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Dabangg Salman keeps fans on their toes
Gurvinder Singh
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, May 2
Silver Arc Mall was swamped with Salman Khan fans and everyone on the ground floor was standing on their toenails to catch a glimpse of the superstar.
Girls stand outside the mall to catch a glimpse of the actor in Ludhiana on Thursday
Girls stand outside the mall to catch a glimpse of the actor in Ludhiana on Thursday. Tribune photos: Himanshu Mahajan

Salman was in the city to launch of his apparel store, Being Human, at Silver Arc Mall. Youngsters started gathering at the mall hours before Salman’s scheduled visit.

Frenzied fans were out of control as soon as Salman entered the mall. They were trying to catch a glimpse of their favourite actor. Chairs, tables and balconies of the four-storeyed mall became stands for the fans to see the star.

Police had to be deployed to keep fans away from the railing on the first floor. A large number of fans were seen waiting for the actor outside the mall.

Harpreet Singh Sandhu, an advocate, who was lucky to meet Salman, said: “The actor didn’t interact much, he was fond of children.”

Many girls said they would fondly remember the day as they managed to see Salman.

"Salman looked so cool. He is my favourite actor," says Divya Nagpal, a student. "Even though he is in his late forties, he looks so fit. He is as handsome now as he was earlier," beamed Harpreet, another student.

“He is still the the most eligible bachelor in the B town,” said Neha, another student. “I was in the mall at 9 am. I couldn't have missed seeing him," smiled Neha, who works in the mall.

Business as usual for security staff

It was business as usual for the police and security personnel deployed at Silver Arc Mall. Around 200 police personnel were deployed at the mall.

More than 70 security personnel and 20 bouncers were also deployed by a private security consultancy hired to manage Salman's visit.

Devinderpal Singh, who was part of the police team, said: "Everyone likes Salman and I am also his die-hard fan. But our job was to remain vigilant as security was our prime concern. Though I wanted to go and see Salman, but I was deployed outside the mall."

Kuljeet Singh, security personnel, said: “Our job was to ensure that the actor visits the mall without any hassle. We were performing our duty as security of the actor was paramount.”

For security personnel Satnam Singh, it was just another day. "I was standing beside him when he was about to enter the store. But to me, he was like any other person. I don't understand why there is such a craze for the actor. He is just a human being after all," he said.

The one-hour wait

People who were already inside the mall before the visit of the star actor Salman Khan felt harassed as they were stuck there for about an hour. Nobody before and during his visit was allowed to enter or leave the mall.

"I had come to the mall to watch the morning show of a movie and was scheduled to visit a friend after that. But I was stuck in the mall as security personnel didn’t allow me to leave the mall," said Sunil Verma, a retired government official. "I was stuck for about one hour," he lamented.

"Though I got to know that Salman was about to come when I visited the mall, I had not anticipated so many people would be aware of his visit and would turn up in such a large number," said Sakshi, a homemaker. "When I came out after watching a movie, I heard youngsters howling when Salman was about to enter the mall," she said. "I got a call from home to leave, but could not because nobody was being allowed to move out or come in the mall," she said. "I had to visit a friend at 12.30 pm, but couldn't go because nobody was being allowed to leave or enter the mall," Rahul, a city resident, said.

Picture and video sharing

Star actor Salman Khan entered the mall amid tight security with bouncers and security personnel surrounding him trying to protect him from overexcited fans. He was quickly taken to the apparel store where he stayed for about 10 minutes. Many of Salman’s die-hard fans were seen disappointed after they failed to see him. Only a few of fans got an opportunity to click his pictures. Only a handful of people standing on the first floor and in the front were able to make his video.

After Salman left, his fans were seen with their cellphone bluetooth on, imploring people who had the precious pictures to be transferred to their handsets.

"I stood right on the first floor at the perfect angle and could make a video of the visit," said Savneet, a city resident. "Minutes after Salman left, everyone around was asking me to share the video. I spent about 15 minutes sharing the video through Bluetooth after Salman left," he said.


Wheels remain jam, schoolchildren suffer
Shivani Bhakoo
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, May 2
Schoolchildren and their parents were at the receiving end today as school vans and buses remained off the road following a strike by van operators against ‘harassment’ by the district transport authorities.

District Transport Officer (DTO) Anil Garg maintained that he would never bow to the pressure tactics of the bus operators. He said no vehicle would be allowed to ply without valid documents.

