Short & sweet
Amarjot Kaur

There is an abiding charm about cinema and when it is about short films, the whole experience of viewing becomes sublime...

Cinema, with its ability to permeate into the souls of its audience, offers a wide scope for showcasing one’s creative streak than probably any other form of art. Short films, however, have often been criticised for their inability to draw in the crowds. It is about time we save our judgements about short films and cherish the fact that they do indeed make a difference.

On the brighter side, youngsters today are defining the concept of short films on a different paradigm of creativity altogether while considering that the short films are being recognised at the Oscars and many other film festivals across the world.

Different arena

If you were wondering whether documentaries and short films are similar, Archana Singh, head of the department of School of Communication Studies, Panjab University, clarifies, “Considering the media exposure these days, the attention span of the masses is very limited. So, in this case, short films go a long way in making the message precise and crisp, which generates more impact. Also, while looking at the creative aspect, shorter the stories, better the editing.” She adds, “Short films score over mainstream cinema primarily because of their brevity. While documentaries offer a detailed description and analysis of the subject that you are working on, short films convey the message in a way that quenches your thirst about the subject but does not satisfy your hunger! You would always want to go back and read more about the subject of the short film, which you watched.”

Short films go a long way in making the message precise and crisp, which generates more impact. Also, while looking at the creative aspect, shorter the stories, better the editing. — Archana Singh
The only problem with making short films is that the concept does not appeal to the larger audience and that they fail to generate any revenue. — Daljit Ami

Daljit Ami, who makes documentaries and short films, elucidates, “I have made over eight short films and the most recent of my work, Seva, has been selected for the Punjabi International Film Festival, Toronto. The only problem with making short films is that the concept does not appeal to the larger audience and that they fail to generate any revenue. Short films cater to a very small set of audience, mainly those who like the art of cinema and film-making. I have also made an anti-war film that is based on the poetic genius of Sahir Ludhianavi and Habib Javed, a Lahore-based Urdu-Punjabi poet.”

Young voices

The youngsters are rather keen about short films. Lovedeep Gulyani, a fashion student from Mumbai, who is in Chandigarh to intern with the northern designers, is an avid short film viewer, “I am hooked to a site that offers high resolution short films at a click — This site offers the most original and intellectually stimulating films along with the description and reviews. One of my favourite films on the site is Blinky, which revolves around child psychology. There are many other films on the site that are an utter delight,” he says.

Sarah Khan Afridi, who is pursuing her dental studies in Chandigarh, offers her take, “I think short films are a beautiful way of conveying a message. There is nothing better than a short film when you don’t have time and want to relax for a while. My friends and I think that it is the best way to unwind without wasting time. Since I am a romantic at heart, I really like the short film Roshambo.”

A powerful message
Manpriya Singh

Bunty’s Tree, a short animation film based on late Jaspal Bhatti’s vision and directed by his son Jasraj Bhatti, is set for screening at the prestigious REDCAT International Children’s Film Festival in Los Angeles…

You need not be physically alive to touch a million lives and tell the untold stories that not only matter, but make a difference. Bunty’s Tree, short animation film and late Jaspal Bhatti’s vision, makes it to the prestigious REDCAT (Roy and Edna Disney CalArts Theater and Asia Society) International Children’s Film Festival in Los Angeles.

“He wrote this film in four minutes flat, while it took us fifteen months to make it,” says Jasraj Bhatti, who directed, edited and designed the film. He adds, “My father would always say that the tragedy of comedy is that it is never taken seriously. You look at any of the International Film festivals, they mostly screen serious cinema. So, to spread the message of environment, he thought of a serious subject.”

The film

The film shows a boy, Bunty, literally growing up in the lap of a tree in his courtyard, with the tree nursing the baby boy at every step and age. Right from the ripe mangoes that the tree provides to the swinging branches, at every step it’s a give-and-give relationship. The bond between them strengthens so much that Bunty scribbles Bunty’s Tree on it. Twenty years later, he becomes the CEO of a timber company and faces the worst day of his life. The tree trunk chopped into a log. The six-minute film silently conveys what has always been voiced out, “Plant more trees to save the environment.”

It was conscious decision to keep the six-minute movie silent. “We decided to make this film without any language. Environment is a global issue and it ought to have universal appeal although the backdrop in the film is of India because we wanted to retain the Indian element.”

