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carjackers' gang
Army deserter kingpin, at large
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, August 26
An Army deserter (sepoy) has turned out to be the kingpin of a carjacking gang, two members of which were arrested by the police here last night. Those arrested by the police have been identified as Harjot Singh Jodhan and Sukhwant Singh, while Satbir Singh and Joger Singh are at large.

All accused are from Moga and were allegedly involved in various crimes such as carjacking, robbery, snatching and "contract assault".

The duo told the police that Satbir was the kingpin of the gang and was absconding from Army duty for the past two months.

DCP Gurpreet Singh Toor said the busting of the carjacking gang would go a long way in checking such incidents in the future.

Giving details about last night's incident, Sukhpreet Singh, a PAU employee, said the incident took place around 10 pm when he, along with his son, was sitting in a Hyundai i-20 as his cousin was on a visit to Raghunath Hospital for a check-up.

In the meantime, three men reached their his car and trained a pistol at him.

Sukhpreet Singh and his three-year-old son were made hostage and pushed on the back seat.

One of the carjackers started driving the vehicle. Sukhpreet's son started yelling in panic. "One of the carjackers trained a pistol at my son and threatened to shoot him and asked me to stop him from crying," said Sukhpreet.

When the car reached near West End Mall, the vehicle was stopped by the police for checking.

"They told me to keep shut or they would shoot me and my son. I thought it was my last chance to escape and I smashed the windscreen of the car. The carjackers rammed the barricade and moved on. When the car reached Rajguru Nagar Chowk, I managed to hold the pistol of a carjacker with one hand and pulled the hand break with the other. The car took a spin and stopped after hitting the railing," said Sukhpreet.

Mohit Sood, an eyewitness, said three persons ran out of the car after the car occupant and his son raised the alarm.

Beant Juneja, SHO, Traffic, who was following, reached the spot and a combing operation was launched following which two of the accused were arrested.

Sukhpreet Singh thanked the city police for saving thier lives. "Had the police not been present on the road, my son and I would not have been alive today," said Sukhpreet.

Previous strikes

June 26, 2011: Members of the gang took away a vehicle taking two children as hostages. They deserted the vehicles and the children at Jagroan when the police gave them a chase.

April 13, 2012: The gang took the owner of Sant Footwear hostage near a filling station on the Ferozepur road. They pushed him out of the moving vehicle near the Sidhwan area.

August 19, 2012: Targeted Rishu Kwatra and wife Neha near a mall on the Ferozepur road. Took away their Hyundai I-20 and gold ornaments.

Good Samaritan

Beant Juneja, SHO, Traffic, was all praise for a Good Samaritan who informed the police about the location of the fleeing carjackers. "A man approached me and told me that he had spotted two carjackers on the Ferozepur road near the octroi post. Soon, a police team swung into action and nabbed Harjot and Sukhwant, while Joger Singh managed to escape.

They came from Hambra road

During interrogation, the accused told the police that they entered the city from the Hambra road and did not know that the police had set up a naka on the Ferozepur raod. They were presuming that after taking away the vehicle forcibly, they would escape from the Ferozepur road, but were shocked to see heavy police posse. Later, the police made them speak to their kingpin Satbir. The police tracked the mobile location of Satbir, but before they could nab him, he fled in his Ford Fiesta.


Woman's murder: Daughter-in-law, her paramour held
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, August 26
A woman, along with her paramour, has been arrested for allegedly killing her 60-year-old mother-in-law Nirmala Devi at the Company Baag Colony near Tibba road here yesterday.

The accused have been identified as Shveta (26) and her paramour Pardeep (25). They were allegedly having illicit relations for the past two months.

The role of Shveta was under the scanner since the time of the incident. During questioning, she confessed to having killed her mother-in-law with the help of her paramour Pardeep, who lives in the neighbourhood.

Shveta was married to Sanjeev. It was her second marriage. Shveta said her mother-in-law used to enter into heated arguments with her over petty issues.

The victim used to object to Shveta's frequent outings during the daytime.

Nirmala Devi told to her son Sanjeev about Shveta's frequent outings, which further led to domestic quarrels between the couple.

In the meantime, she came in contact with Pardeep and soon they developed physical relations, the police said.

Shveta told Pardeep that her mother-in-law was a hurdle to their relationship.

They decided to eliminate Nirmala. The victim yesterday returned to her house after spending 10 days with her daughter. She informed Pardeep about Nirmala's arrival. Pardeep came to their house at around 1.30pm.

The trio reportedly had tea and even watched a television serial. Around 2.10 pm, Pardeep allegeldy strangled Nirmala with her "chunni".

Shveta allegedly picked up a battery and handed it over to Pardeep, who smashed it on the victim's head. The victim died on the spot. After killing Nirmala, the duo panicked. Pardeep then removed the gold ornaments of the victim and ransacked the house in a bid to hoodwink the police.

The police has arrested the accused. They have been booked under Section 302 of the IPC for murder. They were produced before the duty magistrate, who remanded them in police custody.

Crime most foul

  • On July 17, 35-year-old Reena allegedly killed her father-in-law Narinder Kumar Anand and her eight-year-old stepdaughter Reva at their residence in Punjab Mata Nagar.
  • On August 7, Subash, along with his wife Darshna, allegedly killed their 24-year-old pregnant daughter in-law Seema and her mother Asha following a heated argument at the Ekta Colony.



