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bribe case
CBI to go after officers on the take
Desh Raj remanded in two-day police custody; CBI says recorded conversation refers to another officer
Aneesha Sareen
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, October 19
Hinting at the possible involvement of other senior police officials in the corruption case in which SP (City) Deshraj Singh has been arrested for accepting Rs 1 lakh as bribe yesterday, the CBI today told the court that it needed to investigate if the bribe amount was to be shared. While seeking three-day custody of the IPS official, the CBI personnel told the court that the name of another Additional Superintendent of Police (ASP) was also being referred to in the recorded transcript of the conversation between the SP and the SHO.

“The accused had assured of making ‘all arrangements’ for helping the complainant with the inquiries pending against him. Despite repeated questioning, the accused IPS officer has not disclosed the names of persons who were to share the bribe amount of Rs 1 lakh. Therefore his police custody for three days is required,” public prosecutor of the CBI told the court.

Recorded conversation refers to another official

While showing a transcript of the recorded conversation when the deal of Rs 1 lakh to settle the inquiry was allegedly being made between the SP and the SHO, the CBI told the court that the conversation referred to another ASP (IRB) Shivcharan and his role was also under the scanner.

“The two departmental inquiries against the complainant, Inspector Anokh Singh, were being conducted by ASP Shivcharan and the accused was heard in the recorded conversation saying that he had talked to the ASP and all arrangements had been made. The CBI needs to find out what are these arrangements,” the public prosecutor of the CBI added.

While granting two-day police custody of the accused, the CBI court said the recorded conversation dating October 18 referred to the discussion between the complainant and the accused regarding the inquiry, taking Rs 1 lakh by the complainant to the accused and the accused saying that he had done the full proceedings. “As these aspects need to be investigated, Deshraj is sent to two-day police remand,” said the court.

No shadow witness

Heated arguments were witnessed in the court when the defence counsel strongly opposed the CBI’s plea and stated that the trap had been laid in the absence of any shadow witness and no demand for bribe was made.

The CBI argued that the SP had asked the SHO to come alone at his residence and thus there was no shadow witness. “There was a pre-trap and we have recorded the conversation in which the SP has asked the SHO to come to his residence all alone,” said the CBI.

The SP (City), Deshraj Singh, was arrested red-handed by the CBI personnel while he was accepting the bribe amount at his Sector-23 residence last night. The trap was laid on the complaint of the SHO of the Sector-26 police station, Inspector Anokh Singh, and the bribe amount was allegedly demanded to give him a clean chit in two inquiries pending against him.

The CBI has also collected the voice samples of Deshraj Singh and these will be sent to the CFSL for matching them with the recorded conversation. The CBI has also said the recorded conversation is not telephonic and the recording had been done during a meeting of the complainant with the SP when he allegedly demanded the bribe amount.

Build-up to disgrace

  • October 12, 2012: Inspector Anokh Singh records his conversation with SP (City) Deshraj Singh when the demand of ` 5 lakh is made to give reports of two inquiries pending against him, in his favour. Anokh Singh says the amount is too huge and the deal is then settled for ` 2 lakh.
  • October 15: Anokh Singh submits a complaint to the CBI.
  • October 18: The CBI lays a trap. Records the conversation during which Deshraj tells Anokh Singh that all arrangements have been made and he should visit his residence alone. CBI arrests Deshraj red-handed while accepting the bribe amount at his residence.

The two got talking and meant business

SHO: “Meri toh bus inquiry dekh lena”

SP Deshraj: “Meri statements hi rehti hain”

SHO: “Bus baki toh sare ho gaye, apka hi rehta hai”

SP (Desraj): “Humne karwahi puri kar rakhi hai, all arrangements have been made”

SHO: “IPS ki report jaya nai jati. You can manage with another SP”

SP Deshraj: “Shivcharan ji aye the, inquiry ki bat karne”

SHO: “Arrangements kar lie gaye hain”

SP (Desraj): sham ko ghar aa jao



officer on the take
Deshraj could ‘twist’ case
He was the crucial 10th witness in probe involving Anokh
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, October 19
In one of the departmental inquiries initiated against Inspector Anokh Singh, SHO of the Sector-26 police station, the statements of nine witnesses (total 10) had already been recorded. The SP (City), Deshraj Singh, was the 10th witness and only his statement was pending. As the inquiry was initiated on a report by Deshraj, he allegedly demanded a bribe of Rs 5 lakh to give statement in Anokh’s favour, the CBI said today.

It was ASP (IRB) Shivcharan who was conducting the two departmental inquiries marked against Anokh Singh, who allegedly greased Deshraj’s palms as his statement could twist the inquiries pending against him.

“The report by an IPS officer never goes waste. I am sure you can easily manage with another SP,” Anokh Singh is heard in the recorded conversation as he talked to Deshraj.

The inquiries were initiated for wilful disobedience and insubordination as Inspector Anokh Singh had failed to inform Deshraj about a theft at an MLA’s residence on September 28.

In the second inquiry initiated against Anokh Singh by Deshraj, the SHO had not conducted proper investigations in a case involving an assault on a woman constable.

“There were three other inquiries pending against him, but these two were recently opened by SP Deshraj after the SHO was accused of not cooperating with his seniors,” said a CBI officer.



An officer and his junior: Police can’t get equation right
Anokh Singh went to CBI even though UT police has its own vigilance dept
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, October 19
With the UT police getting a major setback after the arrest one of its senior officers, it is the first time in the history of the police department that a senior officer has been arrested on the complaint of his junior.

The registration of the case reflects poorly on the UT police as the Inspector chose to report to the CBI even though the UT police has its own vigilance department dealing with such complaints of corruption.

Sources said the SHO had been trying in vain to raise his voice against the harassment he had been facing from the SP (City), who had initiated departmental inquiries against him. While Inspector Anokh Singh tried meeting the senior police officers in the last few days, Deshraj got a whiff of it and had reportedly pulled him up. Senior police officers, however, denied that the SHO ever approached them with any complaint against the SP.

Are inquiries a way of extracting money?

The registration of the CBI case has raised a question mark over whether the initiation of departmental inquiries has become a way of extorting money by certain officers within the department.

Sources said a UT police Sub-Inspector, against whom a complaint was made to Deshraj Singh last year, had ended up giving Rs 1 lakh to drop the complaint against him. The Sub Inspector, who is now posted in the Sector 17 police station, had allegedly paid the amount to his senior.

When contacted, a senior CBI official said they were aware of the extortion but since no complaint had been made, there was no evidence for the same.

