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Robbers strike at dyeing unit
Decamp with shawls, yarn worth ~7 lakh after taking employees hostage
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, June 9
Armed robbers struck at a dyeing unit on the Tajpur road and decamped with yarn and shawls worth lakhs of rupees. The incident came to light early in the morning when one of the workers managed to free himself and informed the owners of the dying unit about the robbery.

Vinay Gupta and RK Bansal, owners of the unit, said the robbers had fled with polyester and woollen yarn and shawls worth Rs 7 lakh.

"Everything has been ransacked so we are making a rough estimate. The actual loss will be calculated after checking the inventories. Fortunately, no worker was badly injured in the incident," said Bansal.

At midnight, more than five armed robbers entered the unit by scaling the boundary wall.

They first took Rajesh Thakur, Sehaj Ram and Ramesh hostage and tied them with a rope.

They overpowered security guard Sukhcharan Singh. It is learnt that they had remained at the dying unit till 3am and kept loading the yarn and shawls on a truck.

Sources said the robbers escaped towards the Tajpur chowk where they shifted the stolen material on to another vehicle.

Rajesh Thakur, one of the hostages, said the robbers, with their faces covered, also took away their mobile phones and cash. He said one of them had kept his phone somewhere else so the robbers could not get their hands on it. After freeing himself, Sehaj Ram reportedly informed Bansal about the incident.

He has not ruled out the involvement of an insider in the robbery.

"It seems that the robbers had conducted a recce of the place. Not only did they take the workers hostage, but also damaged the CCTV cameras installed in the dyeing unit," said Bansal.

Earlier, robbers had struck at an electroplating unit on April 15 and decamped with cash and electroplating material worth Rs 20 lakh. They were arrested on April 27.


Fire breaks out at Manish Tewari’s house
Puneet Pal Singh Gill
Tribune News Service

Workers remove documents from the room where the fire broke out; and (right) a fire engine parked outside Union Information and Broadcasting Minister Manish Tewari’s residence in Ludhiana on Sunday.
Workers remove documents from the room where the fire broke out; and (right) a fire engine parked outside Union Information and Broadcasting Minister Manish Tewari’s residence in Ludhiana on Sunday. Tribune Photos: Himanshu Mahajan

Ludhiana, June 9
Electronic goods, including an air-conditioner and a computer printer, were gutted in a fire that broke out at Union Information and Broadcasting Minister Manish Tewari's house in the Sarabha Nagar area here this morning. A short-circuit is believed to have caused the fire.

The documents and other important papers lying in the computer room were saved.

At around 10:45 am, a computer operator, who was sitting in the computer room, came out for some work. The guard sitting at the gate told him that he saw flames in the room.

“Within minutes, the entire room was filled with smoke. It became very difficult for the staff present there to put out the flames. The fire brigade was informed and they managed to douse the flames after around half an hour. The fire brigade reached the spot at least 15-20 minutes late,” said Anil Dutt, Manish Tewari's close associate.

People present in the house said they suspected the fire was caused by a short-circuit in the air-conditioner wiring. It soon engulfed the other electronic fittings in the room as well as the computer printer. “Fire could not damage the furniture lying in the room, otherwise important documents lying there would have been destroyed,” said a Congress leader.

The fire brigade officials said they had received information about the fire at around 11:10 am and two fire engines from the Gill Road fire station were despatched to the spot.

“By around 11:30 am, our firemen had managed to douse the flames,” said a Fire Department official.



Jammu, Asr-bound trains’ schedule to be affected
Kuldip Bhatia

Ludhiana, June 9
Northern Railway will regulate some of the trains on the Delhi-Jammu Tawi and Delhi-Amritsar sections between June 11 and 18 due to the ongoing construction of a railway over bridge. The rail traffic will be suspended for three hours after midnight from June 11 to 13 and again from June 16 to 18 near the Ballabhgarh railway station.

Railway officials said 10 RCC girders had to be installed on the bridge at the newly constructed bypass road near sectors 61 and 59 between the Ballabhgarh and Asaoti stations. For this purpose, six traffic blocks (suspension of rail traffic) of three hours each will be effected from June 11 to 13 and June 16 to 18 between 00.00 midnight and 3.45 am.

"Owing to the blocks, the 11057 Lokmanya Tilak Terminus (New Delhi) - Amritsar Express will be regulated for 10 or 45 minutes at the Asaoti railway station from June 11 to 13 and again on June 16 to 18. The 12919 Indore-Jammu Tawi Malwa Express and 12477 Jamnagar-Jammu Tawi Express will be regulated for 15 and 25 minutes, respectively, at the Palwal station on June 12," the railway officials said.

Further, the 12471 Bandra Terminus-Jammu Tawi Swaraj Express will be regulated for 15 minutes at the Palwal station on June 11, 17 and 18 while the 12475 Hapa-Jammu Tawi Express will be regulated for the same duration at Palwal on June 13.



