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Dist students grab top positions
Harneet second in Punjab with 96.31%; Sarika, Deepak joint third with 96.15% in PSEB Class X exams
Shivani Bhakoo
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, June 3
The students from Ludhiana have once again done the district proud by grabbing top positions in Punjab in the Class X exams, the results of which were declared by the Punjab School Education Board today. Out of a total of 430 students, 126 students from Ludhiana district, have find place on the merit list released by the Board today.

Sarika ( 96.15%, third position) and Deepak Kumar (joint third) flash the victory sign with their relatives in Ludhiana on Monday.
Sarika ( 96.15%, third position) and Deepak Kumar (joint third) flash the victory sign with their relatives in Ludhiana on Monday. Photos: Inderjeet Verma

Harneet Kaur, a student of Nankana Sahib Public School, Khasi Kalan, has stood second in Punjab by getting 96.31 per cent marks. The top 10 position holders from Ludhiana have scored above 95 per cent marks, a majority of them being girls.

The third position has been shared by two students from Ludhiana, Sarika from BCM School, Focal Point; and Deepak from SGD Grammer School with 95.15 per cent marks. Apart form them, 12 students from Ludhiana district are among the top 10 positions.

Earlier, the students from Ludhiana district had done exceptionally well in the Class XII exams of the Punjab School Education Board by getting maximum places on the merit list. Like in Class X exams, the top positions in the Class XII results were grabbed by girls.

Students who have done Ludhiana district proud:

  • Harneet Kaur (96.31%), Nankana Sahib Public School, second position
  • Sarika from BCM Focal Point and Deepak Kumar from SGD Grammer School are joint third with 96.15% marks.
  • Karishma (96%), BCM Focal Point, fourth position
  • Palak (95.69%), Machhiwara, sixth position
  • Amit from BCM Focal Point and Manoj Rawat from RS Model Senior Secondary School joint seventh with 95.54% marks.
  • Sakshi Jain from BCM School, Sangeeta Rani from SGD School and Ravneet Kaur, a student of Harsh Vidya Mandir joint eighth with 95.38% marks.
  • Baljit Kaur, a student of Dashmesh Senior Secondary School, and Rhea Gupta, a student of BVM Shaheed Udham Singh Nagar, have secured 95.23% marks each.
  • Prabhleen Kaur from Shri Harkrishan Model Senior Secondary School, Sonali Chawla from BCM Senior Secondary School and Harwinder Kaur, a student of Teja Singh Memorial Senior Secondary School, are joint tenth with 95.08% marks.


Peon’s son gets 95.54% marks
Manoj of RS Model Sr Secondary School wants to serve Army
Shivani Bhakoo
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, June 3
Manoj Rawat, son of a peon at the Civil Surgeon's office here, has done his school and parents proud by securing the seventh position in Punjab. A student of RS Model Senior Seconary School here, Manoj Rawat has scored 95.54 per cent marks in the PSEB Class X exams. When asked what were his aspirations, Manoj quickly replied: "I want to join the Indian Army and serve the nation. If you work hard with commitment and dedication, nothing can stop you and you are bound to get success," he said.

Nandan Singh Rawat, Manoj's father is a peon at the Civil Surgeon's office here, and his mother is a housewife. The family hails from Uttarakhand. "I have an elder brother and a sister. With a meagre salary of my father, taking tuitions was not possible. I used to study for two or three hours daily. Whatever teachers taught me in the class, I tried to learn thoroughly every day. Continuous studies always pay," he said.

"I want to join the Indian Army and do something for the nation. I love my country and want to fulfil my ambition by joining the Army. I am working hard in this direction and my parents are there to motivate me, always," said Manoj.



Toppers studied for 2-3 hours, but were consistent
Shivani Bhakoo
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, June 3
The top position holders in the PSEB Class X exams, who have scored second and third positions in Punjab, have high dreams and want to work hard to achieve their goals. Harneet Kaur, who secured the second position in the state with 96.31 per cent marks, wants to become an IPS officer.

Harneet, second position holder in state

An elated Harneet said: "My mother is a teacher and my father is a technician in the Indian Railways. I want to become an IPS officer. I want to see myself in that police uniform and do something for society. I wish to chip in to eradicate the social evils prevalent in society".

She said she took extra classes of maths. "Otherwise, I used to study for just two-three hours. But, these hours were wholeheartedly dedicated to studies," she added.

AIM IN LIFE: To become an IPS officer and eradicate social evils.

Sarika, third in Punjab

Sarika, a student of BCM Senior Secondary School, Focal Point, has secured the third (bracketed) position in Class X in Punjab with 96.15 per cent marks. Her father is a worker at a factory unit here while mother stitches clothes. She wants to fulfil her mother's dream by becoming a leading fashion designer.

Sarika said she was happy that she got good marks in the Class X exams.Though the financial condition of the family is not that sound, Sarika dreams high and is determined to fulfil her dream. "If you work hard and are focussed, you will get whatever you aspire for. I study for four or five hours daily," she said.

AIM IN LIFE: To become a leading fashion designer

Deepak Kumar, joint third

Deepak Kumar, a student from SGD here, shares the third position with Sarika by scoring 96.15 per cent marks. His father runs a confectionery shop while mother is a housewife. Deepak believes that consistency always pays. The youngest of the three brothers, Deepak never took tuitions. "My elder brothers and teachers provided me whatever guidance I needed. I studied for three or four hours daily and that is sufficient at this level," said Deepak.

