Sunday, September 23, 2012, Chandigarh, India
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Brides Wanted

Qualified, Slim, Charming, Unmarried match for Saraswat Brahmin, Manglik boy, Doctor (MD Physician), running own Multispeciality Hospital, 40/5’-7”, handsome, innocently divorced (few days). Details will be shared later. Kundli must.  C2-70300

Wanted beautiful educated girl (under 34; above 5’-3”) from
respectable family for 37 year old never married US settled 5’-10” handsome cleanshaven Sikh boy (MBBS, Ph.D. MBA), from a highly educated, well respected family. Currently working as Consultant in US. Contact with photo & biodata:  A2-67634-OL

Chd. based well placed Jatsikh family seek beauiful, very fair,
tall, well educated bride from good Pbi. family b’ground for son ’80/182 cms/B.Tech., MBA (top Insti) H’some, TT, C’shaven. Invest Banker, 8 digit pack. Father V. Senior GOI Offi. Email:  C2-72278

Match for handsome 25/6'-2", clean shaven boy from down to earth family in Australia, uncles IAS, Army Officers. Prestigious private schooling, outstanding university achievements & internationally recognised professional qualifications, working as Mergers & Acquisitions Analyst with world's leading Investment Bank. Seek tall, good natured, fair and beautiful girl from Sikh family. No demand & mutually convenient marriage initial contact email:  C2-61635

Family from USA seeking match for financially & professionally well settled
nephew residing in Punjab, Mair Rajput, very fair, 5'-7", born 1978, owns business and agriculture. Caste no bar/No dowry. Send biodata with photo. Contact: 1(847)826-5611 or  C2-62640B

Suitable match for handsome Kumhar boy, Aug. 84, 5'- 11", Advocate,
well-settled, decent income, brick kiln owner, agriculture land. Girl should be well-educated, tall atleast 5'-4" and above. Father retd. BSNL Officer. Early marriage. Contact: 94172-04432, Email:  C2-70118

Mair Rajput vegetarian Australian PR boy, 13.7.80, 5'- 11", BA, B.Ed. Wanted
professionally qualified beautiful girl. Parents retired Govt employee. 97792- 85155. C2-69834

Suitable match for Punjabi Rajput boy, born 1st May 1979, 6', handsome, IT
Professional, settled in Sydney (Australia). Divorcee & issueless. Looking for well educated, pretty, tall and homely girl. Parents living in Chandigarh. Caste no bar. Simple marriage. Send bio- data & photo on E-mail:  OR Contact: 98146-57919. C2-70032

Match for Sikh Mair Rajput handsome vegetarian, 21.11.1988, 5'-10",
B.Tech. (ME), well settled own business seeking slim, beautiful well educated Sikh girl. 98774-69811. C2-70090

Professionally qualified match for Chandigarh settled Manglik Hindu Thakur
Jaswal boy, B.Pharma, MBA, 5'-10", 25 April 1983, 4:15 PM, Nangaldam, Punjab. Science Graduate preferred. Contact: 093168-62951. C2-70446

Suitable match for Kashyap Rajput boy 5'-4", 1977 born, Chandigarh-based.
Email:  Contact: 097791-82553, 094638-00028. C2-70448

Punjab Doaba Parmar, fair cleanshaven, 5'-8"/1981, convented, St. John's,
MBA UBS Chandigarh B.Tech. PTU. Just joined 'Wipro' at Bangalore 10 LPA after working +1 year IBM, 3.5 years HCL at Noida. Only sister Post- graduate Electronics & Computers in USA with husband. Trimmer Father, Class-I Electricity Officer (Retd), Chandigarh. Respond Email :  C2- 71024

Suitable match for Hindu Rajput Engineer boy, 28/5'-7", Australian Citizen.
Family currently in India. Doctor, Engineer preferred. 82848-70073, 0061406424441. E-mail:  C2-72166

Wanted BDS/BAMS Mair Rajput girl for BDS boy 5'-7", 11 April, 1988,
Shahabad Markanda. Father reputed Gold jewellery showroom. Contact: Daj Jewellers Pvt. Ltd. 94160-35360, 01744-241360. E-mail:  NA2-52109