Player's shot lands boy in hospital

Ludhiana, June 9
A four-year-old boy, who was riding a scooter along with his grandparents, suffered a fracture in the leg after his grandfather lost control over it on being hit by a cricket ball.

The boy, Hardik is undergoing surgery at a private hospital.

The incident took place when Hardik was riding the scooter along with his grandparents Narinder and Shashi Bala.

An eyewitness said children were playing cricket on Brown Road near the Division No. 3 area. While Naresh was passing the place where children were playing a cricket match on his scooter, he was hit by a cricket ball. He lost control over the scooter and the trio fell on the road. — TNS



MC wing tightens noose on parking lot contractor
Puneet Pal Singh Gill
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, June 9
The Ludhiana Municipal Corporation has started acting tough against the contractor of the parking lot in Feroze Gandhi Market. The MC officials today visited the market and made the contractor destroy all the parking tickets (with the mention of service tax charges) and told him to use fresh tickets from tomorrow.

Ever since the new contractor was awarded the parking lot contract in Feroze Gandhi Market, the people have been alleging that the contractor was overcharging. They alleged that instead of Rs 20 parking fee for cars, the contractor was charging Rs 25 on the pretext service tax.

When the matter came to the senior MC officials' notice, they sent a team of the MC Tehbazaari wing officials to the spot. The told the contractor to use fresh parking tickets with no mention of ‘service tax extra’.

The MC Tehbazaari Superintendent (Zone D), Naveen Malhotra, said the contractor was asked to destroy all the existing parking tickets in his presence. “He set the ticket bundles on fire. He has now agreed to use new tickets from tomorrow,” said Malhotra.

An abandoned truck, which has been parked in the Feroze Gandhi Market for the past many years. Despite several requests made by the area shopkeepers, the MC has failed to remove it from there. Now, the Tehbazaari wing officials stated that they would write to the police to get the truck removed.

“It might be a stolen truck and that is why we want the police to remove it from the area. We will write to the police that in case they need any assistance, the MC will help them in removing the truck from the area,” claimed Naveen Malhotra.

Wrongly parked two-wheelers impounded

The officials also impounded two-wheelers, which were wrongly parked near Nehru Sidhant Kendra. These were causing obstruction to traffic.

The officials also visited Gian Singh Rarewala Market, where they didn’t allow the car bazaar to function. The Punjab and Haryana High Court has directed the MC not to allow any car bazaar in the area as it not only leads to traffic congestion but also is a nuisance for the local residents.Goods lying outside some shops on the Ferozepur Road service lane near Aarti Chowk were also confiscated by the MC team.



Winnowing her way with a smile

Children find amusement even in little things they do. Though this girl (in photo) does not have the resources to buy toys and games for herself yet she is finding fun in the work itself. The little girl was spotted at the local grain market while she was winnowing. But in her work itself she was playing with the chaff and singing songs. She was at her jovial best. That must be the spirit. One must be in whatever one has.

Take the traffic problem head on

For quite sometime now, the city traffic police has been trying to regulate the traffic and parking along the Ferozepur road. There seems to be heavy deployment of the traffic police to keep an eye on service lanes along the national highway has become an every day affair. In the process, several other problematic areas are persistently being neglected where the motorists and other road-users are caught in traffic snarls for long hours. It seems that that the traffic planners have almost written off the congested markets in the old city as well as busy intersections including Bhadaur House, Mata Rani Chowk, Old Sabzi Mandi Chowk, Kesar Ganj Mandi, Domoria Bridge, Field Ganj, College Road, Ghumar Mandi and many more commercial hubs where the traffic jams are a routine matter all the day. Perhaps the traffic police believes that shutting the eyes to the traffic problems will solve them.

All to beat the heat

The scorching heat has made the life miserable these days. With the maximum temperature hovering around 45 to 46 degrees Celsius, residents prefer staying indoors as much as possible. But there are many, who prefer to remain in malls and multiplexes to beat the heat! One of my friends said, "My husband goes to factory at 10 am and both my children stay in hostel. This unbearable rising temperature irritates so to spend quality time, I go out and do some window shopping in malls and at times I also go to multiplexes to watch movies as some good time is spent in air-conditioners and by the time I return back, the weather gets little improved by evening."

Angel in disguise of God!

The ongoing summer vacations in schools reminds me an old incident of my childhood days when I came across a 7-year-old child, who had got lost in a crowd while shopping with his parents at Sector 17 in Chandigarh. It was June when the child, whose parents were busy in shopping, got separated from them and started crying. Suddenly, a visually impaired man who was busy in singing song of Mukesh "Ai laut ke aaja mere meet" along with his harmonium stopped in between and asked the child reason of crying. After some efforts, he succeeded in locating his parents and handed over them the child and again resumed singing another old melodious song "Bhala karne wale burai ke badle bhalai kiye ja" and won applauds from the crowd gathered there for his noble gesture. But the singer did not bother about accolades and moved away. Perhaps he was an angel in the disguise of god.