Police headquarters remains deserted

An unusual silence prevailed at the UT police headquarters in Sector 9 on Friday morning. None of the senior police officers, including the DIG, SSP, SP (Traffic and security), came to the headquarters in the morning.

Hot discussion in police circles

The arrest of the IPS officer became a hot topic of discussion in the police circles on Friday. As the issue of internal rivalry and groupings within the department flared up, some of the police officers said the arrest of the SP on a complaint of his junior had caused much embarrassment to the police. “The SHO betrayed the trust of his seniors,” a police officer was quoted as saying.

When Anokh’s heart melted

Anokh Singh
Anokh Singh

Station House Officer Anokh Singh’s heart had once melted after he had already complained to the CBI when he was told that SP Deshraj Singh’s daughter has been suffering from a chronic health problem. She was getting treatment from abroad and at an expensive hospital in Mumbai. Sources close to Anokh Singh said after complaining to the CBI, the SHO even considered withdrawing the complaint but he could not do much as he realised he had gone too far. Deshraj often took leave for the treatment of his daughter.

SP’s residence raided

An amount of Rs 1.5 lakh and 60 grams of gold worth about Rs 2 lakh was recovered from Deshraj’s house during a raid last night.



Is Deshraj bossy and abrasive?
Aneesha Sareen
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, October 19
Ever since he joined the UT police in October, 2010, the 2008-batch IPS officer, Deshraj Singh has caused controversies. While he was recently in news after an Inspector accused him of humiliating and harassing him by repeatedly initiating departmental inquiries against him, lawyers of the district courts had also protested against him following an incident of attack on a naib court in May last year.

The officer, who was not much liked by his juniors for his ‘over-authoritative’ conduct, was also known for his rifts with officers of the Crime Branch. Known for his command over Sanskrit and Hindi language, Deshraj Singh was also in news last year when he had entered a disco in Sector 26 with some of his relatives on the pretext of checking and had spent the night dancing away there.

Some controversies

  • In May last year, Deshraj Singh reached late at the spot at the district courts where advocates had assaulted a naib court. The advocates had got agitated and roughed up the naib court in the courtroom. They had protested against Deshraj’s handling of the case at that time.
  • The 'cold war' between Deshraj Singh and the Crime Branch officials had turned ugly in May this year when Deshraj started accusing the officials of the Crime Branch of insubordination and submitted a report to his seniors in this regard.
  • Inspector Amanjot Singh, then in charge of the Crime Branch, had resigned in protest accusing Deshraj of victimising him. He had later withdrawn his resignation after the inquiries were dropped. However, the Inspector has recently been suspended after an MHA report in the incident. Deshraj had alleged the Inspector disobeyed him during a VIP visit. However, the Inspector refuted the charge.
  • DSP Satbir Singh and Deshraj had entered into an argument during an event at Leisure Valley earlier this year. Deshraj had ordered the personnel of the Crime Branch to arrange chairs for the public. Satbir Singh objected to his uniformed men carrying out such duty. A furious Deshraj ordered the Police Control Room to summon the entire Crime Branch staff to his office next morning. However, intervention by the SSP had defused the situation.
  • In 2011, Inspector Anokh Singh had accused Deshraj Singh of using foul language against him. The Inspector was asked to report to him on a Sunday and after he failed to do so, he was suspended.
  • Inspector Hardit Singh, former SHO of Sector-17 police station, had suffered a paralytic attack during the time when Deshraj Singh was the ASP (central).



Admn system has gone corrupt, says ex-MP
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, October 19
Satya Pal Jain, former MP and national in charge of the Legal and Legislative Cell of the BJP has said the arrest of a senior officer of the Chandigarh Police in a bribery case has once again brought to light how deep the roots of corruption have gone in Chandigarh.

He said if an SHO had to pay Rs 5 lakh for “getting his work done” to his senior officers, one can imagine the horrible plight of the common man in the city.

He has demanded a high-level inquiry into the whole incident.



Few takers for Tuk-Tuk, radio cabs
Rajmeet Singh
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, October 19
All is not well with the city’s first 24x7 LPG-driven radio auto-service. Within three years of launching the pink-coloured “Tuk-Tuk” autos, the operators are struggling to keep the business running.

At least 50 per cent of the swanky autos remains off road due to the rising input costs and short-distance travelling by the commuters. The increased cost of LPG, from Rs 26 per kilo in 2009 to Rs 52 in 2012, has put the operators in a tight spot as their request for a hike the fares by at least 58 per cent is pending with the Chandigarh Administration.

State Transport Authority Balbir Singh Dhol, said the request of the radio taxi and radio auto operators for a hike in the fares was being anaylsed and certain queries had been sought from the operators.

VS Dhillon, proprietor of Tuk-Tuk auto service, said they have requested that the fare should be increased from Rs 13 per km for the first kilometre and Rs 8 for every next kilometre to Rs 20 per km. Due to high running costs, including maintaining a 24x7 call centre, the operator is finding it hard to run the business. “I am running a loss of around Rs 1 lakh per month, but still continuing with it,” he said.

Another auto operator said despite their call centre receiving around 300 calls daily, they responded to only 150 calls because short distance travel was making the business unviable.

Dhillon, who is also the proprietor of a radio taxi service, Fab Cab, said the business of radio taxi had not remained as profitable as earlier.

Official of another radio taxi operator, Mega Cab, Arvind , said the profitability in the business has gone down due to soaring petrol and diesel prices.

“Radio taxis are quite popular with the city residents, especially women, as these are a safe option even for moving around at night. The Delhi and Punjab governments have already increased the fares,” said a taxi operator.

The operators lament that the fare was last revised in 2008, from Rs 12 per km to Rs 15 per km. The price of diesel, which was then Rs 31.65 per litre, has now increased to Rs 47 per litre, and another hike in diesel rates is on the cards in the coming days.

Another official said apart from the hike in the prices of fuel, salaries have to be paid to the drivers and other staff and maintenance costs too must to be considered. The profitability of running the cabs in Chandigarh, he claimed, was low due to the short distances. He added that while the demand from residents for the service is high, they do not have a sufficient number of cabs.

Many radio taxi operators have also closed their businesses.

The fares of the taxi cabs were revised in September 2008, and since then the fuel prices have seen increases. The radio taxi services were launched in 2006 with four operators-Mega Cabs, Indus Taxi, Mico Cabs and Eco Cabs. Since then, Mico Cabs and Eco Cabs have stopped their operations, finding the business non-feasible. In May last, Indus Taxi too withdrew their services.



