The eternal bond of music
As amiable and gentle as ever, ghazal singer, Penaz Masani’s only mission in life is to continue singing
Nonika Singh

“Thank God we don’t have remixes in ghazals. Ghazals are still the same, have the same beauty and love.” When well- known ghazal singer Penaz Masani says so, one can’t help but notice that she hasn’t changed much either. Time seems to have stood still since she first came on stage in 1981 and delighted listeners as much with her lilting voice as with her delightful persona. Even her trademark permed hair haven’t straightened a bit since then.

With a twinkle in her eye and a tinkle in her laughter, she recalls those early days of singing when well-wishers advised her to tie her hair and change her look. But she was determined to present herself the way she was and became the modern face of ghazal singing. She has no qualms in admitting that she is a westernised person but equally enamoured by Indian culture and ethos.

For this Parsi grew up in an atmosphere of classical music. Her father, who turns 95 on November 23, learnt Hindustani classical music from none other than Ustad Faiyaz Khan, the court musician of Maharaja of Baroda. Decades later, when she performed at Laxmi Villas Palace at Baroda, for a Rotarian function, it was an emotionally charged moment for her.

Other memorable moments of her life have been receiving the Padama Shri in 2009 and meeting her guru Madhurani. Till today, she finds her strength in her guru and consults her while choosing ghazals. Being a woman, she takes great care while selecting ghazals. She does recollect the decade of late 1980s and early nineties when just about any singer draped a shawl around, picked up the harmonium and started singing ghazals, making it a mass product and taking it to bars. But the sharab and shabab ki baatein are not her cup of tea. In fact, this peppy Cancerian prefers light and romantic ghazals. Yet, she is equally adept at rendering the profound kalaams of Mirza Ghalib and of Amir Khusrau.

On her occasional forays into pop and Bollywood music, she says, “Genres don’t matter. I am happy to be associated with music.” Of course, today she might say no to her first playback song. She reminisces, “Both Alka Yagnik and me were aghast by the lyrics that went like Pucca jamun to do nahi…” But she doesn’t regret her limited association with Bollywood and singing for films like Hamari Bahu Alka, Anand aur Anand, Vishkanya and Gandhi to Hitler. Bollywood, she insists, is part of our culture.

So as she came to Chandimandir to perform for 232nd anniversary of Engineer Corps or when she goes globetrotting to Korea and Vietnam, among other countries, she does include some Bollywood numbers in her concerts.

In today’s times, with piracy being rampant, she admits that cutting albums has become a no-win proposition. Indeed in her long musical odyssey, dotted by many albums and honours, she admits that there have been many lows too. But she reasons, “It’s these phases of introspection that make you a better person.” No wonder, she has survived the onslaught of time, her voice as melodious as ever. Discipline and abstinence of certain kinds of foods too have helped retain the magic of her voice, which her fans till date adore and can never have enough of. For them, she still remains the ultimate ghazal singer.

In the three decade long journey, her passion for her forte ghazal singing too sustains. And her ultimate mission remains, “Tanha tanha dukh jhelengein, mehfil mehfil gaayenge….” Among the many mehfils, where she is set to delight, includes a concert at Japan for which she has prepared a Japanese song too.

Marriage is a beautiful institution

So believes Penaz Masani who is single not by choice but as destiny ordained. She confesses that being single is not easy and she does miss having a companion. Yet, she says, “Life has a beautiful way of compensating.” Each time she is swarmed with adulatory responses from her listeners, a prayer and a thanksgiving escapes her lips, “Thank you God.”

Parsi image

This Parsi, who is fluent in both Hindi and Urdu, has no issues with Bollywood’s portrayal of her community. Penaz Masani agrees that most Parsis don’t know Hindi but are lovable beings as shown in the films.

In today’s fast-paced times, relationships are developed in the wink of an eye. And then they are broken in another wink. Here are some of the common reasons couples cite for breaking up…
Jasmine Singh

No hang-ups, no mess, no wailing and howling; splitting-up in relationships is far easier and less painful than what we have been witnessing in Bollywood! No one is spending time on sad songs or waiting till eternity to unite with the loved one who left one fine day. If calling splits is so simple, the reasons will be far more fragile. According to a study, ‘I’m not ready for commitment’ has topped the list of reasons given by women for dumping their partners while men go for a vague - ‘it’s just not working’ excuse. As simple as it gets! We are sure there are many more reasons behind Splitsvilla.