AIM IN LIFE: To become a maths lecturer.



Row over Aggar Nagar gate
Admn, police talk to residents to find a solution
Puneet Pal Singh Gill
Tribune News Service

Residents hold a meeting with the officials of the police and district administration in the Aggar Nagar area, Ludhiana, on Monday. Photo: Inderjeet Verma

Ludhiana, June 3
The issue of a gate between Aggar Nagar ‘A’ block and around dozen odd other residential colonies seems to be getting murkier with each passing day with both the parties levelling allegations and counter allegations. The situation in the area is such that the residents almost came to blows today and the police had to intervene.

According to information, ever since Aggar Nagar came into being, this gate has been there. This gate is being used by the residents of residential colonies such as Raghunath Enclave, Asha Puri, Parkash Colony, Madhuban Enclave, New Asha Puri, Shant Park and Professor Colony.

With the crime rate rising in the area, the residents of Aggar Nagar, Block A, decided to close this gate permanently. This decision didn’t go down well with the residents of the adjoining colonies.

They felt that if this particular gate was closed permanently, they had no other option but to take a longer route for reaching Ferozepur Road. They objected to this decision and met SDM Kuljit Pal Singh Mahi. The SDM ordered the opening of this gate, which the Aggar Nagar residents accepted.

Raja Singh Gill, president of the New Asha Puri Welfare Association, said even though this gate was opened, the residents put stones on the road on the pretext of carrying out some construction. “It became very difficult for residents to drive on this road. The Aggar Nagar residents had even dug up the road at certain points, which was got repaired on the SDM’s orders,” he said.

When some women of the area tried to make way by clearing the stones, the Aggar Nagar residents objected to it. This led to heated arguments among them and the police was informed. It reached the spot and tried to defuse tension.

Amrit Lal Aggarwal, president of the Aggar Nagar society, claimed that the land where Aggar Nagar had been developed was purchased by the society members.

“It's our road and our gate. Following some incidents of car theft and snatching, besides a child getting injured due to heavy traffic on the road, our society members decided to close this gate permanently. When we received the SDM’s orders, we opened the gate. But, when we were carrying out some construction activity on the road, some persons reached there and started loading the material on a tractor-trailer. When we objected to it, they attacked us and one person was injured.”

The PAU police station personnel said: “We are having a meeting with the area residents. A Tehsildar has also been sent by the SDM so that we can reach some solution”.

The SDM, Kuljit Pal Singh Mahi, said the road had been been used by the local residents ever since Aggar Nagar came into being. “No person can close a public street and we will also not allow anyone to take law into his hands,” he said.



Death at mall site
Deceased suffered from rare psychiatric disorder
Mohit Khanna
Tribune news Service

Ludhiana, June 3
The 18-year-old youth, Raj Kumar, alias Raju, who died after falling off the 10th floor of a shopping mall under construction at Old Session Chowk on Friday, was suffering from a rare psychiatric disorder and used to walk in sleep.

Raju's father, Shankar Mahto told the police about his son's psychiatric disorder. He said Raju, who was under medication, used to walk in sleep and cover distances of several kilometres.

On the day of incident, Raju, after taking dinner, went to sleep. Shankar Mahto, who runs a nursery, reportedly told the police that he had no clue as to when his son left the house and covered a distance of nearly 10km from his house in the Sunil Park area in Haibowal to the shopping mall site located at Session Chowk.

Raju walked on 500 steps of the stairs at the mall to reach the 10th floor of the building.

The police suspects Raju died as his had a slip while walking on the 10th floor.

Jaswinder Singh, additional SHO of Division No. 8 police station, said: "I spoke to his father, Shankar Mahto, after the incident and was shocked to learn about the youth's ailment. Shankar told me that his son had left the house several times in the past, but every time he used to bring him back. This time he went far away and died after falling of a building."

Initially, Shankar used to think that his son was possessed by an evil spirit. He took his son to several 'tantriks', but in vain.

It was a few days ago that Shankar came to know that Raju was suffering from an ailment, and began his treatment.

However, investigation into Raju’s death has left many questions unanswered.

How Raju entered the mall and went up to the 10th floor without being noticed? According to the investigating officer, four guards of a security agency keep a record of workers working at the site and every worker wears a fluorescent jacket and helmet before entering the mall, then how could Raju manage to sneak into the premises. When the incident took place several labourers were working inside the building. Strangely, none of them noticed Raju.

What is 'fugue state'

We call it a 'fugue state'. It is a rare psychiatric disorder, in which the person leaves the house in a dreamlike state of altered consciousness that may last for hours or days. The person suffering from this psychiatric disorder goes into the amnesia kind of situation where they cannot recall the course of events.

— Rajiv Gupta, Consultant Psychiatrist



Expressing their concern through canvas
As World Environment Day falls on Wednesday, artists gather to create awareness
Gurvinder Singh
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, June 3
Several artists converged on the city to paint a canvas for a cause- environmental protection. The artists gathered to drive home the message of stopping the denigration of the environment and the urgency of protecting it. Thirty artists gathered to paint a 70 feet painting. They voiced their concern for environment, the need to save and protect it through a workshop organised by ARS Group at Gurdwara Singh Sabha, Sarabha Nagar.

