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Power woes
Admn gets booster dose
Power ministry allocates 30 MW of power to UT from its unallocated quota
Rajinder Nagarkoti
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, June 11
The Electricity Department of the Chandigarh Administration, which is finding it difficult to meet the demand and supply gap, today heaved a sigh of relief when the Ministry of Power allocated around 30 MW of power to the UT Administration from its unallocated quota.

The power demand has jumped up by more than 50 per cent in the past one month. The demand, which was 220 MW on May 1, has already touched 340 MW. Officials say the demand is expected to reach 400 MW in the coming days.

UT Superintending Engineer (Electricity) MP Singh said the Power Ministry had increased their percentage of quota under different slabs from the unallocated quota. In total, the UT Electricity Department would get around 30 MW of extra power in summers.

The additional power from the ministry will cover up the 30-MW power supply which the UT Administration did not get from Jammu and Kashmir this year. Two years ago, the Chandigarh Administration had signed an agreement with the Jammu and Kashmir government to share requirements of power during peaks hours (10 am to 6 pm and 11 pm to 5 am). As per the agreement, the Jammu and Kashmir government was to provide 30MW of power to Chandigarh every day during summers and the same would be provided to it by the UT Administration during winters.

Besides, the Chandigarh Administration has not yet got the nod from the Union Power Ministry to purchase additional 60 MW of power from other sources to bridge the demand and supply gap during summers. Since the power purchase cost is Rs 50 crore, the UT requires permission from the Union Ministry of Power.

Still short of 90 MW

After tapping all its sources, the UT Administration is getting 310 MW of power this summer. But its will still fall short of 90 MW to meet the demand and supply gap. The demand is expected to reach around 400 MW in the coming days. The UT Administration is receiving 220 MW of power from various sources. It gets 47 per cent from Mohali (PSPCL), 5 per cent from BBMB, Dhulkote, and the remaining 48 per cent from Nalalgarh. The Administration had also made an arrangement to get additional 90 MW of power from three private power firms.

More financial powers

The UT Administration has demanded more financial power for the UT Administrator from the Union Ministry to purchase power up to Rs 100 crore. At present, the Administrator can only grant approval to purchase power up to Rs 8 crore, but if the power purchase cost crosses the limit, the UT officials have to seek permission from the Union Ministry of Power.

Undeclared load

The UT Administration claims that the consumers do not come forward to declare the actual load. The department claims that out of the 2.09 lakh consumers, only 7,000 consumers declared their actual load resulting in overloading.



Temple stands tall on un-allotted land
Rajmeet Singh
Tribune News Service

Pracheen Shiv Mandir in Sector 10. Tribune photo: Manoj Mahajan
Pracheen Shiv Mandir in Sector 10. Tribune photo: Manoj Mahajan

Chandigarh, June 11
A temple stands tall on an un-allotted prime land in Sector 10-A despite directives by the Ministry of Home Affairs to frame a time-bound strategy to demolish or relocate unauthorised religious structures.

Not only this, the temple authorities are continuously encroaching upon the adjoining land. If one goes by the record of the UT Estate Office, the area of Pracheen Shiv Mandir and Community Hall has increased from 66 sq yards to 630 sq yards over the past few years. This all has been done under the nose of the authorities concerned.

Two surveys, one in 2009 and another in 2011, revealed that the temple was constructed more than 20 years ago. However, the land encroached by the temple management increased manifolds over the years. The enforcement staff of the estate office also demolished the outer boundary wall of the temple twice.

UT Assistant Estate Officer Rahul Gupta said the land was in possession of the UT Engineering Department. “Recently, we demolished the boundary wall of the temple following a complaint,” he said.

The land adjoining the temple has been lying vacant since 2010 when single-storeyed houses (type 13) of the UT employees were demolished to make way for multi-storeyed government houses. But later the land was earmarked for houses for judges.

The UT Engineering Department failed to fence the land around the temple. “Neither the temple has been allotted land nor there is any stay from the court,” said a senior UT official.

UT Chief Engineer SK Chadha said the engineering department was keeping a watch on encroachments on the land. “The moment we notice any encroachment, we demolish it,” he said.



