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Weather woes
Rail traffic hit, courtesy fog
Kuldip Bhatia

Ludhiana, December 24
Rail traffic in the region has been adversely affected due to drop in mercury and a thick cover of fog all around. Most of the long route trains, and even those running between Delhi-Amritsar or Delhi-Jammu are running behind schedule by several hours, causing great inconvenience to the passengers.

Railway officials said erratic movement of trains was expected to continue till the prevailing weather conditions showed some sign of improvement. "For safety reasons, speed of the trains has to be regulated during night and wee hours due to poor visibility, which leads to late running of trains." The trains coming from or going to Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and West Bengal were worst affected due to inclement weather.

Among trains running on the trunk route 12460 Amritsar-New Delhi Intercity Express was delayed by 4.30 hours, 12029 New Delhi-Amritsar Swarn Shatabdi by 1.05 hourss, 12497 New Delhi-Amritsar Shane-Punjab by 5 hours and 12043 New Delhi-Ludhiana-Moga Shatabdi Express by 40 minutes.

The trains coming from or going to Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and West Bengal were worst hit due to inclement weather.

The officials said 12372 Himgiri Express (7 hrs), 12237 Varanasi-Jammu Begumpura Express (4.20 hrs), 16317 Himsagar Express (4 hrs), 13040 Howrah-Amritsar Express (4.15 hrs), 12715 Sachkhand Express (4.10 hrs), 15707 Amrapali Express (10 hrs), 12471 Swaraj Express (3.55 hrs), 12919 Indore-Jammu Malwa Express (5 hrs), 15209 Jansewa Express (5.15 hrs), 12203 Saharsa-Amritsar Garib Rath (6.20 hrs), 14649 Sarya-Yamuna Express (3 hrs) and 13005 Howrah-Amritsar Mail (7.35 hrs) were among many other trains running behind schedule.


As if haze is not enough, ‘illegal’ dividers are a threat too
Shivani Bhakoo
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, December 24
Due to intense fog in December-January, the chances of fatal accidents increase manifold due to poor visibility. Adding to the problem, the "forcefully-made" dividers on several main roads in the city pose additional threat to both violators and other commuters.

Though traffic personnel are on duty on all major roads for streamlining the traffic movement, in the absence of strict action taken against the defaulters by those on duty, a majority of the two-wheelers cross the roads haphazardly, by making their way through the dividers which may lead to fatal mishaps.

The dividers, made by the commuters themselves on major roads, including Ferozepur Road, Hambran Road, Pakhowal road etc, can prove dangerous, especially during the foggy weather, as the two-wheelers suddenly appear from no where in the middle of the roads by making their way through the huge slabs put by authorities to stop the traffic movement.

Due to the ongoing construction of Ferozepur Road on the canal near BRS Nagar, the authorities have put huge cemented bricks in the middle of the road for closing the intersections (dividers). The four-wheelers can not make their way through the slabs, yet they make their way through them to reach to the other side of the road. It is risky during the day-time too as the vehicles plying on the road do not have an idea that a two-wheeler can appear from no where, but during evenings, it is foggy and the risk of accidents increases manifold due to low visibility.

"If the authorities have closed a particular intersection of the road, they need to make sure that no one passes through it. As the authorities take a lenient view, the two-wheelers make their way through the huge cemented slabs to reach to the main road and the vehicles coming from other side of the road can bang into the two-wheelers.

On Ferozepur Road, there are three such dividers from where the two-wheelers can make way through to reach to the other side of road. They not only put their life at risk but it can be dangerous to other commuters as well", rued Preetinder Singh, a resident of Aggar Nagar here.

Passerby Joginder Singh said though the traffic police are deputed on Ferozpur Road, they never stop the two-wheelers making easy way through the huge slabs. "If we come from BRS Nagar, we have to go towards Ferozpur Road to take a U-turn, but if we go through these slabs, we immediately reach the other side of the road", he said.

Z.Elanchelian, ACP (Traffic), said that traffic police was doing every possible effort to streamline the traffic on Ferozpur Road. He said, "We will make sure that dividers are closed for the two-wheelers too".