Match for Sarswat Brahmin boy BE MBA 1981/ 9.45 pm/Chandigarh / 5'-4",
working in MNC at Gurgaon, CTC 6 LPA. Contact: +9181465-69607.  Box 2488M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Professionally qualified/employed match for handsome Non-Manglik Punjabi
Saraswat Brahmin boy, 9 Jul. 82, 9:15 p.m., Chandigarh. 5'-11", M.Arch. (Spain), B.Arch. (Gold Medalist), Architect Delhi 13 LPA. Chandigarh based vegetarian family. Send photo, biodata after matching kundli. Email:  C2- 70158

Looking for Doctor/Engineer/Health professional match for Brahmin,
vegetarian, very handsome boy 5'-9", Sep. 1986, Doctor, US Army Officer, US citizen, doing residency. Grandparents/aunts in Haryana. Father Lt. Colonel in US Air Force, mother in Administration, sister Medical student in US.  US 575-517-9619, +9199960-88267. C2-70240B

PQ non-manglik beautiful, slim ambitious match, willing and capable of
settling in USA, for handsome PEC Engineer 30/ 5'-10", working USA H1 Visa. Khatris welcome. Mail particulars, photograph:  C2-70476

Suitable match for Saraswat Punjabi vegetarian Brahmin boy, 11 Nov. 1985,
6:47 p.m., Chandigarh, 5'-7", working in MNC (IT), Chandigarh, 5.4 lac pa. Contact after matching kundli. 9988681956. C2-70508

Beautiful employed/Dentico match 4 July 17, 1981, Pathankot, 4.30 a.m.,
5'-11", MDS Assistant Professor, reputed Dental College. Looks younger, only son.  099588-99032. C2-70548

B.Tech./MBA/Prof. qlfd. Manglik match for Saraswat Brahmin fair slim
h'some Jan82/5'-11" boy, MNC wrkg Bangalore. Matches from Kangra/Hoshiarpur/Talwara prefd. Contact: 99102-49243, 94503-11480. C2-71189

SQM Brahmin boy, B.Com, working MNC, Jalandhar, Non- transferable, 6ft,
3.8.82, 7.55 pm, earning 8 Lacs PA. Upper caste no bar. Contact after matching Kundli. E- mail:  C2-71218

Match for Gaur Brahmin boy, 27/ 5'-6˝", B.Tech, working MNC Pune,
preferred B.Tech, MCA, MBA girl. 094168-22736,  C2-71338

Saraswat Brahmin boy, August 1983/5'-11", M.Tech. Vegetarian,
Teetotaller. Also Running Ancestral Hospital, Agriculture land. Only son. Preference G.A.M.S. beautiful girl. Send biodata and photograph . email :  , 098555-40277. C2- 72370B

PQM for handsome Arora/Khatri Sikh, cleanshaven, US citizen, Ivy League
Dentist, 31, 5'-11", running own high volume dental practice seeks beautiful, educated, cultured girl from well established family. Medico/Dental/other professionals from USA/Canada preferred. Caste no bar. Email photographs.  425-891-9215. C2-66083

Non-Manglik Khatri Arora slim, smart, handsome B.Com., Degree Hotel
Management from Australia. Department Manager, Sydney, Rs 40 LPA. 6.1.1984/Roopnagar (Punjab)/8:52 a.m., 5'-6˝". Well to do business respectable family. Huge property. Preferred professionally qualified. Visiting October start. PR applied. 94657-77772.  C2-69626

Beautiful Professionally Qualified/Government employee match for highly
qualified non-manglik Arora boy, 5'- 10", 9.02.82, 8:00 a.m., fair, slim, Government employee, 25000/- pm, Chandigarh. Upper caste no bar. Contact: 98724-17833.  C2-69898

SM for 31/5'-10", Pbi. Arora B.Tech., MBA, working MNC B'lore, 14 LPA.
Issueless, legally divorced. Contact: 098925-31032. Sat/Sun or after 8 pm.  C2-70620

Beautiful and well qualified match from Arora/Khatri family for 1983
Chandigarh born Arora boy 5'-8", B.Tech., MBA, Manager in IT MNC, New Delhi, getting good package. Send Bio-data alongwith photograph at:  C2-70744

Suitable match for handsome Hindu Arora boy, 30 yrs/5'- 11", B.Tech
(CS&E), working in BPO Sector, salary 25000/- p.m. Contact:  C2-70956

Match for Mohali based Non-Manglik, 5'-10", 14-02-1980, 00.05 a.m.,
Khanna, MBA, Asstt. Manager Bank (Ludhiana).  C2-71480