This is going too fast

The thrill, the fun part of being in a relationship cannot be described. Suddenly the world around begins to move at the speed of the rocket. Here comes the problem. Param Preet Ghuman, a medical officer from Mohali, feels that people look at relationship like a two-minute noodle recipe. “They get into it immediately and are equally eager to come out of it if things don’t happen their way. Most of the times, they neither have the will nor the inclination to work out a relationship,” she says.

Not ready to commit

Here comes the big one; ‘not ready to commit’ reason finds favour with most couples who call it spilt as a matter of fact. Kartar Cheema, Punjabi actor, who has won an award for Best Actor in a Negative Role, finds this as one of the major reasons for a split. “First they hang around and have fun; the minute they see it going official it is a sign to run.” Well, boys site this as an excuse more often than girls. “They want to witness and enjoy the fun part of a relation, but it is a package of other responsibilities as well,” he adds.

Don’t earn enough

There is no harm in being a bit practical and thinking logically. A woman is more likely to think about how much her partner earns. And if he doesn’t fulfill the criteria, the relation is off! Satish Sharma, who is running an NGO in Panchkula, goes back in time when the wife would be happy in whatever the husband would earn. “Then came a time when the wife stepped out to work in order to balance the family. A relationship can just fall apart if one partner feels the financial pressure,” he says.

We don’t see a future

They jostle to get out of the past; they hardly live in the present, but the couples these days are bothered about the future. The best part is they can foresee it too! Sandeep Kathuria, a lawyer from Ambala, is surprised when his friends who are dating tell him that they don’t see a future with the girl or the boy they are dating. “This is the funniest reason to end a relationship, but I have seen people citing it with aplomb. Dating couples suddenly realise that they don’t see a future together, and they call it off,” he laughs.

Career first

How often you have heard the best of dating couples falling apart because either one of them wanted to concentrate on career? “The lure of a well-etched career forces them to willingly give up their existing relationship,” says Charu Dhiman, who teaches music to visually challenged students in Mohali. She adds, “They don’t have any qualms in admitting that career is their priority.”

You might want to use any of these, just in case...

  • ‘I’ve met someone else’ so see you later alligator!
  • As vague as it gets. Could you believe It’s not you, it’s me’ is also a reason for breakup. Decipher the meaning yourself.
  • We want different things from life so let’s just call it a day.
  • ‘We have not got enough in common’ is a common factor for separation.

Demand & supply

Those who are partial to handcraft items can find an array of things to interest them. An exhibition of assorted collectibles by ex-academicians Kamal Deol and Param Toor, boasts of a little personal touch here and there. There're bed spreads, cushion covers, décor pieces, linen, stoles, wallets; all picked up and hand treated.

"Eighty per cent of these are hand made and hand stitched," shares Toor. She adds, "Both of us are retired academicians and this our way of channelising our energy. Most of the things have been worked upon as per demand."

While the likes of velvet odhnis are self designed, the likes of napkin holders have been picked up and given hand painted flower treatment. Adds Deol, "Someone asked us to come up with bed covers, so we designed them. Then someone asked us to make cushions and suits, so we decided to go ahead and make them. It all came out on the spur of the moment." That's inspiration on the go.

— Manpriya Singh

stress buster
Live to celebrate life
Renee Singh

Festivals are happy times, celebrations galore! The excitement is almost hard to deal with for some people. They begin to feel the stress. There are many reasons for this unwanted stress and yet it does accumulate and takes over. It even stays with us post the festival season

The reasons that you might feel stressed out are

  • Unresolved conflicts in families.
  • Travel stress.
  • Deciding where to go and what to do.
  • Wondering who to see and who not to.
  • Buying gifts for relatives and deciding who to give what.
  • Preparing a family meal and creating a menu.

Thus we are overburdened with stress during and post the festival season. It sometimes is insurmountable and our capacity to deal with it seems negligible. We wonder how to cope with it. Well just relax, think with a calm mind that how you enjoyed this time of the year and just go ahead with life.

