Sunday, March 3, 2013, Chandigarh, India
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Brides Wanted

Unmarried issueless divorcee match for legally divorced, marriage lasted 1 months, 1981/5'-9" Ramgrahia boy, Canadian PR, running own business. Early marriage. Caste no bar. Send photo and bio data. Email: 0918057661213, 0013068805418. C2-135120B

Suitable match for 5'-4", 44 years old, never married Jat Sikh boy born in India, raised and residing in western Canada. MBA degree, background in Information Technology, currently a Realtor. Girl should be 5'-0"- 5'-4", aged 30-38 yrs., never married, Sikh. Contact parents by email at  anytime. C2- 128374B

Suitable match for 6'-0", 36 years old, never married Jat Sikh boy born,
raised, and residing in western Canada. M.Ed. Degree, teacher by profession. Girl should be 5'-6"-5'-11", aged 25-35 yrs., never married, Sikh. Contact parents by email at  anytime. C2-128376B

Wanted fair, suitably employed bride, preferably in Teaching for Chandigarh based Engineer, 35/5'-11", 10 LPA. Upper middle class Senior Officer in a reputed Company. Caste no bar. E-mail:  93161-31924. C2-127274

Nai Manglk Hindu handsome fair, permanent Govt. employee 15.9.86, 2.20
pm Chandigarh, 92175-06645,  C2-132178

Decent and sophisticated match invited from well off family for extremely
handsome, Soft Spoken, teetotaller, very well settled, non Manglik issueless divorcee boy 5'-7", 34 years, earning 25 lac p.a, early marriage. Contact:  Box 3243M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Manglik professionally qualified match for highly qualified, fair, handsome,
settled Hindu Nai (NP) Advocate boy, Feb.1986/5'-6", B.Sc., LL.B, PGDPM & LW, current status practising Taxation, own office. Well settled family, having business and property in India and overseas. 98160-52526,  C2- 133712

SM4 Hindu Rajput (Kashyap) Engineer boy 29 / 5'-7'' Australian Citizen
family. Upper Caste no bar. Contact 8284870073, Email:  C2-130794B

Haryana based Tanwar Rajput boy Ph.D. Statistics Research Officer Grade B,
Reserve Bank of India, Mumbai, 5'-10", 25 June 83, 2:00 am, Chandigarh. The only son after match Call 092560-41610 or photo-data. Post : Jang Pal Singh, House 12/3, Bank Colony, Manimajra, Chandigarh. Immediately. C2-134380

Looking for Doctor/Engineer/Health professional match for Brahmin,
vegetarian, very handsome boy, 5'-9", Sept. 1986, doctor, US Army Officer, US citizen, doing residency. Grandparents/aunts in Haryana. Father Lt Colonel in US Air Force, mother in Administration, sister medical student in US.  US 575-517-9619, +9199960-88267. C2-131126B

Wrkg match 4 fair, smart TT/NS Pb. Srwt. Br 29/5'-8", BE top MNC GGN,
13-14 LPA.  98687-80626. C2-131360

Professionally qualified match for very handsome Sharma Manglik boy,
5'-10", 3 Aug. 1987, 8.20 am, Jalandhar, MBA, working MNC. Father financer high status family. NRI also preferred. 09465849367. E-mail:  C2-134070

Professionally qualified match for Saraswat Himachali Brahmin boy, 5'-6",
1984 born, MBBS, vegetarian, teetotaller, handsome, Commissioned Officer with high humanitarian values and refined asthetic sence. Girl only consideration. 9805943535.  C2-134102

Professionally qualified Non-Manglik match for Punjabi Saraswat Brahmin
boy, B.Tech. (IT), 5'-7", slim, fair, 5.12.1982/12:15 a.m./Chandigarh, Serving MNC, Gurgaon, Package Rs 10.00 LPA. Father retired Class-I Officer. Mother Officer in Bank, Sister married. Family settled at Chandigarh. Kindly contact after matching horoscope. 98764-30045.  C2-134290

Suitable homely match for Saraswat Brahmin boy, 23rd July 1983, 2.40 am
Kurali, 5'-7", Graduate. No demand. 97818-12447. C2-134316

NRI parents seek suitable match for their tall, handsome, finance
professional, Aug.1980 born, 6 ft plus Brahmin Manglik boy, from a respectable & decent family. The girl should be beautiful, tall & professionally qualified. Early marriage. Please forward details with photo to:  C2-134492

