Notes to mommy darling

A mother-daughter relation is special. What makes it extra-special is the mutual admiration. This Mother’s Day, we bring to you some famous mothers and their famous daughters and the bonding they share.

Political circles
Kiran Choudhary & Shruti Choudhry

(L-R) Shruti Choudhry & Kiran Choudhary Photo: S Chandan Shruti Choudhry was happy envisaging a career in documentary-making when a sudden situation demanded her to take up politics.

This Member of Parliament from Bhiwani-Mahendragarh, has taken after her mother Kiran Choudhary and a family that’s had mass leaders, including her father and grandfather.

This mother-daughter duo travels often (they take up different areas of the constituency at a time, so that they cover more) and yet take out time for each other.

Daughter speak: My mother has been indulgent, but a disciplinarian at the same time. Growing up as a single child in a household with my parents and grandparents for company, she taught me all the values like respecting elders and serving the society.

She has been my friend; to date I can share anything with her, at the same time, I know I will get it from her if I falter.

Defining moment: She’s been there for me when I dressed as Razia Sultan, Indira Gandhi or Meera and also when my grandfather put the traditional pagri on my head, which meant a lot of responsibilities, after my father’s demise. From that day on she has been both my mother and father.

I admire: Her fiery nature, she is unafraid of anything that comes her way.

On Mother’s Day: I wish her health and happiness always.

Mother Speak

I am the luckiest mother to have Shruti as a child. I wish I have her as my girl in every birth; such is the strength she gives me!

Kiran Choudhary

Art mart
Ajeet Cour & Arpana Caur

(L-R) Ajeet Cour & Arpana Caur While this mother is a known Punjabi writer, Arpana earned a name in painting. A gold medalist in VIth International Triennele 1986, Arpana’s works are seen in museums not only in India but across the world, including in Asian Art Museum, Los Angeles, Peabody Essex, Boston, and Victoria as well as Albert Museum, London.

Daughter speak: There is no one in the world who will not say that mothers are the closest to their hearts. In my case the bond has been stronger because ‘Ammi’ played both roles, including the financial role of the father, working 18 hours a day, instilling in me the value of hard work.

Defining moment: The defining moments are many. Mother accompanying me to all my exhibitions in Mumbai, Kolkata, YWCAs; and cheap meals, long train journeys for we had very little money, covering up for my shyness in public.

I admire: Her sharing her earnings liberally with the poor. When art boomed, I followed her sharing instinct. I also admire and inherit her spirit of fighting for Delhi’s depleting greenery.

On Mother’s Day: Mother’s Day is big affair at our home for I am just one of her daughters, along with 125 others from the slums for whom she has set up a vocational training school 37 years ago.

Mother Speak

Arpana is the anchor of my life. She is very compassionate, very soft and very spiritual. Sometimes I wonder how God has bestowed such a glorious gift in my very ordinary lap.

Ajeet Cour

Beautiful ties
Blossom Kochhar & Samantha Kochhar

(L-R) Samantha & Blossom KochharSamantha adopted her mother’s passion-profession with élan. Blossom today rather acts as a guide as the able daughter takes over the charge of the beauty business — Blossom Kochhar Beauty Products Pvt Ltd.

Daughter speak: They say we do not choose our parents, but I have an instinct that I chose her. She has been free, frank and very friendly to begin with. Now that we work together, we have only come closer. She has been my true Guru in the beauty business. I really value that she taught me to take responsibility for my life.

Together time: We gym and also work together. Her work is her passion till date.

I admire: Mother has this beautiful, happy energy around her. She has an immense desire to learn.

Defining moment: The day my son was born, I needed just my mum to hold and support me.

Mother’s Day: It’s the day for shopping and eating to the hilt and yes, no exercise today!

Mother Speak

With Samantha being in my life, I couldn’t have asked for more. She is very clear on what she wants and goes for it. She is the managing director of our company and yet consults me on major decisions. She is not only a wonderful daughter, but also a mother.

Blossom Kochhar

Classical affair
Primila Puri & Nandita Puri

(L-R) Nandita & Primila Puri Photo: Manoj Mahajan Premila and Nandita Puri share the love for our rich cultural heritage. While the mother is a classical singer, Nandita earned name in dancing and acting.