Of all the festivals that we celebrate in our country, Diwali is perhaps a time we all wait for. It's a time for families to come together and somehow I feel the celebrations continue all through the season with Eid, Christmas around the corner and the New Year coming on. Intermittently since the wedding season is also on in our country even that is enough to create stress for some of the family members who are organising things. Having a clear plan of coping with stress is very important. It enables you to take positive and effective action in the correct direction. short term stress relief

It is important to stat calm. This helps in making you relax physically, gain emotional footing and help you tackle with stress with a more calm and sensible approach rather than how you would handle things otherwise. Taking long deep breaths to calm down this always helps to handle your stress well.

Long term stress relief

Certain habits promote resilience to stress, they enhance overall wellness. People who meditate regularly are able to handle stress well. People who exercise regularly also fall into the same category.


  • Directly attack the stressors
  • Emotion focused techniques are always very effective.
  • Meditation practiced regularly brings in resilience to stress.

Remember life is meant to be enjoyed. Each moment spent in stress is a moment lost in time. Try not to allow this to happen to you. Just go ahead and enjoy the festivities. Bring forth the child within you to play an active role and simply forget about everything else.

(Renee is a Chandigarh based psycho-therapist)

pet passion
First love
Manpriya Singh

The first pet might not be the last but often, it's the only one. And among all the overrated "first things", a four-legged companion perhaps merits a separate citation. Three years later, she's still revelling in the joys of a "first ever pet.” "I never had a dog before. In fact, I was really scared of them. Rather the whole family was scared of dogs," shares Pritika Bedi, final year student, B Com.

Gradually the fear turned to the few usual apprehensions, till the youngest in the family made everyone give in. She adds, "My youngest sister is really fond of dogs. She would always ask for them, till one day she finally put her foot down and asked for a dog as her birthday gift." That's when a tiny little black Labrador came into their house and the rest, as they say, is proverbial history.

Love me, love my dog

It was only a matter of introducing the family to the latest entrant. "Now of course, everybody adores him." She recalls, "Christmas Day is when he was born and he was only 25-days-old when we got him into the house." She adds, "He was so tiny that he would fit into a shoe."

Like with all newcomers in any house, pretty soon, the name game began. She laughs, "We named him Calvin. He's not Klein for sure, but he's Calvin," before adding, "I only gave him this name. It sounded short and chic and suited him pretty much. We thought of a lot of random names but somehow this struck home with everyone."

While he may not have anything in common with the American designer, everyone in the family is ready to vouch for the well behaved creature. "He's very friendly and very affectionate. In fact, he doesn't even bark at strangers. He's too lazy to do anything like that." She laughs, "The only time he does bark is when threatened about his territory, like when he sees other dogs."

Yours faithfully

The best thing about having a pet is never hard to guess. "During summers, he sleeps in my room only, because of the AC. Though he sleeps on the floor, but in the morning when he climbs up on the bed." She smiles, "That's his way of waking me up and saying 'I am up, now you better attend to me'."

Along with the puppy love, come a bagful of responsibilities. "It's almost like adopting a child. One should have a dog, only when one is completely ready to take care of it." A domestic help comes in handy. "That's' because they need to be taken for a walk at regular intervals and if they fall sick, it can be taxing." Nevertheless, she throws a temptation. "But still, everyone should have a dog." Didn't someone rightly say, everyone deserves two things, a dog and a mother who would let you keep it?

Doc Talk
Pierce with care
Dr Vikas Sharma

To keep up with the latest trend of body piercing, more and more youngsters (both men and women) are getting their body parts pierced. The silver and golden studs piercing the eyebrows, lower lip, tongue, umbilicus, nose, helix and the cartilaginous part of ears are the new craze among the trend conscious youth.

With the festival season on and wedding season about to start, the practice is gaining a peak. The joy of having this style statement, however, is short lived for people with sensitive and keloid prone skin as they end up having large hypertrophic scars and allergic reactions.

Root cause

Sometimes the allergic reaction may appear even months after the first gunshot or needle pierce. An allergic reaction caused by the stud can cause the area on the skin to gradually turn erythematous, crusted and dark. There may also be associated with recurrent itching, skin flaking or oozing. These reactions are very common with artificial jewellery, but can occur with silver, gold and platinum too, especially if concentration of nickel content mixed is more than 5 per cent. So it's very important to have a spot Dimethylglyoxime test to be done on the stud, which detects if your jeweller has mixed more nickel with gold.