Fearing spray stains, residents send back anti-malaria team
Ritika Jha Palial
Tribune News Service

Sandeep Joshi
Sandeep Joshi

Chandigarh, October 19
Offcials of the UT health department had a tough time conducting the malaria prevention drive in city’s periphery this year. Fearing that the spray will leave ugly patches on the walls of their houses, a number of residents in city colonies resisted the officials from entering their houses.

The National Anti-Malaria Programme makes it mandatory for the state health department to hold special drives for residual spraying in rural areas every year.

The residual solution, which is to be sprayed on the walls of the houses, prevents breeding of mosquitoes around the house for more than three months. It, however, deteriorates the paint on the walls and leaves deep stains.

“We have conducted the drive twice this year in the colonies surrounding the city. Many of the dwellers were reluctant to get their houses sprayed. Some even banged their doors shut at our officials,” said Dr Naresh Sharma, head of the UT’s anti-malaria unit.

“The residents said that last year they had got their houses painted for Diwali, but the spray left deep stains. Therefore, this year, they were not ready to allow spraying,” said an official from the health department.

Dr Naresh said, “Due to lack of education, the slum dwellers fail to understand the significance of such drives. Our officials counselled them and made them understand the ill-effects of malaria, especially among children.”

This year, nearly 190 cases of malaria have been reported in city hospitals so far.



Rs 3.5 lakh spent on fumigation, yet dengue on the rise
Ritika Jha Palial
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, October 19
Despite having spent more than Rs 3.5 lakh on fumigation in the city over the past two months, the UT Administration has failed to control the spread of the deadly dengue virus.

The rising number of dengue cases in city, having reached 150, has brought to the fore the hollow claims of the UT Health Department about the "effective, preventive measures" against the spread of dengue virus.

According to the officials, fumigation drives have been conducted for 24 days each in the last two months. "One round of fumigation covers three Sectors. We have spent nearly Rs 18,000 per day, conducting two rounds of fumigation," said the Director, UT Health Services, Dr Rajiv Vadera.

While the government hospitals in the city are flooded with patients suffering from high fever, with more than 100 admissions everyday, officials claim to have covered all the Sectors and periphery areas in their fumigation drives. "In addition to fumigation, our officials have been regularly visiting households to educate people on the techniques to prevent the spread of the virus. This year, we have been able to control the outbreak of malaria in the city by cleaning dirty water. However, since dengue virus breeds even in clean water, we had to put in more efforts in education people on avoding storage of water," Dr Vadera added.

The number of patients visiting the OPD at the GMCH-32, everyday has doubled over the past two weeks. At the PGI, more than 30 patients of dengue have been admitted. At the Government Multi-Specialty Hospital, Sector 16, the average number of patients with high fever visiting the OPD daily has remained above 500 for the past one week.

Dengue cases

Total patients in city hospitals: 243

City residents affected: 150

Deaths: 2


High fever, severe headache, pain behind eyes, joint pain, muscle and bone pain, rashes



estate rules 2009
UT officials in a fix
Legal Remembrance says rules can't be applied with retrospective effect
Rajmeet Singh
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, October 19
A legal opinion against the retrospective application of “effective” provisions of the Chandigarh Estate Rules-2007 (with amendments in 2009), that allow the sealing of a building or imposing a heavy penalty for misuse and building violations, has left UT officials in a fix as the matter has now come under judicial scrutiny.

It is learnt that the UT had sought a legal opinion from the Legal Remembrance (LR) and it has been told that the rules cannot be applied with retrospective effect. This means that buildings allotted or auctioned prior to 2007 are not governed by the provisions.

UT Finance Secretary VK Singh said he would look into the matter.

During the past three years, the UT Estate Office has issued hundreds of notices for misuse or building violations to owners or occupiers of commercial buildings allotted prior to 2007.

Officials claim that in the amendments made in 2009, it had been mentioned that the rules would be applicable to buildings allotted prior to 2007.

In case the rules are not applicable with retrospective effect, it would mean that the execution of the recovery notices issued for misuse or building violations and proceedings of sealing would have to be withheld. Notices of recovery, amounting to around Rs 50 crore, have been issued during the past three years, according to a senior UT official.

Under the Chandigarh Estate Rules-2007 (amended in 2009), the UT Estate Office has not only sealed a number of commercial and residential premises, it has also imposed a hefty fine at a rate of Rs 500 per sq yard on those found misusing their premises.

Recently, shopkeepers in the city, under the banner of the Chandigarh Beopar Mandal, had protested against the "unjust clauses" of the Chandigarh Estate Rules-2009. JPS Kalra, a sector 17-based trader, said under these rules, many notices had been issued to traders in pre-2007 cases.

Meanwhile, in connection with an amendment under Clause 28 C of the Capital of Punjab (Development and Regulation) Building Rule, 1952, the Finance Department, while referring to a case of SCO 183-85, Sector 17-C, has in a communication to the Estate office stated that the rule pertaining to the use of basements that was amended in 1993 cannot be applied with retrospective effect. The use of basements would be governed by the rules that were in existence prior to the 1993 notification.


Two die of dengue in Mohali
Our Correspondent

Mohali, October 19
Two women were reported to have died of dengue fever in Mohali.

While Balwant Kaur (80) died on October 17, a 38-year-old woman was reported to have died last night at the GMCH, Sector 32, Chandigarh.

Balwant Kaur was admitted to a private hospital in Sector 69 here on October 15 and died two days later. The other woman, a resident of Sector 66, was admitted to a private hospital here, but was later referred to Chandigarh.

Assistant Civil Surgeon Meena Hardeep Singh confirmed the death only of Balwant Kaur. She said the officials concerned had not received any report from the GMCH in connection with the death of the other woman due to dengue.

She said a meeting with pathologists of 10 private hospitals was held here yesterday. They were told about the guidelines issued by the Government of India and were asked to send samples of the patients suspected to be suffering from dengue to the Civil Hospital here.

The Mohali hospital is the only centre in Punjab for carrying out dengue tests.



Dasehra celebrations go hi-tech in city
Vivek Gupta
Tribune News Service

Artists work on effigies at Sector 31
Artists work on effigies at Sector 31

Chandigarh, October 19
Not only Ramlilas, Ravanas too have gone hi-tech this year in Chandigarh. From revolving effigies to modern effigy-burning systems, there is lot of excitement stored this Dasehra celebration in the city.