Daughter speak: My mother has been influential to first recognise and then hone my talent for dance. In fact, it was seeing her transported into another world that I got attracted towards classical arts. She has been the steady rock by my side. In any classical art, one needs hours of riyaaz, she knew and supported me for it. When everybody else thought dance was a waste of time, she motivated me to carry on and made me realise our responsibility towards preserving our rich heritage. I still head back home the moment I get time.

I admire: Her sensitivity to all my wants and needs; she supports me in all I do.

Defining moment: When we shared the stage on the opening of the Patiala Heritage Festival. We have performed together on stage extensively and it fills me with a wonderful sense of gain to represent two genres of classical art in front of a live audience.

On Mother’s Day: Each day is Mother’s Day for us, the bond we share goes beyond a regular mother-daughter one.

Mother Speak

I am a proud mother. Nandita has earned a name in creative fields — dancing and acting. I have all the affection and admiration for what she has achieved.

Primila Puri

Preity cool!
Preity Zinta is often seen on the cricket field these days cheering IPL team King’s XI Punjab, but she is all set to return to the big screen with Ishkq in Paris…
Manpriya Singh

(L-R) Rhehan Malliek and Prem Raj Preity Zinta was, perhaps, trying to be in sync with the philosophy of her first production venture Ishkq in Paris. Finally, after much dilly dallying the movie finds a release date and after much delay, the actress arrives for the promotions. Moving on, mumbles an apology, along with an excuse for the close to two-hour delay, which is lost in the din of the questions that everyone has for her. After all, it doesn’t get more inquisitive than cricket and cinema. “It’s like taking care of a new business altogether. It’s a whole lot of work. You only see me on the cricket field where there’s nothing much for me to do, but you don’t see me in the boardroom where it’s hectic.”

It’s been “five years of settling the business and now that the CEO can be ready to take over,” hopefully she’ll come back to where she started from, the films. “Whenever a star’s absent from the silver screen for a while, there’s always a pressure of expectations from the next film,” admits Prem Raj, the director, in tow with the actor Rhehan Malliek. He adds, “After watching this film, you’ll all say, ‘Oh Preity, why did you disappear?”

Movie time

The winter look of the posters might suggest a last Fall release, but the freezing backdrop of France might work well in the holiday season and boiling India. “It’s a decent family entertainer; right from children to grandparents can watch it.”

While there are no biographical connotations, the script borrows from influences around. “In this film, I’ve taken a lot from my friends, their life and even my life, but it’s not my story.” She adds, “This film is important to me because it has my name on it. Since it’s my first production so there’s much more creative involvement than any other film. It’s shaped up really well and all’s well that ends well.”

Actor speak

The Indian model and television actor is literally starting afresh and chose to begin his initials. Gaurav Chanana of the tele-series Sanjivani re-emerges as Rhehan Malliek and would like to be referred to as one. “I thought it’s a good way to start afresh and why not.” Between playing the beloved medico of small screen and starting new with the film, there’s a really long spell of absence. “I have been traveling all this while, doing theatre with Barry John and just taking a break.” He adds, “I play Akash, a film agent in London, who meets this new girl and how his life changes completely.”

Ishkq in Paris happened only post an audition and a photoshoot with Preity Zinta. “She helped me a lot.” There’s always a flipside of working with a star.“Even if I do get over-shadowed by her, it’s all right. She’s Preity Zinta.”

Short take

An October to May delay is just a part of the miscellaneous reasons for the director Prem Raj. “We started shooting in the beginning of 2012 and wrapped up in August; hoped for an ambitious October release, which for some reasons did not happen. I also had certain health issues. Otherwise, one-and-a-half year is the normal time any film takes.” The film talks about two people meeting each other without being committed. He adds, “It talks about how you find everything in Paris but not love.” Apart from Paris, that the “film has been completely shot in,” there’s French actor Isabelle Adjani sharing the credits. “The script required a French actor and fortunately for us, she agreed. She plays a very strong character in the film and revealing anything beyond would be like giving away too much.”

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Sky is the limit
Amarjot Kaur

ADVENTUROUS STREAK: Karanbir Singh Bedi Photo: Pradeep Tewari
ADVENTUROUS STREAK: Karanbir Singh Bedi Photo: Pradeep Tewari

He battled for his dreams on the shores of uncertainty, as he chose to live for his passion. This is the story of a journalist, an adventure traveller, a writer and an idealist, Karanbir Singh Bedi, a Chandigarh lad who has paved his way into the Limca Book of Records. “I was almost as nonplussed as anybody else of my age when I started off with my career.