Depicting in their own unique ways, the artists comprising students, amateur artists, fine arts teachers and hobbyists 'spoke' their mind about the environment in colour and forms. The painting will be displayed at Nehru Rose Garden on World Environment Day on Wednesday.

Ravneet Juneja, a homemaker and an amateur artist, painted a weeping earth, personified as woman, depicted how water is being wasted. Jaspreet Mohan Singh, principal of a government school, depicted air pollution.

Jagdeep Kaur painted to highlight the environmental concerns. Manpreet, who teaches fine arts at Guru Nanak Khalsa College, showed the pain of mother earth through a woman in pain whereas Harleen showed the deteriorating marine life. Roopam showed the earth trying to save itself from the punctured ozone layer.

Vatika Sharma, Supreem Kaur, Balwinder Kaur, Mini Sharma, Sukhreet Kaur, Madhuri and more artists depicted in their own ways how the environment was getting badly affected.

Sukhvir Singh from Gallery Artmosphere said the city had a lot of talented artists. Mohinder Kaur Grewal, principal of Government College, Dhudike said, "The man is not only causing harm to himself by polluting the environment, but also jeopardising the existence of other organisms."



Teachers seek CBI probe into book scam
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, June 3
The Adhyapak Sanjha Morcha with Government Teachers' Union, Government School Teachers' Union and Democratic Teachers Front held a protest near Mini Secretariat today. The agitated teachers submitted a memorandum to the Deputy Commissioner and District Education Officer with their charter of demands.

The teachers said that there should be a CBI inquiry into the book scam. They said law must be equal for everyone and the guilty needs to be punished. Besides, the teachers raised anti-government slogans and said the government has done the rationalisation of schools about eight months ago and there was no need to repeat the whole process again? Under the rationalisation policy, the government was aiming at abolish the posts of thousands of teachers in Punjab, alleged the teachers.

The agitated teachers said that their fellow-beings be released from the jails. The salaries to the computer teachers and special trainers must be released at the earliest.

In another rally by a group of teachers, latter came in support of Sikandar Singh Maluka, Education Minister, Punjab.

The teachers submitted a memorandum to the DEO and said that Maluka had done a lot for uplift of the standard of education in Punjab.



PAU notes
Student gets national fellowship

Ludhiana: A PhD student of the School of Climate Change and Agricultural Meteorology (SCCAM) of the Punjab Agricultural University (PAU), Sukhjeet Kaur, has bagged a national level "INSPIRE (Innovation in Science Pursuit for Inspired Research) fellowship" of the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India. She will be working on "Mitigation of Heat Stress in Wheat" under the guidance of Dr Sompal, Associate Professor, SCCAM. The PAU Vice-Cahncellor, Dr Baldev Singh Dhillon, congratulated the university student on her success. Dr Gursharan Singh, Dean, postgraduate studies, lauded the achievement of the PAU student and urged the other students to compete for various national scholarships.

Training camp for progressive beekeepers

The state level training-cum-workshop for the members of the Progressive Beekeepers Association will be held on June 5 at the Kairon Kisan Ghar of the Punjab Agricultural University (PAU). Besides, the monthly training camp for the members of the PAU Kisan Club will be held on June 6. The camp for the club members (farmers) will be organised at the Dr Borlaug Wheat Auditorium. Giving details, Dr TS Riar, programme coordinator, said: "The farm experts will educate the participants about the value addition to honey, pollen and propolis collection (beekeeping practices), judicious use of agro-chemicals through scientific farming, use of leaf colour chart and tensiometer in paddy, entrepreneurship development amongst farming community, agri-business model, and management of milch animals in summer." — TNS



From colleges
Training at GGNIMT

Ludhiana: The Gujranwala Guru Nanak Institute of Management and Technology (GGNIMT), in association with the Secugenius Security Solution began its first batch of professional training for the “Earn While You Learn Scheme” on Tuesday. About 40 students enrolled into the pilot batch that aimed to bridge the gap between the number of jobs in the market and people with the right skill set. Prof Gunwant Singh Dua, co-ordinator, GGNIMT, said the curriculum imparted to the students was basically theory- centric as a result of which the students do not become market-ready even after completing their post graduation. He said that the scheme, “Earn while you learn”, intended to impart practical industry related training to the students. Kshitij Adhlakha, founder director of the company, highlighted the fact that after the professional training of six weeks, the trained students would be put on live projects in the college campus following their college hours, where they would earn a stipend based on the number of hours worked.

Khalsa college students excel in exams

The students of Khalsa College for Women, Civil Lines, Ludhiana, have bagged top positions in BBA and BCA first year examinations, results of which were declared by Panjab University, Chandigarh. They have secured top ten university positions. In BCA First year examinations, Mehak Sehgal has topped the district and and bagged third position in the university by scoring 79.75 per cent marks. Shaina Jain stood eighth in the university by scoring 78.13 per cent marks. In BBA first year examinations, Renuka clinched third position in the university by scoring 82.13 per cent. Neha Sharma and Mehak Sharma bagged fourth and seventh positions, respectively by scoring 82 per cent and 80 per cent marks.