Passi Nagar stinks as firm fails to lift garbage
Puneet Pal Singh Gill
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, August 26
Residents of the Passi Nagar area on Pakhowal Road here are suffering due to the failure of the firm concerned to lift garbage from their area. They allege that senior officials of A2Z Waste Management Ludhiana Ltd are not doing anything to solve the problem.

The private company had started its operations in the city on August 15 last year. Earlier, it was to be involved in door-to-door collection of garbage, but after receiving tough opposition from private garbage collectors, it now lifts garbage straight from garbage dumps and garbage bins placed in different parts of the city.

Passi Nagar, which falls in ward number 60 of the city, has six garbage bins. However, residents allege that for the past 10 days, company officials have not cleared these.

“We all know that the Ludhiana Municipal Corporation has always been insensitive towards the problems faced by residents, but now even A2Z Waste Management Ludhiana Ltd seems to have adopted the same attitude. Despite several requests, they have failed to clear the garbage bins from our area,” said a resident of Passi Nagar.

Harminder Singh, adviser, Social and Welfare Council, Passi Nagar, Pakhowal Road, alleged that he had brought the matter to the notice of Manoj Misra, Deputy General Manager of A2Z Waste Management Ludhiana Ltd, but to no avail.

“Despite several requests, they have failed to get these garbage bins cleared. Our area is stinking and being the monsoon season, there is a threat of outbreak of diseases if these bins are not cleared soon,” he said.

Manoj Misra admitted that there had been some delay in lifting garbage from some localities. “This is because the road leading to the Jamalpur garbage dump is in poor state and our trucks are getting stuck there. Though there has been some delay, we are lifting garbage from all parts of the city daily. If there is any such problem in Passi Nagar, we will solve it,” he said.

Six garbage bins

Passi Nagar, which falls in ward number 60 of the city, has six garbage bins. However, residents allege that for the past 10 days, company officials have not got these cleared.

threat of Disease outbreak

"Despite several requests, they have failed to get the garbage bins cleared. Our area is stinking and being the monsoon season, there is a threat of outbreak of diseases if these bins are not cleared soon."

— Harminder Singh, adviser, Social and Welfare Council, Passi Nagar

Firm's take

"The problem is persisting because the road leading to the Jamalpur garbage dump is in a poor state and our trucks get stuck there. Though there has been some delay, we are lifting garbage from all parts of the city daily. If there is any such problem in Passi Nagar, we will solve it."

— Manoj Misra, Dy GM, A2Z Waste Management Ludhiana Ltd



Illegal buildings mushroom, defy MC claims
Puneet Pal Singh Gill
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, August 26
Illegal buildings are coming up in many parts of the city despite the Ludhiana Municipal Corporation Commissioner having asked zonal commissioners to visit their respective zones to keep a check on illegal buildings.

Ironically, all this is happening despite the MC building branch claiming that it is “vigilant” and “strict” when it comes to checking the menace of illegal buildings in the city.

Most of these buildings have allegedly come up in violation of building bylaws with little space for parking. Then there are commercial buildings which have come up in residential areas, which is illegal.

In Zone D of the municipal corporation, several commercial buildings are reportedly coming up in residential areas. Many of these have come up on the road opposite Krishna Mandir in the Model Town Extension area.

Interestingly, in September last year, the MC building branch had issued notices to owners of these illegal buildings and some of them were even sealed. These notices were served following the directions of the Punjab and Haryana High Court. A bank had to shift its premises from the same road because the building where it was located had come up in violation of several building bylaws.

One year on, despite the notices, most of these buildings are now "fully operational". A property dealer has “converted” his shop into an eating joint and the MC building branch seems to have turned a blind eye to the violation.

The "modus operandi" adopted by the residents is that first they claim that they are “renovating” their houses and overnight these houses suddenly turn into commercial establishments.

Interestingly, a senior official of the MC building branch said most these constructions took place on Saturdays and Sundays because the MC offices were closed on these days. “Later, either due to political intervention or some other reason, these buildings continue to run commercial activities,” said the official, who did not wish to be identified.



MC wakes up to canal pollution
Discharges sewage from damaged sewer line into manhole near PAU
Puneet Pal Singh Gill
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, August 26
After The Tribune raised the issue of the Ludhiana Municipal Corporation officials polluting the Sidhwan Canal by discharging sewage into it, the civic body has finally come out of its slumber and stopped the discharge of sewage into the canal. Now, they have been releasing the sewage into the next manhole located around 100 metres away near the Punjab Agricultural University gate.

The main sewer line near the Sidhwan Canal bridge on Ferozepur Road had got damaged on Friday night due to digging carried out as part of the Sidhwan Canal Expressway project. The MC officials came to know about the pollution of the canal on Saturday morning and ever since the Operations and Maintenance (O&M) Branch of the MC has been trying to repair this sewer line.

Ironically, in a bid to pump out sewage accumulated in a pit, which was created to repair the damaged sewer line, the MC officials decided to discharge the sewage into the Sidhwan Canal passing a few feet away from this spot. They had polluted the Sidhwan Canal this way for a week and finally “found” that the sewage could be discharged into the next manhole through hosepipes.

The Tribune had reported this matter on August 21, 22 and 24, but it took the MC almost a week to realise that they should not discharge sewage into the Sidhwan Canal and find an alternative solution to it.

