L U D H I A N A   S T O R I E S


TS1 certificate
Residents won’t have to pay development charges
Property tax, fund crunch, stalled projects dominate MC meeting
Puneet Pal Singh Gill
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, March 12
The general house of the Ludhiana Municipal Corporation today decided that residents would not have to pay development charges while getting a TS1 certificate and that these charges would have to be paid at the time of getting their building plans sanctioned. The decision is likely to bring respite to a large number of city residents, who were opposing the earlier decision of the MC Commissioner ever since it was enforced.

A proposal in this regard was tabled by Congress councillor Gurpreet Singh Gogi. It was seconded by Akali MLA Simarjit Singh Bains and almost all councillors present at the meeting.

This was the first general house meeting of the MC House, which was elected in June last year. The meeting continued for more than six hours, one of the longest in the history of the House.

Around 50 members addressed the House. Several issues, including property tax, streetlights, shortage of funds, stalled development projects, stray dog and cattle menace and paying of development charges, were taken up at the meeting.

As soon as the meeting started at 11 am, Mayor Harcharan Singh Gohalwaria announced that first the agenda would be passed and zero hour would be held later. This did not go down well with Congress councillors who demanded that the agenda be passed after zero hour.

In the meantime, the MC secretary started reading the agenda hurriedly. The Congress councillors opposed this and even tried to snatch the microphone from him. They were joined by councillors of the Bains group.

The councillors came in front of the dais where the Mayor and MC Commissioner Rakesh Kumar Verma were sitting and sat on the floor demanding that zero hour be held prior to passing the agenda. However, the MC secretary read all items in the agenda and the Mayor announced that the agenda had been passed.

Congress MLA Bharat Bhushan Ashu, too, reminded the Mayor that in the Punjab Vidhan Sabha, zero hour was always held before the agenda was presented. Congress councillor Gurpreet Singh Gogi termed it a “murder of democracy”.

However, when both Congress and Akali councillors objected to it, it was decided that zero hour would be held first and the agenda would be passed later. Zero hour continued for around five and a half hours.

What transpired at the meeting
The MC Commissioner told the House that the Lakkar Bridge project would be ready by July this year
Akali councillor Tanvir Singh Dhaliwal brought a proposal for the takeover of Shaheed Bhagat Singh Nagar on Pakhowal Road, which is a colony developed by the Ludhiana Improvement Trust, by the MC along with four other colonies. The proposal was seconded by Congress MLA Bharat Bhushan Ashu and accepted by the MC House
Akali councillor Bhupinder Singh Bhinda asked the House to formulate a policy regarding the Sarabha Nagar market, where shop-cum-flats have been illegally converted into SCOs
Akali councillor Jaswinder Singh Bhola said he wrote four letters to the MC Commissioner, but failed to get a reply. The MC Commissioner felt sorry and said he would always reply to his letters
It was decided that no report of the building branch was required in cases where the MC had laid roads, water supply and sewerage
Leader of the Opposition Hem Raj Aggarwal said none of the councillors was taken into confidence before finalising the zoning paln for the purpose of property tax
Gurpreet Singh Gogi told the MC Commissioner that if the building branch was privatised, the staff would not be accountable to anyone
Akali councillor Pal Singh Grewal suggested that zone-wise meetings of councillors and zonal commissioners should be held every month
Independent councillor Daljit Singh Grewal suggested that the Sewerage Treatment Plant, Bhattian, should be connected with a hotline power connection
Simarjit Singh Bains reminded the MC Commissioner that the MC House was not taken into confidence before levying of development charges. “Did you take our permission before levying these charges? Now when the House is telling you to abolish these, just agree to it,” he said. To this, the MC Commissioner said, “I am not above the MC House.” He agreed that no development charges would be taken at the time of taking a TS1 certificate
Kamaljit Karwal alleged, “It seems the MC Commissioner is calling the shots in the MC instead of the Mayor or the councillors”
Akali councillor Swarandeep Chahal asked the Commissioner to clarify where the funds of the MC had gone? “The Ludhiana MC never had a shortage of funds before you came. But now whenever we talk of development, we are reminded about fund crunch. Were the funds diverted to some other city?” he asked the MC Commissioner
Gurdeep Neetu said Tehbazaari was knee deep in corruption. He also demanded that malls, multiplexes, marriage palaces and hotels should be charged for using MC land for parking vehicles
Sumit Malhotra demanded that fire tenders having a hydraulic lift should be purchased for the city