Guru Nanak Khalsa College for Women

Students of the Guru Nanak Khalsa College for Women, Gujarkhan Campus, brought laurels to the college by securing 26 first divisions in BBA-I examination held in April, 2013. Amrit Kaur scored 84.5 per cent and stood first in university. Amanjit Kaur who scored an aggregate of 83.2 per cent stood second in the university. Rajwant Kaur secured the fifth position in university and third in college by getting 81.2 per cent. The general secretary of the college governing body, Gurbir Singh Sarna and Principal Manjit Kaur Ghuman, congratulated the students and the members of the faculty for their outstanding achievements. In another achievement, students of the Guru Nanak Khalsa College for Women brought laurels to the college by securing 20 first divisions in BCA-I examination held in April, 2013. Sadaf scored 79 per cent and stood sixth in the university. Rajneet Kaur scored 77.37 per cent and stood second in the college. Gurleen Kaur secured the third position by scoring 74.12 per cent. — TNS



Sand mining
Villagers booked for extorting money
Jaswant Shetra

Jagraon, June 3
Several persons have been booked by the Jagraon police in a case against for their alleged involvement in illegal and forcible extortion of money from the owners and drivers of the trucks and other vehicles transporting sand excavated from Parjian Biharipur mining site to different locations.

The police registered the case on the basis of a complaint filed by the firm holding the contract of excavating sand from Satluj River at Parjian Biharipur mining site near Sidhwan Bet yesterday.

In the complaint, lodged with the local police, the mining firm had alleged that several residents of Abupura village have been harassing the owners and drivers of the trucks and other vehicles transporting the sand excavated from Parjian Biharipur mining site by illegally and forcibly extorting money from them.

Claiming that the mining firm has been forced to suffer heavy financial losses as the number of vehicles used to transport sand from Parjian Biharipur mining site has declined marginally due to illegal extortion of money from transporters by the villagers, the officials of the mining contract firm had demanded an appropriate action against the villagers allegedly involved in illegal extortion of money.

The police registered the case against more than half a dozen of villagers for allegedly extorting the money from the transporters illegally past night following the complaint filed by the sand mining firm. However, no accused has been arrested by the police so far.

Meanwhile, a tense situation prevails in the village due to the developments that unfolded during last couple of days. According to sources, a huge police force was sent to arrest the accused villagers today morning.

But the police did not arrest anybody due to the resistance by the villagers.

A senior leader of the ruling party has also allegedly been pressing the police department to cancel the case registered against the villagers, claimed the sources.

Jagraon DSP, Surinder Kumar, confirmed that the police has registered a case against some persons for illegally extorting the money from the transporters. Denying any kind of political pressure on police in this regard, the DSP said that the police would arrest the accused persons very soon. Though he refused to divulge further details of the matter due to the sensitivity of the issue.



From schools
Health awareness programme

Ludhiana: A health awareness programme was organised on the second day for the participants of 'Cooking Club - The Style Chef' in summer bonanza - 2013 at the Bhartiya Vidya Mandir in Udham Singh Nagar. The resource person Dr Sonika Sharma, an expert from the Punjab Agricultural University, acquainted the students with smart tips for healthy cooking and also gave some nutritious recipes to adopt a healthy life style for the entire family. Principal Bandana Sethi thanked her for her valuable tips to the students and motivated the students to shift from a junk diet to a healthy one.

Rain dance party

A rain dance party was orgainsed as a part of the summer camp held for the kindergarten wing of Green Grove. The students enjoyed the rain dance and pool party. The tiny tots had a great time. They also prepared rainbow sandwich, cheese sandwich, rasna, jaljira and mango tango. Besides, all of them also participated in the clay modelling and colouring competition.

Summer camp concludes

Saraswati Modern Senior Secondary School on Monday celebrated the closing ceremony for the summer camp. Students along with faculty members displayed the objects and things learnt during the camp. There was a ‘mehndi’ section, cookery club and art and craft section. Parents, students and teachers got ‘heena’ imprinted on their hands. Students displayed beautiful decorative pieces made out of wastes and other objects. In the end, everybody get a chance to taste the dishes made by our little chefs. — TNS



Ludhiana scan
PAU employees meet DC

Representatives of the PAU Employees Union met the Deputy Commissioner-cum-Election Officer Rahul Tewari and demanded that appropriate help be provided to the family of an employee of PAU who had died during poll duty. Pritpal Singh met an untimely demise on May 21. He was on election duty for zila parishad and panchayat samiti election. He was 32. He is survived by wife and three children.


A meeting of All-India Traders Party was held here on Monday under the chairmanship of Bharat Bhushan Sood. Speaking on the occasion, Sood said it seems both the central government and state government are against the interest of the trade and industry. Heavy taxation on the industry is making it very difficult to move further and seems things are only going to become worse in the coming times. "Seems that government will also impose tax on breathing fresh air,” he said.

Scheme criticised

People's Awareness Forum, a NGO, criticised the advance consumption deposit scheme of Punjab Power Corporation Limited. The forum resolved to give memorandum to Power Regulatory Commission to stop collection of this deposit because it is against the code of supply. This deposit has put undue load on general public which is already suffering due to exorbitant increase in power tariff, said Prithipal Singh Kapoor, president of the forum.