After having already made it to eleven International film festivals, the film now is set to be part of the For The Beauty Of The Earth programme at the REDCAT. “This was probably the only serious film he attempted,” shares Savita Bhatti, the late comedy king’s wife. She adds, “The film had been selected for screening at this festival in February itself. Despite our delayed response, due to the tragedy that struck the family, the director of Children’s Film Festival in Seattle, Elizabeth Shepherd, dedicated the programme in his memory.” The REDCAT festival will be held on May 11-12 and May 18-19.

Says Jasraj, “So far it has only been screened at the festivals; we want to make it reach the masses. For that, we are already in talks with various governments and are looking at corporate sponsors.”

The royal taste
Gurvinder Singh

Lucknawi, Awadhi and Mughlai cuisines are a huge hit among Ludhiana folks

Fragrant ingredients — dry fruits, kesar and many more — are set to delight Ludhiana residents even as the city folks are taking to Lucknawi, Awadhi and Mughlai cuisines in a big manner. Experimentation is the keyword and hotels as well as restaurants are trying their best to cater to their tastebuds, which seek the exquisite!

Dampuk, as part of the Lucknawi cuisine, offers the shorbas, kormas, gilafi kulchas, salans, gobhi musallams et al. It offers a special taste that can only be maintained using the original method of preparation of these dishes. “Some of them are made only in copper utensils,” says Master Chef Shaeem Quraishi, Made In India, MBD Radisson Blu.

Most of the dishes are cooked by the steam generated from the coal fire beneath them; the slow heating ensures that all the spices and condiments used are absorbed by the dishes, which makes the taste richer. “This ensures that all the dishes, including the meat, remain tender. It is a melt-in-the-mouth experience as the taste spreads in your mouth,” he says.

Most of the people relate to Lucknawi cuisines with non-vegetarian food, but there is a rich variety of vegetarian food items as well. “In fact, vegetarian items on the menu outnumber the non-vegetarian ones. A lot of stress is laid on the use of ingredients and technique of preparation to ensure the typical Dampuk cuisine taste. More than a hundred spices are used, especially in dishes like Galawat kebab,” he says.

The spices are not purchased from the market. These are grounded by the chef and some of the ingredients are brought especially from Lucknow. “Moong dal, for example, is prepared by making a potli of the spices and kept overnight to get that different taste in the dish,” says Shaeem, who is a fourth-generation chef from the famous Quraishi family of Lucknow. “Although different chefs make Awadhi cuisine, as our family tradition we create dishes that are not very heavy despite being rich,” he adds.

First-day-first show
Full of fun


Directed by Sonam Nair and produced by Karan Johar, Gippi is a Hindi drama film that features newcomers, Riya Vij and Taaha Shah in the lead roles. The plot of the film revolves around Gippi, a 14-year-old girl, who lives in Shimla with her mother Pappi and her younger brother Booboo. She is awkward, overweight, and trying to deal with the physical, emotional and social changes that accompany a growing teenage girl. Meanwhile, she falls in love with an older, brooding heartbreaker and is publicly scorned. This makes her decide to take her life in her own hands and stand against Shamira, a bully in the school elections. Regardless of the final outcome, Gippi makes sure she has a great journey, filled with delicious desserts and funny teachers.

Packed with innocence

I loved the character of Gippi, which has a streak of innocence fused with the peppy charm that is typical of any girl her age. Also, I liked the storyline. It is definitely a one-time watch. Moreover, the high-school melodrama adds to the character of this film.

Kanika Sehgal, student

Relatable film

Let's face it, we all have a bully, a high school sweetheart and a bunch of snobs in any movie that concerns teenagers. While this film has all the super-hit elements, I like the sheer simplicity with which the movie and its characters have been depicted. Thumbs up from my end!

Amarinder Singh, student

(L-R) Anand Tiwari, Puja Gupta, Kunal khemu and Vir das in Go Goa Gone.

Go Goa Gone

Directed by Raj Nidimoru and Krishna DK, Go Goa Gone is a Bollywood zombie comedy film that features Saif Ali Khan, Kunal Khemu, Vir Das, Anand Tiwari and Puja Gupta. The film has also been categorised as India's first 'zom-com', drawing similarity with 2009 Hollywood film Zombie Land.

Creepy call

I liked the movie. It is not essentially a zombie film, which is wildly scary. This film is a zombie comedy. It is more likeShaun of The Dead. I did not like Saif Ali Khan's look in the movie. He looked like a zombie himself!

