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Protesters take city to ransom, residents fume 
Farmers block rail traffic
Kuldip Bhatia

Ludhiana, September 5
The rail traffic in the region came to a complete halt on Wednesday afternoon as farmers led by of Bharti Kisan Union (Ugrahana) resorted to "rail roko" for more than three hours to press their demand for a relief package for draught-hit farmers.

Several trains were delayed by hours and thousands of passengers were inconvenienced. Railway officials said the 12919 Indore-Jammu Tawi Malwa Express and the 11057 Dadar-Amritsar Express trains were stranded at the Ludhiana railway station for more than two hours as protesters squatted at the Phillaur railway station, about 12 kms from Ludhiana.

Among the down trains, the 12920 Jammu-Indore Malwa Express was held up at the Phagwara railway station for almost two hours, the 14674 Amritsar-Darbhanga Flying Mail commenced its run from the originating point more than two hours behind schedule while the 12472 Jammu-Mumbai Hapa Express was stopped at the Jalandhar railway station for nearly 40 minutes.

As the 12497 Shan-e-Punjab and the 12029 Shatabdi Express running between New Delhi and Amritsar were detained on the outskirts of Amritsar at Manawala, the corresponding trains were also delayed for their run from Amritsar to New Delhi in the evening. Railway officials said the Shan-e-Punjab Express was running late by around two hours while the Shatabdi Express was delayed by more than 40 minutes.

Though the protest by farmers' bodies was lifted at around 4 pm, half-an-hour after the announced schedule, it would take the railway traffic some time to limp back to normal, senior officials of the Northern Railway said.

Indignant passengers aboard the trains which had to take a forced halt at the Ludhiana railway station blamed the government, the railway authorities for bowing down to the pressure tactics of protesting groups who hold thousands of passengers to ransom.

“If the farmers have some problems with the government, they should go and lay siege to the houses of the ministers concerned in the national or state capitals. Why the passengers are made to suffer and why should the Railways be targeted?" asked Kulbir Singh, a teacher who was travelling to Amritsar with his family on Dadar Express.

Activists of the BKU, the body which had led the protest along with 17 other organisations of farmers and farm workers, however, justified the agitation. "The government is indifferent to the plight of farmers who had suffered huge losses due to deficit rainfall,” a leader of the protesting group said.

If the problems were not being addressed by the government, farmers had no other choice but to resort to protest in order to make the government receptive, he added.


Busy intersection or rally ground 
Puneet Pal Singh Gill
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, September 5
The city’s Bharat Nagar Chowk witnessed two protests by different organisations today. Residents passing through the busy chowk had to face inconvenience as safai karamcharis and teachers blocked the traffic in protest. The safai karamcharis held a protest against the door-to-door collection of garbage from 12 noon to 1 pm and teachers held a protest against the rationalisation policy of the state education department from 4.30 pm to 5 pm.

Falling on the main Ferozepur Road, Bharat Nagar Chowk remains choc-a-bloc with traffic throughout the day. The main bus stand is also nearby and hundreds of buses pass through this chowk. Moreover, ambulances going to the Civil Hospital and the Christian Medical College and Hospital (CMCH) also take this route.

Long queues of vehicles are a common sight if traffic halts for a few minutes on this busy intersection. The traffic remained disrupted at the chowk for over 90 minutes today.

Fed up with frequent protests at Bharat Nagar Chowk, city residents have urged the authorities to earmark a specific place for holding protests, as has been done in Chandigarh.

“I have to catch a train, but I am stuck in the traffic jam due to the protest by safai karamcharis. If the state government has taken some decision and the safai karamcharis are not satisfied, why should I suffer? How am I involved in this entire process of decision making? Sadly, due to poor policy making, a handful of people hold thousands of residents to ransom,” rued Ravinder Singh Chadha, a resident of Model Town.

Another resident, Shailesh Kumar, who works in an insurance firm, rued: “I tried to cross Bharat Nagar Chowk because I was on a two-wheeler. But the protesters started misbehaving with me. They have no right to block the road for their own interests,” he said.

As the traffic resumed, hundreds of teachers reached the spot and again blocked Bharat Nagar Chowk.

A shopkeeper rued: “Had the Ludhiana district administration provided a specific place for holding protests, there would have been no problem at Bharat Nagar Chowk today. Several patients and ambulances pass from this chowk everyday. But maybe the district administration is waiting for a tragedy to happen before taking a call on the matter,” he said. 



Private garbage collectors lay siege to Bharat Nagar Chowk
Puneet Pal Singh Gill
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, September 5
Hundreds of private garbage collectors, under the aegis of the Valmiki Samaj Bachao Aandolan, held a protest against the state government by blocking Bharat Nagar Chowk for one hour, from 12 noon to 1 pm.