Educated, beautiful, preferably employed match for handsome Punjabi
Khatri Bedi Manglik boy, 11.2.86, 10:25 a.m., Batala, 5'-9", MBA, own good business (Chandigarh). Father well settled businessman. Own house Mohali. E-mail:  C2-71760

Labana Army officer seeks alliance for son 27/6', MBA Manager MNC
Mumbai. Contact: 87258-51153. C2-65448

USA-based Sikh professional family seeks alliance for their son very
successful business BS, 32yr/6'-2", exceptionally handsome, humble, kind with great values, and character; seeking beautiful, intelligent, kind, loving partner. Caste/religion no bar. Please respond with photo:  C2-70060

Sikh MBBS/MD/BDS/DDS/Pharma/professional match, working/studying in
USA/Canada, for handsome (Ahluwalia), turban wearing, Oct. 73/5'-8", Canada upbringing, dual USA/Canada citizen, MBA (Health Services Management), holding Senior Administrative position, California.  Ph: +9162240170. C2-71280

Suitable match (Tricity/adjoining) for Mohali based Ramdasia Sikh only son,
22.2.88, 5'-8˝", B.Tech, Production Engineer, MNC. Father Class-I, sister married. Urban, rural property. 94171-00420.  C2-71748

Slim, fair, beautiful match for handsome Sikh Brahmin matriculate single
boy, 32/5'-11", Private job, own house in Mohali. 98159-93607.  C2- 71932

Handsome Sikh clean shaven 5'-7'' Er. 24th June 75. Recently divorced in
Australia gentleman. Good family. Only NRI. Now in India. Caste no bar no dowry. Early marriage. 7837436531. C2-72078

Canada/USA settled girl for cleanshaven, handsome Sikh Rajput boy,
26/5'-11˝", B.Sc. (IT), Frankfinn Diploma in Air Hostess & Hospitality Management. Doing MBA, working with Financial Company. Father established businessman. 0161-3269074,  NA2-51476

Professionally qualified suitable match for August 84/5'-11", B.Tech. (India)
MS California University, working as Quality Analysist in America. Only son from Chandigarh based educated family with substantial urban/rural property.  A2-68448-OL

Suitable match for Jat Sikh Dec. 1980, 6'-0", ETT Teacher (30,000 pm).
Majha Doaba preferred. Ph. 9914496363. C2-63512

Jat Sikh Canadian businessman family is seeking a beautiful educated girl
for their son who is 35/5'-10" and is doing business in Canada and Punjab. Please email with girls biodata and recent photographs at:  or call 604 7613220. C2-64668B

PQM for handsome cleanshaven, US citizen, Jat Sikh, born-raised India,
Masters Engg from top US Univ., 32/5'-8". Engr. Mgr. in renowned US company. Innocently divorced very brief marriage belongs to highly educated defence family. Contact 317-426-7633. Email:  C2-67330

Match for a highly qualified professional smart handsome Jat Sikh Australian
citizen Boy, 25 years 6' tall, package $ 145K + p.a. Educated and status family in Sydney. Preference to Medicine/Law/investment banker or equivalent qualified in Australia from respectable family. Respond with photos to:  C2-67829

Match for legally divorced Australian citizen, Jat Sikh boy from an educated
and decent family, 36 years, 5ft 11 inches, executive in Australian Government. Girl with MBBS/BDS/IT qualifications preferred. Boys annual package exceeds 1.10 lakh Australian dollars. Family owns property in India and Australia. No dowry. Issueless divorced girls with preferred qualifications considered. Please contact through email at  or +61439831935. C2-69408

Slim, beautiful match for handsome 6'-1", 35, never married UK citizen boy
coming India 15 Oct. Business family. No demands. Doaba preferred. 0447962342241.  , 98787-03888. C2-69564

Match for Jat Sikh boy 1981, 5'-7", work in private sector, residing
Chandigarh. 98781-33946, 96465-26148. C2-69685

Wanted well educated match for Jat Sikh boy (never married) 35/6'-3", PG
(UGC NET). Worked as Lecturer in India. Now permanent resident of Newzealand. Whole family in Newzealand and Australia. Simple marriage. No demand. Contact: 0064-2102481575 and 0064-211762215. Email:  C2-70036

Senior Retd. Army Officer seeks professionally qualified working slim,
beautiful, smart, cheerful match from respectable status Jat Sikh family for his clean shaven handsome well built smart son, 6'-2", 29 Aug 83, BA, LL.B, working MNC Gurgaon, pkg. 7:20 Lac. Email:  C2-70116