F&CC issue rocks House meeting
Puneet Pal Singh Gill
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, March 12
The issue of the formation of the Finance and Contract Committee (F&CC) today rocked the House when Congress MLA Bharat Bhushan Ashu and Akali MLA Simarjit Singh Bains told the MC Commissioner and the Mayor that no F&CC had been formally formed.

MC Commissioner Rakesh Kumar Verma was quick to reply by stating that the F&CC was not the “discretion of the MC House”. “The MC House has no discretion over the formation of the F&CC. Even the Act says that there ‘shall’ be an F&CC and not that there ‘will’ be,” he said.

The reply evoked strong reactions from both Ashu and Bains, who came on the dais and reminded the MC Commissioner that until and unless the House “permits”, there can be no F&CC. “This has been going on for years. We are not new in the MC. If you think that you can function this way, you are highly mistaken, Mr Verma,” Ashu said.

Verma said they had taken a legal opinion in this regard. “The F&CC came into being the day the House was formed,” he said.

“The F&CC includes the Mayor, the Senior Deputy Mayor, the Deputy Mayor and two councillors as members and the MC Commissioner as an ex officio member. If you think that the two F&CC meetings were organised by completing the quorum, then you are highly mistaken because until and unless the F&CC, which is a statutory body, is formed, it cannot function. Moreover, a legal opinion is not above the MC House,” said MLA Ashu.

Simarjit Singh Bains said if the MC Commissioner thought that the MC House had no discretion over the F&CC, then why was there a need for getting its agendas passed by the MC House?

During the general house meeting, Akali councillors Swarandeep Singh Chahal and Parminder Singh Soma and Congress councillor Hem Raj Aggarwal also raised the issue of non-formation of the F&CC.

MLA’s take
The F&CC includes the Mayor, the Senior Deputy Mayor, the Deputy Mayor and two councillors as members and the MC Commissioner as an ex officio member. If you think that the two F&CC meetings were organised by completing the quorum, then you are highly mistaken because until and unless the F&CC, which is a statutory body, is formed, it cannot function. Moreover, a legal opinion is not above the MC House

Bharat Bhushan Ashu, MLA



DMCH is a public authority: Info panel
Commission directs hospital authorities to implement RTI Act
Rajneesh Lakhanpal

Ludhiana, March 12
In an important decision, the state Information Commission today held that the Dayanand Medical College and Hospital (DMCH), Ludhiana, is a “public authority” within the ambit of Section 2 (h) of the RTI Act.

It directed the DMCH to take appropriate measures to implement the RTI Act, including appointment of a public information officer, within one month of this order. The order was passed by Chief Information Commissioner RI Singh and two state information commissioners, Chander Parkash and Surinder Awasthi, while deciding a complaint moved by RTI activist Rohit Sabharwal of Ludhiana.

“Transparency does not in any way take away or otherwise dwindle the rights of the management body to manage its institutions. Transparency is the essence of modern open societies and no one, not even the tiniest of minorities, can claim a right to run and manage its institutions behind the curtain or in a hush-hush manner,” the commission observed.

The commission did not find any merit in the arguments advanced by the respondent (DMCH) that it was not a “public authority”. The respondent had cited the Supreme Court ruling that unaided medical institutions have a right to run their educational institutions without any interference or control from outside.