Members of the Valmiki Samaj Bachao Aandolan were protesting against the door-to-door collection of garbage by a private company, A2Z Waste Management Ludhiana Ltd, from Ward numbers 68 and 69 of the city.

However, the private garbage collectors seemed divided on the issue of door-to-door lifting of garbage, which started in the city from Saturday.

One of the groups, which is close to the ruling Shiromani Akali Dal (Badal) and the Bharatiya Janata Party, is claiming that some persons with vested interests are instigating the private garbage collectors for holding protests. However, the protesters allege that some persons from their own community are trying to please their political bosses.

Surinder Kalyan, chairman of the Valmiki Samaj Bachao Aandolan alleged that at a meeting held on October 31 last year, Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal had promised that the A2Z company would not be allowed to collect garbage.

“This clause is not even present in the contract which A2Z is having with the Ludhiana MC, but still the state government has now ordered that the company should carry out door-to-door collection of garbage. This clearly shows that the promise made by CM Parkash Singh Badal before the Vidhan Sabha elections was false and he befooled the Valmiki community as well as the private garbage collectors. We will not let A2Z carry out door-to-door collection of garbage from anywhere in the state,” warned Kalyan.

On the other hand, DP Khosla, vice-chairman, Safai Karamchari Welfare Board, in a press release issued here today stated that the Chief Minister had promised that the safai karamcharis will themselves collect garbage from houses and A2Z will lift it from the garbage collection points only.

“Now that A2Z has started door-to-door collection of garbage, we would take up this matter with the state government. The safai karamcharis should remain vigilant as some people with their vested interests are instigating them for protests,” claimed Khosla.

However, Surinder Kalyan maintained that Khosla was trying to please his political bosses. “He is the vice-chairman of a government board and maybe he wants to continue on this post. That is why he is not raising the problems faced by private garbage collectors and safai karamcharis. He is clearly backstabbing them,” alleged Kalyan. 

CHILDREN join protest

Children of private garbage collectors were also accompanying them in the protest on Wednesday. “We wanted to show the state government that if they start door-to-door collection of garbage, our children would suffer. Even the residents should support us and not let A2Z lift garbage from their homes,” appealed Surinder Kalyan. 



Five injured as mini-bus overturns
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, September 5
Five persons were injured when a mini-bus coming from Phillaur rammed into the road-divider and overturned on the Ludhiana-Jalandhar road near Malhotra Marriage Palace at around 1 pm.

The injured were rushed to the Civil Hospital and four of them were discharged after treatment.

The passengers said about 30-40 persons were travelling in the bus. Sardul Singh, a passenger, said the bus was being driven at a very high speed.

“When the bus reached Bhamian village, the driver rammed the bus into the divider and it overturned. The driver and conductor of the bus fled. The 108 ambulance took the injured to the Civil Hospital within a few minutes of the accident,” said Sardul Singh.

The injured were identified as Garibu Dham (64), Sandeep Kumar (19), Kuldeep Singh (19) and Ravinder Kumar (20), all residents of Chhokra village and Kulbhushan (52). While the patients were discharged after treatment, Kulbhushan, who received a head injury, is still admitted to the hospital.

SHO, Ladhowal, Gurpreet Singh said the police was looking for the owner of the bus. 



Commuters cross dividers, risk lives
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, September 5
Though the city police has closed about 60 road dividers in the city, impatient commuters, especially two-wheeler riders, continue to make their way through these dividers, putting theirs as well as others’ lives at risk.

Crossing the dividers is a common practice on Ferozepur Road as people avoid taking long routes to reach to their destinations. Commuters, especially two-wheeler riders, suddenly appear on the other side of the road and vehicles on the other side at times lose control.

"The other day when I was coming from the Aggar Nagar side, a person on a two-wheeler suddenly came in front of me and I was not able to understand what to do as my car was on a high speed. I immediately applied brakes to save him and myself. But it is too dangerous to cross the dividers,” said Manvinder Kaur, a commuter.

Commuters feel if the police has closed the dividers after so much struggle, they must also ensure that nobody violates rules. They must close the dividers permanently. "At some points, they have put huge stones, but commuters, for their convenience, make way from between the stones to cross the roads. They must be dealt strictly and punished for increasing the chances of road accidents,” said Vishal, another commuter. 



Dividers posing danger to commuters
The dividers from Jassian Road to the Jalandhar bypass road are littered with garbage. Water also accumulates in these dividers during rains. Some of the dividers are broken, posing a threat to commuters. 

Broken dividers are an open invitation to accidents and cause inconvenience to commuters. Photos: Inderjeet Verma



Gastro cases on rise in city 
Anupam Bhagria
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, September 5
Hospitals and clinics in the city are witnessing huge rush of patients with complaints of vomiting, nausea, diarrhoea and fever. Even as isolated cases of gastroenteritis are being reported in the city, the district health authorities are yet to wake from slumber. However, the health department officias today collected a few samples from hotels and restaurants.