It’s going to be less foggy today, predict weathermen
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana December 24
Foggy weather continued for the second day today forcing the residents to stay indoors. According to the Agro-meterology Department of Punjab Agricultural University (PAU), the minimum temperature was reported at 5.6° Celsius and maximum at 12.8° Celsius today.

The fog reduced the visibility on roads, which lead to major inconvenience to the commuters. Low visibility hit the movement of traffic on the highways also.

Though the government schools were closed for the winter break in the state from today, some of the private schools were remained opened. The school children had a tough time going to school in the freezing weather condition. Most of the areas in city witnessed traffic jams.

Dr KK Gill, A grometerologist at the PAU said, "The foggy condition will continue for some more days, but we are expecting less foggy on Tuesday. The minimum temperature will rise after December 27. The weather will become clear after rainfall".



Municipal corporation auctions residential site
Kuldip Bhatia

Ludhiana, December 24
After several unsuccessful attempts to sell land to raise much-needed funds for the development works in the city, the municipal corporation was, at last, able to sell a chunk of 9,820 square yards in Altos Nagar behind Dairy Complex on Hambran Road today.

The piece of land, meant for development of a residential complex, was sold at Rs 10,700 per square yard as against its reserve price of Rs 10,000 per square yard. The highest successful bid was offered by Pardeep Kumar, in the presence of two other bidders.

The auction was conducted under the supervision of Devinder Singh, Additional Commissioner, Ajay Sood, Joint Commissioner while Hemant Batra, municipal town planner, SS Bindra, assistant town planner (zone D) and Yash Pal Anand, deputy controller, finance and accounts, were also present.

The site was earlier put under the hammer on November 24, but in the wake of bids offered for the land being considered on a lower side, the MC officials had put off the sale of the particular piece of land.

Even though the MC Administration is desperate to raise funds for development projects, which have virtually come to a complete standstill due to sever resource crunch, it has been finding increasing difficult to sell its land and properties in a bid to generate funds.

Only three days ago (on December 21), an attempt by the MC to sell a commercial site on Hambran Road, measuring 5,917 square yards with a reserve price tag of Rs 40,000 per square yard, had to be aborted at the last minute due to legal problem. The civic body is scheduled to put nine SCO sites of 100 square yards each near Keys Hotel in Shaheed Bhagat Singh Nagar on December 26, 2012. The sites have a floor price of Rs 1.5 lakh per square yard.

Seen in the context of the requirements of huge funds by the MC, the sale proceeds from the auction of residential site today amounts to peanuts. The total yield from the piece of land is a little more than Rs 10.50 crore. The bidder had to deposit 10 per cent of the cost at the fall of hammer and another 15 per cent is payable within one month of the auction.

In other words, the MC will, at the most get some Rs 2.5 crore, that too by the end of next month, which is too little to provide much relief to the cash-strapped body, which owes more than Rs 100 crore to the contractors along for the works already executed by them.



Man throws chilli powder into girl’s eyes, flees
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, December 24
A miscreant threw red chilli powder in the eyes of a girl at Jamalpur Road here today. The suspect, who was riding a scooter, was caught on close circuit television (CCTV) camera installed outside a house at Jamalpur Road. The suspect could not be identified as he was wearing a helmet. The victim is stated to be the class XII student of USPC Jain School in the Jamalpur area.

The victim said the suspect, who was riding a black scooter, put red chilli powder in her eyes and fled the scene. She was rushed to a clinic for treatment and later sent home. The red chilli powder caused redness to her eyes and her face developed rashes.

The police has launched a massive hunt in the area following the incident. The police suspects that miscreant might be drawing sadistic pleasure by throwing chilli powder into the eyes of girls. The police has also not ruled out the fact that the suspect might have done this to come into limelight since the whole nation is on the boil after the culprits gangraped a woman in Delhi. ADCP Bhupinder Singh said, "We are on the job and the accused will be nabbed soon. Such an act will not be tolerated."



This festive mood sure is contagious!
Manav Mander
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, December 24
Tall, bedecked Christmas trees, decorated churches and shops overflowing with Christmas goodies all over, the city is all set to celebrate-Christmas. A walk around any market one could feel the festive spirit in the air.

The Christian community and even the non-Christian families living across the city are all set to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ on December 25. Some of the oldest churches in the city like Christ Church, Kalvary Church, Girja Ghar will also be decked up for Christmas.

