GMCH has a few patients as compared to the PGI, still there is a shortage of trolleys. “In fact, we have seen patients facing such problem many a times and informed the senior authorities as well, but they don’t pay heed to it,” said a guard on the condition of anonymity.

When contacted, Medical Superintendent of GMCH, AK Janmeja, said, “Till now we haven’t received any such complaint. I will surely look into the matter.”



Ward no. 7 bypoll on September 15
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, August 21
The byelection of ward number 7 of the Chandigarh Municipal Corporation (MC) will be held on September 15. With this announcement, the code of conduct has come into effect from today in the ward.

Announcing this, State Election Commissioner Rakesh Mehta said the vacancy had been caused due to death of Laxmi Devi, councillor from the said ward.

He said filing of nominations would commence from today. The last date for filing of nominations will be August 28, scrutiny of nomination papers will be held on August 29 and date of counting of votes will be on September 17.

The UT election commission issued directions to the municipal corporation that no policy matter should be approved by the authorities during imposition of the code of conduct, which will affect the whole city, including ward number 7.

The secretary, State Transport Authority, UT, Balbir Singh, has been appointed as the returning officer for the byelection. Sub-Divisional Magistrate (South), Kavle V Parshuram, has been appointed as the election observer and State Aids Control Society’s assistant controller (F&A), Vijay Kumar Vij, has been appointed as the election expenditure observer. The maximum limit of election expenditure, which a candidate can incur in connection with the election, is Rs 1.75 lakh.

The area, which includes in the ward, was Maloya, EWS Colony Maloya, Sector 39 (west) and grain market.



Info panel pulls up CITCO senior manager
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, August 21
The Central Information Commission (CIC) has reprimanded a senior manager of Chandigarh Industrial and Tourism Corporation (CITCO) for seeking voluminous and old information under the Right to Information (RTI) Act that did not have bearing or relation with the matter of public interest.

Senior manager Nisheeth Khanna has been warned to be careful and responsible in future while using the right given under the RTI Act. Handing down the orders, Deepak Sandhu, Information Commissioner, observed, “The Commission is constrained to observe that the appellant has put in as many as 36 RTI applications and 22 appeals before the first appellate authority of CITCO seeking voluminous and old information, thereby causing a severe strain on the physical and financial resources of the respondent.”

It has been further pointed that most of the questions do not appear to have any bearing or relation with the matter of public interest and can be termed vexatious. While warning the senior manager to be cautious in using the Act and any effort to use the provision of the Act for settling scores with his employer would be viewed in a negative light by the commission.

The Commissioner further pointed out, “The statement of the respondent that the appellant never presents before the first appellate authority when his appeals come up for hearing in spite of notices being issued to him. This indicates that he is not a genuine information seeker who is acting in public interest and supports the conclusion of this commission pertaining to his agenda.”



Groups clash at Panchkula college
Tribune News Service

Panchkula, August 21
A stone-pelting incident was witnessed at the Government College, Sector-1, Panchkula today during a group clash. Most of the boys involved were reported to be outsiders. By the time the police reached the spot, the boys escaped from the scene. No one was hurt in the incident.

Principal SP Singh confirmed that a clash had taken place. “Yes a clash had taken place, but it is not clear who all are involved and what was the reason for the clash. By the time the police arrived, the youths were gone.”



Chandigarh scan

Teachers' agitation

University and college teachers of Punjab have decided to launch agitation from August 25 to press for early release of arrears of UGC pay scales and other demands. Punjab Federation of University and College Teachers' Organisations (PFUCTO) has decided to cease work for two hours in universities and colleges of Punjab on August 25 and hold district-level rallies throughout the state. Teachers of Panjab University, colleges of Chandigarh and PAU where full arrears have already been paid will bear black badges on the day. All teachers will proceed on mass casual leave on Teachers' Day (September 5) and will hold a rally in Chandigarh to highlight demands, said Prof HS.Kingra and Dr Jagwant Singh, president and general secretary respectively of the federation.


Dr Rakesh K Garg, professor and head, department of forensic science, has been appointed the Syndicate member of the Punjabi University, Patiala, by the authorities of the university. He is from the first batch post graduate students of the Forensic science discipline, first PhD of the university and first Indian to have the national fellowship from the Government of India in the subject of forensic science. Second times he is heading the department and has more than thirty years of academic and research experience in the field of forensic science, including the post doctoral research from John Jay College of Criminal Justice, City University of New York, USA. He has visited USA, Canada, Turkey, Portugal and China and chaired session in international and national conferences and have about 100 research publications to his credit and has been a visiting Professor to China Police University, China recently.