I started working as a journalist with a magazine, Overdrive, soon after I finished my masters in journalism from the School of Communication Studies, Panjab University,” says Karan.

He continues, “I had a regular job that was giving me all the money that I required during that time, but I am an incorrigible dreamer. So, I quit my job in 2009 and went hitchhiking across six countries, including, Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Ecuador and Columbia,” he says. Karan broke three national records in the process, “I broke the record of the fastest ride from Kanyakumari to Leh in 2009, first on a motorcycle and then by car. Also, in 2008, I broke the record for the fastest car ride from Porbandar to Tezu in Arunachal Pradesh. Besides, when I was in Peru, I entered Machu Picchu through a secret map that was given to me by a co-traveller.” Karan has also secured top five positions in various motorsports, including the Raid de Himalaya, a seven-day long race, which starts from Shimla to Leh. “The city life baffles me beyond expression; I detest their frivolous chase towards materialism. So currently, I am embarking on a whole new venture of starting up adventure tourism in Spiti Valley by the name of Himalayan Shepherd,” he explains. Karan, who presently writes for several magazines, including Travel Plus, Travel Outlook, Jet Wings and Sports Illustrated, adds, “I think the only thing that bothers me is the lack of security, both financial and emotional, but it also motivates me to push my limits a little.”

Quoting Mark Twain, Karan signs off, “A ship is safe in a harbour, but it is not there where it’s meant to be.”

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Doc Talk
Dark to light
Dr Sukhdeep Kaur

Beautiful eyes are considered a great asset but Periorbital Melanosis (under-eye dark circles) are annoying as they steal the beauty of your eyes and give it a sad, aged appearance.

What causes dark circles

  • Genetic factors
  • Aging, photo damage
  • Fatigue, stress and eye strain
  • Lifestyle factors like alcohol overuse, smoking and excessive intake of caffeinated beverages.
  • Systemic diseases such as cachexia, biliary disease, hyperthyroidism, vitamin K deficiency, Addison disease, heart and kidney disease, and other diseases causing fluid retention.
  • Drugs–oral contraceptives, hormone replacement therapy, iron containing compounds, gold.
  • Eczemas–atopic dermatitis, contact dermatitis, air borne contact dermatitis, food allergy.
  • Fluid retention around the eyes due to liver, kidney diseases.

How to prevent

  • Have a soulful sleep of least six hours.
  • Avoid continuous strain with laptops, computers, television
  • In case of eye dryness, allergies always take expert advice.
  • Avoid fragrant shower gels as that can irritate the skin around eyes.
  • In the summer you can apply cucumber slices to relax and soothe your eyes.
  • Pigmentation under the eyes could be brown or blue-grey colour due to variation in depth of pigment deposition in various skin layers. Due to hypervascularity, it can be violaceous or bluish in colour. Sometimes, due to periorbital odema there is a purplish hue and is often worse in the morning or after a salty meal.


  • Sunscreens: A broad spectrum sunscreen is the first line therapy. Using UV coated sunglasses that block UVA, UVB are also very helpful.
  • Skin lightening agents: Like topical hydroquinone, Vitamin C, retinoids, Kojic Acid, Arbutin, N-Acetyl-4-cysteaminylphenol(NCAP), Azelaic Acid are all proven beneficial for pigment reduction.
  • Dietary supplement: Soy extract, fish protein polysaccharides, extracts from white tea, grape seed, tomato, Vitamin C, E and zinc have a good role to play.

Advanced skin procedures:

  • Chemical peels: Glycolic, lactic acid, kojic acid, arbutin, arginine, citric acid peels in various combinations are used to treat dark circles.
  • Laser: Q switched Nd-Yag, Alexandride laser are very useful.
  • Dermal fillers: Hyaluronic acid fillers are used to fill up depressed, sunken, hollow eyes, restores lost volume due to aging hence creating a cosmetic result.
  • Mesotheray: Glutathione, ascorbic acid, caffeine, hyaluronic acid,transexamic acid are all beneficial.
  • Non-Albative RF: This latest RF technique tightens the lax, sagging skin under the eyes, reduces fine lines and wrinkles hence improving the dark circles.

