Sunday, November 25, 2012, Chandigarh, India
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Brides Wanted

Wanted beautiful educated girl from respectable family for handsome clean-shaven Sikh boy 31 years old 6-2, (Ph.D., MCA) Canadian permanent resident from well educated and respected family. Contact with photo & biodata:  A2-86948-OL

PQM for Hindu Khatri, highly placed Engineer son settled in Australia, 8/84, 5'-8". Draws 6 figures. , 89688-67080. C2-96646

Professionally qualified match for handsome, fair Bathinda based Kansal boy, Oct 22, 1983, 11:35 p.m., Hisar, 5'-7", B.Tech, MBA, working in Delhi, decent package. Kundli must. Email:  98158-60750. C2-95866

Looking for MBBS/BDS match for a professional Jatt Sikh boy, 26 years old, US resident. M.TECH in Computer Science. Working in a reputed firm. Educated Family. Contact at or 001-4242727010. C2- 95888

Match for smart, handsome, non-Manglik, Chaudhary/Ghirath boy, 28/5'-8", B.Tech. CSE working as Sr. Software Engineer in Chandigarh. Currently in US on H1B. Well settled family in Amritsar. Email:  Ph: 98148-11938, 95307- 69293. C2-95028B

Well-educated, preferably MBA/M.Sc. non- Medical/Software Engineer
match fluent in English, from decent family with good values. Wanted for NRI boy, born and brought up in Denmark with Indian traditions, 30/5'-8", permanent job in Online Marketing as Key Accounts Manager. Family also settled in Denmark, visiting India for two weeks. Caste no bar. Phone: 75081-60230. NA2-70564

Suitable match for slim Rajput Sikh clean shaven boy, 29/5'-7". Work MNC
Chandigarh. Stayed in San Francisco on Student Visa for 2 years, Owns houses in Chandigarh, Mohali. Rural property seeks beautiful USA, Canada, Australia born/NRI girl of General caste. Email :  C2-94278

Australian PR, 5'-11", handsome Goldsmith Suri, only son, born 23-6-1980,
6:45 p.m., Electronic Tele Communications Engg 3 years, B.Sc. Computer Science & Tech, working as a Telecom Professional seeks beautiful, slim, professional educated girl. 98157- 59751.  C2-94390

Delhi-based HP Rajput B.Tech. IT Enigneer, 28/6', working MNC. Status
family. Preferred homely, well- educated Himachali, Jammu, Dogra girl. 098110-17210. C2-94862

Suitable match for handsome Maid Rajput boy, 15.06.85, 6', BCA, MBA
(Finance), vegetarian, non-smoker, non- drinker, own business. 90414-21988. E-mail:  C2-95054

Well qualified suitable match for Punjabi Saraswat Brahmin handsome boy,
Advocate in High Court Chandigarh, 5'-10", 15.6.1980/Chandigarh. Father a leading Advocate in High Court Chandigarh. Girls in and around Chandigarh preferred. Girls below 5'-4" may excuse. Contact 0172-2785595, 98151-65303. Email :  C2-94350

Professionally qualified/employed match for Saraswat Brahmin Non-Manglik
boy, 9.7.1982, 9.15 pm Chandigarh, M.Arch (Advanced), B.Arch (Gold-Medalist). Sr. Architect/Manager-N.C.R., 13 LPA, vegetarian Chandigarh-based family. Send biodata/photo after matching kundli.  C2-94892

Looking for Doctor/Engineer/Health professional match for Brahmin,
vegetarian, very handsome boy, 5'-9", Sep 1986, doctor, US Army officer, US citizen, doing residency. Grandparents/ aunts in Haryana. Father Lt Colonel in US Air Force, mother in administration, sister medical student in US. . US 575-517-9619, +9199960-88267. C2-95460B

Professionally qualified girl preferably USA citizen Green Card holder or
wants to settle in USA with traditional values for 1981, B.Tech., 5'-6" boy doing MBA in USA. Did seven years job with MNC India/abroad, own establishment in Jalandhar, Delhi, urban property in Punjab. Upper caste welcome well-to-do educated family. 98150-44333. E.mail:  C2-95743