Pimple problem

A rather painful and persistent eruption which looks like a pimple, but is actuality much thicker. This pimple is known as granulomas, and they contain dead skin tissues. This is a type of infection which appears right next to the piercing and makes it difficult to rotate the stud. If the scar does not leave, you will need to get it surgically removed.

Skin infection

If you do not keep your new piercing sterilised, it will eventually lead to an infection. This infection will cause a bump containing pus and fluids to appear. A scar can appear as a result of the leaky fluids.

Constant fiddling

Scars are bound to form when you keep touching your piercing. Many people find the feeling too strange and cannot handle it. Too much of scratching and fiddling can delay the healing process and leave scars.

Watch out

Do not be shocked if you find your hair, threads from clothes and sweaters getting stuck to your piercing. What you must be careful about is that you do not allow the piercing to get pulled really hard.

What to do

  • You will need to keep your piercing clean. Simply pour some of the liquid in the insides and the outer parts of the piercing. Do not use cotton balls as its fibres may get stuck in the piercing.
  • While you're cleaning your piercing, try to gently rotate the stud or ring. This will help open up the piecing and clean the area as well.
  • Use vitamin E drops on the piercing after you have cleaned the area. This will speed up the healing and keep infections at bay.
  • Do not use oil on your piercing as it will accumulate dust and germs, which will coagulate and collect on the skin.
  • Use hydrocortisone creams for treating granulomas, or nose piercing pimples, as these work the fastest.
  • You won't be able to donate blood for one year after piercing. This is a rule. If this is an important part of your life or if you have a family member that will need your blood in the coming year; then you need to postpone piercing.

(Dr Sharma is a dermatologist & dermato-laser surgeon)

Tune in
The song of the soil
Manpriya Singh

The truth is that many listeners will still any day trade a guitar for a dhol, a violin for a tumbi and switch onto the songs of celebrations. Folk music is forever. The songs of birth, death, love, separation, beauty, bravery, festivals, folklores and folktales. The songs characteristically accompanied by traditional instruments like dhadd, sarangi, gagar, chimta, gharha, among others.

Hall of fame

The artists of Punjabi folk genre remain as eternal as the instruments. To begin with, there's Surinder Kaur, the Nightingale of Punjab, credited for pioneering and popularising the genre. Her Ik Meri Akh Kashni, Lathe di Chadar, Manoon Heere Heere Akhe, Kaala Doria find proud place in any folk music lover's list in their original forms even in times of remix. Then the likes Mere Daadiya Rabba, Laung Gawacha have adapted well to experimentation and stood the test of times. Asa Singh Mastana remains best known for lending his voice to some of the unparalleled Punjabi folk songs like Kali Teri Gut, Balle Ni Panjaab Diye Sher Bachiye, Doli Charhdeyan Marian Heer Cheekaan.

Moving on, Chamkila remains the most controversial as also the most indispensable artiste in the history of Punjabi folk music. His music was heavily influenced by the rural life, he experienced while growing up. He is most known for songs about extra-marital relationships, drinking, drug use and uncontrollable tempers of Punjabi men. Some regarded his music obscene while others considered it a true reflection of the society. Moving on, Gurdas Mann is credited with raising Punjabi folk music to an altogether different level. Prakash Kaur, Surinder Shinda, Manmohan Waris, Hans Raj Hans, Sardool Sikandar and Pammi Bai are some of the other influential folk artistes.

Youngster's take

Never mind the upsurge of contemporary Bhangra artistes, classics share a sizeable but steady loyal. Shares Ramanpreet Bawa, BA student, GC-11, "It's like rediscovering some of the classic hits on the radio that we listened to all the time when we were children and even our parents listened to when they were children." His personal favourite include Laung Gawacha and Challa by Gurdas Mann. "Hardly a DJ worth his name has not played his version of these inimitable classics." He adds, "I also like Laung Da Lishkara and Kalla Shah Kalla for their peppy undertones and evergreen lyrics."

Opines Karanvir Singh, management student, Panjab University, "

Master Chef
“Sole” for the Soul !
Kandla Nijhowne

I usually avoid talking meat and fish in this column. The obvious reason being the divide between my readers. Last week I got fired by a friend for steering clear of non-vegetarian dishes. That got me truly "fired" to elaborate upon my favourite fish recipe. Sole, like most other variety of fish is a powerhouse of nutrients, each designed to boost our health systems.

