C H A N D I G A R H   S T O R I E S


6 stabs, four calls over 10 mins and still no response
  Home Guards volunteer Jatinder Singh even pulled accomplice Sarita’s hair and dragged her to distract killer’s attention
Aneesha Sareen
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, June 9
Nursing his critical wounds at his residence in Sector 20 after he was discharged from the PGI last evening, Home Guards volunteer Jatinder Singh today said that he along with Inspector Sucha Singh struggled for 10 minutes at a time when constable Basant was brutally stabbing both of them repeatedly with a knife in Sector 17 in the wee hours yesterday. 

During the period, he called the police control room four times, pulled the hair of the female accomplice of the accused to divert the youth’s attention as he was stabbing Inspector Sucha Singh and screamed at the guard in the district courts to fire at the youth who continued to stab the Inspector, but to no avail.

Inspector Sucha Singh’s son lights the pyre
Inspector Sucha Singh’s son lights the pyre.

The PCR came after the accused couple fled with their police Gypsy and the guard on duty could not react to the situation and fled inside the court premises making the situation worse.

“I was running for my life and dialling the police control room even while running, his female accomplice was also scared but the youth was brutally stabbing Inspector Sucha Singh even after pushing him out of the Gypsy. I pulled the hair of the female accomplice and dragged her and she screamed to divert the accused’s attention and he rushed towards me to save the girl only to return and stab Sucha Singh again. He stabbed him six times and I dialled the control room four times in the time period,” said Jatinder Singh.

“I called out to the guard on duty inside the district courts building to fire, he looked at us and fled inside. It was the most harrowing time for me and I had a very narrow escape,” he said.

After Sucha Singh fell on the road, it was then that the accused fled in the Gypsy along with the woman and the police swung into action.
Injured Home Guards driver Jatinder Singh at his residence in Sector 20, Chandigarh, on Sunday.
Injured Home Guards driver Jatinder Singh at his residence in Sector 20, Chandigarh, on Sunday. Tribune photo: Parvesh Chauhan 

“Death brushed past me in those 10 minutes as I never thought that I will survive such an attack. I along with Sucha Singh had started from Sector 17 police station at 2.10 am and moved towards the district courts building when we noticed the couple.

Even before we could ask them anything, the youth turned and began relieving himself in the corner as his female accomplice waited. They were giving us different replies and they told us that they had come from Shimla and their luggage was at the bus stand.

At first, the youth told us that the woman was his wife then he said that she was his girlfriend which made us suspicious. We asked them to sit in the Gypsy and were taking them for verification to the bus stand police post, that’s when the youth pulled out a knife and attacked us” he said.

Jatinder Singh To be rewarded

Senior UT Administration as well as police officials, including UT Adviser KK Sharma, UT Home Secretary Anil Kumar, IGP RP Upadhyaya, DIG Alok Kumar and SSP Naunihal Singh visited Home Guards volunteer Jatinder Singh at his Sector 20 residence and extended their support and help to him. They also assured the home guard that he would be rewarded for his act of bravery.



Inspector cremated as cops pay tearful homage
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh. June 9
Thousands of city residents gathered at the Sector 25 cremation ground today to pay homage to Inspector Sucha Singh. All the senior UT Administration and police officials besides some politicians and a huge posse of the police force were present at the cremation ground. Local MP Pawan Bansal was amongst the politicians present at the cremation ground.

Amid profound sorrow and grief, the Inspector was laid to rest. Sucha Singh's son, Prince, lit the funeral pyre and police personnel gave the gun salute, while hundreds of residents and police personnel watched.

Around 100 villagers from Sucha Singh's native village in Punjab also attended the funeral.

"He was a very friendly and polite person, who got along well with everyone. He gave his life to the force and it's sad that a constable murdered him. The accused should be hanged," said a police officer. Family members and relatives burst into tears as the pyre was lit.

