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Grooms Wanted

Wanted cleanshaven, well settled, Jat Sikh PQM for convent educated BMS, MBA (Singapore), very fair, pretty & smart, April 87, 5’-05”, working Jat Sikh girl. Mumbai based family. Please reply with complete biodata and recent photograph to: C2-131068

Compatible match for Hindu smart girl, January 1979 (looks younger),153 cms, Phd. Botany, Scientist,35000/- per month. Father well placed. Mobile: 99888-99267, C2-133550

Suitable match from status family for Chandigarh based Khatri business family's 23 years beautiful daughter, 5'-1", MA, B.Ed. Mobile: 94174-28385. C2-134320

Professionally qualified match for Khatri Arora girl, MCA, 81 born, 5'-3",
Govt. Teacher. 98556-67785, C2-134706

Vegetarian well settled suitable match for M.Com., B.Ed., beautiful Arora girl from Upper middle business family. DOB 30.10.1987/1:05 p.m./Chandigarh. 5'-2". Tricity preferred. Call after matching Kundli. 98884- 47736. Email :  C2-134708

Punjabi Arora manglik non-manglik MBA, homely girl, 5'- 3",10th January 1987, 11:55 am, Firozepur. Some low vision. Email: C2-134978

Suitable match for B.Sc. PGI Staff Nurse, June 1984/5'6", Nai Gursikh girl. Tricity preferred. Contact: 9855454464, 9814931316. C2-133894

Professionally qualified teetotaler Sikh match from India, Canada, USA for Canadian citizen Jatt Sikh never married girl, 81 born and raised in India, 5'-4", working as a professional Nurse. Contact with photo/details: 97807-69751, C2-134488B

Reputed Lobana Sikh family seeks professional qualified match for their loving daughter, 5'-6.5", 1982 born, highly qualified, professional with strong family values, well-settled in Canada. Father retired Govt. service, having rural and urban property. Mother retired teacher, 2 elder sisters, physicians married and well-settled in USA. Contact: 98143-37816, 98763- 37237. 70396-95543. C2- 134686

Qualified match for Jat Sikh slim, fair girl, 19 Dec.84, 5'-4", M.Sc. Physics (University Topper), Asstt. Professor Engg. College near Chandigarh. Father Class I officer. Caste no bar. 76965-79305. C2-135500

Prof. qualified match for Saini Sikh Australian citizen girl, double honours Engineering Degree, MBA Melbourne University; Employed with 6 figure salary; Aug. 83, 5'- 3", fair, slim; family well settled in Australia. Australian resident, clean shaven preferred. Respond with Bio-data & photo. Email: C2- 135782

Civil Services/IIT/IIM Sikh match for Ramdasia (SC) beautiful, cultured girl 25/5'-7", MBA (IIM), 12 LPA. Highly educated, God fearing family. 94789-65607. C2-136254

Suitable match for Nai Sikh girl 1988/ 5'-5'' M.Tech.(ECE) working as Asstt. Professor reputed Engg. College. Elder brother well settled Australia 8872368081. C2-136298

Canada PR, 29/5'-4", MBA, employed in Canada. Girl presently in India. Doctor/Engineer preferred. Email: 86994-38933. A2-114072-OL

Suitable match for beautiful intelligent sober 1982 born Jat Sikh girl 5'-6" Masters from UK, working in Mumbai as HR Manager in USA based IT Company. Mail details with photos to: C2-121752

Canadian, Jatsikh, educated, influential, reputed, Khandani landlord family
of Doctors and Officers seeks exceptionally smart MD Doctor, match from similar family background for their daughter,35/5'-4" MD specialist Internal Medicine, born and raised in Canada, India well versed both cultures. She is intelligent, smart, committed, compassionate; slim, sweet, beautiful and young looking girl. Please respond with recent photo and complete biodata of boy and family. 7789264645. C2-124555

Suitable Jat Sikh status match for Executive girl in Multi National Bank, 5'-5˝", 26, convented, MBA from one of the Top Ten Business Schools. Officers Family. No dowry. E-mail: C2-133114

Well settled Jat Sikh boy (Citizen/Green card holder) for Green Card Holder girl, 33/5'-1", done Undergraduation International Business and Radiation Therapy, living in California. 098113-00257. Box 2118F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Chandigarh based Jat Sikh family seeks Professionally qualified Status
match for their 27/5'-3˝", smart, beautiful, convent educated Practising Advocate daughter. Father senior Govt officer. Send biodata with photograph. C2-133530