(Dr Kaur is a Chandigarh- based dermatologist)

Punjabi Tadka
When music becomes the lifeline…
Jasmine Singh

Beat it: Sachh He started his career when he was in grade eleventh. A software which could teach how to make music in five minutes set the ball rolling for Punjabi music director Sachh, who is currently working on an untitled Punjabi film directed by Amit Prasher and produced by Future Cine Vision.

The young music director shot to fame with Punjabi club number Saturday Saturday. He lives music, breathes music….. “And eat it too,” he laughs. Given a choice, he would never come out of the recording studio, and make music 25 hours a day! A musical spin with him…

Film music vs private album…

Film music is far more challenging than making music for an album. Film music caters to a wider audience, so the sensibilities are always kept in mind.

Favourite Punjabi singer?

Diljit Dosanjh. He is a versatile singer, someone who can carry a song with a high and low pitch equally well. I like his throw, his energy and the rush in his voice.

A singer I would want to work with…

Undoubtedly Mika! He is again a singer in Bollywood who is brilliant.

Latest movie watch…

I saw Tu Mera 22 Main Tera 22. It is a good mix of entertainment, and it has excellent music.

What’s on my Ipod …

All kinds of music, from hip hop to jazz, soft music to desi types. This is the first thing that I do when I get up in the morning. I plug in the ipod in my ears. This is how my day starts.

Favourite Punjabi folk instrument…

Dhol. I love using it in my tracks; it has an international appeal to it.

Song that doesn’t make sense…

Saturdaty Saturday.

Lyrics for the soul…

Lyrics are important to any song, it might be slightly ignored in a club number, but to any romantic song it is of utmost importance.

When I am not making music…

I am sleeping. I don’t do anything else but live music.

It’s happening
Song of freedom

On a song: Vijay Singh The Chandigarh Lalit Kala Akademi is organising a screening of the film India by Song by Vijay Singh on May 12 at the Government Museum & Art Gallery-10. Historian-writer-director Vijay Singh’s latest film is an entertaining multi-layered portrait of India since Independence to the contemporary times.

Woven around a long road journey across the country, India by Song brings together history, colourful Bollywood song clips, live testimonies and beautiful images of today’s India to deliver a gripping work of cinema. The film fuses history and cinema so seamlessly that we see dancing and singing actresses, thinkers, domestic maids, farmers and cricketers roll in and out of frames and dissolve into each other imperceptibly.

Vijay Singh uses song clips in the film less to illustrate their connection with historical reality than to show the inner world of emotions that inhabited the people of those times.

Vijay Singh is an Indian film-maker, screenplay-writer and novelist living in Paris.

India by Song, his latest film, won the Best Documentary Audience Award at the River to River Florence Film Festival 2010. — TNS

On May 12 at 11.30 pm

Bollywood boys love Gippi!
Gippi is a sweet, endearing, coming of age movie directed by first-timer Sonam Nair and starring an all-new and fresh cast of teenagers and youngsters. The young guns of Bollywood are all praise for the movie.

Ranbir KapoorRanbir Kapoor: Gippi made me laugh and smile a lot and took me back to my school days when all of us were a mix of awkwardness, shyness, silliness, innocence, joy and energy. It was great meeting Sonam after a long time.

Imran KhanImran Khan: We have had movies on boys who are coming of age but Gippi is the first movie which is about an adolescent girl coming of age. So kudos to Sonam Nair and Dharma for having the courage to do it and do it well.

Varun DhawanVarun Dhawan: Gippi is a film for people of all ages. It has so much we can connect with. It takes us back to the best times in our lives. There is a little bit of Gippi in all of us. Such a sweet movie!

Siddharth MalhotraSiddharth Malhotra: Gippi reminded me of one of the girls I knew in school. I remembered all my awkwardness during school days. It was fun to relive those memories. They are very close to my heart still.

Will Aaradhya walk the red carpet with Ash?

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Amitabh Bachchan, Jaya Bachchan will walk the red carpet at Cannes especially for the premiere of The Great Gatsby. The question is that will Aaradhya walk the red carpet with her famous family?

