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Pay property tax from April 1
Puneet Pal Singh Gill
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, February 4
The Ludhiana Municipal Corporation will impose property tax from April 1. The city will be divided into eight zones and each zone will have a different unit value, to be fixed by a committee headed by the Deputy Commissioner.

The property tax to be paid by city residents will be calculated on the basis of the unit value as well as a set formula. After the imposition of property tax, city residents will not have to pay house tax.

The eight property zones will be decided by the zoning committee headed by the Director of the Local Government Department. The MP, MLAs, Mayor, Senior Deputy Mayor, Deputy Mayor, nominee of the Deputy Commissioner (not below the rank of SDM) and MC Commissioner will be the members of the committee. These zones will be decided on the basis of civic amenities in the area, location of the property and market value of the property.

Once the property zones are finalised, the unit valuation committee headed by the Deputy Commissioner will decide the unit value of the building and land for the property zones. This would be calculated on the basis of land value, cost of construction and rental value.

To make sure that all buildings as well as vacant spaces are covered under the ambit of Property Tax, the MC is getting satellite mapping done with the help of the Punjab Remote Sensing Centre (PRSC) located at the Punjab Agricultural University.

MC Joint Commissioner PS Ghuman said: “The properties will be allotted a unique identification number by the Punjab Remote Sensing Centre, which has already completed the mapping work. From Wednesday onwards, the PRSC members will conduct a physical verification survey of the properties, which will be completed within 60 days.” 

Calculating property tax

  • Check the unit value of the property based on area in which it falls
  • The unit value will be multiplied by the covered area of plot (in sq metres) multiplied by the total area unit value (see box)
  • The total area unit value will be calculated on the basis of five factors, including use, type, structural, occupancy and age of the building (see box)
  • Once the calculation is complete, we will have total unit value
  • The annual unit value will be 5 per cent of the total unit value in case of a residential property, 15 per cent in case of commercial and 20 per cent of total unit value in case of malls and hotels (five stars and above)
  • The payable property tax will be 1 per cent of the annual unit value
  • Open lands, vacant plots also taxable
  • The tax on open lands and vacant plots will be 0.25 per cent of the annual unit value. For example, if property tax of a residential house is Rs 1,000 per annum, the property tax of the plot of the same size will be Rs 250 per annum.


  • The assessment will be done by the owner himself
  • If a city resident pays the property tax between April 1 and June 30, he will get a rebate of 10%
  • If property tax is paid after October 1, the owner will have to pay 25% penalty along with a penal interest at the rate of 15 % per annum
  • For a residential property (self-occupied) property tax will be ~50 per annum if the house is 0-50 sq metres in size and it will be ~150 per annum if its size is 51-100 sq metres
  • The unit value will be updated every five years by the committee


City to be free from illegal autos: Police 
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, February 4
The city traffic police will launch a drive against unauthorised auto-rickshaws. The police claimed that the city would be free from illegal autos within two months.

The Assistant Commissioner of Police has asked representatives of various auto-rickshaw unions to provide the actual count of autos registered with them and the number of autos plying in the city.

The police will launch a drive and check the permits of the auto-rickshaws, he said. The issue of unauthorised auto-rickshaw became a hot topic during a meeting of police officers and auto-rickshaw operators held at the Police Lines today.

The meeting was convened by the newly appointed Assistant Commissioner of Police (Traffic) Dhruman Nimbale. Representative of auto-rickshaw unions said that they were facing losses due unauthorised autos. They said over 10,000 autos were plying in the city.

"The then ACP (Traffic) Swapan Sharma had tightened the noose around illegal autos, but after his transfer, illegal autos were again back on road," said Darshan Singh, member of the Auto-Rickshaw Union.

"The illegal autos are eating into our business. I have got the permission from the transport office. I am paying Rs 300 rent per day and Rs 300 is spent on fuel," said Sanjiv Kumar, an auto-rickshaw driver.

ACP Dhruman Nimbale assured the unauthorised auto rickshaws would not be allowed to ply in the city. Nimbale said he would speak to the MC authorities to allocate parking points for auto-rickshaws.