National AD Ramlila Club in Mani Majra has prepared revolving effigies of Ravana, Kumbhakaran and Meghnad for Dasehra celebrations to be held in the circus ground near the housing board chowk.
“Ram Ki Barat” being taken out in Sector 28, Chandigarh
“Ram Ki Barat” being taken out in Sector 28, Chandigarh. Tribune photo: Manoj Mahajan

Monu Mehra, president of the club, said that it was for the first time in Chandigarh that revolving effigies of Ravanas, Kumbhakaran and Meghnad were being prepared. The moving effigies would provide a dramatic effect to the festival celebrations, he added.

According to him, artisans from Punjab were specially hired for this purpose. Besides, the revolving effigies, they have also prepared a dummy of ‘Pushpak viman’ over a car which will be used to carry the Ravana to the vmain enue. The height of all the effigies will be around 50 feet, he says.

New sytem to burn effigies at Sector 46

Chief patron, Sanatan Dharma Dasehra Committee, Jatinder Bhatia, said that this year they had arranged a special system to burn the effigies. Rama will come on the stage and shoot arrows to set the effigies of Ravana, Kumbhkaran and Meghnath on fire.

Ravana’s effigy will be special, he says. Soon after catching fire, the crackers will ooze out first from his ears, then from his nose and it will then burst out along with other effigies.

The function will begin with the Lanka Dehan scene, he says. An artificial structure coated with golden paper, resembling Ravana’s Lanka, is being prepared at the venue, and will be burned before the effigies.

The height of the Ravana’s effigy is expected to be around 73 feet, and the other effigies would be 4-5 feet shorter in height, he said. “Last year, too, we had the biggest Ravana, which was 69 feet in hight. The total expenditure involved is around Rs 3-4 lakh,” he said.

Invitation to heads of all religions at Sector 24

Prem Shammi, general secretary of Saraswati Dussehra Committee, Sector 24, says, “We have invited heads of all the religions, including maulvis, priests, and pandits, who will give the message of communal harmony from the stage during the celebrations at the ground in Valmiki Mandir. The height of the Ravana is expected to be around 60 feet.

Effigy sizes to be increased at Sector 17

Secretary of the Sector 17 Dasehra celebrations, at the parade ground, said that the size of Ravana effigy inthe Ramlila will be of 70-75 feet. He aslo said that it would be adorned with all possible decorations.



‘Sita haran’ scene to be staged today
Vivek Gupta
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, October 19
For Ramlila lovers of the city, Saturday will be a major highlight, as the 'Sita-Haran' scene, one of the more popular scenes of Ramlila, is all set to be staged. Ramlila organisers are making special efforts to make it special.

Leading actor of the Ramlila being staged at Sector 7, Sanjay Kumar, said that the fight between Ravan and Jatayu will be held in the air. He said that Sita-Haran and Lanka-Dehan are the two most important scenes.

Ashok Chaudhary, involved with the Ramlila being staged at Sector 20, said that a special set has been prepared for the scene. Besides, special effects will be used to depict the fire in the 'Laxman Rekha' sequence.

Sector 29 Ramlila organisers are also making special efforts to ensure that the scene is memorable. Jyoti Swaroop Bhardwaj, involved in the Sector 29 Ramlila, said that they have arranged a special flying Jatayu. Also, a special light and sound show has been created for the 'Jatayu Sanskar'. According to him, while all scenes are equally enjoyable, this scene sets the motion and is the turning point of Ramayana, and is therefore very interesting to watch.

Sanjeev Khan, from the Sector 30 Ramlila, said that they have designed a special set, and have a flying Jatayu as well.

The Ramlila being held at Sector 17 offers to be different as it has been designed on the basis of a light and sound show. No other Ramlila has a 80-feet wide stage.



Ramlila at PU: 77-yr-old tradition continues uninterrupted
Vivek Gupta
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, October 19
77 years ago, in 1935, Arjuna Amateur Dramatic Club began staging Ramlila inside the then campus of Panjab University in Lahore. Years passed, the country went through Partition and the university campus kept shifting to different places. But there was never a year when this stage was not lit up during the festivity.

“This Ramlila, in fact, reflects upon the ups and down which the university saw over the years,”[ said Deepak Kaushik, general secretary of the Hari Naam Sankirtan Prachar Mandal under whose aegis the Lahore-born Arjuna Amateur Dramatic Club has been organising this Ramlila on the Chandigarh campus of Panjab University since its inception here in 1956. Kaushik, who is engaged with this Ramlila since 1991, said that after Partition, the university shifted from Lahore to Jalandhar, Hoshiarpur, Shimla and Solan, before coming to Chandigarh. But the staging of Ramlila continued uninterrupted, he said.

Members of the mandal, who all are from the PU, say that people like Master Khem Raj Behal, Tara Chand Gandhi, and Babu Mohan Lal started the Arjuna Amateur Dramatic Club which was active in staging plays and cultural activities against the British rule. PU employee Rajan Sharma, who is a part of this Ramlila since the age of four, and currently plays Rama, says that the contribution of Prof Lekh Raj Sharma, former head of chemical engineering department, had a big contribution in keeping this Ramlila alive when it moved to Chandigarh, along with the campus, from Solan. “He remained the president of the club for thirty years and inspired several generations on the campus to remain attached to our roots,” he says.

Vaikunth Nath Bhandari, one of the oldest members of the club, said that after Lekh Raj, this Ramlila was on the verge of closure in the early 90’s. But the efforts of late Prof Biri Chand, ex-chairman of UBS, revived it and helped creating the team of young people who are taking this Ramlila forward.

Here, Lord Rama converses with Sita in Urdu

An interesting part of this Ramlila is that though it was uprooted from Lahore years ago, it still has the rustic ‘Lahori’ flavour. Here, the dialogues are still delivered in pure Urdu and generations after generations have ensured that the original language remains unchanged.

Sushil Puri, one of the members, says, “We never used any special or professional artistes to attract crowds. From young to old, everyone delivers their dialogues in Urdu.” 16-year-old Karan Sharma, performing the role of young Rama, says that he had some problem in learning the dialogue initially but, having participated here for last many years, is now used to it.

13-year-old Anurag, playing the role of young Shatrughan, says that he enjoys being a part of this festival. The members here believe that the tradition of this stage will hopefully continue in future too.



gmada mulls tougher action
Defacement of public property in Mohali
Kulwinder Sangha
A bus stop defaced with posters at Phase IV in Mohali
A bus stop defaced with posters at Phase IV in Mohali. Tribune photos: Vicky Gharu

Mohali, October 19
While the unabated defacement of the public property is giving an ugly look to the town, the municipal corporation is planning to seek police help and the GMADA is likely to impose heavy penalties to compel the offenders to show greater civic sense.