Jatt Sikh Brar parents seeks professional match from Canada/America for their well educated Canadian citizen daughter, BDS, 28 years, 5'-5", very beautiful and has strong Sikh traditional values. Respond with recent photo and biodata. or 604-588-8080. C2-133596

Amritsar based landlord educated family seeks match for their daughter
26/ 5'-3˝'' Asstt. Prof. Physiotherapy in reputed college. C2-133794

Match for Jat Sikh, 23/5'-7" girl, doing M.Tech. from P.U. Chandigarh. C2-134016B

Suitable match for 26/5'-4˝", US Green card. B.Pharm. Equivalent B.Sc. (Pharmaceutical US) California. Chandigarh family. Phone 98158-75889. C2-134062B

Suitable qualified, well settled, non-drinker match for Jat Sikh Bajwa fair, beautiful, homely girl, 26/5'-4", M.Com, B.Ed. Status family. Contact: 9780159990, 8146769306. E-mail: C2-134150

Ludhiana based Jat Sikh family seeks (NRI/non-NRI), professionally
qualified, well-settled match for their Oct. 1985, 5'-4", BBA-MBA (Finance), Lecturer girl. Ph. No. 98767-95744. E-mail: C2-134612

Jat Sikh Grewal family seeking well educated, professional turbaned groom for their 34 year old, Doctor, US Citizen daughter. Issueless divorce. Please email C2-134832B

Professional match for Jat Sikh fair, beautiful girl 24/5'-7", B.E. MBA from Premier Institutes working for investment bank. Belongs to affluent family. C2-134856

Randhawa girl, 32 years, B.Sc. Economics, Diploma Garments Manufacturing Technology, MBA, job Senior Merchandiser Garment Export House. ; 9646200400. C2-134866

Wanted Engineer/MBA/Medico Jat Sikh boy for beautiful Jat Sikh 26/5'-7" Graduate girl, USA Citizen. Send picture/biodata to: C2-135008

Alliance invited for beautiful, fair, slim, convent educated, well-cultured Jat Sikh girl, 27/5'-6", working as Asstt. Professor, belonging to high status, well reputed, Officers' family. Boy should be IAS/Class I/Well established with a pleasing personality, belonging to a status family. Please apply with full bio-data. E-mail: C2-135236

Jat Sikh match for convent educated 34/5'-4", slim, beautiful, fair, working as Project Lead. in IT Company, Chandigarh, M.A. (English), B.A. (English Hons). Well educated family settled near Mohali, Punjab. E-mail: Mobile 98729-23369. Marriage bureau excuse please. C2-135756

Canadian born Jatt Sikh beautiful and educated in Medical profession daughter 28 yrs, 5'-4". Can not have children. Looking for professional Jatt Sikh boy up to 35 yrs. Please send biodata of boy & family. Email: C2-135760

Professionally qualified match from status family for Jat Sikh beautiful, fair, convent educated girl born 1986/5'-5" BDS from status family. Father Class-I Officer. 9878236037. Email: C2-135974

Well settled match for Jat Sikh Dhillon girl, 22.10.1982, 5'-4", B.Com., MCA, employed Pvt. Company, package 5 LPA. Contact: 085272-01625, 098189-26887. E- mail: C2-136060

Jat Sikh girl MSE. IT, MCA, 1985, 5'-5˝", College Professor. C2-136120

PQM for Jat Sikh Australian Physiotherapist June 82, 5'-2" girl. Australia settled preferred. Email: C2-136126

Well settled Australian citizen Jat Sikh girl, 28/5'- 4", looking for Jat Sikh boy from well respected family preference medical profession. 98145-14501. Email: NA2-103652

Suitable match for Jat Sikh girl, 1983/5'-4", graduate, Diploma in Fashion Designing. Owning urban properties. Girls extended family settled in Canada. Ideal match an educated teetotaller from Jat Sikh family. Email: NA2-104945

Compatible match for beautiful Jat Sikh Shergill girl June 1986/5'-7", B.Pharma, M.S. in Pharmaceutical Engineering from USA. Working in USA 70,000 USD. USA/Canada settled preferred. # 098724-00127. Email: NA2-104957

