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Youth gets life term for murder
Had pushed a Class IX student into a canal after kidnapping her in August 2011
Tribune News Service

Parminder Singh Chandigarh, February 4
The court of Additional District and Sessions Judge VP Sirohi today sentenced an accused to life imprisonment for the murder of a Class IX student in 2011. The court sentenced the taxi driver, Parminder Singh (22), to undergo life imprisonment and also imposed a fine of Rs 15,000 on him.

The murder took place in August 2011. The accused was arrested on a charge of murdering Mandeep Kaur, a Class IX student of Government Model High School in Sector 41.

According to the prosecution theory, Parminder Singh, alias Bablu, a Mohali resident, allegedly kidnapped and murdered Mandeep Kaur (17), a minor. The accused pushed her into a canal in Ropar to get rid of her as she refused to return home and insisted that he should marry her.

Mandeep Kaur was allegedly kidnapped when she was on her way to her residence in Badheri from her school on August 9, 2011. A missing report was lodged at the Sector 39 police station, which was later converted into a kidnapping case after the girl’s mother complained to the police against Parminder. The UT police arrested the kidnapper, Parminder, on August 11 and he was remanded in police custody.

During interrogation, the accused disclosed that he had pushed the girl into the canal on the night of August 10. The UT police swung into action and began a search for the girl to verify the kidnapper's claims.

Meanwhile, the girl’s body had already been recovered from a canal near Tohana in Fatehabad district of Haryana on August 13 and was also cremated there as ‘unidentified’.

The victim's mother identified the photographs of the body that were recovered in Tohana and the UT police then added Section 302 of the IPC against her kidnapper.

The police said investigations into the case revealed that the girl went with the boy, Parminder, on August 9 and refused to return home. He also dropped her once near her home, but she took a bus and again went to his residence and tried to force him to marry her.

“The accused took her to the canal near the village and pushed her into it. The car involved in the crime was also seized,” the prosecution had stated.

While pronouncing the order, the court said the accused deserved no leniency for the murder.



Bloomers galore in NCERT biology books for classes XI & XII
Vivek Gupta
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, February 4
“Dengue is characterised by a significant increase in the platelet count!” This statement may leave health experts shocked as the platelet count actually goes down in dengue fever but the bloomer is recorded in the biology resource book of the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) meant for students of Class XI of the CBSE.

Errors are aplenty. Wrong answers of several simple questions have made thousands of students jittery who are using the books, titled Biology Exemplar, for Class XI and Class XII, as reference to appear in the board as well as competitive examinations, including the PMT.

Sample this: Alien’s rule says that mammals from colder climate have shorter ears and shorter limbs (colder the climate, lesser the surface area of the animal body) but in NCERT books, the right answer is longer ears and longer limbs.

Similarly, in another blunder about a “pair of animals” having non-glandular skin, the right answer in the books is “frog and pigeon” whereas it should be “chameleon and turtle”.

Dr Arvind Goyal, a Chandigarh-based biology expert and PMT trainer, said it was shocking that the resource books for both classes, even recommended by the CBSE, had several such errors. “In September last year, we wrote to NCERT officials to at least upload the mistake in the ERRTA section in the online edition of the books. However, there has been no action so far,” he said.

He said, “There are 36 questions in the Class XI Biology Exemplar and 12 questions in the Class XII Biology Exemplar which need immediate correction.”

According to the printline, these books were printed in March 2010 for the first time. These have not been revised since. As a result, students have been learning numerous wrong answers.

In another question, cyanobacteria are classified under kingdom protista whereas its own textbook says that these are part of monera kingdom.

Dr Dazy Batish, Professor, Department of Botany, Panjab University, said, “The statement of the question is ambiguous in itself. According to the five-kingdom classification by scientist Whittaker, cyanobactaria are kept under kingdom monera but earlier studies kept cyanobacteria under kingdom protista too. Therefore, the question should have asked the specific type of classification to deduce more clarity.” She said NCERT books needed to be updated.

There are several questions having two correct options. For instance, in the chapter, “Morphology of flowering plants”, there is a question: Endosperm is absent from which seeds? It has both gram and orchids as the right answers.

The book has a question in which all options are correct.

None of the options in the question regarding the functioning of our respiratory system is wrong. However, according to the book, cleaning up air is the wrong answer. “How can it be wrong when cleaning up the air is the very first stage (function) of the respiratory system,” said Dr Manish Modi, Assistant Professor, Department of Neurology, PGI.