Efforts of the corporation and GMADA to beautify the town are being nullified by the offenders, who miss no opportunity to find space to paste their posters and bills. Over the years, the number of individuals and establishments defacing public property with impunity has risen and that the civic body and GMADA are facing a tough challenge.

During a round of the town, it was seen that advertisers were having a free run, sticking posters and bills according to their convenience. Walls, streetlight poles, bus queue shelters, sector guide maps, police barricades, power and telephone junction boxes, etc, have been defaced at many places. Now, recently constructed overbridges of GMADA, on the busy “hopping street” (extending from the PTL chowk to Phase VII-VIII traffic light point) and the security gates of the have become a target of the offenders.

The violators mainly include, religious organisations, educational institutions, those providing PG accommodation, private tuitions and home cooked food, housing construction companies, boutiques, beauty parlours, communication companies providing broadband services, etc.

A council official said it was becoming difficult to rein in the violators in the absence of any strict laws to check the defacement of public property. The civic body could only recover a compounding fee of merely Rs 500 under the Punjab Municipal Corporation Act, 1976, from a violator. The meagre amount failed to act as a deterrent. The corporation, however, issued notices to violators from time to time and collected the compounding fee. Posters put up at unauthorised places were also removed during drives carried out by the civic body, he added.

It is reported that the corporation is now planning to take help of the police to curb the defacement.

Estate Officer, GMADA, Navjot Kaur, said a survey would be conducted on the defacement of public property after which notices would be issued to the violators. Heavy penalties could be imposed on second-time offenders, she added.



Shergill’s report an eyewash, says whistle blower
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, October 19
A day after UT’s three-member probe committee looking into the PS Shergill’s report on the scam submitted its action taken report with the UT Advisor, Dinesh Sood, the whistle blower in the scam, while terming the outcome of the inquiry as mere an eye wash has announced to move the court on the issue.

The committee has initiated proceedings against eight allotments that have been found to be in violation of the terms and conditions laid down for allotment of booths in the Krishna Market, Sector 41 market.

Dinesh stated that the inquiry committee did not bother go in to the facts of the complaints regarding the allotments made between 2002 and 2007 in the Sector 41 market. He claimed the inquiry committee steered clear of any controversy.

He said he had given list of the booths that were either sold on the GPA basis and had been rented out to other by the allottees of many as it was in violation of the allotment terms and conditions.

“The Shergill report had stated that the financial dimensions of the fraudulent allotment ran into crores of rupees, including money paid to politicians, police officials and officials of the estate office. But the estate office has not bothered to check the facts”, said the whistle blower while adding that there was threat to his life. Meanwhile, reacting to the outcome of the case, Chandigarh BJP President, Sanjay Tandon, said every effort was being made to protect the main persons behind the scam. Rather they are cancelling a few allotments and taking an action against some persons, the inquiry would be mere an eyewash, he said. Chandigarh Territorial Congress Committee (CTCC) President, BB Behl, said it was political issue. “The names of certain persons was being unnecessarily being dragged in to the case. The allotments of the booths had been done in a fair manner,” he said.



‘MC chairman approved money without councillors’ approval’
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, October 19
Confusion prevailed between the municipal corporation electricity committee chairman and secretary on the sanctioning of Rs 74 lakh agenda in a meeting held yesterday. Interestingly, in the press release, which was issued after the meeting by the public relations department, it was mentioned that issues of around Rs 74 lakh was approved by the committee on which the Congress councillors, who were also the members of the committee alleged that the chairman of the committee, Arun Sood, who is a BJP councillor had approved the amount without the required quorum in the meeting.

When contacted committee chairman, Arun Sood said he was informed by the corporation officials that to hold the meeting, one third quorum is required which means out of total nine members of the committee three were required. He said that in meeting four members were present so all the issues approved by the committee should be considered as approved. He said that it was strange that the corporation officials were raising the issue about the presence of less members in the meeting.

However, the secretary of the committee, SP Singh, said that as the quorum of the committee was not as per the norm due to which no issue can be considered as approved as members only had discussions.

MC Commissioner, VP Singh, said he is clueless about the issue but if without the required quorum the agenda was approved it will be considered as cancelled.

MC Deputy Mayor, Satish Kainth, alleged that as the BJP councillor had violated the norms of getting approved the issues without required quorum he should resign from the chairmanship of the committee.



Encroachment drive: MC challans 75 violators
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, October 19
The Municipal Corporation Chandigarh carried out an anti-encroachment drive at Sector 22 Shastri Market and its outskirt area. The MC team challaned 75 violators for encroaching upon the government land.

The drive was carried out under the supervision of Additional Commissioner, Lalit Siwach, and assisted by Superintendent Kashmir Singh and other enforcement staff of the MCC.

During the drive, all the walls and passages were cleared from the Shastri Market, Sector 22. The team also removed and seized gas cylinders, tables, chairs, readymade garments, deep refrigerators and coolers from the inner passages of the markets. In addition, rehri pheris were removed from the outskirts of Sector 22.



Punjab Govt to improve health facilities in remote areas: Badal
Our Correspondent

Mohall , October 19
In a bid to ensure health for all, Punjab Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal today said the government was committed to upgrading the entire health infrastructure to provide the best medical care, diagnostic and treatment facilities to people, especially in the far-flung Kandi and border areas.

Addressing a gathering on the occasion of the foundation stone-laying ceremony of a multi-specialty centre at Sector 82 here, Badal said the government had already spent nearly Rs 350 crore on upgrading the infrastructure in government hospitals at the block, tehsil, subdivision and district levels.

Later, talking to the mediapersons on the sidelines of the function, Badal said the Shruti episode was unfortunate and gave an assurance that the government would go to the bottom of the case to ensure exemplary punishment to the culprits.

The Chief Minister said he had convened a special debate in the Punjab Assembly on the political vendetta issue. He said, “Criticism for the sake of criticism is not at all desirable, but healthy criticism is always welcome”.

When asked to comment on the recent visits of Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi, the Chief Minister said there would be no tangible impact on the political scenario of the state, especially the prospects of the SAD-BJP alliance in the Lok Sabha elections. Rather, Badal said, his frequent visits to Punjab would make the alliance stronger as people were already fed up with the “arrogant and anti-common man” policies of the Congress-led UPA government.