The Chandigarh Police personnel give a gun salute to Inspector Sucha Singh at the cremation ground in Sector 25, Chandigarh, on Sunday.
The Chandigarh Police personnel give a gun salute to Inspector Sucha Singh at the cremation ground in Sector 25, Chandigarh, on Sunday. Tribune photos: S Chandan
Inspector Sucha Singh's funeral convoy on its way to the cremation ground; and (right) his son, supported by Manish Chaudhary (centre), Senior Superintendent of Police (Traffic) and RS Ghuman (left), Senior Superintendent of Police (Operations), carries his body in Sector 25.
Inspector Sucha Singh's funeral convoy on its way to the cremation ground; and (right) his son, supported by Manish Chaudhary (centre), Senior Superintendent of Police (Traffic) and RS Ghuman (left), Senior Superintendent of Police (Operations), carries his body in Sector 25.
Inspector Sucha Singh's funeral convoy on its way to the cremation ground; and (right) his son, supported by Manish Chaudhary (centre), Senior Superintendent of Police (Traffic) and RS Ghuman (left), Senior Superintendent of Police (Operations), carries his body in Sector 25.
(From left) RP Upadhyaya, Inspector General of Police; Naunihal Singh, Senior Superintendent of Police; KK Sharma, Adviser to the Administrator; Mohd Shayin, Deputy Commissioner; Anil Kumar, Home Secretary; and Alok Kumar, Deputy Inspector General of Police, at the cremation ground. (left) Inspector Sucha Singh's grieving wife bends over his body as other family members try to console her before his cremation on Sunday.



Killer, girlfriend made safe exit to Delhi
  Dhanas to Siswan village, on bus to Kurali, from there they took a train to Delhi
Aneesha Sareen
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, July 9
Despite heavy police presence, sealed city borders and the Mohali police put on alert, the accused UT police constable, Basant, and his female accomplice Sarita, managed to cock a snook at the police “alertness” and made a safe exit from city and reached Delhi yesterday.
Accused Basant
Accused Basant

After snatching the police Gypsy and murdering Inspector Sucha Singh, the two abandoned the Gypsy in Dhanas following the police chase at 2.30 am yesterday. The two ran through the forest area and after walking some miles in the darkness, took an auto-rickshaw to Siswan village. They got down at Siswan in the wee hours from where they took a bus to Kurali. From Kurali, they took a train to Delhi.

Both the Mohali as well as the UT police were on alert and the accused couple easily managed to catch a train to Delhi. Wanted in the double murder case of Sonepat, the two were arrested by the Haryana police from Paharganj in Delhi today. During their preliminary interrogation, the two stated that they had to go to Mumbai. They were returning from Shimla when they missed their bus to Delhi at 11.30 pm on June 7.

They alighted at the Sector 17 bus stand when they were rounded up on suspicion. Scared that they would have to reveal their identities as they were wanted in the double murder case, constable Basant then attacked both Inspector Sucha Singh and Home Guards volunteer, in the process killing the Inspector. UT police constable Basant had joined the UT police in 2011.

Holidaying after committing murders

Finally arrested by the Haryana police on Sunday, constable Basant and his female accomplice Sarita were holidaying in resorts at Manali, Shimla, Nanital and Hrishikesh ever since they fled after committing the double murder in Sonepat on April 18. They told the Haryana police on Sunday that they had ~5 lakh with them at the time they fled the Sonepat village and spent all these days holidaying in the hill stations. Accused Basant had murdered Sandeep, who had married his girlfriend Sarita four days prior to the incident in Sonepat and also murdered Sandeep’s mother Roshni in a well planned conspiracy and fled with Sarita then. He was absconding in the case when he murdered Inspector Sucha Singh in Sector 17 on Saturday.



Lessons to learn for UT police force
 UT Inspector General of Police RP Upadhyaya pulls up staff
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, June 9
As police alertness and so called “intensive” patrolling went for a toss yesterday, UT Inspector General of Police RP Upadhyaya pulled up the force during a brief meeting at the police headquarters in Sector 9 late last night.

While there was no gunman in the Gypsy occupied by Inspector Sucha Singh and his driver yesterday, the Inspector was on night checking without his service weapon.