The ACP said auto-rickshaw drivers should wear uniform and display address on their vehicles. The police will also prepare a list of persons who own auto-rickshaws. 



Additional burden, say residents
Shivani Bhakoo
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, February 4
The decision to levy property tax on commercial, residential and vacant plots within the municipal limits from April 1 has invited criticism from several quarters.

Residents say the government should levy tax only after it provides basic amenities to residents. “Residents will not mind paying the tax in posh areas like Sarabha Nagar, BRS Nagar and Gurdev Nagar. These areas have well-carpeted roads, lush green parks and other facilities. But residents living in Transport Nagar and Industrial Area are deprived of even basic facilities. Why should they be asked to pay the tax?” said a city resident.

Industrialist SC Ralhan said roads in the Industrial Area Focal Point and Transport Nagar have potholes. “The parks have turned into dens for anti-social elements. Besides, the authorities have failed to check the stray dog menace. And the government wants us to pay tax. This is uncalled for,” said Ralhan.

Residents maintain that government was in a habit of putting additional burden on the common man. Sushma Mehta, a Congress councillor, said: “The MC is yet to collect house tax. But instead of recovering the same, the government has decided to levy property tax, putting additional burden on the common man.” 



Cheaper imports hit local steel industry
Manav Mander
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, February 4
Cheap steel imports from china are turning out to be a curse for the domestic steel industry, which is already saddled with serious problems. Available at 35 per cent less than the price of local products, imported products have crippled the local industry.

The long-awaited demand of the industry to levy anti-dumping duty on steel is still pending and the industry is hoping against the hope that it will be levied in the forthcoming budget. "The domestic steel industry is facing severe problems and is struggling for survival as China is dumping steel at much cheaper rates in India. The government should appoint a steel price regulatory authority for controlling the price. Besides, anti-dumping duty should also be levied on steel," said Mohinder Gupta, president of the Mandi Gobindgarh Induction Furnace Association.

"Chinese products are of low quality and are used in the infrastructure, engineering and fabrication segments in place of the locally produced standard and good quality structural steel. China is dumping the product at a much cheaper price which in turn is giving tough time to the local secondary steel producers," said Santosh Aggarwal, another steel producer.

Cheaper Chinese imports are likely to affect the local industry. Since steel is mainly used for construction purposes in Punjab, people do not mind buying it. The government should impose anti-dumping duty on steel to control the menace, said Kailsah Jain, another secondary steel producer. 



Spectators turn stadium into garbage dump
Charanjit Singh Teja
Tribune News Service

Plastic bottles, cups and boxes strewn at Guru Nanak Stadium after the Canada Kabaddi Cup in Ludhiana on Monday.
Plastic bottles, cups and boxes strewn at Guru Nanak Stadium after the Canada Kabaddi Cup in Ludhiana on Monday. Photos: Inderjeet Verma

Ludhiana, February 4
A day after Guru Nanak Stadium played host to the Canada Kabaddi Cup, it was like a sea of litter. Plastic bags, empty bottles, food packets and scraps of newspapers were strewn in the seating area as well as on the ground.

It has become a national character that organisers clean the venue before an event, but they fail to clear the garbage littered by spectators after the event is over.

Local kabaddi players were shocked when they entered the stadium this morning for practice. The place looked more like a garbage dump.

Spectators also broke a glass of a door and the gate of stadium.

District sports officer Kartar Singh said: “Sometimes, the organisers don’t take pain to clear the waste from the stadium. We ask the organisers to deposit a security amount for such things. A glass of a door and the gate of the stadium have been damaged. We will not refund the security amount to the organisers.” 



Bomb threat call sends police in a tizzy

Ludhiana, February 4
The city police went in a tizzy following an anonymous call at a control room today. The call was made from an international number and the caller claimed he had planted bombs at key locations of the city. Following the call, high alert was sounded and a massive search operation was launched. As the matter was sensitive, the entire operation was kept a secret.

Later, it was found that it was a hoax call made to settle personal scores. The caller, an NRI, had a property dispute with his brother. The NRI had named his brother to settle scores, the police said.

However, the police has not let the NRI’s brother go off the hook. The police is suspecting that he might have used an international calling card and made a hoax call so his NRI brother lands in trouble.