Visit your fishmonger and request fresh fillets instead of reaching out for the packs in the store-freezers. My husband being half-Bengali, wants to pick up fish that is practically swimming ! In fact, he refuses to buy unless I'm willing to cook it that very day !

Braised Fillet of Sole in Lemon-Butter Sauce

  • 8 sole fillets, 100 gm each
  • 1 tsp garlic paste (optional)
  • ½ cup maida
  • 16 very thin lemon slices,seeds removed.
  • ½ cup fresh parsley, chopped
  • 1 lemon juice, salt, pepper
  • 3 tablespoons cold butter, cut into pieces.


  • Sieve the maida with half a teaspoon of salt.
  • Marinate the fish with 2 tsp of lemon juice, salt, pepper.
  • Keep aside for half an hour.
  • Shake dry and place the fillets in maida and coat with firm pressure.
  • Heat oil in a pan and sear the fillets in several batches. Flip over after 1½ minutes and cook the other side similarly.
  • Cover the fish to keep warm.
  • Heat butter, add parsley stems, lemon juice, salt.
  • Bring to a boil then reduce heat to medium-low.
  • Remove from heat and toss in the leafy ends of parsley. Add pepper too if desired.
  • Pour over fish fillets and serve with a side of your favourite stir-fried veggies.

(Nijhowne is a Chandigarh-based culinary expert)

In conversation with Robert Pattinson…

The hugely successful Twilight movies have made Robert Pattinson a global phenomenon. Right from his character Edward Cullen to his real-life romance with co-star Kristen Stewart, everything is talked about. The British heartthrob talks about Twilight series, stardom, his co-stars and lots more.

1 How did you feel shooting the final installment of Twilight?

Where do I start? (laughs). The Twilight Saga, for me, has been a career altering experience. I was nothing before these films. I had done a string of odd roles and modelling assignments. Then came my big break with Twilight. So it’s going to remain with me forever. Shooting Breaking Dawn was surreal (pun intended). It was very emotional for all of us because we had been together for so many years and it was sad knowing that we wouldn’t be coming back to the sets after this.

2 Do you know you have a huge fan following in India? So any plans of coming here?

I’m a big fan of Indian culture and movies too! And I hope I get the opportunity and time to visit this fascinating country soon!

3 What do you do in your spare time?

Apart from being an actor, I’m also a singer and a songwriter. I play the piano as well. In fact, I’ve played the piano in one of the Twilight scenes and composed music for it too.

4 What are the similarities you share with Edward Cullen?

I’m quite unlike Edward Cullen. Initially when we started filming, I would disagree with, Twilight author, Stephenie Meyer over Edward. I would engage in intense conversations with Kristen over the relationship between Edward and Bella. Edward is a maniac, depressive character and I’m not like that at all. The only thing I have in common with him is that I drive like a maniac too!

5 What is the sweetest compliment you have received for Twilight or as an actor? And what is the worst criticism?

The best compliment for me was the fact that I was so well received as Edward by fans. Edward Cullen was already a cult character, who fans (especially women) doted on. And those were pretty big shoes to fill. The one feedback that I got, which isn’t exactly criticism, was that I should be more ‘broody’.

6 Are you familiar with Indian cinema and actors?

I have heard a lot about Indian cinema and the famous Bollywood actors. I have worked with Mira Nair on Vanity Fair and she used to fill me in on the Hindi film industry.

7 Who are the actors and directors you want to work with?

I’ve been a huge fan of Jack Nicholson since I can remember. It would be a dream come true to work with him.

8 Tell us something about Robert Pattinson as a person?

There is nothing special to point out. I’m a pretty regular guy. I have my moments when I feel overwhelmed by all the attention and scrutiny, which lately has been a lot. But left alone, I’m no different than your average guy. Breaking Dawn Part 2 releases on November 23 in India.

Taylor Swift dating Harry Styles

Moving on: Taylor Swift
Moving on: Taylor Swift

Country star Taylor Swift is reportedly dating Harry Styles of One Direction band just one month after ending her romance with Conor Kennedy. Swift, 22, was spotted holding hands with Styles on the backstage of The X Factor where she was rehearsing for her performance.

Another hint was given by the show's host Mario Lopez, who said on his radio show that he saw Swift and Styles holding hands after her performance.