Tanya Saggi, student

New horizon

This film is perhaps the first of its kinds that Bollywood has attempted to embark on. It is a refreshing genre and something that would appeal to two sets of audience, one that likes horror film and the other that likes comedy. I like comedy and I tripped on the plot.

Udit Basu, student

Musical appeal

The movie was alright, but I really liked the music. The song, Slowly Slowly was pretty good. Also, I liked the Goan appeal of the film.

Nikita Bhalla, student

— As told to Amarjot Kaur

Astro turf
P Khurrana

ARIES: You can achieve quite a lot once you get going. Never trust a stranger. In close relationships, do not let friends and family get in the way. Use your logic and reason to deal with difficulties.

Tarot message: You need to be more creative.

Lucky colour: Fuchsia.

Lucky number: 60

TAURUS: Work will progress smoothly. You will be in the mood to socialise and meet new people. Your hectic schedule will leave you feeling tired.

Tarot message: Arrogance and pride will not be rewarded.

Lucky colour: Violet.

Lucky number: 27

GEMINI: Socialising will keep you busy. Your hard work will lead to new career opportunities. Spending quality time with your partner will be a priority for you.

Tarot message: Trust your instincts.

Lucky colour: Grey.

Lucky number: 39

CANCER: Travel plans for business or pleasure are possible. Monetary gains are indicated. Work will be hectic and you will have to juggle your schedule in order to meet all your commitments.

Tarot message: Do not stress yourself too much.

Lucky colour: Deep-red.

Lucky number: 40

LEO: Be prepared for any important meeting today. Your love life will be good. Don’t make financial decisions in haste. Consider all your options before making any commitments.

Tarot message: Complete your duties on time.

Lucky colour: Navy-blue.

Lucky number: 61

VIRGO: You will be unable to make up your mind about an important decision, don’t hesitate to discuss things with close associates to gain a better perspective.

Tarot message: Avoid confrontations.

Lucky colour: White.

Lucky number: 37

LIBRA: You will feel exhausted. Spending time with loved ones will be a priority. Going out of your way to help colleagues will bring you goodwill and appreciation.

Tarot message: You are advised to focus on professional changes.

Lucky colour: Peach.

Lucky number: 31

SCORPIO: You will be in a tense and restless mood and will feel agitated about certain matters concerning your career or personal life. Work will progress smoothly.

Tarot message: Do not delegate your tasks to anyone.

Lucky colour: Saffron.

Lucky number: 29

SAGITTARIUS: Focus on health, diet and exercise.

Business will be carried out successfully. Drive carefully.

A family matter will be sorted out satisfactory.

Tarot message: You need to act for yourself.

Lucky colour: Lotus-pink.

Lucky number: 65

CAPRICORN: You will learn from practical experience.

There is a blossoming of consciousness around you.

Social activities will be uplifting. Don’t let anybody control your decisions.

Tarot message: Be patient.

Lucky colour: Yellow.

Lucky number: 27

AQUARIUS: It's important not to let anybody get at you. Let today's influences bounce up your optimism. You deserve a break. There is a good deal of success coming your way.

Tarot message: Plan your life to avoid any inbuilt delays.

Lucky colour: Silver.

Lucky number: 42

PISCES: Your anger will fluctuate today. Just proceed slowly and cautiously. Follow a good fitness routine. Too much will-power will push you past your limits.

Tarot message: Avoid gossip sessions.

Lucky colour: Brown.

Lucky number: 63

Chatter box
Back with a bang

Popular show, Remix, will be back again on Channel V from 20 May at 4 pm (old episodes). Remix was previously used to air on Star One. This youth centric show became a rage amongst the youngsters. It’s hit the screens for the first time almost eight years ago and since then it has been revered by the masses. Many television actors started their career with it namely, Karan Wahi, Raj Singh Arora, Priya Wal and Kunal Karan Kapoor.

Playing God

Recently, Neil Bhatt who plays the role of Lord Ram’s brother in Ramayaan, went for an event where fans came asking for his blessings. He felt awkward when people would touch his feet but soon realised that turning them down could hurt their feelings, so he went along with it.

Big replacement

Finally, it is confirmed that Gautami Kapoor will be seen as Archana in Pavitra Rishta. She has been signed in for the show and will be replacing Ankita Lokhande. After replacing Smriti Irani as Tulsi in Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi this will be her second big replacement.