Contributed by Manav Mander, Kuldip Bhatia, Shivani Bhakoo, Anupam Bhagria



Mullapur Dhaka to extend nagar panchayat limits 
Shivani Bhakoo
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, June 9
Mullapur Dakha has recently been given nod by the state government to extend its nagar panchayat limits.

The state government in recently issued letter to the District Administration has said since no objection was raised by anyone on extending the limits, Nagar Panchayat Mullanpur Dakha could be extended and revenue could be generated for development works in the area.

MLA Manpreet Singh Ayali said the proposal was mooted a few months back and the state government had asked for the objections, if any in December 2012 through a notification. No objection on extending the limits was raised.

“We wanted to do the expansion earlier only but were quiet due to the zila parishad and nagar council elections as we never wanted to create disturbance. Now that elections are over, the nagar panchayat limits of Mullanpur will be extended from all the four sides,” said Ayali.

He said, “The limits will be extended on all sides, including Dakha village, Mullanpur, Jaunpur and Rakbe village. The limit will be extended up to 3-4 km in total (all four sides). New colonies can be developed and Revenue will be generated for the development of the area.”

Varinder Singh Sant, who has been residing at Mullanpur for the past three decades, said it was a good step taken by the government.

"We will see more development, besides, more facilities will be provided to the residents. Villagers will get an opportunity to get more facilities and benefits like urban population if limits are extended,” said Varinder. 



Sweltering heat, tax on poultry feed increase egg prices
Manav Mander
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, June 9
Sweltering heat, low production and entry tax at poultry feed is leading to high price of eggs. Even during summers, price of eggs is hovering between Rs 4-5 per egg.

The price of egg is rising every day. One day the price per hundred eggs was Rs 310, the next day it went up to Rs 330 and the following day it was Rs 325. In the retail market the price is between Rs 3-5.

“Many reasons are behind the shift in prices. First of all is the hot and humid climate due to which the production has gone down as many birds die due to heat. Secondly, majority of the poultry farmers are shifting to Haryana and the overall production in Punjab has gone down considerably,” said Sanjeev Bassi, egg wholesaler.

Traders also blame entry tax on the ingredients of poultry feed in Punjab which is weighing heavy on the poultry farming. As a result, poultry farmers from the state are shifting their base to Haryana where their business is flourishing. There is five per cent entry tax imposed on the sunflower, groundnut and mustard de-oiled cakes which are the main ingredients of the feed of poultry birds.

Radhika, a customer, said: “I was shocked to know the prices of eggs. Even during summers egg is being sold at Rs 5 per piece. Earlier it was only during winters, when 
the demand used to go up. If in summers an egg is priced at Rs 4-5 what will be the scene in winters?” 



Govt may appoint deputy sarpanches to boost development
Gurminder Singh Grewal

Samrala, June 9
In order to smoothen the functioning of the village panchayats and to achieve the goal of Panchayati Raj, the Punjab government is considering to appoint deputy sarpanches in the villages to assist sarpanches in the state. This was stated by Punjab Panchayat Minister, Surjit Singh Rakhra, while talking to the media persons at Samrala at the residence of the BKU president Balbir Singh Rajewal.

He was here to participate in a social function in the area. He said in some cases, the sarpanches face disqualification and are removed from the post and the development of the concerned village remains stalled. He said if there will be deputy sarpanches, then the work will continue even if the sarpanch is disqualified. He said the deputy sarpanches should be elected from the panches. But the final decision will be taken after considering these matters in the assembly.

He also gave information that the Punjab government is considering to give some judicial powers to the village panchayats in the state that will strengthen these democratic institutions and to sort out several matters in the villages. He also hinted out that the elections will be held immediately after the verdict of the court that is expected soon.

He said that in order to lessen the interference of the officials in the panchayat works and to relieve from the increasing complaints of the villagers, the accounts of panchayats will be audited twice a year. He said the reservation in village panchayats was finalised after keeping into account the 90 per cent population of the general or scheduled caste category.



Lab technician dies under mysterious circumstances
Had gone to a party with friends

Mandi Ahmedgarh, June 9
A laboratory technician working at a private hospital died allegedly after consuming some poisonous substance here today. The deceased has been identified as Vinod Kumar Singh, a resident of ward number 5. The Chhapar police has initiated a probe into the sequence of events leading to the mysterious death of the youth.

Parents of the deceased, who were yet come out of shock, were yet to record their statement with the police. Woes of the aggrieved family were compounded due to harassment they had face to get the postmortem conducted. Sources said the deceased had left his house on Saturday afternoon and had last rang his mother on phone at about 10 pm last night. The family did not bother for his return as he had informed his mother that he was enjoying a party with his friends and might come very late.

