The notes of tradition
The Gundecha Brothers, Umakant and Ramakant, well-known exponents of Dhrupad style of music, opine that a connect with the audience is what they are always looking for
Jasmine Singh

The intellectuals, art critics or the search engine Google will probably throw up different ways to look at art and even how one should appreciate it. The Gundecha Brothers, Umakant and Ramakant (vocalist) and Akhilesh Gundecha (pakhawaj player) however, have a basic take on classical art. The Gundecha Brothers, in Chandigarh to perform at a function organised by the Spic Macay, echo their take, “Many people don’t understand classical music, but art is about feeling and not understanding. If we are able to connect with the audience and vice-versa, that’s enough.”

The leading exponents of the Dhrupad style of music and one of the most active performers in Indian and international circuits, the Gundecha Brothers flow with changing times without tampering with the originality of the form.

For one & all

Umakant and Ramakant Gundecha have recorded many cassettes and CDs, which they feel is important. “We cannot go everywhere to perform; similarly not everyone can attend all our performances so this is the best way to reach out to people. Now, music is available for anyone who wishes to hear Dhrupad,” they echo.

Passing on the lineage

Keeping the tradition alive, The Gundecha Brothers have set up Dhrupad Sansthan in Bhopal where the classical art is taught in the guru-shishya style. “As many as 25 students from across India and abroad learn Dhrupad here; the number is only growing. We don’t have any syllabus or confer any degree; our aim is to teach so that they can perform on stage. We thoroughly believe in teaching in the guru-shishya style.”

Adding words

The Gundecha Brothers have also sung Hindi poetry, which has nothing to do with taking the form to more and more people. Says Umakant, “Dhrupad as a form is rich in music compositions, but lacks vocal content. We have great poems written by medieval poets like Kabir, Tulsidas and Mahadev Verma, which we have sung.”

For the first time

When it comes to talking about Bollywood music, the Gundecha Brothers have for the first time sung in Sunny Deol’s upcoming movie Mohalla Assi. “We have sung original Dhrupad in the movie. We are open to movies as long as we get to retain the original form. We don’t believe in any kind of fusion or mixing,” says the trio that doesn’t believe in taking any additional instrumental support while performing on stage.

Matter of etiquettes

Ask any theatre or classical music performer and they definitely have something to say about etiquettes. Says Ramakant, “There are two types of audiences — those who understand music, something that we have in India, and those who don’t understand but still listen with decency. Paris is one place where people enjoy this art form. They would not get up in the middle of the performance, even if they don’t like it they would not bear a grumpy look on their faces,” add the brothers who have been bestowed with Padma Bhushan Award and still look at every performance as their first. “It is important to feel the jitters before the stage performance. It just makes it better.” they smile, together.

Stars in his eyes

This baby-face versatile boy has huge goals set for himself. And his dream is to be on the screen, slowly spread his arms and give that killer smile even as his famous dad, Udit Narayan, sings for him! Well, presently Aditya Narayan is preparing for what might come handy 20 years later. “I started singing very early. And since then I have been learning and working together,” says Aditya, who is assisting Sanjay Leela Bhansali in Ram Leela.

In Chandigarh on Thursday as part of the ongoing Tourism Week celebrations, Aditya comes across as a much more mature person than his age reveals. He explains his moving on from being a singer, composer and actor to an assistant director, “I am in love with films and it’s in this industry that I want to become a complete entertainer. I might love to make a film later on, but I wonder whether I will have time to train then. So I am making most of the time on hand now.” Singing is what he has inherited, but just music is not on his mind at the moment. Aditya has taken the move from being a lead actor in Shaapit to being an assistant director in his stride and is ready to go the distance to achieve his ultimate dream. “I would be happy being a spot-boy; I am so in love with films,” says Aditya, who chose to get hands-on training with the badshaah of Bollywood, Bhansali, rather than enrol in a film school in Hollywood!

In his dad he finds his idol, “My father rose from a small village to ultimate success...he is truly inspiring.” Films have come his way but he isn’t in a hurry. “Two or three years more before I take a plunge into acting. Till then, I am preparing,” he signs off.

Real take

Aditya Narayan has had his fair share of playing anchor in reality shows . How helpful are they for any artiste? “ The shows can get you name and fame, but it’s the parents who need to guide their children well,” says Aditya, who values his family for ensuring the same.