According to him, such casual mistakes in the book are a serious issue and not expected from a body like the NCERT. Many a time, the question paper for the PMT is set from these resource books. In such a scenario, those cramming answers stand to gain while those who thoroughly study each concept from books lag behind.

Harshit, a city-based student, said: “Our future should not be put at stake due to these silly mistakes. It is a sad state of affairs that these books are recommended by the CBSE for the PMT. A single wrong answer can bring our rank down.”

NCERT Prof’s take

Jaishree Sharma, Professor and Head of the Department of Education in Science and Mathematics, NCERT, agreed that errors had been reported to them.

“We have already uploaded the correct answers in the ERRATA section of the online edition of these two books. The process of physical reprinting is a bit long. As and when the new edition comes out, these mistakes will be taken care of,” she said. However, on the website, www.ncert.nic.in, no correction was found in ERRATA section of any of these books.

Some of the questions with wrong answers

Regarding the functions of our respiratory system, mark the wrong entry

A) Humidifies the air B) Warms up the air

C) Diffusion of gases D) Cleans up the air

NCERT answer: Option D

Correct answer: All options are right

The organ of Corti is a structure present in

A) External ear B) Middle ear

C) Semicircular canal D) Cochlea

NCERT answer: Option C

Correct answer: Option D

Which of the following statement is correct?

A) Parthenium is an endemic species of our country

B) African catfish is not a threat to indigenous catfish

C) Steller’s sea cow is an extinct animal

D) Lantana is known as carrot grass

NCERT answer: Option B

Correct answer: Option C



world cancer day
Cancer is not the end of the world, say survivors after battling the disease
Ritika Jha Palial
Tribune News Service

JS Kang, cancer survivor Chandigarh, February 4
"Do not surrender to pain and believe in treatment. Being diagnosed with cancer is not the end of the world for you; it rather brings a complete transformation in the life you have been living. Miracles do happen, but only when you have faith in yourself and in life."

On World Cancer Day today, this is the message cancer survivors have for those afflicted with the disease. They have successfully battled cancer and set an example for others to "focus on survival and not death” after being diagnosed with cancer.

For 59-year-old Sunita Sharma, a resident of Sector 36, being diagnosed with multiple-myeloma cancer three years ago was certainly a big shock. But she dared to believe in doctors and looked forward to survive.

Sunita, cancer survivorSharing her journey of survival after being diagnosed with multiple-myeloma, Sunita said, “It took us long to identify cancer in my body. I used to suffer severe back pain. Gradually, I found myself restricted to the bed, being completely unable to walk independently. Then, doctors told us that I was suffering from multiple-myeloma cancer (blood cancer). But my faith in the treatment helped me overcome all my weakness. Though my entire family went into shock, I did not lose my confidence. In about six months, I started recovering. People who saw me suffering the pain three years ago do not believe when they see me dancing freely at social gatherings.”

“It is all about looking forward to what you want and not what you do not want. I have been a positive person all my life and I continued with this approach during my treatment. I lost all my hair during the treatment. Though I could not regain all my hair, I have kept my hair short now. My husband tells me that I look better with the changed hairstyle,” Sunita said.

The diagnosis of ovarian cancer came in equally shocking for 40-year-old Tinu Gill, a Mohali resident, three years ago. “For me, the mantra for survival was believing in doctors. There are situations when a certain category of medicines does not show immediate results. This should not discourage a cancer patient. The treatment is definitely very painful and the battle for survival certainly requires a lot of courage. There were many ups and downs as I underwent the treatment, but I did not give up. I want to let everyone know that cancer is absolutely curable. You should not fear it,” Tinu said.

“My life has completely changed ever since I underwent surgery. Seeing myself recovering from a deadly disease, I find myself being free from all kinds of apprehensions and inhibitions. I am a confident person now,” said Tinu.

Cancer is deadly only for those who think of dying. For a positive person, fighting cancer is not a difficult job, said Jagtar Singh Kang, a retired Army officer, who found himself suffering from multiple-myeloma cancer six years ago.

“Being a part of the Indian Army, I was always fit and healthy. Learning about cancer did not come in easy for me. I followed the medication and consultation schedule sincerely. And the results are in front of me,” Kang said.

Believe in doctors

For me, the mantra for survival was believing in doctors. The treatment is very painful and the battle for survival requires a lot of courage. There were many ups and downs as I underwent the treatment, but I did not give up. I want to let everyone know that cancer is absolutely curable.