Investigations revealed that Vinod was found in a semiconscious condition in a playground of a private school, situated on the Chhapar road at 5.30 am by morning walkers today. Having received information about the incident, members of his family, including his younger brother and parents, reached the spot and shifted him to a private hospital at local town. After finding his condition critical, hospital doctors referred him to a tertiary health centre in Ludhiana where doctors declared him brought dead.

Though the victim was not declared fit for submitting statement by doctors at any stage yet it was during shifting that he told his brother that some of his friends had thrown him in the ground after forcing him to ingest three pills. Maintaining that a case would be registered after verification of information provided by friends and relatives of the deceased, in charge at Chhapar police post, Jasmail Singh, said a formal complaint was yet to be received by the police. — OC



Summer camp gets under way 
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, June 9
A summer camp "Chill Pill -2013" was inaugurated today at the Lodhi Club by Neeru Katyal, Additional Deputy Commissioner (General).

Manoj Gupta, general secretary, and Pawan Garg, cultural secretary, said: “The summer camp will conclude on June 22.”

On the occasion, artists from various groups performed live and entertained the audience. During the camp of 14 days, experts will take classes of western dance, bhangra, giddha, dholki, english speaking, calligraphy, rock band, couple, solo dance, aerobics, instrumental music, dramatics, cooking , personality development and art and craft.

Amongst other present on the occasion included Jogesh Gupta, vice-president, Vipan Singhania, joint secretary, and Swaranjit Singh Sethi, sports secretary. 



Vocational courses for Class XI
Shivani Bhakoo
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, June 9
To develop the overall personality of student, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has started vocational training courses in certain schools.

The notification on this was received by the school authorities. In case students opt for these courses in Class XI then along with their Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) they will be given the certificate of “Vocational Proficiency”, which will be a national-level certificate.

An elated Mona Singh, Principal, Guru Nanak Public School, said: “The school will be introducing the subject of legal studies. Apart from regular medical, non-medical, commerce and humanities the students will have an idea of what law is.”

She said, “For the pilot project the board had chosen 50 schools from all over the country, where these courses will be started initially. On completion of these courses, for which additional teachers will be hired the students will get a certificate from the ministry concerned. Initially, the students will have to pay about Rs 1,000 more (annually), if they opt the vocational course. Besides, for Class IX students, the GNPS is already providing IT and retail programme. The subject of legal studies will be started from current academic session.”

Apart from this, under the project, BCM Arya School has also been allotted "theatre studies" as an elective subject for Class XI. The CBSE has introduced the course with a view to empower the students with latest knowledge and open new career avenues for them in the field of dramatics. 



State govt to recruit 5,000 teachers
Our Correspondent

Samrala, June 9
The state government will take action against those government schools teachers whose students have shown poor results in the recently declared examination results. The Education Department have asked reports from the schools which have less than 20 per cent results. This was stated by Education Minister Punjab Sikander Singh Malooka at Samrala.

"In order to uplift the status of education in the state government schools, 5,000 more teachers will be recruited and the vacant posts under zila parishad schools will be filled," he said.

He said to promote education on big level, the state government has decided to give scholarships of Rs 2,500 to those students who will score above 80 per cent in the matric exams.

He said, "To honour the services of good teachers; six teachers will be honoured on district and state level, respectively by the state government." 



Global warming affects wheat production: Scientists
Charanjit Singh Teja
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, June 9
Some scientists are linking the decrease in the yield of wheat crop during the present session to global warming but all the bodies concerned with agriculture, including Punjab Agricultural University still seem to have no plans to develop such varieties which can resist the dramatic change in climate in the coming years.

The production of wheat has been recorded 163.73 lakh tonne from the area of 35.15 lakh hectare which was under wheat cultivation in state. This production is 16.27 lakh tonne less than the production of wheat last year, which was180 lakh tonne in the year 2012. Dr SS Kukal, Director, School of Climate Change and Meteorology, said: “We are observing the climate from last 40 years and found that minimum temperature has been rising. The rise in temperature is affecting the yield of crops. In this year also the rise in temperature affected the wheat crop. Everything was normal till February but the temperature continuously started rising in March. The rain also came on wrong time which also led to fewer yields. We also observed that sunshine hours have been decreasing which affects the growth of wheat plant.” “We have to shift to other crops or develop the heat resistant varieties. The research work to develop such verities is going on at the PAU,” he said. According to statistics, the yield of wheat is 46.58 quintiles per hectare this season. However, it was 51 quintiles per hectare last year. It was estimated that farmer lost Rs 6,075 per hectare as the yield reduced 4.5 quintiles per hectare. On an average, a farmer in the state cultivates 10 acres and every farmer has lost around Rs 45,000 in this season. It would affect small and marginal farmers badly. Automatically it would increase the debt on agrarian society which is already under the debit of Rs 35,000 crore. Mangal Singh, Director, Agricultural Department, Punjab, said: “To develop such heat tolerance varieties is the responsibility of Director Research at the PAU and the university has some projects in pipe line. We have set up the Borlaug Institute for South Asia at Ladhowal in Ludhiana which will work out such problems.” 