Of depth & meaning
Ayaz Ul Haroon, lead vocalist and guitarist of Guruz, a five-member band, shares some notes of love…
Vasudha Gupta

Even as one asks Ayazz Ul Haroon to break into a song, it is certain it would be music to the ear! After a sip of water and tuning the strings of his guitar, he gives us a small background about the song. “This was written five years back and has a South-Indian melody,” he says. Soon the entire S Lounge is engulfed in his song. The silence of the audience gives enough room to Piya, his favourite composition.

In Chandigarh for taking the trend of lounge music forward, the lead vocalist of the Sufi band Guruz has an intimate conversation with the gathering. The members met in 2006 and it was only in 2011 that they decided to take the band forward. The five-member band comprises Danish on bass guitar, Rajesh Thakur on the drums, Deepak Meher on the lead guitar, and Harshit Naagar on keyboard and Indian percussions. Carefully altering Sufi music to meet modern tastes, their music is indeed delightful. “We mix Sufi music with reggae, rock and modulate the vocal styles accordingly. The typical rock music is for the younger generation, which wants power from the notes and then there is the mature audience that looks forward to soothing acoustics,” he adds.

Born to a Rajasthani mother and a father who hails from Chennai, it was initially the musician-father who discouraged Ayaz from getting into the industry. “He wanted me to play safe and be an engineer, but my calling was elsewhere,” he laughs. Primarily into creating their compositions, the band does not mind seeking inspiration from Bollywood. “There is no doubt that India still largely follows Bollywood music,” he grins. Diced and chopped in southern flavours with a dash of Rajasthani spice and cooked well with Nusrat sahib ka tareeka, his music is surely more than just music and lyrics. The soul is deep and the meaning has depth.

Sweet temptation
Vasudha Gupta

Nothing beats the fun of biting into a sinful donut that oozes flavours. Bringing the experience of lip-smacking donuts to Chandigarh, Superdonuts has recently opened its shutter. Ketan Kalra, a young 23-year-old, is the young brain behind the very American concept.

Though the city is lined with several top-of-the-line bakeries and confectionaries, this one is something different. “I did not want it to be a regular cafe,” Ketan says. So, a few trips to London and extensive research on the donut industry, including Oreo Dust and After 8, he came back to Chandigarh.

Working on various glazings and toppings, Ketan is positive that the response to the donut destination will be good.

“Since the last four days, there have been many children and women flocking the place experimenting with different flavours,” he adds. Not sticking to the conventional thought of just donuts, Ketan has introduced wraps and rolls and will soon add macaroons to the menu. “I loved fruity loops when I was a child, and now they are on my donuts and kids love them,” he smiles. From apple cinnamon to gems as toppings, Superdonuts will also be making special donuts for special occasions.

“There will be special packs for Navratras and for parties and birthdays as well,” he says. The brand has at least 70 per cent ingredients, which have been imported. Soon, the menu will include dark chocolate glazing apart from the current favourite milk chocolate and sweet chocolate. Working tirelessly since the last several months, Ketan himself has designed the boxes and the colour combination of the bright store interior. The best out of the many are, certainly the marshmallow donuts, which just melt in the mouth.

So, be sure to make a stop in this place when you zip though Sector 8, it won’t miss your eye anyway.

Getting high

Yo Yo Honey Singh is back with his art of rapping and this time in Hindi for Jaz Dhami’s track High Heels. Dhami, one of UK’s leading artists, has finally released High Heels from the much-anticipated album Anthem of 2012. After the release of JD back in 2009, he’s truly back with a bang! The track has addictive beats, catchy trumpets and the most popular desi rapper! The video is slick, sexy and full of immense energy!

What a treat

Jaz Dhami has truly raised the bar and given music lovers a complete package of entertainment. And when Yo Yo Honey Singh joins in with his smart rap which is something that every youngster can relate to, the track becomes a musical treat.

Sania Suri, student, MCM College

Yo, cool!

The song is such a riot that it immediately leads you to the dance floor. Yo Yo Honey Singh’s rap is cool and so addictive that I listen to this part of the track again and again.

Rohan Nagpal, student, Panjab University

Loving it

It somehow leaked on Internet and though the official video was out on Youtube recently, I have been listening to this track since a long time now. I simply love it. The Punjabi lyrics and the Hindi rap are a perfect combination for a dance number.

Jatin Kohli, bank employee

(As told to Sabia Talwar)

Eat, drink and be merry

It's raining plenty and that too of liquor. Lush Bar at Hotel Icon-8 is offering liquid buffet, which means unlimited liquor, and, hold it …it comes at Rs 999 only. "We have on offer some of the finest international beverages at an affordable price," says Dilsher Sukhija, proprietor, Hotel Icon.