Harry, 18, had met Swift at an awards function in March where she danced on band's song What makes you Beautiful. However, a planned date after the awards function was cancelled due to his travelling schedule.

Swift has dated a string of popular men including Jake Gyllenhaal, Joe Jonas, Taylor Lautner, John Mayer and Cory Monteith in the past. The singer is notorious for blasting her former lovers in the lyrics of her songs. — PTI

Room for improvement

“Film festivals like IFFI can rank among the best in the world if appropriate infrastructure is created and programming content scaled up,” a top official said. "The most important thing is to create better infrastructure without any further loss of time. Today, we are managing with existing theatres and auditoria, which are much below par for such a high profile international event.

Fortunately, Government of Goa, has, of late, indicated its resolve to initiate tangible steps to soon create permanent venues for IFFI," Information and Broadcasting Secretary, Uday Kumar Varma said.

“This year, the opening ceremony will take place in a specially constructed air conditioned enclosure which will seat up to 2,000 people," he added. IFFI 2012 is all set to be inaugurated at a gala ceremony on November 20 in Goa. "Film festivals of this kind aim to attract the best creative works in cinema from across the globe. IFFI has been consistently working towards enriching the programming contents," he said.

“This year, the opening film Life of Pi, directed by the legendary Ang Lee, adds significantly to the profile of the festival. We hope to show some remarkable films in our Competition section, which will showcase 15 films from nearly ten countries.” The Cinemas of the World section will offer a bouquet of 53 films. — PTI

Anurag Kashyap unplugged!

Loud & clear: Anurag Kashyap with Kalki
Loud & clear: Anurag Kashyap with Kalki

Anurag Kashyap does not like having too much money because it makes him complacent and insecure. He talks about getting over the dark period in his life and things he treasures and cherishes the most.

Money matters

I do not take any money home from AKPL, my production company. All I want is freedom to do what I want and make the films I want. I still live in a 2 BHK flat with Kalki. I borrow money, without interest, to make my films. Money corrupts people. I want my hunger to stay alive and I want to enable people to make movies and serve as a producer.

Dark spots

I went through a really bad time for nearly a decade and that is when my first wife left me because I was an alcoholic. I used to do ghost-writing to gather money for drinks! My support system at that time and even now comprises Yash Chopra, Aditya Chopra, Hrithik Roshan, Reema Kagti, Zoya Akhtar, Kalki. Kalki helped me get out of my dark phase.

Travel time

I love traveling; whether it is for giving lectures, or for my movies, or attending festivals. I have an incredible team at my production house and they have my back. I get enough money from lectures and classes at universities to run my house. I can get away from flashbulbs and fame. I am a simple man and I thrive on creativity.

Kareena to spill the beans

Kareena Kapoor has been a diva. Fans love her in any form and shape. Though she is married, people’s interest to know her from inside out has not died down yet. The young get inspired from her style and fitness quotient.

Kareena might soon open up in a tell-all book penned by her.

Kareena will share her fitness, style and beauty secrets in the book.

A source close to Kareena says, “Yes, Kareena has decided to share the details of her life to make the book more attractive and also make it connect with the readers. The book will have her and Saif’s private holiday pictures! It will be a unique book.” The book will be absolutely unique, very interesting and it might be a big sell-out.


Farah to dance to her own tunes

Shake a leg: Karan Johar and Farah KhanDirectors Farah Khan and Karan Johar decided to team up to show off their dancing talent at the grand finale of India’s Got Talent. While Farah has earned a reputation of being one of the best choreographers of the country before she wore the director’s hat, she rarely prefers to dance in front of a live audience. It was interesting to see how Farah dances to her own tunes. It was interesting to see Karan try his hand at dancing and do much more than his famous Radha act. Both Karan and Farah, directors, actors and now dancers can be called India’s finest multitalented directors that we have.

Shake a leg: Karan Johar and Farah Khan

Next-door neighbours

This season of Bigg Boss is truly living up to its tagline of being Alag Che... with new elements introduced and a twist unfolding every day. And now the latest is, Bigg Boss house in Lonavala is soon going to be invaded with a new neighbourhood – naye padosi-- who give company to the inmates.

The new neighbours will however live in a completely different set up, which is a rustic mud house, different from the existing sprawling mansion you see on television. This second house is not even one fourth the size of the current 10,000 square feet house and the new contestants will have to survive in here!