The bus operators, however, maintain that they were unable to meet the requirements of the department as they had old vehicles and with limited resources, it was not possible for them to keep the insurance, registration certificates and fitness certificates of the vehicles up-to-date.

Massive traffic jams were witnessed outside schools as parents had to drop and pick up their children in their vehicles.

Alka Anand, a homemaker, said she had to park her car about half kilometre from the school as there was a long queue of vehicles leading to school. “Why should innocent children for no fault of theirs? The authorities concerned and the bus operators can sit and try to find the solution amicably,” said a parent.

Many working parents had to take a break from their offices to pick up their wards from schools. Serpentine queues were witnessed outside the school premises and children had a tough time to locate their parents in the huge rush. Some children were seen crying in the scorching heat as they had failed to spot their parents.

Not feasible, say van operators

President of the School Van Operators’ Association Darshan Sabharwal said they were unable to meet the requirements of the district transport authorities. “We have old vehicles and are paying the loan in instalments. We get around Rs 15,000 per month per vehicle of which Rs 10,000 goes as the loan instalment and other expenses. Besides, Rs 5,000 is spent of petrol and diesel per month,” said Sabharwal.



Road rage takes ugly turn
Realtor fires shots into the air, youth injured
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, May 2
A road rage turned ugly and led to a ruckus outside the house of a realtor in Model Gram.

The realtor, Vipan Sood, allegedly fired shots into the air and indulged in a hot chase and allegedly subsequent thrashing of youths.

A youth, identified as Preetinder Singh, a resident of Muthadda Road in Bathinda, suffered a leg fracture while his friend Kushaldeep was detained by the police for trespassing on the house of a realtor in Model Gram at midnight.

Nearly, 200 students led by the PAU Students Association PAUSA president, Sharanbir Singh, staged dharna against Vipan Sood for firing indiscriminately and fracturing a leg of the youth. The students demanded the registration of an attempt to murder case against Sood.

According to the police, the case appears to be of road rage. The incident took place at around 1 am when Shivam Sood, son of Vipan Sood, was retuning home from Park Plaza Hotel after the Shagun ceremony of his sister.

While Shivam claimed that three youths, who were riding on a motorcycle, intentionally banged their bike in his car in order to rob him.

He somehow managed to reach home and informed his father about the incident and alerted the security guard.

On the other hand, the trio of Preetinder Singh, Kushaldeep Singh and Amandeep reportedly told the police that they were chasing Shivam as the latter escaped after hitting them.

When the trio reached Sood's residence in Model Gram, they were reportedly overpowered by Sood's watchman and other family members.

"I kept the bike and driving license of Preetinder Singh and informed the police. I told him to call his parents and take their bike and license from the police station," said Vipan Sood, who enjoys a considerable political clout. It is learnt the Kushaldeep Singh was also detained by the police.

Karamvir Singh, a PAU student, said Preetinder reportedly called his relative Gurpal, who is a BSc student at the PAU.

Gurpal took his friend along with him and reached the house of Vipan Sood at 2 am.

"Thinking that the youths might have launched an attack on my house, I opened fire in the air to shoo away them," said Sood.

Gurpal and his aides fled the scene leaving the motorcycle behind. Gurpal then called another friend from PAU, who has a car. By the time Kochar Market police also reached the spot.

PAUSA president, Sharanbir Singh, said Gurpal and his friends sat in the vehicle and headed towards the PAU. But Sood and the police started chasing them. Sharanbir said they opened relentless fire at the car ferrying Gurpal, Preetinder and others.

The youths driving the car tried to enter from PAU Gate No 2 but it was closed. He turned the car towards Gate No 3, but in the process he lost control and the car rammed into a shop.

"While other students managed to scale the wall and enter the PAU campus premises, it was Preetinder who was nabbed by Sood and his fellows. Preetinder suffered a leg fracture and was thrashed black and blue. He was rushed to a hospital where he was being operated upon. The police watched the entire scene like mute spectator," said Sharanbir.

The incident has yet again highlighted the fact that how the hostel students keep roaming about during late night without any restriction. Why the students did not inform the police and visited the house during midnight?



MLA, SHO indulge in verbal duel
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, May 2
Congress MLA Bharat Bhushan Ashu and SHO, Division No 5, Nirmal Singh indulged in a war of words over firing of shots to scare youths who were allegedly indulging in a clash outside the house a realtor in Model Gram.