The finest brands have the right kind of snacks to go with. So enjoy bruschetta with tomato and basil with Jura, single malt from Scotland. For wine lovers, there is Sauvignon Blanc with roasted asparagus wrapped in smoked chicken ham. Dalmore, Whyte & Mackay, Pinky, Four Seasons Blush and more ….there is something for everyone. Non-drinkers can enjoy Shirley Temple, Virgin Mohito or Watermelon Delight.

What's not to miss is flaming shots that light up the entire bar and is a feel good factor. However, they are part of liquid buffet only on Special Nights that is Wednesday and Saturday. Chef Markos has prepared starters to go with the varied drink flavours (they are served a la carte). "For our delicacies, we have imported ingredients from different parts of world to retain the authenticity," says Dilsher.

And, you needn't worry about driving home. Keeping on to their social responsibility, Icon has tied up with a cab company for you to have a safe ride home after an evening of indulgence.

On all days post one in the afternoon @ Rs 999 plus taxes.

High Spirits
Stylish sipping
Have your cocktail with style!
Vineet Mishra

  • 45 ml Absolut Citron
  • 25 ml ginger lime cordial
  • Sprite to top up
  • Lime wedges


Fill a highball glass to the rim with ice cubes. Pour ginger lime cordial and Absolut Citron and Sprite over the ice and stir. Garnish with a lime wedge

Cocktail tips

Mixing various spirits doesn't cause hangover it is only the amount of alcohol consumed that affect the mind and body.

(Mishra is a Chabndigarh-based cocktail jockey)

Heroine of the day!
Divya Dutta

When the first preview of Heroine happened, I was in Delhi, praying in a Gurudwara—Waheguru meher karin...and he did! The calls, smses, tweets never stopped! They all loved my role. I couldn't believe it was so loved not only by critics, but audiences too. It's a very warm feeling inside when the janta supports you. There couldn't be a stronger support system. All women giving me admiring glances as they met me, as if they knew me forever!

My friends and family were with me this week, and we celebrated together! The most emotional part of Ganeshotsav is bidding goodbye to Baapa telling him to come again but going with your friends, shouting Ganpati Bappa Morya on the road is something else! And yesterday, on my birthday, they all made it truly special again. After a long day of shoot, promotions, phone calls, I was contemplating cancelling my evening get-together, but mom had done full tayari. And as my friends got in, with all their warmth and love despite the terrible traffic jam due to Ganeshotsav, I forgot the last bits of exhaustion. My get-togethers are known for the singing sessions but this time we started with some dhamaal music playing. When I got up to dance, all my friends joined in-jumping, dancing, salsa, and our very own Bollywood!

And then happened the ritual of singing! Some amazing singers and some well, trying to make the others laugh! Fun time with good old friends I've known and loved for years!

Couldn't slept a wink as I came straight to the airport for an early morning flight! Going to Amritsar for an event but first straight to Darbaar Sahib, just to say thank you and Waahe guru meher karin.

(Dutta is a Bollywood actor)

Big B bowled over by English Vinglish
This Sridevi-starrer is the latest to make it to the list of Big B’s favourites films

First impression: Amitabh Bachchan Amitabh Bachchan has publicly expressed how much he liked Gauri Shinde's English Vinglish starring Sridevi. Here's what the megastar said about the film...

An emotional ride

A viewing of English Vinglish directed by Gauri Shinde, wife of R. Balki, leaves me with collective lumps in the throat and a surge of flushed eyes near the tear ducts. And it is not all the emotion of a particular moment that puts one in such state. It is the uncontrollable effect of appreciation that prevents one from expressing any at all.

Simplicity is tough

In our simplicity lies the true story of a lifetime. Massive explosions and devastating action sequences make you wonder in high adrenalin awe. But equally, the ordinariness of everyday life, strikes many strings that work together in sympathetic chords. It is complex and most difficult to be weathered in by simplistic endeavour.

Winds of change

The revelation of immense creative talent in this 100 years of Indian Cinema, surprises me with each passing day. The verve and vigour and enthusiasm of the myriad hopefuls in this elaborate and exceedingly competitive profession, is to be seen and experienced. What wonderful times we live in. How compelling it has become to view each new and fresh concept with wonder and awe, and how frustrating to not be today among the caliber of those that are designing the rules of the game!