Suitable match for Saraswat Brahmin boy 5'-10", 27.3.86, 2.35 pm,
Ludhiana, boy settled in Aus. and having TR. Looking for NRI girl or Australian PR girl will be preferred. Contact: 78372-13266, 98146-04963. C2-134624

Match for Gaur Brahmin boy, 27/ 5'-6", B.Tech, working MNC Pune,
preferred B.Tech, MCA, MBA girl. 094168-22736,  C2-134824

Professionally qualified match for handsome Non-manglik Punjabi Saraswat
Brahmin boy, 5'-11", 9.7.82, 9:15 p.m., Chandigarh, M.Arch., B.Arch. (Goldmedalist), convent educated, Manager NCR employed, 12.9 LPA, vegetarian, Chandigarh based. Send biodata, photo. 8800239777. E-mail:  C2-135850

Alliance invited for very handsome B.Tech. (Computers) Khatri Arora boy,
8.2.1988, 3:25 am, Ambala, 6', permanent resident Canada. Short stay in India. 072061- 21316, 098127-33011. Email:  C2- 135014

PQM for teetotaller vegetarian non-Manglik Khatri boy, 11 July, 1985, 15:55
Amritsar, 5'-8", employed and pursuing Ph.D. in US University. Former Lecturer in an Indian University in Chandigarh. 86992-12120, 98761- 77721.  NA2-104180

Alliance Invited for NZ Resident Cleanshaven Sikh 5'- 11'', Oct. 1977, B.Tech.
Salary 6 figure. Girl should be more then 5'-4'' and Professionally Qualified. Boy naver Married. E.Mail:  C2-130662

Parents seeking bride for their Canadian citizen, 32 years old, 5'-9",
Ramgarhia Sikh (Caste no bar), educated and well mannered son. We belong to Doaba region. Please contact us through email with biodata and few pictures. Most of the family settled in Canada. Note: No marriage bureaus. Email:  C2-133300B

Medico/Engineer/Scientist, reputed institute, match interested settling US
for Gursikh Khatri boy, 27 yrs, 5'-6", fair, M.Tech IIT, Kharagpur, finishing Ph.D. Mech. Engg. US June/13, joining US Oil Coy, $ 1.20 lakh annual in September/13. Mother heads School, Chandigarh culture, Dad retired. E-mail:  98155-49873, 97799-11212. C2-133866

NRI parents in Netherlands seeking fair, beautiful, slim, well cultured,
educated, tall girl for their handsome, 27 yr, 6'-3", Sikh, clean shaven living in The Netherlands. Well Educated, managing own business. Well established small family, visiting Punjab frequently. Please send pictures and biodata to:  C2-135114

Suitable match for Jat Sikh clean shaved 38/5'-9", smart very handsome,
convent educated boy, short marriage, legally divorced, no issue, well connected established reputed family. Reply with biodata & pic.  98764-02724. A2-112432

Educated Jatt Sikh family from Toronto invites matrimonial alliance for their
son. Girl should be beautiful, preferably professionally qualified. Boy working as Technical Lead with a big bank, cleanshaven, elegant looking Jan. 1980 born. Own valuable rural, urban property in India/Canada.  0016478950743. A2-115256-OL

1979 born, 5'-10" smart, suave well-settled Jat Sikh Merchant Navy Captain
based in Mumbai. Girl should be specifically aged 26-30, Height 5'-2" - 5'-7", Eloquent in English from status urbanized families. Mail details with pictures to:  C2-121748

Jatt Sikh family seeking a suitable match for their son, Australian born,
healthy, handsome, 177 cm tall. Bachelor of Engineering. Working as an Engineer. Brought up with strong cultural and family values. Seeking a girl aged 20-23, minimum height 166 cm, well educated, Dentist preferred, willing to settle in Australia and from a good status family. Jat Sikh only Send bio data with photo to:  C2- 127480

Looking for an attractive, educated Jat Sikh bride with upright and decent
family values for a smart Jat Sikh turbaned gentleman from a renowned family who is 6'-0" and 39 years old. UK citizen and educated in a top- ranking UK private school. Employed as a senior management consultant with a Globally No.1 Ranked International Professional Services Organisation. The gentleman is an issueless divorcee after a brief marriage. Caste no bar: Reply to:  C2-129140