Dr Anish Chopra, senior consultant, department of gastroenterology and hepatology, Christian Medical College and Hospital, said: “Cases of mild to moderate gastroenteritis are on the rise in the city from. I daily come across 70 to 80 patients suffering from gastroenteritis."

Dr Baldeep Singh, a paediatrician, said: "Hospital is full of children suffering from diarrhoea.”

When contacted, District Health Officer Dr Kulwinder Singh said: “We keep collecting samples of eatables like milk, cheese, curd etc.”

When asked as if the department had collected samples of food from any dhaba, restaurant or any other eating joint, the DHO said: “About a month ago, we collected a sample of dal from a restaurant near the Dayanand Medical College and Hospital. Today also we collected samples of eatables.” 

Dos & Don'ts

Avoid eating stale curd and salad

Say no to half-baked vegetables

Drink filtered or boiled water

Wash hands before eating

Always go for hygienic food

Consult a physician if you have any problem related to stomach

Non-vegetarians should eat fully cooked meat



Teachers enable us to lead a respectable life, say students 
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, September 5
Iqbaljeet Kaur always wanted to be a teacher but a few years back she lost her eyesight. However, she didn't lose the sight of her goal to become a teacher. She started all over again, learnt Braille and began teaching visually-impaired children at the Vocational Rehabilitation Training Centre (VRTC) here. She has been teaching at the centre since the beginning of this year and today on the occasion of Teacher's Day, she along with other teachers was honoured for the service to the visually-impaired students.

it was the day of emotions, compliments and appreciation for the teachers as well as the students as they celebrated the day here. "The relevance of teachers in life is great but their importance and the need is much more pronounced for the visually impaired," said Manjeet Kaur, a class VIII student at VRTC.

Maya Mehlawat, who is visually impaired and teaches at the centre for the last 20 years, said to teach the blind students was very challenging for her earlier but her work gave great satisfaction.

“To become educated and learn skills in life is the only hope for our survival and we owe everything to our teachers who teach and enable us to lead a respectable life ,” said Sunny Kumar, a student of a computer course at VRTC. Like them, differently abled children also celebrated Teacher’s Day and watched movie Joker at Waves Cinema. About 30 children along with their teachers from Aashirwad, an NGO, watched the movie. 



Rich give gifts to lure teachers
Our Correspondent

Mandi Ahmedgarh, September 5
Apart from providing an opportunity to pay gratitude to the teaching community, Teachers Day is an occasion for the families, belonging to higher socio-economic background, to win favour of teachers for their wards through expensive gifts. The gifts, which are presented to teachers, include perfumes, make-up kits, imported purses and even mobile sets. Some parents lamented that such attitude of teachers and administrators in the past was the cause of inferiority complex in their kids.

Ravinder Singh, a resident Dehlon village and father of a child who is studying in a school in Ludhiana, said, "it was really embarrassing for me when I had to convince my son that students do not present gold rings to their teachers on such occasions.”

Acknowledging the trend, Pardeep Sharda, principal of MGMN Senior Secondary School, said he had already warned his teachers against receiving any gifts. "As students come from different strata of society we had already advised the teachers not to accept any gifts from their students because it gives rise to inferiority complex among students. 



Protests mark Teacher’s Day celebrations
Teachers from five unions block traffic at Bharat Nagar Chowk
Puneet Pal Singh Gill
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, September 5
Opposing the new rationalisation policy of the state education department, teachers from five different unions staged a protest at the Bharat Nagar Chowk here today. The teachers burnt a symbolic effigy of the state government and blocked the traffic for around half an hour —from 4.30 pm to 5 pm — leading to traffic congestion.

The protest was attended by teachers, including female teachers, belonging to 7,654 Sanjha Front Teachers’ Union Punjab, Sarv Shiksha Abhiyan and Rashtriya Madhiatmak Shiksha Abhiyan Teachers’ Union Punjab, Government Teachers’ Union, Democratic Teachers’ Union and Sikhya Karmi Union.

The teachers opposed the new rationalisation policy, framed by State Education Minister Sikandar Singh Maluka, that has fixed the student-teacher ratio in government schools. Ever since the notification of this policy was released, the teachers across the state have been staging protests against its implementation.

Baldev Singh Raj, district president of the Sarv Shiksha Abhiyan and Rashtriya Madhiatmak Shiksha Abhiyan Teachers’ Union, said the actual rationalisation policy framed by the Centre required the student- teacher ratio to be 30:1. The rationalisation policy framed by the Punjab government, however, stated that the ratio should be 45:1, he said.

“Due to this wrong policy, teachers across the state are suffering. We demand that the rationalisation policy should be framed as per the ratio set by the Centre and a uniform seniority list of all the teachers should be made,” said Raj.