— Tinu Gill, cancer survivor



Punjab Govt launches second phase of cancer awareness campaign
Our Correspondent

Mohali, February 4
The Punjab Government has launched the second phase of the statewide door-to-door cancer awareness and symptom based early detection campaign on the occasion of World Cancer Awareness Day here today.

The campaign was launched by Health Minister Madan Mohan Mittal, in Phase VI. He said in a function organised in this regard that patients suffering from cancer would be provided free counseling and treatment by the government.

He said the first phase of the campaign had successfully been completed recently by the health department under which 2.70 crore people were covered.

Under the second phase of the campaign, directions had been given to health officials to provide medical help to patients who were detected to be suffering from cancer like symptoms during the earlier campaign.

Mittal further said that February 4 was observed as Cancer Awareness Day through out the world. That was why the second phase of the cancer detection campaign was started today.

A two-day workshop will also be organised in which specialists from the PGI, Chandigarh, and other medical colleges would participate.

Information collected during the first phase of the campaign would be analysed at the workshop apart from other deliberations. Talking at the function, Principal Secretary, Health, Vini Mahajan said during the first phase of the campaign, 87,403 people were found to be showing one of the 12 symptoms related to cancer. However, 24,659 were found to be suffering from the dreaded disease. The earlier campaign was a first of its kind in which 50,000 workers were given special training at 1,400 workshops.



The ugly side of the City Beautiful
Boards carrying sector maps and layout plans covered with lewd graffiti, posters
Amit Sharma
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, February 4
Lewd graffiti and various types of posters have converted several sector maps and layout plans into eyesores in the City Beautiful as commuters find it difficult to locate their destinations with the help of these maps.

All boards in northern sectors, particularly in Sectors 8, 9, 10, 11 and 15, have been covered with graffiti, having obscene words and phone numbers of certain girls. The UT Administration continues to look the other way.

One comes across defaced boards while driving through northern sectors. These boards have either been spray-painted by miscreants with lewd graffiti or posters have been pasted on these.

On entering Sector 9 from Sector 8, one finds a defaced board. Another defaces board can seen on Vigyan Path in Sector 9; graffiti can also be seen on a board opposite the Sector 10 petrol pump, on a board while entering Sector 11 from Sector 10, on a board opposite the Sector 11 fire station and on a board while coming towards the Sector 11 market from the PGI. The layout plan next to the Sector 15 petrol pump is also not visible.

Kapish Chauhan, a resident of Sector 10, said defaced boards alongside roads presented the ugly side of the City Beautiful.

The defaced boards often lead to inconvenience to those who are new to the city and depend upon guide maps and layout plans to locate their destinations.

Ishita Sharma, a resident of Sector 15, said layout maps were the best way to locate destinations. However, surprisingly; most of the boards in northern sectors have been spoiled either by spray paints or by pasting posters on these. “It’s sad to see anti-social elements defacing boards with impunity, which leads to inconvenience to those visiting the city,” she said.

Archana Dogra, a resident of Sector 11, said the authorities should ensure that the boards were maintained so that they could be of help to commuters.

Earlier in March 2011, many residents of Sectors 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 had had found lewd grafitti painted outside their homes. The miscreants had targeted nameplates and cars, smearing these with offensive text.

UT’s take

The maintenance of these boards used to be with the Administration. However, for the past two years, the responsibility has been handed over to the MC

SK Chadha, UT Chief Engineer

What the MC has to say

These boards were installed by the Administration and it’s the responsibility of the Administration to maintain these. We have not received any orders for maintaining these boards

SS Bidda, MC Chief Engineer


Rusty stretchers add to patients' woes
Ritika Jha Palial
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, February 4
The moisture-laden stretchers at the PGIMER, which keep lying out in the open amid the winter season, have been adding to the inconvenience suffered by the patients at the general emergency, New OPD, and the advanced trauma centre.

In the absence of any designated space for keeping these stretchers at any of the blocks, these gather a lot of moisture resulting into rust.

Attribute it to a lack in architectural planning of the city hospitals or the ignorance of the authorities, the situation has continued to be the same for the past many years.

The recently inaugurated trauma centre also does not have any designated space to protect the stretchers from heat, rain or moisture. Also, the cushions of a number of these stretchers are torn and they bear broken wheels.

