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Grooms Wanted

Professionally qualified, teetotaller, vegetarian match for convent educated Hindu Arora Manglik girl, 30.9.85, 3.20 am, Jalandhar, 5'-3", pursuing M.Tech (final), Lecturer local college Jalandhar. Contact: 98150-28311. C2-70250

Wanted Non-Manglik match for Punjabi Hindu Khatri girl, 5.2.1984/10:12 p.m./Chandigarh, 5'-2". Doing M.A. Father class 1 Officer. Contact Mobile no. 98884-81458. Email :  C2-70580

PQM for Punjabi Khatri girl 27.06.1983, MA (English), M.Phil., B.Ed., Assistant Professor (English). Only teetotaller and vegetarian may contact. Around Ambala and serviceman will be preferred. Contact: 098139- 02205, 092548-04444. Email:  C2-70990

Suitable match for 1979 born Hindu Arora, 5'-3", working girl BE, MBA, issueless, legally divorced. Contact:  C2-71178

Suitable Khatri/Arora/Brahmin match preferably employed in/around Chandigarh for Khatri girl, fair complexion, July 1976 look younger, 5'-3", MBA, Ph.D. Permanent Panjab University Assistant Professor, 45,000/-. , Box 1307F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable match for slim, cute girl, MA, 17.11.1983, 11:08 pm, Chandigarh, 5'-1", working at Dell Mohali. 96460-75288. C2-71492

Match for Anshik Manglik fair Khatri vegetarian girl, 5'-4"/24.4.81, 6 p.m., Chandigarh, M.A., B.Ed., E.T.T., Teacher in private School.  Box 1313F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Sikh parents seeking professionally qualified match (preferably working in US/Canada) for their Canadian citizen, 1981/5'-4", well-educated (B.Sc. Nursing), intelligent girl. Family visiting India soon. Email details/photographs to  C2-70054B

Suitable match for Australia settled Sikh girl 1.67 cms/July 87, BBS, MIB, working service Supervisor, well versed household work. Parents Australian Government jobs. Younger brother Civil Engineering. Property India, Australia. Coming India third week October. Contact 098153-52113. E-mail:  C2-70656

Well settled and professionally qualified match for Saini Sikh girl, slim beautiful, 36 /5'-3" B.Tech. (Arch.), working with a reputed company in Delhi, issueless and innocently divorced. Has Multi entry 10 year US/Canada visas. Contact:  C2-71204

Suitable professional well placed officer match for double MBA girl/Aug '82, 5' 4", very slim, classy with high family values, Mumbai based daughter of a M/Navy Captain. Contact:  Tel: +919819881022/ 9820392035. Box 1306F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable match for fair 25/5'-5" Ramdasia Sikh girl M.Tech., CSE, working as Asstt. Professor in Engineering College. Father Retired Class-I Officer. Mother in Govt. job. Tricity preferred. Send Bio-data with snap at  Mobile: 9915003922. C2-72616

USA based Doctor/highly professional match for US citizen Jat Sikh extremely beautiful, fair, slim, 25/5'-8", highly paid professional girl innocently issueless divorcee from reputed family. Boy's merits main consideration. Contact only with natural picture detailed profile Phone to:  A2-64147

Canadian Jat Sikh (Khandani) highly educated family, seeks medico matches Canada, USA, willing to settle in Canada, for our beautiful, MD Doctor daughters 80/77, 5'-5"/5'-4", Canada born, understand both cultures & strong family values. Looking for family we can consider our own.  77892-64645. C2-58839

Jat Sikh Canadian family, well settled, father is a Doctor, seeks a Doctor match in US or Canada for their 1986 born, 5'-9", tall, slim and very beautiful, Doctor daughter. Please contact by email:  C2-63724

Canadian born and educated Jat Sikh girl, August 1975/5'-6", fair, beautiful, and professionally employed in Toronto seeks a professional Jat Sikh match. Email:-  C2-64606B

US based Jat Sikh family seeking a suitable match for their very beautiful daughter, 29 yrs., 5'-5" tall, MBA, well versed in both cultures. The boy should be Jat Sikh, well-educated, with university degree from USA/Canada, tall, clean-shaven with strong family values. Please send a biodata and recent photograph at email:  C2-66100B

Jat Sikh Canadian parents seek alliance for their beautiful, slim, fair daughter 1984/5'-5", Dental hygienist, having perfect blend of modern and traditional values. Looking for a qualified, handsome Jat Sikh boy from an educated family. Malwa area preferred. Reply with biodata and picture. E-mail:  or Call 94179-14868. C2-67720