The commission held that this argument was based on an erroneous assumption that if the respondent was declared a “public authority” for the limited purposes of the transparency law, it would lose its management rights or it would cause interference with its fundamental rights.

There is no anti-thesis between transparency on the one hand and the right of a management body to manage its institutions on the other hand. After all, these institutions operate in public space and impact public life. The right to access information is a fundamental right and is, like all rights, subject to reasonable restrictions.

However, the commission did not burden the DMCH with a penalty for not providing information to the applicant. It took the view that the conduct of the respondent was not unreasonable.

No merit in arguments
The commission did not find any merit in the arguments advanced by the respondent (DMCH) that it was not a “public authority”. The respondent had cited the SC ruling that unaided medical institutions have a right to run their educational institutions without any interference or control from outside.



Punjab School Education Board Class X exams begin
Shivani Bhakoo
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, March 12
The Class X board examinations of the Punjab School Education Board started here today. Students of government as well as private schools were seen going to their examination centres enthusiastically to take their science examination. Some students appeared tense and confused. As many as 367 examination centres have been set up in the district for the Class X examinations.

Talking to Ludhiana Tribune, District Education Officer (Secondary) Paramjit Kaur Chahal said she and several other officials of the department visited at least six schools and found that the examination was being conducted in a smooth manner.

Director General, Secondary Education, KS Pannu said there was no major complaint from Ludhiana, while in several other districts, the paper was cancelled in at least 12 centres.

‘Wrong date sheet’

A “wrong date sheet” prepared by the Punjab School Education Board has left many students and their parents worried. On March 18, students of Class XII have to appear for their general Punjabi examination in the evening session. The same day, some of them have to appear for the mathematics examination, which they could not clear in Class X, and were given a golden chance by the board. The timings of both the papers are clashing. General secretary of the Punjab School Teachers Union Parveen Kumar said students had paid a fees of Rs 5,000 each to clear the compartment, but the “wrong” date sheet prepared by the board had left them in the lurch.



Govt college teachers yet to receive arrears
Shivani Bhakoo
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, March 12
The state government has released the pending arrears of college teachers all over Punjab since 2006; but the teachers have still not received their amounts as the Treasury Branch of Punjab Government is waiting to get a formal nod by the higher officials.

The teachers said since their Income Tax had to be deducted from the amounts (arrears to be deposited) by March 31, they would now get the net amount. There would be a problem if the arrears were deposited in next financial year ie after April 1, 2013.

The general secretary of the Punjab Government College Teachers' Union, Prof Jaipal Singh, said teachers had sent their bills and the tax amount to be deducted. "Now, we will get the net amount deposited in our accounts. But the arrears need to be deposited before April 1, as our tax will be deducted in this financial year," said Prof Jaipal. He said, "The Treasury Department of the state is waiting for the instructions by the higher authorities for sending the amount to respective colleges."

"The three installments of 30 per cent, 30 per cent and 40 per cent, respectively have been released by the government. Many of our counterparts in private colleges have already got the arrears as the amount was directly transferred in principals' accounts but we at the goverment colleges are still groping in the dark. Even the principal secretary, finance, in an affidavit filed in the Punjab and Haryana High Courts had assured that Rs 450 crore as arrears to college teachers will be released soon. Still nothing has been done so far," said Prof Jaipal.

Meanwhile, the next date of hearing of the Writ Petition number 24049/2011, filed by the Punjab Government College Teachers' Association is March 20. "Government will be in a big trouble, if mere assurances of releasing arrears are given this time also. Earlier, our counterparts in private colleges used to get the arrears after us, but majority of them have already got them and we are being in lurch," said another teacher from SCD Government College.



civil hospital
Patients bear the brunt as rape cases keep hospital’s only radiologist busy
Charanjit Singh Teja
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, March 12
With the ruling of the Supreme Court to fast-track rape cases, the only radiologist of the civil hospital remains busy most of the time in dealing with rape cases at the fast-track court, while pregnant women have to wait in a queue for their turn.