Rice pro-tech expo concludes
Our Correspondent

Sahnewal, June 9
The three day-long “Rice Pro-Tech Expo” concluded here today at Jifco Resorts. Over 2,000 rice millers, traders and exporters visited the exhibition to have a look at the latest rice milling machinery, displayed by many manufacturing companies from India and abroad.

Surinder Gupta, event organizer, said the exhibition was an attempt to equip the millers and traders with the technical knowhow and access to the latest technology that would surely help them reduce post paddy procurement losses and increase the quality of the rice.

More than 100 companies displayed rice machineries including colour sorter machines, air compressors, silos, rice husker, de-stoner, and rice separator, induction motors, flour and dal milling machinery during the exhibition. The exhibition was the first of its kind.



Heatstroke is life-threatening, requires immediate medical attention: Experts
Anupam Bhagria

Ludhiana, June 9
With the ongoing heat wave, health experts have warned the residents against heatstroke.

Dr Yashpal Singh, a professor at the department of neurology, Christian Medical College and Hospital, Ludhiana said, "In case one suffers from eatstroke, one needs immediate medical attention to prevent brain damage, organ failure or death. High temperatures during summers results in high incidences of heatstroke. Heat cramps and heat xhaustion are milder manifestations of heat-related health problems. But it can escalate to more serious problem of heatstroke."

He further said the heatstroke is a life-threatening condition that occurs when your body’s temperature reaches above 104 F. Human body has limited capabilities to sustain extreme high temperature. Exposure to heat can cause the damage to our brain and other essential organs of body.

Heatstroke can occur not only due to exposure to high environmental temperatures but also occurs due to strenuous physical activity or by other conditions that raise your body temperature.

Pregnant women need to be extra careful. Dr Iqbal Ahuja, a city-based gynaecologist, said, "When heatstroke pulse rate of an expectant mother increases, it automatically increases pulse rate of the foetus. As a result the foetus requires more oxygen."

Symptoms of heatstroke

  • High body temperature 104 F (40 C) or higher is the main sign of heatstroke.
  • Lack of sweating. In heatstroke brought on by hot weather, your skin will feel hot and dry to the touch. However, in heatstroke brought on by strenuous exercise, your skin usually feels moist.
  • Flushed skin. Your skin may turn red as your body temperature increases.
  • Rapid breathing. Your breathing may become rapid and shallow.
  • Racing heart rate and strong pulse (tachycardia). Your pulse may significantly increase because heat stress places a tremendous burden on your heart to help cool your body.
  • Neurological symptoms: Headache is one of the commonest and early neurological symptoms of heatstroke. You may have more serious manifestations like seizures, loss of consciousness, and hallucinations.
  • Muscle cramps or weakness.
  • Heat cramps. Initial exposure to extreme temperatures or physical exertion or both can lead to signs and symptoms of heat cramps usually include profuse sweating, fatigue, thirst and muscle cramps, usually in the stomach, arms or legs.


  • Do not move out in excessive heat
  • Have lot of liquids
  • Consult a physician if you suffer from any of the above mentioned symptoms



Sakshi is District BJP Mahila Morcha President
Minna Zutshi
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, June 9
Even as Sakshi Julka was elected as the District BJP Mahila Morcha President today, it was Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi who stole the show in absentia during the programme held at the Samiti Bhawan here.

The party functionaries, while praising Modi for his "able leadership" and "visionary approach", expressed their happiness at Modi's appointment as the chairman of the BJP (2014) Lok Sabha poll campaign committee.

"Modi will steer the nation on the path to progress," said the senior party functionaries, while addressing the gathering. State BJP General Secretary Tarun Chugh, in his hyperbolic style, compared Modi to tsunami.

Chugh flayed the "anti-people" policies of the UPA Government at the Centre. He alleged that the Congress-led UPA Government had failed on all fronts, including the economic front.

In a self-congratulatory mode, the BJP leadership said the BJP was the only party in the country that was following the system of 33 per cent internal reservation for women. Senior BJP leader Prof Rajinder Bhandari said the party adhered to the reservation system for women from the ward level to the top rung. He alleged that despite publically professing a pro-woman stance, the Congress was not serious about the 33 per cent reservation issue.

District BJP President Parveen Bansal, while reiterating the BJP's commitment to the cause of women, said woman power should not be underestimated on any count. He added: "If in Delhi there's (a leader like) Sushma Swaraj, why can't we have another Sushma Swaraj in Ludhiana?"

The district party chief also invoked myth-addled history to emphasize the importance of woman power and to validate the glory of India.