"Prima facie it appears the call was made to settle scores. We are investigating and the culprit will be nabbed soon,” said Commissioner of Police Ishwar Singh. — TNS



railway station
Revised rates of food items aggravate woes
Charanjit Singh Teja
Tribune News Service

A stall, where a bottled water is being sold for Rs 15.
A stall, where a bottled water is being sold for Rs 15.  Photos: Inderjeet Verma

Ludhiana, February 4
The revised rates of food items at the railway station have only added to the burden of passengers.

A packet of biscuits costs Rs 10. Two "kulchas" cost Rs 32, a burger is being sold for Rs 28. A plate of chana costs Rs 15 and two pieces of brown bread are being sold for Rs 20.

The popular "janata" meal costs Rs 20 on trains and Rs 15 at platforms.

Vendors said the revised rates had affected their sales as people avoided buying food items from the railway station.

"The Railways has also increased the licence fee. We are going through a bad phase. Who will buy "kulche choley" for Rs 32? We are selling the same for Rs 20," said a vendor.

"The Railways should have given its decision a second thought. We are at the receiving end," said Ram Khilawan, a migrant worker.

Ravinder Sharma, Railway Superintendent, Ludhiana, said, "The rates are genuine. Passengers are not being fleeced at the station. As far as the revision of rates is concerned, it was the decision of the ministry." 



Rain rings in chill again
Will be sunny after February 6, says Met dept
Charanjit Singh Teja
Tribune News Service

Girls walk in the rain at Punjab Agricultural University in Ludhiana on Monday.
Girls walk in the rain at Punjab Agricultural University in Ludhiana on Monday. Photo: Inderjeet Verma

Ludhiana, January 4
The city received 21mm rainfall in the past 24 hours. Officials at the meteorology department of Punjab Agricultural University said that the rain led to a dip in maximum as well as minimum temperature in the city.

The meteorologists expect that that rain will continue for some more days and the days would be sunny after February 6.

The city witnessed a minimum temperature of 12.5 degree Celsius and maximum temperature was recorded at 18.5 degree Celsius.

Dr KK Gill, Agro meteorologist, PAU, said, "The rain and dip in temperature is due to the western disturbance. The rain will continue till February 6. There are chances that there may be a hailstorm tomorrow. The dip in temperature will also continue for a few days". The rain will not damage the crops as the wheat crop has not yet matured" she added.

Neeraj, a resident of Mahraj Nagar, said, "I work as a salesman so it becomes tough to ride on a two-wheeler in the rainy season. The city roads become slippery due to the rain.

Mohan Singh, a farmer from Mullanpur, said, "Rain is not bad for the wheat crop. But if the winds blow during rain, it will damage the crop". 



Teachers' recruitment not on government's priority list
Shivani Bhakoo
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, February 4
It seems that higher education figures nowhere on the priority list of the state government. Hundreds of posts have been lying vacant in government colleges for several years.

All professional courses are being taught by the "guest faculty" in colleges which is being paid meagerly by the government.

A regular lecturer at the SCD Government College said at present almost all courses, including BBA, BCA, BCom, were being taught by the guest faculty.

"It is not that they do not take the job seriously but they are hardly given any incentive by the government. The Punjab Government had agreed to provide them Rs 10,000

lump-sum salary per month but recently that communication was also withdrawn. We are being paid well but they are getting peanuts. Why should they take their work seriously when their future is bleak?" asked the teacher.

As per an estimate, there are about 1,873 posts of regular lecturer in government colleges of Punjab and just 760 have been filled, the remaining are lying vacant.

"About 60 per cent of the posts are lying vacant. When there are no regular teachers, there cannot be discipline, sense of responsibility in the institutions. What is more ironical is that the stake holders in the colleges do not consider the guest faculty as teachers. How can the students respect the guest faculty when the regular teachers take them for granted?" asked Prof Jaipal Singh, general secretary, Government College Teachers Association.

The last "bulk" recruitment by the state government was made in 1996. In 1997, about 14 teachers from the SC/ST category were accommodated. The recruitment of about 60 teachers was made in 2007-08. As per the UGC norms, the guest lecturers have to be paid about Rs 21,000 a month but they are paid about Rs 7,000, that too from the PTA fund.