Conductor creates ruckus

Mini-bus conductor who created ruckus here on Sunday after consuming liquor felt sorry in writing before the group of people belonging to Sarabha village. People today gheraod the said bus after which the conductor came out and felt sorry and also gave it in writing. — TNS



Textile industry resents no subsidy on reconditioned machines
Manav Mander
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, June 3
Industry has to depend upon machines in the present scenario when the labour shortage is growing at an alarming rate. Under such circumstances, the knitwear industry is not getting subsidy on reconditioned machines under Technology Upgradation Fund Scheme (TUFS) which further is proving a deterrent factor in the progress of this industry.

"Industry is facing acute shortage of skilled labour as labour from outside Punjab is not coming due to the state due to various central government schemes like NAREGA which has forced them to remain at their native places. In the present scenario, upgradation of units with modern machines is more relevant today to maintain the time schedule of suppliers. But the industrialists have to face undue delay in getting the subsidy on new machines due to the negligence of the banks," said Darshan Dawar, president of Knitwear Club.

The delegation of knitwear club has also met Sunaina Tomar, joint secretary, Ministry of Textiles in this regard. The delegation discussed the problems arising from the scheme TUFS as the government has withdrawn subsidy from reconditioned machines, due to which the textile industry is badly affected. The delegation requested to revive the same scheme on reconditioned machines.

Also from the allotted funds for TUFS, minimum 50 per cent should be kept reserved for the SME sector as the bigger and organised units take maximum benefit out of it and till the time SME's get ready after documentation, funds for them lapse, said Narinder Miglani, general secretary.

Further, Dawar said, “Labour shortage is becoming a major factor before us. To tackle this problem, we are left with no other option but to depend upon machines. Imported machines are more equipped and thus we import reconditioned machinery from countries like France, Germany and Taiwan. Things have become difficult after the government withdrew subsidy from reconditioned machines. The withdrawal should be taken back as things are becoming really difficult for the industry to survive."



Colourful gear catches residents’ fancy
Gurvinder Singh
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, June 3
"A sense of aversion runs down my back at the sight of the old black shoes and handbag I was using a couple of years ago," says Sakshi, a student. "As everyone is sporting lots of colourful clothes these days, the old accessories and clothes seem to be from the 'B&W' era," she grimaces.

Fashion sensibilities and tastes have almost changed upside down within a of couple of years, as jeans, shoes, purses, bets and clothes all have entered the new era 'dyed' in colour. City residents no longer shy away from wearing colours that jump out at you.

Red trousers, yellow shoes that perhaps would have invited sniggers and frowns from onlookers till two years ago, now draw admiration and fan-following from the young brigade.

Fashion and use of colour, although weighed towards feminine tastes, but fashion-equation now has turned 'even' as men also go gaga over brightly coloured-shoes and jeans. "I wouldn't be caught dead wearing yellow red shoes till a few months ago, but I myself have got a new bright red pair," smiles Rohit. "You'd notice that many colourful accessories in the market are unisex. Even pink is no longer considered 'women-only' colour," he adds.

Most of the fashion brands are also jumping on the colour-bandwagon. "Bright colours are there the next few seasons too, according to fashion forecasts. So most of the fashion brands, both international and indigenous, have pronounced usage of colours in their new collections," says Anshul, from a hosiery brand.

Fashion is cyclical and the modern colourful times take inspiration from old decades. "If you look at the movies of 70's, you would find a riot of colour in the dresses, and it has come again and it is not here to stay," says Kulkiran Kaur, a fashion faculty member at the INIFD.

But some of the youngsters want new trends to leave the legacy of colour. "I used to get fed up at the sight of blue jeans and black-brown shoes. It was as if people lacked ingenuity to wear other colours till some years ago. Whenever, I wore any bright colours, I only used to grab rude eyeballs," says Prakriti, pursuing graduation. "But thankfully, fashion community has woken up to other colours in the spectrum. I just hope that the new fashion trends retain some respect for colour, so that colourful dresses we see around in the city keeping bringing the cheer," she smiles.



It’s time for summer camps in city
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, June 3
It's time for summer camps in the city, as learning classes, activities, camps, various classes and workshops are being organised in the city. A four-day workshop is being organised at the Sutlej Club. Art and craft, cookery classes, and different forms of dance will be taught. The workshop is being conducted by Dimple Verma.

A summer camp for teaching various forms of music is also being conducted at the Ishmeet Music Academy. Kapil Sharma, a faculty member at the institute, said: “The workshop is being organised to teacher different forms of music, including western and Indian classical.

“The summers breaks for a month is a perfect to pick up and cultivate a hobby or learn something absolutely new,” said Rishu, a student.

Things like table manners, etiquettes, how to carry them in public, art and craft for children are generally not taught in school, so it is the best time when the children can learn such things early,” said Prabhjot Kaur, who is organising 'Little Vittle' summer camp in the city.

“I am learning oil painting this summer,” said Deepika, a Class IX student. “I wanted to learn painting for a long time. I have dedicated that during this summer vacation I will devote time towards this,” she said.



Now, PEPSU buses to pass through Mandi Ahmedgarh
Mahesh Sharma

Mandi Ahmedgarh, June 3
Finally, residents of local town and that of surrounding villages have heaved a sigh of relief when managing director of the PEPSU Road Transport Corporation, DPS Kharbanda, announced to ensure that all buses plying on the Ludhiana Malerkotla road will reach the town instead of returning from Pohir.

Proper basic amenities, including drinking water, hygienic lavatory and waiting hall would soon be ensured, assured the managing director.