A visit to the GMCH-32 today revealed that many attendants had to struggle a lot while pushing the wheelchairs and stretchers, as the wheels were twisted and partially broken.

Rajiv Gupta, who took her 80-year-old ailing mother to the New OPD today, said, “The wheels of most of these stretchers and wheelchairs are jammed. I had to struggle a lot while pushing the stretcher when I came here with my mother last month.”

Meanwhile, at the PGI’s advanced trauma centre, a number of visitors shared the inconvenience caused to their patients upon being shifted over to the moisture-laden stretchers.

“These iron-made trolleys are extremely cold. We had to first put a bed sheet over it before shifting my mother-in-law over it. She was already shivering while being taken out of the car,” said Anita Singh, while waiting outside the trauma ward.

The authorities, however, claim to be keeping regular check over the inflow of new stretchers and also their protection from the moisture. “The staff keep shifting the stretchers inside the trauma centre near the reception area but attendants drag them out when needed and leave them outside,” said an official.



Only 8 turn up at Patil’s public darbar
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, February 4
Union Territory Administrator Shivraj V Patil’s public darbar, which was held today after over two months, witnessed a lukewarm response as only eight complainants turned up for a hearing session.

Sources revealed that around 15 complaints had reached the UT Administration but the UT officials, after screening these, listed only 10 complaints before the Administrator.

Today, two complainants did not turn up at the darbar.

During the public hearing session, a complainant, Naresh Kumar Sharma came with a request for the grant of pension to the retired and serving employees of the Chandigarh Housing Board (CHB). Patil said the CHB was an independent body and if they had the requisite funds to cater to the needs of its serving and retired employees then the Administration would certainly accord its approval to the proposal.

Sanjay Kumar, a shopkeeper in Janta Colony, Sector 25, requested for the removal of illegal/unauthorised meat shops in the sector. It was stated that 24 challans were issued last month and such drives were carried out on a regular basis. Patil asked the Municipal Corporation and the Health Department to work together to solve the problem. And in case of perpetual defaulters strict action must be taken.

Another complainant, Sukant Gupta, asked for the payment of outstanding legal fee for his work as Additional Public Prosecutor, Chandigarh. Patil said the case was justified and instructed the officials concerned to look into the case.

Besides, a few complainants demanded EWS houses on humanitarian grounds, waiver of penalties imposed by the Estate Office on a shop in Sector 20, etc. In such cases, Patil assured the complainants cases would be carefully scrutinised and action would be take according to the rules.

The last session of public darbar held on November 19, 2012, had also witnessed a poor response as only three complainants turned up at the venue of the public durbar.



Status of complaints: Admn wakes up to need for follow-up
Rajinder Nagarkoti
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, February 4
At last, the Chandigarh Administration has realised the need for a follow-up of the status of complaints, which come up for a hearing before the UT Administration during the public darbar.

The UT Administrator, Shivraj V Patil, today directed the UT officials to evolve a mechanism to keep a track of complaints taken up at the public darbar.

At present, there is no record of the present status of the complaints, which had been heard by the UT Administrator at the public darbar during his three-year tenure.

In a majority of cases, the officials of the UT Administration do not know whether complainants, who had met Patil at the public darbar, got justice or not.

The UT Adviser, KK Sharma, said all the senior officers were present during the public hearing session and Patil's directions on the complaints were noted down for a follow-up and necessary action.

According to information, the IT Department of the UT Administration prepares a list of complainants after proper screening. The department also seeks a reply from the department concerned against whom the complaint is made. The complaint and response of the department concerned are placed before Patil at the darbar.

But after the public darbar, no department keeps a track of the complaints. Only those cases, of which Patil seeks status in the next hearing session, are followed up by the department concerned. But, there is hardly any record available with the UT Administration regarding the remaining cases.



High drama at day market
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, February 4
High drama was witnessed at the day market of Sector 42 today when a demolition squad of the UT Estate Office reached the market to remove the illegal partitions raised by shopkeepers. However, the officials gave the shopkeepers two days' time to voluntarily remove the structures.

The sites were allotted to those running 'rehris' and 'pharis' a few months and they were supposed to do business in the market only during daytime. The allottees have raised walls on all the sides to convert the sites into booths. According to the terms and conditions of allotment, no permanent structure could be raised at the site.

The Deputy Commissioner, Mohammed Shayin, who also visited the spot, said they had been given two days' time to remove the illegal structures.