An attendant at the Civil Hospital said that a single doctor could not cater to patients at the hospital and at the same time look into medico-legal works.

On an average 25 patients are recommended to undergo ultrasound scan per day at the Civil Hospital, but one doctor is incapable of handling so many cases in a day.

According to information, radiologists have to attend court proceedings and make medico legal reports so she is able to attend to only eight cases in a day.

A number of pregnant women and their attendants can be seen waiting for their turn in long queues outside the radiologist's room.

It is learnt that a huge number of pregnant women take benefit of the Mata Kaushalya Kalyan Scheme at the Civil Hospital. Dr Karamveer Goyal, Senior Medical officer said, "We are aware of the problem the patients are facing, but right now, we do not have any alternative, as we have a single post of radiologist. We cannot depute anyone else for the medico-legal works. Now, we will make an alternative arrangement by deputing a gynaecologist for the ultrasound scan".



No consensus reached on draft of property tax
Another meeting to be held at Deputy Commissioner’s office today
Shivani Bhakoo
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, March 12
The state government is set to impose property tax in Punjab from April 1, yet no consensus was reached today at a high-level meeting of MLAs, bureaucrats and the Mayor here on drafting the rates of the land, falling in eight zones in Ludhiana. Another meeting will be held at Deputy Commissioner-cum-chairman of the Property Tax Committee (district) Rahul Tiwari’s office tomorrow evening.

Despite attendance of MLAs, including Bharat Bhushan Ashu, Sharanjit Singh Dhillon, Simarjit Singh Bains, Surinder Dawar, Parminder Mehta (representing MP Manish Tiwari), Rakesh Verma, Commissioner, MC, and Harcharan Singh Golwaria, Mayor, the meeting failed to produce the desired results as the Congress MLAs said that the slabs between Rs 2 lakh and Rs 20,000, proposed during the last meeting for the eight zones were too high and the common man was not prepared to bear the brunt of the huge property tax.

As per an estimate, if a person has a house in 500 square yards and the “proposed” cost of land is Rs 2 lakh (in Zone A), then the person will have to pay Rs 33,444 as property tax for his/her house per year.

Ashu and other Congress representatives said that they were not against the imposition of property tax, but it should be reasonable for the common man too. Dhillon asked the Congress MLAs to come up with rates where there was possibility of consensus. Dhillon, Verma and Deputy Commissioner Rahul Tiwari were of the view that the amount raised through the property tax had to be used for the development of the city only, so the residents should not have any problem in shelling out money for their own city. Since, the rates were to be freezed for the next five years, the market rates of the land, cost of construction and the rental income should be kept in mind while proposing the final value of the land, said Dhillon and Tiwari.

Meanwhile, the Deputy Commissioner, MC Commissioner, and Dhillon held a close-door meeting for 10 minutes and then Congress MLAs and Bains were asked to go inside to reach a consensus. The rates still could not be drafted for the eight zones. An MLA wishing not to be quoted said that they were hopeful that the drafted rates would be “finalised” by tomorrow and then the public could raise objections.



Summer sets in sooner than expected; air-conditioners out
Met Dept predicts light showers tomorrow
Charanjit Singh Teja
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, March 12
The city has been witnessing 5 degree Celsius more than the normal temperature in the second week of March. The sudden rise in temperature has made residents uncomfortable as they were not expecting the mercury to rise that soon.

Now, fans and air-conditioners have become functional. According to the Metrology Department of the Punjab Agricultural University, the minimum temperature in the second week should be 10 degree Celsius, but it has recorded 15 degree Celsius.

The maximum temperature should be around 25 degree Celsius, but it has risen to 30 degree Celsius.

Dr Kulwinder Kaur Gill, Agro Meteorologist at PAU, said, "The weather trend this year is different to that of previous years. The days are clear now, as no western disturbance has been reported in the last 20 days. According to the weather forecast, we are expecting light showers on March 14. There will be a dip in temperature after the showers for a few days".