Happy in their own skin
In a world where most stars have gone under the knife or altered their appearance in some way, we take a look at some popular celebrities who have not changed their appearance in their pursuit of fame and fortune

Being herself

Diana Penty: The gorgeous supermodel-turned-actress was told she was too thin to even be on the ramp. People would always coax her to eat before her shows and she was asked to gain weight. She didn't give in to criticism. She has successfully modelled in India, New York and Paris. She was even appreciated for her work in debut film, Cocktail. Even if her Bollywood career does not work out, she will have modelling and endorsements to fall back on.

All that she’s got

Vidya Balan: She made a splash with Parineeta but her career went downhill with bad movies and an even worse sense of fashion. Miss Balan was also criticised for being fat. She wasn't one to give up and has wooed audiences again in movies like Paa, Ishqiya and The Dirty Picture. She has used her weight and round body type to her advantage, making curves and sarees desirable and fashionable again.

Couldn’t care less

Konkona Sen Sharma: Her talent gets her movie roles. The National Award winner became an actress by chance and cares a damn about losing weight for her roles. Her sense of style has been criticised but she does not let that bother her. It is a taboo for actresses to get married but she got hitched, had a baby, and will now make a comeback in movies. She has starred in significant and successful films such as Page 3, Wake Up Sid! and Omkara.

Making a way

Anushka Sharma: It is obvious that she is thin but she is shapely with weight in the right places. Aditya Chopra told her that she wasn't the prettiest girl in the room and would have to prove herself. Within four years, she has become a star and an actress to reckon with. She has been acclaimed for her performances in movies like Band Baaja Baaraat and Patiala House. She is doing a film with Aamir Khan and Jab Tak Hai Jaan with SRK.

Looks don’t matter

Ranveer Singh: Aditya Chopra had enough faith in him to cast him in Band Baaja Baaraat but he told him that his looks did not help him. Two movies down the line, Ranveer is considered one of the hottest bachelors in the country and one of the best things to have happened to Bollywood in recent times. He has also been linked to beauties such as Anushka Sharma, Parineeti Chopra, and Sonakshi Sinha. That is pretty impressive for someone. — HRM

Know the real Shraddha

Shraddha Arya, who plays Kanchi in Main Lakshmi Tere Aangan Ki (Life OK), has had quite an interesting journey in the entertainment industry so far. We catch up with the actress to talk about the same…

Tell us about your journey so far.

I was one of the contestants on Zee TV’s reality show Cine Stars Ki Khoj. I then did a few advertisements after which I started giving auditions for various shows. Later, I bagged Main Lakshmi Tere Aangan Ki. 

Are you content with your role?

I am very happy and content with the way my role is shaping up. Playing a role like Kanchi helps me to understand various emotions a girl experiences being a wife, daughter and daughter-in-law. I couldn’t have asked for anything more.

How’s the real Shraddha like?

I am an extremely friendly person. I love to gel with people. I am very warm and easy going. Right now, I am focusing on my career. Like any other actor, my only wish is to get into movies.

If not an actor, then what would have been?

If not an actor, I would have pursued MBA. I would have been working with an MNC.  Having said that, I would have loved to pursue higher education as I believe that education is very important.


Oh My God

A still from Oh My GodProducer: Paresh Rawal, Akshay Kumar, Ashvini Yardi

Director: Umesh Shukla

Paresh Rawal has turned a producer with Oh My God. He has co-produced this comedy film under his banner, Playtime Creations, along with Akshay Kumar-Ashvini Yardi’s Grazing Gout Pictures Pvt Ltd and Viacom 18 Motion Pictures.

Directed by Umesh Shukla, this film starring Akshay Kumar, Paresh Rawal, Nidhi Subbaiah and Poonam Jhaver, has been adapted from Paresh Rawal’s play Krishan vs Kanhaiya which was an adaptation of Kanjhi Viruddh Kanji staged in Gujarati. Oh My God is a story of Kanjibhai (Paresh Rawal) who does not believe in God and his fight with priests leads to mayhem until Krishna (Akshay Kumar) pays him an unexpected visit.

Oh My God, a satire on rituals and superstitions. Mithun Chakraborty, Govind Namdeo and Poonam Jhaver play god-men in this film. The film has a promotional item song Go Go Govinda … featuring Sonakshi Sinha. It releases today all over.