While briefing all the Deputy Superintendents of Police (DSP) and Station House Officers (SHOs) late yesterday night, the IGP asserted that a police officer must ensure his safety and security while on duty.

It also came to light that the PCR Gypsys have inadequate staff. Despite installation of the GPS system in the PCR Gypsys, the UT police had failed to trace the accused and they managed to flee from the city.

Moreover, the police guard in the district courts, constable Anil Kumar, failed to provide any help even as the home guard volunteer screamed at him to fire.

The force was also instructed to first conduct a search of any person 
who has been rounded up on suspicion before taking them to the police station for verification.

Entire force donates a day’s salary
As a mark of solidarity with the aggrieved family, the entire police force donated a day’s salary to Inspector Sucha Singh’s family on Sunday. UT IGP said it was a huge loss to the force and they would 
do all they could to extend support to the aggrieved family.

Cops take Production warrants of Sarita
The police on Sunday procured production warrants of Sarita for June 13. The police moved an application before the Duty Magistrate to bring Sarita on production warrants as she was in judicial custody in Haryana. Since constable Basant is in the custody of the Haryana police, the police will move a separate application once the accused is sent to judicial custody there, said Satbir Singh, DSP (Crime).

Guard who failed to act was threatened too
The guard on duty at the district courts in Sector 17 was also threatened by accused Basant who jumped over the railing and also tried to stab him. The police found blood on the railing of the courts. Basant had told the guard that he would be in trouble if he fired as an inquiry would be initiated against him too. 



Go organic to stay healthy, say PU engg students
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, June 9
With an aim to spread awareness about organic farming and promote organic food, students of the University Institute of Chemical Engineering and Technology (UICET) roped in organic food producers of the region and sold organic products in Sectors 15 and 38 market. They focused on how chemical fertilisers diminished the fertility of the soil and chemical pesticides affected the health of the people.

Deepanshu Mishra, a UICET student and president of the students’ club, Enactus, stated that the organic farming had been the original mode of Indian farming since time immemorial. “The project “Krishi” started up by UICET students, focuses on promoting the use of organic product”, he said.

The students went across the streets on a cart carrying vegetables. The students spread awareness that organic farming was better than chemical intensive farming.

The drive was earlier held in Sector 34, two months ago, that saw participation of students and farmers.

The drive is a part of their project in which the PU students are working with farmers of Ropar and nearby villages.

To promote the farmers who are producing organic products like grains, vegetables and fruits, the PU students are trying to create a market for them in an around Chandigarh. The students have already obtained licences for the farmers to set up their stalls at Apni Mandi.

Deepanshu stated that the endeavour of Enactus was aimed at fulfilling two objectives. “It will help in providing a sustainable and long-term market for the farmers and help the residents take to organic food”, he said. 

Working with farmers of Ropar
UICET students went across the streets on a cart carrying vegetables. The students spread awareness that organic farming was better than chemical intensive farming. The drive was earlier held in Sector 34, two months ago, that saw participation of students and farmers. The drive is a part of their project in which the PU students are working with farmers of Ropar and nearby villages. 


CAG questions renting out of PGI canteen for free to IRCTC
 Led to revenue loss of Rs 24.5 lakh since opening of cafeteria in April 2012
Ritika Jha Palial
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, June 9
The Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) of India has raised an objection to the licensing out of cafeteria in the Advanced Trauma Centre at the PGI to the Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) without charging any rent, despite the latter being a "commercial enterprise".

The cafeteria was opened in April 2012, after an MoU was signed between the premier institute and the IRCTC.

In its report for the year 2011-12, the appellate auditing authority pointed out that the canteen (cafeteria) brought a meager monthly profit of Rs 7,207 for the initial six months, compared to Rs 2.25 lakh collected as monthly rent from doctors’ canteen at the Nehru Hospital. As per the CAG estimates, the PGI lost a revenue of Rs 24.5 lakh due to its failure to charge any rent since April 2012.

As per the terms and conditions of the MoU signed by the hospital and the IRCTC, the PGI provided basic infrastructure for the cafeteria. This included permanent kitchen fittings, electricity and water supply, gas supply, tables and chairs.