Taking a break

Gurmeet Choudhry has been in the news for all sorts of reasons. Having left his show Punar Vivaah, he explains his side and clears all rumours.

Buzz is that you are leaving Punar Vivah. Why?

The producers decided that they wanted to start another story of Punar Vivaah and introduce new characters and family. It was a proper plan but then the rumours came that I was going to quit the show, post which things blew out of proportion.

There was a lot written about that you having a fallout with makers due to date issues and that you were throwing tantrums. Is that true?

At times people jump to conclusions. I was doing Shrimaan Vs Shrimati that was two days a week, but earlier I did Jhalak Dikkhla Jaa too, which needed a lot of time fro me. So these reports and rumours were false and soon died down as the promo for the new show came out.

The Season 2 trend has now been taken over by keeping the same name and same slot of the show but having a new storyline. What do you have to say about it?

We all need change and any change needs a while to take off, I think this trend is coming up for good.

How did you feel when they told you that your role was ending in the show?

It was the maker’s and channel’s choice and I don’t have any say in it. I am glad that we completed 350 episodes and had a good run in this show. We are ending at a good note.

What’s next in line for you?

I want to go on a break, but will have to work out my dates with my wife, Debina as she’s busy shooting for Chidyaghar.

Ekta finally finds her Jodha

A lot has been said about how finicky the queen of Indian soaps, Ekta Kapoor, is when it comes to casting actors in her show. She is said to have taken as many as 7,000 audition entries during the nationwide hunt for her new show, Jodha Akbar, spanning 8 months before she gave her final nod of approval to the beautiful Paridhi Sharma, who will play Jodha in her historical magnum opus that will be telecast on Zee TV.

Insiders reveal that Toral Rasputra had also auditioned for the coveted role and the creative team was quite impressed with her. However, Ekta took one look at her and said, “That’s not my Jodha!” For Jodha, Ekta reveals, “I wanted someone who possesses the radiance and dignity of the loveliest Rajput princess that Indian history has ever seen. I’m told that Jodha was someone whose eyes conveyed humility, simplicity, courage and conviction. Paridhi embodies everything I had in mind for Jodha. When Paridhi stood there in Jodha’s bridal finery and delivered some of her lines, I knew the role belonged to her!”

Paridhi Sharma has previously been a part of Ekta’s productions but this is her first role as a lead. With a big smile on her face, Paridhi said, “Landing Jodha’s role is like a dream come true. To begin with, the fact that it’s a lead role in an Ekta Kapoor’s production adds to that the fact that I’m playing a famous historical figure in a lavish period drama. Could I possibly ask for more?”

She added, “I know the expectations are sky high and I have a tough task ahead, but I’ll strive hard, work my strengths to my advantage and deliver.” Zee TV has tasted extraordinary success in its previous attempt of bringing alive the journey of a historical figure, with Jhansi Ki Rani. Channel’s partnership with Ekta has also been a successful one with Pavitra Rishta.

And the strategy works!

Channel V's two flagship shows, Gumrah and The Buddy Project have won the best non-fiction and the best fiction show, respectively at the Indian Television Academy (ITA) Awards, thus confirming the channel's status as the numero uno youth GEC. Also, Dil Dosti Dance (D3), a show about a group of youngsters passionate about dancing, won the Best Choreography Award. This is the ultimate validation of Channel V's revamp strategy, which they adopted three years back when they moved from a ‘music only’ channel to a youth GEC platform. While Gumrah was nominated in 10 categories, it beat formidable shows on other channels, including Roadies, Beg Borrow Steal and Emotional Atyachar to win the Best Non-fiction award. Channel V GM & EVP, Prem Kamath, said, “We started this journey three years ago when we had barely 3-4 hours of original content a week. We are really in a unique position as we’ve carved a genre for ourselves, away from the niche of music channels that are called youth entertainment.”

Myriad hues of Bollywood

Bollywood has a variety of superstars. Some of them can act, some cannot. Some of them are gorgeous and some are not. We list a few actresses and tell you their unique qualities and what they have proved by their success

The Midas Touch
Parineeti Chopra

Her life has been a real-life fairy-tale though there is no confirmation on the prince charming as yet. Anyway, her knight in shining armour and mentor has been Maneesh Sharma (also rumoured to be her prince charming). He made her audition and cast her in Ladies vs Ricky Bahl. She stole the show in the movie and there has been no looking back. She received a mention, for Ishaqzaade, at the National Awards and has three to four big films in her kitty along. She shows that you do not need to be skinny to be an actress.