Australian permanent resident, Jat Sikh boy 28/5'-9", ICSE background,
Bachelor in Accounting (Sydney) and doing CPA from well-respected family looking for well- educated girl from ICSE or CBSE background, beautiful, slim, tall minimum 5'-5", with good family values. No demand. Contact at:  98154- 88840, 0061433671600. C2-70242

Jat Sikh parents invite alliance for their son 1982/6'- 2", clean shaven, IT
professional, earning 10 LPA. Seeks beautiful, tall, professionally qualified match. Girl only consideration. Contact with current profile/pics:  C2-70244

Jatt Sikh Shergill family seeking a beautiful and well- educated girl for their
son Canadian permanent resident 27 yrs./5'-11", working in Canadian Railway. Email:  C2-70260

High status, well-connected, urbanized, Chandigarh- Delhi based
landlord-business family seeking very beautiful match for our cultured, very smart 28/6', Doctorate son with progressive thoughts; presently involved in family business. Family having vast agricultural land (155 acres), substantial urban/commercial property. Photo must. Contact:  C2-70424

Affluent, cultured, business oriented Jat Sikh family invites proposals for
their NRI son, professionally qualified, handsome, honest & smart, 1984/6'-1", B.Tech. & MBA, well-settled having substantial property in UK/India. Alliance sought from extremely beautiful, family oriented girl, with moral & culture values hailing from respectable & high status family. Email:  C2-70616

Suitable match for Jatt Sikh convent educated, 38/6ft, slim, handsome and
US Green Card holder. Preference to USA, Canada and for US student visas only. Please contact with biodata and recent pics.: 48447-76450. Email:  C2-70650

Well established UK based Jat Sikh family seeks suitable alliance for their
younger brother who is in India, 35, 5 feet 10 inches, Associate Degree in Electronics and Telecom, very smart and handsome. He worked in Indian Army and now he is working as Assistant Manager in Indian Railway, Ministry of Railway, Govt. of India, permanently posted in Punjab. Girl on good Govt. job preferred, must be vegetarian, early marriage. No Marriage Bureau please. Kindly send biodata at  and Ph No. is 0044- 7552552091. C2-70734

Alliance invited for Jat Sikh boy, 81 born, 6'-1.5", working with MNC in NCR
region with annual pay of 9.25 lac. Send detailed profile with photographs at:  " C2-70800

Seeking qualified, beautiful match for Jatt Sikh 6', 28˝ yr, B.A.M.S., M.D.
(A.M), working Multispeciality hospital Mohali, part-time own clinic. 94178-41714, 94647-42883,  C2-71200

Well educated, tall, beautiful match for handsome, 6', 28 yrs, MBA Finance,
CFA, FRM from GARP (USA), Jat Sikh boy working as Vice-President at Bank of New York, London, earning 95000 Pound per annum. Ludhiana based reputed family, brother settled in New Zealand. 006492679109,  C2-71227

Jat Sikh Professional Business family, well settled in London England seeks
bride for their 31/5'-9" Doctor (MD), working with NHS, wears turban with neatly tied uncut beard. Looking for MBBS/MD or BDS/MDS, beautiful, slim, around 28/5'-6". Contact: BHP: jai""  Tel. +44 (0) 7581256720. C2-71624

MBBS, BVSc, BDS and other PQM for Jat Sikh USA citizen, smart, clean
shaven boy 5'-10''/ 26 . Born & raised in Punjab upto High school. Bachalor in Accounting, completing CA (CPA) in USA this year. Family well settled in USA having own business. Rural & urban property in Punjab. Send biodata with photographs. Email:-  C2-71961

Match for handsome 27, 5'-9", Electrical Engineer Saini Sikh boy working as
Automotic Technician in Melbourne with good earning belongs to respectable family from Hoshiarpur. Looking for beautiful, pleasing personality, professional, well manner girl from the cultured Sikh family, to build a loving relationship. Girls from Australia, USA, Canada preferable. No dowry. Saini preferable but, not limited to. Details to  or call 01882-248771, 94643- 24633. C2-67738

Suitable match for Saini Sikh (Gotras Girn, Gagean) boy, 1986/5'-5", B.Tech.
(Civil), Civil Engineer Doha (Qatar), salary 2.5 lac per month. 9878295323.  C2-70450