The IRCTC has been providing the catering service, managing cash and providing 15 per cent of the net profit to the PGI. The CAG has asked the hospital authorities as to why the cafeteria was licensed out to the IRCTC, a commercial enterprise, without charging any rent, while rent ranging from Rs 1 lakh to Rs 2.81 lakh was being charged from all the other canteens in the institute.

The auditing body has pointed out that the area of the doctors’ canteen located on the fifth floor of the Nehru Hospital was much smaller than that of the IRCTC cafeteria, yet it yielded a high rent.

“The decision of the PGI to lease out the cafeteria free of rent is causing a huge revenue loss to the institute, which needs justification in the backdrop of the facts that the rates of the eatables in the cafeteria are higher and the infrastructure, furniture and fixture were provided by the PGI,” read the CAG report.



Chandigarh Club suspends 50 employees
Had removed shirts in front of guests while protesting, others boycott work
Amit Sharma
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, June 9
Over 300 employees of Chandigarh Club in Sector 1 today staged a protest outside its premises after the club management suspended around 50 employees for protesting against the management in an “indecent way”. The protesting employees had removed their shirts while protesting yesterday night.

The police force was deployed outside the club to avoid any untoward incident. President of Chandigarh Club employees’ union Desraj Bharti said all the regular employees were denied entry to the club.

“For the last past fifteen days we had been demanding that the dearness allowance that was scheduled to be paid to employees in April be included in their salaries in May. Despite an assurance given earlier, the club management failed to do so,” he said.

Bharti said after receiving the salary on June 7 sans the allowance, the union asked the management to call a meeting on June 8. The management, however, did not meet the employees, following which a protest was staged.

Sandeep Sahni, president of Chandigarh Club, said the executive committee of the club had a meeting on June 3, in which it was decided that the DA with effect from April will be added to the salary in June. “We had never refused to pay the DA to the employees. As the salary for the month of May was already being processed, we could not add the DA to it,” Sahni said.

He said the employees showed impatience and staged a protest on June 8 in an indecent way by removing their shirts in front of guests, which was not acceptable.

“The suspended employees were not permitted to enter the club, while rest of the employees were asked to join their service; however, they too in support of the suspended employees preferred to boycott the duty,” Sahni said.

Sources said the management made a video recording of the entire incident. The club management, in a bid to restore the services, has hired contractual staff.



High drama at Housing Board light point
  Retired HC judge’s vehicle collides with another car, traffic halted for over an hour
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, June 9
High drama was witnessed at the Housing Board light point this evening when a Honda City car belonging to a retired judge of the Punjab and Haryana High Court collided with another car.

The Honda City (CH01G10678) was coming from the Fun Republic side. It crashed into a Maruti Swift car belonging to Sushank, a resident of Dhakoli. Sushank was on his way to the Modern Complex in Mani Majra, when the accident happened.

The judge’s car reportedly had black filming. His wife, who was traveling in it, sustained injuries. The traffic was halted for over an hour, as people gathered at the spot. The police was investigating the matter at the time of filing of this report.



SSA Mission Society
Governing Council meet yet to be convened
Vivek Gupta
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, June 9
The UT Education Department has yet not begun the process of convening the meeting of the Governing Council of the Chandigarh Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA) Mission Society, headed by the UT Administrator.

Speaking to The Tribune last month, Education Secretary VK Singh said the meeting would be held shortly, but nothing has happened yet.

The governing body, whose main purpose is to periodically review and ensure better coordination for the implementation of SSA funds in a effective manner in the UT, is lying defunct since its inception, which is also the gross violation of the guidelines issued by the Union Ministry of Human Resource Development.

The society was established in 2003 under the Society Registration Act. Since then, the UT has held only one meeting of the Governing Council so far. It has been laid down in the Act that the society would hold at least two meetings of the council in a year.

Arvind Rana, president of the SSA Teachers' Welfare Association, said many issues pertaining to the monitoring of the Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan had been ignored due to the ineffectiveness of the Governing Council. For instance, regularisation of JBT and TGT teachers under the Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan was our major concern.

