Sunday, November 25, 2012, Chandigarh, India

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Grooms Wanted

Well settled Chandigarh based Brahmin business family Seeks alliance for their daughter Sept. 87, 5-4, Manglik, Convent educated, B.Tech. Cultured and Caring. Boy must be well Educated, Cultured and settled in business. Respond with biodata and a recent photograph.  C2-95730

Hindu Punjabi family seeks compatible match for their smart, good looking daughter M.S., IT. Intern., September 5th 1977. 5'-1", currently in USA on work permit. Visiting India in January 2013. Ready to relocate. E-mail biodata with recent photo  Ph. 001-(925)449-1246, +919779820676. C2-94598

Professionally qualified match for slim, fair, beautiful girl 30.7.85, 1:30 a.m. Panipat, 5'-2", B.E. PEC Chandigarh.  98885-11269. C2-94802

Match for Manglik/non-Manglik Arora girl Physics Lecturer in College, 26.9.84, 2:10 p.m. Jalandhar, 5'- 3", status family. Father businessman, brother Software Engineer in MNC. Contact: 98784-61254 after matching kundli. C2-94952

Match for beautiful Infertile Khatri girl, 3.10.1986, 8:06 am, Ambala, 5'-4", M.Com., B.Ed. coaching classes widower upto 32 with one issue acceptable, 094684- 36653.  C2-96680

Beautiful, fair, slim 5'-4", 28.8.82, 5.20 am, Ludhiana, looks younger, vegetarian, MCA, working Infosys. Status Punjabi family. 98729-55596,  C2-96698

Suitable match for Ahluwalia Sikh Manglik girl, 24, M.Com, 5'-4", Lect. in Private college. Simple marriage. 9815567951, 98721-46454. C2-95162

Professionally qualified, American/NRI match for Tonk- Kashatriya, 5'-2", 78 born, fair & beautiful Sikh girl, B.Sc., M.Sc., B.Ed., have done MBA from America. Early marriage. Caste no bar. Mobile : 099149-06660 C2-95360

PQM for beautiful, homely 5'-3", 1985 born, Lubana girl, Masters in Mass Communication and Journalism and MA English, working as Information Officers with Haryana Govt. at Chandigarh. Father Class I officer. E- mail:  81462-96864. C2-95789

Ramdasia Sikh weaver beautiful, smart, slim girl December 1984/5'-5", M.Com., MA Economics, working in State Bank of Patiala at Chandigarh. Father retired gazetted officer. Only brother married, in Australia. Vegetarian family. 98722-12675. C2-96218

Professionally qualified match for Ramdasia Sikh, 1984/5'-2", slim, beautiful, convent educated, BDS girl from Mohali. Parents Executive post. Innocently divorce. Caste no bar. Tricity preferred. 8146252146.  C2-97108

SM for Ramdasia Julaha Gursikh 1983/5'-5" girl, MA, B.Ed. Govt employed. Equally qualified B.Tech, bank job, lecturer preferred from Gursikh family. Contact: 09530636252, 09888980125. C2-97310

PQM for beautiful Jat Sikh girl, Oct 81, 5'-4", MBA, wkng as Manager in top MNC Bank in Delhi, Delhi-based Randhawa family. Call 8802403151. Mail:  C2-73634

Jat Sikh family seeks a highly educated, compatible, professional match from landlord family for their very fair, beautiful Dentist daughter, convent educated, 25 years, 5'-5", now doing Masters in Hospital Administration (University Topper). Contact with recent photo and biodata:  8558053847, 8146001551, 9198966-87066. Box 1494F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Seeking educated, teetotaler , cleanshaven Jat Sikh for USA based citizen, 36 yrs. (look much younger than age), 5'-4", B.A., Nursing Diploma, legally divorced with one male child. Send biodata with phone # and photo to  C2-84339B

Seeking match for 25 yr., 5'-7", slim, beautiful and intelligent Jat Sikh girl, just finished B.Sc. Nursing in India. From respected family in Ferozepur. Looking for a well-settled boy in the UK, must be educated and from a Gursikh family. Contact  C2-84571