A source says, "Aaradhya Bachchan will definitely be part of the entourage at Cannes. Abhishek is not going to be there because he is shooting for Dhoom 3. Aaradhya was at Cannes last year too but she was only 5 months old. Now she is nearly 18 months old. So Ash wants to show her around the city. The little one is quite a globetrotter having already been to Dubai, London, Cannes, New York, Vancouver and a few other places where her famous parents have taken her. Ash is a hands-on mom. Along with a nanny, Ash's mom Vrinda also travels with her to take care of Aaradhya when Ash is away or busy. She often drops her at her mom's place."

Aishwarya's had her share of hits and misses at the red carpet in Cannes. There will be even more buzz this time if she walks on the red carpet with her daughter. Her parents dress her well in trendy clothes like printed pants, Scottish checks, boots with fur. Here is what a couple of designers are saying about Aaradhya's probably wardrobe at Cannes

Rocky S: I think Aaradhya should wear whatever Ash wears. I feel Ash should wear a saree because it is elegant and Indian and Aaradhya should wear a ghaghara choli in the same shades and embroidery. That would be adorable and perfect on the red carpet.

Royaz Gangji: If Aaradhya walks the red carpet, she should wear a baby pink gown. She will look like a cute princess in it and she is a princess after all!

Of friendship & rivalry

In what could be regarded as a major departure from custom, Kamal Haasan is all set to view his friend and professional rival Rajinikanth's latest film, the long-awaited Kochadaiyaan.

The film adopts a new form of storytelling known as the Motion Capture technique. Understandably, Rajini is said to be anxious and has asked Kamal Hassan to step in to suggest changes.

Speaking fondly about his friendship and rivalry with Rajinikanth, Kamal says: "I'd do anything he asks me to, no question of refusing him. Both of us were young actors who started from scratch. He was the bus conductor with acting aspirations. I was the clapper boy. We made our way up together.” — IANS

Close bonding

Special moment: Adnan Sami Thanks to the late Yash Chopra's considerate intervention Adnan Sami is all set to finally get his Indian citizenship. Not too many people know this, but Yashji was Adnan's guarantor for his Indian passport.

Adnan says emotionally, "Yash Uncle and Pam Aunty were the first family I had in Mumbai. They made sure I never felt like an outsider. Thanks to Yash Uncle I began to feel like a part of Bollywood and Mumbai in no time at all."

Adnan refuses to believe that current tensions between India and Pakistan would obviate efforts to bring the two countries together on a cultural level.

"I've never felt any hostility. India is as much my country as anyone else's. You can't write off years of a relationship just because there are some stormy moments in the journey," says Adnan.


Keith’s the best

Keith Urban has been voted as the Best Idol Judge Ever in a recent readers' poll where Urban beat Simon Cowell and Mariah Carey for the honour. The poll included all seasons of the hit show. Even though Keith Urban has only been a judge on American Idol for one season, Season 12 on BIG CBS LOVE, his quiet and kind demeanour has already made him a favourite with the fans. Talking about his judging style, the recently named Best Idol Judge Ever says, “I think the fact that when I was 9-10 years of age I did one of these shows in Australia and I was really crucified by one of the judges. It was devastating and so I try not to destroy somebody in front of millions of people," he further added, "it's tricky when someone's just murdered a song and everyone knows it.”.

The other judges that rounded up on the Top Five on the poll include Simon Cowell, Mariah Carey, Jennifer Lopez and Nicki Minaj. Surprisingly, Aerosmith rocker Steven Tyler, Idol veteran Randy Jackson and television host Ellen DeGeneres did not make it anywhere in the top five.

Classic move

New step: Manish Raisinghani Manish Raisinghani had to learn a classical dance for a performance recently and the actor was in a complete fix. While Manish has tried his hands at many dance styles, he is trying classical form for the first time. A source informs us that Avika and Ssumier came to Manish’s rescue as both are trained classical dancers.

When we contacted Manish he said, “Honestly, I had a mental block when it comes to classical dance and I never thought I would be attempting it ever. However, recently at an event when I was asked to do a classical dance, I took it up as a challenge. I know I wasn’t able to catch it perfectly but I made my best attempt and I am grateful that my co- stars stepped forward to help me. I don't know how much perfection I could achieve in barely two days of practice but I could at least give a confident performance due to these two friends!”

Bigg Boss now in Bengali

Native call: Mithun Chakraborthy After a successful season of Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa Bangla, ETV Bangla now gears up to entertain viewers with India’s biggest reality TV show–Bigg Boss. A show that shook the nation by storm, Bigg Boss will now set foot in East Bengal, revolutionising entertainment with its perfect blend of reality and unscripted drama.