The incident took place outside Silver Arch Mall this afternoon when the policemen were controlling the frenzied fans before the arrival of film star Salman Khan.

Sources said Ashu and his supporters met the SHO in connection with the midnight clash and firing incident in which a student was injured for trespassing on the house of a realtor, Vipan Sood.

Things turned ugly when SHO Nirmal Singh allegedly started chiding Vipan Sood for opening fire and chasing the students. The SHO did not stop at this and threatened to arrest the realtor for the offence.

Vipan took an offence to this and claimed he had fired shots into the air for self-defence.

"My daughter is getting married in a couple of days. Yesterday was the shagun ceremony. The entire gold and other gifts were lying in the house. Nearly 10 youths trespassed on my house. I had no other option but to fire a shot into the air for self-defence,” said Vipan Sood.

On the seeing the situation turning ugly, Congress MLA Bharat Bhushan Ashu tried to intervene. But the SHO snubbed him and allegedly used unparliamentarily language against him. The MLA too lost his cool and retaliated in a same manner.

ACP (West) Gurpreet Kaur Purewal rushed to the scene and tried to pacify Ashu and SHO Nirmal Singh.

The issue soon snowballed into a political controversy with Congress leaders, including Ashok Prashar, demanding suspension of the SHO.

"The officers have express regret. They have apologised and assured that an impartial probe would be conducted," said MLA Bharat Bhushan Ashu.

Launching a sketching attack on the SHO, Ishwarjot Cheema, another Congress leader, said Nirmal Singh was not fit to be an SHO.



MC removes encroachments from Sarabha Nagar Market
Impounds good displayed outside shops
Kuldip Bhatia

Ludhiana, May 2
Continuing their drive against temporary and permanent encroachments in different parts of the city, the tehbazari wing of the municipal corporation (MC) today carried out its drive in the posh Sarabha Nagar market, popularly known as Kipps Market, and Gole Market in the Civil Lines locality.

Naveen Malhotra, MC tehbazari superintendent, who led the MC team directed the accompanying staff to clear the entire "verandah" (covered porch outside the showrooms where the shopkeepers had put counters, tables and chairs, and also other merchandise, which caused inconvenience to the shoppers and other visiting the market. Unauthorised temporary extensions outside the showrooms and eateries were also removed.

The MC team later cleared the encroachments from Malhar Road to Sarabha Nagar where counters and other articles of a “Namkeen Bhandar” and a chicken corner were removed.

Malhotra said a truck load of furniture, counters, push carts and other articles were impounded and the defaulting shopkeepers were explicitly told to desist from encroaching upon public areas and streets.A similar drive was carried out at Gole Market in Civil Lines from where goods lying outside the shops, dhabas and workshops were impounded.



Mid-day meal: Partially cooked curry, worms found in rice
Health dept collects samples from government school in Subhash Nagar
Anupam Bhagria
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, May 2
Following complaints of bad quality of mid-day meals being served at Government Middle School, Subhash Nagar, the Health department swung into action and collected samples of food from there.

Dr Subhash Batta, Civil Surgeon, Ludhiana, said, "I received a call from someone who complained that the mid-day meals being served at Government Middle School was of poor quality. So I sent my team to collect the samples of the food being cooked there."

Harpreet Kaur, Food Safety Officer, Ludhiana, said, "A few persons were already protesting there. We observed that curry that was to be served to the children was partially cooked, while the rice had worms in them. I have collected their samples and sent them for testing."

She further said that as per the instructions of Rahul Tiwari, Deputy Commissioner, Ludhiana, the teacher must check the quality of food being cooked and if they found that the food was properly prepared, it should not be served to the children. But once it was handed over to the schoolteachers, then the onus lay on the schoolteachers.

Tarsem Banga, the district Mid-day Meal In charge, who was also present there said, "The teachers began checking the meals soon after it was handed over to them. Some residents were also present there since there was a function in the school. They too complained about the under cooked meal, hence sampling was done by the Health Department. The schoolchildren were served biscuits."

Teachers must check the food being served

Harpreet Kaur, Food Safety Officer, Ludhiana, said, "A few persons were already protesting there. We observed that curry that was to be served to the children was partially cooked, while the rice had worms in them. I have collected their samples and sent them for testing."the teacher must check the quality of food being cooked and if they found that the food was properly prepared, it should not be served to the children.