Canada based Jat Sikh parents invite matrimonial alliance from Jat Sikh professional match (preferably Engineer, Doctor, CGA) for their India born, Canadian citizen, convent educated, Canadian University degree holder, fair complexioned daughter born 1977, 5'-3.5". Permanently employed with Federal Govt. as a Senior Officer in Toronto. Well versed in both cultures. Brief marriage annulled. Divorcees with children please excuse. Serious inquiries only please. Respond with complete details and recent picture to:  C2-87933

Jat Sikh parents seek a match for beautiful daughter, Post Graduate, Professional Employed, 33 yrs, 5'-5", US Citizen. The boy should be around 6' between 33-36 yrs, handsome, well qualified, preferably in US. Please email bio-data @  or call 408-313- 7860. C2-88971

US settled Jat-Sikh parents seek PQM for their pretty MD (USA) daughter, doing specialization, 1983, 5'-2". E-mail at  with photo and biodata C2-89675

Jat sikh parents seeking a suitable match for their beautiful and very well-educated Canadian citizen daughter, 1986 born, 5'-4" tall. The boy should be well educated, professionally employed and preferably residing in USA or Canada. Email biodata and recent pictures to  C2-93424

Seeking professionally qualified preferably Doctor match from a status family for an extremely beautiful Jat Sikh girl 86/5'-5" convent educated MDS final yr. Chandigarh based Senior Govt. Officers' family.  9417125327. C2-94362

Jat Sikh landlord family seeks highly educated Doctor/Engg./Professional match from landlord family for our 1984/5'-6", very fair, beautiful, convent educated, Physical Therapist daughter. M.S. (Neuro) from Ivy league Univ. USA. Currently on H1 Visa. Father retired officer. Only younger brother Engg. in MNC. Preferred Malwa/Chandigarh/Mohli/USA. Contact by latest photo and biodata:  9814906911. C2-94454

Professionally qualified match Citizen/G.Card from well educated and status family for Jat Sikh convent educated, beautiful, 1986/5'-5", Software Engineer top U.S. MNC, H1B visa. Father Retd. Gazetted Officer. Small educated family. Email:  , 99881-98102. C2-94548

Jatt Sikh match for US Citizen 29, 5'-3" Bachelor of Science in Accounting, slim, beautiful. Professionally employed full-time as an Accountant, studying part-time for Certified Public Accountant (CPA) license. Preferences: US professionally qualified, MS Computers from PAU. Please correspond with bio-data and pictures at  C2-94582

Suitable match for Jat Sikh beautiful girl, American citizen, innocently divorce, 5'-4", 30 years. Wanted well educated Engineer. Doaba preferred with biodata and photo. E-mail:  98882-07054. C2-94940

Seeking Jat Sikh match from affluent high status established business/landlord families having substantial U/R property for 80 born, beautiful girl 5'-5", tall, fair, slim, belonging to a high status affluent family of Punjab.  Box 1636F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Jat Sikh Gill girl, 35/5'-6", never married, B.A., 3 years professionally qualified Interior Decoration and Design Diploma, seven month caretaker, Computer Course. 97808-44712. Send biodata/Photo.  C2-94960

Match for pretty Jat Sikh girl, 5'-2", 86 born, Dental Surgeon, Doctor in New York (USA). Phone: 0015104819966.  C2-95058

Suitable status match for Jat Sikh girl, 26/5'-3", BDS daughter of Ex Senior PCS, mother PES. Intelligent, sober & sweet natured, convent educated. Box 1644F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Jatt Sikh family seeking a suitable match for their daughter fair, 23 yr, height 5'-4". B.Com./B.Ed., pursuing M.Com. (CC) currently working as a teacher in high school. Mother Govt. Employee (Bank). Only brother Australian Citizen, Married. Contact with Biodata and photo. Australian PR Preferred. Email:  C2-95436

Suitable match for Jat Sikh girl, B.Tech. Electrical (Thapar University), smart, fair, Convent educated, Jan. 89/5'-2". Father Class-1 Officer, educated family. Prefer educated, landlord, working boy. NRI's excuse. 9814041001. Email:  C2-95482