Christian families will gather at midnight before Christmas day to ring the church bells signifying the time for worship and light up the Christmas tree while melodious carols will also be sung to lift the spirit of the people.

“Christmas is the time which brings happiness, who get together to feast and pray. These are memorable moments that are sacred and blessed. I am all geared up for the festival,” said Joseph Nathaniel, a city resident.

Harish Saini, who owns a stationery shop in the busy Ghumar Mandi market, said during this part of the year, I keep a huge stock of decoration material like streamers, balloons and bells because they are in demand.

"People are in a celebration mood and are ready to splurge on decorations. I am making some quick bucks by selling Christmas trees, decorations, buntings, Santa dresses,” he said.

Gagan Kalra, a student, said, "Just a walk around the neighbourhood market where all kinds of decorations like stars, the Christmas tree and other things are sold in every nook and corner, lifts up your spirits.

The festive mood is definitely contagious!" She plans to attend the midnight mass at a church in Sarabha Nagar with some of her friends.

“I love winters and I especially love this time of the year. Last night when I was driving back home, it was foggy but the silhouette of a tiny church that was lit up with lights, shone through. It was such a beautiful sight. My friends and I have, decided to attend the midnight mass there tonight," added Sheena, another graduate student.

Moreover, the bakeries all over the city are all prepared for the festival. Apart from special Christmas cake, the bakeries are decked up with rum balls, plum cakes, fruit-and-nut cakes, ginger bread house, brownies and a variety of bakery products.



year-ender health
Health wise not a prosperous year
Anupam Bhagria
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, December 24
The department of health and family welfare witnessed a plethora of activities throughout the year.

Civil Surgeon's office a shambles

The dilapidated building of Civil Surgeon's office is in a neglected state. Despite the fact that on July 23, a roof over the veranda collapsed, nothing was done as far as the renovation of the building is concerned. On May 7, Health and Family Welfare Minister Punjab Madan Mohan Mittal visited the office of the Civil Surgeon and stated that the office would be shifted to Lord Mahavir Civil Hospital, Ludhiana.

Ambulance 108

The Ambulance-108 service catered to more than 41,000 patients in Ludhiana district this year. However, from November 8 to 10, patients remained at the receiving end as the staff of Ambulance 108 went on a strike.

Burn unit not operational

The new trauma ward and emergency ward were made operational at Lord Mahavir Civil Hospital. However, the much-awaited burn unit is yet to be made operational.

Tough time for Ambulance 108 staff

The staff of Ambulance 108 had it the toughest in the last week of November when workers of the Youth Congress started pasting pictures of Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh on both sides of the Ambulance 108 stating that the service was launched under the National Rural Health Mission.

Long wait

The Jan Aushadhi Centre kept waiting for the supply of required medicines.

New scheme

As many as 14,500 BPL families were covered under the Swasthya Beema Suraksha Yojna, a scheme launched by the Central government. A new scheme, Janani Shishu Suraksha Yojna, was also launched.

Decline in dengue cases

This year due to a better coordination between the health department and municipal corporation, the district witnessed lesser dengue cases as compared to last year. Last year the number of confirmed dengue cases was 1,662 while this year it was 204.

Gastro outbreak

The city witnessed a gastroenteritis outbreak in Jawahar Nagar.

Red Ribbon Express

The icing on the cake was the Red Ribbon Express, a train spreading awareness on AIDS (a joint venture of the Government of India and National AIDS Control Organisation, Railway Ministry, Punjab State AIDS Control Society) and more than 35,000 residents visited it. Three persons were found HIV positive who got themselves tested at the special laboratory on the train.



year-ender administration
A hectic year for Admn officials
Shivani Bhakoo
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, December 24
2012 remained extremely hectic for the district administration as a number of important events took place during the year.

All these events were enough for the Deputy Commissioner, Rahul Tiwari, and his team of officials to remain "attentive" throughout. Barring a few small controversies and incidents, a majority of the events were well managed by the administration, headed by the Deputy Commissioner.

Vidhan Sabha elections

The smooth conduct of Vidhan Sabha elections held on January 30, 2012, was not an easy task as Ludhiana was the biggest district in which elections were to be held in 14 constituencies. The elections were conducted without any major controversy or allegation against officials being biased towards any particular party.