PQ match for handsome Jat Sikh boy Dec. 82 born/6'-2", going to start
residency in family medicine in June, 2013. Jat Sikh Doctor/Dentist, Engineer preferred. Email:  , 98143-36454. C2-131162

Canadian born 33/5'-9", Jat-Sikh, doing Ph.D., visiting Chandigarh looking
female fluent in English, well- educated. Send email:  with biodata & photo or Call 85275-20593, 89686-64134. C2-132540

Match for handsome Jat Sikh Cleanshaven 36/ 5'-11'' Lawyer, Very well
settled in Chandigarh, Status family.  C2-133370

Suitable match for USA green card, very handsome intelligent boy
38/5'-10", status family of Jat Sikhs Kurukshetra, having commercial property on GT Road, one brother US citizen, one brother an Army Officer. Only sister Railway Officer at Paiala. Boy presently in USA. Contact:  090345-87309, 0016307765599. C2-133380

Suitable Jat Sikh professionally qualified preferably Engineer/Doctor/MBA,
beautiful, tall match for Jat Sikh cleanshaven Canadian PR boy, born September1987, 5'- 9", B.Tech (Mech. Engineering from Canada), Employed with Pepsi Canada. Parents both Senior Doctors, well settled family of Jalandhar. Toronto Area preferred. E- mail:  Contact: 9888263263. C2- 133414

Looking match for US citizen Jatt Sikh Engineer very successfull in his
profession earning $300k/year. Born and raised in India, height 5'-11", age 32 yrs. Previously had court only marriage with non-Indian girl and now divorced: Email biodata at  C2-133518B

Jat Sikh boy 6'-1", 28, Canadian citizen, CGA, good family background seeks
a girl born and brought up in india presently in Canada on work permit or PR card holder or Canadian citizen min 5'-5", family oriented, slim beautiful, qualified. send biodata with recent pictures at  Ph:77839-57090. C2-133524

Suitable match for Jatt Sikh boy, 6', 84 born, currently studying in UK.
Contact: 8146672473. E-mail:  C2-133538

Seeking suitable match for Jat Sikh boy, clean shaven, handsome, 32 yrs.
old, 5'-11". Australian born working as a Sales Manager, looking for beautiful Jat Sikh, Indian cultured girl with family values, educated. No demands. Visiting India in November. Please send biodata alongwith recent photo to Box 3245M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Match for Jat Sikh (Gill) Ireland PR, 27/6' handsome boy, currently in India
on short visit. Looking for beautiful educated girl. Response with photo:  Contact: 094675-89239, 085698- 19523. C2-133938

B.Tech (IIT), 16 LPA SW Engr. boy 28/5'-7", cleanshaven teetotaller having
rural urban property, seeks alliance of wkg. b'ful, slim girl.  098714- 97221. C2-134002

Suitable match for US citizen, 28/6'-2", Schooling from Chandigarh. Finance
Manager Sale Co. California. Chandigarh settled family. 98158-75889. C2-134080B

US settled Jat Sikh parents seek, tall, beautiful and well educated girl with
family values, for their US citizen son, divorced, medical doctor, 39, 6'-1", athletic build with pleasing personality. Details upon request. Reply:  C2-134120

Qualified USA based match for fair, handsome Jatt Sikh boy, Mohali based,
August 78, never married, 5'-9", MBA, working with Private Company. Holding USA B1/B2 Visa. E-mail:  C2-134268

Jatt Sikh 85/6'-00", Only one son PR Canada citizen Australia. Rural/Urban
property. Father Govt job. Beautiful 5'-5" BDS/M.Tech./M.Sc.Nursing, Chandigarh, Mohali, FGS, Ropar, Patiala preferred. 98156-81282. C2- 134276

Seeking beautiful, convent educated girl for handsome 5'-10", 33, Canadian
citizen boy, Software Engineer in Toronto. Father was Senior Officer. Brother sister well-settled in US. Boy has come to India for two months. Interested may send photo and biodata at:  , 98723-98756. C2-134486

Alliance for smart, cultured/caring, turbaned (trimmer), non-drinker, 29/5'-7", doctor boy, MBBS, MD (Medicine), doing DM (Gastroenterology & Hepatology). Educated from premier medical Institutes in Chandigarh and Delhi. 28 acres land/urban residential property in posh colony, Ludhiana city. Girl should be beautiful, sober and qualified (all respectful education streams considerable). Contact with photo :  C2-134494