Suitable well settled match Saini for smart, fair, slim girl, Nov.87/5'-1", B.Arch (5 years) (Zirakpur). Mobile: 098724-98989. E-mail: Dowry seekers need not to contact. C2-133636

Sikh Saini girl, B.Tech IT, Software Engineer, doing MBA, Oct. 1986, 5'-1", working MNC Noida. E-mail: M-09592133664. C2-134218

Suitable, qualified match for Hindu Saini Manglik girl, 9th April, 1986/5'-3", birth time 5.16 p.m. Ludhiana, M.Sc. Nursing, Lecturer in a College, Jalandhar, father businessman. Respond after matching kundli with biodata & photos at or Call 98142- 95430. C2-135924

Hindu boy preferably settled inUK require for 5'-4", 30 yrs, M.Pharma, Hindu Arora girl, working near South Amtons (UK) and doing M.Sc. in Clinical Pharmacy. Contact: 00254733734678. A2-114249-OL

Highly educated Jat Sikh family seek PQM Engineer, Doctor or other professional (From Premier Institute) cultured gentleman for their very beautiful daughter convent educated. BS Actuarial Science and Statistics MBA Finance throughout education from American Universities. Working in New York with MNC on H1B, 28 yrs 5'-3", very intelligent progressive outlook clean life style. Upper caste no bar. Contact: A2-114734-OL

Sikh Doctor/Engineer/MBA employble in U.S. match for U.S. Citizen Medico Kamboj Sikh girl, Undergoing Residency at Los Angeles Hospital, Born Dec. 3, 1982, 5'-3.5". Family well settled in California State., +9198152-89980. C2-133780

Sikh Tankashtria match for beautiful Canadian citizen girl 29 yr., 5'-7" ht. Family well-settled in Canada. Caste no bar. Pl. note only Canadian citizen can contact for further info to or Ph. 78096-57513. C2-134158

Seeking suitable match for well qualified Australian resident Ramgarhia Sikh girl, fair, 5'-5", 1984 born. Preferred Australian PR citizen. Please respond with biodata and photo to C2-134484

NRI-North Indian, Hindu Punjabi family well settled in Canada from over 20 years seeks a never married, educated, suitable match for their 34 years old daughter (looks much younger), 5'-6", slim, fair, beautiful and pleasant personality, Indian born, Canadian educated and citizen. Working as a Financial Analyst and well settled. Caste no bar. Email biodata and recent photos to: C2-135728

Match for issueless divorcee Sikh Mair Rajput Newzealand studying 31/ 5'-6'' slim beautiful girl 9855556491. C2-135748

Jat Sikh USA citizen seeking suitable professional match for their USA citizen daughter 32/ 5'-3'' Master in Microbiology working in USA as Pharmaceutical professional. Respond with bio-data including family details and recent photographs. Email:- 97791-91918. C2-136296

Qualified turbaned Non-drinker match for Saini Sikh NZ citizen 36 yrs 5'-2" MA English, MBA. Working as Teacher. Divorced with one child. Email C2-136346

Match for Jat Sikh Doctor girl, 25/5'-6", intelligent beautiful Canadian PR
BDS India starting residency in Periodontics, July 2013 in USA, father retired Gazetted Officer, parents in Canada. Email family biodata photograph to NA2-104468

Match for Telugu Padmashali beautiful girl, January 1987, born Chandigarh, 5'-4", MCA, employed MNC Bangalore. 98789-09897. C2-133166

Match for Ramdasia Sikh beautiful and smart girl, 30 yrs, Australia educated and highly qualified with masters Australian citizen earning in six figures Australian Dollars, working in multinational company in a Senior Position. Family well settled in Australia. Boy should be highly educated preferably Doctor and settled in Australia. Caste no bar. Reply with complete bio data and photograph. Only doctors from India need apply. Box 2151F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable match for homely, Majhbi Sikh beautiful girl (Christian converted), Graduate, 36/5'-2", looks very young, slim, private Teacher, NRI preferred. Response with all details. C2-136154

Suitable match for Chadigarh based Himchali Rajput girl, 5'-3", 22.10.85, 5:15 p.m., Pune, B.A. B.Ed., M.A. M.Ed., National Certificate in Yoga Invisilator serving in MNC. Upper caste no bar. Tricity preferred. 9855424606. C2-133294