Suitable match for Canadian citizen clean shaven Saini Sikh boy, February
1983, 5'-6", B.E. (computer engineering) from Chandigarh. Current employment project manager in reputed software company in Vancouver. Pursuing part-time MBA. Looking for family oriented, good natured, professionally qualified match. Caste no bar. Respond with bio-data and recent pictures. 099250-50542, 001-6048258388,  C2-71094

PQM for Saini Sikh handsome, cleanshaven, 1984/5'-10", Canadian
permanent resident, working as a Software Engineer in Toronto. Looking for working girl preferably Software Engineer. Upper caste no bar. E- mail:  C2-72052B

Sikh Saini Cleanshaven 20.10.1984/5'-11", B.Tech. (IT). Working for
Accenture as Team Leader at U.S. Dorka/Bola.  C2-72172

Suitable match for Saini cleanshave 30 yrs 6', MBA, Tricity employed. Early
marriage. Father retired Class- I Officer. Belongs to well-educated family settled at Mohali. Email:  C2-72410

British citizen Arora Sikh handsome boy, 28/5'-7", highly qualified, working
in International Swiss Bank UK, having good salary. Seeks beautiful, slim, well educated bride. Boy is in India for ten days. Mob: 8288878799. C2-70088

Non-Manglik Saini boy 30/ 5'-10'' B.Tech. MS Canada PR seeks professionaly
qualified bride. Caste no bar. 09417627768.  C2-70350

Professionally match for USA based Sikh Kashyap Rajput cleanshaven boy,
36/6', divoree. Working as Software Engineer in USA. Green Card holder. Caste no bar. Phone: 001-973-462-4574 (USA) Email:  with details and photo C2-71160

Sikh Ahluwalia parents seeks well-qualified girl for their only clean shaven
son CEEA & MBA Finance, UK, July 83 born, 5'-8", Financial Planning Manager in Bank in London. Father Bank Officer. Boy coming shortly for two weeks. Contact: 96464-00475 0161-4612075. Email:  C2-71610

Professionally equally qualified match for handsome Mahajan boy,
Chandigarh Convent educated, May 1979/5'- 8", M. Pharmacy, MBA, Senior Officer reputed Pharmaceutical Company in U.K. Excellent pay. Upper Caste no bar. Email:  ; 9876051953. C2-71878

Seeking PQM for handsome, cleanshaven Sikh Rajput boy, 29/6'-1", Doctor,
doing job on H-1 Visa in USA, shortly coming India. Status, educated family. Uppar caste no bar. Send biodata with photograph. Email:  C2-71882

NRI Gursikh boy, M.A., 39/5'-9", own business, permanent Citizen Australia.
Own house Mohali. Divorcee. 92566-48490. C2-72100

Seeking beautiful, tall, Non-Sikh Jat girl from decent family for handsome
MBA boy, 1982/5'-11", working with Japan based MNC in Chandigarh. 9041316680.  C2-71792

Beautiful non-manglik match for handsome, smart, PWD MES Contractor,
5'-10", Jan. 1981, B.Tech., MBA, Managing construction business, turnover 2 crores. 098164-92379. C2-67422

Punjabi Manglik boy, fair, handsome, 34/5'-11", Advocate, practicing at
Chandigarh, own house. Belongs to high status landlord family of Punjab. Seeks beautiful, tall, homely girl. 98550-22928.  C2-69886

Panchkula based very Senior govt. officer requires beautiful, educated
status family girl for his handsome Son, 5'-9", 3rd Oct.1980, MBA regular New Delhi, working H.D.F.C. bank Chandigarh as Deputy Manager. Early marraige.  C2-70568

Non-Manglik / Manglik match for July 1983 born Australian citizen Khatri
boy, 5'-11". Working as Senior Accountant in Sydney. E-mail:-  C2-71374

Suitable match for Talwar Khatri MBA boy, 5'-7", 8 Nov. 1985, Chandigarh.
Own Showroom of Alloys tyres, Exide Batteries at Chandigarh. Working tricity preferred. 99884-54004. E-mail:  C2-71546

Professionally qualified match for Sikh Khatri, 29/5'- 11", MBA (Toronto),
International Associate, Scotia Bank Toronto. PR applied. Send biodata, photograph. E- mail:  09915004002. C2-70200

Match for Gursikh Khukrain/Khatri handsome boy 29/5'- 9", MBA, Dy.
Manager HDFC Bank, Ambala. Only sister married and well-settled in USA.  98964-48885. C2-70330