“We will submit a fresh representation to the Administrator-cum-president of the Governing Council, Shivraj Patil, tomorrow to call an urgent meeting of the council,” he said.

As per information, the only meeting of the council was convened in November 2010 by the then Home-cum-Education Secretary, Ram Niwas.

An official said UT Administrator Shivraj Patil, who chaired that meeting, reproached UT officials for their casual attitude towards the council. Even then, there had been no meeting convened thereafter.

Several educationists in the city said: “The need of an effective governing council is more today since the annual funding to the UT under the SSA has crossed over Rs 50 crore. After the Right to Education Act in 2010, the SSA is now primarily used for funding the implementation of the said Act, which makes even more important to have a strong council”.

The council consists of 40 members, including the Adviser to the Administrator, Education Secretary, DPI(S), District Education Officer, among others. Senior officials of the department could not be reached.

Key areas of the Governing Council

* To periodically review implementation of its projects and lay down its necessary broad guidelines from time to time.

* To create duly empowered administrative mechanisms for the achievement of its objectives.

* To secure active involvement and participation of educational institutions, voluntary agencies, teachers’ organisations and individuals committed to educational improvement. 



100 yrs of Indian cinema feted

Chandigarh, June 9
Around 250 performers lit up the stage at Tagore Theatre today evening, taking the audience through a nostalgic journey of the 100 years of Indian cinema.

The function was held by the Durga Das Foundation in association with Shiamak Davar’s institute.

Fifteen sequences enacted on the stage brought to the fore contributions made by the Indian cinema to the fields of dance, music and performing arts.

A lot of care went into the selection of musical compositions, catering to all moods and dancing talents." — TNS



estate office
Major reshuffle
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, June 9
The UT Estate Officer has ordered a major reshuffle in different branches of the estate office. The reshuffle has been done keeping in view the long stay of officials at different branches of the estate office. A senior official said the exercise had been initiated keeping in mind that the functioning of branches was not affected.

The officer ordered the transfers based on a feedback. Now, the officials have been asked to set their records right, so that the computerisation of the estate office records could be carried on at a faster pace. The estate office is already running behind the schedule.

The officials concerned have also been asked to submit an undertaking stating that their records were in order, and no file was missing. In the past it has been reported that a large number of files were missing and the records had to be rectified. 



6-month treatment enough to cure TB, says study
 Extending it to 9 months may lead to multi-drug resistant TB 
Ritika Jha Palial
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, June 9
In a study involving over 551 patients suffering from peripheral tuberculosis (TB) across six states, it was found that the six-month directly observed treatment (DOT) was satisfactory, and there was no benefit in extending it to nine months.

Extending the treatment, rather, could lead to onset of multi-drug resistant TB, said experts.

The study found that in 93.8 per cent cases (517 of 551) lymphadenopathy (peripheral TB) was resolved at the end of six months, and there was no significant difference in responses among patients with and those without the presence of systematic symptoms after six months.

Of these 551 patients, belonging to Chandigarh, Ludhiana, Aligarh, Tirupati, Shimla, and Rohtak, cases of 327 were followed up for up to one year.

Only one showed worsening of condition, while the condition of remaining 326 remained stable.

Peripheral TB is treated in India using intermittent (alternate day) chemotherapy, using DOTS strategy.

“With the fear of recurrence of TB, patients often keep extending the medication. The six-month treatment is sufficient to cure the patient. Prolonging the treatment elevates the risk of MDR TB and comes with other side effects as well,” said Dr SK Jindal, head, department of pulmonary medicine, PGI, who was one of 
the researchers.

Common clinical symptoms included a history of fever, cough, anoexia and weight loss.

The other researchers from the PGI included Dr AN Aggarwal, Dr D Gupta and Dr M Singh of the department of pulmonary medicine. Many other doctors from across the country were part of this study.