The last "bulk" recruitment by the state government was made in 1996. In 1997, about 14 teachers from the SC/ST category were accommodated. The recruitment of about 60 teachers was made in 2007-08. As per the UGC norms, the guest lecturers have to be paid about ` 21,000 a month but they are paid ` 7,000, that too from the PTA fund.



Now, download Aadhaar cards from UIDAI website
Gurvinder Singh
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, February 4
For residents, who have not received their Aadhaar cards despite enrolment in the first phase can now download the cards from the website.

Navneet Verma from Smart Chip Limited, the IT agency working with the department of posts for enrolment, said, "Those who have not received their cards can download a soft copy termed e-aadhaar from the UIDAI website. They need to type their enrolment number and time to download the copy," he said.

"I have not received the card so far, despite enrolling last year. I visited the post office a couple of times to enquire why it was not issued, but to no avail," said Satwant Singh, a resident. "It is good that the card is now available on the Internet," he said.

"One can now fill the enrolment form online, and people having the registration number for enrolment will be given a preference," Verma said.

Enrolment for the cards is being done at the head post office and sub-post office, Miller Ganj, and at post offices in Khanna, Doraha and Jagraon.



She is an inspiration for many women
Shivani Bhakoo
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, February 4
As far as fighting for one's rights is concerned, one doesn't need to be well educated. This was recently proved by Manjit Kaur, a resident of Jalaldiwal village, when she was asked to put forth her views on MNREGA scheme, launched by the Central Government. Manjit Kaur was among the two speakers, who was asked to express her views on MNREGA during a national conference in Delhi. She spoke in front of Prime Minister

Dr Manmohan Singh and Congress president Sonia Gandhi.

Confident Manjit Kaur said she had to shape the future of her children.

"Being a MNREGA worker, I could feel for the poor, so I spoke my mind. I requested those in power that the minimum wages of MNREGA workers should be enhanced to at least Rs 250. Besides, they must be given work for at least 250 days instead of 100 days", said Manjit Kaur.

She said there were at least 10 such women MNREGA workers at her village who had started agriculture to get better returns. "The days when we are free, we sow vegetables to be financially strong," she said, adding that earlier it was difficult to get a two-time meal, but now under MNREGA, their status had improved."

She said in the past five years, MNREGA workers had started witnessing a lot of improvement, now their wards were being sent to schools. She said she had been given 16 acres, where she was sowing vegetables. "Through this, we are able to get above

Rs 5,000 per month and we are pretty satisfied," said Manjit Kaur. 



No need to get vaccinated for swine flu, warns health department
Anupam Bhagria
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, February 4
With a number of swine flu cases being reported from different areas in the city, city-based doctors are asking residents to get vaccinated.

But officials of the health department are warning residents against getting vaccinated. Some doctors have even displayed notices outside their clinics. A doctor said, "We charge anything between Rs 700 and Rs 900 per vaccine."

Another doctor said,"We got these vaccines two years ago from a private pharmaceutical firm and have vaccinated a few persons. These are effective."

District epidemiologist Dr Anil Verma said,"The vaccines are provided to hospitals only through the Government of India. These are administered to medical and paramedical staff in case they are attending to a suspected swine flu patient." He appealed to the public not to go by such claims.



Cong councillors call off stir following Mayor's assurance
Puneet Pal Singh Gill
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, February 4
The deadlock between a section of Congress councillors and Mayor Harcharan Singh Gohalwaria has come to an end. Following the Mayor's assurance, the Congress councillors called off their week-long strike today. The Mayor and Congress councillors have decided that the general house meeting would be convened after February 23.

The Congress councillors led by the leader of opposition, Hem Raj Aggarwal, were protesting against the imposition of property tax.

They wanted the Mayor to hold a meeting at the earliest.

The Mayor, who was to reach Zone A office as a part of his weekly schedule, went straight to the protesting councillors and requested them to join him so that their grievances could be addressed.

Hem Raj Aggarwal stated that the Mayor had assured them that the general house meeting would be convened after February 23 once the Moga byelections were over.