PQ cleanshaven Jatt Sikh match 4, slim, fair, beautiful, Pbi. Dhillon girl, 4-2-85, 5'-4", M.Sc., working as Lec. (Adhoc). Early marriage. Respond bio- data & photo. E-mail : , 97806- 27502 C2-68317B

Cheema Jat Sikh girl 27/5'-7", Captain in Indian Army requires suitable match. Army Officer preferred. Send biodata and photo.  C2-69466

Jat Sikh Dhaliwal 27/5'-4" girl B.Sc. (Non-Medical), Commercial Pilot licence of America & India. 94172- 40882. C2-70526

Jat Sikh match for convent educated 33/5'-3", slim, beautiful, fair, working as Project Lead in IT Company, Chandigarh, M.A. (English), B.A. (English Hons.), well educated family. Father retired Manager from leading Tata Company, mother retired Head Mistress, brother B.Tech., Sister-in-Law, MCA, Settled near Mohali, Punjab. E-mail:  Mobile 98729-23369. C2-70664

Suitable match Non-drinker, vegetarian, turbaned for Lecturer only child, M.Sc., M.Ed., M.A. (English), NET, Ph.D. purusing, 5'-2", vegetarian, 19.6.83. U/R property. 9915085626 Mohali. C2-70968

Match for Jat Sikh girl, born 82/5'-5", IAS Allied Services IIS (Indian Information Services). Father landlord.  C2-70984

Jat Sikh parents (USA), seeking Jat Sikh boy age 33-39, university graduate, for their US citizen daughter, 34, never married, professionally employed. Send biodata and photo to  C2-71158B

Jat Sikh girl, 30/5'-4", fair, beautiful, B.A., PGDCA, private job. Wanted working boy from Chandigarh/Mohali. 9814484412. E-mail:  C2-71512

Match for Jat Sikh Army officer's, beautiful daughter, B.Tech., MBA, 5'-9", tall, March 1983 born, working in Private Bank. Contact with biodata & photo. E-mail:  Phone: 090231-77577. C2-71700

Highly educated Jat Sikh parents from Australia seeks suitable professional match for their very well settled Australian citizen daughter, raised in Chandigarh as well as Australia, October 1986 born, 5'-4" tall, very fair, slim and beautiful, convent educated having highly paid permanent government job. Please email bio- data and recent photographs to:  C2-71950

Jat Gursikh Toor girl, 26/5'-4", Diplomas in Medical Lab from Govt. College Patiala and reputed college Australia. Seeking Medico Graduate. Preferred USA, Canada, Australia. Send biodata, photo. E-mail:  C2-72058

Professional, cleanshaven match for beautiful Jat Sikh girl, 27/5'-4", B.E., MBA, Senior Financial Analyst in Canada.  C2-72208

Match for beautiful Jat Sikh girl, November 1985/5'-8", MS from USA, working MNC Noida, package 6.75 P.A. Parents settled at Karnal.  98963- 55327. C2-72230

Affluent well settled educated business class/ USA job profiled match for Jatt Sikh USA greencard holder girl 1985/ 5'-4'' MBA (finance), pursuing CPA. We are a high status business landlord family.  , 7508391101. C2-72384

Looking suitable match for Jatt Sikh girl, born April 12, 1989, 5'-7", fair complexion, American Citizen, Bachelor in Accounting. Preference to tall, good looking, well educated. E-mail:  94631-94456. C2-72694

Canadian Jat Sikh parents seek a suitable match for their 32/5'-7", Canadian born daughter. She is a doctor of Optometry (OD), professionally employed in USA and holding Green Card. The boy should be from a Jat Sikh family and professionally employed. Please reply with biodata and a recent photo to:  C2-72724

MBBS/MD Jat Sikh match for our 1985 born, 5'-3", MBBS (India) daughter, Canadian permanent resident. Belongs to well reputed Jatsikh family. Born and brought up in India. Email:  C2-72778

Professional match for Jatt Sikh Canadian PR girl, 1980 born, 5'-1" slim, fair, charming personality. Done B.Com. (Honours) (Double Major Marketing Supply Chain Management) from Canadian University. Working Officer (Govt. service) in Canada. Contact with recent photo & particulars at Email: , 98550- 00981. NA2-51468