Confirming this, Manjit Singh, Additional Commissioner (Technical), O&M Branch, said they had made a makeshift arrangement for the discharge of sewage into a manhole. “The pipes have been stretched till the next manhole situated near the Punjab Agricultural University boundary wall and we are discharging the sewage into it. Hopefully, by Tuesday we will be able to repair the damaged sewer line,” claimed Manjit Singh.

Owing to the ongoing repair work at the sewer line, the water supply to the areas such as Bhai Randhir Singh Nagar, Rajguru Nagar, Aggar Nagar, Barewal Road and their adjoining areas was cut by almost 50 per cent.



Ill-equipped temples of learning-IV
Govt school buildings in a shambles
Charanjit Singh Teja
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, August 26
Despite several Central-sponsored schemes and grants, buildings of some government schools of the city are in a dilapidated condition. Though, shortage of classrooms is a common problem in these schools, there are some schools where students are forced to study in unsafe buildings.

The condition of the building of Shaheed Sukhdev Thapar Government Senior Secondary School, Bharat Nagar Chowk, which also houses offices of the district education department, is in shambles.

Though the school has more than 2,500 girl students and the building has five blocks, a majority of the rooms are occupied by different offices of the education department.

The students are forced to sit in open for classes. The building of the science block has been declared unsafe by the authorities, but still two science laboratories and one classroom has been running under this unsafe building.

According to the school authorities, the building can collapse any time, but they have no other alternative.

“We have written to higher officials of the department that the building is unsafe, but nothing has been done till now,” said Kawaljit Kaur, principal, Shaheed Sukhdev Thaper Government Girls Senior Secondary School.

Meanwhile, Government High School, Railway Colony, has been running in the old railway station building. The school authorities have been adjusting more than 400 students in five rooms of the building.

School running under tent

Government Primary School, Jail Road, is running under a temporary tent. According to school principal Amrik Kaur, the building is without roof from years, as the case of possession of the school land is ongoing in court. More than 100 students sit in open in the school yard.

Undue burden

The government schools have to provide accommodation for all non-teaching purposes on the government’s recommendations. The schools provide accommodation for voting process, seminars, counselling for jobs, social campaigns, NCC and NSS camps.

Shortage of classrooms

During the last five years, the government has initiated several projects for the schools. Computer laboratories, Edusat laboratories, math laboratories, literary libraries and midday meal are projects introduced by the government. The Central government has sent equipment to run these projects in the schools, but has not released any grant to construct rooms for them. Most of the schools renovate old rooms for these purposes and therefore face shortage of the classrooms. According to the school authorities, it is the state government’s responsibility to construct rooms for these projects. The government has started five vocational courses of technical trade at Government Senior Secondary School, Jawahar Nagar, but due to the shortage of rooms, two classes have been running in one classroom at the school.



City bus service: Drivers, conductors without uniforms for 8 months
Puneet Pal Singh Gill
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, August 26
If one wants to learn the trick of delaying some work, one should take cue from Ludhiana Municipal Corporation (MC) officials. Drivers and conductors of buses running under the City Bus Service project are without uniforms since the time this service was launched in the city.

It is learnt that the main reason behind this is that the file concerning the issue is gathering dust in the office of audit branch of the MC.

As per rules, the MC is to provide two sets each of uniform to the drivers as well as conductors hired for the service. But even after passing of more than eight months, they have not received the uniforms.

It is learnt that earlier officials of Ludhiana City Bus Service Limited had decided to purchase cloth for stitching the uniforms directly from the market. But later, a senior MC official suggested that the drivers could be allotted cloth from the MC store, which is already having extra cloth. Since then, the file concerning the uniform is lying with the audit branch with no decision taken till now.

When the services began, AK Sinha was the MC Commissioner and the process of allotting uniforms to the drivers and conductors was initiated. But when Sinha was promoted as the director of local bodies department, the next MC Commissioner, Malwinder Singh Jaggi, failed to take any decision in this regard.

Since then, the drivers as well as conductors are without uniforms. “If any person is travelling in a low-floor bus, he or she cannot differentiate between the driver and conductor and a common man,” said an MC official. When contacted, MC Commissioner Rakesh Kumar Verma said he was not aware of this matter. “I will certainly look into the matter and assure that the file concerned will be cleared at the earliest,” he assured.



reporter’s diary
Many Colour-blind to traffic signals?

Photo: Inderjeet Verma If jumping traffic lights without any fear at most of the busy intersections in the city is any indication, one can assume that residents of Ludhiana have developed colour-blindness. Irrespective of the traffic signal, the residents, driving four-wheelers and two-wheelers, whizz past others waiting for the traffic signal to turn green.

At times, those waiting at the red traffic light are ridiculed and even made to feel embarrassed when others behind them keep honking or zig-zag their way out of the waiting vehicles, as if they have to rush to some place, which is on fire and they are the ones to douse the blaze. Another irritating factor at the intersections is absolute lack of awareness among the road users about traffic lanes. Most of the times, those waiting to take a right turn would be in the extreme left lane or middle lane. And once the traffic lights turn green, they would attempt to cut the flow of traffic diagonally, leaving those in the right lanes fuming and fretting.