Srinagar-bound passengers grounded at city airport, allege harassment
Deepankar Sharda
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, June 11
Passengers on board the Chandigarh-Srinagar SpiceJet aircraft had to return from Jammu following bad weather conditions in Srinagar. The SpiceJet flight, which was schedule to take off from the Chandigarh airport at 1.10 pm, left the city at 2.30 pm. The flight with 220 passengers on board could not land at the Srinagar airport and returned to the city at 3.30 pm.

Officials of SpiceJet, however, said a special aircraft had been arranged which would take off from the city airport at 11 pm on Wednesday.

Perturbed at the ‘indifferent’ attitude of the authorities concerned, the harried passengers staged a protest outside the Chandigarh airport.

“The first day of my family holiday went waste. The officials kept us in dark. The authorities should have confirmed about the weather in Srinagar before the aircraft left the city airport,” lamented Rajinder Gupta, a passenger.

Another passenger said: “It was a wise decision by the pilot not to land the aircraft at the Srinagar airport. But the ground staff at the Chandigarh airport was not supportive. The authorities announced a special aircraft for Srinagar only after the passengers staged a protest.

An official of SpiceJet said a special aircraft will take off from the city airport for Srinagar at 11 am tomorrow.



Punjab, Haryana owe Rs 7.24 cr to PGI
Both the govts are supposed to pay annual bed charges to the institution
Ritika Jha Palial
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, June 11
The governments of Punjab and Haryana owe Rs 7.24 crore to the PGIMER on account of annual bed charges. The PGIMER waives the cost of admission to the government employees of Punjab and Haryana, but the governments are supposed to pay the annual bed cost to the institution.

In its audit report for 2011-12, the Comptroller and Auditor General of India (CAG) had calculated the debt at Rs 462.72 lakh, which has now escalated to Rs 7.24 crore.

“Both the governments have failed to pay the bed charges for the past couple of years,” said a PGIMER official. Following the reorganising of Punjab in 1966, the Ministry of Health and Family Planning had decided that both the states would pay the cost of 120 and 80 beds, respectively, to the PGIMER. The annual bed cost was fixed at Rs 5,800. It was revised to Rs 64,500 in 1990.

The governing body of the PGIMER had revised the per bed rate per annum from Rs 11,600 to Rs 64,500 in 1990. The rates, however, have not been revised since then.

The PGIMER has a total of 2000 beds. Of these, the cost of 200 is to be paid by the two governments for the treatment of their employees posted in Chandigarh. The PGIMER does not charge money from indoor patients who are government employees in Punjab and Haryana.



Patient records at PGI go digital
Tracking patients will soon be a click away; project took 15 years to take off
Ritika Jha Palial
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, June 11
Patients struggling in long queues and shuttling between various buildings of the PGIMER for treatment are in for some relief now. Kicking off the computerisation process, the hospital has successfully uploaded demographic details of all 37,97,919 patients who visited the PGIMER OPDs in the past 2.5 years and also those admitted to the institution over these years.

Each of these patients was given 12-digit Unique Identification Numbers (bearing the year of registration) that will remain valid for his or her lifetime.

The Rs 25-crore project, took almost 15 years to take off and the hospital today launched its admission discharge and transfer (ADT) module that forms the basis for all the other modules and will allow access to demographic, clinical and lab test-related data of all the patients to doctors in different departments.

The module will form the basis of all other modules that would be developed in next phases of the computerisation process and would prove useful in locating patients at the hospital. The whole process of patient admission, acceptance in the wards, transfer from one ward to another ward and discharge or death of patients would soon be updated and available online on the ADT module.

The module also maintains database of indoor patients and the hospital is currently working on de-duplication of the data.

“We are now working on integrating the laboratory investigations of all the patients. We will be uploading the clinical data (that will include doctors’ notes) later on,” said Dr LN Yaddanapudi, Vice-Chairman, Computerisation Monitoring Committee.

The Chandigarh Tribune had recently highlighted the ordeal of patient attendants in locating patients inside various wards. The attendants were dependant on the guesswork of the reception staff in locating their patients, as the receptionists could not precisely know about the patient movement through manual entries.These modules are parts of the Hospital Information System (HIS) being developed by the PGIMER. More than 500 nursing staff of 77 wards have been trained to admit, transfer and discharge the patients using this software. The automated process will replace the manual process of patient movement entries.