Civic body multi-storeyed parking to be auctioned on May 6
Reserve price reduced to Rs 33.50 lakh
Kuldip Bhatia

Ludhiana, May 2
The multi-storeyed parking of the municipal corporation (MC) at Mata Rani Chowk, will once again be put under the hammer at a reduced reserve price of Rs 33.50 lakh on May 6, 2013.

The auction earlier held on April 25, 2013 offering the parking site at the reserve price of Rs 37.44 lakh had to be called off due to a dispute over the liability of service tax, which had been
imposed on parking fee from this year.

The MC and the intending bidders were not prepared to bear the burden of service tax, and as a result the auction was called off.

The term of the existing contractor, who was allotted the parking on an annual lease money of Rs 25.77 lakh had, in fact, ended on March 28, 2013. But as the MC had failed to conduct an auction for the next year in time, one month extension was given to the contractor on payment of Rs 2.15 lakh on pro-rata basis.

On expiry of the "extended" term of the existing contractor on April 28, 2013, the MC had taken possession of the parking facility and it was, for the time being, operated by the staff of the civic body.



Now, fill property details in income tax forms
Manav Mander
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, May 2
The new income tax forms that are soon to be notified will be carrying the columns to fill the property details. Any property sold or bought by an individual in India will have to be notified in the forms.

A property bought and sold outside India has already been mentioned by the individuals in the forms. These columns were introduced in the forms last year.

"Now, every tax payer will be required to fill in the property details brought or sold during the year. In case any individual fails to do so he will be in hot waters if the department gets to know about it afterwards, as the one who has sold the property will also be filing in the details," said a senior I-T official.

Jatinder Khurana, tax professional, further added that from now onwards property details will also be filled in the forms and in case the assets of an individual are more than Rs 30 lakh then he will also be covered under the wealth tax.

"One per cent of the total assets will be paid as the wealth tax by an individual. Income tax and wealth tax both will be filed separately," he added.

Recently, farmers throughout the state protested after the government proposed to include agriculture land under the wealth tax but were later withdrawn.



child selling
Police conducts DNA test

Ludhiana, May 2
The city police will conduct a DNA matching of the newly born child that was sold on Facebook and recovered from Delhi.

The newly born child was sold to a Delhi-based couple. The maternal grandfather of the couple, a nurse and male assistant of nursing home were nabbed in this connection.The police has preserved the blood samples of the child and his mother Noori at Christian Medical College and Hospital for a DNA test.

The newly born child who has been named Arman Khan by his mother, were taken to CMCH at 9.30 am and a panal of doctors collected blood samples of Arman and Noori. The DNA have been conducted after Amit Kumar of Delhi, to whom the child was allegedly sold for Rs 8 lakh claimed himself to be the biological father of newly-born child. — TNS



Lodhi Club constructed in violation of rules
Reveals information sought from LIT under RTI Act
Kuldip Bhatia

Ludhiana, May 2
Controversy surrounds the elite Lodhi Club located in the posh locality of Bhai Randhir Singh Nagar, a colony developed by the Ludhiana Improvement Trust (LIT), in the city.

If several show-cause notices served to Ludhiana Aviation Club, (to whom 12,507 square yards was allotted on a reserve price way back in 1987, and where subsequently the club was constructed) are any indication, the club building was constructed in violation of the rules of allotment and without the approval of a building plan.

Not only this, the allottee (Ludhiana Aviation Club) who transferred the land to the Lodhi Club without the change of land use, also owes a hefty amount to the LIT by way of part of cost of land, non-construction fine and two enhancements in cost of land imposed by LIT in 1995 and 2012.

The information obtained under the Right to Information Act by Arvind Sharma. Secretary, Council of RTI Activists, revealed that LIT had served several show -cause notices to the Ludhiana Aviation Club for committing several irregularities and asked the allottee to explain as to why the allotment of the land should not be cancelled.

In one such notice the LIT has asked the allottee to explain as to how the land use (CLU) was changed in violation of the terms and conditions of allotment. Further it said that the allottee had constructed the building without approval of a plan, non-payment of arrears of cost of land amounting to Rs 14,33,611 and non-construction fine of Rs 27,38,009. LIT officials said that if the amount of two enhancements on reserve price of land, effected in 1995 and 2012, and interest on the entire unpaid amount, was calculated, the total arrears against the Ludhiana Aviation Club would be several crores.DC Rahul Tiwari, who is the ex-officio president of the club, said the land was leased out to the club in 1995 under an agreement vide which the club was to pay five per cent of its total annual receipt to the Aviation Club. As far as the dues of LIT towards cost of land and other charges are concerned, that was the liability of the original allottee.