Suitable match for US citizen Jat Sikh 26 years, 6'-2", Ludhiana Distt. Last
year Degree Computer Information Technology. Canadian, US girl also considerable. Ph. 98760-52000. C2-134584

Only US based Suitably qualified match for 5'-9", 1982, clean shaven
handsome MS, (USA) Jat Sikh Engineer boy. Presently working in MNC Bank in New york. H1-B visa. Belongs to educated family. Father holding high position in Civil services. Respond with photo and biodata. Email :  C2-134956

Match for Canadian Engineer 31, 5'-10'', Born and studied in India,
M.Tech.Totonto, Small educated Chandigarh family. Mobile 98726-42711, Email:  C2-134968

Seeking qualified, beautiful match for Jatt Sikh, B.A.M.S., M.D.(A.M.) 28/6',
working Multispeciality Hospital Mohali, part-time own clinic.  94178-41714. C2-134988

Suitable match for Jatt Sikh boy 25/5'-9", B.Tech (Thapar), Excise &
Taxation Inspector. R/U property. Own house Chandigarh.  C2-135598

American citizen Jat Sikh two real handsome teetotaller brothers; 29/5'-9"
& 27/6', established business. (Gursikh parents), seeks well-educated, beautiful, slim matches (atleast 5'-5") from reputed families. Boys with family now in India. Marriage bureau excuse. 98556-50386;  NA2-102980

PQM4 very handsome slim fair cleanshaved Jat Sikh boy, 1974/5'-10", looks
much young, M.Sc. Hons. Branch Manager in a Govt. Bank (Punjab) teetotaller, own 20 acres land well-established appericiable business with income over 30 LPA. Other rural and urban property also got permanent residence of Canada innocently divorced issueless. Parents deceased, only sister Gynaecologist, married, running own hospital, upper caste no bar. Email:  81465-85973, 98036- 70030. NA2-103028

well-settled Australian citizen Jatt Sikh boy, 32/5'- 6", working in Finance.
We have rural & urban property in India & Sydney. Widowed has a 4 year old beautiful son, looking for bride from well respected family. Preference Medical profession. Email:  98145-14501. NA2-103683

PQM for tall, slim, handsome Saini boy, 5'-11", Dec. 1984, working as
Manager in Hospitality sector at Australia. Educated small family settled in Jalandhar. Medical field preferred but not restricted. 9872205866. E-mail:  C2-134420

Never Married educated alliance for Canada settled $ 105,000, 36, 5'-11",
Hindu handsome affluent family. Brief marriage annulled within weeks. Early marriage Email:  C2-134476

Punjabi Saini, 44/165/10 lpa never married, Central Government employee
as Assistant in Ministry of External Affairs, Delhi. Deputation near future any passport office. Urban ancestral agricultural land at Phagwara. Flats at Gurgaon. Simple marriage. biodata Punjabi matrimony (p378411). Email:  . Mobile: 098182-43801. C2-135428

Suitable match for cleanshaven Sikh boy, currently in Newzealand on work
permit, 28/5'-3", BA from India, further studies from Newzealand. Preferance to Newzealand PR girl. Contact: 9501545846. C2-133258B

Sikh Khatri turbaned boy, UK born, 31 years, 6'-1", fair complexion,
Doctorate in History, currently fellow of Oxford university. Seeks suitable qualified girl. High fluency in English is essential. E-mail:  C2-133798

Hindu Rajput handsome boy 28, 5'-8" returned from Australia, recently
employed Delhi, looking for beautiful girl employed/PR holder Canada, New Zealand, Australia. Father retired Class-1 Officer Amritsar. 098780-42277.  C2-134196

Well reputed Chandigarh based family seeks suitable match for their
December 1982 born, 5'-9" clean shaven Sikh Khatri boy, MS Engineer, well settled in Texas USA. Girl should be well educated working/studying in USA. Phone: 92167-10072,  C2- 134912

Wanted NRI or Doctor/BDS/other professional qualified beautiful Punjabi girl
for very handsome, brilliant, Lubana Sikh boy 28/5'-11", worked 6 years in Australia now in India, own house in Australia. Agricultural land, urban property. Caste no bar. No demand. Send biodata/photo. E-mail:  094664- 36721. C2-135132