Men call the shots

In the emotionally-charged atmosphere, the male party workers took the lead in raising slogans. Much to the amusement of the leaders and the audience, the men drowned the voice of the Mahila Morcha while raising the slogan "Phool Nahi Chingaari Hain, Hum Bharat Ki Naari Hain."



Workers of SAD, Cong clash over bridge opening

Ludhiana, June 9
The supporters of SAD MLA Ranjit Dhillon and Congress Councillor today had a clash over the inauguration of road at Kailash Nagar near Basti Jodhewal.

The clash took place in evening after the supporters of Ward No 3 councillor Varinder Sehgal inaugurated the same road that was inaugurated by SAD MLA Ranjit Dhillon during morning. This rattled the supporters of MLA and they clashed with councillor's supporters. The police has recorded the statement of both the groups .—TNS



Shiv Sena leader passes away

Ludhiana, June 9
The Shiv Sena leader, Jagdish Tangri, died today following a prolonged illness. He was 80 years old.

Tangri was in the news in 2002 after he had locked horns with the then SSP, Harpreet Sidhu. He had enjoyed great influence among businessmen in Gur Mandi and its adjoining area.—TNS



230 attend medical camp 
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, June 9
A team from the National Integrated Medical Association today organised 137th general and diabetes camp at the residence of Dr Surinder Gupta President of the NIMA , Ludhiana.

As many as 230 patients suffering form general ailments, diabetes and thyroid were provided free consultation. Free blood sugar and thyroid tests were conducted on the spot. 



One killed, 2 injured in road accident
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, June 9
A 20-year-old youth died while his two friends suffered injuries after being hit by an over-speeding bus at Jagraon Bridge here today.

The victim has been identified as Kaka, while his two friends have been identified as Ajay Sharma and Ajay Kumar.

The incident took place at 9 am when the trio were travelling on elevated road on a motorcycle. According to an eyewitness, an over-speeding bus bearing a Himachal number hit their motorcycle from behind. The impact was so strong that the trio fell on the road. In no time the bus ran over Kaka, while his two friends sustained injuries.



Artificial limbs, hearing aids distributed at camp 
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, June 9
The Bharat Vikas Parishad, Kitchlu Nagar, today organised a free artificial limb distribution camp at the BVP Viklan Sahayta Kender, Rishi Nagar.

On the occasion, artificial limbs, callipers, tricycles and hearing aids were distributed to as many as 85 handicap persons.

Jeewan Dhawan, Member, Punjab Subordinate Services Selection Board, was the chief guest on the occasion. He appreciated the good work of the NGO.

The camp was presided over by Suraj Jyoti, president of the trust. He said, “The trust has distributed artificial limbs and callipers to more than 39,000 physically challenged persons and have performed over 2,000 free polio operations so far.

Anil Bansal, BK BHalla, GC Miglani and VK Kakkar were also present at the camp. 



Entrepreneurs exchange ideas 
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, June 9
The Chamber of Industrial and Commercial Undertaking (CICU) organised a special visit to the Sonalika Tractors unit, Hoshiarpur.

Avtar Singh, General Secretary, CICU, said: “Empowering young business leaders for sustainable growth is the need of the hour as they are the future engines of growth.”

Upkar Singh, joint secretary, CICU, said in order to groom young entrepreneurs so that they contribute for the growth and development of Industry the CICU conducted special visit to the Sonalika Tractors Unit for prospective new entrepreneurs, budding business leaders and young CEOs.

As many as 60 young entrepreneurs interacted and exchanged their ideas pertaining to trade and industrial business opportunities. 



Bank employees’ conference

Ludhiana: The 13th conference of the All-India Bank Employees Union (AIBEA), Punjab, was held on Sunday. While inaugurating the conference, CH Venkatachalam said after nationalisation of banks, banking has reached to common man. Class banking has been turned into mass banking. The AIBEA can feel proud of our struggles in defence and development of public banking in India. “The Government of India is seriously aiming to implement the banking sector reforms at the dictates of IMF, World Bank and at the pressure of corporate sector. This conference is being held in the aftermath of massive protest actions by the bank employees of the country by observing two-day strike under the banner of the United Forum of Bank Unions on Feburary 20-21 and May 29,” he said.

Education fair

The VIEC, Ludhiana, conducted an “Australian Education Fair” for the aspiring students of Ludhiana and nearby cities. The operations were handled by Sachin Jain and Ayush Jain.The highlight was on-spot assessment for all major countries. Guidance was provided to students who had finished their Class 12 or degree exams and were looking for authentic and trust worthy information from the industry experts. The fair was well equipped with the expert counsellors.

Seminar on service tax

A seminar on service tax was organised by the Ludhiana Branch of the NIRC of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. Nitin Saini (Additional Commissioner Central Excise) was the chief guest on the occasion. Sanjiv Kumar Chaudhary (Central Council Member-New Delhi) also discussed provisions of the Section 148. Atul Kumar Gupta (Central Council Member-New Delhi) deliberated on the topic of service tax, including the Voluntary Compliance Encouragement Scheme 2013. More than 200 chartered accountants from Ludhiana, Khanna, Gobindgarh, Moga and surrounding areas attended the seminar.