The SDM, South, Mandeep Kaur, and Tehsildar, Amarinder Singh, had a tough time arguing with the allottees. “Now, demolition would be carried out in the presence of adequate police force,” said an official

Similar violations have also been found in the day markets of Sectors 43, 23 and 26. The violations were noticed during a recent survey on violations on government land in the city. Recently, the administration had chalked out a plan to carry out demolitions across the city.



Review of PCA functioning
UT to approach Home Ministry
Rajinder Nagarkoti
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, February 4
The UT Administration, which believes that the Police Complaints Authority (PCA) in some cases has “exceeded” its jurisdiction while passing orders, has decided to approach the Union Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) to review the functioning of the PCA.

A senior official of the UT Administration said there were certain instances, which had come to light where the Police Complaint Authority had actually ordered the suspension or transfer of an official exceeding its jurisdiction. These recommendations, which have not been acted upon, are beyond the mandate given to the Police Complaint Authority vide notification dated June 23, 2010," he added.

Today, one such case also came up at Patil’s public darbar. Patil discussed the issue with the senior UT officials. Later, it was decided that the UT Administration would approach the MHA on this issue.

In the latest case, which came up at public darbar, the PCA had ordered: “The SHO is guilty of gross abuse of power and misconduct. He is ordered to be placed under suspension forthwith and to face a departmental enquiry for disciplinary action.”

“The SSP, Chandigarh, is requested to order a fair and impartial investigation into this case and also to order the restoration of possession of the portion in question to the complaint. Since, the complainant has suffered huge losses due to the closure of his business, possession may be restored to him within a week with the help of the police,” the order further reads.

At the meeting with Patil, the UT officials discussed that they would also inform the MHA about such orders.

In October, 2012, the Punjab and Haryana High Court had directed the Chandigarh Administration to amend its notification, whereby the PCA was made just a recommending body. The directions by the Division Bench of Chief Justice Arjan Kumar Sikri and Justice Rakesh Kumar Jain came during the resumed hearing of a public interest litigation. The Bench had ruled the notification passed by the Administration was not in complete conformity with the Supreme Court order. The UT Administration had earlier opposed the PIL on the ground that the petitioner had never challenged the notification in question.

In the reply submitted before the Punjab and Haryana High Court, the Administration had stated, “the recommendation of the PCA shall ordinarily be binding unless for the reasons to be given in writing, the Administration decides to disagree with the findings of the authority". The Authority was set up to probe the allegations of "serious misconduct" against police personnel, either suo motu or on a complaint received from a victim or any person on his behalf, the police or any other source.



Show Aadhaar No. to get LPG cylinder
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, February 4
A project of using Aadhar number for paying LPG subsidy to the people through banks will come into force in the city on pilot basis from February 15. The city, along with four district of Himachal Pradesh and three of Punjab, has been selected from the north.

Officials in the Indian Oil Corporation (OIC) said the consumers were being asked to register their Aadhaar number with their respective LPG distributor to get subsidy on LPG cylinder. There are around 1.50 lakh LPG connections in the city.

For LPG, the respective oil company will transfer the LPG subsidy amount for domestic consumers directly to the bank savings account of the subscriber from February 15. From that day onwards, the domestic LPG cylinder will be priced at market rates. The consumer should pay the market amount of around Rs 900 to the distributors and the subsidy amount will be directly transferred to the consumer in their bank accounts the moment cylinder is bought.

A maximum of nine cylinders would be permissible per year to domestic consumers, said the officials.

The officials said the LPG subscribers were being asked to give their Aadhaar numbers in their respective banks.



Inner roads in bad shape, residents bear brunt
Re-carpeting work left midway n Authorities turn a blind eye to inconvenience faced by people
Deepankar Sharda
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, February 4
Residents of the city continue to face inconvenience on account of bad condition of inner roads in different sectors here. The Municipal Corporation has failed to provide solution to the problem so far. Inner roads in many sectors, including sector 20, 21, 22, 28, 29, 44, 45 and many others, continue to be in bad condition and are in dire need of re-carpeting.

“Its been long that the authorities left the work of re-carpeting in between. The two-wheelers remain high on risk while moving on the uneven roads. The vehicles plying on these roads are highly vulnerable to accidents,” said Ramesh Sahram, a resident of sector 22.

Rajinder Prasad, a Sector 44 resident, said the condition of internal roads in his area was bad. The authorities were well aware of the condition of the roads but they were turning a deaf ear to their problem, he added.