The announcement was made during function organised by the municipal council to inaugurate newly constructed platform of the bus stand today. Ravinder Puri, president municipal council, presided over the function and Legislator from Amargarh Iqbal Singh Jhoondan was the chief guest.

Responding to demands raised by social and political organisations of the town and surrounding over two dozen villages, Kharbanda announced that no staff of buses, plying on the Ludhiana Malerkotla road, will be allowed to violate the norms prescribed in their respective permits.

Appreciating stand, taken by Kharbanda, legislator, Iqbal Singh Jhoondan, said he would ensure that announcement made by the PRTC authorities is implemented in letter and spirit. At the same time, Jhoondan urged office bearers of SAD and BJP to keep a watch on movement of buses plying on the route and periodically submit report about violators.

In the absence of basic amenities at the bus stand, office-bearers of some social organisations tried to provide drinking water here.



Dusty weather plays havoc with eyes, respiratory system, say experts
Anupam Bhagria
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, June 3
Dusty weather not only makes visibility almost nil but also it plays havoc with eyes and respiratory system. Health problems of patients suffering from respiratory diseases further increase due to dust storms, which keep blowing these days.

Dr Anurit Gill, senior consultant in medicine department of SPS Apollo Hospital, said, "Patients with nasal allergies, asthma etc face difficult time in such weather. Their problems get aggravated manifolds. The only precaution they should take while travelling or going out is to cover their nose and mouth with a piece of cloth and should consult a doctor in case their respiratory problem aggravates."

Proper diet can be of great help for such patients. Dr AK Handa, Senior Medical Officer, Community Health Centre, Mandi Ahmedgarh, said, "We are receiving more patients with respiratory allergies these days. People should avoid going out in dusty weather and should take healthy diet including more fruits and vegetables. They should avoid fried and heavy diet."

Not only respiratory problems but eyes also get affected with the dust storm. An eye specialist, Dr Ramesh, said, "Patients with minor infections keep coming almost daily. Dusty winds cause irritation in eyes. Sometimes, to get relief, patients use eye drops at their own, which also damages eyes. It is advised that one should consult an eye-specialist in case irritation persists due to dust particles and avoid self-medication."

We are receiving more patients with respiratory allergies these days. People should avoid going out in dusty weather and should take healthy diet including more fruits and vegetables. They should avoid fried and heavy diet. — Dr AK Handa, Senior Medical officer, community health centre



Illegal construction goes unchecked
Puneet Pal Singh Gill
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, June 3
The Ludhiana Municipal Corporation has failed to check illegal establishments in the city. There are several areas where illegal commercial buildings are being constructed, but the MC has failed to do the needful. It's not that the MC building branch officials have failed to take any action against the existing illegal structures, but at places where constructions are still going on in full swing, the MC officials prefer to look the other way around.

Several shops and other commercial establishments have come up on the 60 feet main road of Bhai Randhir Singh Nagar, which is a residential area as per the MC records. But due to 'hesitant' approach of the building branch, the particular road has turned into a hub of illegal establishments.

Even now, two to three buildings are being constructed on the road.

The issue was highlighted in these columns recently.

An area resident said, "The need for verification arises when the construction is not going on as per the building bylaws. But in this case, a commercial complex is being constructed in a residential area and that too where the MC cannot pass the building plan as 'commercial'. We have come to know that the owner has got the building plan approved as 'residential'."

Sources in the MC said a majority of shops on the particular road had building plans sanctioned as 'residential'. "But if commercial complexes have come up, it cannot be possible without the permission of building branch officials," said the resident.

Mayor Harcharan Singh Gohalwaria said, "MC Additional Commissioner Isha Kalia, who also heads the building branch, has been asked to get the illegal structures demolished and submit a report by tomorrow evening."



PNDT act
Only the guilty are penalised: Health Minister
Anupam Bhagria
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, June 3
Doctors have accused the health department of wrongly penalising them under the Pre-Conception and Pre-Natal Diagnostic Techniques (PNDT) Act, 1994. Refuting the allegation, Health and Family Welfare Minister Madan Mohan Mittal said, " I have not received a complaint from any doctor so far."

Mittal was in the city to attend a workshop on the PC &PNDT Act organised by the Deputy Commissioner and District Appropriate Authority in association with DOSST (doctors opposing sex selected termination of pregnancy) at the Dental College of Christian Medical College, Ludhiana.

The minister said, "The health department penalises only those who do not follow norms."

Dr Neelam Sodhi, convener, DOSST cell, Ludhiana, said, "It is a must to fill in a form before ultrasound scanning, but in case of emergency, we attend to a patient first and get the form filled in later."

Mittal said, "Awareness on the Act is the need of the hour. In case of emergency, it becomes difficult for a doctor to ask for the details of a patient. But as per the Act, a patient's attendants must fill in the form before ultrasound scanning."

Dr Narender Malhotra, former president of the Federation of Obstetric and Gynaecological Societies of India, said, "The PC&PNDT Act needs amendment. The system should be simplified."

He said medical termination of pregnancy (MTP) should not be linked with the PNDT.

Civil Surgeon of Ludhiana Dr Subhash Batta spoke on the different aspects of the Act at length.

District family welfare officer Dr Maninder Singh requested the doctors not to reveal the identity of patients coming for the MTP.