"The heat is beneficial for yellow rust-affected wheat crop. We advise the farmers to irrigate the wheat crop lightly. So the expected winds will not affect the crop" said Gill. 



Budget has overlooked small & medium sector, say traders

Ludhiana, March 12
The members of Apex Chamber of Commerce and Industry feel that Union Finance Minister in its latest budget have overlooked the small and medium sector of industry. Although Finance Minister has promised to make suitable amendments in the budget after receiving various proposals but he failed to do that.

"Small and medium enterprises have been starved of credit and deprived of many other essential amenities and facilities that could ensure their functioning. They typically face much higher rates of effective taxation and are always under threat of income tax surveys and raids," said PD Sharma, president, Apex Chamber of Commerce and Industry. —TNS



150 volunteers donate blood
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, March 12
The Additional Deputy Commissioner (D), Rishipal Singh, today asked the young generation to come forward and donate blood. He said by donating blood, precious lives could be saved. The International Youth Week was celebrated at the Multipurpose Hall of Guru Nanak Stadium here today. He said that youngsters could play a positive role in bringing a change in the society by putting in their best efforts.

Inderjit Singh Dhami, Additional Director, Youth Services, Punjab, said that such programmes were organised all over Punjab to motivate the youngsters. More than 150 volunteers donated blood on the occasion.



LSE holds ‘extraordinary’ general meeting
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, March 12
The extraordinary general meeting of Ludhiana Stock Exchange Limited was held here today. VP Gaur, chairperson, Ludhiana Stock Exchange, chaired the meeting.

The proceedings of the meeting were conducted by Pooja M Kohli, executive director (officiating) of the stock exchange. Gaur in his address said that at present only two options were left with the exchange, the first option was to opt for voluntary exit, wherein subsidiary would work as it was and the stock exchange may opt for exit by paying a nominal contribution to investor education and protection fund , just like the Hyderabad Stock Exchange in which the Securities and Exchange Board of India's (SEBI) had charged a very nominal contribution to the investor education and protection fund, which was even less than 1 per cent of the assets.He further said that another option was to opt for the consolidation model of the Calcutta Stock Exchange, which met both the SEBI criteria i.e. a networth of Rs 100 crore and annual turnover of at least Rs.1,000 crore on its own trading platform as on date.

Earlier, chairman of LSE Padam Parkash Kansal had resigned from his post after SEBI’s conditions laid down for the regional stock exchanges did not go well with him. Two conditions were that the regional stock exchanges should have an annual turnover of Rs 1,000 crore at their own platform and the regional stock exchanges should be networth Rs 100 crore. After submitting his resignation ,Kansal had raised his apprehensions about the future of the LSE. Pooja M Kohli said the members arrived at the decisions that principle consent of the shareholders would be accorded to authorise the Board of Directors to take all necessary steps as may beneeded to achieve the networth of Rs 100 crore and annual turnover of Rs 1,000 crore or to meet with any other conditions/ requirement, by way of consolidation with the Calcutta Stock Exchange, subject to condition of zero contribution to investor education and protection fund and pending broker fees will not be recovered from the stock exchange.



Bid to hand over love letter costs girls dear
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, March 12
High drama took place at Haibowal area today when the residents caught two girls when they tried to visit the house of a girl to handover a love letter of a boy.

Narrating the incident Rachpal Singh, a schoolteacher, said two girls, who were asking for my daughter, tried to escape on seeing me my wife Baljinder Kaur. The residents caught them and asked them to call their parents. The residents reportedly slapped the duo. After sometime their parents came and apologised for their daughter's mistake.

Rachpal Singh said later during the day, nearly 100 persons led by the parents of two girls vandalised their house. He said that they even thrashed his wife Baljinder Kaur.