Non-manglik Professionally qualified, Career conscious, beautiful match for
handsome, PEC Engineer, 30/5'-10", working USA. Upper caste no bar. Send particulars. Photo first instance. 9417143721.  C2-95848

Veg./teetotaller, unmarried girl from well-settled family for Brahmin 33,
5'-7" divorced few days, working in Australian Govt. as IT Consultant. Visiting India.  98769-33054. C2-96425

Suitable match for handsome Vashisth boy, 5'-9", 13.2.79, 1:15 p.m., TR
granted in Australia. Girl in Australia preferred. Caste no bar. Contact: 78142- 07562. C2-96782

Wanted beautiful, qualified, working match for Jalandhar based handsome
Arora boy, July 87, 6'-1", working MNC Gurgaon. Send profile. E-mail:  09466777492. C2-93782

Seeking B.Sc Nursing, smart girl for Choudhry handsome, teetotaller boy
from status family. 6.7.1984, Graduate BBA from london, Jim owner in Gurgaon, no dowry. 98762- 93090. C2-94306

Vegetarian handsome Chhabra boy, 29.1.85, 11.50 pm, Amritsar, 5'-7",
LLM, MBA, Legal head MNC, Jalandhar, 35000/- . Father gazetted officer. 98148-11811. E-mail:  C2-94664

Beautiful qualified match for Australian Permanent Resident LL.B., MBA, MPA
boy, 23.7.1987/8:43 a.m./6 feet. Own business in Australia. Sister Australian citizen. Father Advocate at Chandigarh. 90410-23604, 98762-55238. Email :  C2-96010

Suitable match for Uk born 25/6'-1" cleanshaven B.Sc. (Hons.), Civil
Engineer very fair Ramgarhia. Email:  +447950495755, 085678-62218. C2-92614

Alliance of very beautiful, educated girl from reputed family invited for
handsome, very well-established enterpreneur boy 29/6'-1", B.Tech., MBA, having status business of 5-Star Hotel, various commercial, residential assets in/around Chandigarh and abroad. Innocently issueless divorcee, belonging to elite upper caste family settled in Chandigarh. Please send details & picture:  C2-94612

Professionally qualified beautiful match for very Handsome Kamboj
Amritdhari boy 1982 born 5'-7", Engineer, working MNC in USA on H1B ,GC in processing ,earning US $ 150k + per annum from well-settled family in Patiala having rural and urban property. Email:  Box 2810M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Match for Ramdasia Sikh (Weaver) cleanshaven boy, Persuing
MBA,24.8.84/5'-11"/, B.Sc., doing Real Estate business. Contact: 94172-43423. Email:  C2-95490

Match for 26 year old India-born, Gursikh Arora, non- trimmer, US citizen.
He is 6'-1", tall, athletic, second year specialty surgery resident doctor. Both parents are working professionals. Girl should be from Gursikh family, tall, beautiful and professionally qualified. Caste no bar. Biodata alongwith pictures:  C2-95502B

Australian PR holder working BM for cleanshaven 28/5'- 10", fair complexion
boy belong to reputed Sikh family. Brother, sister already abroad. Father General Manager in reputed concern. 81466-73071,  C2-95738

PQM for our son 79/6'-2", handsome, athletic. Canada born, raised Canada,
India, understands value of both cultures. Professional Chartered Accountant, Masters Human Kinetics, presently working on Ph.D. We are Canada-based Jat/Sikh khandani Doctors family, two daughters Doctors, unmarried. We are not only looking for daughter, but family we can consider our own. Our son was briefly married, less than month, now divorced. It can be discussed. If interested we can communicate further.  C2-73364

Jatt Sikh parents seek tall, slim, graceful girl for only son, 29/5'-11", MD
Doctor in Canada, gentle, handsome with strong family values. Both parents senior executives. Contact with recent photograph and biodata at E-mail:  C2-86701

Affluent well settled educated Jat Sikh family seeks a professionally
qualified match for their only son born 1986 very handsome, clean-shaven athletic 5'-11", B.Tech., Canadian Citizen, Computer Engineer from top North American University working as with a American MNC in Silicon Valley California. Please respond with resume and picture to  C2-89929