Echoing similar views, Trilok Nath Sharma, a resident of sector 21, said people were finding it difficult to drive on these internal roads. The potholes on the roads were an open invitation to accident, he added.

“I twisted my ankle while walking down my street. The MC should re-carpet these roads at the earliest,” said Sharma.

Nirada Ram, a senior citizen, said they were facing hardships as the result of poor condition of the inner roads in his area.

Mukesh Sangar of sector 45 said in sector 45 C and D, internal roads were full of potholes. “The MC should identify the areas where basic development is required. Beautification of sectors that are already developed is an easy task, but the authorities should focus on areas that still demand development,” he added.

Councillor speak

The work was stopped on some of the internal roads due to winters. Once the climate gets better, the work will be restarted.

Mukesh Bassi, councillor, sector 21.

I don’t know about the bad condition of roads but the work to cover the potholes will start soon.

Kashmiri Devi, senior deputy mayor and sector 45 councillor




Cancer awareness walk

Swift walk for cancer awareness was organised by Swift Group of Colleges in association with Ind Swift to mark World Cancer Day, in Chandigarh, on Monday. The walk was flagged off from Mini-Secretariat, Sector 9, Chandigarh, and it culminated in Sector 19 Shopping Plaza. More than 300 enthusiasts, a vast majority of them college students, took part.

Annual meet

An overflow of enthusiasm drenched the environment on the grounds of Aanchal International School Sector 41, where Grand FETE 2013 and annual athletics meet was organised this Sunday. The function was inaugurated by principal Manju Sood. The event had fabulous attractions, enjoyable rides along with many adventure sports as well. Industrial visit organised.


Children’s carnival

Golden Bells Public School, Sector 77, Mohali, organised Children carnival and annual baby show here on Monday on the school premises. A large number of babies from Chandigarh, Mohali, Panchkula and nearby areas participated in the baby show. There were four categories for different age groups Dr Vinod Kumar, District Education Officer, Mohali, was the chief guest on the occasion. He inaugurated the event by cutting the ribbon and wished the success to the young participants. Dr GK Nanda, president, Woman and Child Welfare Association, Mohali, was the guest of honour.

Industrial visit

Aryans College of Engineering, Chandigarh organised an industrial visit in Coca Cola Plant, Kandhari Beverages Pvt Ltd, Nabipur, Fatehgarh Sahib. Around 100 students from mechanical department participated in the industrial visit. Gursewak Singh, HR manager interacted with the students during the visit and gave in depth insight of the various manufacturing concepts. — TNS



City govt schools to go hi-tech
Vivek Gupta
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, February 4
The government schools in Chandigarh are all set to go hi-tech. The UT Education Department has initiated first of its kind project “School Management Information System” to establish the e-communication between government schools and directorate besides giving the government schools the exposure of daily governance through online system.

The system will be launched with the pilot project for which five schools have already been selected. These include GMSSS-16, GMSSS-35, Govt. Smart School, Sector 50, Govt Smart School, Sector 53, and GSSS-Maloya. Budgets of Rs 13 lakh have been approved for this purpose.

A senior official said that the higher bosses invariably remained aloof of daily activities in government schools as there is no system in place to know about the daily update of the schools like attendance of the students, service book of the teachers besides the general planning of the school. This system will establish e-communication between the schools and department and all the vital information will then be a click away, said department officials.

They said the system would cover all parts of administration of school, from achievements of students to planning curriculum and lesson structures. Every school will have separate website consisting general school information for public as well as specific information like regular update on attendance of teachers, students, their past records and other details that can only be viewed by school and directorate officials.

The system will also enable teachers to prepare their class lessons since the system will have e-content on the website, said an official. The students’ performance, personalised learning, exam organisation, timetable construction, cover management and a range of other school activities will be part of this system, it is learnt.

According to officials, while schools will maintain their physical record, but the communication between department and schools will be “paperless” after this system.

Several meeting of this project has already been held and it has been decided that Chandigarh based semi government organisation SPIC has been involved to run the system on behalf of the education department, said a senior official.



recruitment under obc category
Teachers' merit list to be released soon
Vivek Gupta
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, February 4
After getting a clarification from the social welfare department, the UT education department has begun the process to release the provisional and final merit list of 48 Junior Basic Teachers (JBT) and 18 Trained Graduate Teachers (TGT) under OBC category.