PQM for slim, fair, beautiful Jat Sikh girl 25/5'-7", B.Tech., Software Engineer, MNC 7 LPA. Parents Govt. employee. 98157-21444.  C2-95780

Well settled Jat Sikh NRI/Indian match for Canadian PR Jat Sikh beautiful slim homely girl. August 1984, 5'- 2", B.Com., M.Sc. Computer Science, MBA (H.R.). 0015873536048. Email:  C2-95816

Suitable professionally qualified match for good looking Jat Sikh girl, 80 born, 5'-4", Software Professional, working in UK on TIER-1, coming December end. Army background, ready to settle in India or abroad. Caste no bar. Around Chandigarh preferred. E- mail details with photo at:  C2-96270

Suitable match for Jat Sikh Grewal beautiful and slim girl, Graduate, 1974 born, 5'-4" (Issueless divorcee), U.S. Citizen. Send photo and biodata by email:  C2-96337

Jat Sikh family seeks a highly educated, compatible, professional match from status family for their fair, beautiful, Dentist daughter, Convent educated, 86 born, 5'-5". Tricity preferred. 98782-36037.  C2-96361

Suitable match for slim Jat Sikh girl, March 1983, 5'- 6", M.Sc. IT, MCA, Sr. Comp. Teacher Govt. School, Chandigarh (contract base). Preferred Tricity and near towns.  97799-11713. C2-96430

Engineer/professionally qualified, handsome Jat Sikh, match for convented, beautiful girl, Post-Graduate Professionally qualified, born July 79, 5'-4", Newzealand citizen. Brief marriage annulled. E-mail:  Phone: 98764-89901. C2-96584

Europe based Jat Sikh Sandhu parents seek suitable match for their beautiful, Europe born daughter, Aug. 1981, 5'-11", LLB., Senior Government employed, well versed in both cultures. Looking for highly qualified professional, tall, handsome boy from cultured Jat Sikh family. Canada, USA and Europe matches preferred. Please contact at +91 8437722878 or  with complete biodata and photo. C2-96650B

Jat-Sikh handsome, tall, well-educated, highly placed Indian/foreigner boy for Jat-Sikh B.Com., MBA, 27/5'-7" tall, slim, extremely beautiful groomed girl, working senior managerial position. Landlord highly reputed, cultured parents. Early marriage. 89685-44522,  Box 1659F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Professionally qualified Jat Sikh match for Professional/Masters Jat Sikh girl, 5'-6"/29 years, Managerial job, handsome salary, top MNC.  C2-97058

PQM for Jatt Sikh girl, 5'-2", 1980, MBA, working as a Senior Merchandiser in Garment Export House. 9988809518. E-mail:  C2-97316

Jat Sikh 1978/5'-8", slim girl MBBS, MD (Gen. Med.), doing job at reputed hospital in Punjab. Canadian PR holder. Father Doctor. Preferred teetotaller Doctor, Engineer or equally qualified well settled Canadian citizen. 98553-83980.  NA2-70439

Suitable match for Canadian Jat Sikh girl, 1986/5', Medical Assistant & Nursing Joint Clerk only contact Canada or USA. Send biodata & photo 001,778,552,9636. Email:  NA2-70834

Well qualified, well settled match from India, Canada, USA for beautiful, slim Jat Sikh girl, 81 born, 5'-4", M.Sc. (Instrumental Chemistry), B.Ed. 98723-39702.  NA2-71214

Wanted a Jatt Sikh handsome, well-educated boy in India or abroad for fair, simple, beautiful Virk girl, 86/5'- 5", BA, B.Ed., PGDCA, M.Sc. IT, MCA, now pursuing MBA final year. Well-reputed family, no dowry, only serious enquiries considered. Send biodata & recent photograph. 99153-69992.  NA2-71438

Jatt Sikh Brar, 26/5'-6", B.Sc. (Medical), B.Ed. parents seeking for educated suitable match, preferred USA Canadian boy. Email:  Contact: 94175-15565. NA2-72332