Looking for beautiful well educated slim Jat Sikh girl for Australian citizen Jat
Sikh boy, 6', born 1982, 1st Class Honours' Degree in Software from Sydney and employed as System Analyst in Sydney. Email biodata with recent pics to  61 449880705 Marriage Bureau excuse. C2-90359B

Suitable match for Australian born citizen Jat Sikh Grewal, 5'-10", 22,
Graduate Pharmaceutical. Well settled business Australian family property in Australia and India. Medico preferred. Send bio-data with photo at:  Ph.: 82889-33857. C2-90783

Well established Canadian Jat Sikh family seeking a suitable match for their
Canadian very handsome 31 yrs., 6' tall MD (Doctor), only son, girl should be tall, slim, and beautiful, with University Degree from Canada/USA with strong family values to settle in Canada. Please send a biodata and recent photograph at email  C2-91150

Wanted NRI girl for handsome Jatt Sikh boy, 24 years, 6'-1", B.Tech.,
Lecturer, good property in rural and urban area. 7837988736.  C2-92143

NRI wanted well cultured girl for handsome Jat-Sikh Amritdhari only son
22/5'-10", B.Tech. (IT) Email:  Box 2783M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Match for very fit and handsome, six feet, Australian citizen (in India now),
non-drinker Jatt-Sikh, Analyst Programmer on high salary in Public Sector Company, 34 years (looks 30)/MS (Computer Science), PMP. Family is highly educated having their own business and urban property in Punjab (Malwa). Email:  C2-93056

Match for CA. Jat Sikh-Sidhu 5'-11"/1982, HOD Accounts Deptt., package 6
Lacs, Rural & Urban property owner. Beautiful, equally qualified and Khandani girl from landlord family preferred. Mobile No. 078372-69217, 094170-87293. E-mail:  C2- 94230B

Match for Gill J/Sikh 22 yrs, 5'-11", clean shaven boy, willing to come to
Canada. Only child, belongs to Amritsar based landlord, simple family. Nurse, B.Pharma, B.PT, good English, willing to settle in Canada. Please contact boy's uncle (Canada) via email  C2-94312

MBBS/ BDS/ B.Sc/ M.Sc Nursing/ Engr. match for American citizen Ghuman
boy 1985/ 5'-11'' Respiratory Therepist. Send photo.  C2-94328

Match for Jat Sikh boy U.S. Citizen, BBA, 5'-8"/28. Own Business. Phone:
0015104819966.  C2- 95064

PQM4 turbaned teetotaller, vegetarian Jatsikh Sandhu boy 29, 5'-9", MBA,
doing job in Delhi (3 LPA). Father retd. Gazetted Officer. Only sister married in Canada. Email:  C2-95266

Suitable match for Jat Sikh 38/6', Engineer, Canadian citizen boy. NRI
preferred. Divorced after brief marriage. E-mail : , contact : 87288-45023 C2-95312

Sekhon parents seek a tall, beautiful Engineer match for their October 86
Indian born, American citizen, 6'- 1", tall Engineer Son; having good rural property in Malwa. Contact 559-455-9067 or  C2- 95430

Seeking suitable match for Jat Sikh boy, only son, US citizen, DoB 26.4.71.
(never married), 5 feet 11 inches. B.S. ( Electrical Engineering)+MBA (Finance) both from top American University, Investment Banker in San Francisco, financially sound. Parents live in Houston. Father adviser to oil company. Own residential and commercial property at Bathinda. Caste no bar. Boy coming to India in Mid December 2012. No demand only girl main consideration. No divorcee please. Send picture & biodata to  India Tel 0164-2240546(call after 9th December) or US 1-832-276- 3265. C2-95444

Jat Sikh boy, Australian Citizen, 31/5'-10", urban rural property in India.  , 88729-01600. C2-95484

Jat Sikh parents, well settled family in Canada seek an intelligent, tall, slim,
beautiful professional girl for their turbaned, trimmed-beard, vegetarian, non- drinker, Pilot son. 6', tall, 28 yrs old, born in India, raised in Canada, strong family values. Rural/urban property. Malwa region preferred. Please respond with recent pictures & complete bio-data of girl & family. Email:  C2-95510