Paying obeisance online
Hina Rohtaki
Tribune News Service

Panchkula, October 19
You may call it the easy-attitude of people or the messy system prevailing at the Mansa Devi shrine during the ongoing Navaratras due to which some devotees are preferring to pay obeisance and making donations online. Interestingly, most of the devotees are local people who are going for “e-obeisance”.

A total donation of Rs 35,000 has been received online from the devotees. The least amount that has been paid through online is Rs 51.

Though the website was launched in September 2011 to facilitate NRIs, locals, too, are making the most of it. ''It is tiresome to stand in long queues. At times, the cops deputed there add to our woes as they let their relatives jump the queues. Thus, this time we preferred to pay obeisance to the goddess and donate Rs 2,100 online," said Vineet Joshi, a resident of Sector 10.

Parwinder Kaur, an accountant at the shrine, said, ''We are donations online also. It is not just NRIs who are making e-donations, but locals as well. The offerings range between Rs 51 and Rs 21,000. In these three days, we have received Rs 35,000 as online donations.''

Taruni, a resident of Sector 12, Panchkula, voiced similar concerns. “Rather than getting jostled in the long queues and tolerating the misbehaviour of the security guards, it is better to pay obeisance online. No one misbehaves and you pay obeisance from your air-conditioned room,” said Tarini.

''I play a hymn on my mobile phone, log on to the temple website and my entire family pays obeisance. It is the first time that we went for virtual ''darshana''. We did not visit the temple because mismanagement of the shrine board makes things difficult there,'' said Raghav Chaudhary, a resident of Sector 14, Pachkula.

There are other people who are wary of visiting the crowded shrine along with their children during the Navaratras as an infant was kidnapped from the place. ''I did not visit the temple as I was a bit scared to go there along with my little son. Therefore, I paid obeisance online,'' said Raj Singh of Sector 16, Panchkula.



Row over selection for Nagpur seminar
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, October 19
Cutting across the party lines, resentment prevailed among the Municipal Corporation councillors, who alleged that Mayor Raj Bala Malik had ignored them while selecting representatives for a one-day seminar on solid waste management, which was held at Nagpur recently. The councillors alleged that before selecting the panel the Mayor did not seek their consent.

The one-day seminar was held at National Environmental Engineering Research Institute (NEERI), Nagpur. BJP councillor Davesh Modgil and nominated councillor Surinder Bagha along with the Mayor had attended the seminar. Additional Commissioner Sunil Bhatia, Joint Commissioner Rajiv Gupta and Superintendent Engineer Mukesh Anand were other officials of the corporation who attended the seminar.

Sources said some disgruntled Congress councillors in a meeting had decided that they would bring the matter to the notice of the high command. They also asked why the Mayor had not selected the members of the sanitation committee as it was there subject which was to be discussed during the seminar.

Meanwhile, Mayor Raj Bala Malik said councillors from every party represented the corporation at the event and she was an envoy of Congress party as well a Mayor of the corporation. She said it was her prerogative to select the councillors and there was no need for the participation of another Congress councillor as it would have been a wastage of public money.

Deputy Mayor Satish Kainth said it was strange that none of the committee members were asked for participation. BJP councillor Rajesh Kumar Gupta said he was clueless about any seminar at Nagpur.



Boy falls off bus, suffers severe injuries
Tribune News Service

Panchkula, October 19
In a tragic incident, a 14-year-old boy suffered serious injuries after he fell off the roof of a Haryana Roadways bus near Sector 6 here today. The boy was rushed to the General Hospital, Sector-6. Later, he was referred to the PGI, Chandigarh.

The driver of the bus did not know that the boy was sitting on the roof and fell off the bus. The boy was rushed to the hospital when a passerby noticed that the boy got injured.

The condition of the boy is critical and he is still unconscious. “The bus took a sharp turn and he fell down. The driver did no know that such incident had happened,” said Rita Malik, an eye witness.

“We don’t even know his name. He has received serious injuries on his back, head and even face. He has suffered very serous injuries,” said a doctor at the PGI, Chandigarh.



Companies upgrade softwares for LPG cylinder booking
Rajinder Nagarkoti
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, October 19
In order to restrict the delivery of subsidised cooking gas cylinders to three till March 2013 and six cylinders every financial year, the oil companies have upgraded the booking softwares of the LPG distributors of the city.

Besides, the distributors are monitoring the delivery of subsidised cylinders through domestic gas consumer card (DGCC) booklet by entering the details of every delivered cylinder.

AK Bhatia, patron of All-India LPG Distributors Federation, said the oil companies and the LPG distributors has upgraded their booking softwares. He said with every booking of subsidised cylinder, the booking system would generate a slip or cash memo, which would have details regarding the subsidised cylinder.

Varinder Bhandari, booking officer with Shivalik Gas Service, said delivery boys were also mentioning details regarding the cylinders on consumers’ booklets. Consumers would have to produce the booklets to delivery boys while receiving cylinders, he added.

An official of an oil company suggested that the consumer should check the entry made by delivery boy and sign the DGCC booklet. “Consumers should check that the serial number of the DGCC matches with that printed on the cash memo,” the official added.

Meanwhile, The distributors have been carrying out a drive against the people who have connections on more than one address.

Fact file

  • Every household will get six subsidised cylinders in a financial year.
  • During the next six months of this financial year every household will get three subsidised cylinders.
  • A household means a functioning kitchen. If a family has more than one functioning kitchen under one roof or on one address then they will be treated as separate households.
  • There are 3.58 lakh LPG consumers in the city
  • Rate of a subsidised cylinder is Rs 408
  • Non-subsidised cylinders will cost Rs. 775 on September rates and Rs 917 on October rates. The rates of non-subsidised cylinder will vary every month based on the international LPG prices



Chandigarh scan
Conference on communication

Swami Vivekanand Institute of Engineering and Technology organised second national conference on “Emerging Trends in Communication” on Friday. The conference provided a platform to the participants to deliberate on emerging issues of new technologies, suggest approaches to overcome the problems and evaluate various tools for better understanding and development in the area of communication. More than 70 participants from different universities and institutions across the country had been selected to present their paper in the conference.

Facilitation Centre launched

The Chandigarh Administration has set up a Facilitation Centre at Entrepreneur Development Centre in IT Park. A decision to this effect was taken recently at a review meeting held under the chairmanship of Prerna Puri Wasu, Secretary IT. Senior officers from the Engineering Department, Estate Office, Town Planning, Architecture Department, Fire Wing of the MCC and Department of IT would be available at the Centre for meeting the representatives of IT companies on the first and third Friday of each month to address the issues pertaining to their departments. The Facilitation Centre would help in providing information on various processesor procedures and rules applicable to the companies at the IT Park under one roof. The Centre was operationalised on Friday wherein the SDO (Building), Divisional Town Planner, SDO (Public Health), Promotions and Information Officer and other officials of the Chandigarh Administration met with the representatives of IT companies. The initiative would be useful in improving coordination between the departments and IT companies.