OPEN HOUSE response
Abolish school-based exam system: Residents

Restore old CBSE pattern

The Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation-based Class X board exam system has, of late, brought to the fore certain inherent drawbacks. Affinity, natural liking and positive vibes between teachers and some likable students unwittingly tend to result in over-evaluation of some cases and the system has ended up in unusually large number of students scoring 10 CGPA. Whereas, the old pattern of exams did not involve any direct contact or interaction between the examiner and the examinees. Therefore the result depicted the real worth of each student.

SC Luthra, Mani Majra

Uniform system must

The school-based board exams results of Class X ought to be good or rather very good because no school would like to show “poor” results. The Education Department must abolish the school-based board exam system and have a uniform system. All Class X, XI and XII exams must be conducted under one centralised body like the Central Board of Secondary Education.

RK Kapoor, Chandigarh

CBSE should prepare question papers

This is not possible to have a comparison between these two systems. The teacher who taught students in school is responsible for preparing the question paper and check answer sheets. The teacher would prepare the question paper keeping in mind the syllabus. So, if it is through the CBSE, then the board should prepare the question papers from the complete syllabus. To keep the education system healthy, there must be one board who has the power to prepare the question papers commonly for all schools.

Shishu Paul, Chandigarh

Board should access each student

To strengthen its academics, the CBSE should access each and every student through his/her specific teaching faculty of schools. The board should use a variety of ways to collect the information about the students’ learning and progress in studies and other co-curricular activities.

Priya Darsh Growar, Mohali

Rigorous training of teachers needed

Tall claims of the CBSE regarding the improvement in the education of the students through the new school-based board exams seem to have fallen flat. Whooping increase in Class X students with a perfect 10 by 35 per cent as compared to the last year has sent shivers down the nerves of educationists. The rat race to get more and more 10 CGPA and prove their worth has compelled the schools to judge the internal assessments of the students liberally. Favouritism on the part of the teachers for some students has also played its role. Around 40 per cent marks in the hands of teachers in the form of four formative assessments has made the students and teachers take Class X lightly. The very problem lies in the implementation of the new system of assessment. There is no uniformity in the activities to be conducted during the internal assessment. There are no uniform criteria over the marks to be awarded. Private schools overburden the students by assigning them projects in all subjects throughout the year. This forces many students to take help from their parents, elders and Internet. Many of them do not hesitate to buy readymade projects available in the market. What kind of improvement can one expect from such futile activities? The board should train all teachers regarding the implementation of the CCE programme.

Baljinder Kaur, Chandigarh

Thorough analysis must

Because of the Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation system (CCE), academics are losing importance. There is a chance of discrepancy and cheating. If any school is indulging in cheating in internal marking by giving extra marks, then it is playing with the future of students. It is the responsibility of educationists to help build a child rather than throwing him/her on the wrong foot. The board must take extra note of any kind of discrepancy that might come out due to the internal checking. Every school should be asked to send copies of the way in which they internally mark students and the board must thoroughly analyse them.

Dr Shruti K Chawla, Chandigarh



The recent incident of Chandigarh Police Inspector Sucha Singh being stabbed to death and his driver, Jatinder Singh, being injured while on night duty just a few metres away from the Sector 17 police station, has raised several questions on the level of preparedness of the UT police to deal with such situations. After the incident, the accused constable, Basant Singh, managed to give the police the slip. What needs to be done by the police to deal with such situations? Write your suggestions to openhouse@tribunemail.com 



Premier institution in women education

Mission Admission
Guru Gobind Singh College for Women, 
Sector 26, Chandigarh

Guru Gobind Singh College for Women, Sector 26, Chandigarh.
Guru Gobind Singh College for Women, Sector 26, Chandigarh.

Guru Gobind Singh College for Women, named after the tenth Sikh Guru, was established in 1973 by Sikh Educational Society with the primary mission of providing quality education to women. Through various activities such as debates, declamations, creative-writing workshops, seminars, talks, brain-storming sessions, etc., the students are given exposure to build robust confidence and self-esteem. To facilitate access to higher education, students from the socially and the economically weaker sections are given financial aid, which subsequently leads to their academic growth.