Beggars now choosers

Contrary to the famous saying “Beggars can’t be choosers”, these days, beggars have literally become demanding and choosers. On most of the chowks, the beggars are seen asking for alms. A few days ago, I stopped the car on the traffic lights at the Bhai Bala Chowk. A girl of about 14-15 years of age came to me and asked for alms. I gave her a coin of Rs 5. She said, “These days nobody gives coins. Either you get me a bag of wheat flour or get me a suit.” In a polite manner, I asked her to work instead of begging on roads. She said, “I am happy with my work. If you want to give me money to buy, it is alright, otherwise don’t give me sermons.” I was taken aback by her arrogant attitude!

Spelling mistake

Spelling mistakes can sometimes lead to funny situations. A few days ago, a city college had organised a freshers’ party on its premises. A beauty contest for the students was also organised on the occasion. Later, a press release was sent to newspaper offices. Interestingly, there was a minor spelling mistake, which changed the real meaning and left journalists laughing. In the press release, the media in charge of the college, was to write that a student has won the “Miss Elegant” title. But instead the in charge ended up typing “Miss Elefant”. As letters “f” and “g” appear side by side on the keyboard, maybe that is why a minor spelling mistake changed the entire meaning of the competition.

Hope sustains life

A few days ago, a team of the health department got information that some medicines are being carried from one place to another in a rehra. To ensure that these are not habit-forming drugs, a few employees reached the spot and found everything well in place. The person who was carrying the medicines on his rehra also showed them bills. After checking, one of the employees, who was confident enough to have seized some drugs, did not leave hope and said, “There were many cough syrups along with the bills. Now we will keep a check as to whom the chemist sells them. Perhaps we may come across some drug addicts.” He left for his next destination saying, “Hope sustains life and so I have hope in mind.”

Contributed by Kuldip Bhatia, Shivani Bhakoo, Puneet Pal Singh Gill and Anupam Bhagria.



Submit monthly MIS report: Govt tells admn
Shivani Bhakoo
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, August 26
The directorate of governance reforms, the Punjab government, has asked the district administration to submit monthly informative system (MIS) of the Right to Service (RTS) latest by 7th of every month.

The recently issued letter by the government said in order to fulfill the requirement of Right to Service Commission, Punjab, an online mechanism has been created and user-based access has been provided to all Deputy Commissioners in the state for online submission of monthly MIS report.

The government has asked officials concerned to issue necessary directions to resources provided at the district level for RTS activity to collate necessary memory data of 69 services notified under the Punjab Right to Service Act being delivered through various delivery channels like suvidha saanjh kendra, fard kendras and by departments in the district and get the same entered in this online mechanism.

An official said it was a common online sheet for all districts and multiple users could work on the same sheet at the same time.



Prices of fruits, veggies see upward trend
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, August 26
The prices of fruits and vegetables have seen an increased trend in the recent times. Vegetable dealers said unless new crop arrived in the markets, the trend would remain the same. However, apple, which was being sold at a price of about Rs 80-90 for a kilogram, was now available for Rs 60 per kg in the retail market.

Gurmeet Singh, a vegetable dealer in Dandi Swami area, said the new crop of apple had started coming from Kullu, so the rates had come down. “The rates of all fruits are not less than Rs 50. Pear is for Rs 50-60 per kg, apples anywhere between Rs 60-80 per kg and mangoes were between Rs 70-80 per kg,”€ť he added.

Besides, the rates of almost all vegetables, too, were on the higher side. Cauliflower and peas were sold for Rs 60-70 in the retail market.




Extension lecture

Ludhiana: Students of Master Tara Singh Memorial College for Women organised an extension lecture on “Research Methodology” for the students of MBACIT (affiliated to Panjab University, Chandigarh). The lecture was designed to promote discussion and learning of alternative approaches to research and their relevance. Dr SK Singla director, GNA-IMT was the spokesperson on the occasion. The seminar covered a broad range of topics including comparative and theoretical approaches to research and regulatory research methods. Speaking on the occasion, Dr Parveen said these kind of extension lectures are must for the budding professionals and she also appreciated the efforts of the department for arranging such a knowledgeable lecture.

Students bring laurels in PU exams

The students of MSc (IT) second semester made the institution Devki Devi Jain Memorial College for Women, Ludhiana, proud by securing various positions in Panjab University result of May, 2012. Neha Narula stood first in the college by securing 83.76 per cent, Rimple Gupta secured second place by securing 81.36 per cent and Ankita stood third in the college by securing 80.96 per cent marks.


Harbans Singh of Craft Tools India, a long serving executive member of Ramgarhia Educational Council, was nominated as its general secretary of the council. — TNS




Quiz contest

Ludhiana: The Junior Humanities Forum of Middle Section orgnaised a quiz contest on August 25 in the School Auditorium. Six teams representing different houses as: Gandhi, Nehru, Patel, Raman, Subhash and Tagore participated in the event. The contestants' knowledge was tested through different rounds i.e. science, maths, music, sports, books and rapid fire round. All the participants were well versed with their subjects. Even the audience eagerly took part it.

Book week

DAV Public School, Pakhowal road, Ludhiana, organised a “Book Week” from August 21 August to 25. The aim was to stimulate students for quality reading. Various activities were undertaken to enable the students develop an affinity for the books. Class teachers and voracious readers in each class discussed “Importance of Books”. Language teachers read out stories from different books and scenes were enacted. The students were encouraged to read in the "Book Swap" activity. They took worn-out books from the library and prepared book jackets. The junior students were acquainted with famous characters like Snow White, Cindrella, and Tenali Rama etc.