Beautiful professionally qualified match for Jat Sikh boy December
1985/5'-8", Mechanical Engineer, permanent Australia settled with parents. Mail biodata  Box 2827M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Seeking well educated, beautiful match for handsome, 6', 28 Yrs., MBA
Finance, CFA, FRM from GARP (USA), Jat Sikh boy working as Vice-President at Bank of New York, London, earning 95000 Pound per annum. Height must be 5'-5" tall or up. Contact:  00918437320819. C2-95844

Match for Jat Sikh British citizen Medical Graduate boy 33/ 5'-11'' Govt.
hospital job London innocently divorced. Tall beautiful sober well educated girl reqd. , 9779038780. C2-96310

Match for Jat Sikh clean shaven 5'-9''/ 1983 beautiful educated, slim, tall
family oriented girl educated family. PR Canada Vetenary Doctor. Plans to move US. Punjab, Chandigarh, Haryana, Delhi based preferred. No dowry.  C2-96428

Jat Sikh Canadian businessman invites alliance of a beautiful B.Sc. girl for
his handsome, cleanshaven boy 27 yrs., 5'-10". The boy who is now in India is born and brought up in Canada, runs his own successful business. Malwa region preferred. Contact: 089687-40261 or email:  (M) 089687-40261. C2- 96626

Suitable match for Brar Jat Sikh handsome boy, September 1984, Height
5'-9", M.Tech., H1 Visa. Father Class-I Officer in Punjab Government. Contact 075080- 18888. E-mail:  C2-96738

Educated, homely or teacher/lecturer girl for fair Jat Sikh boy 26/6'-1", BA,
LL.B., industrialist (income in high six figures per month). Only child of cultured & God fearing family having substantial urban/rural properties. 0161-6545074.  NA2- 70629

Wanted suitable match for Postgraduate Jat Sikh Gill vegetarian boy
27/5'-11", who also 14 acres urban land. NRI match preferred. Sister USA settle. House:  98881-54190. NA2-70750

Handsome cleanshaven Radhasoami Jat Sikh boy 27/5'-11", B.Tech., MS in
CS from New Jersey, working as Software Developer in USA. No dowry. 094129-63910.  NA2-70788

Suitable match for Canadian citizen Jat Sikh boy, 1985/5'-8", Degree
Electrical & Computer Engineering only contact Dentist & Engineering girl from Canada, USA. Send biodata & photo 001,778,552,9636. Email:  NA2-70837

Wanted a Jatt Sikh simple, tall, beautiful, well educated girl in India or
abroad for a tall, smart, handsome Virk boy 89/6'-3", doing B.Tech. (Comp. Sci.), final year. Well-educated reputed family. No dowry. Only serious enquiries considered. Send biodata & recent photograph. 99153-69992.  NA2-71435

Professionally qualified match from respectable family for handsome Saini
Sikh turbaned MDS (O/S), Medical Officer (Dental), PCMS, 30, 5'-9". BDS, MDS, MD, MS, MBBS, Lecturer preferred. Send biodata, latest photograph. Upper caste no bar. Mobile: 97810-07976. E- mail:  C2-94672

Match for handsome 27, 5'-9", Electrical Engineer, Saini Sikh boy working as
Automotive Technician in Melbourne with impressive income belongs to respectable family from Hoshiarpur. Looking for well manner beautiful girl with pleasing personality from cultured and religious Sikh family. Girls from Australia, USA, Canada preferable. No dowry. Saini/Jat preferable. Details to  or call 94643- 24633 or 0061430067955. C2-95518

Match for Saini Sikh turbaned, issueless divorcee boy, 05-02-1979 (1:03
p.m. Chandigarh), 5'-8", B.Tech (Computer), working in USA. Own kothi in Mohali. Contact: 9316117537. Email:  C2- 95930

New Zealand settled Jatt Sikh Sidhu family is seeking a beautiful & well
educated Jatt Sikh girl for their son. New Zealand permanent resident 29 yr/5'-8", working as Network Engineer. Coming to India in Nov. 2012. Contact/E-mail bio-data photo:  C2-89931