Suitable match for Himachali Rajput girl, 19.01.82, 7:20 a.m., Mandi, 5'-3", M.A., B.Ed., PGCTE. Father Govt. Officer. One younger brother. Contact 94637- 41458. C2-135982

Professionally qualified match for beautiful girl 24/ 5'-6'' B.Tech. Computer Sc. working Noida well todo family 0183-2571290, 9256609718. C2-130006

Suitable match for Gaur MCA girl, 5'-1", 27.5.87, Delhi Software Engineer at Noida, 4.00 LPA. 98140-81778. C2-133196

Saraswati non manglik Brahmin legally mutual divorced issueless beautiful girl 02 Jan. 1982, 4 am, 5'-7'' MA. B.Ed. At present working Lib-Restorer 7654 Govt. service near Amritsar unmarried welcome. Parents Govt. retd. 01858-221304, 9855075499. C2-133528

Professionally qualified match preferably from US or Canada for Hindu Brahman, 31 years/5'-1", smart, slim, fair, Canadian citizen, born & brought-up in India, convent educated girl, BMIT. Working as an Accountant in top MNC in Toronto. Email: Tel: 90579-01454. C2-134166

Suitable match for Gaur Brahmin girl, B.Com., MCA, Multinational employed in IT Park, Chandigarh, 5'-2", 20 January 1988, Chacha's and Bua's family already citizen of Australia for 20 years. 088001-40777. Box 2138F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable match for beautiful Goswami girl, M.A., B.Ed., Height 5'-7", 18.11.1985/1:27 p.m./Chandigarh. Contact after matching kundli. Email : C2-135250

Suitable Hindu US settled match for tall slim beautiful Punjabi Saraswat Brahmin girl 29 years, 5'-7˝" employed in USA on L1A Visa. Father army officer. Apply with biodata and photographs. C2-135960

Bairagi Bawa girl, 17.01.85, 5:30 a.m., Ambala, 5'-4", M.A., M.Sc. 94177-25673. C2-136186

Suitable match for beautiful Saraswat Brahmin girl, 5'- 2", 21.6.1985 (10.30 am), B.Sc., B.Ed., Diploma Cosmetology. Teaching in reputed Institute. Contact: 81460-00131, 98149-95941. E-mail: NA2-103421

MD/MS/DNB match beautiful, fair, 5'-6", 28 years, M.D. Final appearing April. Status family. Properties tricity, Gurgaon. C2-133806

Suitable match preferably Doctor, CA or IT Professional settled in Australia required for a beautiful Punjabi girl, 5'-5", Sept.82, an Australian Citizen, working as Sr. Dentist. Girl arriving in third week of March. Respond with biodata and photo at: 098760-61408, 098728-97239. C2- 134668

Professionally qualified match for a MNC working, Punjabi Khatri B.Tech. girl, 5'-8", 7.6.1987, 1:40 p.m., (Chandigarh), Package 3.70 LPA. Contact (with biodata and Photo) 084276-95295, C2-135358

Manglik/Non-Manglik match for wheatish, slim, Post- graduate Media, 1976/5'-1", Hindu Khatri convent educated, working in Media. Processing PR Australia. Sister, brother PR TR Australia. Email: C2-135732

Suitable match for Punjabi Khatri Doctor girl, fair, beautiful, convent educated, pursuing MD (Pathology), September 1986, 5'-3". Well settled family in Chandigarh. Mobile: 99889-80057, C2-135958

Well qualified businessman/employed match for 27/5'-3", 3.00 lacs P.A., Sood/Khatri sober beautiful Chandigarh girl, B.Com., A-Level from DOEACC, Accounts Professional course. Recently started coaching institute. Two cousins NRI. Apply with full birth and other details. Mail: NA2- 104842

Professionally qualified match for slim, fair, beautiful Arora girl, January
1988 born, 5'-5", IT Engineer Completing MBA April 2013 ISB Hyderabad. Placed in Top MNC 15+ LPA. Joining May 2013. From well established affluent Chandigah business family. Email : C2-134046

Professionally qualified match for Ramgarhia Sikh girl 83/5'-2", M.A. Yoga, working as Yoga Instructor. 98550- 46283, C2-133308