What you see is what you get
Kareena Kapoor Khan

The Kapoor princess did not have it completely easy in Bollywood. She dropped oodles of weight and put her career back on the track. She has made power yoga and healthy eating a nationwide obsession. She lived in with her star boyfriend Saif before marrying him and that did not affect her standing as an actress at all. She often talks without thinking. She knows she is beautiful and makes no qualms about it.

Matter of faith
Anushka Sharma

She is an unconventional heroine who holds her own opposite any established actor or actress and has proved her mettle in just three movies. She has an enviable body because she is thin yet shapely. She speaks her mind and is extremely independent at the age of just 25. She is totally comfortable wearing bikinis or kissing her co-actors and makes no big deal about anything. She has a lot of faith in her own talent.

Self-made woman
Deepika Padukone

She is beautiful and delicate looking but she is a very strong woman who has a lot of dignity and grace. She shows us that one can be best friends with one’s former lover and that acting can be learnt with every movie. She runs her own house in Mumbai and maintains a lavish lifestyle all by herself. She is ambitious and goes about fulfilling her dreams in a practical manner.

Devil may care
Sonam Kapoor

We like her never-say-die and I-don't-care and I-am-daddy's-princess attitude. She is just a mediocre actress but she gets movies and does what she can in them and she is hardly bothered by criticism that comes her way. Her father is there to fund movies for her. She claims to have funded her entire luxury wardrobe and is seen on magazine covers more often than in movies. Yet, she does not care. She is happy doing what she loves, being a fashion princess and shooting straight from the hip.


Simply chic

Sunanda Sharma, a fashion designer, likes to experiment. She loves singing, travelling and photography. Her favourite pastime is to go on a geri or hangout at a local coffee shop with friends. With her confidence and creativity, she transforms the simplest of things into a style statement. Sunanda is a girl who stands out.

Your sense of style?

Simple and classy. A good pair of jeans, sheer shirt and matching pumps.

Latest addition to your treasure of clothing or accessories?

Long tees with leggings.

Brand crazy or street pick-up?

Depends on what look I want— crazy funky look or classy look.

Who would be your style icon?

Mila Kunis, Blake Lively and Sonam Kapoor.

Who do you think is the worst-dressed celebrity?

Vidya Balan and Kajol.

Which look would your prefer - sporty, chic or glamorous?

For this summer chic is the best!

One fashion trend that goes beyond your comprehension…

Platforms and block heels.

Your take on accessories?

Absolutely necessary to complete a look.

Given a choice, which designer would you like to be dressed by?

Anaita Shroff Adajania and Ritu Kumar

What gives you a high on the confidence level?

A good pair of high heels!

— As told to Tanya Malhotra

Sip & bite

After being awarded as the Best All-Day Dinning Restaurant, Buzzczar at The Maya Sector 35 brings to you the Summer Cool Drink-n-Food Combo Month.

For the entire month, one can gulp down reasonably priced drinks along with a snack and main course at even better rates.

To help you team it perfectly, the hotel lays down the right combination of cocktails and mocktails with well paired snacks and main course. So brace yourself for the exotic aroma and flavours with the bar going to great lengths to serve up special mixes and the kitchen all geared up for the perfect spread this summer.

And if you are in the mood for some traditional Indian summer cool drink, the menu has enough to offer like bael, khas and sonf to name a few.Meal for two will cost Rs 450 plus tax and non-veg snack and main course will cost Rs 650 plus taxes. — TNS

It's happening
It comes naturally!
Tanya Malhotra

When you capture a precious moment in a photograph, the memories echo for a lifetime. And when the intention behind it is deep and humane; the picture becomes all the more significant. They say that every picture tells a story. For Nitin Rai Chaudhary it's the story of how he admires the little things around him. Displaying a selection of 42 photographs in a solo exhibition A Tribute Towards Nature!! Towards Humanity!! at Books n Brews-16, Chandigarh, Nitin captures the intricacies of nature.

“Photography is not about random clicking,” says Nitin “I capture time, beauty, people, places, nature and every single click has a story behind it. It's so fulfilling that it keeps giving me the energy to discover something new out of the ordinary everyday.”