MC elections

After Vidhan Sabha, the municipal corporation elections were again a cumbersome task, which were conducted peacefully, barring a few controversies. Even a procession "Vijay" was held in favour of a candidate from the ruling party, still the votes were recounted and the particular candidate was declared defeated by the Election Officers.

Too many VIP visits

The year remained abuzz with activity as the VVIPs kept visiting the city for one reason or the other. Starting from the President of India, the Prime Minister, Delhi Chief Minister, Justices from the Supreme Court and Ministers from Pakistan kept the administration on toes. Apart from that, in the past three months, the Chief Minister of Punjab and Deputy Chief Minister visited city 20 times. The visits were enough to create a mess for the common man, still the officials made sure that the common man or the routine work was not affected.

Multi-storeyed parking

The newly constructed multi-storeyed parking was another respite for thousands of visitors coming to the Mini-Secretariat. Though at one point of time, "friction" could be witnessed between the officials of the district administration and police department when the latter had started with the towing-away of vehicles of officials of the administration, the construction of parking lot solved the problem at the Mini-Secretariat.

Streamlining of DTO office

The work at the District Transport Office got streamlined once new places were allotted for different works. The new four places designated for the renewal of licences and making driving licences provided respite to visitors, who had to wait for hours at the Suvidha Centre/DTO office for getting their work done.

Eye donation/organ donation counter at Suvidha Centre

The eye donation/organ donation centre at the Suvidha Centre has started spreading awareness as brochures are distributed among visitors to come forward for the noble cause.

Birth and death record

The administration has sent a detailed report on computerising the birth and death record to the state government and it is expected that within two-three months, all approvals will be made and one will be able to download certificates online.



delhi’s shame
Society should join hands with police to root out eve-teasing: Commissioner
Shivani Bhakoo
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, December 24
As per a rough estimate, 25 cases of rape and nine cases of molestation have been reported in the city in the past six months. As far as registering cases against eve-teasers are concerned, the police expressed helplessness saying the victims did not lodge a formal complaint with the police.

Commissioner of Police Ishwar Singh said the city police was sensitive to the gender issue and there were many helplines for the women. "In order to root out eve-teasing, society needs to join hands with the police. The victim/her parents need to come forward to lodge complaint against eve-teasers. If after lodging a complaint, action is not taken against the accused, the police is to be blamed," said the Commissioner.

While an ADCP said the police was blamed for everything. "Nakas are laid outside leading schools and colleges. CCTV cameras should be installed outside colleges and schools," said the ADCP.

Women maintain, "The law-enforcing agencies need to safeguard our security, why do they need any formal complaint? If I lodge a complaint, the boy will be punished. And in a fit of rage, he may attack me again after being released, will the police come to my rescue then? The police may not take any action, but there needs to be fear of law among the eve-teasers", said Tamanna, a student.

Students to help police identify eve-teasers

Mandi Ahmedgarh: Students of MGMN Senior Secondary School vowed to shun the company of bad elements. SHO Jasbir Singh called upon the students to join hands with the administration in launching a crusade to curb the crime against women. Appreciating the initiative taken by the school authorities against eve-teasing, the SHO said the trend would be extended to other educational institutes too.

Principal Pardeep Sharda assured the police that a team of teachers and students of senior classes would coordinate with the police to help it identify eve-teasers. — OC

Candlelit march

Jagraon: Women, students and representatives of various NGOs held a candlelit march to express solidarity with the 23-year-old victim.

They also prayed for an early recovery of the victim.

A protest march was also held. Residents shouted slogans against the police for failing to guard women and sought strict action against the accused who committed the heinous act.

The protest march started from Chowk Charkhrian and concluded at Rani Jhansi Chowk before passing through various roads of the town. — OC



Christmas brings hope to makers of home appliances
Manav Mander
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, December 24
After Diwali proved to be a damp squib for the manufacturers of household appliances, including refrigerators, washing machines and televisions, they have set their eyes on Christmas and New Year to drive sales.

Since the companies failed to achieve their targets during the Diwali season, the year-end has given them another opportunity. On an average, companies achieve 10 to 12 per cent of their annual sales during this period. Diwali sales are much bigger, accounting for 30 to 35 per cent of the annual sales.