Manpreet Singh, district president of 7,654 Sanjha Front Teachers Union Punjab, said the 7,654 contract-based teachers, who were recruited by the state government in September, 2009 were being paid a fifth of the salary being paid to the regular teachers.

“A lecturer is paid Rs 10,000 per month, master cadre teacher is paid Rs 9,000 and a librarian is paid Rs 6,500. The Chief Minister had promised to meet us on August 28, but the meeting was postponed at the last minute. We have been demanding regularisation of jobs for a long time, but the state government is not paying any heed to our demands. This forced us to stage this protest,” said Manpreet Singh.

He said the state government should meet their demands within the next 10 days or the union would stage a state-level rally in Ludhiana on September 16.



Farmers hold protest

Phillaur, September 5
On a call given by 17 various farmers’ unions, hundreds of the farmers blocked rail traffic on the main Ludhiana-Jalandhar rail section, near Phillaur Railway Station today.

The agitating farmers demanded that Punjab should be declared as drought-hit state by the Central Government and adequate compensation should be given to the farmers.

Meanwhile, rail traffic remained suspended from 12.30pm to 3.30pm and the trains remained stranded for three hours, which caused much inconvenience to the commuters. — OC



Economic problem needs political solution: Manpreet
Our Correspondent

Mandi Gobindgarh, September 5
“The precarious economical condition of the state needs political will and political solution and Imposition of more taxes is not the right choice at this juncture.” This was said by Manpreet Singh Badal, President, Peoples Party of Punjab, during an interacting with the mediapersons here today. He also appealed to the industry not to shift their base to other states.

He criticised the imposition of new taxes and requested the Chief Minister and Deputy Chief Minister of the state to withdraw the recently imposed taxes. The Central Government and the state government should find a political solution for the dwindling economy, he asserted.

While talking about his party’s performance during the recent elections, he expressed satisfaction over the percentage of votes his party got in the assembly elections. “It was the maiden attempt by our party and we had to fight against the money factors, which was very much visible in the elections,” he added. He asked the people not to gauge their success in terms of seats as the party would perform better in 2017 elections.

Earlier, he was welcomed by district party chief Jagmeet Singh Sahota on the occasion. 



University, college faculty press for demands in Chandigarh
Our Reporters

Ludhiana/Doraha, September 5
On a call given by the Punjab Federation of University and College Teachers Organisation (PFUCTO), a protest rally attended by teachers from private as well as government universities and colleges of Punjab was organised at the Rally Ground in Chandigarh today. Observing the Teacher’s Day as “Black Day”, around 2,500 teachers from all over the state took part in the protest against the state government's lackadaisical attitude towards the higher education and the teaching community as a whole.

As all the teachers of government and private colleges went on a mass casual leave to attend the rally, education suffered across the state.

Talking to The Tribune, Prof Jaipal Singh, general secretary, Government College Teachers' Association, said the state government had adopted a "step-motherly" behaviour towards the teachers in colleges and universities. The higher education in the state was in a total "mess", he said.

"There is no permanent Director Public Instructions to listen to the grievances of teachers. The post of principal is lying vacant in about 24 colleges, and 1,067 lecturer posts are lying vacant in different colleges of Punjab. The arrears of the teachers have still not been disbursed by the government despite a backlog of about 51 months. In such circumstances, we have been forced to observe the Teacher’s Day as a protest day,” said Prof Jaipal.

President of PFUCTO Dr Jagwant Singh said the state government had even earlier shown a "callous" attitude towards teachers. "Though 80 per cent of the total grant is given by the Central Government but the state government used it for some other purpose in the year 2000. This time, the University Grants Commission had asked the state government to give arrears to teachers, which will be disbursed later. Not a penny, however, has been given to the teachers in Punjab. Only the teachers of Punjab Agricultural University and Panjab University were able to get their arrears,” said the president.

Dr Kuldip Singh, general secretary of Punjab and Chandigarh College Teachers’ Union (PCCTU) said: "We are the only category of employees who have not been paid arrears of grade revision, which are payable from January 1, 2006 to July 31, 2009. The other state government employees have already received arrears.”

Singh said the union wanted the government to release the arrears at the earliest. The union has also demanded that the retirement age of the teachers be raised to 65 years and the ban on the recruitment of teachers be lifted.

Around 250 teachers from the Ludhiana district attended the rally in state capital.



Civic body forms uniform policy
Identifies 21 sites where billboards can be erected; can be installed only for seven days at a time
Puneet Pal Singh Gill
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, September 5
After getting a green signal from the state government, the Ludhiana Municipal Corporation has finally framed a uniform policy for installing religious hoardings in the city, which were earlier installed without taking its permission.

In the policy, a total of 21 sites (see box) have been identified in the city, where the residents will be allowed to install religious hoardings for only seven days. If such hoardings are installed in any other part of the city, action will be taken against the violators.