Workshop on self- empowerment

Students of Arya Senior Secondary School participate in an ‘environment awareness rally’ in Ludhiana
Students of Arya Senior Secondary School participate in an ‘environment awareness rally’ in Ludhiana. Photo: Inderjeet Verma

BCM Arya Model Senior Secondary School, Shastri Nagar, Ludhiana, hosted a workshop wherein more than 80 teachers from the various CBSE schools participated. The one-day Teachers' Self Empowerment Workshop on “Latest Methodologies and Pedagogies in Mathematics at Primary Level” was held with a motive to give teachers a platform to share their own initiatives undertaken for improving mathematics and exposed them to a range of approaches, good practices and concrete strategies.

Punjabi workshop

Nankana Sahib Public School, Gill Park, Ludhiana, organised a Self-Empowerment Punjabi Workshop for the Ludhiana Sahodya School complex (Central, Punjabi Teachers). Nearly 60 teachers from various schools attended the workshop. Latest methodology in teaching of Punjabi was discussed in the workshop. It was an interactive session. Teachers discussed their classroom problems. Various remedies were also suggested. The motive behind this workshop was to encourage peer-group learning inside the classrooms and sharing the best classroom practices.

Inter-playway school competition

The first phase of "Melange-2012” started with shows of tiny-tots from various pre-schools. The event witnessed about 25 playways with over 200 students participating from all over Ludhiana and other regions. 'Dress to Impress' and 'Tap the feet' were the main events in first phase of "Melange-2012". Various social issues were raised by the young scholars in this festival along with showcasing inspired personalities of the nation and the world. The children also dressed up in their favourite cartoon characters and fairies were prime attractions of the day. The children displayed their talents in various dance forms on the beats of English, Hindi and Punjabi songs. — TNS



Robbers target petrol pump
Our Correspondent

Phillaur, August 26
Some unidentified Tata Sumo borne armed robbers struck a filling station at Bilga in the Phillaur Sub-Division in wee hours. The robbers locked up four employees of the petrol pump employees, who were sleeping in a room. The assailants then took away cash of Rs 38,000 from the cupboard after breaking open its locker.

The owner of the petrol pump said the robbers left their Tata Sumo behind them because it could not be started. The Bilga police has registered a case and recovered iron rods that were used to breaking the locker from the site. The robbers consumed liquor at the petrol pump before fleeing, said Sanjeev Soni. The police has registered case.

Man attacked

Some unidentified armed miscreants attacked and seriously wounded BJP secretary, Phillaur, Sham Lal, in his office Phillaur here last night. The assailants also snatched Rs 24,000 from Sham and fled away.

Drug peddler arrested

The Noormahal police has arrested a drug peddler. The accused has been identified as Harpal Singh of Muradpur village and the police has recovered 50 gm of heroin from his possession.

Murder case solved

The Phillaur police has solved the mystery of the murder case of a watchman of a factory, Hardyal Chand. The police has also arrested one Sukhdev Dass of nearby a Rasulpur village under Section 302 of the IPC on the charges of the murder of his own former colleague. The Phillaur DSP, Paramjit Singh Pannu, while confirming the arrest, said that the accused was also working in the same factory Moon Light Industries and was expelled from the factory owing to several irregularities after a quarrel with the deceased. The body of Hardayal Chand was found lying near the factory gate in pool of blood on August 22, morning.

Gang busted

The Noormahal police has busted a gang of four thieves and arrested all of them. The police has also recovered 42 kg of copper wire and instruments being used for stealing electricity transformers. The Phillaur DSP said the arrested accused has been identified as Happy Sahota, Sodhi Sahota, Harneik Kala (All of Talwan) and their fourth a compliance a scrap dealer Prince of Zandiala Manjki. The accused have confessed their involvements in stealing about 100 electricity transformers from different places in Jalandhar.

Five thieves held

The Bilga police has busted an inter-district gang of vehicle thieves and arrested five persons including its kingpin, Naveen Kumar. Naveen is a resident of Rama Mandi. The police has recovered eight stolen motorcycles from the arrested accused who have confessed their involvement in stealing 17 motorcycles from different places in separate districts.



Drug peddlers held, 2.5 kg opium seized
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, August 26
After a spate of crime incidents, the city police has responded strongly and busted several gangs of drug paddlers, snatchers and people involved in flesh trade. The police has also cracked its whip on eve-teasers in the past few days.

The city police has nabbed two persons and seized nearly 2.5 kg of opium in two separate incidents.

In the first incident, the in charge, Anti-Narcotic Cell, Harbans Singh, nabbed a drug peddler and seized 1.5 kg of opium from the possession of the accused.

The incident took place during midnight when the suspect, identified as Subash Kumar of SBS Nagar, who was travelling in a car, was stopped during a routine checking near the Children Park area here last evening.

During checking, the police found 1.5 kg of opium. When questioned, Subash said he had brought the contraband for selling it to prospective buyers.

In the second incident, the PCR vehicle stopped a youth in Habiowal for questioning and recovered 900 gm of opium from his possession.

The suspect, identified as Palwinder Singh of Abohar, was caught during the wee hours today. The police is currently investing that to whom the contraband was to be delivered. The police has also recovered a mobile phone belonging to a city resident from Palwinder’s possession.