Seeking Doctor/Engineer/MBA match for MBBS, presently doing MD,
Himachal based, 5'-0", Sept.83 born girl. Contact: 94180-66217. C2- 134960

Suitable match for smart Dhiman girl, 5'-4", 15-11- 85/08:15 a.m./Mohali, MBA Finance, working as Accountant. Preferably USA Citizen, turban Sikh. Brother, Sister USA Citizen. Father Retd. Officer. Simple marriage. Dowry seeker excuse. C2-135318

Ramgarhia beautiful girl, 82/5'-4", innocently divorced, Govt job. Preferred UK, America, Canada, Doaba. E-mail: 8288051850. C2-135336

Professionally qualified Gursikh match for beautiful slim, 5'-3", Aug. 85, M.Sc., pursuing Ph.D girl, Non- manglik. Father in Govt service. Contact E-mail: C2-135852

Professionally qualified match for beautiful Manglik Dhiman girl, Graduate, 05.05.1982, 10:15 a.m., Chandigarh, 5', working Delhi, 6.6 LPA. 098188-78414. C2-136032

Match for slim, beautiful, well-educated, innocent divorcee Sikh Khatri girl (6 years girl), 30/5'-6" (looks much younger). Senior teacher private school. 98152-84027, C2-122953

Well educated ,NRI/India based, considerate & well- settled, issueless male (sound mentally/physically) from Metro Hindu/Sikh in 40s, OHAC for I'less, 5'-5", 46, innocently divorced (I'less), slim, Sikh female, very attractive, cultured, postgraduate, well established professional non-orthodox, cultured, defence service family in India. UK. based relocatable to India/US etc. Send biodata/photo to: C2-128116

Alliance invited from Sikh/cleanshaven boy settled in US for 1982/5'-7".
Sikh Khatri girl, convent educated, fair, intelligent, beautiful, homely. Masters in Economics, NYU, US. Working as Senior Economist in US on H1-B. C2-128664

Professionally qualified status match for beautiful, fair girl, September 85/5'-7", Masters in Nano- Technology from University campus, preparing for Civil Services. Respond with complete bio-data alongwith pictures. Email: C2-135108

Match for Ravidasia girl, fair, 30, 5'-1", MA, B.Ed, Stet Punjab/Net cleared, doing Ph.D at PU Chandigarh. Father retd. P.R.O. Center govt. Mother Superintendent (Gazetted) in Punjab Civil Secretariat. Own house in Chandigarh. Preferred tricity. Box 2127F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Match for Balmiki B.Sc. Nursing girl, working in PGI Chandigarh, 36/5'-2", salary 45000/- PM. Contact: 9780909214. C2-133770

Suitable match for Dhobi girl, 30/5'-5", fair, slim, B.Sc, permanent job as Technician at PGI Chandigarh, salary 25,000/- pm. Well educated family. Parents govt. employees. Caste no bar. Around Chandigarh preferred. Contact: 0-94189-56201. C2-133996

Suitable clean shaven match for Majhbi Sikh/Balmiki girl, 1980, MA, B.Ed, working in English medium school, 5'-4". Chandigarh around. 9041414006. C2-134074

Professionally qualified match for SC (Mazbi Sikh) beautiful, slim girl, 28/5'-5", B.Tech. (IT) Solftware Engineer in MNC. Father Class I Officer. Small family. Send biodata alongwith photo to Mob: 99150-29829. C2-135683

Suitable match for fair 5'-2", 27 yrs. S.C. (Ad-dharmi) Australian B.Sc Nursing. PR girl. Preference for Australia settled boy. Email: C2- 135984

SM clean-shaven for Chandigarh employed Bedi girl 5'/33, BBA, 19,000/-. Early marriage. 98727-43485. C2- 134460

Suitable match for Hindu Khatri pretti divorcee issueless, MBA girl, 02-10-1984, 6:30 a.m. Amritsar. Tricity preferred. 98150-17238. C2-133190

Brahmin beautiful, fair, issueless slim girl, 35/5'-6", Law Graduate, Manager MNC Gurgaon, handsome salary. Caste no bar. C2-134424

Match for issueless divorcee Hindu Khatri girl 33/5'- 2", M.Com., MBA (Finance & HR). Caste no bar. Preferred issueless and professionally qualified. 89684-44755. C2-136012