Unlike the other house, the flooring and walls are made out of mud and has only one single bedroom with 6 beds that will not have mattresses. You will see couches replaced by chatayis for comfort on the floor and antique copper trunk for storages. While the modern Bigg Boss house has amenities like air conditioning, the contestants in the rustic house will have to live without it! The kitchen includes a small gas stove that makes it mandatory for the contestants to sit down and cook with copper utensils used back in the day. This kitchen will not have a microwave oven even a sink to wash the dishes.

For water storage, there is a matka. The house inmates are fighting it out to win the battle but you never know how destinies are swapped here.

Lights, camera, drama

IN ACTION: Deepika Singh & Anas RashidDiya Aur Baati Hum on Star Plus is currently airing a plot which depicts Sandhya’s (Deepika Singh) disinterest in joining a night college. Now, the coming episodes will be replete with more drama. As witnessed by viewers, Suraj (Anas Rashid) is trying hard to convince Bhabo (Neela Vaghela) to let Sandhya study. Now, Sandhya’s brother Ankur (Varun Khandelwal) had also offered his helping hand to Suraj.

IN ACTION: Deepika Singh & Anas Rashid

There will be a twist in the tale with Ankur hiding some bitter facts from Sandhya. The suspense will get revealed in the coming episodes which will come as a shocker for the entire family. What is it? When contacted, Anas Rashid said, “We are still shooting for the night college sequence but I am not sure as to how the track will proceed here on.”

A still from Yeh KhamoshiyaanAstrological woes

In upcoming episodes of Star plus’ Yeh Khamoshiyaan, Appa Saheb tells Gauri that they had deliberately kept her away from the family as they believe in kundlis and nakshatra and it was predicted that Gauri would be safe only if she is away from her family.  Pratap and Ashwini worry about Gauri finding the truth. Later, Gauri decides to return but finds her passport missing.

A still from Yeh Khamoshiyaan

A still from Pyar ka dard...Turns and twists

In the upcoming episode of Pyar Ka Dard Hai Meetha Meetha Pyara Pyara, Sheela and Rubel go in search for the girl that has lodged a complaint against Rubel. And they almost run into Pankhuri in Harish’s house. On one hand, Aditya and Pankhuri start bonding as a couple and Pankhuri’s parents come to Mumbai to meet her for her first diwali.

A still from Pyar ka dard...

Cyber chat

While Sushant Singh Rajput is busy with his multiple projects, his girlfriend Ankita Lokhande too is busy with her show Pavitra Rishta. Yet, she keeps in touch with him via the Internet with video chats. How sweet!

Diet conscious: Jacqueline FernandezBack to basics

Jacqueline Fernandez looks gorgeous and has a great figure. She regularly goes on detox diets where she cuts out dairy, salt, meat, sweets for 5-7 days and eats raw fruits and vegetables with juices. She slowly re-introduces normal food into her diet and goes back to routine. Good idea!

Diet conscious: Jacqueline Fernandez

Rishi KapoorYounger by the day

Rishi Kapoor is on a roll! He was seen alongside young actors in Student of The Year and will be seen in Aurangzeb. He will also be a part of Maneesh Sharma's next movie starring Parineeti Chopra. There will also be a new girl who will have a sassy character. The hero is also being finalised!

Rishi Kapoor

By invitation only: Farhan Akhtar Reel to real

Farhan Akhtar is playing Milkha Singh in Bhaag Milkha Bhaag and has become friends with the runner. So he is hosting a bash at his place in Mumbai for the legendary runner who turns 78 on November 20. It will be a private party for the cast and crew members of the film and Singh's family.Close knit: Randeep Hooda

By invitation only: Farhan Akhtar

Friend indeed

Neetu Chandra and Randeep Hooda are a couple in real life and they might do a film together, directed by Vishram Sawant. Randeep also helped his friend Arunoday Singh bag a role in a Dharma Productions film.