British born Brahmin Punjabi MBBS, Doctor boy, unmarried, 27, 6'-2", slim,
fair, smart, working in London, (parents from Jalandhar). Seeking smart, slim, fair, age 23-27, height 5'-4"+, MBBS / BDS girl. Apply with photos and Phone. Email:  C2- 135134

Hindu Khatri parents from well-educated middle-class background seek
suitable match for their UK-settled professional son, 47, 5'-11", never married, educated in the UK and USA, working in Marketing and earning handsome salary. Visiting India in July. Please respond with photo and biodata to: , Tel: +44 131 667 6064. C2-135208

U.K. based Ramgarhia Sikh parents with Ludhiana background are looking for
a good-looking, well educated Ramgarhia sikh 5'-2" - 5'-6" vegetarian 1986 to 1990 born girl; for their 1985 U.K. born son 5'-9" Graduate in Computer Science, employed, vegetarian, non-drinker, turban and uncut beard. Gotes: Lotay/Jagday. Only Ramgarhia sikh vegetarian girls with non-matching gotes need to contact. No kundli believers. Ludhiana district area preferred. Phone Ludhiana 9914527125, U.K. 00447711351654. E-mail:  C2-135436B

Affluent well settled Jat Sikh parents seeks Medico or professionally qualified
match atleast 5'-6" for their 6'-1", Attorney son 1984 very handsome US citizen boy. Preference will be given to US educated or girl. Please respond with latest photograph to Email  97254-10207, 97805-28097. NA2- 89145

Parents of a Christian boy of 25 years handsome, fair, qualified, working with
Airlines Industry and studying, non-smoking, non-alcoholic US citizen invite matrimonial alliance from the parents with good family background of beautiful fair slim convent educated English speaking above 5'-6", qualified B.Sc. Nurse/Pharmacist/Physiotherapist girl. Contact: E-mail:  Ph: 0012014830207. Call timings 8 am to 10 am IST, 7 pm to 11.30 pm IST Sat and Sunday. C2-133718B

PQM 4 Pb Hindu Khatri boy B.Tech MBA wkg Telcom Co, Ggn 8 Lpa, NM 5'-8",
8.1.83, 14:14 pm, Hoshiarpur. Status family Panchkula. 09646268509,  C2- 133444

Medico match handsome 31/5'-9". Working Govt hospital. Status family.
Good income.  C2- 133804

Wanted beautiful educated unmarried divorcee homely girl from reputed
family for divorcee handsome B.Com., having well-settled Hosiery business, vegetarian, 1981/5'-9". Contact: 094172-01754. C2-135072

Suitable qualified match for fair, handsome 36/5'-7", MBBS, MRCP Khatri
boy, working National Health Services Hospital, UK. Parents Doctors. 094163-78082.  C2-135246

Alliance invited for Punjabi Khatri (Sehgal) pure vegetarian handsome boy,
B.Com., 12.03.1986/11:06 p.m., Jalandhar, 5'-9", Australian PR well settled in Melbourne. NRI match preferred. Contact after matching Kundli. 98140-74156, Email:  NA2- 103563

Ramgarhia Canadian citizen 38 yrs. old, 6 ft., never married, IT Manager boy
well-settled seeks educated girl 29-32 yrs old, 5'-5"+, preferred Malwa from Canada. US Westcoast, India. No divorcee. Serious inquiries respond with complete profiles and pictures.  C2-134128

Allliance invited for Sikh Khatri boy, 80 born, 5'-10", B.E. Computer Science
and Masters in Computer Science from reputed Indian and US universities, respectively. Working with Microsoft as Senior Software Development Engineer Team Lead in US on H1-B. Belongs to upper middle class family from Chandigarh.  C2-128660

Seeking very loving, caring, affectionate and professionally qualified girl for
a very handsome, Sikh Khatri cleanshaven boy 85 born/6 ft, 30 Lac P.A. Defence background.  Mob: 76960- 29545. C2-134694

Match for Balmiki Boy, Sr. Engineer and Team Leader in MNC Chandigarh,
32/5'-7", Salary 25000/- pm. Contact: 97809-09214.  C2-133776

Suitable match for Ramdasia boy, 29 yrs, 5'-7", M.Sc.(IT), Govt. job (IT
Operator). Preferred Govt. service girl or NRI girl. (Malwa). Contact: 92560- 23407, 99147-65469. C2-133880B