Capt Sukhjit Singh Hara, Secretary, Ludhiana Aviation Club, defended the transfer of land to the club, saying that under the conditions of allotment of land, the club was authorised to transfer the land to the third party for its financial gains .On the non-payment of dues to the LIT, he said the Lodhi Club has not been paying as per the agreement. He added that a proposal for the payment of a fixed monthly amount by Lodhi Club was about to be finalised.



College row: President, secretary trade charges
Shivani Bhakoo
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, May 2
The row at Guru Nanak Girls College seems to be intensifying. The president of the Trust, Gurbir Singh, maintained that the allegations of misappropriation of funds, levelled by the secretary, Prithipal Singh Grewal, were baseless and said the Commissioner of Police had been asked to verify the allegations and hold a speedy inquiry into the matter.

The secretary, Prithipal Singh Grewal, on the other hand, today alleged that despite lodging several complaints against the president and the principal of the college, the police was not taking cognizance of it.

Grewal said he has written letters to the Chief Justice of the Punjab and Haryana High Court, President of India, Prime Minister and the Governor of Punjab, requesting them to intervene as according to him, records and evidences of embezzlement were being "destroyed" by the president and the principal.

Meanwhile, Nilambri Jagdale, who is heading the Special Investigating Team (SIT) into the case, said the police had taken the statements of both the parties and the necessary records of the college had been kept for verification. "We are hopeful of reaching a conclusion within 10 days. We will submit our report to the Commissioner of Police Ishwar Singh," she said.

The president of the Trust, Gurbir Singh, said the police was making preliminary inquiries into the allegations. "The police can come and check our college records anytime. The record is safe and intact and as alleged by the secretary, we have not destroyed anything. Instead, we ourselves want a speedy inquiry. We have already recorded our statements before the police and will submit other documents on May 4," said the president.

The secretary of the Trust, Prithipal Singh Grewal, meanwhile alleged that the guilty were receiving "VIP" treatment while he (Grewal) was being made the "culprit".

"Despite my eight complaints to the police in the past month and a half, no action has been taken against the president and others by the police. I had no option but to write to the higher-ups to seek justice as the police is not giving me a patient hearing," he said.



northern railways election
NRMU, URMU get recognition
Charanjit Singh Teja
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, May 2
The result of the Railway employees’ unions proved to be a happy ending for both the unions as the Northern Railways Men's Union (NRMU) and Uttariya Railway Mazdoor Union (URMU) succeed to get recognition from the Railway board.

Northern Railways Men's Union got 47.8 per cent votes and Uttariya Railway Mazdoor Union 44 per cent votes in the union elections.

There are six separate unions, which participated in Northern Railway selections. These elections were conducted by the Railway Board to recognise the unions. As per the criteria adopted by the Railway Board, a union has to get 35 per cent votes of total polled votes in elections to get recognition. Last elections were conducted in year 2008 in which the NRMU only succeeded to get recognition from the board. There are around 1. 35 lakh voters in the Northern Railway in which 19,000 voters are from Ferozepur Division. As many as 3,800 voters are from Ludhiana who have right to vote for the union.

The result came with a relief for the railway police, as the situation was reportedly tense in the Ludhiana station due to the clash, which was reported on April 27 between the activists of NRMU and URMU. To avoid any clash among the activists of separate unions, Railway Police conducted a flag March and deputed the force on Railway station premises.

In a clash between the NRMU and URMU activists, five activists including Daljit Singh, Divisional Secy NRMU, Ferozpur, were allegedly injured by the URMU activist on April 27, when they were coming back after submitting the election ballet boxes at Ferozepur Division.

One of the NRMU activists was admitted to a hospital has slipped into coma due to serious injuries. The police has registered a case against eight URMU activists.



Poster menace continues even after elections
Charanjit Singh Teja
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, May 2
Though the Railway board conducts the elections of the Railway Employees Unions after five years yet it seems the railway employees show their mettle on pasting the posters during election campaign. It has been learnt that posters were dotted on every nook and cranny by activists of the unions at the railway station. These posters can be seen even six days after election of the union.