Canada PR Jat Sikh family having rural and urban property in India looking
for professionally qualified family oriented girl for their 28/5'-7" good looking Software Engineer son. Only younger brother is Engineer. Please respond with full biodata and recent pictures. Email:  or call +1780- 680-3055. C2-94188B

Beautiful qualified NRI (only) match for Garg 2 boys belongs Moga, family
settled in UK. (14.1.78, 1:15 p.m. UK, B.Sc. Honours, IT Software, 5'-6"), (8.1.84, 7:28 p.m., UK, B.Sc. Honours, IT Hardware, E-Commerce). +447723020067, 94638-69963. C2-94412

Beautiful SMF Canadian handsome well settled Sikh Punjab raised
35/6'-00", own business, divorcee no issue. Phone: 2045041665. Email:  C2-94584

US resident Doctor/Engineer, MD done/doing/USMLE cleared/Dentico
match for Punjabi SC (Chamar) US Doctor 29/5'-10", working on H1Visa. Send biodata with Photograph:  C2-94590

Match Australia PR Aggarwal boy, 5'-6", July 83, working Head Chef renowed
Company Hotel. Well qualified, beautiful, wish to settle Australia. Elder sister settled Australia. Upper caste no bar. Contact: 9988816346. C2-95068

Match for Brahmin boy 30/5'-6", M.Tech. from USA, job in top MNC Toronto.
Coming India in December. Upper caste no bar. 097794-96200.  C2- 95636

Suitable Medico Dentico professional match for fair handsome 35/5'-7",
MBBS MRCP Khatri boy, working National Health Services Hospital UK. Parents Doctors. 094163-78082.  C2-95658

Hindu Nai parents residing in USA seeking professionally qualified match for
their handsome son Canadian PR. B.Tech., MBA, 1982 born, 6', innocent issueless divorcee on short marriage, highly qualified family, no demands. Caste no bar. Preference B.Sc. Nursing, BE, ME from USA/Canada/India, student visa/work permit also considerable. Send biodata with photo to E-mail:  or Call: 90418-44286. C2-95702

Suitable Match for Punjabi Arora Handsome Australian Citizen 29 yrs, 5'-10"
/ 66 Kgs. (3.10.83 / 8:05 p.m. Rohtak) Parents in Delhi, boy in service in Canberra, Working in Salon, Gud earnings, wist to start own Salon, preference min. Graduate from Hindu family Indian / Australian. 9810158543 /  C2-96520

Professionally qualified girl for handsome, cleanshaven Sikh Khatri boy
34/5'-11", B.Tech. (Electronics & Communication) from India. Sr. Manager in Sydney, Australia ( Salary 1,40,000 $ p.a.) Only son of highly educated family. Own kothi in posh locality of Ludhiana & own residence in Australia. Boy presently in India. Upper caste no bar. 0161-3251374.  NA2-70632

Beautiful match for elder son 32/5'-6", handsome Arora Punjabi fair Dental
Doctor Australia citizen, NRI preferred and younger son 28/5'-8", fair handsome, MBA (Australia), Australian citizen. 099881-13233.  NA2-71795

Match for our son, US citizen, 28, Nurse with Bachelors Degree, 5'-7", fair
complexion, handsome and nice, working in New York city, earns $ 90,000 per year, looking for a girl 22-25, fair complexion, Nurse with Bachelors, willing to settle in US reply to. . C2-94200

USA citizen, 1981 born and brought-up in India, 5'-9", Jatt handsome good looking boy, working as Senior Software Engineer since 10 years in USA. Non-drinker, non-smoker. Looking for beautiful bride; Medical Doctors/Software professionals/B.Sc. Nursing will be preferred. Contact at 92-172-65120 (mother) or email:  C2-88633B

Khatri boy July 16, 1983, 10.30 a.m. Ambala, 5'-9", MBA Dy. Manager
reputed Bank, 5 Lac. 089500-89600, 098025- 13900.   C2-94276

Beautiful match for handsome, smart, Non-manglik PWD MES Contractor,
5'-10", Jan. 1981, B.Tech., MBA, Managing construction business, turnover 2 crores. 098164-92379. C2-94450