Professionally qualified businessman/serviceman for fair, slim Jat Sikh girl, 26/5'-3", convent schooling, MBA (Finance), MA (Eng.), Diploma in French Language, Lecturer in University. Father established businessman & landlord. 0161-3269074,  NA2-51472

Professionally qualified match for Jat Sikh girl B.Tech., 28/5'-5", working as consultant in MNC 9 LPA.  NA2-52644

Suitable match for American green card holder Jatt Sikh slim, beautiful girl, 1982/5'-5", M.Sc. (Bio. Tech), working as Healthcare professional. Contact: 98781- 66298, Email:  NA2-53080

Professionally qualified match for Punjabi fair beautiful 5'-4", 84, B.Tech. (Textile Tech) PG Fashion Designing Technology. Upper Caste no bar.  C2-71130

Seeking a suitable match for a Mohali based beautiful, fair & slim Saini Sikh girl, July 1985 born, 5'-3", M.A., B.Ed., M.Phil. Wanted Gursikh turbaned well educated boy from a reputed family. Tricity & Ropar preferred. Send full particulars with snap. Phone No. 98721-80453. E-mail id:  C2-72050

Seeking well settled educated match for well educated working, slim, Sood girl 5'-6", 15 September 1986. Contact: 98166-72797, 98163-23990.  C2-69816

Looking for Canadian citizen girl 31/5'-6", Business Accounting business Administration Graduate Canada slim and beautiful whole family live in Canada 20 yrs. looking qualified pls respond.  C2-68681

Match for Saraswat Brahmin NRI girl, 1983/5'-1", BA, LLB, LLM. All family settled in New Zealand. Contact: 006475735610. E-mail:  C2-70086

Suitable match for Canadian PR Jat Sikh girl 83, 5'-5", Masters in Microbiology, Diploma in Industrial Microbiology at present in Canada. E.mail:  C2-72291

Match for Hindu Nai (NP) Punjabi girl 25/5'-3", B.Sc. Fashion Design. Pvt. job. Educated serviceman preferred. Early marriage. 94780-30479,  C2-70554

SM for Himachali Katoch Rajput beautiful girl, 5'-8", 19-03-1983, 6:45 p.m. Chandigarh, M.Sc. Bio-Tech. 8008579038, 9872444603. Email:  C2-68603

SM4 very fair Rajput girl 25/5'-4", Graduate, diploma in Fashion, Graphic Designer, pursuing Web designing. Prefer Army officer/ MNC. 98763-54658,  C2-70003

Match for Himachali Thakur girl, March 1984 born, 5'- 4", MBA. Working Reputed MNC Noida. Father Gazetted Officer (Retd.). Brother Army Officer. Mother Teacher. Status family Chandigarh settled. Contact 98760-55459, 98784-95459.  C2-70010

Suitable match for M.A., B.Ed, Govt. Teacher, born 1985/5'-4". Only Punjab Govt. employees. 9464782384. C2-70752

Punjab Doaba Karnana Parhars, humble sober looking girl, 5'-2"/1981, M.Com., B.Ed., School Teacher. Father working Principal after Retirement. Only brother Engineer with MNC Delhi. 01823-279409, 99158-27531. C2-71010

Kumauni Rajput girl, 5'-2", 19.7.85, Graduate, working (TC) Central Railway in Mumbai. Government employee preferred (Kumauni) otherwise Garwali. Contact: 097293- 79468, 077426-09292.  C2-71678

Suitable Rajput (excluding Bhandaris and Patials), preferably Himachali match for Rajput beautiful girl BA Fashion Design, pvt. job. 19.06.1985. From Kangra (HP), settled at Jaipur/ 5'-4". Mobile: 0-99284-19636.  C2-71948

Wanted suitable Gursikh match for Kashyap Rajput girl, 27 years, 5'-2", doing Ph.D. in Bio-Tech. Mobile 094153-35085. C2-72128

Suitable match for Hindu Kashyap Rajput Non-Manglik beautiful, vegetarian girl 30/5'-4", B.Sc., MCA, Chandigarh-based well-settled family. 095690-11180, 0172-4641210. C2-72600

Well-qualified/placed, non-drinker, non-smoker, very handsome, tall match for Punjabi very beautiful girl, 1986/5'-7", B.Tech-IT, M.Tech-CSE, Asstt. Professor. Father Defence background, re-employed Education Deptt. Well settled, own house Chandigarh. E-mail photograph, bio-data:  Mob: 094175-15919 (after 4:00 p.m.) C2-70596