The part of recent recruitment of the contractual TGT and JBT teachers, these posts were withheld since the department was in doubt over the entitlement of some backwards castes under the OBC reservation, for which it sought the written reply from the UT social welfare department about a month ago.

Now the official communication by social welfare officials confirmed that the UT would entertain only those castes, which exist in both the central government’s reservation lists as well as UT’s own list.

Those OBCs, who do not exist in either of the list, would not be entertained for the reservation of civil posts in the UT.

The department, it is learnt, received job applications from several OBC applicants which was mentioned in the central OBC list but it had not corresponding reference in the state list. Such castes were “Saini”, “Nais”, “Bhuhalia Lohar”, and “Gadaria” and several others. As many as 12 castes were under scanner.

“It is because of these doubts that the final merit list of several posts OBC category were withheld. But since the recent written communication from the concerned department have given their clarification on this issue, the department will soon issue the merit list left over posts, based on the candidates entitled for the reservation, said a senior official of the department.

Further, there was issue pertaining to one or two castes, which although were there in both the lists, but their spelling did not match with the candidates’ certificates.

On this, the department of the social welfare department has clarified that the cast with different spelling could be sub-castes or synonym of some castes.

Therefore those castes whose spellings are not matched with the certificate of the candidates would not be entertained also, said officials.

Reference of the reservation policy of the Chandigarh Administration formulated under Union Government’s directions in 2003 has been used to remove the confusion over the issue, said officials.

Meanwhile, the recruitment of rest of the JBT and TGT teachers are almost complete. Last week, the department gave appointment letter to over 500 JBT teachers from general and other reserved category.



r-day camp
Governor felicitates NCC cadets
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, February 4
The Governor of Punjab and Administrator of Chandigarh, Shivraj V Patil today felicitated NCC cadets and officers from Punjab and Chandigarh who had participated in the national-level Republic Day Camp held in New Delhi last month, at a function organised at the Punjab Raj Bhavan here.

Patil said there was no doubt that NCC training inculcates the qualities of character, leadership, discipline and the spirit of patriotism in cadets and thus makes them responsible citizens. He said besides discipline, liberty is also equally important and a balance has to be maintained between both to get the desired results.

Lauding the role of the officers and instructional staff of the directorate in preparing the cadets for participating in the month-long camp, the governor also congratulated the cadets for their achievements. He encouraged them to further improve their performance as this region has the tradition of producing leaders in different spheres of activity.

Additional Director General, Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh and Chandigarh NCC Directorate, Maj Gen PS Mander said the Republic Day contingent, comprising of 162 cadets, including 36 girls, stood fourth among the NCC’s 17 directorates. Punjab had contributed 40 boys and 18 girls for the contingent while Chandigarh contributed five boys and a girl cadet.

He said that in the ensuing year thrust would be laid on shooting, mountaineering activities and institutional training as well as character building and inculcating leadership qualities.

Patil also presented mementos to all the cadets and the officers and took a keen interest in an exhibition of aircraft and ship models made by the cadets.



PGI surgeon gets Dr Joe V Desa Memorial Oration Award

Chandigarh, February 4
Prof Ashok Gupta, ENT-surgeon of PGIMER, Chandigarh, was honoured with the Dr Joe V Desa-Memorial Oration Award at the 65th Annual Conference of the “Association of Otolaryngologists of India-AOI” in Pune today. Prof Gupta has been the first Indian recipient of this oration since the inception its for over two decades.

The society has more than 7,000 active members and about 2,000 ENT surgeons from India and abroad who attended this meeting. In this oration award Prof Gupta presented his pioneering research work on “Stem cells in traumatic Optic neuropathy” which he innovated at the PGI over the past five years. He presented his experience in the area and shared his research innovations in the clinical utility in the field of traumatic optic neuropathy. — TNS



Experts give tips on interview skills

Chandigarh, February 4
An interview improving skills’ workshop was organised at Government College of Education, Sector 20, Chandigarh which included grooming, resume writing. The workshop was organised by the placement cell of the college. The experts for the workshop were Dr Rakesh Sachdeva, principal, DAV Model School and Shivinder Kang from Regional Institute of English.

The experts unveiled various innovative concepts prevalent in the world of work and motivated the students regarding career planning, self-assessment, matching one's skills with market requirements and showcasing their skills and expertise. Experts reiterated the necessity of self-development for getting success in various job avenues.The workshop was divided in the technical sessions.