Suitable match for Khatri teetotaller boy, 30.4.85, 3:50 p.m., Ludhiana,
5'-10", MCA. Own business Web Designer and Web Developer, 4 LPA.  94648-36411. C2-94804

Suitable match for UK citizen 34 years/5'-6", Chartered Accountant,
well-settled in London, mother in India boy is expected soon. Email:  , 099920- 20470. C2-94984

Handsome fair complexioned 12.08.1985, 12.25 am Monday 5'-8'' B.Tech.
Computer Science Engineer Multinational Noida. Father bank officer Amritsar. Caste no bar 09646221700 after matching kundli. Send detail  C2-96322

Seeking beautiful, Professionally qualified and cultured girl for handsome
well settled Khatri boy, B.Tech. (PEC), MBA (USA). 31.8.1983/1:32 p.m./Bathinda. 5'-9". Working in USA on H1-B Visa. Visiting India December 2012. Upper caste no bar. Email :  , Mobile 098883-41771. C2-96487

Suitable match for Khatri handsome 28/6', Chandigarh born. Own
automobile business. Box 2828M Tribune, Chandigarh.

SM for NM smart Arora boy, M.Tech, 82/5'-7", Radhaswami family, As Astt
Prof. in Engg. College, Jalandhar. Seek Govt employee preferably Govt teacher surrounding Jalandhar. Contact: 08194900181. E-mail:  C2-94674

Suitable qualified working match for handsome, smart, fair complextion,
tetottlar, Arora manglik boy 5'-6", 1-6-84, 4:15 am (Ludhiana)B.Com.,MBA working MNC Chandigarh. 6 LPA.Respectable status family. 99145- 22925, Email:  C2-96060

SM4 Ramgarhia 30/5'-9", MCA, M.Sc. IT, Web-Developer cleanshaven
handsome boy. Girl with equal qualification employed/NRI.  0181-4624654. A2- 87395-OL

Want beautiful, slim, very fair girl between 19-24 yr. for Sikh US citizen
cleanshaven boy 5'-8"/25. 2 degrees from UC Santa Cruz completing law school degree in May. Family owned business. Seeking MBBS compatible W/AMA from Sikh Ramgarhia, families. Visiting India soon. Email photo and details at:  C2- 89945

S.Q.employed match for Nov. 86 born 5'-8'' Ramgarhia Sikh turbaned boy
B.Tech (ECE) Software Engineer working in well known MNC Gurgaon package 6 lac. Educated status family. Contact with biodata & photograph. Email:  94178-06242. C2-96496

Professionally qualified match for Gursikh Khukhrain B.E. boy, Feb. 87, 6'-1",
I.T. Professional, working MNC (IBM), 9.5 lacs. 09815755578. E-mail:  C2-94446

Professionally qualified match for Sikh Ahluwalia 29 yrs, 6', handsome, MBA
boy, MNC Gurgaon, 13 LPA, from status family of Chandigarh.  C2- 95907

Match for Australian citizen Sikh Khatri, 83 born, 5'- 9", Masters of
Information Technology (Sydney). Educated family seeks good looking, well educated girl from respectable family. 98154-99905,  C2-96468

Suitable match for handsome, fair Punjabi boy, 1985, 5'-10", B.Tech, MBA,
Engineer, Govt. job, Chandigarh settled. Own house. Father Sr. Bank Manager, mother Govt. job Chandigarh. 9888255113, 9815240684.  C2-96080

Suitable match for Hindu, Punjabi, Ravidasia boy, B.Tech, MS, 5'-8", slim, 32
years, on H1B visa, working as IT consultant NJ, USA. In India for one month. Father retired Class-I Officer. Delhi settled family. Preference B.Tech, MCA.Send profile and recent photo on  or Call 09582779172. C2-96344

Match for Balmiki boy Sr. Engineer and Team Leader in MNC Chandigarh, 32
yrs./5'-7", Salary 25000 p.m. Contact: 97809-09214.  C2-96472

Professionally qualified match for Ramdasia Weaver Sikh Chemical Engineer
boy 5'-8''/ 1981 permanent resident of Newzealand. Father Advocate mother retired teacher brother married. Preference to Engineer / Doctor/ physiotherapist/ Nurse 9915133308.  C2-96516B