Govt pensioners hold protest against PNB
Our Correspondent

Doraha, June 3
Government Pensioners Association, Doraha, today marched through the market against the ‘vindictive attitude’ of the Doraha branch of Punjab National Bank in the release of third installment to the pensioners. The demonstration was, however, withdrawn after getting a written reply from the manager of the bank.

The pensioners condemned the allegedly callous attitude of the Punjab National Bank in withholding the third installment of arrears which was to paid along with the pension of May 2013, vide Punjab government order letter No. 3/23/09-3FPPC/1220 dated 22nd October 2012, which states ,“It has been decided that the third installment of arrear of pension/family pension/extraordinary pension which was due to be paid along with the pension for the month of November 2012, shall now be paid along with the pension for the month of May 2013”shared the pensioners.

Later, a meeting of the Government Pensioners Association, Doraha, was held at Krishan Kumar Kaushal Memorail Bhavan, Doraha, in which Pawan Kumar Kaushal presided over.

SD Negi, Manager of Doraha Branch of Panjab National Bank said, “We have already informed about the same to the treasury office. The delay in the release of installment is not our fault. Whenever, the treasury office releases the third installment, we shall disburse it there and then. I have already written about the same to the treasury office and asked them to clarify the position about the same.”



Trader levels theft allegation against bank officials
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, June 3
High drama was witnessed at Focal Point today when a businessman levelled theft allegation against the authorities of a bank. The house-cum-factory unit of Suman Narula was sealed by the bank a few months ago as he could not pay loan instalments. Narula recently got the order from the court to collect the valuables lying the in the house.

Today, Narula along with his lawyer visited the house. The bank authorities also visited the spot.

Narula alleged that the bank authorities had stolen Rs 20 lakh in cash, gold and diamond jewellery worth Rs 50 lakh by breaking the locks of his house.

Assistant general manager of the bank alleged that Narula along with his workers had barged into the house once it was open and took away the valuables.

Later, during the day over 100 factory employees staged a dharna against the bank authorities and demanded three months' salary. The workers said the bank had has rendered them jobless. The police reached the spot and recorded the statements of Suman and the bank officials. No case has been registered so far.

Youths set auto on fire

Helping four youths at midnight cost an auto-rickshaw driver dear as the youths attacked him near Baddowal and fled with his auto.

Not only this, the youths even set the auto on fire.

The victim, Gopal Krishan, was on his way home after dropping a passenger at the railway station when the youths stopped his auto and asked him to drop them at Mullanpur.

Gopal said on reaching Barewal Chowk, the accused entered into an argument with him.

He said they asked him to stop the auto and overpowered him. They also snatched money and mobile phone from Gopal. They youths then set the vehicle on fire. He alleged that instead of registering a case, jurisdiction issue kept the officers busy.

Case registered

The Moti Nagar police has registered a case against unidentified persons for conning a woman and fleeing with cash and gold ornaments. The case was registered 15 days after the incident took place. Earlier, the police had rubbished the claims of victim Chinta Devia, a resident of Jeevan Nagar, stating that she was concocting a story. But the arrest of Shiv Kumar Shibu changed the perception of the police.

Shibu was arrested by the Jamalpur police three days ago. The swindler was conning innocent women in Jamalpur and surrounding areas. He would tell them that their husband had met with an accident.

Man held with psychotropic drugs

The police has nabbed Hardeep Singh, a scooter mechanic, with a huge quantity of psychotropic drugs. The accused, a resident of Shimlapuri, was nabbed from a police checkpoint near Dhuri level-crossing. Cough syrups, tablets and capsules were recovered from his possession. Hardeep told the police that he was hooked to drugs a few months ago and started supplying the drugs to his friends.



Two booked for demanding dowry
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, June 3
The police has booked a businessman and his mother in a dowry case. In her complaint, Sharu (23) Jain stated that her husband Varun Goyal and his mother Usha Goyal harassed her for dowry. She said she got married to Varun on March 2012 last year. Soon after the marriage, her husband and mother-in-law started torturing her.

Varun's sister is married to Sharu's cousin in Jalandhar. Sharu reported the matter to the police and got a case registered against the two. The Sarabha Nagar police has booked three persons for demanding dowry. The accused have been identified as Viviek Kumar, Satish Kumar and Harsha Devi, all residents of Pakhowal Road.

In her complaint, Bindu Sharma stated that her husband and in-laws were demanding a Skoda car. They even thrashed her and threatened to kill her.

A case has been registered against the accused.

Man held with poppy husk

The Haibowal police arrested one person with poppy husk yesterday. The accused has been identified as Surinder Singh, a resident of Chuharpur. The accused was nabbed from Ladian Khurd. During search, the police recovered 20 kg of poppy husk from him. A case under Section 15-16-85 NDPS Act has been registered.

Vehicle thieves held

The Sarabha Nagar police arrested two vehicle thieves yesterday. The accused have been identified as Ranjit Singh, a resident of Partap Singh Wala, and Rahat of Sunet village.

The duo was nabbed following a tip-off. The police has impounded the stolen bike. A domestic gas cylinder and a computer were also recovered from their possession.

Man booked for abducting girl

The Focal Point police has booked Arjun Kumar, a resident of Gobindgarh, for kidnapping a 14-year-old girl on the pretext of marrying her.