Flesh trade racket busted

The police has busted an illegal flesh trade racket being run by notorious pimp Jassi Aunty in Shimlapuri area. SHO, Jodhewal Basti, Jaswinder Singh, said seven women, including a Nepalese national, and six men, including Jimmi Bansal, Gopal Krishan, Amarpal Singh and Parveen Kumar, all from Barnala, Udham Singh of Moga, and a city resident, identified as Jagjit Singh, were nabbed during a raid at the flesh trade centre. The kingpin, Jassi Aunty, managed to flee from the scene.

Four arrested with habit-forming drugs

The city police has nabbed four persons, including a woman, for peddling habit-forming drugs and seized 420 syrups, 4,150 capsules, while the police has recovered 15 gm of heroin from the woman’s possession. The accused, identified as Amit Kumar of Phool Chakar village, and Sukhpreet Singh Malhotra, a resident of Ropar Colony, were nabbed from Koomkalan area, while Rajinder Singh of Jalandhar was nabbed from Ladhowal area. The woman, identified as Anu of EWS colony, was nabbed by the division No. 7 police.

DCP takes snatchers head-on

The simple looking man, wearing a kurta pyjama and a “parna”, wandering alone in a public park, could be your Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) Gurpreet Singh Toor, who has taken the task of taking the snatchers head-on. Following reports that snatchers targeting morning walkers, the police has tightened vigil in the morning and laid nakas near all major public parks. In order to review the security arrangements, DCP Toor is visiting the public parks and also checking the reaction of residents about their drive. “We are receiving positive feedback ever since we have launched the drive to nab the snatchers, who were targeting residents in the morning. Today, I visited PAU for a walk and listened to the conversation of morning walkers. It was encouraging to know that residents feel safe with the police presence,” said GS Toor.

26 POs nabbed

Besides nabbing notorious criminal Rohit Kumar, alias Vicky of Abohar, the police has nabbed 26 proclaimed offenders (POs) this month.

Drive against eve-teasers

The police today launched a special drive against eve-teasers and laid nakas outside 84 schools and colleges. DCP Toor said 462 vehicles were stopped, out of which 64 were challaned and eight vehicles were impounded. “Loitering outside the colleges and harassing innocent girl will not be to tolerated,” said DCP Toor.

Drug peddler arrested

The city police nabbed notorious drug peddler, Ranvir Singh, alias Ravi, at Shaheed Bhagat Singh (SBS) Nagar. Giving details, Gurpreet Kaur Purewal, ACP-West, said besides recovering around 54 kg of poppy husk, the police had also seized a country-made weapon and six cartridges from his possession.



Police solves murder mystery
Victim was found dead near bridge of Sidhwan Canal
Jaswant Shetra

Jagraon, August 26
With the arrest of one person, the Mullanpur Dakha police has claimed to solve the mystery behind the murder of a middle-aged woman who was found dead near the bridge of Sidhwan Canal on the outskirts of Isewal village near Mullanpur Dakha. The woman was later on identified as Gurdeep Kaur, a resident of Shaheed Karnail Singh Nagar of Ludhiana.

The police has arrested one person for allegedly killing Gurdeep. The accused has been identified as Gurmit Singh alias Meeta, a resident of Malseehan Vajan village near Mullanpur Dakha.

According to the police, the accused Gurmit had taken Rs 50,000 from Gurdeep some time ago on the pretext of sending her abroad. But when the accused failed to do so, Gurdeep started asking him to return the money.

Giving the details of the incident, the DSP Mullanpur Dakha, Navreet Singh, revealed that on August 16 Gurmit had called up Gurdeep on her mobile phone telling her that as she was suffering from paralysis her disease would be detected during the medical examination thus making it difficult for her to go abroad.

“The accused also told Gurdeep that he had brought an injection which would cure her disease following which she could go abroad. He asked her to come to canal bridge near Isewal to administer her the injection for curing her disease. When Gurdeep went near the bridge and met Gurmit, he administered her a poisonous injection which lead to her death,” said DSP Navreet Singh.

Following this, Gurmit forcibly gave her tablets of sulfas (a poisonous substance meant for keeping in grain to protect it from getting rotten) to show the incident as suicide and fled from the spot, added the DSP.

Later, the police found Gurdeep’s body. Initially, the police took it as suicide case and started the proceedings under Section 174 of the CrPC.

But during the course of investigation, the police came to know that she was murdered. The postmortem report also confirmed that she was killed due to poisonous injection. Meanwhile, the police traced the accused on the basis of the phone call details and arrested him, said Navreet. The police has registered a case against the accused Gurmit Singh.



Bus mows down 2 students
Were going to a gurdwara early in the morning
Gurminder Singh Grewal

Samrala, August 26
Two students were killed when the motorcycle they were riding was hit by a bus near the main chowk of Samrala early in the morning today. They were going to pay obeisance at a gurdwara.

While one of the teenagers died instantly, the other, who was injured seriously, died as the 108 ambulance failed to reach the spot on time.

The bus, which was carrying devotees to some religious place, was moving at a fast speed. The two teenagers, who had left their homes at about 6 am for Katana Sahib Gurdwara on a motor cycle, had reached the main chowk, merely 50 yards away from their residence on the Papraudi road here, when the accident happened. They were crossing the main chowk when a bus came from behind and turned towards Machhiwara crushing both of them under its wheels. One of the teenagers died instantly while the other was taken to the Civil Hospital, Samrala, where the doctors declared him brought dead. The injured boy kept writhing in pain on the road for about 15 minutes as the 108 van failed to reach the spot immediately.