Seminar held

The Chandigarh Management Association (CMA) organised a knowledge series seminar on “The footprints of success” at Punjabi University’s Regional Centre of IT and Management here on Friday. The key speaker was Asit Ghosh, a renowned management expert from Kolkata. He shared his success mantra with the audience. Earlier, Manoj K Sharma, president of the CMA, said today’s mantra for success had changed from profit maximisation to satisfaction of all the stakeholders, especially employees, customers and suppliers.

Bus presented to school

NK Chari, chief general manager, State Bank of India, Chandigarh Circle, on Friday presented a Tata Winger school bus to Dr Anuradha Sharma, president, Hamari Kaksha, Government Nursery School, Sector 7, Chandigarh. The vehicle will be used for ferrying underprivileged children from their homes to four branches of the Institute. NK Chari appreciated the work being done to ameliorate the conditions of the less fortunate ones and to help them to come up in life and build a better tomorrow. Vijuy Ronjan, deputy general manager, SBI, Chandigarh Module, along with other senior functionaries was also present on the occasion.

Summary of revision electoral rolls

This is to inform the public and political parties that a scheduled programme of Special Summary Revision of Electoral Rolls wrt 1-1-2013 as the qualifying date has been received from the Election Commission of India. The claims and objections from the eligible persons, who attained the age of 18 years or above, are invited wef 1-10-2012 to 31-10-2012 at all the designated locations of Chandigarh Parliamentary Constituency. The Election Commission of India has appointed Ajoy Sharma, IAS, Special Secretary Finance, Chandigarh Administration as Electoral Roll Observer of the constituency. In case of any complaint or query regarding non receipt of the claims from the residents, the public can contact the Electoral Roll Observer.

Car number allotment

The applicants or owners of vehicles, who had booked their registration number in series CH-01-AP, are required to submit their papers along with tax and requisite fee to the office concerned before November 5, failing of which the number shall be allotted to the interested applicants on first-cum-first basis.

Students of Spring Valley School dress up as various characters from the Ramayana in Mohali
Students of Spring Valley School dress up as various characters from the Ramayana in Mohali on Friday. A Tribune Photograph

mohali scan
Dasehra celebrations

The tiny tots of Spring Valley School, Phase XI, Mohali celebrated festival of Dasehra on the school premises.

The children came to the school dressed up in costumes relating to the various characters of the epic Ramayana like Sri Ram, Lakshman, Sita, Hanuman and Ravana. Effigy of Ravana, which was made by the tiny tots and teachers, was consigned to flames. Principal Ravinder Kaur narrated a brief story from the Ramayana.

Later, Inderjit Kaur Buttar, the chairperson of the school, distributed sweets among the children.

Tribune Reporters



After ruckus at Panchkula district courts, police challans own vehicle
Hina Rohtaki
Tribune News Service

Panchkula, October 19
In a bizarre case, the Panchkula police was forced to challan its own PCR vehicle this morning after a ruckus outside the district courts in Sector 1, Panchkula, over the parking of the PCR vehicle in the ‘no-parking zone’. The vehicle was parked in the middle of the road.

“The PCR vehicle was parked in the no-parking zone and even SHO Nupur Bishnoi’s staff car was wrongly parked just outside the district courts complex. We requested the policemen to park their car on the side of the road but they shouted at us and said they won’t remove the vehicle,” said Satish Kadiyan, president of the Panchkula Bar Association.

He said: “We kept requesting the policemen for about half an hour saying that the people are facing inconvenience. But they did not listen to us.”

It was after Nupur Bishnoi and additional SHO Ajay Singh Rana reached the spot and reportedly exchanged heated arguments with the advocates that a huge crowd gathered there. Other members of the bar association also started protesting. As they were engaged in arguments, traffic on the road came to a standstill.

“No one is above the law. Not even the police. If they have violated the rules, why should not they be punished?” added Kadiyan.

The advocates also alleged that the police was unnecessarily making an issue out of a trivial matter.

The brawl turned so ugly that Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Virender Sangwan had to reach the spot. The situation was brought under control after Sangwan directed the policemen to challan their own PCR vehicle.

Policemen make it a prestige issue

The advocates alleged that the station house officer of the sector-5 police station, Nupur Bishnoi, and the additional SHO, Ajay Singh Rana, misbehaved with them, saying that now they would challan all the vehicles on the court complex which are parked in the manner their vehicle was parked. It was after the police vehicle was challaned that these two police officials flared up at the people making it a prestige issue.



Erring driver found without licence
Tribune News Service

Panchkula, October 19
The erring driver in whose name the challan was issued was not even carrying his driving licence. Even after such a big scene was created for wrongly parking the PCR vehicle, the police made it a prestige issue after the challan was issued and did not remove the vehicle from that place.

“The driver was not even carrying his driving licence. This shows the extent of the police’s callousness. It shows they feel themselves to be above the law,” said an advocate.

Meanwhile, a senior police official said: “Igot the matter settled and even asked the policemen to challan the PCR vehicle. I am not aware whether the erring policeman was carrying his licence or not.”

Despite the fact that a big scene was created for about one and a half hours, which led to a heavy traffic jam on the road, the policemen did not remove the PCR vehicle from the “no-parking zone”.

“It shows that policemen are so cheeky and stubborn. They made it a prestige issue as to how can anyone ask them to remove their vehicle,” said Vishal Singh, an eyewitness.

“Just because of their ego, there was a heavy traffic jam on the road. ,” said another passérby.



Dance performances mark last day of youth festival
Tribune News Service

Students perform a folk dance during a zonal festival held at Home Science College, Sector 10, in Chandigarh on Friday
Students perform a folk dance during a zonal festival held at Home Science College, Sector 10, in Chandigarh on Friday. Tribune photos: Parvesh Chauhan
Students take part in a folk intruments competition at DAV College, Sector 10, in Chandigarh on Friday
Students take part in a folk intruments competition at DAV College, Sector 10, in Chandigarh on Friday.

Chandigarh, October 19
The Zonal Youth and Heritage Festival concluded today at Government Home Science, Sector 10, with various enthralling events.

To mark the last day of celebrations, the participants from various colleges showcased their talent in the various dance forms.