Rachpal Singh said he then called at the police helpline number and sought help. The police reached the spot on time. The police has recorded the statement of both the sides and started the investigation.



from colleges
Workshop on effective communication

Ludhiana: Gobindgarh Public College, Alour, Khanna, organised a regional workshop on "Towards Effective Communication: Through Classroom Management” on the campus. In the first session, Dr SP Singh, former Vice-Chancellor of Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar, was the chief guest on the occasion. Dr Nirmal Singh Jaura, director, Youth Welfare Department, Panjab University, Chandigarh, was the guest of honour. College principal Dr Neena Seth Pajni welcomed the chief guest, Pawan Sharda, CL Garg, chairman, GPC, and other members of the trust. Seth said this one-day workshop was organised with the objective to explore the problems faced by both students and the teaching community while working in a multi-cultural set-up.


The students of BA-II of the SDP College for Women bid adieu to the outgoing students of BA-III on Tuesday. A gala audio-visual feast was presented by students of BA-II. An ostentatious and glittering grand finale of Miss Farewell was an additional attraction of the day. The students of outgoing classes wonderfully presented the show. The judges, Dr Veena Mann , Babli Ahuja, Rajinder Kaur, patiently gazed at the students from various angles and announced Babita as Miss SD. Rajni Gupta and Priyanka Bajaj were declared the first and the second runners-up.

Inter-college debate

The RIMT, management campus, organised an inter-college debate competition. As many as 18 students from different colleges of the group participated in the event and presented their views on various contemporary and relevant issues like does India need Foreign Direct Investment in Retail. “Is commercialisation of health care is boon or bane?, Pros and cons of social networking sites, public sector jobs vs private sector job, are females better students than males?, Does juvenile justice system need change, were discussed. Aajaz Beigh from RIMT-Institute of Management and Computer Technology won first position, Syed Asif won 2nd position, Gurvani got 3rd position and the consolation prize was awarded to Abhishek. Speaking on the occasion, RIMT group adviser SK Anand commended the efforts of the students and faculty and shared that opportunities like the present one provides a platform for youth to speak, express and exchange their thoughts and feelings. —TNS



from schools
Warm send-off

Ludhiana: Students of Sri Guru Harkrishan Public School, Doraha, organised a farewell party for the outgoing students of Class X on the school premises. The students of Class IX presented a cultural extravaganza while seniors, attired in formals, sashayed down the ramp confidently. The programme began with a Punjabi fusion dance. Dhanuka Priya of Class IX presented a song "Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna". The cultural programme concluded with the beats of bhangra by boys of Class IX. Other dignitaries present on the occasion were School Trust Member – Amarjit Singh, school director Karamvir Singh, Jaspreet Kaur. The school principal, Manjushaw Vinayak, extended best wishes to the outgoing students and said, “I hope that the students of this talented class will show their talent wherever they go. But they should never forget the teachers and the school which helped them in bringing out their hidden talents.”


Shifaly International School has won the “Swami Vivekananda School of Excellence Award” by the Central Board of Secondary Education. As a major initiative of the CBSE towards inculcating the value education at the national level, as many as 2,000 schools from all over India participated in the “Awakening India’ celebration”. Shifaly International School was among the forty shortlisted schools who won the prestigious “Swami Vivekananda School of Excellence Award”.

Language lab

Jagraon: DAV Centenary School, Jagraon, is going to set up a language lab in the school to improve the learning skills of the students. This language lab would be a first of its own kind in Jagraon area. School principal Poonam Kapahi said a language lab would be started in the school very soon. Apart from the language lab, the school administration is also going to introduce Abacus and Vedic Math teaching for overall personality development of the students. These initiatives would help us in bringing out hidden talent and creative skills of the students and prepare them for the future competitions, said the principal. — Tribune Reporters



ludhiana scan
Rs 10 lakh donated

To provide proper treatment at subsidised rates to people was need of the hour. This was said by Pawan Dewan, president, Ludhiana District Congress Committee (Urban), while giving a cheque of Rs 10 lakhs out of the MP Fund Quota of Union Minister ManishTewari for the Guru Teg Bahadur Charitable Hospital. He said Tewari strongly believed that education and treatment were the basis of development of a nation and development could never be thought of without these two factors.