While Bigg Boss will now speak in Bengali, the affable and effervescent Mithun Chakraborthy will be seen hosting the show; but in an all new avatar. An actor par excellence, Mithun da is regarded as one of the greatest and most influential actors in the history of Indian cinema and coupled with his mass appeal and energetic persona; he makes the perfect choice as the host.

Talking about his new role, Mithun da said, “Bigg Boss is a very intriguing format. To be a celebrity and to be under surveillance 24x7 on national camera is no easy task and it’s an honor to be the link between the Bigg Boss house and the outside world. I look forward to starting the shoot for the show soon.”

Produced by Endemol India, Bigg Boss is slated to go on air on ETV Bangla in the month of June.

Love is in the air

In the season finale of Band Baaja Bride on NDTV Good Times, it's finally time to bid adieu to a journey that's been so refreshing, inspiring and heart-warming. We don't know if we've saved the best for the last, but it's surely special. A match made in heaven, this one spreads over different landscapes. Saloni and Dhrubo came across each other while studying at the University of Wales.

And that's exactly when love struck. But this love story had its share of luck too, as both of them turned out to be from Kolkata. And now, the season finale of Band Baaja Bride is going to leave no stone unturned to write a new chapter in the lives of these two love-birds in a way that's going to give their story a perfect happy ending and their life, a perfect happy beginning. Also, the man famous for making love stories come alive on screen, Karan Johar makes a special appearance. Watch the shows finale with a hint of a Gujrati twist to a Bengali marriage ceremony on Sunday May 12 at 8:30 pm on NDTV Good Times.

The more the merrier

Pride & joy: Karan Kundra Karan Kundra is flying high as his show on TV Gumraah has won an award. He has also bagged a three film deal with Vikram Bhatt.

After a three film deal, it’s a no to television?

I haven’t been doing serials since a long time. I did Gumraah post Kitni Mohobbat Hai and it has been a great journey.

Tell us about your films?

I have a three film contract with Vikram Bhatt and the first one we are doing is called Rampam Posh. It’s a psychological thriller with Pratiek Babbar.

You have got some tattoos for the film?

Yes the person who made temporary tattoos for Aamir Khan in Ghajni is the person who has done mine as well. I play a DJ and needed to have a cool looking personality.

Will you continue to do Punjabi films?

I have two Punjabi films this year. I will be balancing Hindi and Punjabi films together. For me doing Punjabi films is being part of my culture. I enjoy it.

Spot on: Ashima BhallaRole call

The buzz about who will bag the lead in Punar Vivaah 2 has heated up. Sources claim post Karan V Grover, the production house is looking at finalising the female actor and is considering Ashima Bhalla for the role.

Spot on: Ashima Bhalla

Step up Madhuri DixitDance diva returns

Dancing queen of Bollywood Madhuri Dixit is back to doing what she is best at. She will be seen performing mujra to a song composed by Vishal Bhardwaj. According to reports, the song is very elaborate and Madhuri plays Begum Para of Lucknow and has been paired opposite Naseeruddin Shah.

Step up Madhuri Dixit

Thanks all: Shahid KapoorJourney through the decade...

Actor Shahid Kapoor, who debuted in Bollywood with 2003 film Ishq Vishk, has completed a decade in the industry. Thanking his fans, Shahid Kapoor tweeted: '10 yrs ..... Thank u all for all the love ......' Shahid will be next seen in Phata Poster Nikla Hero, Rambo Rajkumar and Bejoy Nambiar's next.

Thanks all: Shahid Kapoor

Search for identity

Critically-acclaimed filmmaker Mira Nair says her latest film The Reluctant Fundamentalist is not about 9/11 attacks but it is a story of a young man struggling to find his identity in USA post the terror attacks. Directed by Nair, the film is based on Pakistani author Mohsin Hamid's book of the same name. The movie releases on May 17.

Tanu weds Manu again

Aanand L Rai is happy promoting Rannjhana at the moment and he is planning to release the sequel to Tanu Weds Manu in 2014. It will have Kangna Ranaut and R Madhavan again.

Fitness freak: Hrithik RoshanBody basics

Actor Hrithik Roshan, who has been working hard on his physique for Krissh 3, feels he has the best body in Bollywood. The 39-year-old actor also expressed his desire to pass on some health tips to everyone on fitness. Well, we would appreciate that.