Bajaj Auto launched the 'Discover 125 ST' and Next Gen Pulsar 200NS in Chandigarh on Tuesday. Vipin Agarwal (GM Sales and Service) Bajaj Auto Ltd said, " The new Discover Sports Tourer (ST) is all set to bring in a dramatic fashion.



PU senate elections
Poll campaign picks up
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, August 21
The Senate election campaign is gearing up as the first phase of polls for electing six members of the Senate from six faculties is scheduled to be held on August 29. Elections will witness some interesting competition with BJP Councillor Davesh Moudgil pitched against heavy weight GK Chatrath. Also, RK Pathak would be contesting elections against Ashok Goyal, another dominating sitting Senator.

With less then 10 days lefts for the polls, the candidates have intensified their campaigning. Ashok Goyal, who is a sitting Senate member from the combined faculty, is contesting again from the same faculty. Goyal had won the elections against Deepak Manmohan Singh in 2008 with a record margin of 33 votes.

This time Prof RK Pathak from the department of anthropology is pitched against Goyal as the last minute choice from the rival group.

Sources said that earlier, Dr Satish Sharma, Director Colleges, DAV managing committee, who was campaigning from combined faculty opted out at the last minute.

The first election on the polling day will take place at 9 am from the arts faculty where Prof Rajesh Gill is contesting against Emanual Nahar, a nominee of Chatrath group

This is will be followed by faculty of languages at 10.30 am wherein an interesting contest is likely to take place between both the sitting senator Professor Keshav Malhotra and Dr Janmit Singh.

At 12 pm the elections to the faculty of science will take place where in a sitting senators Professor Naval Kishore has been challenged by Professor Rajat Sandhir.

This will be followed by another interesting contest for the faculty of law between heavy weight GK Chatrath and Davesh Moudgil, a sitting councillor from the BJP in Chandigarh Municipal Corporation (MC) from Ward no 22.

It will be interesting to watch the outcome of this faculty as Chatrath, an old timer, has been challenged by a young candidate.

The elections for combined faculties will take place at 3:00 pm, followed by the elections to the faculty of medical sciences at 5:00 pm with Dr Krishan Gauba, the head of department of Oral Health Sciences at the PGI, who has also remained the Director-Principal of PU's Institute of Dental Sciences, contesting against Professor AS Ahluwalia who is presently Dean Student Welfare (DSW) at PU.

The final outcome of the elections will be declared on the same day after polling in various faculties.



PUSU protests against shortage of law teachers
Tribune news service

Chandigarh, August 21
Members of Panjab University Students Union staged a protest outside the law department today evening. against the non-availability of teachers during the evening batch of law classes.

PUSU leader Sukhjit Singh Brar said, “The classes in the Department of Laws started in the last week of July, but even after 3 weeks, the students of the fifth semester of the evening batch are forced to miss the classes as there are no teachers.”

One of the students of the law department said it was surprising that PU’s law department, which is a premier law institute in the region, does not have faculty.

Brar said that the protest was called-off after the chairperson, Department of Laws, Prof Nishtha Jaswal assured that teachers for all the subjects in the evening batch will be provided from Wednesday.

“We have been assured that students won’t have to miss their classes anymore, but if the situation does not improve an intensive agitation will be launched,” Brar said. Chairperson of the department could not be contacted for comments.



HSA stages protest at VC office

Chandigarh, August 21
Members of Hindustan Student Association (HSA) staged a protest outside the Vice Chancellor's office claiming that shopkeepers at Panjab University charge students more than the market rate for beverages and food items.

HSA leader Kuldeep Singh Sheoran said, "The rates charged from students are even more than those charged at food outlets in the city."

Listing some of the food items, Sheoran said fried rice manchurian costs Rs 55 at PU, but the same dish costs Rs 45 in the market. Similarly noodles with manchurian is priced at Rs 55 while in food outlets in the market it is available for Rs 45. "A vegetarian burger at PU is more costly then a burger sold at a leading restaurant chain," he added.

Students met PU officials and have sought their intervention so that the rates charged from the students can be reduced. — TNS



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