Meeting of SAD industrial wing

A meeting of the SAD industrial wing was held on Tuesday during which Bhagat Singh Chauhan was appointed as general secretary of the SAD, Industrial Wing, Punjab.

State ministerial services meeting

The state-level meeting of the state ministerial services association will be held on Wednesday at Guru Nanak Dev Bhawan. State president Sukhwinder Singh said during the convention the members would discuss the long pending demands of the ministerial staff, which include increase in salary scales of clerks, stenos and superintendents.

Medical camp

A camp was organised by the Bhagwan Mahavir Sewa Sangh to distribute artificial limbs among the needy persons. During the camp 15 people were provided artificial limbs.

Youth Shiv Sena chief elected

Anshul Chhabra has been appointed as president of the youth wing of Shiv Sena from ward number 46. Chhabra said his first mission after taking on the responsibility would be to promote brotherhood among the people. —TNS



2 incidents of rape reported from city
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, March 12
Two incidents of rape were reported here today. The police has begun investigating the gang-rape case following suspicion that the widow might have levelled allegation to settle a personal score.

In the first incident, a property dealer, was arrested for raping a girl. The accused identified as Amarjit Singh Sandhu, a Congress worker, was arrested today by Division No 2 police.

He was produced before the court and send to two-day police remand.

Fond of keeping pistols, gunmen and expensive cars, Amarjit was booked after a resident of Raj Guru Nagar told the police that the accused raped her by offering a cold drink laced with sedatives.

She told the police that she had gone for an interview to Amarjit's office located on Gill road after reading an advertisement in the newspaper as he needed a personal assistant for his office work.

She was selected and came to work on Monday. In the evening when she was leaving the office, the accused offered her a clod drink laced with sedatives. She fell unconscious after consuming it and Amarjit allegedly raped her.

In the second incident, a widow and mother of three children, levelled allegations against four persons that they allegedly raped her in a room near Bharat Nagar Chowk and then threw her out of the vehicle near Samrala Chowk.

She said to the police that she was a resident of Sangrur and came to the city to settle the pension case of her husband.

She said that she met the four persons at Bharat Nagar Chowk, who offered her juice laced with sedatives. She fell unconscious after consuming it and then they allegedly raped her.

The police suspects that the woman may have lodged a rape complaint to settle personal scores. The police is probing the matter.



Girl takes police for a ride

Ludhiana, March 12
A girl took the city police for a ride after she fled the house and spread the word that she was going to commit suicide. The incident took place at Chabra Colony when then girl's parents called the police and said that their daughter had run away from the house by saying that she is going to commit suicide.The girl was facing allegations of theft and reportedly told her parents that an ASI was pressing her to confess to the crime and return the stolen articles. The senior police officials have started the investigation.Later, in the evening, she was found at the bus stand.

Jail inmate found dead

A jail inmate died under mysterious circumstance today. The deceased identified as Gora, a native of UP, was facing attempt to murder charge. He was suffering from prolong aliment. The jail authorities said his condition worsened today morning following which he was rushed to the hospital.

One booked for attempt to sodomise child

Gurmukh Singh (20), a rag picker and resident of Peeru Banda colony, was booked for attempting to sodomise an eight-year-old child in Salem Tabri area today. The incident took place today afternoon when Gurmukh, who is a drug addict, took the child in a room on the pretext of offering him sweets. While he was trying to sodomise the boy, the latter raised alarm. Listening to the cries, the neighbours gathered at the spot. Fearing trouble, Gurmukh Singh fled the scene. Later, the Salem Tabri police nabbed him. —TNS



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