The morning session included Kathak performances as well as group dances staged by various colleges. In the afternoon, folkdance, including luddi, sammi and gidda were presented by the students. The chief guest was eminent theatre personality Kamal Tewari, chairman of Chandigarh Sangeet Natak Academy.

Meanwhile, talent unleashed at the DAV College on the third day of the youth festival with scintillating performances. Twelve participants put forward their view points in debate on the burning issue: ‘FDI in retail is the best opportunity for the revival of Indian Economy’.

‘Youth unrest’, another burning issue, was highlighted by the participants in elocution. The folk instrumental, group folk orchestra, orchestra (Indian) and instrumental music mesmerised the audience and shall reverberate in their minds for long.



Army Law Institute students get degrees

Mohali, October 19
Punjab Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal today assured the management of the Army Institute of Law (AIL) all possible support to make the institute a deemed university.

Addressing the fourth convocation of the institute, Badal said the AIL’s proposal on deemed university status would go a long way in making it one of the best institutions in the field of legal education.

He exhorted the students to play a pro-active role as upholders of law and justice in the society and reminded them of their foremost duty to bring justice to the downtrodden, the underprivileged and the poor sections. He asked them to be ready to face challenges and shoulder new responsibilities as they had entered a new phase of their life.

Conceding the request of the AIL for starting the LLM classes from the next academic session, the Chief Minister asked the management to send a proposal to him in this regard so that he could take up the matter with the Vice-Chancellor of Punjabi University, Patiala.

As many as 100 students of three different batches were awarded degrees.

The Chief Minister’s Award for being the overall topper in the Business Law Group was won by Minna (May 2010), Shubhra (May 2011) and Shubhneet (May 2012). In the Legal Practice Group, the award went to Manik Mittal (May 2010), Harmandeep (May 2011) and Sahil Puri (May 2012). The Chief of Army Staff Trophy was won by Abhilasha for the 2005-10 batches, Meghna for the 2006-11 batch and Shubneet for the 2007-12 batch. Cash awards were given to Himanshu and Megha for standing first and second, respectively, in the Punjab Judicial Services Examination.

Highlight Suggested

Inadequate seating arrangements were made at the convocation for the mediapersons, much to their annoyance. They were also told by students on duty that there would be a press conference in an adjoining hall, but when the Chief Minister arrived there, the students themselves began interviewing him. When a question was put by a newsperson, Badal said he would not speak on any political matter at the Army institute. The mediapersons, who had been waiting for a long time, then immediately left the hall. — OC



founder’s day
Now watch PU celebrations live
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, October 19
The Panjab University alumnus staying in different countries of the world will also be able to watch the university’s Founder’s Day celebration live online, as for the first time the university is going to have a live telecast of its function.

PU is all set to celebrate its 130th year of inception on October 20. This year is unique as it marks the university’s existence for 65 years before as well as after India’s partition (1947).

PU officials said people will be able to watch the lectures and celebrations sitting back at their home either by logging on to the PU website or by visiting another website: www.video.Flakes.tv.

As a part of the celebrations, lecture on ‘Interpretation of Early Indian History’ will be delivered by the eminent historian and PU alumna, Professor Romila Thapar, Professor Emeritus, Ancient Indian History, Jawahar Lal Nehru University, Delhi. The lecture would be followed by a panel discussion on the Panjab University Vision

2020 Document. The celebrations will conclude after a one-hour cultural programme. All the events would be telecasted live by the Panjab University.

“This is for the first time that the live telecast of the function will be done for the people who fail to attend the function,” PU officials said.

The recordings of the function will also be available online for the people who missed the live telecast. The alumnus has also been invited for the function, which would be held at the Law Auditorium in PU.



Explore new ideas, entrepreneur tells students
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, October 19
With an aim to spread awareness on entrepreneurship, University Institute of Engineering and Technology (UIET) held a special camp here today.

Seasoned entrepreneurs shared their experiences with the students. The entrepreneurs from the city, Sameer Guglani, co-founder of The Morpheus, Puneet Vatsayan, co-founder of The Hatch Incubators and President, TIE Chandigarh, and Bangalore-based young entrepreneur Sangeeta Devni, CEO and founder of Startup Freak, participated in the interaction. The placement officer, Manu Sharma, motivated the students to work towards fulfilling their goals in their life and to bring in innovative ideas. Puneet Vatsayan spoke about the journey of self-discovery, constant learning and progression with the changing times. He encouraged the students to explore new ideas and keep experimenting.



150 students take part in placement drive

Dera Bassi, October 19
A training-cum-placement drive was organised at Sri Sukhmani, here, by OMST Technologies, Chandigarh.

Over 150 final year students of Electronics and Communication Engineering and Computer Science Engineering participated in the drive for their career guidance and placements opportunities in the company. Harsimran Preet Kaur (HR manager) along with her team conducted the drive.

With the upcoming trends in telecommunication, Sandeep (coordinator telecom), OMST Technologies, Mohali, presented a workshop on 3G, 4G, LTE and WIMAX. The workshop enthused the students to make a future in telecommunication. –– OC



from schools
Durga Ashtami celebrated

Students of Golden Bells Public School, Sector 77, Mohali, celebrated the festival of Ashwin Mass Navaratras and Durga Ashtmi with enthusiasm. A special assembly was held on this occasion. The children were told about Devi Durga and nine days of Navaratras. Children also visited a temple today. Chairman of Golden Bells Public School Col CS Bawa threw light on the life of Devi Durga and told the students to follow the path of righteousness.

Inter-school competition

The 15th Shri KJ Khosla Memorial Inter-School Competition was held in the fond memory of the vice-chairman-cum-executive of Bhavan Vidyalaya, Sector 27, Chandigarh on the school premises on Friday. This year an inter-school English elocution competition was organised where over 14 prestigious schools of the tricity participated.

Handwriting contest

Hindi handwriting competition for Prep I students was held at DC Model Senior Senior Secondary School, Sector 7, in Panchkula. Around 100 students participated in the competition. The tiny tots participated with full confidence and enthusiasm, and performed to their best of abilities. The winners of the competition are Sagar, Shayanpreet and Ridhima from Prep I A, B and C respectively.

Recitation competition

A Hindi recitation competition was organised on the premises of St Joseph’s Senior Secondary School, Sector 44D, Chandigarh. Students reflected their concern for environment, social issues, trees and pets through poems. The participants were judged on the choice of poems, pronunciation, actions and confidence. The children enjoyed the day to their fullest and were in jubilant mood. Certificates of appreciation were awarded to all the participants.



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