A premier postgraduate institution in the field of women education, the college has experienced faculty, state-of-the-art computer labs and library with e-resources. The college has a newly built and furnished language lab. The college also has facilities to pursue various sports and a gym. The college has a multi-purpose hall with a seating capacity of 800 people. The college campus also has the Wi-fi facility. The college also has an open-air volleyball hall.

Claim to fame
Job fest and IT fiesta are the annual affair of the college that provide students with various job openings. The college in order to encourage students in sports gives them fee concession apart from free diets and sports kits. With its impeccable reputation, the Department of Physical Education has attained quite a name among the top institutions of the city by winning prestigious tournaments at various levels. It is commendable that the college has been thrice the winner of the overall inter-college championship of Panjab University in the recent sessions. There are various clubs and societies that manage academic and cultural activities of the college. Students are encouraged to participate in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities and are given opportunities to exhibit their innate talent.

Illustrious alumni
The college has a long list of renowned alumni. A few of them are Geeta Bhukkal, Education Minister, Haryana; Jatinder S Jeetu, senior manager, operations, Sony Network Channel; Mandeep Kaur, investigator, New Zealand Police; and Harveen Srao, DSP with the Punjab Police.

Phone numbers
0172-2792757, 2791610

Star streams
B.Com, BCA

Hostel facility
The college provides hostel facility within the campus that has a capacity to accommodate 350 students.

Seats in different courses
Course Seats

BA 300
BCA 80
B Com 140
MSc (IT) 40
MCom 80
MA English 60



Defacement of walls continues unabated
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, June 9
Despite the High Court’s order against the defacement of public property by student leaders, their posters can be seen pasted in various parts of the city defacing the property.
Posters on the walls of houses at Sector 16, Chandigarh, on Sunday.
Posters on the walls of houses at Sector 16, Chandigarh, on Sunday. Tribune Photo: Pradeep Tewari

Signboards and walls in the city can be found defaced with posters of elections of students, political parties and other advertisements. The posters can be seen pasted on the walls of Sectors 9, 10, 11, 16 and 26 defacing the property.

The Punjab and Haryana High Court in May had issued notices to the leaders of all student parties and their unions over the repeated defacement.

The High Court had also issued show cause contempt notices to the university and the Chandigarh Administration asking them to explain why contempt proceedings be not initiated against them for not taking action against those defacing property.

The court on May 6 had asked the student leaders to remain present in the court on May 17 to respond to the petition concerning defacement of public property in the university. Despite accepting notices from the Court, as many as 10 leaders of the total 14 student unions refused to appear in the court, following which bailable warrants were issued against the student leaders.

Panjab University and the city colleges have provided the student parties with a specific place to paste their posters. Still, the leaders deface the walls of their institutes and even paste the posters in different parts of the city.



Classes X & XII
Exams over, govt schools charge SC students Rs 400
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, June 9
Several UT government schools have been collecting Rs 400 from all Class X and Class XII students belonging to the Scheduled Caste (SC) as part of the examination charges even as the results of these classes were already declared.

This has made several parents furious as they complained that the government schools were forcing the students to submit the amount before releasing their detailed marks sheet.

“It was unfair on the part of schools to seek the amount when the whole examination process was over,” said a parent.

Schools authorities said they were asked to collect these charges by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) through its official notice sent last week.

A principal said this happened due to the confusion during the registration process of the CBSE in October last year.

“Since the CBSE failed to provide guidelines on time, several government schools submitted the examination fee equivalent to the last year, which was Rs 100 for the SC students and Rs 500 for the general category students. However, it was later found that the CBSE increased the examination fee for the SC students to Rs 500. Therefore, the CBSE sent the notices to the schools and asked them to submit the remaining amount of Rs 400 per child for the SC students,” he said.

A CBSE official said the confusion occurred due to the inattentive approach of the schools. The board often advised all schools to regularly check the circulars uploaded on the board’s website, but several schools did not check it.

“Before the registration of students in October last year, we clarified the examination fee to be charged from the SC and the general category students through our instructions. While some government schools in Chandigarh submitted the correct amount, there were several schools which submitted the incomplete amount that has been recovered now,” said an official.



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