Chandigarh industrialist handsome income, Verma 55/5'- 9" looks young,
two children requires between 40 to 50 issueless. No bar. 82880-58172. C2-133911

Sikh MBBS/MD/BDS/DDS/Pharma/professional match, working/studying in
USA/Canada for handsome (Ahluwalia), turban wearing, Oct. 73/5'-8", Canada upbringing, dual USA/Canada citizen, MBA (Health Services Management), holding Senior Administrative position, California.  Ph: +91622-40170. C2-134504

Match for Brahmin Manglik boy, 23.6.83, 5:44 a.m., Dehradun, 5'-10", MBA,
working Panchkula. 098145064266, 80543-17724. C2-134558

Match for Sikh Tank Kashtria Canadian citizen boy 26 yr, 6ft., working as a
Chemical Engg. in a oil company. Girl should be well educated. Pl. note only Canadian citizen or PR can contact for further info to  or Ph. No. 78096-57513. Caste no bar. C2-134143

Suitable match for Jat Sikh cleanshaven well settled businessman, 36/6'-2".
Small family, (issueless divorcee). Upper caste no bar. Contact: 9855481303 (M). E-mail:  C2-133802

Jat Sikh divorcee 53/5'-8" Retired Defence Officer with no liabilities.
Financially very comfortable, seeking above 40, pleasant, cultured and compatible widow/divorcee. Religion no bar. Email :  , Mobile : 95018-74649. Jeevan sathi profile ID-Zaur0446. C2-134552

Suitable match for NRI smart Gursikh 33/5'-8", Software Engineer, working
in U.S., issuless divorcee. Seeks professionally qualified working girl. Caste no bar. Mob: 99278-91313. E-mail:  C2- 134951

Seeking a beautiful,tall and preferably Medico match for a handsome 27,
5'-11" US born Gursikh boy doing a medical residency. Talented and well mannered. Parents well settled in USA.  C2-131008 

Bangalore based Arora/Khatri Sikh family looking for professionally qualified
match for their Australian Green Card Holder clean-shaven son Dec.79/5'-7", MBA, MIT, veg., never married. Girl must be ready to move Australia. Boy reaching Chandigarh/Banglore by March end. Send bio-data and photo at E-mail:  Mob. Aus. 0061434242552, Bangalore-098864-33695, Punjab 076961-83977. C2-134992

PQM for handsome Arora/Khatri Sikh, cleanshaven, US citizen, Ivy league
Dentist, 32/5'-11". Running own high volume dental practice seeks beautiful, educated, cultured girl. Medico/Dental/other professionals from USA/Canada preferred. Caste no bar. Email photographs/biodata:  C2-135488

Professional Qualified beautiful match from USA/Canada/India for Doctor of
pharmacy (PhD) , US citizen , very handsome, affectionate, cleanshaven, 5'- 9", 29 well established Doctor's Arora/Khatri Sikh family. Caste no bar E-mail profile/photographs:  4254512982 C2-135492

Suitable match for handsome Jindal boy, B.Tech. Thapar University, Patiala,
12.8.1986, height 5'-8", working at Mohali. Father in Govt. service. Wanted beautiful girl, B.Tech., MCA, M.Sc., MBA, employee preferred. Mob. 98888-43271, 98146-13231. E-mail:  C2-134472

NM PQM for B.Tech., MBA (MDI Gurgaon), CFA, FRM Gupta boy, 5'-8", Feb. 84
Patiala born, working at Infosys Chandigarh. Slim, employed girl preferred. Contact:  , 98880-30054. C2-134627

Seeking professionally qualified, beautiful girl from Punjabi status family for
Jindal boy, 5'-11", M.Tech. (USA), 08-09-1986/02:35 pm/Chandigarh. Presently working in USA. Plans to settle in India. Upper caste no bar. Contact with photo after matching kundli. 098159-08734.  C2-134730

Professionally qualified match for Mittal boy, 1985/5'- 9", B.E., MBA(IIT),
Consultant Hyderabad, package 12 LPA. Business family near Chandigarh.  C2-134913

Qualified beautiful match for handsome Goyal boy Chandigarh, June 82,
5'-10", B.Tech. IIT, working in MNC Noida, 17+ LPA.  99884-90922. C2-135182

Suitable, qualified, beautiful match for 5'-9", Sikh Arora cleanshaven,
Australian Resident, currently in India. 9803300066.  C2-134728


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