As per the MC policy, all religious hoardings should be of 8 feet by 6 feet in size and should be installed 5-10 meters away from the main road. Only two boards each will be allowed to be installed at these 21 locations.

“This policy has been formed after consultation with the police department as well as the district administration. We will be implementing the policy strictly and will request the residents to abide by it fully. And if any person installs religious hoardings at some other place, excluding these 21 sites, we will take action against the violator,” warned MC Additional Commissioner -cum-SDM Ajay Sood.

Earlier, Deputy Commissioner Rahul Tewari had ordered the Ludhiana Municipal Corporation to get an FIR registered against those installing illegal hoardings in any part of the city. The decision was taken jointly by Deputy Commissioner Rahul Tewari, Police Commissioner Ishwar Singh and Municipal Corporation Commissioner Rakesh Kumar Verma last month.

Sites finalised

Zone A

Daresi Ground (on the southern side of MC office).

Basti Jodhewal Chowk (inside the grills installed at the chowk).

New Civil Hospital (along the boundary wall).

Gurdwara Dukh Niwaran Sahib (near Jagraon Bridge from where the road widens).

Gaushala Cremation Ground (below bridge and along the nullah).

Zone B

Cheema Chowk (towards Bagh Sufian Wali side).

Sufian Chowk (west side)

Focal Point near Dhandari Bridge (before the start of GT Road bridge, on the left side).

Sherpur Chowk (near an under construction building, coming towards the city).

Jeevan Nagar Chowk (Focal Point side).

Chandigarh Road (opposite Vardhman Petrol Pump).

Zone C

Vishwakarma Chowk (near Police Post, under the Peepal tree).

Arora Palace Chowk (towards Grain Market).

Partap Chowk (adjoining park).

Dholewal Chowk (towards the Railway Line side, along the bridge pillars).

Zone D

Dandi Swami Chowk (along the wall of Income Tax office).

Haibowal Chowk (Budha Nullah side).

Model Town Extension (near parking of Gurdwara Singh Sabha).

Durga Mata Mandir (along the GCW boundary wall).

Ishmeet Chowk (along the grill of park).

Kitchlu Nagar/Udham Singh Nagar (opposite CFC School)



Traders condemn levying of processing fee
`800 to be paid annually while filing of quarterly return
Manav Mander
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, September 5
The trader community has condemned the processing fee levied by the excise and taxation department. A public notice in this regard was issued today mentioning that “every taxable person shall pay annual processing fee of Rs 800 only in October along with the filing of the quarterly return”.

The public notice further mentions that “The processing fee is in lieu of the operation, maintenance and upgradation of such facilities and services as electronic issuance of statutory forms, e-filing of returns, e-payment of taxes and such other online and offline services being rendered or proposed to be rendered by the excise and taxation department”.

Condemning the processing fee levied by the department, Mukesh Aggarwal, a businessman, said, “On one side, we are maintaining our records and giving salary to accountants and on the other side, now, we have to give fee to the department as well. This is an unnecessary burden on the traders,” he added.

“If the department is going online, it should bear the burden on its own. In fact, the department should also provide “maintenance fee” to the traders as they are also using infrastructure and manpower for maintaining their records and doing online filing,” added another trader Harpal Singh.Another exporter, Surinder Kalra, said the department was going overboard in levying taxes and now processing fee had been imposed on them. “ The government is giving salaries to the staff and also providing them infrastructure. They cannot charge us for the work done by them and for the maintenance of the machinery. It is not a matter of Rs 800, but it is purely wrong to charge processing fee from the traders when the government is providing them with salaries,” he rued.



After being assured, rural development officers suspend strike 
Manav Mander
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, September 5
Punjab rural development officials who went on mass leave to press upon the rural development and panchayat minister to shift the department’s director for misusing his official powers have suspended their strike after assurance by the minister.

The offices were empty as the officials had gone to Mohali to stage a protest and those coming to get their works done had nobody to attend them.

The decision to go on mass leave was taken yesterday at a meeting of the Punjab Rural Development Officers Association against Balwinder Singh Multani, the department's director, for misusing his official powers.

"We have suspended the strike on the assurance given by rural development and panchayat minister Surjeet Singh Rakhra. We will be resuming our work while the decision on shifting our department's director is pending," said Amardeep Singh Bains, DDPO, Ludhiana.

Meanwhile, Sukhdev Singh from a nearby village, who came to meet the block development panchayat office, was unhappy to see the office empty. “I had come to enquire about the grants that are to be given to our village for constructing drains, but there is no one to attend to me at the office I waited for a long time, but noone turned up,” he added.



Jan Aushadhi store faces shortage of medicine 
Anupam Bhagria
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, September 5
Even after a year it was reopened on the premises of Lord Mahavir Civil Hospital, Ludhiana, the Jan Aushadhi store, which provides medicines to poor and needy patients on subsidised rates, has been facing shortage of medicines. Last year, the store reopened on September 5.