Kamaal Dhamaal Malamaal

Producer: Percept Pictures Company

Director: Priyadarshan

Priyadarshan’s new film featuring Nana Patekar, Shreyas Talpade, Paresh Rawal and Madhurima Banerjee promises fun unlimited. It is a remake of Malayalam venture Marykkundoru Kunjaadu, which was written by Benny P. Nayarambalam. Like the original Malamaal Weekly its sequel Kamaal Dhamaal Malamaal too is a laugh-riot with a heavy dose of comedy, action, drama and music by Sajid-Wajid to keep the viewers entertained.

Resident Evil: Retribution 3D

Producers: Jeremy Bolt, Paul W.S. Anderson, Don Carmody, Samuel Hadida, Robert Kulzer

Director: Paul W.S. Anderson

This sci-fi action thriller is Mila Jovovich’s fifth film at Alice and it has created a lot of interest because of the success of female-action oriented films. This one is the fifth installment in the Resident Evil film series based on the famous Capcom survival horror video game series, Resident Evil.

The film also stars Sienna Guilory, Shawn Roberts, Kevin Durand, Oded Fehr, Boris Kudjoe and Michelle Rodrizuer. — Dharam Pal


Back with a bang

Here I come: Karan V Grover Karan V Grover is back from his holiday in New York and the actor will be seen in Star Plus's Teri Meri Love Stories. This marks Karan's comeback to TV after a short break. The actor was last seen in Yahan Main Ghar Ghar Kheli and is back with a tele-film where he plays the character of Rohit. In the show, he is shown belonging to a conservative Jain family and his love interest on the show will be played by Aditi Sharma who belongs to a Maharashtrian family. The shooting for the same has begun and the tele-film is expected to go on air mid October. Here I come: Karan V Grover

Action: Deepshikha Juggling act

Deepshikha Nagpal, who has starred in films like Koyla, Baadshah and Partner is back on television after a gap of three years. She is playing mom to actor Aamna Sharif in her new tele-serial. In her mid-30s, Deepshikha jokes that she is still convincing herself to play Aamna's mom. She produced the film Yeh Dooriyan last year.

Action: Deepshikha

Sick leave: Bharti SinghOut of form, out of show

Bharti Singh, who was recently in the news for refusing to perform in the face-off round of Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa, says she refused because of health issues.

She has been suffering from sore throat for many days now and the doctors warned her to take rest. As a result, she decided to back out of the reality dance show.

Sick leave: Bharti Singh

Game for it: Farah KhanFarah on a weight loss spree

Her debut as a leading lady has made Farah Khan do what husband Shirish Kunder and her three kids couldn’t make her do. Get seriously slim.

In the last two months Farah Khan has knocked off 10 kgs, and she’s still at it, going at the weight loss with hammers and tongs until the needle on the weighing scale points the correct way.

Farah is working on losing at least 7-8 kgs more.

Game for it: Farah Khan

Friendly gestures: Kareena Kapoor and Madhur Bhandarkar What’s in a name?

Bai is a Marathi term for addressing a lady. It is also used to refer to female domestic help. Madhur Bhandarkar used to call Kareena Bai on the sets of Heroine that was his nickname for her. She didn't take offence at all as they are friends and Madhur called her 'Bai' because she is a strong woman.

Friendly gestures: Kareena Kapoor and Madhur Bhandarkar

Dancing diva: Sunny Leone All about Bollywood

Sunny Leone has hired choreographer Shabina Khan to teach her all about Bollywood dancing. The choreographer says that she wants to make the porn star Bollywood's next dancing diva after Madhuri Dixit. She said Sunny is a good student who works hard.

Dancing diva: Sunny Leone

I, me and myself!

Kareena Kapoor celebrated her 32nd birthday in London with Saif Ali Khan. She visited screens in London to see the reaction to Heroine. She also visited a cinema and interacted with her fans. The movie was about her and she is happy that people have loved her work in it.

P Khurrana

ARIES: The ‘Nine of Wards’ can make this a day of enjoyment and opportunity. Personal plans are likely to receive a severe setback. Serious quarrels are likely at home. Your child’s performance makes you happy. Tarot message: Don’t be bullied into accepting situations you dislike. Lucky colour: Royal-blue. Magic number: 41

TAURUS: You will have no problem in getting along with members of the family. Romance is under thoughtful stars. Routine attendance at groups or meetings may be re-scheduled. Do not resist change as it all works out for the best. Tarot message: Take limited risks. Lucky colour: Crimson. Magic number: 62

GEMINI: Watch out for the unexpected. Business matters may not turn out to be as straight-forward as they first appear. There can be obstacles and sudden demands on your time. Tarot message: Balance and perspective will lead you out of a problematic situation. Lucky colour: Pink. Magic number: 57