Fitness freak: Hrithik Roshan

Sunny's not welcome!

Show down: Sunny LeoneAnil Kapoor and Nana Patekar have refused to work with former porn star Sunny Leone in the sequel of Feroz Nadiadwala's Welcome. Earlier Mallika Sherawat was signed but director Anees Bazmi replaced her with Leone. However, it seems that these two mature actors aren't willing to share screen-space with the adult star unless it's an item number. Well, let's hope they find a replacement for Miss Leone!

Show down: Sunny Leone

All work: Deepika PadukoneNo time for love

Deepika Padukone is spending a lot of time with Shah Rukh Khan and Ranbir Kapoor who are her co-stars in Chennai Express and Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani. She has not got any time to spend with Ranveer Singh and she laughs off rumours that they are romantically involved with each other.

All work: Deepika Padukone

No date: Alia BhattJust friends

Alia Bhatt and Varun Dhawan, who debuted in Bollywood last year with Student Of The Year, are often seen hanging out and are rumoured to be dating. However, Alia denied the rumours and said they're good friends.

No date: Alia Bhatt

Big hits: Posters from Aashique 2 and Race 2Sequel success

The film industry has something to cheer about. Aashique 2 and Race 2 have been certified as the first super hits of 2013. Race 2 made nearly Rs 140 crore and Aashique 2 has made Rs 43 crore.

Big hits: Posters from Aashique 2 and Race 2

P Khurrana

ARIES: Celebration and romance are on the cards. You will be able to accomplish many things today. Working out a new schedule will be useful.If things are not going as planned, just be patient. Tarot message: You will prevent a lot of trouble by taking timely action. Lucky color: Yellow. Lucky number: 25

TAURUS: You will find yourself involved in confrontations with close companions. Try to keep your confidence high. You need to be more honest with your partner. Tarot message: Arrogance and pride will not be rewarded. Lucky color: Orange. Lucky number: 36

GEMINI: You need friends around today to make you feel loved and appreciated. You need an advice about your future. Follow a healthy schedule. Tarot message: Don't think too much about minor problems. Lucky color: Red. Lucky number: 59

CANCER: Professional communication flows well. You are blessed with spiritual insight and clarity of vision. Not a time for you to make serious commitments. Tarot message: Keep your finances in order. Lucky color: Green. Lucky number: 40

LEO: Keep your finances in order. Wait until the end of the day before making serious decisions. You are heading towards a permanent love relationship. Tarot message: Keep the emotions aside. Lucky color: Brown. Lucky number: 33

VIRGO: You achieve an ambition through hard work and endurance. A happy event calls for a celebration. Do not hesitate to make settlement and compromises in business matters. Tarot message: Do not let anyone take advantage over you. Lucky color: Grey. Lucky number: 45

LIBRA: Your relationships are especially affectionate and friendly today. This is a good time for parties, social gatherings, and other pleasurable activities. A journey is on the cards. Tarot message: Your must learn to accept responsibility. Lucky color: Black. Lucky number: 39

SCORPIO: Relationships at work will progress smoothly. Expressing your emotions will strengthen the bonds between you and your partner. There will be delays in your travel plans. Tarot message: Take your time before making a decision. Lucky color: Golden. Lucky number: 62

SAGITTARIUS: You will be focused and alert at work. Those in creative fields will have a very productive day. Love life will be good. There will be tensions on the domestic front but things will settle down. Tarot message: Stay focused. Lucky color: Electric-pink. Lucky number: 36

CAPRICORN: Forgive a friend for an error of judgment. You will be in a sensitive frame of mind and will overreact to criticism from colleagues or loved ones. Trust your instincts and go with the flow. Tarot message: Boost your confidence with positive thinking. Lucky color: Peach. Lucky number: 27

AQUARIUS: You will be enthusiastic and optimistic about your assignments. Do not stress yourself too much. Ego stands should be avoided as they only brings conflicts. Tarot message: Focus new light on your emotional and spiritual place. Lucky color: Crimson. Lucky number: 46

PISCES: You will be energetic and confident about your abilities. Love and romance lead to lasting commitments. A spiritual experience is elevating. Try and gather more information if you have any doubts. Tarot message: You are on the right track. Lucky color: Fuchsia. Lucky number: 32

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