Dr Sachdeva briefed the students about interview skills and stressed the need to groom one's personality and elaborated how personality development opens new vistas of opportunities for an individual in work. — TNS




Students of Manav Mangal Smart School present an item during a cultural function in Mohali
Students of Manav Mangal Smart School present an item during a cultural function in Mohali. A Tribune photograph

St Xavier's volleyball team 2nd runners-up

The U-17 volleyball team of St Xavier’s, Mohali, secured second runners-up position at the inter-school volleyball tournament played at Gem Public School, Mohali. The team was applauded for their performance and rewarded in the school assembly.

Rally held

To spread the message on the need to give education to everybody a rally was organised by the students of Special Learning Centre of Government Model High School, Sector 43. Students prepared slogans on the title “Shiksha ka Haq”. The rally was flagged off by the headmistress Parminder Kaur Grewal along with CRCC Supinder Kaur. Students presented a Nukkad Natak on ‘Jatiwad’ in Sector 43.

School wishes good luck to students

Students and staff of St Soldier International School, Sector 28, wished the students of Classes X and XII “Good Luck” for their forthcoming board exams to be held in March 2013.

Tributes paid to Swami Vivekananda

A special assembly was conducted at Bhavan Vidyalaya, Sector 15, Panchkula, by the students of Class III to pay their tribute to Swami Vivekananda on his 150th birth anniversary and to KM Munshi the founder of Bhavan Vidyalaya on completing 75 years through almost 100 kendras worldwide. In another competition, the young Bhavanites came dressed as the famous social reformers to participate in the social reformer role model competition. The competition was organised to pay a tribute to the great scholars for their valuable contribution to the society.

Green Castle Public School

Guru Gurudev Singh of Nanaksar showered his blessing at Green Castle Public School, Sector 47. Baba Charan Singh Sandhu, Jathedhar Preetpal Singh, Rameshwar of Kasauli, Baba Ajit Singh, Karnail Singh Garib, Mangal Singh, Madhu Sudan. The chairman of the school welcomed the guru and took his blessings.

Sports meet

An annual sports meet (Junior Category), Chetak, for students of classes I and II was organised at Ryan International School in Chandigarh. It was time to compete for the gold, silver and bronze medals in shuttle race, hop race and jump over cone and 50-mt race. The athletics’ events were interspersed with a colorful pom-pom drill and dupatta drill. Rajinder K Kanwar, international umpire in hockey championship (1994) and currently tournament director in PHL, WSH, was the chief guest. The best house trophy was lifted by Neil Armstrong.

Integrity Day celebrated

The students of the Junior Jaycee’s Wing of Satluj Public School, Panchkula, celebrated the Integrity Day. The purpose was to make them understand the importance the day. The emphasis was an oath taken to believe in national integration. Principal Krit Serai congratulated students for Integrity Day.

Annual day

The pre-primary wing of Blue Bird High School, Sector 16, Panchkula, presented colourful songs and dances on the annual day. The tiny-tots of pre-nursery, nursery, KG and Class I presented items based on themes like education for all, spread joy and happiness, enjoy and save nature’s bounties and freedom to choose one’s own career. Jagdeep Singh, Additional Deputy Commissioner Panchkula-cum-CEO DRDA and Special Secretary to Government of Haryana, Science and Technology department, was the chief guest.

Poetry recitation

Various types of school activities were conducted in Govt Model High School, Sector 12, with the full enthusiasm and spirit of patriotism by the grant of the SSA Educational Department, Chandigarh. It was marked by various competitions like dance, poetry recitation, quiz, poster making, things make waste material. Children of different classes competed together. Vikram CRC and members of SMC gave the prize to the students. Amita Khanna, headmistress appreciate the work done by the students and further encouraged them to work hard for unity and integrity of country.

Inter-house competition

Rangoli and clay-moulding inter-house competitions were organised in MDAV School, Sector-22. Students took part with enthusiasm on the given topics. The topics given were related to the various social issues such as save Girl child, Wild life, Terrorism and Peace. Students showed their calber in very colorful and effective manner. Sharadhanand house adjudged first, Dayanand house and Gurudutt house second and Virjanand house third in the clay-moulding competition.

Floral arrangement

An activity on floral arrangement was conducted for the students of UKG. The children brought one floral stick each and made different floral arrangements in the form of bouquets and bunch. The students under the guidance of their teacher arranged the roses, carnations and water lily in the basket and flower vase. — TNS



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