Although sale of gadgets such as smart phones, tablets, and flat-panel TVs was good during Diwali, sale of household appliances suffered due to spiraling prices, attributed to fluctuation in the rupee-dollar exchange rate.

Moreover, the replacement cycle of household appliances is getting extended, which means consumers are not changing the products too soon.

“If earlier, the replacement cycle was of around two to three years of duration, now consumers are opting not to go for a change even after four years of purchase. For white goods, the problem is even more severe because prices shoot up every year,” said Amit Singal, sales manager of a household appliances store on Pakhowal Road.

This year, refrigerator prices were up by 10 per cent, while prices of air conditioners, microwave ovens and washing machines went up by 15 per cent, say retailers. In comparison, the price differential between LCD and LED TVs is rapidly diminishing, making it attractive for consumers to go for the latter.

Manufacturers admit the demand for mobile phones, tablets and LEDs is not likely to recede even during Christmas. On the other hand, household appliances will be sold with the help of discounts and other offers.

“Our company is planning to come up with discounts and attractive offers for the Christmas and New Year season which will surely boost the sales,” said salesman of a branded household appliances showroom.



GLADA acts against developers
Razes boundary wall, dismantles streetlight poles in unauthorised colony
Kuldip Bhatia

Ludhiana, December 24
The Greater Ludhiana Area development Authority (GLADA) has stepped up regulatory action against unauthorised and unlicenced colonies on the periphery of the city. The field staff of regulatory wing of GLADA, led by Ranjit Singh, executive engineer (regulatory), today carried out a demolition drive at a colony under development in Sarinh village on Sarinh-Jarkhar Road (behind Taj Palace).

Under the supervision of additional chief administrator Baldev Singh, who was accompanied by adequate police force from the Dehlon police station, GLADA team dismantled streetlight poles, roads, boundary wall and drainage system in the colony being developed in an area of around 8 acres.

In a note of caution to the unscrupulous developers, GLADA chief administrator Shruti Singh asked them to desist from carrying out any development work in unauthorised colonies without obtaining a licence and fulfilling other conditions laid down under the Punjab Apartment and Property Regulation Act 1995. She said GLADA was committed to enforce the law on development of colonies in letter and spirit. "The violators will not be spared, and will have to face the music," she added.



midday meal scheme
Hygiene given a miss at central kitchen
Charanjit Singh Teja
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, December 24
The Education Department’s attempt to address the concern of government teachers, who felt the preparation of midday meals in schools consumed a lot of their time, has backfired.

Complaints have been received regarding mismanagement of the central kitchen that was established to prepare and distribute the meals in various government schools within the Municipal Corporation’s boundaries.

The department had engaged a non-governmental organisation to prepare the food at a kitchen near Sherpur Chowk and then distribute it in the schools in vans.

The department, however, has received a number of complaints, which include late delivery of meals, worms found in preparations, and inadequate quantity as well as substandard quality of meals.

Tarsem Lal, district coordinator, midday meal, said: "Initially, there were some problems as the NGO was new and didn’t have proper infrastructure to cook and distribute the meals. Moreover, the kitchen lacked Punjabi cooks. To avoid the complaints, we have started deputing three teachers on the kitchen duty every day. Now things are going well.”

Kahan Singh Pannu, Director-General, School Education, said: “We have received some complaints about the mid-day meal. We have taken strict action against the persons concerned. Now every thing is going on well.”

location not suitable

After the frequent complaints received regarding the substandard midday meals, the Health Department officials had collected samples of flour and rice from the central kitchen on Sherpur Road recently. District Health Officer Jasbir Singh said the location of the kitchen was unhygienic as it lies in the industrial area



Holiday announcement leads to chaos in schools
Mahesh Sharma

Mandi Ahmedgarh, December 24
The sudden announcement of a public holiday in schools across the state acted as an irritant as students and teachers had to return after reaching the schools in the cold weather here today.

Education Minister Sikandar Singh Maluka had declared a public holiday today that also upset parents who had to change their schedule to fetch their wards from schools shortly after opening of these institutions.

Although some students and teachers remained at their homes after they received information about the holiday, a large number of them reached their institutions as usual.

Those coming from distant localities were the worst affected as they had to return on foot after the authorities announced a holiday after conducting the morning assembly.