Australian match for Jat Sikh good looking girl 78 born, 5'-6", MA. Brother settled Australia. Box 1666F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Well-educated and settled match for Jat Sikh girl 34/5'-5", M.Sc., B.Ed. slim, beautiful Australian PR. Preference to Australian resident. Early marriage. Email:  NA2-72466

Compatible match for beautiful Jat Sikh Shergill girl June 1986, 5'-7", B.Pharma, M.S. in Pharmaceutical Engineering from USA. Working in USA 70,000 USD. USA/Canada settled preferred. 098724-00127. E-mail:  NA2-72527

PQM 4 Gujarat bsd beautiful Pb. girl, 5'-4", 7.9.83, 1.40 am (Agra). Convent educated, working as Asst. Prof. in GTU (MBA College). Caste no bar. (Upper caste only). M: 098250-32168, 090330-32168. Email:  C2-96636B

Match for Saini girl, Oct. 83, 5'-2", M.Sc. Nursing from PGI Chandigarh, doing Ph.D., regular job in PGI as Staff Nurse. Tricity preferred. Upper caste no bar. NRI excuse. 09256547213.  C2-94706

Professionally qualified suitable match for Sood beautiful, slim, fair, working girl B.D.S. P.G. Hospital Management 26/5'-5". Vegetarian, non-smoker, teetotaller boy in Tricity preferred. Upper caste no bar. Contact: 097790-78283. C2-94894

Small educated Jat Sikh family seeks match for Canadian Engineer, 32/5'-1". Born and studied in India. Father Senior Officer in PSU. Caste no bar. Visiting India December. Mobile 98726-42711, E-mail:  C2-94314B

Match for Chandigarh based Mittal girl, Jan.78, 5'-4", B.Tech, MBA, presently in USA H1B Visa, working Software MNC, 15 LPA. Caste no bar. 98760-20295.  C2-94522

Professionally qualified, tall, handsome Sikh boy preferably well-settled in USA for very beautiful Parjapat Sikh girl, Oct. 84/5'-7", M.S. (Computer Engg.) from USA. Software Engg. MNC in USA, H1B visa. Decent package. Upper caste no bar. Respond with recent photo, biodata. Email:  89683-07119. C2-95124

UK based Indian Brahmin family seeking match for their well settled UK citizen girl, 5'/29. Send picture/CV :  , Box 1657F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Chandigarh based Punjabi Hindu Khatri family seeks professionally qualified match for Australian Citizen 40/5'-3", MA, MBA, Govt. Officer, slim, smart, fair girl.  C2-96776

Match for Delhi born (Settled in Chandigarh) Himachali Rajput fair girl, Dec. 22, 1977, 12.50 pm, 154 cm., B.Sc., LL.M., working as Manager (Legal) with MNC Mohali, 5 LPA. Father retired Officer. 09478912555.  C2-83913

Suitable match for Hindu Mair Rajput slim, beautiful girl 31/5'-6", M.A., M.Phil. Brother Asstt. Professor Engg. College. Father Gazetted Officer (retd.). Caste no bar. 0171-2660552, 089011-88383.  C2-94976

Suitable Tricity match for Chauhan Thakur girl 25/5'- 2", B.Com., MBA (Finance), working Chandigarh. 94172- 56856, Email:  C2-95214

Match in Tricity for beautiful, fair, slim, Graduate Kashyap Rajput (Mehra) girl, 15.3.1983, 4.00 pm (Karnal), 5'-5", employed at Chandigarh, early marriage, upper caste no bar. Serviceman/businessman preferred. Send photo, bio-data, 97816-52484, E-mail:  Box 1661F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Well qualified handsome match India/ abroad for highly qualified unmarried Brahmin girl working in Newzealand work visa 35/ 170 she can move to any country. Father retd. Police Officer. Sister well settled Australia. Early marriage. Caste no bar. Contact: 00642102494503 or  C2-94418