With the rustic charm as the highlight of his collection, Nitin admits that he likes to stay away from fluff and glitters.

Having clicked as many as 2,500 photographs with his Nikon d90 camera, Nitin can't stop but talk on and on about his love for the camera. “My camera has given wings to my dreams and a visualisation to my imagination, literally.”

Nitin has been travelling to different places such as Amritsar, Udaipur, Mount Abu, Morni Hills, Agra, Jaipur and Himachal Pradesh and capturing people on the street, landscape, birds and animals. His banner NRC Clicks has also compiled four documentaries on nature and humanity.

“A photograph can display what words can't describe. I hope to open up a photography-cum-moral values institute to urge people to love nature and care for humanity. Such concepts can change the aspect of living altogether,” he concludes.

On till May 15

Positively happy
Simmi Waraich

Why do some people have more negative thoughts and why are some people cheerful most of the time? Can one change this?

Ashish, Chandigarh

Well, we are all born with different personalities and our environment also influences the way we react to situations. The brain is still poorly understood but different areas of the brain are active in different disorders. So though many people with disorders like OCD need medication, many people can also rewire their brain with cognitive behaviour therapy where a person is taught to develop new ways of thinking in particular situations. However, the doctor needs to decide whether medicine is required or not. People can be taught to be more cheerful. Pessimistic people tend to dwell on what has gone wrong in the past, can be taught to change the thoughts by teaching them to dwell on what went well that day.

My older child does not like his younger sister and says he hates her. How can I change that?

Preeti Singh, Melbourne

Pay more attention to the older kid. Spend some time with him that is your and his time. Involve him as your special helper where he gets to help you on tasks such as fetching something or putting toys away. Reward with small gifts (small toys or goodies) and praise. Be calm yourself and avoid shouting at the older one. Listen to his point of view and acknowledge his feelings.

(Waraich is a psychotherapist)

Amitabh Bachchan did The Great Gatsby for free

Amitabh Bachchan
Hollywood stint: Amitabh Bachchan(L)

Amitabh Bachchan, who is expected to attend the screening of Baz Luhrmann’s film The Great Gatsby at Cannes Film Festival, says that he didn’t charge for the film. The Great Gatsby is Amitabh’s first Hollywood film, in which he has a cameo as the Jew, Meyer Wolfsheim.

He says, “My role is hardly that of a minute. A year and a half ago, Baz Lurhmann called me and said he has a small role for me, which he felt was not worthy of me. He, nevertheless, asked if I would do it and I readily agreed. I did it as a gesture. It is not remunerative. I have not charged anything.”

The veteran actor is currently spending time with his family and friends in London and he leaves for Cannes this weekend. Directed by Baz Lurhmann, starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire, Carey Mulligan, Joel Edgerton and Isla Fisher in addition to Bachchan, the film is slated to release in India on May 17.


Beyonce's 17,000 pounds thank you

Pop diva Beyonce treated her entire crew to a 17,000 pounds dinner party to mark the end of her show.

Following her six-night string of shows at The O2, she splashed out on booze in a Champagne bar at the Andaz Hotel in Liverpool Street, reported a publication online. “Beyonce wanted to say thanks to all of the backing dancers, crew and everyone else involved with putting on the six shows. Between them they managed to drink their way through more than 17,000 pounds worth of booze in just a few hours. They stuck in as they knew they had a few days off afterwards. They were still in there at closing time at 4am.”

“They are only part-way through her Mrs Carter tour. There was a lot of pressure in London but they all helped her put on a good show.” Beyonce played the last of three dates in Manchester before heading off to Dublin and then Belgium. — PTI

Sugar and spice

Singer-actress Selena Gomez says her relationship with boyfriend Justin Bieber is crazy and intense. The 20-year-old has had an on and off relationship with the Baby hit maker and while they haven't clarified the status of their love life, she admitted that all the attention surrounding them hasn't made their time together easy.

“It is crazy and very intense. It's uncomforting that wherever I go, people know. I don't like that. I have to go through the emotions and feel it out. I'm doing my own thing, being with my friends and he's doing very well too,” she said.

The ballad Love Will Remember, from her new album Stars Dance, is about her relationship and Gomez thinks that he will approve, reported a website. “That's the most personal track on the record for sure. I think it's a sweet way of releasing it. It's not an aggressive approach to what people are probably expecting. I'm sure he'll love it too.”


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