Close knit: Randeep Hooda


P Khurrana

ARIES: If something is already on your calendar, postpone it for a later date. It’s time to impress your boss. You will be feeling competent to deal with work that requires creativity. No speculation please. Tarot message: Don’t do anything at the cost of health. Lucky colour: Forest green. Magic number: 39

TAURUS: You are in a cheerful mood today.  Decisions may involve a journey overseas, or joining a religious community. Older people: Take care of your health. Tarot message: Make compromises with people around and be positive. Lucky colour: Deep red. Magic number: 25

GEMINI: Women will have the money to shop to their heart’s desire. Think about the budget next time you spend on entertainment or luxury items. Those interested in modelling will get a suitable break. Tarot message: Lack of caution can leave you in losses. Lucky colour: Pink. Magic number: 44

CANCER: Household expenses and the mortgage seem to be pretty well covered now. But pleasurable indulgence might be affecting domestic expenses. Ignore unpleasant gossip. Tarot message: You shall prevent a lot of trouble by taking timely action. Lucky colour: Black. Magic number: 55

LEO: Investments in property may be possible. A detailed accounting process lets you know what you can afford in the present situation. Shopkeepers may encounter an unruly customer. Love life will be erratic. Tarot message: Be positive and think carefully before taking action. Lucky colour: Purple. Magic number: 64

VIRGO: Make the day a really enjoyable one and forget about the work. Some of you may have lost interest in career ambitions. Students interested in competitive sports may be selected for their school team Tarot message: Do not swing away from the course you have charted so far.  Lucky colour: Orange. Magic number: 46

LIBRA: Don’t lose hope whatever the situation is at present. Keep in mind that situations change and lucky breaks can be just around the corner. Tarot message: Lack of confidence or lack of caution can leave you in losses; so be confident. Lucky colour: Coffee. Magic number: 28

SCORPIO: Take criticism constructively and accept praise graciously. Make the most of this low-key day because there is plenty of work in store to morrow. The day is auspicious for shopping. Tarot message: Don't take hasty decisions as it could lead to a waste of money. Lucky colour: Burgundy. Magic number: 61 

SAGITTARIUS: Your chivalrous behavior will be appreciated. Pack up your all cares and woes and have a good time. Influential people can be contacted without too much trouble. Tarot message: Don’t waste an opportunity by being rash or impulsive. Lucky colour: Golden brown. Magic number: 33 

CAPRICORN: Browse the newspaper and on-line websites for that dream job because you may find exactly what you have been hoping for. Career oriented women will be in the lime light.  Tarot message: Learn from the past experiences to avoid making similar mistakes. Lucky colour: Beige. Magic number: 28

AQUARIUS: If you have been feeling house bound, arrange an outing with your partner. Refuse any new assignments. Studies that you do today could help you gain a promotion. Tarot message: Be articulate to prevent people from making their own conclusions. Lucky colour: Peach. Magic number: 65

PISCES: Show your love through practical actions rather than empty promises. Be careful while signing agreements. Family members may require your assistance. Not a day for a new relationship. Tarot message: Dare to accomplish those tasks which take up a lot of time. Lucky colour: Yellow. Magic number: 27

Madan Gupta Spatu

If your birthday is November 19...

Working with a group of artists will be gratifying. You're tired of being misunderstood by people who solely focus on practical matters. You were born with considerable creative talent. Wanting to put innovative touches on everything is natural. Unfortunately, your colleagues and relatives think you're just wasting time. Turn a deaf ear to these critics and spend more time with other people.

Collaborating on a story or fashion line will give you a new lease on life. If someone were to hold a popularity contest, you would easily win it. People don't feel they have to explain themselves to you. Rubbing elbows with creative people fuel your own artistic impulses. Let a friend introduce you to poetry, photography, or dance. With their guidance, you can create works of beauty.

Sushmita SenFor now, you are not advised to confide in those around you. Your self-motivation is lacking and someone else keeps you in motion. Be attentive and concentrate so you don't miss out on occasions which will be offered to you. The stars recommend patience. You can expect little help from friends. Mood: Energetic. Compatible signs: Capricorn, Gemini. Lucky colours: Grey, Electric Blue. Lucky days:  Saturday and Sunday. Lucky numbers: 2, 7, 13, 22, 37.

Sushmita Sen (November 19, 1975  Hyderabad) won the title of Miss India beating Aishwarya Rai who was the runner up. Sen represented India at the Miss Universe Pageant, held in Manila, Philippines. Sushmita won the Miss Universe contest. She became an actress with Dastak in 1996 but her biggest hit has been Main Hoon Na. Her stars reveal success in films till she lives.

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