IAS/IPS/IRS/Allied/PCS/HCS (Ex. & Jud.)/M.D./M.S./MDS/MBBS/Ph.D/CA/Class-I Govt. officer/Doctor/Engineer abroad match for Saraswat Punjabi Brahmin (Devgun) tall, slim, beautiful Dentist (BDS) girl, 10.6.1987, 11:20 a.m., Amritsar, 5'-7". Tricity preferred. 98887-25656. E-mail:  C2-70690

Tricity settled match Manglik/Non-Manglik for extremely beautiful, fair, slim, B.Tech, 5'-4", Brahmin girl, 22/01/1985, 10 a.m., Chandigarh, working Counsellor. Father Engineer. Own Kanal House Chandigarh. E-mail:  C2-70886

Suitable match for Saraswat Brahmin girl, MBA/29 yrs/5'-5", 16th Dec 1982, 11.15 pm, Jalandhar. Preferred Canada, Punjab, Delhi. Contact only after matching Kundli. Contact: 98885-27693, 98153-93083. E- mail:  C2-72436

Qualified match for simple, sober homely, beautiful, slim, MBA Brahmin girl. 5'-2". 1:52 a.m./Chandigarh. Working MNC. Family settled Panchkula. 0172-2585644.  C2-72450

Suitable qualified match for Punjabi Sarswat Brahmin girl, born December-1985, 5'-3", B.pharma MBA Hosp. Management from PU Chandigarh. Working MNC Mohali. Contact: 98154-09057, 0172-5009020. C2-72472

Match for convent educated Punjabi Saraswat Brahmin slim, beautiful girl, MCA, 29/5'-3", Senior Software Engineer MNC, daughter of Colonel.  C2-72484

Parents of Punjabi Manglik Saraswat Brahmin beautiful, cultured and religious girl 29.10.85, 03:55 PM Deolali (Maharashtra) 5'-4", MA (English), MBA (HR), working Panchkula seek well-educated, well-settled pure veg. (vaishno) Brahmin boy. Father retired Subedar, own house adjoining Chandigarh. Simple marriage. Contact after matching Horoscope. 094171-33421. Email:  C2-72618

Professionally qualified boy working in Mumbai/Pune/ Bangalore for beautiful Hindu Saraswat Bramin unmarried girl, 31/5'-3", B.Tech, MBA, working with MNC at Mumbai (package 15 lakhs). Highly educated, well settled family. Caste no bar. 0161-3251374,  NA2-51474

Manglik/Non-manglik well-educated, handsome, healthy match for beautiful Khatri girl, 08-08-1982, 5'-5", Textile Designer, Academic Counselor. 0181-2299777, 98880-60083, E-mail:  C2-70002

SM 4 Anshik Mangali Ahluwalia slim, beautiful girl, 5'- 5"/84, MBA (Operation + I.B.), CS (Executive) near Noida. Email:  98970-48262. C2-70146

Match for slim, beahtiful, Manglik Khatri working girl, 1978/5'-2", M.Sc. (IT). In/around Chandigarh preferred. 98781-87616.  C2-70478

Pure vegetarian, teetotaler, well settled in India/abroad, Australia preferred match for highly cultured Jalandhar base fair, slim, beautiful, 5'-4", Mair Rajput girl, 15.11.1987, MBA, Media & Entertainment, Lecturer in reputed college. Educated cultured family. Caste no bar. Contact: 099145-21191. C2-70806

Professional match for Hindu Khatri girl 35/5'-2", B.Tech., M.Tech., legally divorced, having daughter 7 yrs., working in gazetted post. Preferred around Tricity. 94653-74048. E-mail:  Box 1304F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable match for Malhotra Khatri beautiful girl, B.Com., MBA, 5'-2", 28 Oct. 1988, 1:03 p.m. born Ludhiana working. Mullanpur Ludhiana based bussiness family. Decent marriage. 98555-78361. E-mail:  C2-71552

Hindu Khatri Veg. match for local Khatri slim, 5'-4", B.Tech. 29.6.87, 10 a.m. Chandigarh, top MNC, Chandigarh, package 4 LPA. Parents Govt. job.  C2-71654

Alliance invited by Chandigarh based Punjabi Khatri family for their beautiful pretty, slim, Doctor daughter, MBBS, pursuing MD (Pathology). Ist year. Convent educated fair smart 5'-3", September 12, 1986, 4:57 pm, Chandigarh. Anshik Manglik. Pl. contact: 99889-80057. C2-72092