Ambala based Sarswat Brahmin family seeks suitable match for Manglik slim MBA girl, 18.6.1985, 6.00 a.m. Tarn Taran, 5'-2", upper caste no bar. Contact 098969- 01774.  C2-94840

Handsome, well settled match for Sarswat Brahmin beautiful, fair complexion Manglik girl, 31.05.86, 8:34 p.m., Paonta Sahib, 5'-4", M.A.(Music Vocal), M.Ed., Gotra Rattan Bhardwaj & Vashishta. Preferred teetotaller. Contact after matching kundli. 94180- 73701. Email:  C2-94880

MD/MS match for beautiful Brahmin MBBS, doing DNB (Secondory) in Anesthesia Final year girl 28 years 5'- 3/4" (Non-Manglik). Only Medico. 094679-85073 (M). Email:  C2-94918

Professionally qualified, handsome, Postgraduate match for Saraswat Brahmin, B.Tech, MBA, 21 December 1983, 03:00 pm, Chandigarh, 5'-4", working in MNC. Parents retired gazetted officers, settled at Chandigarh. Family settled around tricity & NCR region only may correspond after matching kundli. Email: , M: 9815993196. C2-96070

Suitable well settled NRI match for tall slim, beautiful Punjabi Saraswat Brahmin girl Apr 1984 born 172 cms employed in USA. Father Army Officer. Only status family need apply with biodata and photographs:  C2-96998

Professionally qualified match for convent educated Punjabi Brahmin slim, fair, girl, 11.09.1986, 10:50 p.m. Jalandhar, 5'-3", B.Com., MBA (Finance), working in reputed MNC (Gurgaon), package five lakh plus contact after matching kundli. 99888-07988.  NA2-70589

Suitable match for Brahmin 1983/5'-6", well-settled USA girl. All family highly qualified USA settled. handsome educated boy required. Contact: 90238-89992. Email:  NA2-70799

Suitable professionally qualified match for Australian PR Punjabi Brahmin slim girl MBA, August 79 born, 5'- 2". Contact: 90419-19355.  NA2-70953

Alliance invited for Dental Doctor girl, 27/5'-6". Having business and Army background in Himachal Pradesh. 09816050085. E-mail id:  C2-94340

Professionally qualified handsome match for Punjabi Hindu Khatri, fair, beautiful, non-manglik girl, 25/5'- 2", B.Tech. (CSE), Project Manager NCR Delhi. Father Class-I officer. Family settled in Panchkula. Vegetarian preferred. Box 1631F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Beautiful Hindu Khatri girl, 5'-1", 8 Oct. 1985, 10.30 am, Jalandhar, Graduate+Computers. Preferred Jalandhar, Kapurthala. Contact: 9815328040, 9464885565. C2-95072

Match for Chandigarh based Hindu Khatri Graduate girl, 30/ 5'-3", Govt. employed (contract). In/ Around Chandigarh preferred. 9988528237,  C2-96334

Professionally qualified match for Punjabi Hindu Non- Manglik Khatri beautiful girl, October 1984 born, 5'- 2", B.Tech. Working in Infosys, Pune. Email :  C2-96396

Match for beautiful Khatri girl 31.8.87, 2:50 am, Saha (Ambala), 5'-1", LL.M. CS serving Noida.  094160-74463. NA2-70325

Clean shaven match required for Ramgarhia Matharu 1977, 5'-6", MA Eco., IELTS teacher, well-settled family. Contact: + 9176966-39819. E-mail:  C2-87907

Ramgarhia Sikh girl 9.9.83, 5'-3", MCA, employed Ambala-based. Contact: 94166-89035, 0171-2541772.  C2-94490

Suitable match for MDS Ramgarhia girl 5'-3"/Oct. 84 born slim fair good looking Senior Lecturer in Dental College. Father XEN, mother Senior Bank Manager, PG Medico/Dentico preferred. Well settled & educated family. Early decent marriage. Upper caste no bar. Contact: 98159-64564. Email:  C2-94946