As far as the development charges in core area are concerned, the Finance and Contract Committee had stated that the area would be exempted, but no formal orders were issued by the Mayor. So today, he issued the orders. The issue pertaining to property tax would be discussed in the general house meeting, said Aggarwal.

The Mayor said had the Congress councillors taken up their problems with him, he would have never let them hold a protest. “We are like a family. I have told them that in case they have any problem in future, they can always come and meet me instead of going on a strike," claimed the Mayor.



Staff, students unhappy with patchy work on PAU campus
Charanjit Singh Teja
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, February 4
It seems that the re-carpeting of roads at Punjab Agricultural University was only to please the VVIPs.

The authorities re-carpeted only the main roads, but the roads leading to the PAU hostels, farms and residential quarters of employees are yet to be repaired. The students and staff are unhappy with the patchy work.

The authorities claimed that the work was stalled due to the inclement weather. The government had sanctioned Rs 2 crore for the repair of roads.

The Punjab Mandi Board had started the work on October 1, 2012.

The government had sanctioned the grant after seven years.

The PAU authorities claimed that all roads would be re-carpeted, but when the work started, the Estate Officer told the PAU that the grant was insufficient and only those roads be re-carpeted which were in a pitiable condition.

The authorities re-carpeted the main roads as the VVIPs were to visit the campus.

"The authorities should get all roads repaired," said a student.

Dr Jaskaran Singh, Estate Officer, said, "The work will resume soon."



from schools & colleges

Ludhiana: A one-week faculty induction training programme through the ICT commenced at Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College on Monday. The event is being organised by the electronics and communication engineering department of the college in collaboration with NITTTR, Chandigarh. About 60 delegates are participating in the programme. This is the first of its kind programme organised by the GNDEC through video conferencing. The course enables the delegates to interact with the experts in real time. Experts will dwell on quality assurance in technical education, resource and development, instructional media: e-content generation and distribution, developing creativity among students, role of teacher in the transfer of appropriate technology for rural sustainable development. The programme was inaugurated by Dr MS Saini, director of the college, who congratulated the department headed by Prof NS Grewal on using the facility of video conferencing.


RIMT-Institute, Mandi Gobindgarh, organised a workshop on "Learning from Principles and Life of Swami Vivekananda". The institute was inaugurated by RIMT-IET director

Dr Harsh Sadawarti. Students of BTech and MBA attended the workshop. More than 56 teams participated in poster presentations.


Kamla Lohtia SD College, Ludhiana, organised a women’s health and well-being awareness seminar “It’s time to talk”. About 100 students attended the seminar. Dr Ginny Gupta, MD, Healthline Hospital, was the main speaker. He spoke on issues related to women’s health and safety. An interactive session was held.

Workshop on disaster management

Ram Lal Bhasin Public School, Dugri, organised a workshop on disaster management for school students. The objective of the workshop was to create awareness among teachers and students about the necessity of disaster management. The teachers threw light on the aspects of security of students. Head of the school Mona Thakur encouraged the staff and students to participate in such workshops.


The new KG block of St GDS Convent School was inaugurated on Monday by Rajesh Rudra, chairman of Green Land School. Many other dignitaries, including Ranjeet Singh Dhillon, Narinderpal Singh Laadi (sarpanch), Vishal Jain, director, Shaifaly International School, Shabad Rudra, director, Green land School, and a team of teachers from Khalsa Model School were also there to congratulate the school management. — TNS



Four fresh cases of swine flu reported
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, January 4
Four patients tested positive for swine flu in the city hospitals today.

Two of these cases were reported from Ludhiana district, one from Pathankot and another from Faridkot.

Health officials said that one case has been confirmed at DMCH, one from CMCH, one from SPS Apollo and one from a private hospital.

As many as 31 patients have tested positive for swine flu in city hospitals, out of which eight were from Ludhiana. 



Ludhiana scan

Ekta Public High School organised an annual prize distribution function. Avinash Sikka, president, Maa Bhagwati Club, was the chief guest. Students of the school presented a cultural programme. They presented a dance, giddha and bhangra. Meritorious students were honoured.

Study fair

The VIEC organised the 19th VIEC Study Abroad Fair on Monday. Students were told about various courses, rules and English proficiency exams.