Dr AK Handa, Deputy Medical Commissioner, Ludhiana, said, "Throughout the year, the store has provided medicines to the poor and needy patients on subsidised rates. We require as many as 219 types of drugs here, which are provided to us by five pharmaceutical firms approved by the Centre Public Service Undertaking. As there is more demand and less supply, so we keep writing to the stockists of these firms to give us regular supply of medicines. But it is ironical that we are yet to receive a complete list of medicines."

A list of 34 medicines was sent to these firms in April, but only 13 were supplied.

The store was launched with much fanfare in November 2008 for the sale of generic medicines in government hospitals under the Centrally sponsored scheme, but it proved to be a damp squib, due to the non-availability of a large variety of medicines for several diseases.Not only this, there were complaints of overcharging and passing off certain branded medicines at the stores, which provided a higher margin of profit, with the result the store was closed down over a year ago. It was on September 5, last year that it was reopened by the Rogi Kalyan Samiti.

Medicines that face shortage of supply


Ciplox Cotrimoxazole


Ampiciline etc.

Ciplox eye drops

Diclo-para, Levocetrizine,

Gentamycineinjection, Betadine lotion etc.n



Shoes that give the feel of being bare feet
Popular among youngsters; selling like hot cakes in city market
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, September 5
If one ever had the inclination to go bare feet, but never dared to do so fearing foot injury, a solution is available with a few companies making shoes that ape the shape of the feet.

Many people are being seen wearing these shoes. "These are available with a few brands, they are very flexible and three-four pairs get sold every week at our retail outlet," says a salesperson. "These are very flexible and comfortable and are recommended as gymnasium shoes and one can even wear it at home," he said. These have support for each toe and the base of the shoe is made of flexible and durable material, he adds.

"These are like "gloves" for feet and very comfortable. I feel that these shoes are less likely to cause any foot injury," says Nidhi, who wears them while going to the gymnasium.

"I was really impressed when I saw a pair for the first time. I never ever thought that something like this exists. These look interesting to me. Although some of my friends gawked looking at my feet when I wore them in front of them, but on trying them they too found them very comfortable," says Vineet, a resident. "To me, these look funny and attractive at the same time," he says.

"In fact these have the dual benefit. One gets the feeling of being barefoot and at the same time one is also wearing shoes," says Nitin, a resident.

"This is a very innovative design, and also looks very much like human feet," 
he says. 

Flexible and comfortable

The shoes have support for each toe and the base of the shoe is made of flexible and durable material

They are very flexible and comfortable. These are recommended as gymnasium shoes and one can even wear it at home



Amarinder to join protest 
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, September 5
Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee (PPCC) President Capt Amarinder Singh will be in the city to attend a protest against the government on September 7. 

District Congress Committee Ludhiana (Urban) president Pawan Dewan will be the coordinator for the Ludhiana (Urban) protest programme, being attended by Capt Amarinder Singh, to be held in front of the District Commissioner's office, Ludhiana.



CICU joint secretary honoured
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, September 5
Upkar Singh Ahuja, joint secretary, Chamber of Industrial and Commercial Undertakings, and group managing director, New Swan Group of Industries, Ludhiana, has won the Bronze Trophy for Excellence in Quality and Productivity and Certificate of recognition in Excellence in Technology in the SME Category for 2012-13 for second time in a row.

He received the award from Paful Patel, Minister of Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises, during the 52nd Annual ACMA Awards function held today at New Delhi. Inderjit Singh Pardhan, president of CICU and chairman the Small Scale Industry Development Board, Punjab, congratulated him and appreciated his support, role and contribution to the SME Sector.



Three suspected of dengue
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, September 5
Three more patients have been suspected of Dengue here. Out of the three, two are from Gurdaspur and Faridkot districts and third one is from Ludhiana. The patients are under treatment at Dayanand Medical College and Hospital, Ludhiana.

The office of the civil surgeon, Ludhiana, said the anti-larval wing was trying its best and with the help the Health Department and the Municipal Corporation, Ludhiana, every effort was being made to curtail the disease. The Officials said as of now situation was not alarming,



Eat green leafy vegetables, say experts
Tribune News Service

ludhiana, September 5
Diet alone cannot ensure a disease-free life, but a proper balanced diet can help to reduce the risk of chronic diseases and promote good health, highlighted the experts of Food and Nutrition Department of the Punjab Agricultural University (PAU). The experts emphasised on the important of green leafy vegetables in the diet.

Dr Jaswinder Sangha said that inclusion of green vegetables in daily diet help to prevent anemia and assure good health. Eating raw greens is also essential for health as they provide high amount of nutrients to the body which may otherwise be lost during cooking, she said.