Suitable match for Khatri Sikh boy, 26 years, 5'-8", B.A. Permanent Govt.
job. Own house. Only child. 98765- 21297. C2-71344

Match for Gursikh boy, December 1984/5'-11" M.Tech., working in MNC
Chandigarh, package 10 Lacs. Tricity working girl preferred. Respond with latest snap. Email: , 98884-69446. C2-71933

Educated beautiful match for handsome Ad-dharmi boy, 27/5'-11",
B.E.(PEC), M.S. (Netherland). MNC Engineer (Noida), 20 LPA. Parents Govt Officer, Mohali settled. Engineer girl preferred. Contact 094171-86996.  C2-70422B

Suitable match required for SC boy '75 born, slim, fair, 5'-8", PG, working as
Regional Manager in Pharmaceutical at Chandigarh. Father retired from A.G. Haryana. Family settled Chandigarh. Family Uttaranchal based.  98037-33997. C2-70428 

Qualified, beautiful bride for Chandigarh based Mazbi Sikh cleanshaven
handsome, whitish 28/5'-7", LL.B., sound income, own business, Mother Principal (Central School). Caste dowry no bar. Mobile No. 89680-70906,  Box 2519M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Beautiful, qualified match for Sikh weaver 28/5'-9", MCA (Punjabi
University), working Central Govt. Mohali. NRI girl USA, Canada, UK preferred. 080546-99599, 094635-37119.  C2-71486

Valmiki well settled B.Tech., MBA handsome boy, 1982/5'-8", working MNC
11 lacs salary, seeks qualified slim, beautiful girl from reputed family. Caste no bar. 7696229792, 9289263924,  C2-71504B

Arora Khatri Widower 55 years (looks 45), well established sound (Urban
property). Sons abroad. Issueless between 40-45 preferred. Contact: 98159- 35969. C2-71230

Professionally qualified match for smart, handsome, fair, slim, vegetarian,
teetotaller, Punjabi Hindu, Arora Manglik boy B.Tech., MBA, 16.06.1982, 1.15 p.m., Jalandhar, 5'-5", working as Asstt. Manager in Doha (Qatar), good salary. Working partner preferred. Visiting India shortly. Mail bio-data and photo. Email:  M: 99880-98786. C2-71818

Professionally qualified working match solicited for turbaned Sikh
Tonk-Khatrya smart boy Aug. 77, 5'-6", M.Tech., pursuing Ph.D., working Assistant Professor. Caste no bar. Email:  M: 98768- 64609. C2-71603

Well established Khatri Arora Sikh Doctor family looking for beautiful bride
with Canada/US PR for handsome 6'-1'/24, BDS Doctor turbaned son. Caste no bar. 84278-43835.  C2-70550

Professionally qualified match for handsome, cleanshaven Arora Sikh
convent educated, B.Sc. Hospitality Management, 27/5'-7", Manglik. Director Restauranter Australian citizen, high earnings, Chandigarh noble family. 98723-07489,  C2-70836

Suitable match for Chandigarh based teetotaller businessman Jindal boy +2,
23.5.1984, 12:40 am Chandigarh, 5'-7". Contact: 94170-90636. C2-70948

Suitable match for Chandigarh-based teetotaller businessman Bansal boy,
BCA, 5'-8", 29.4.1984, 4:04 am, Sangrur. Contact: 90411-28671, Email:  C2-70958

Suitable match for Bansal N/M boy, B.E. 19.1.1983, 16.43 p.m., Kaithal,
5'-8", Software Engineer at Gurgaon, Package 8.50 Lac. Preferred employed NCR. 098159-72850.  C2-71240

Gupta boy, 27 years/5'-7", fair colour, (07.11.1984/6:30 p.m./Meerut city).
B.Tech., MBA (UK). Working Project Manager I.T. City, Chandigarh. Own house at Mohali. 093160-06719. Email :  C2-71444

Match for handsome Goel boy, 3.8.1985, 11:40 a.m., 5'- 8", B.Tech, MBA,
IIM Culcatta serving Bangalore (MNC), pkg 15 lakh. Contact: 098132-91335.  C2-71736

Arora Sikh boy, 30 years, 6'-2", handsome, slim, clean shaven, US Bachelors
Degree in Information Systems, IT Consultant, US citizen looking for tall (5'-6" minimum), slim, beautiful, well qualified Sikh girl. Family visiting India in November 2012. Contact with full size current photo and details:  A2-67998


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