Meanwhile, people gathered on the spot and they stopped the bus that was going to Amritsar. Some people ran to the nearby police station and informed the police about the incident. The teenagers have been identified as Amanpreet Singh (16) and Raj Kumar (18), both students of class X of the local Government Senior Secondary School.

According to DSP, Samrala, JS Cheema the police has registered a case of rash and negligent driving against the bus driver and he had been arrested. According to eyewitnesses, the traffic lights were off at the time of the accident and no policeman was on traffic duty there.



Man kills wife for ‘illicit relations’ with brother-in-law
Ashok Kaura

Phillaur, August 26
Extra-marital relations with brother-in-law took the life of a woman identified as Mano. Mano was reportedly strangled by her husband, Lal Hussain, of Thakarwal village.

The body of the deceased was found murdered under mysterious circumstances in the fields in the Masani village last night.

The Phillaur police has arrested Lal Hussain, and the brother-in-law who had illicit relations with the deceased.

The Phillaur DSP, Paramjit Singh Pannu, while confirming the arrest of the accused informed that the Mano along with her husband had gone to meet her sister in the Masani village on the night of August 21 and stayed there.

Meanwhile, during ther stay at Masani village, Lal saw his wife Mona in a compromising position with her brother-in-law, which he could not tolerate. He then strangled her and threw her body in the fields.

In the meantime, the police after finding some vital clues nabbed the accused. The police has started further investigation in the case.



Expectant woman stabbed to death, husband booked
Our Correspondent

Amloh, August 26
In a gruesome case of murder, a 22-year-old woman was stabbed to death with a sharp-edged weapon. The victim, Monica, who was five months pregnant, had married on February 16 this year. She lived in ward number 6 at Amloh. Monica was working as a teacher in a school for deaf and dumb at Doraha.

Talking to the media persons, her mother alleged that her husband was responsible for the murder.

Monica’s mother is a widow and brother is mentally challenged. She had come from Khanna today, said her mother.

The police said that Monica’s husband, the alleged accused, had managed to escape after the incident.

Monica’s body was sent to the Civil Hospital, Amloh, for the post-mortem examination. The police has booked the accused and started the investigation.



Thieves decamp with cash, jewellery

Ludhiana, August 26
Thieves struck at a house at Guru Vihar Colony in Jodewal Basti and took away gold ornaments worth lakhs of rupees and cash. Yash Kumar, the owner of the house, said he, along with his family, had gone to visit a shrine at Nakodar.

When they returned home they were shocked to find the house ransacked. He said he had not calculated the loss yet, but it would run into lakhs of rupees as the thieves had stolen gold and cash. — TNS



Cricket fans celebrate Indian colts' World Cup victory
Anil Datt

Ludhiana, August 26
Fans celebrated Indian team's resounding victory over Australia in the ICC World Cup 2012 (u-19) today. Indian colts scored an emphatic 6-wicket win against the hosts and tough Aussies to clinch the World Cup.

The fans, with their fingers crossed, had remained glued to their television sets since early morning. As India managed to restrict Australia to a modest total of 225 runs, the Indian team's chances to achieve the target and win the trophy for the third time brightened.

After losing four wickets cheaply, India needed a useful partnership. The pair of skipper, Unmukt Chand, and Smit Patel rose to the occasion. They played sensibly to steer their side to title win.

As Smit Patel hit a boundary on the last ball of the 48th over to surpass Australian team's total, the cricket fans swarmed the roads. Frenzied fans were seen shouting crazily, dancing to the tunes of ‘bhangra’ and carrying the tricolours all over the city.

Young cricketers, who were attending a coaching camp on the Punjab Agricultural University campus, too celebrated the moment. They were seen holding posters of their favourite players and shouting "India-India...India-India".

Chaman Lal Malhotra, chairman, selection committee, Punjab Cricket Association, and Rajinder Nath Mahajan, president of the Ludhiana District Cricket Association, congratulated the cricket fraternity on this outstanding achievement of Team India.

"The boys played like a well-knit unit and deserved to be victorious. The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) did a commendable job by providing them training at the National Cricket Academy, Bangalore, ahead of prestigious tournaments. The boys, too, lived up to the expectations and won three major tournaments in the recent past," said Malhotra.



Ludhiana get 3 points in rain-hit match
Anil Datt

Ludhiana, August 26
A fine batting by Anil Sihag (118 n.o.), Karan Goel (91), Geetnash Khera (81) and an equally valuable contribution with the ball by Rahul Singla (3 for 46) went in vain as the match played between Ludhiana and Amritsar could not be resolved due to the rain that spoilt more than one-and-a-half-days' play.

The four-day match of the ongoing Punjab State Inter-District Cricket Tournament for the Katoch Shield was played at the Gandhi ground, Amritsar.

However, on the basis of the first innings lead of 87 runs, Ludhiana earned three points whereas the hosts went empty-handed.

Ludhiana won the toss and chose to bat first. In their first innings, the visitors scored 248 runs in 94 overs.

Their innings revolved around skipper Karan Goel and Geetnash Khera who contributed 91 and 59 runs, respectively. Nitin Goel chipped in with 22 runs while Devender Sidhu made 15 runs.

The first innings of Amritsar folded at 161 runs after 58.1 overs in which the main scorers were Mohit Handa and Chandan Bhatia who made 46 and 29 runs, respectively. Other notbale scorers were Munish Bhatia (16) and Vinay Chowdhary (15 n.o).