Alliance invited for beautiful, slim, 5'-3", Hindu Khatri (31.12.1979), M.Com, MBA, looks much younger, working in reputed bank. (Contact: 7837527707). C2-72254

Match for MBA Anshik Manglik (Manglik/Non-Manglik) Khatri girl, 26.02.86/11:53 am, Patiala, 5', studied & working in Chandigarh. 89684-20083. . Tricity preferred. C2-72496

Professionally qualified vegetarian, teetotaller match for Sept. '79 born girl, 5'-1", fair, beautiful, Ph.D (Biotech), working as Assistant Professor (5 LPA) in a Solan, HP University. Email:  C2-72546

Professionally qualified match for well educated, settled family (Chandigarh preferred) for beautiful, slim girl, 5'-5", Oct. 1978, Ph.D. Pharmacy (PU), issueless divorcee.  98881- 68699, 0172-2632796. C2-70626

MDS/MD/MS match for Sikh Ramgarhia MDS girl, 27/5'-3". Father class-I officer. Caste no bar. Early marriage. Contact: 8288007141. E-mail:  C2-70640

Well-established Canadian Ramgaria family seeking match for their 24 yrs., 5'-10", slim, fair and highly educated Canadian citizen girl. The boy should be tall, well-built, handsome, highly qualified from a very decent family. Caste no bar. Contact at  and attach a recent picture. C2-70676B

Turbaned Ramgaria boy for beautiful girl, 14.6.1986, 5'-2", B.A. LL.B, M.A., working at Noida. Father Army Officer. Defence Officers/MNCs/Lawyers at Tricity/NCR/Delhi/Mumbai preferred. Contact: 98159- 95060. E-mail:  C2-72446

Professionally qualified/Defence-Civil Officer/established Businessman match for Sikh Ramgarhia Architect girl, (B.Arch, M.Arch.), 5'-3", 27 years, very fair, smart, working. Elder sister Architect (M.Arch), married. Younger brother Civil Engineer. Father Chief Engineer (Retired) Punjab Government. Self employed. Decent Upper Caste Sikh family no bar. Early marriage. Email:  Box 1330F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Wanted suitable match for Ramgharia Sikh girl, 1985 born, 5'-5", doing MS in USA. US resident same education turban boy 27 to 30 yrs. preferred. Contact: 97797-17562. Email:  NA2-51469

SM4 beautiful, highly talented G'Sikh Khatri girl, Jan. 1981, 5'-3", Software Engineer, MNC Bank, 9 lac+, issueless innocently divorced. Highly educated, status family. 98141-17261,  C2-69556

Well-educated Gursikh employed/businessman match for fair, smart girl, Aug. 1985, 5'-5", B.Com., working Chandigarh. Email:  C2-72358

Suitable match for Ad-dharmi Beautiful girl 27/5'-2", NET qualified Ph.D., Regular Assistant Professor Govt. College Chandigarh. Preferred employed Tricity. 98148-06977. E-mail:  Box 1294F Tribune, Chandigarh.

MD/MDS match for Adharmi MDS girl, 1984/5ft, beautiful, working Senior Resident Dental College. Sister doing MD Chandigarh. Father, mother Govt official, only daughters. 95306-40500. C2-71408

Suitable match for Ad-Dharmi Hindu MBBS, FICM girl, working in reputed hospital Mohali. Doctor, Engineer from tricity/Doaba preferred. 98727-89627.  C2-71697

Suitable match for beautiful, Ramdasia Sikh girl, M.Sc. (Physics), B.Ed., 27.7.1985, 5'-4", Govt. employee under RAMSA. Well settled family. Preferred officer/service/Lecturer. Contact: 9878182875.  C2-72150

Suitable match for Ramdasia Sikh beautiful girl 26 years 5'-1", B.Tech., doing M.Tech. Employed in Technical College. Father retd Gazetted Officer, mother Punjab Govt. employed, Uncle Class-I Officer IFS. Preference employed in Chandigarh, Mohali or NRI. Contact: 94175-80775, 75088-55915. C2-72396B

UK citizen Tank-Kashtriya beautiful girl, teacher in UK, 1979 born, height 5'. Contact U.K. citizen, well- settle boy only. Caste no bar. Ph: 00441559120906, Email:  C2-69954