Educated match for Central Govt. employee Ramgarhia Sikh girl 5'-4"/slim, 15.6.83, 6.34 am born. Architectural Diploma holder, pursuing degree. Preferred Govt./MNC employee. Box 1640F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Pure vegetarian employed below 36 years match for slim Hindu Dhiman girl, September 1981 born, 5'-5". Punjab Government service, Lecturer, issueless divorcee. Respond with complete biodata and Photo. Email:  C2-97390

Well-settled match for Sikh Ramgarhia beautiful, girl 1977 born, 5'-1", B.Pharmacy from India, Masters of Accounts from Australia having PR. Early marriage. Upper caste Sikh family, no bar. Girl in India till December end. Contact: 98155-36660. Email:  NA2-70774

Suitable match for Ramgharia Sikh girl, 5', Dec '75, PGDCA, PGDPR, MA (Sociology), MBA (HR), Central Govt. employee, Mohali. 99151-95401,  NA2-72506

Gursikh non trimmer match for Gursikh fair, slim, very beautiful girl, working in Bank at Managerial Post, November 1984 born, 5'-4", CFA. Chandigarh based business family. Tricity preferred. Email:  , 98146-31255. C2-96204

Professionally qualified well settled match from status family for IIM passout girl, studied in UK, worked in Google and Microsoft. 34 years, 5'-5", Parents Senior Defence Officers settled in Chandigarh. 098150-80274 E- mail:  C2-96816

Suitable match for Ravidasia Sikh girl 1984/5'-2", M.A. (English), B.Ed, Government Teacher (SSA). Father deputy secretary at Chandigarh. 97817-18773, 97803- 46676. C2-94914

Chamar, B.Tech, M.Tech, (Computer Science), 33, 5'-1", Asstt. Professor, Gurgaon, 35000/-pm. looks 25 years beautiful, slim girl. M- 098156-28624.Email:  C2-95293

Chamar, S.D.O.(Electrical, Haryana Government), 28, 5'- 3", Looks 20 years, beautiful, slim girl. Haryana Government officer preferred. 094169-45174.Email:  C2-95302

Match for beautiful Ramdasia Sikh girl, 2nd June 1984, fair, 160 cms, B.Sc. (Applied), MBA. Reputed educated family. Father Gazetted officer, mother Govt. Teacher. 9914533483. E-mail:  C2-95842

Match for Balmiki B.Sc. Nursing girl, working in P.G.I. Chandigarh, 35/5'-2", salary 45000/- PM. 9780909214. C2-96464

American citizen slim, tall, beautiful Valmiki Sahota girl, 5'-7", 21.12.1984 looking for well educated handsome, tall, fair boy with good family background. Ph: 9872769552. E-mail:  C2-96768

Manglik Hindu Rajput Maid/Luthra girl 5'-2", 15.11.1985, 6.15 a.m., Jalandhar Cantt, M.Sc., Computer Science, MCA College Lecturer. Upper caste no bar. Contact after matching kundli. 98787-77650.  NA2-72402

M.A., B.Ed. Ramdasia, 5'-4"/1980, Vaishnu, beautiful, divorcee girl from educated family. Early marriage. 9914410065. C2-95506

Suitable match for very beautiful and slim Khatri girl 29 yrs, legally divorced, MBA (HR) and M.Sc. in Aviation, Tourism and Hospitality but working as commercial artist. Matches preferred from Tri City. Contact 94180-15559 or write with latest photo to  C2-95530

Sikh Ramgarhia parents seek well settled, professionally qualified, fair, handsome, clean-shaven NRI/non-NRI match from status family for their beautiful, fair, cultured, highly educated issueless divorcee daughter, 30, 5'-4", B.Tech. - Chandigarh, Masters - London, IT professional working in Central London. Caste no bar. Send bio-data and recent photograph at  C2-95824

Slim, fair, beautiful Garg working girl 15.12.1982, 3:05 pm Chandigarh, 5'-0". Email: , 92176-07970. C2-96198

Suitable service match for Engineer girl, 12.9.85, 5'- 5", 12:47 pm Chandigarh, Central Govt. service. Father Bank Officer (retd.),  (98726-31647). C2-96368