Posters can bee seen on the glass doors of senior officials including station supervisor's office. Ironically, the nameplates, name of building, important information written on walls has also been covered with posters. However, it is a punishable offence. But no one has been booked for committing this act till date. When contacted the officials at Railway station they avoided commenting on it.

"We cannot annoy the union leaders by removing the posters. The paper posters have no long life it would be removed after some days. If the authorities remove the posters it would become issue for the union leaders," said an officer requesting anonymity.

"It has become a common feature of every election. Supporters of unions seem irresponsible who gave the shabby look to the railway station," said Ravi, a passenger.



Youth Congress burns Pak’s effigy
Our Correspondent

Doraha, May 2
The Youth Congress of Doraha today came on the roads to raise slogans and burnt the effigy of Pakistan as the Indian death row prisoner, Sarabjit Singh, died in a Lahore hospital in the wee hours today. They not only demanded justice for the aggrieved family but also urged the Indian Govt to end up all associations, whatsoever, had been hitherto nurtured in the name of friendship and goodwill.

Lakhvir Singh Lakha, Congress activist of Payal Constituency said, “India should not sit back rather respond aggressively to this incident,” Bant Singh Daburjee, chairman, Manrega Punjab. Members of the Youth Congress took out a protest march through the main market of Doraha and burn the effigy of Pakistan. They raised slogans against the Pakistani government who they alleged have intentionally created such a situation for Sarabjit where his life had to end up in such a manner.

“Pakistan has always considered India to be its enemy and its dubious stance of building up good peaceful relations is just to misguide our country. Neither the Pakistani government and nor its people are in favour of our country and they miss no chance to humiliate our brethren as and when they get an opportunity to do so” the members expressed.

“The Indian govt at its own level has tried its level best at least for the past several years to adopt a policy of forgive and forget but Pakistan has always nurtured ill-will and hatred for our country in its heart. India should take adopt an aggressive stand as Pakistan has never and shall never understand any other language but for this. They have to be taught a lesson. We should no longer be mute spectators to what is happening in front of our eyes rather we should learn to pay back in the same manner there and then,” they said. They demanded justice for Sarabjit’s family and asked the Indian government to rehabilitate his family in a suitable manner.



ludhiana scan
Homage paid to Sarabjeet

Volunteers of Aam Aadmi Party paid homage to Sarabjeet who passed away in Pakistan. The volunteers said that the Indian govt was unable to save Sarabhjeet despite the fact that he had expressed apprehension that he would be killed in Lahore Jail.

Slogans raised against Pakistan

Members of the Bhartiya Valmiki Dharam Samaj here on Thursday staged a protest against the death of Sarabjeet in Pakistan. They raised slogans against the Pakistan government and appealed the Indian government to take serious note of the issue. Meanwhile, senior congress leader, Krishan Kumar Bawa commenting upon the death of Sarabjeet Singh said that the neighbouring state is responsible of his death. This incident should be condemned at International level. Members also raised slogans agaisnt the Pakistan govt. Members of Action Against Corruption burnt the national flag of Pakistan against the death of Sarabjeet.
Students during Kala Mela organised at Lion's Bhawan in Ludhiana on Thursday
Students during Kala Mela organised at Lion's Bhawan in Ludhiana on Thursday. Tribune photo: Himanshu Mahajan

Kala Mela

A Kala Mela to give platform to give children of Government Schools was organised at Lion's Bhawan here on Thursday. About 350 children from over 100 schools participated in the event, said an organiser of the event. Noted artists and art enthusiasts including Swaranjit Savi, TPS Sandhu, AP Singh, Satvir Singh Sandhu amongst others from the city were present on the occasion. The groups were divided into three categories including Class I to V, class VI to VIII and class IX to XII.

City girl brings laurels

Sanya Aggarwal, brought laurels to the city, as she became the part of a global research team in the UK. She was a part of team, which got success to inseminate the female giant panda through the artificial means. Family members of Sanya informed in a press conference here on Thursday that this research carried out under the efforts of global Panda conservation and Royal Zoological Society of Scotland has sponsored this research.


Martin Strub, Minister and Deputy Head of Mission, Embassy of Switzerland will be the keynote speaker and make a presentation on the “Switzerland as a Business and Investment Location” on May 3 in the city. The seminar hopes to create awareness about the opportunities for investing in Switzerland. Switzerland has a strong presence in the areas of engineering and industrial equipment, pharmaceutical, information technology, agri-business, chemicals, finance, textiles and tourism. The objective is to attract entrepreneurs from the region who have serious interest and potential, to invest, establish a business or even setup a distribution centre or office in Switzerland.