Home scientist Kiran Grover said a wide range of greens are consumed in the form of ‘sabzi’, ‘chutney’, and by adding in ‘dals’, ‘parantha’and ‘pulao’.

The more frequently consumed greens are spinach, mustard leaves, fenugreek (methi and methae), mint, cabbage and coriander, she said.



College notes

Students visit Verka plant
Ludhiana: Students of Kamla Lohtia SD College paid a visit to the Verka Milk Plant in Ludhiana. The industrial visit was organised by the industry-institute interface cell of the college. General Manager SR Saini interacted with the students and introduced them to the varied technical nuances of the milk plant. The students were shown the different stages of processing at the plant.

Placement training
Ludhiana Group of Colleges organised a training and placement drive on the college campus for the students of the management department. The course modules were designed to help the students in getting better jobs. The visiting company promised to provide an in-house training to the students.

Kamla Lohtia SD College
Around 85 students Kamla Lohtia SD College appeared for a placement test on Wednesday. The written test was conducted for the BCA students for recruitment as software trainees. The test would be followed by a free six-month software training for the selected candidates. The office-bearers of the visiting company apprised the students of various job prospects.

Freshers’ party
A welcome party ‘Agaaz-2012’ for the newly admitted students of department of commerce was organised at Khalsa College for Women. The event showcased a medley of items ranging from ‘sufi’ songs to Spanish dance forms, from bhangra, the symbol of Punjabi culture, to drug menace, the vice of the state. The freshers from BCom-I and MCom-I sashayed down the ramp. Harleen Kaur (MCom) was declared Ms Fresher. Among the BCom students, Jasmine won the honours, while Himanshi was the first runner-up.

Teacher’s Day celebrations
Faculty members and students of the GGN Institute of Vocational Studies celebrated the Teacher’s Day on the college campus. A best message contest was also organised in which students of the information technology, management and commerce streams participated with full enthusiasm. Manjit Singh Chhabra, coordinator of the institute, while addressing the faculty and students, said the objective of the contest was to provide an opportunity to the students to express their feelings towards their teachers. Lessons learned from teachers remained with students throughout their lives, he said.

Ludhiana Group of Colleges
Ludhiana Group of Colleges, Ferozepur road, celebrated the birth anniversary of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, noted educationist and the second President of India, on the college campus on Wednesday. Popularly known as the Teacher’s Day, the day was celebrated with enthusiasm by the faculty and the students. Speaking on the occasion, Prof Bhushan of the English department said, “Teachers play a pivotal role in every student’s life. They are responsible for overall development of the students and moulding them into responsible citizens.” He also shared an anecdote involving Aristotle and Alexander the Great that showcased the special relationship between a teacher and a student. Principal of the college Dr Parampal Singh Sidhu laid emphasis on the role of research in teacher’s life. He also said the younger generation should be more empathetic and altruistic rather than being self centered.

GMT College of Education
The students of the GMT College of Education celebrated the Teacher’s Day with great enthusiasm under the guidance of Principal Dr Shikha Soni. Mata Gur Kaur House organised a cultural function on the occasion. Students started the programme with a ‘shabad’ and then paid tribute to Dr Radhakrishnan through speeches and PowerPoint presentations. Students also presented songs and a drama to give the message of "Each One Teach One". The principal congratulated the teachers and students on this day. She motivated the would-be teachers to contribute towards education and the society.

Mata Ganga Khalsa College
The Teacher’s Day celebrations at Mata Ganga Khalsa College started with a prayer. The students of all the streams including arts, commerce, science, and computer presented their teachers with flowers as a token of their love and respect. Students also presented a folk song on the occasion. While addressing the gathering, the principal congratulated all the staff members.

Doraha institute of management
Doraha: An inter-class talent hunt competition “Hunar” was organised at Doraha Institute of Management and Technology as part of Teacher’s Day celebrations. The students participated in various events like poster making, musical chairs, painting, mehndi, flower decoration, arm wrestling, turban tying and collage making. The various activities were aimed at showcasing their creativity and knowledge. The students from MBA, BBA, BCA and BCom Professional streams of the institute also expressed gratitude to their teachers for showing them the right path.

Doraha College of Education
Dr Radhakrishnan was remembered on the occasion of the Teacher’s Day at Doraha College of Education on Wednesday. MR Mehta, a reputed educationist, was the guest of honour on the occasion. Mehta said: “Teachers should inculcate humanity and other moral values to the students.” In the present day, there is a dire need of committed and dedicated teachers, he said.

RIMT Institute
Mandi Gobindgarh: Students and teachers of RIMT Management Campus celebrated the Teacher’s Day with great fervor. As a mark of respect to their teachers, the students presented them notes of appreciation. The students also performed skits, songs and speeches on teacher-student relationship. The teachers also participated in various games and friendly matches of chess and carom. — TNS



Woman commits suicide; husband, in-laws booked
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, September 5
A married woman, Neetu (name changed), reportedly committed suicide by hanging herself with the ceiling following "harassment" by her in-laws. The Basti Jodhewal police has registered a case against four persons on the basis of complaint filed by Neetu's brother Bablu Bhandari.

