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Boycott singers who insult women

It was rightly mentioned in the article "From Rage to Outrage" by Nonika Singh on January 9 that vulgar lyrics have a debasing effect on our culture. No one should take pride in being a “balatkari”, one of the songs by Honey Singh. Such singers must be socially boycotted. We must insist against playing any music by these singers. We let these singers defile our culture, this reflects how our values have been steadily eroded by the influx of western culture. It is easy to blame the government. We must exercise our power to condemn such degrading statements made by these singers against women, lest they become a publicity tool for them. 

PURVA GARG, Ludhiana

Stop female foeticide

You have rightly pointed out in your editorial Missing daughters (January 2) that certain drugs available over the counter can be used to induce abortion. The centre as well as the state government needs to check the malpractice of killing unborn daughters/females. Besides, the rampant use of drugs without medical prescription could adversely affect the health of women.


Tighten regulation

Apropos to the editorial 'No law to check it' (January, 9), crimes against women have increased in the last two decades. It is true that it takes Rs 50 to destroy a life as cheap acid is easily available in the market.

The acid attack on a 30-year-old woman in J&K on 2nd January clearly shows that the law enforcement in our country is weak. I think acid attacks should be covered under another section as Section 320 of attempting to cause grievous hurt, under which it is currently covered, is not nearly serious enough.


Use rape kits

The editorial Government Apathy (January 7) rightly draws attention towards using rape kits, approved by the WHO. Justice Verma commitee, constituted to strengthen laws on crimes against women, should try and make the use of this kit mandatory in all hospitals until the forensic infrastructure in the county improves.

I think the Aadhar cards should also store people’s DNA and create a nationwide database. This would help in correlating the DNA collected from the crime spot to that of the database. However, the high cost involved in doing so may prove to be a deterrent.


Lower age bar

Nowadays, serious crimes are being committed by adolescents between the age of 16 to 18 years. The boy, who was involved in the Delhi gang-rape case, is likely to get off the hook easily. There is an urgent need for people to compel the parliamentarians to change such the law for juveniles. Amendment in the law is the only remedy.

KK CHAWLA, Kurukshetra. 

Parochial politics

Supporting reservation in promotion for SC/ST is a master stroke by Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) supremo Mayawati. It has created ripples among the political class putting them in a dilemma whether or not to support it. The move, however, is anticipated to make our administrative machinery more inefficient.

Persuaded by vote bank politics, no political party can afford to oppose the bill openly.

Samajwadi party opposed the bill and stands to lose dalit votes in the 2014 parliamentary elections while the BSP will capitalise by claiming to support reservation in promotion. It is a classic example of how narrow political gains are made at the cost of broader national interests.


Hassle-free rail travel

Union Railway Minister Pawan Bansal’s move to hike rail fares was not only timely but also much needed. The fares hadn’t been increased in the last ten years. Now, the government should be able to manage the funds required to upgrade and renovate the existing infrastructure.

There are certain things that the government should improve to make travel more hassle-free for commuters. It should ensure that railway stations, including waiting rooms should be kept neat and clean; train tickets should be easily available; trains should run on time; the technology used to operate rail tracks should be improved to reduce the number of rail accidents; better facilities should be made available for passengers and the catering on the trains should be improved.

Brig BS Gill


In the name of improving security, safety and cleanliness on trains, the Union Railway Minister Pawan Bansal has announced a hike in railway fares from 2 to 10 paise per km across all classes.   

Unfortunately, the service presently being delivered on trains is abysmal. In my travel from Ambala Cant to Jamnagar on the Jammu-Jamnagar Super Express Train, I found that the windows of almost all the compartments were broken; almost all the toilets were emanating a foul smell; many compartments did not have water and none of the officials carried a complaint book.

I welcome the Railway Minister’s decision to start the third Shatabdi train from Chandigarh to Delhi from 14th January. However, I feel there is a greater need to introduce another Jan Shatabdi.

SK KHOSLA, Chandigarh

Tribute to Damini 

Farewell, 2012
That stopped the beating of
A brave Indian’s heart.
Welcome, 2013
In the hope
That justice will prevail
And the sacrifice of the young gir
 Will not go in vain

MK KOHLI, Gurgaon

Safer jails

Security in jails is quite lax. Criminals are sent to jail so that they could repent on the crimes they have committed. They should be supervised, controlled and taught a good value system. The jail staff and wardens are supposed to serve as their guides in this journey of self exploration. However, instead of acting as a guide to criminals, the jail staff plays a negative role. Criminals are provided with drugs within the jail premises. Jails are a paradise for criminals as the recent case of Amritsar jailbreak highlights. The follow-up action by the commissioner is appreciable. He suspended the staff found to be lax. But more action needs to be taken against jail staff. An erring official should be given harsh punishment so that it sets an example for others.




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