Heads of some schools, meanwhile, had to plead to the staff and students to stay for some time and complete attendance registers and other allied official work and give homework for vacations.

Pardeep Sharda, principal of MGMN Senior Secondary School, said the morning assembly was organised as usual as a large number of students had reached the school.

Teachers were advised to keep a record of students of their respective classes and allow them to leave after giving necessary instructions about homework for the winter vacation.

Balwinder Singh, principal of Government Senior Secondary School, Dehlon, said he had reached the school to ensure that students returned to their homes safely.

Meanwhile, video-game parlours, eateries and other entertainment centres had a brisk business as a large of students preferred to visit these places instead of returning to their homes after finding their schools closed in the morning.



CICU demands bullet train
Office-bearers say high-speed connecivity to Delhi must
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, December 24
The Chamber of Industrial and Commercial Undertaking (CICU) has demanded the introduction of a high-speed bullet train to connect Ludhiana with New Delhi. Avtar Singh, general secretary of the association, in a statement released today said that one of the bottlenecks for the growth and development of the industries was the lack of high-speed connectivity between Amritsar, Ludhiana and New Delhi.

These industrial cities were located at far-off distances from seaports; therefore, high-speed connectivity between them and major metro cities was essential to promote trade and industry in the region, the release stated.

Upkar Singh Ahuja, joint secretary, CICU, said that air connectivity with Ludhiana was neither sufficient nor affordable for the micro and small industrialists. They appealed to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Union Minister Pawan Kumar Bansal to introduce a high-speed bullet train between Amritsar and New Delhi with stoppage at Ludhiana to boost trade and industry.

Inadequate service

  • Compared to Chinese bullet trains that cover over 1,300 kms in less than four hours, the Indian high-speed Shatabdi train covers 312 kms between Ludhiana and New Delhi in more than four hours.
  • The air service between Ludhiana and New Delhi is available on every alternate day, and the current economy class fare is around Rs 5,000 on one side.



College students, teachers welcome long winter break
Lovleen Bains

Doraha, December 24
The colleges affiliated to Panjab University, Chandigarh, will have a comparatively longer winter break this year. The staff and students who went on a break yesterday will return on January 8 to resume the studies.

“Generally the colleges used to have just a week-long winter break from Christmas to New Year. This winter, however, we are having 17 holidays. With our exams getting over, we have ample time to relax and bask in the sun,” said a BA-II student.

Gurpreet Kaur, another student said, “I have already made plans for the holidays. First of all, I will sleep to cover up for the loss suffered during the examinations. Then I will watch movies left that I had to miss. Following that, I will head to some hill station to see snowfall. With such a long break, we can also start preparing for our final exams.”

A college teacher, meanwhile, said: “Earlier, a week’s winter break was not enough. We are supposed to evaluate all the answer sheets of the students during this time.”

“Moreover, our children too get a break from school at this time. For working ladies, spending some time with their children is important. The long break will solve this problem this year,” she added.

Another teacher, an NSS programme officer, said: “Our NSS camp that started on December 23 will end on December 29; but I am relaxed. I will have another week at my disposal.”




Children of Bal Bharati Public School celebrate Christmas on the school premises in Ludhiana on Monday
Children of Bal Bharati Public School celebrate Christmas on the school premises in Ludhiana on Monday. A Tribune Photograph
Students take part in a race during the annual athletics meet at KVM School in Ludhiana on Monday
Students take part in a race during the annual athletics meet at KVM School in Ludhiana on Monday. Tribune Photo: Himanshu Mahajan

Christmas celebrations

Ludhiana: Sri Guru Hargobind Public Senior Secondary School, Thakkarwal, celebrated Christmas on Monday. Students sang songs, recited poems and presented dance items on the occasion.

Saraswati Modern School

The birth of Jesus Christ was celebrated by the students of pre-primary and primary wings of Saraswati Modern Senior Secondary School, Pratap Singh Wala. The students presented speeches, poems and group songs on this occasion. A dance performance depicting the birth of Christ was appreciated by all.

GRD Academy

GRD Academy celebrated Christmas with fervour. Students presented a programme, cut a cake and distributed sweets and snacks.