Pending demands

A meeting of Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan/ Rashtriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyan and Central Sponsored Schemes Teachers Union was held at Government Senor Secondary School, Jawahar Nagar, on Monday. They discussed their pending demands.

Reduction in excise duty

The Chamber of Industrial and Commercial Undertaking has urged the Union Finance Minister to reduce the excise duty on automobile and components from 12.36 per cent to 8 per cent and initiate appropriate measures to provide respite to the sector. This would help the industry face challenges, members said.

World Cancer Day

The staff of Mohandai Oswal Hospital take out a rally on World Cancer Day in Ludhiana.
The staff of Mohandai Oswal Hospital take out a rally on World Cancer Day in Ludhiana. Photo: Inderjeet Verma

Mohandai Oswal Hospital held a rally to mark "World Cancer Day" on Monday. Rahul Tiwar, Deputy Commissioner, was present. The aim of the rally was to spread awareness on cancer. As per a survey conducted by the Punjab Government, 18 persons died of cancer everyday. The rally started from Punjabi Bhawan and culminated at Bhaiwala Chowk.

State govt flayed

At a meeting of the District Congress Committee, Krishan Kumar Bawa, former president of the committee, said the state government had failed to live up to the expectations of the common man.


A meeting of the Punjab State Committee of Marxist Communist Party of India (United) was held on Monday. Members expressed concern over the policies being adopted by by the ruling government. — TNS



Chemist nabbed with psychotropic drugs
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, February 4
The city police has nabbed a chemist and seized psychotropic drugs, including 35,000 capsules and cough syrups from the possession of the accused during a search conducted at a naka at Dehlon bridge here on last evening.

The accused has been identified as Mukesh Goel (54), a resident of Focal Point, was heading towards the city in a car. Mukesh, who is a chemist, on seeing the police he tried to flee. However, the police party led by ASI Satpal Singh intercepted his vehicle. On checking the vehicle, the police found the contraband.

Three travel agents nabbed

Three persons, including a woman, have been booked for duping a city resident on the pretext of sending the victim’s son abroad. Desraj, resident of Hira Nagar, Kakowal Road, has lodged a complaint that Manoj Rana, Tara Chand, Manjija Kumari, all residents of Himachal Pardesh, had taken Rs 2 lakh to send his son abroad. Neither his son was sent abroad nor did the accused return his money.

Youth crushed to death

A 25-year-old youth was crushed to death by a mini truck on Sangowal Bridge last evening.The victim identified as Roshan Lal was travelling on a motorcycle along with his cousin Chander Bhan. When he reached near Sanowal Bridge a mini truck came from behind and hit the rear end of the vehicle. Roshan Lal died on the spot, while his son sustained injuries. The son was rushed to Civil Hospital for treatment.

Vehicle thief nabbed

The police nabbed three vehicle lifters and recovered stolen a vehicle from the possession of the accused.The trio has been identified as Deepak Kumar, Shivcharan and Amritpal from a naka at Jodhewal Basti Chowk. The police said that the accused were traveling in a stolen car with fake registered number. Sources said that they were going to Delhi to sell the stolen vehicle.

Opium seized

The police has nabbed a person and recovered 600gm opium from his possession during a police naka at Focal Point. The accused has been identified as Ram Bahadur of UP. Ram Bahadur was carrying a bag and tried to flee on seeing the police. The police intercepted him and caught him. During the search, the police found 600gm opium in his bag. The accused has been booked under Sections 18,61 and 85 of the NDPS Act.

Purse snatched

Two youths riding on a motorcycle snatched a purse of a woman from the Kitchlu Nagar area here last evening. Narrating the incident, the victim said that she was going to the market in Kitchlu Nagar, when two youths on a motorcycle came from behind and snatched her purse containing credit card, gold ornaments and cash. The police has registered acase against unidentified snatchers and started the investigations. 



Yarn worth Rs 35 lakh stolen from hosiery
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, February 4
Thieves struck at Shiv Om Impact, a hosiery unit, located at Bhadurke Road last night and fled away with yarn worth Rs 35 lakh. The activities of the accused have been caught on CCTV camera installed at the hosiery unit.