Union condemns attack on leaders

Circle Secretary BSNL Employees Union Punjab and Balbir Singh and district secretary, Ludhiana, has strongly condemned brutal attack on Northern railways men's union leaders Daljit Singh and Avtar Singh at Ferozepur on April 29 by the members of rival union. They issued a joint statement here on Thursday demanding immediate arrest of the culprits and departmental action against the attackers. They further said that the management of Northern railways is reluctant to take action against the erring employees and ignoring the mass protests of the Railway employees. — TNS



from schools
Green Day celebrated in Cherubs Preschool

Cherubs, the Preschool celebrated 'Green day" here on Thursday on its premises in Dugri to make the tiny-tots aware about environment, global warming, importance of trees etc. The day was full of wonderful activities.

The little cherubs seemed to be thrilled in their green attires to mark the importance of green colour that symbolises the global environment. — TNS



Farmer duped of Rs 2.25 cr
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, May 2
A farmer from Latala village had lodged a complaint with the Ludhiana Commissioner of Police, Ishwar Singh, that Santokh Singh, that the owner of Guru Kirpa Dhaba, and his mother-in-law Amarjeet Kaur had duped him of Rs 2.25 crore on the pretext of providing him a piece of land on subsidised rates.

The accused got transferred the mutations of 39 kanals in name of Amarjeet Kaur, one of the accused, which was owned Ranjit Singh. Ranjit claimed that cost of his land was around Rs 2.25 crore. Following a probe, the accused were booked under Section 420 of the IPC.

Cellphone in jail

The alert jail officials of women prison nabbed an inmate, identified as Payal Bhatia, and recovered a mobile phone, two batteries and Rs 2,900 from her possession.

3 snatchers held

With the arrest of three persons, the city police has busted the gang of snatchers. The accused have been identified as Manjinder Singh of Shivpuri, Vicky Verma of Noorwala Road and Vicky Kashyap of Salem Tabri. The police has recovered a scooter, a motorcycle and seven cellphones from their possession.

Woman robbed of gold bangles

Two youths posing employees of the electricity department trespassed on the house of a woman at Durgapuri in Haibowal and took away her gold bangles at knifepoint. The victim has been identified as Raj Rani. She said the youths knocked at the door and asked her to collect the electricity bill. The accused placed a knife on her neck and removed her gold bangles and fled.



Head constable held for graft
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, May 2
A head constable of the Jagaron police was caught red-handed by a vigilance team while accepting a bribe of Rs 8,000 at Lohatbadhi police post under Rai Kot police station.

A vigilance team led by Gurjeet Singh, DSP Vigilance bureau (Economic Offences Wing), caught head constable Jarnail Singh red handed while he was accepting bribe on Wednesday.

Jarnail had demanded Rs 8,000 as a bribe from one Manpreet Singh for issuing documents of his car, which had met with an accident.

In a complaint lodged with the Vigilance department, complainant Manpreet Singh, resident of Malaud of Payal constituency, told vigilance officers that his Innova car was impounded by the police after an accident occurred near Badundi village on March 15. A case was registered against him at the Raikot police station and Jarnail Singh was handling the investigation of the case.



Car snatched at gunpoint

Ludhiana, May 2
There seem to be no stopping to car-jacking cases in the city. In the latest incident, armed assailants fled with a car from a businessman at gunpoint from Mall Road.

The incident took place at 11pm when a businessman from Patel Nagar was visiting Mall Road. Sources said, the armed assailant pulled him out of the vehicle at gunpoint and fled with the vehicle. — TNS



baby’s death at hospital
Final hearing by panel on May 8
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, May 2
During a hearing of an alleged negligence case at the Apollo Hospital, in which a newly born baby had died at hospital, a panel of doctors led by Senior Medical Officer, Karamveer Goyal, recorded the statements of both sides here today.

In the hearing, Dr Ashwani Singal, Dr Vaneet and Dr Pardeep were present from the SPS Apollo Hospital. Meanwhile, family members of the deceased presented their case to the panel.

Tamandeep Singh, uncle of the deceased said, the panel has given us more time to give the facts about the negligence of doctors and the final hearing will be on May 8."



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