Suitable, well settled professional match for very fair, beautiful, slim, +34/5'-4˝", Doctor, Sikh unmarried girl, completed M.D. Medicine recently. Working Medical Officer Multi-speciality Hospital, Punjab. Family of professionals. Contact: 73556-27037. C2-135856

Match for fair, beautiful Garg girl, 10.10.90, 3:00 p.m., Chandigarh, 5'-5", B.Tech(ECE). 95920-99292. C2-133176

Beautiful, slim, fair Singla Anshik Manglik girl, 14.6.87, 9:17 a.m., Ludhiana, 5'-4˝", B.Tech, completing MBA in March 2013 from Symbiosis, Bangalore, Campus placement in Wipro, 7 LPA. Father Chief Engineer Punjab Govt. at Chandigarh. Seeks educated, highly placed boy M/NM in service/business. E-mail: 98880-61028. C2-133850

Well settled match for Arora Sikh beautiful girl, 27, 5'-4", MBA, working in Govt bank, having USA Multiple Visa, belongs to well settled landlord family. Sisters married to doctors in USA. E-mail: 9855563105. C2-133984

Match for Arora Sikh girl, BDS May 79, 5'-2", Canadian PR presently in India. 098888-29394. C2-136256



160 square yard, east facing, Green Valley facing. Plot Ansals Sector 116 Mohali. Dealers excuse. 97799-36666. C2-133564

Plot 256 sq. yd. Sector 91 for immediate sale. Janta Land Promoters, Mohali. 98152-88999. NA2-103676


Mohali: Built-up SCF 110/3B2 only for MNC/Bank/Reputed Pvt. Co., Ground, First, Second, Third floors. Size 16.6'x66', total covered area 3480 sq.ft., Huge parking, Prime location, Central place. 98726-26463, 98720-20730. C2-125138

Space available for rent size 10'x30', basement, first floor, second floor at Model Town Market, Jalandhar. Contact: 9872104548. C2-134138


Zirakpur, For Rent 1348 sq ft. MNC/Bank/Insurance/Pharmaceuticals for Godown, Office, Cross ventilated on main road Zirakpur to Bhabat (Sant Kirpal Nagar), Hall 41˝'Depth x24' Width x11˝' Height. Back open courtyard 24'x9-7˝". Toilet, kitchen, verandah 24'x6'. Contact 98760-29703. C2-133848


2 kanal first floor well-furnished 5 bedrooms with D/D, kitchen, independent entry. Contact: # 337/21-A, Chandigarh. 99886-64422. A2-114376-OL

Well-furnished room with attached bathroom @ Rs. 18,000/-. Contact: # 337/21-A, Chandigarh. 99886-64422. A2-114380-OL

FF 3 BHK flat semi-furnished attached bath, drawing room, dining, lobby, modular kitchen, store, balconies, car garage, with complete wooden work in Sector 50, Chandigarh. Available only for corporate lease. Contact: 85588-61101. C2-134152

For rent: 4BHK GF flat, Sector 47-C, Apr 13 onwards, excellent loc, parks in front n side rent 22K. Contact 9461515448. C2-134498

KANAL double marble 2447 B-road, Park Phase-10, 10 marla 1232 Sec-68 on 80’ road double marble. Showrooms: Built-up vacant 63 Phase-2, SCO Site 56 New Sunny adjuscent to Rebock. INDUSTRY: Kanal F-128 8-B & Built-up ground F-240. PLOTS: 863-C Sec-114 (800 sq.yds), 300 sq.yds. Corner, B-road 177/105, 213 Sec-80, 10 Marla 2436 Sec-79, 92/78 corner facing park 158.5 sq.yds. “Quality Services, Direct Deals” GREWAL ENTERPRISES 9316000119, 9872491110 C2-135544


We are working as associates for leading corporate and diversified groups in the education vertical fueling their expansion of school business in multiple cities across North India. To set in motion their endeavors: 1) Our clients require land on lease basis/outright sale. 2) Our clients can work on a revenue sharing model. 3) Existing school set up can also be considered. Land parcel required under various options is 4.5 acres to 12 acres. Priority locations are land parcel in or around A and B class cities. Email your interest on: C2- 134726


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