For Ludhiana, off spinenr Rahul Singla was the pick of the bowlers who grabbed three wickets for 46 runs. Deepak Bansal and Anil Sihag captured two wickets each.

In their second innings, Ludhiana were 277 for the loss of six wickets in 90 overs when the play was stopped due to rain and bad weather.

Anil Sihag remained unbeten on 118 runs while Geetansh made a useful contribution of 81 runs.

Brief scores: Ludhiana (first innings)- 248 all out: Karan Goel 91, Nitin Goel 22, Geetnash Khera 59, Devender 15; Sunny 3 for 84, Vinay Chowdhary 3 for 54 and Bharat Loomba 2 for 23.

Amritsar (first innings)- 161 all out: Chandan Madan 29, Mohit Handa 46, Munish Bhatia 16, Vinay Chowdhary 15 n.o; Rahul Singla 3 for 46, Deepak Bansal 2 for 17 and Anil Sihag 2 for 24.

Ludhiana (second innings)- 277 for 6 in 90 overs: Karan Goel 19, Nitin Goel 20, Geetnash Khera 81, Anil Sihag 118 n.o, Devender Sidhu 11, Bharat Malhotra 6, Deepak Bansal 14 n.o.; Vinay Chowdhary 3 for 80, Ashwani 1 for 96 and Aman Bawa 1 for 14.



B’ball: Jalandhar APJ, Gurdaspur eves in semis
Anil Datt

Ludhiana, August 26
Gurdaspur district, along with APJ School, Jalandhar, secured their berths in the semifinals (girls u-16) of the Third Mahindra NBA Challenge Basketball League being organised by the Punjab Basketball Association in collaboration with the Punjab Sports Department at Guru Nanak Stadium here today.

In a group B encounter, APJ School girls overcame a stiff challenge before coming out triumphant against Government Model Senior Secondary School, Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana, 35-17.

Jalandhar girls gave a good account of themselves with Tanvi playing brilliantly. She scored 17 points to steer her team to victory and book a place in the last-four stage.

However, in the group A, Gurdaspur district registered a convincing 54-26 win over Sangrur district to join APJ School in the semifinal. Gurwinder Kaur top-scored with 15 points.

The match played in the girls under 13 category bewteen Moga district and Faridkot district turned out to be a keenly contested affair in which the former managed to scrape past with a wafer-thin one point margin (14-13). Ashmi chipped in with 7 points to play the pivotal role in her team's hard-fought victory.

In the senior women's section, Mansa district survived a scare before coming out triumphant (36-35) against Kapurthala district. Kulwinder Kaur scored 14 points to play the main role in Mansa's win.

In the boys' under 16 category, the defending champions, Nav Bharti Public School recorded an overwhelming 81-42 victory against Sports School, Jalandhar, and advanced into the last-eight stage.

In other matches (senior women), Government Model Senior Secondary School, PAU, Ludhiana, defeated Doraha Public School 45-11; Government College, Ludhiana, beat Kapurthala district 50-27; Sangrur district outplayed SR Government College, Amritsar, 58-41; Jalandhar district drubbed DAV College, Amritsar, 63-21 and Gymkhana Club, Ludhiana, defeated Hoshiarpur district 51-25.



gold cup hockey
Pak team to take part in hockey tourney
Anil Datt

Ludhiana, August 26
Top hockey teams of the country and a team from Pakistan would be seen in action in the 8th edition of the All-India Guru Gobind Singh Gold Cup Hockey Tournament scheduled to be held here at the Olympian Prithipal Singh Memorial Astroturf Stadium, Punjab Agricultural University, from October 3 to 9.

Dr Ajay Pal Singh Mangat and Amrik Singh Minhas, president and chairman, respectively, of the organising association, said Gojra Club from the neighbouring country, along with teams such as Air India XI, Mumbai, India Oil Corporation XI, Delhi, Bharat Petroleum XI, ONGC XI, Dehradun, Punjab and Sind Bank XI, Punjab National Bank XI, Delhi, Indian Overseas Bank XI, Chennai, Punjab Police XI and Jalandhar and BSF XI would be vying for top honours in this mega event which has been graded 'A' by the Indian Hockey Federation. It is being organised by the Ludhiana Sports Welfare Association (LSWA).

Daronacharya recipient and patron of the LSWA Baldev Singh told The Tribune that a meeting of the association was held here today to chalk out the preparations for this tournament. "Inderpreet Singh Chadha, managing director, Chadha Groups, the main sponsors of this event, also attended the meeting. Various committees have been constituted to organise this prestigious tournament successfully," added the former national coach.

Olympian and MLA from Jalandhar Cantonment, Pargat Singh, along with Iqbal Singh and Punjabi singer Harbhajan Mann, would be honoured for their contributions in their respective fields on the concluding day of the tournament, said Baldev Singh.



Zonal cricket tourney ends
Our Correspondent

Mandi Ahmedgarh, August 26
The U-19 and U-14 cricket teams of MGMN Senior Secondary School, Ahmedgarh, and Guru Harkrishan Senior Secondary School, Phallewal, were declared winners and runners-up, respectively, in a zonal-level cricket tournament that concluded at Falaund village, near here, yesterday.

According to Pardeep Sharda, Principal, MGMN School, and Sukhdev Singh Walia, managing director, GHK School, the winning teams had reached the finals by defeating teams of Sita Grammar Senior Secondary School and Government Senior Secondary School, Bhogiwal.



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