Suitable employed match for SC (Ramdasia) boy B.Tech. (Mechanical)
1984/5'-11", working as Excise Inspector, Punjab Govt. Father working as Gazetted Officer in PSPCL. Govt. Lecturer preferred working nearby Chandigarh & Mohali. Contact: 96461-10135. E-mail:  C2-96608

Seeking well-educated good background, cultured girl for Khatri Sikh clean
shaven boy, 5'-11"/73 born, MBA, LL.B., travelled abroad, served with various MNCs, now running own business and family, having urban and rural properties, only son. Father Senior Army Officer. Caste no bar. Send biodata with photo. Email:  , 094164-29020. C2-94970

Match for cleanshaven Sikh Tonk Kashatriya NRI Canadian citizen 5'-8",
March 1984, own trucking business. Contact No. 98031-62139, 98034-05395. C2-95683

Seeking beautiful preferably convent educated girl for Canadian PR Sikh
Tonk-kashtriya handsome clean shaven boy B.Pharmacy 5'-11", November 84, working in a reputed Pharmacy of Canada. Student/recent immigrant preferred. Contact:  099145- 39557. NA2-71560

Seeking well-educated, Professional woman of substance and style in early
30s for California-based highly- educated Punjabi Hindu-Khatri, GC holder, Technology Manager; slim with Boyish good-looks, Eclectic, Spiritual, Cosmopolitan personality. Well-established family. See Profile: RomanticMystic. No Bars.  C2-94198

Suitable match for Ramgarhia qualified clean shaven issueless divorcee few
days, 35 years/6'. Own business Chandigarh, seek slim, beautiful, issueless, qualified girl. Upper caste no bar. Contact 099146-24047, 099154- 81063.  C2-95666

Suitable match for Gursikh NT/ND Khatri boy Nov. 1983/5'-10", B.Tech.
(CS), working MNC, Gurgaon. 14 LPA. Apply with photo,  A2-86828-OL

Parents seeking Medical/IT professional Gursikh match for their NT/TT
Gursikh son, USA Citizen, Arora, Dec. 1984/5'-9" MS, IT Professional, well-settled family in USA.  0017033990416. C2-94184

Qualified, working match preferably Tricity for Khatri/Arora Sikh 28, 5'-10",
MBA, Chandigarh-based working ICICI Bank. 094653-27797, 097804-09525. C2- 94896

Professionally qualified match for Sikh Khatri Arora very fair boy, 29, 6'-1",
working on senior position in top bank in London. Parents also working in London reply:  C2-94988

33 years, 5'-6", Gupta boy (Looks younger), fair, B.Com., M.Com., MBA
Finance, DCS, JAIIB, CAIIB, Doing CFA. Working as Manager in Nationalised Bank at Baddi.  , 81464-55477. C2-94288

Match for Rajpura based Manglik Garg boy, C.A., 25.1.83/5'-10"/9.05 A.M., Kurukshetra. Working Chandigarh. Working girl preferred.  098153-13490. C2-94876

Beautiful, homely match for MBA, fair, 5'-11", 12.06.1988, 6 am, Naraingarh
born, Business (Rice Sheller &Arhat), Aggarwal Garg boy. Contact: 90341- 20926, 89502-43463. ; After matching kundli. C2-95116

Suitable match for handsome Aggarwal boy living in Australia, November
1985, 5'-9" handsome income. Seeks Australian PR/citizen girl with good family values. Send biodata and pics to:  , 98726-40388 (India), 0061430453033 (Aus.). NA2-70600B

Suitable match for Arora Sikh, B.Tech., smart boy, 28, 5'-8", Australian PR.
Telecom Engineer in Melbourne. E- mail : , 94655-29199, 0016- 433786026 C2-94730

Looking for graduate/postgraduate Medical/non-Medical, Computer
Science, Nursing, Pharmacist for Canadian resident Kamboj Sikh boy 28/5'-9", Graduate in Hotel Management & PG Diploma, well-settled owns property in Canada and India. Parents gazetted officers. Upper caste no bar. Contact: 89681-25659. Send biodata and photograph at  NA2-70611


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