Mass marriage

Couples during a mass marriage ceremony at Brahampur village near Mandi Ahmedgarh on Sunday.
Couples during a mass marriage ceremony at Brahampur village near Mandi Ahmedgarh on Sunday. A tribune photograph

Four couples from different sections of society tied nuptial knot during a function organised by the Swami Chetanya Ji Trust at the Gurudwara Singh Sabha, Brahampur. Former SAD minister Jagdish Singh Garcha was the chief guest on the ocassion. Besides, arranging a party for the parents of brides, grooms and their guests, the organisers presented gifts and articles of daily need to the newly-wed couples. The gifts included jewellery, clothes, furniture and cooking gas cylinders. President of the municipal council Ravinder Puri and chairman of the Shri Ram Mandir and councillor Bimal Kumar Sharma gave their blessings to the couples.

Technical seminar

The Shreem Electric Limited organised a technical seminar in association with its company distributor the Invotech Engineers Consultant. The Invotech Engineers consultant is the distributor of the companies situated in Maharashtra and Punjab. The main motive of this seminar was to make aware the local industry about the electric power capacitor and harmonics, so that they can save the electrical energy. In this seminar representative, panel of builders, contractors and consultants participated.

Ration distribution function

The Sri Giyan Mandir Trust organised its 190th ration distribution function on Sunday. Dr Tejinder Pal Singh, vice-president, Shiromani Akali Dal, distributed ration to the needy women. Addressing the function, Dr Tejinder pal Singh said the trust under the leadership of its president Jagdish Bajaj was carrying out excellent services for the suffering and needy humanity. He said responding to the great services of Jagdish Bajaj, a large number of philanthropists were coming forward every month with liberal the contributions. He assured all kind of assistance for the cause of humanity.


Davinder Singh has been elected as president of the Akal Market Whole Sale Shoe Bazar. Meanwhile, Jeevan Lal has been appointed as chairman, Ajinderpal Singh as convenor, Amar Singh and Balwant Singh as senior vice-president, Gurvinder Singh as vice-president Amritpal as general secretary, Rajesh Kumar as cashier, Tejpal Singh as assistant cashier, Kulwant Singh and Rajesh Dhir as joint secretary, Tarsem Kumar as secretary.

Meeting of human rights committee

A meeting of the All-India Human Rights Committee was organised at the Circuit House on Sunday. National president of the All-India Human Rights Committee Vinod Kashyp presided over the meeting. He said that the All-India Human Rights Committee made the efforts against the social evils like female feticide, unemployment and corruption. During the meeting, Sarbjit Singh Sodhi was elected as state vice-president of the All-India Human Rights Committee and Parveen Kumar was elected for the post of secretary of Ludhiana district. —TNS



Pickpocket targets elderly man in auto-rickshaw
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, June 9
A pickpocket travelling in an auto-rickshaw allegedly stole Rs 50,000 from a 55-year-old man. The police today registered a case against the unidentified auto-rickshaw driver and has started the investigation.

The incident had taken place on June 6, when Gurmeet Singh, the victim, who was travelling along with his wife, Satnam Kaur, hired an auto-rickshaw. A youth was also travelling in the auto-rickshaw. Gurmeet said that they reached railway station. The auto rickshaw driver dropped them from the vehicle and fled from the spot without taking the fare. When Gurmeet checked his pocket, he was shocked to find that his Rs 50,000 were missing. The police has registered the case and started the investigation.

One booked for hoarding kerosene

The city police has booked Bramh Bahadur, a resident of Gurbaksh Nagar on the Bahadurke road, under Essential Commodities Act (EC-Act) and seized 500 litres of kerosene from the possession of the accused.

According to the Division No 6 police, the accused was nabbed following a tip-off from Janakpuri area.

The police received information that the accused were hoarding kerosene and was selling in the market at higher price.

Swindler decamps with cash, gold ornaments

Two swindlers, posing as bank employees, struck a house in Haibowal area and decamped with gold and cash by duping an elderly woman.

The incident took place last evening when the victim, identified as Mahinder Kaur, was watching television at her home along with her grandson Manpreet Singh. Mahinder's daughter-in-law and daughter had gone to gurdwara.

In the meantime, a youth entered their house posing as bank employee. He reportedly told Mohinder that he had come to give insurance maturity benefits to her son, Daljit Singh Parmar.

She made the suspect sit in a room and entered the kitchen to fetch water.

Meanwhile, the second accuesd also entered the house and further entered the room where the cash and gold was kept in an almirah.The first accused involved Mahinder in a conversation, the second one fled with cash and gold.