CANCER: “The King of Swords” suggests that inadequate performances won’t be tolerated by your bosses, clients or customers. The artistic side of your nature will be yearning for an outlet. Tarot message: Plan your life to avoid delays. Lucky colour: Black. Magic number: 26

LEO:“Ace of Cups” will set your mood for getting nagging chores out of the way. Thoroughly check the ‘to-do’ list and clear as many items as possible. Handle cash carefully. Tarot message: Make a deciding choice and then live with the outcome of your decision. Lucky colour: Brown. Magic number: 63

VIRGO: Love affairs will blossom, but do not go on face value. Dress in alluring fashion for maximum appeal, but steer away from rough venues and unpalatable types. Postpone decisions on major deals. Tarot message: You should focus on professional changes. Lucky colour: Ebony. Magic number: 27

LIBRA: The support and tips of an expert will help you master whatever subject you are committed to learning. Health-wise, cut down salt and increase liquid intake. Loved ones will be congenial. Tarot message: Concentrate on what is truly important. Lucky colour: Sea-green. Magic number: 28

SCORPIO: Personal plans will have to be put aside again. This evening is ideal for serious discussion or a heart-to-heart with your partner on something important. Tarot message: Do not refuse offers without seeking advice from someone else. Lucky colour: Metallic-grey. Magic number: 30

SAGITTARIUS: Travel arrangements can be difficult to make, so wait. Time spent alone on reading and studying will not be wasted. Housewives should cut unnecessary expenditure. Tarot message: Try not to get carried away by your initial success. Lucky colour: Ebony. Magic number: 43

CAPRICORN: This is an opportune day for those who are set to take an exam or do some reviewing. Socially, it is a hectic evening ahead. Health gives no tension at all. Watch out for potential arguments or ill-temper. Tarot message: Be articulate. Lucky colour: Yellow. Magic number: 55

AQUARIUS: After a busy period of seasonal celebration, you will be glad to take it easy. Frank discussion could clear the air. Go along with the wishes of your spouse. Tarot message: Do not let the opposition push you aside from your path. Lucky colour: Red. Magic number: 57

PISCES: Your overall situation should improve. Students should get job-satisfaction from creative work. Superiors will be co-operative, offering you moral as well as financial backing. Tarot message: Take one step at a time and avoid being hurried. Lucky colour: Ebony. Magic number: 37

Madan Gupta Spatu

If your birthday is September 28...

Your ability to work hard is your best bet for success; pay attention to your duties and you'll be rewarded. Your birth on the 28th day of this month adds a tone of independence and extra energy to your life path. The number 1 energy suggests more executive ability and leadership qualities. The number gives you greater will-power, self-confidence and very often a rather original approach.

This is an especially good time to tend to the maintenance of your personal belongings. You'll need to take extra care during the next few months, as Saturn continues to restrict your income. It's time to get personal with your mate, best friend or partner. Listening carefully to what your close associates are saying as well as what they are not saying will help you understand your relationships much better. Likewise, if you are not clear in your communication, you are at the risk of being misunderstood.

Playing games won't get you far with a romantic interest. You've got to stop wondering about all the angles and start being more straightforward. As a general rule, you're down to earth. When it comes to love you are nervous about being vulnerable If your romantic interest isn't thoroughly invested in your relationship, it's time to move on to greener pastures.

Businessmen should not invest their money in fresh ventures for these could get blocked for a long period. Do not let a feeling of despair interfere with your day-to-day activities. The employed will have to work hard to retain their present position at work. A complacent stance could give an opportunity to a colleague to supersede you for the next promotion.

Emotions and vulnerabilities prevail, especially over your own health as well as that of elders. The year 2013 will open up some lucrative opportunities with attractive financial possibilities. You might suffer from abdominal disorders, eye infection or dental problems.

Lata MangeshkarMood: Drained and low.

Compatible signs: Aries, Leo.

Lucky colours: Military-green, Yellow.

Lucky days: Thursday and Sunday.

Lucky numbers: 2, 7, 15, 34, 50.

You share your birthday with singer Lata Mangeshkar (September 28, 1929, Indore). She started her career in 1942 and has sung in over twenty regional Indian languages, although most of her songs are primarily in Hindi. Lata is the second vocalist ever to have received the Bharat Ratna, India's highest civilian honour. She was featured in the Guinness Book of World Records for having made the most recordings in the world. Her stars indicate a very long life.

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