The incident came into light when Harjinder Singh, supervisor of the hosiery unit, arrived here this morning and was shocked to find the locks broken.

When he entered the hosiery, he found the material ransacked. Without wasting time, he informed Prem Kumar Verma, owner of the hosiery unit.

Thieves entered the hosiery unit at 10pm and fled with yarn worth Rs 35 lakh. It has came to light that thieves used a truck to carry the stolen material. After scanning the CCTV recording, the police took the camera footage.



Namdhari XI, SAI start campaign in style
Anil Datt

Ludhiana, February 4
Namdhari XI of Bhaini Sahib and Sports Authority of India (SAI), Lucknow, began their campaign on a rousing note with authentic victories on the opening day of the seventh All-India Jagtar Memorial Hockey Tournament (boys U-21) being held at Olympian Prithipal Singh AstroTurf Stadium of the Punjab Agricultural University campus here today.

Namdhari XI lads blanked Ludhiana XI 4-0 while SAI, Lucknow, recorded identical win against Centre for Excellence, Patiala, (4-0) after leading by three goals at the breather.

In the inaugural match, Namdhari XI players dominated the proceedings through out. They started weaving moves from the word go and threatened the rival's citadel time and again.

After wasting a couple of scoring chances, Namdhari XI went into the lead in the 14th minute through a field goal scored by Kuldeep Singh. They increased the lead in the 23rd minute when Gurpreet Singh found the target (2-0).

He pumped in two goals more (30th and 46th minutes) to complete his hat-trick which also sealed Ludhiana players' fate 4-0. Ludhiana XI forced five penalty corners, but all these opportunities went in vain.

It was the same story in the second match played between SAI, Lucknow, and Centre for Excellence, Patiala, as the former came out victors 4-0. The two teams were tied goal-less at half time.

Abhishek Singh put his side ahead in the 45th minute, converting a penalty corner into a goal and the lead enhanced seven minutes later when again, Abhishek was right on target (2-0).

Imraan and Raj Kumar Pal of SAI, Lucknow, struck in 48th and 63rd minutes, respectively to complete the rout (4-0).

The third match played between Surjit Hockey Academy, Jalandhar, and Jai Bharat Academy, Delhi, turned out to be a mismatch as the Jalandhar academy romped home winners without being challenged (8-0). The winners were leading 3-nil at the lemon break.

Lovepreet Singh opened the account for Surjit Academy in the very fifth minute. He made it 2-0 in the 19th minute while Baljinder Singh scored a hat-trick (26th, 43rd and 46th minutes) to consolidate the lead (5-0).

Ajmer Singh, Harmanpreet Singh and Santa Singh scored a-piece each to complete the tally (8-0).In the fourth and last match of the day, Kurukshetra XI overpowered SAI, Bhopal, 2-1.

Earlier, Harcharan Singh Gohalwaria, Mayor, Ludhiana, inaugurated the tournament. Punjab Cabinet Minister, Sharanjeet Singh Dhillon and Dr baldev Singh Dillon, Vice-Chancellor, PAU, were the guests of honour today. 



Sports wing hopeful of getting grants
Sends proposal of `40 cr to govt
Charanjit Singh Teja
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, February 4
The sports wing of the education department is hopeful that the Punjab Government will sanction a budget that will grant funds to uplift sports in schools from the next academic year. The authorities sent a proposal of Rs 40 crore for the next academic year to the government for the betterment of sports at the grass-root level.

Sports officials said that Punjab schools were dependent on the funds collected by schools from the students. These funds are insufficient to organise sports activities and build sports infrastructure in schools.

Rupinder Ravi, state sports organiser, said, "Education Minister Sikander Singh Maluka introduced the sports policy, but to implement most of the projects that were drafted in the policy require funds. We are hopeful that the government will earmark the funds for school sports.

The state education department had introduced a new sports policy to uplift sports in government schools in May 2012, but the government did not allocate funds for its implementation.

The new sports policy says that the education department will conduct sports event at the school, block, district and state level and provide healthy diet to sportsmen.

It also says that the department will construct hostels for sportspersons and new wings in all the districts.



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