In his complaint to the police, Bablu alleged that his sister got married to Mukesh Bedi from Kailash Nagar on March 29, 2012. Right after the marriage, her in-laws, including the husband, started torturing her for not bringing enough dowry.

"Yesterday, my sister got fed up due to the regular torture and harassment by her in-laws and committed suicide by hanging herself with the ceiling. The in-laws took the body her to the CMC and called us. But when we reached the hospital, we found nobody from the in-laws' family. They have killed my sister,” said Bablu Bhandari.

Balwinder Singh, SHO, Basti Jodhewal, said a case under Sections 304 and 120-B of the IPC had been registered against four persons, including Neetu's husband Mukesh Bedi, mother-in-law Veena, Rinku Bedi and Anu Bedi, all residents of Gagandeep Colony, Kailash Nagar Road. 



25-yr-old dies in accident
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, September 5
A 25-year-old youth, Bharat Kumar, a resident of Uttar Pradesh, was killed after being hit by an unidentified vehicle last night.

Investigating officer Jaswinder Singh said the accident took place under Dholewal Bridge at around 10.30 pm on Tuesday. He said passers-by saw Bharat Kumar lying on the road under Dholewal Bridge and he was bleeding profusely. "They informed the police. We reached the spot and found the mobile phone of the victim. It seemed that the victim, who was riding a motorcycle, was hit by a vehicle,” said the investigation officer.

He said the deceased’s father was informed who reached the spot and identified the body.

“The deceased’s father is an employee with the Railways.

Though the family hails from Uttar Pradesh, but was residing in the city for the past several years. The deceased was working in Kotak Mahindra and was married.

The postmortem was conducted today and the body was handed over to the family. A case has been registered against the unidentified driver,” said the investigating officer. 



20 quintal of poppy husk, opium recovered
Tribune News Service

Jagraon, September 5
Over 20 quintal of poppy husk and opium was recovered from an abandoned truck on the link road leading to Ludhiana GT Road here today. 

The police got a tip-off that a truck bearing the number HR-63-A-4719 was lying abandoned near the shellers. The police team found 102 sacks of contraband loaded on the truck. A case has been registered under the NDPS Act. The operation was led by Rachhpal Singh, station house officer, Jagraon police.



Ludhiana restrict Jalandhar to 268 runs
Anil Datt

Ludhiana, September 5
Thanks to superb bowling by Baltej Singh and Rahul Singla, Ludhiana restricted Jalandhar to 268 runs to gain vital 20-runs lead in the first innings on the penultimate day of the four-day match in the Punjab State Inter-District Cricket Tournament for the Katoch Shield being played at the Punjab Agricultural University ground here today.

Ludhiana made 288 runs in their first essay and defended the score well to contain the visitors. Baltej chipped in with six wickets while Rahul claimed two wickets to help their side to earn the first innings' lead.

Resuming at overnight score of 12 for no loss, Jalandhar were cruising along well (190 for 5) and it seemed that they would manage to overhaul Ludhiana's total of 288 runs. The pair of Ishan Malhotra and Sarabjit were in their true elements as they took the host bowlers to task.

The moment, the partnership between these two batsmen was broken, Ludhiana got the upper hand and eventually succeeded in wrapping up the visitors' innings at 268 runs.

The valiant knocks by Ishaan (54) and Sarabjit (38) and another useful partnership between Yogesh (33) and Gurkirat (21) went in vain as Jalandhar failed to surpass the host’s score.

Enjoying the lead, though by a small margin, Ludhiana began their second innings on a strong note posting 63 runs on the board without losing a wicket.

Brief scores

Ludhiana (first innings): 288 all out in 105.5 overs ( Nitin Goel 13, Ashish 17, Bharat Malhotra 13, Karan Goel 32, Akhil Aggarwal 23, Geetansh Khera 67 and Himanshu 60; Subheg Gill 1 for 40, Yogesh 2 for 75, Gurkirat 1 for 39, Ishan Malhotra 3 for 48and Taruwar 2 for 27).

Jalandhar (first innings): 268 all out in 78.2 overs ( Robin 23, Pargat Singh 34, Taruwar Kohli 14, Abhishek Gupta 15, Satawaan 32, Sarabjit 38, Ishaan Malhotra 54, Yogesh 33, Gurkirat 21, Baltej Singh 6 for 82, Rahul Singla 2 for 42, Sukhjinder 1 for 54 and Karan Goel 1 for 47).

Ludhiana (Second Innings): 63 for no loss ( Nitin Goel 32 n.o and Ashish Kumar 27 n.o)



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