The incident came to light when Mahinder's daughter-in-law entered the house and was shocked to room ransacked.

Mahinder told the police that the swindlers fled with three gold chains, six gold rings, two bangles, one necklace and Rs 60,000 cash.

The Jagatpuri police has registered a case against the two unidentified youths and started the investigation.

High drama

High drama took place on the Tajpur road when a religious group tried to encroach upon a vacant plot.

In the meantime, area residents came to know about it and informed the authorities about the encroachment. The presence of Shiv Sena and VHP leader gave it a ‘communal colour’. However, the police controlled the situation before it could turn to worst.



Punbus union members booked for trespassing
Jaswant Shetra

Jagraon, June 9
A day after a massive state-level protest staged by the Punbus Contract Workers' Union at Jagraon, the local police has registered a case against several members of the union for allegedly breaking open the lock of the door of a retiring room located in the building of the office of Jagraon Depot of Punjab Roadways, for illegal trespassing and obstructing the bus service.

The union members booked by the police also include Punbus Contract Workers' Union state president Mahima Singh Sidhu. Apart from Mahima, the police has also booked Jagraon unit president Sukhdev Singh, Jalaur Singh, Mohan Singh, Major Singh and some other unidentified persons. Though the police has not arrested any union member so far.

Confirming the development, SHO of the Jagraon city police station, Mohamad Jamil, said the police has registered a case against the union members under Sections 353, 186, 454, 148 and 149 of the IPC on a complaint lodged by Punjab Roadways Jagraon Depot general manager, Jagdeep Singh.

It is reminded here that the members of Punbus Contract Workers' Union had organised a state-level protest in Jagraon yesterday. A large number of union members from different parts of Punjab had taken part in the protest organised for pressing the state government to get fulfilled various long pending demands of the workers hired on contract basis. In wake of the incident the police has registered a case against the union members. The members of Punbus Contract Workers' Union declared to intensify their struggle further against the State Transport Department and the government. The union has also declared to go ahead with the state level strike scheduled to be held on June 10.

"The state government has been trying to oppress the union members struggling to get fulfilled their long pending demands by registering police cases against the union leaders. But we would never bow before the government and will continue our struggle till our demands are met," said Boota Singh, secretary of the Punbus Contract Workers' Union. He also appealed to the Punbus workers of Punjab to take part in the state-level strike called by the union in maximum number to raise their voice against the injustice being done with them by the government. 



Man booked for deserting wife, child
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, June 9
The city police booked a man for leaving his wife and child and fleeing to Australia.

The accused identified as Amit Khurana, a resident of Durga Puri in Haibowal, planned his escape well in advance.

First he won the trust of his wife and fought with his parents. Amit was subsequently disinherited by his parents. After living in his in-law's house for nearly a month, Amit fled to Australia. On reaching Australia, he snapped ties with his wife.

According to the complainant, Pawan Kumar of New Kidwai Nagar, his daughter Nidhi got married to Amit Khurana nearly five years ago. Soon after marriage the relations between the couple got strained.

Pawan Kumar said his daughter kept the ball rolling and continued to endure the ill-treatment of his husband. Nearly a year ago Amit Khurana fought with his family and was disinherited.

Pawan said he provided shelter to Amit and nearly after a month's stay he fled to Australia. On reaching Australia, he snapped ties with Nidhi and did not bother to send money for the maintenance of his daughter.

The police has registered a case against Amit Khurana under Section 498 A of the IPC.



Sandeep excels in Dhruv Pandove Trophy
Charanjit Singh Teja
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, June 9
Sandeep, captain of the Ludhiana cricket team, again excelled in the inter-district tournament (U-19), Dhruv Pandove Trophy, being played at Punjab Agricultural University.

An all-rounder Sandeep got 35 wickets and 270 runs in five matches in the tournament. He took the highest wickets in the tournament.

An 18-year-old Sandeep can perform both right arm leg spin and right arm batting. Sandeep is glad on his team's victory as the team got third position in this tournament.

He is a resident of Shimlapuri. He started playing cricket under professional guidance around six year ago. According to Sandeep, he spends around five hours daily on cricket. Pursuing graduation by distance learning, Sandeep is fully devoted to his dream. He said, “I want to be an international cricket player. It’s my dream to represent India in world cup.”

He had participated in many state-level cricket tournaments and attended camp for Ranji Trophy last year. Sandeep has been playing in U-19 state team for the last two years. Earlier, he was a part of the U-16 state team.

“I was the vice-captain in U-16 state-level cricket team of Punjab,” said Sandeep.

Inspired by Shane Warne, a renowned Australian leg spinner, Sandeep said, “I like to watch Shane Warne on television. He is the master of leg spinning and has learned a lot from his bowling.”

Avtar Singh, father of Sandeep, said: “I am happy from his recent performance. We have high expectation from him and I hope that he will get selected for the Indian cricket team one day.” 



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