The incident took place on May 30. The victim's father, Khurshid Alam, lodged a complaint with the police A case under Section 363-366 A IPC has been registered against the accused.



Robbery foiled as woman raises alarm

Ludhiana, June 3
High drama took place at Ram Nagar area near the CMC hospital after some armed robbers barged into a house and tried to commit robbery. However, a woman, identified as Ritu Chopra, showed presence of mind and raised an alarm. This panicked the robbers and they fled quickly and left a sharp edged weapon at the spot.

High drama at PAU

High drama took place at a shop located near the PAU Gate No 3 when a policeman entered into a heated argument with a PAU student. The incident took place this evening when the policemen in civvies entered the shop to give the summons to Puneet Kumar.

As Puneet was not at the shop, Mintu Verma, a PAU student, told them to return.

The policemen allegedly entered into a heated argument with him.

Mintu said the policemen scuffled with him and the other shopkeepers also intervened in the matter.

Later, the issue reached Ghumar Mandi police post.

Pawan Kumar, in charge Ghumar Mandi police post, said he was investigating the matter. — TNS



Dhruv Pandove Trophy: Ludhiana restrict Jalandhar to 244 runs
Our Sports Reporter

Ludhiana, June 3
Ludhiana gained a vital 46-run lead in the first innings against Jalandhar on the penultimate day of the match during the Punjab State Inter-District Cricket Tournament (U-19) for Dhruv Pandove Trophy being played at the Punjab Agricultural University.

Ludhiana made 290 runs in their first essay and then did a commendable job by restricting the visitors to 244 runs.

The third day's play began with Jalandhar sailing comfortably (187 for 3). After adding 20 runs to the overnight total, they suffered one jolt after another and finally their innings culminated at 244 runs.

Mansab Gill, who was at the crease (53) at draw of stumps on Sunday, went on to top score with 74 runs. After his departure, no other batsman, except Manpreet Bhullar (17), could score well and returned to the pavilion. For Ludhiana, Hartejasvi Kapoor was the most successful bowler, grabbing four wickets for 65 runs in 25 overs while Sandeep Singh and Nabendhu Sharma claimed three wickets each to help Ludhiana to gain the lead.

Ludhiana started its second innings on a rousing note. Ludhiana skipper Nikhil Choudhary contributed 74 runs while opener Nimit Malhan made 40 runs. However, the hosts ended the day with score board reading 180 for 8, an overall lead of 226 runs with just two wickets in hand.

Brief scores: Ludhiana (first innings): 290 all out in 122. 2 overs (Nimit Malhan 49, Gurkaran Singh 27, Parul Mehndiratta 29, Nikhil Choudhary 6, Hartejasvi Kapoor 53, Sandeep Singh 83, Chirag Maria 19, Anirudh Aggarwal 6; Manpreet Bhullar 3 for 85, Mohit Mariya 3 for 66, Rishin Sharma 3 for 70 and Rohit Chauhan 1 for 47). Jalandhar (first innings): 244 all out in 93.2 overs (Rajat Sharma 17, Anurag Parkash 42, Himanshu Sharma 58, Mansab Gill 74 Sahil Lal 10, Manpreet Bhullar 17, Hartejasvi Kapoor 4 for 65, Sandeep Singh 3 for 33 and Nabendhu Sharma 3 for 35).

Ludhiana (second innings): 180 for 8 in 65.4 overs (Nimit Malhan 40, Gurkaran Singh 12, Parul Mehndiratta 28, Nikhil Choudhary 74, Hatejasvi Kapoor 12, Sandeep Singh 6; Rishin Sharma 3 for 38, Mohit Mariya 2 for 60, Rohit Chauhan 1 for 35 and Anurag Prakash 1 for 13).



Hockey festival
Friends Club, Jagtar XI enter semis
Our Sports Reporter

Ludhiana, June 3
Defending champions, Friends Club of Doraha and Jagtar XI of Jarkhar wrapped up their last league fixtures to join Grewal Club of Kila Raipur and Sant Fateh Singh Club of Dholan in the semifinals of the fourth Olympian Prithipal Singh Memorial Seven-a-Side Hockey Festival being organised by the Ludhiana Sports Welfare Association and Jarkhar Academy at Mata Sahib Kaur Stadium, Jarkhar, today.

Friends Club, Doraha, quelled a strong challenge from Jagtar XI, Jarkhar, before romping home victorious 5-3 to secure the third place in the points tally while the losers finished at fourth place.

Sukhjeet Singh put Friends Club into the lead in the seventh minute while Harmail Singh increased the lead eight minutes later. In the very next minute, Prem Singh made it 3-0.

Down by three goals, Jagtar XI unleashed an array of attacks on the rivals' territory. Their repeated attempts paid dividends in the 19th minute when Mandeep Singh found the target. He again struck two minutes later to reduce the margin (3-2).

Maninder Singh of Jarkhar scored the equaliser through a penalty corner conversion in the 27th minute (3-3).

Stung at this reverse, Friends Club players went all out to gain the lead and instantly they succeeded as Gurpreet Singh sounded the board in the 27th minute. Three minutes later, Sangram Singh scored a goal which sealed Jagtar XI's fate 5-3.

In the last league match, Sant Fateh Singh Club of Dholan pipped Grewal Club, Kila Raipur, 5-4. The match was of mere academic interest as both the sides had already advanced into the semifinals.



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