GNI Public School

Chritmas was celebarted at GNI Public School, BRS Nagar. The rooms were decorated with red and white balloons. The Christmas tree was loaded with gifts and balloons.

Green Land School

Christmas was celebrated with fervour at Green Land Convent School, Sector 32. Students dressed as Santa Claus, angels and fairies danced and sang Christmas carols. Green Land Senior Secondary Public School also celebrated the festival.

BCM School

The pious festival of Christmas was celebrated at BCM School, Dugri, with great enthusiasm. The children came dressed as Santa Clause. To mark the occasion, the morning assembly was devoted to the festival with the singing of carols and a speech on life and teachings of Jesus Christ.

Sports meet

The 68th Annual Athletic Meet, a three-day sporting extravaganza, started with a grand opening ceremony on the KVM School campus on Monday. BK Singh, IRS, Additional Commissioner of Income Tax, Ludhiana, was the chief guest on the occasion. The athletes assembled in the ground for the march past. Navita Puri, principal, said sports were an integral part of the school’s curriculum. She urged the students to participate in this meet in true sportsman spirit. The chief guest hoisted the school flag.

Prize distribution

A sports meet was held at GAD Academy, Laddian village. Children of Nursery and KG wing participated in different events. Chief guest Shivtar Singh Bajwa, president of the football association, distributed the prizes to the students on the occasion.

Annual function

'Shaam-e-Saalana', the annual function of Partap Public School was held on Monday. The function commenced with Saraswati Vandana. Students presented various items on the occasion. The audience appreciated the enactment of Ramayana. Western, solo classical and bhangra performances also took place.

Students attend fete

A fete was organised at USPC Jain Public School, Chandigarh road, Jamalpur. Various stalls set up on the school grounds offered various games and activities to the students, teachers and parents. — TNS



Sahnewal remembers former DSP
Our Correspondent

Sahnewal, December 24
Even as the first death anniversary of former Sahnewal DSP Balraj Singh was observed today, he seems to be still alive in the hearts of the residents. “No one can ever replace DSP Gill. He could be identified among thousands, not only for his stout built, but for his genuineness, honesty and wisdom,” says a resident.

“He always talked sense and ensured that justice prevailed for one and all. Treating his seniors with respect, colleagues with adoration and juniors with compassion, was what made DSP Gill so popular,” says another resident.

His close associates also remember him as an exceptional personality. “He remained the DSP at Sahnewal for more than four years, the longest for any official. He had the knack of solving any case with ease,” says a police official.



DC imposes ban on Chinese strings

Ludhiana, December 24
Deputy Commissioner Rahul Tiwari has imposed a ban on the sale of China-made plastic strings. The ban will remain in force till February 20. The DC said it was brought to his notice that plastic and glass-coated strings were being sold by the shopkeepers.

These strings were life-threatening to human beings as well as birds, the DC said.

Strict action will be taken against those found violating the orders, he said. — TNS




Awareness on child rights

A local bakery took up the initiative to make people aware of the child rights. As part of the initiative, sky lanterns were released with the message of child empowerment. "We discouraged the public from hiring children as labourers," said Satinder Singh, owner of Hot Breads.

Beauty workshop

A beauty workshop was organised on Monday. Beauty parlour owners from in and around the city participated in the workshop and got tips on the hair care, hair cuts and make-up, especially for the wedding season.

Anniversary celebrations

Senior Citizens Council of India, Ludhiana, celebrated its first anniversary on Monday. Chief Guest Charan Jit Singh Atwal, Speaker, Punjab Vidhan Sabha, spoke at length on the degrading deteriorating family values in today’s society. A patron of the council, Hira Lal Jain, appreciated the efforts being made by the organisation.

Blood donation camp

A blood donation camp was organised by Bhai Ghanaiya Ji Mission Sewa Society at Manji Sahib, Alamgir. The camp was inaugurated by Shiromani Gurdwara Prabandhak Committee president Avtar Singh Makkar. Over 220 units of blood was collected on this occasion.