Match for Manglik Tonk-Kashatriya Hindu girl 07.9.1986, 2:50 pm, Ambala Cantt, 4'-7", MA English, B.Ed., doing Pvt. Job. STET passed. 098961-42852, 084279-81221. C2-70662

Professionally qualified match for Sikh Tonk Kshatriya vegetarian girl 27/5'-1", working as Software Engineer in top IT MNC. Father businessman, Ludhiana. Vegetarian preferred. 98726-55949, 99888-77886,  C2-70742

Wanted US settled, educated Sikh match for 37/5', very beautiful Sikh girl. US citizen, Government job. With two children, divorcee. Contact e-mail :  C2-71772

Suitable match for Sikh Rajput/Arora girl, 5'-3"/83, M.Sc. Math, B.Ed. Required NRI, B.Tech, M.Tech, MBA. 9803172517. E-mail:  C2-70670

Seeking educated employed/ businessman match for beautiful, cultured Mittal girl, 5'-3", 26-05-1986, 5:32 p.m. (Rampura Phul), B.Ed, M.Sc (IT), MCA, University topper, pursuing M.Tech. Father Retd. AAE- PSEB. Both elder brother Chartered Accountant, well settled. 8054175567.  C2-71976

Match for Mittal beautiful girl, 5'-6", 11.10.1985, 11.35 p.m. Ambala, 3 years Diploma IT, pursuing BCA. 94160-26114.  NA2-52120

Arora Sikh girl, 5'-3", born 10.6.1982, B.Sc. IT, Diploma Acupressure and Magnatic Therapy. 98726-35109. C2-70094B


Hot sale rare location 15 marla house Sector 36-A, Chandigarh. Only genuine
purchasers contact Col. Ahluwalia (98765-58145). E-mail:  Most suitable for NRI/Doctors/Advocates. Dealer excuse please. A2-68472-OL

Hot sale 2 kanal house rare-location Sector 8A, Chandigarh. Only genuine purchasers. Contact Col. Ahluwalia (98765-58145). Email:  Most suitable for NRI/Doctors/Advocates dealer excuse please. A2-68564-OL

Chandigarh: Kothi one kanal Sector 11 (must sell today) and 10 marla/14 marla Sector 34-43. Immediate settlement. Contact: Bagga Properties 98154-80171. NA2- 51603

Chandigarh: 8 marla 3-storey Sector 23-C, posh area, completely vacant.
Serious buyers only. Payment within month. Dealers excuse. 090234-61199,  C2-69406

FF, three bedroom, D/D in one kanal house, Sector 36-C, Chandigarh. Small
family preferred. 98144-65197. C2-72252

2345/23-C, Independent Second Floor, two/three rooms set. Bank lease only. 90234-61199.  C2-72518

Flat no. 229, Sector 49-A, Advocate Society, Chandigarh. 1st floor, Corner
Flat 4 bedroom, 3 toilets, besides Drawing, Dining, Kitchen and store. Its adjacent to park and having own lawn/kitchen garden. 2 car reserved covered parking. Exclusive building being only 2 floored. Safe environment, entrance and exit manned by security. Contact : Navkiran Singh, Advocate, 98144-11494. C2-70402

PG accommodation student/working boys and girls AC/Non- AC, Rs 3000/-
per bed, TV/Fridge, water filter, Sector 41D, 45, 47C, 50, Sector 61, Chandigarh. Also best Tolet Service in Chandigarh. 98884-97023, 98722-35003, 98148-22730. NA2-51710

Protect your family from wheat flour [Atta] borne diseases and use freshly
milled flour [Atta] at Home with stone less Navdeep flour [Atta] Master  C2-65792


Office Administrator required for a Trading Company in Sector 70 in Mohali. Must be graduate with computer knowledge. Please send your CV to may email ID . Please ensure to mention salary expected in your application. C2-69533

Required Architects, Assistant Architects & Interior Designers familiar with Auto CAD/Google sketch/3ds max. Contact 98145-12037.   A V Consultants & Architects, SCO 371-73, 2nd floor, Sector 34-A, Chandigarh. C2-70796

Urgently required IT professionals for USA based company at Chandigarh office having knowledge of ASP.Net 2.0, 4.0, C#.NET, Ajax, J-Query, MS Reporting Services, CSS, MS SQL Server 2000-2005 familiarity with N-Layer Development, 3 tire Architecture and VSS with Biz Talk Server Application with minimum qualification MCA/B.Tech. and experience +2 year in IT Industry. Excellent written and verbal in English language. E- mail:  C2-71664


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