Suitable match for Doctor MS Optho girl, 24.2.88, 2:22 p.m., Ludhiana, 5'-2".  C2-96778

Aggarwal/Khatri/Arora industrialist boy for very fair, extremely beautiful, sharp featured, slim Aggarwal girl 29/5'-4", convent educated, B.Com., M.A. Father well- established businessman & exporter. Educated, small family residing in posh locality of Ludhiana. 0161- 3269074.  NA2-70659

PG Doctor IIT, IIM or any other highly qualified handsome match for Feb 1984/5'-4", non-Manglik Singal, very fair slim, convented MDS girl, working in Dental College. Officers family. Early decent marriage. 098151-05354, Email:  NA2-71169

Wanted Gursikh match for Sikh Arora girl, 29, 5'-4", Graduate, Web Designing, B.Ed. Contact: 9501059824 around Chandigarh. C2-97032


Prime commercial property double-bay SCO PUDA-Complex, Ladowali Road,
Jalandhar. Rented to MNC/Banks and other reputed parties. Contact:  98158-21000. C2-94610

Chandigarh: # 3301, Sector 23-D, 8 marla top floor. Contact: Annu Saini 98766-98484, 87279-77117. C2-96452

5 marla facing park, 8 marla ground Sec. 23-D and ten marla good locations. Bikram Estates 92178-80632. C2-96560

One, two, three and four kanal kothies in Chandigarh. Very good locations. Bikram Estates 92178-80632. C2-96564

Dappar: Corner Showroom (20'x47') site 60' road. Plots 35' road. Modern Complex front Akal city office. Contact: 98720-28364. C2-97042B

Two plots for sale by owner 219 and 290 yds. in Vikas Nagar Ludhiana. Call 099888-63710. C2-97074

Lalru: MC approved 120, 125 Gaj Corner Plots on 35 feet road. Contact:
98720-28364. C2-97036B

Sector 35-A, ground floor, 1 kanal 4 bedrooms attach 4 bathrooms, drawing
dining, kitchen+servant room, attach bathroom+kitchen. Only for MNC/Banks. 0172-2604310, 8284870730. C2-95240

Shops showroom flats and kothies, best tolet service. Dhiraj 98769-46024. C2-96552

Sector-38 C: 12 marla corner, classic built Kothi 7 Bedrooms, Ensuite, 2 kitchens (A.Cs & Solar system fitted), Italian marble. Servant quarters. Car parking at front & rear garage also. Two ways entry. Suitable for MNC/Embassy officials. Dealers Excuse. 99155-19400. C2-97240

Fully furnished Air-conditioned Apartment in 2 Kanal House Sector 18, Chandigarh available on Weekly/Monthly basis. Contact 076964-00505. C2-97312

Three spacious bedrooms, D/D, terrace on three sides F/F. # 1123, Sector 36-C, Chandigarh. 98144-65197. C2-97322

Bank lease 8 marla Ground, first floors, separate Car parkings. 2345/23-C, Chandigarh. 90234-61199.  C2-97412

Newly renovated one kanal first floor independent 3 bedroom (attached 3 bathrooms) complete set. 302, Sector 21-A, Chandigarh. 98156-66455. NA2-71177

To-let brand new floors with immediate move-in. 3BHK first floor and 2BHK second floor to-let in a newly built 10 marla house in Panchkula Sector 7. Grade A construction, good neighborhood and great accessibility to market, city and IT park. Spacious rooms with wood work. Preferred bachelors or small family employed by MNC, Banks or IT. Contact: 99882- 11332. C2-96690

Cat-3 ground floor, two bedroom, drawing dining, kitchen, two baths, good location. For I.T. girls only. 92178-80632. C2-96556

PG accommodation student/working boys and girls AC/Non- AC Rs 3000/-
per bed, TV/fridge, water filter, Sector 41-D, 45, 47-C, 50, Sector 61 Chandigarh. Also best tolet service in Chandigarh. 98884-97023, 98722-35003, 98148-22730. NA2-70884


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