Appeal for ailing man

A 35-year-old man, Balwinder Singh, is undergoing treatment at Christian Medical College and Hospital. He is suffering from the fracture of right upper limb and brachial artery injury after falling from a height recently. After an operation, which was conducted successfully, he requires close observation and hospital stay for approximately 15 days for further treatment. The approximate cost of the treatment is Rs 4 lakh. He is a daily wager and cannot afford to pay the amount. Donations can be made in the name of CMC Ludhiana Society with 'for Balwinder Singh' written on the back and sent to the Department of Cardio Vascular Surgery, 1st Floor, Ward 14, Room 2201, CMCH, 0161-2660022.

Office-bearer elected

Bhagwant Singh Grewal was elected as the state president of Kisan Youth Organisation of India on Monday. Grewal said that he will make sure that voice of farmers reached the government and that youth in the state stayed away from drugs.


A seminar was conducted by the State Bank of Patiala’s Raikot branch. The event was attended by a large number of traders, industrialists, agriculturists and allied professionals. The various schemes formulated by the bank for the benefit of the society were highlighted during the seminar.

Christmas procession

Christmas United Federation organised a Christmas procession on Monday. It passed from Issa Nagri Ground, Kalvari Church, Jagraon Bridge, Bharat Nagar Chowk, Fountain Chowk, Satpal Mittal Road, and Sarabha Nagar Main Market and concluded at Holy Cross Church. A large number of devotees participated in it.

Training meeting

Keeping in mind the directions of Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA), Block Primary Education Office, Block Mangat-3, organised a School Management Committee (SMC) training meeting at Braille Bhawan, Jamalpur. Block's 122 government schools and six aided schools were invited for the meeting. Bhushan Lal Khanna, BPEO Mangat-3, presided over the programme and DEO (Elementary) Ranjit Singh Mallhi was the chief guest. A slide show on the block activities was shown to the attendees.

Home gardening

A training programme on home garden and intervention for nutrition awareness was held at Birk village, which has been adopted by the Reviving Green Revolution Cell, PAU, Ludhiana. Dr TR Ghai welcomed the participants and told them about the importance of this programme. He told farmers to develop home or kitchen gardens to grow vegetables for domestic consumption. Dr Jaswinder Kaur Brar, associate professor, Department of Food and Nutrition, delivered the lecture on the importance of vegetable nutrition. Amandeep Singh Jathol also interacted with the participants. He told the participants to grow at least eight to 10 types of vegetables per season in their home gardens to keep their diet balanced and nutritive.

Foundation day

As a part of its 101 Foundation Day celebrations, the Central Bank Of India's regional office, Ludhiana, in association with Team Zindagi Live Foundation organised a blood donation camp. Around 101 units of blood were collected during the camp.

Seminar on self-help groups

Women should form self help groups and start some work so that they are financially independent. This statement was made by Rishipal Singh, additional deputy commissioner, while addressing women who had come from different blocks to attend a seminar on self help groups. Rishipal Singh said around 1,000 self help groups were running successfully in the district. The women can start with works in which they are expert, which include preparing jams, pickles, and ketchups or sewing, knitting and embroidery, the ADC said. — TNS



Woman, paramour kill husband
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, December 24
A woman murdered her husband in connivance with her paramour at Giaspura today. The deceased was identified as Vashisht Kumar Gupta (36). Vashisht's wife Chanchal Devi (25) and her paramour Anil Kumar (28) have been arrested by the police.

The incident came to light this morning when residents saw the body of Vashisht Kumar in his room.

Chanchal and Anil Kumar maintained that Vashisht was electrocuted, but neighbours suspected their claim and called the police.

It was soon clear that Vashisht was thrashed and gagged to death.

The neighbours told the police that they heard the noise of Chanchal and Anil indulging in a heated argument with Vashisht. When they went to check the matter they were shocked to find him lying dead in the room. Giving details, Daba SHO Jatinderjit Singh said Vashisht died at 9 am.

"Prima facie it appears that the victim was gagged to death. We have arrested the duo and registered a case against them. However, we have sent the body for an autopsy to ascertain the cause of death," said the SHO.

Vashisht tied the knot with Chanchal seven years ago.

Chanchal told the police that she was Vashisht's second wife. His first wife had deserted him.

She added that Anil had been staying in their house as a tenant for the past seven months. As Vashisht used to remain away, Anil developed proximity with Chanchal.

It is learnt that Vashisht came to know about the illicit relationship and asked Anil to leave the house immediately. This led to the murder of the victim.



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