Patients visiting PGI OPDs


No of patients

2011 (January-December) 13, 82, 697
2012 (January-December)

16, 14, 904

2013 (January till date) 8,00,318



Mohali robbery
Police quizzes victim, finds contradictions in statement
Tribune News Service

Mohali, June 11
The Mohali police will check the calls made by Pawan Kumar to ascertain the veracity of his claims regarding the yesterday’s incident in which, according to him, four miscreants snatched a bag containing Rs 9 lakh from him. The victim was quizzed by the police for several hours today. The police has found several contradictions in Pawan’s statement, raising doubts about his involvement in the case.

“Pawan Kumar did not raise the alarm at the time of incident. He also claimed that he chased the miscreants, a fact being denied by a private security guard who was standing nearby,” said Inspector Samar Vineet, the Station House Officer of the area.

Pawan also told the police that he was hanging his haversack, containing cash, on only one shoulder; but the CCTV camera footage, which the police procured from a nearby hotel, showed that the haversack was hanging properly on both of his shoulders. “He is lying on several points,” said Inspector Samar Vineet.

The Inspector said the alleged victim told the police that the number plates of the two motorcycles were covered with a yellow tape and one of the motorbikes was a Hero Splendor. “When he did not move from the spot at the time of incident, how could he know all this?” he said.

Another question, which has been bothering the investigating officers, is as to why Pawan did not call a security van for carrying the cash collected yesterday. “According to Pawan, he tried calling his superior from his mobile phone after collecting Rs 5.40 lakh from Reliance Fresh, in order to ask for a van. The call could not be made, he said, as he was in the basement. Then, he again called from the phone at the shop, but the superior did not pick it up. Why didn’t he make another call from his mobile phone and wait for the van?” said the SHO.

The incident allegedly occurred yesterday around 2.30 pm at a market in Phase V.



Towns fail to reach consensus on Mayor
Hina Rohtaki
Tribune News Service

Panchkula, June 11
Bringing Pinjore, Kalka and neighbouring villages under the jurisdiction of Panchkula Municipal Corporation has led to a divide over the selection of Mayor. While six of the twenty wards, from Ward Nos. 1 to 6 fall in the Kalka and Pinjore area, the remaining fourteen fall within the Panchkula town.

Mayoral contenders from the Kalka-Pinjore area said a Mayor from Panchkula would not be able to understand problems being faced in their area. Those aspiring for the Mayor’s post from Panchkula raised similar reservations about a Mayor being selected from the neighbouring towns.

SS Nanda and Somnath are the strongest contenders from the Kalka-Pinjore area. From Panchkula town, meanwhile, Upender Ahluwalia, Lily Bawa, Bhavna Gupta and Salim are leading the race.

It is learnt a consensus was reached among the contenders this evening that the Deputy Mayor would be selected from the area that lost the Mayoral race.



Deep complex
BSP leaders seek Patil’s intervention
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, June 11
A delegation of Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) today met the UT Administrator, Shivraj V Patil, and urged him to issue instructions to the UT Administration and Municipal Corporation for providing water supply and sewerage lines in Deep Complex, Hallo Majra. The members told the Administrator that despite his previous directions, the Administration had only approved water lines and not sewerage lines.

UT Administrator Patil assured them that the authorities would soon finalise the work. The delegation consisted of BSP national general secretary and MP Narendra Kashyap and Chandigarh unit convener Anwar Hafiz-ul-Haq among others.



Power woes irk city residents
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, June 11
City residents continued to face power woes today, with cuts ranging from four to six hours affecting various parts of the city today. Residents of Sectors 18, 23, 46, and 37 besides Mani Majra, Dhanas and Khuda Ali Sher faced power cuts today.

Mahesh Sharma, a resident of Sector 18-C, said the power cut was imposed around 2 am and the supply was restored only around 7 am. “It becomes very difficult to take care of children in the absence of electricity supply at night,” he said.

Echoing similar views, Vijay Gupta, a resident of Sector 23, said there was no power in their sector from 3 am to 5 am, and in the afternoon from 2 pm to 3 pm.

Not only power cuts, residents are also facing the problem of low voltage. Raj Kumar, a resident of Sector 49, the area did not have a proper electricity supply as one of the phases was not working.



Internal rift
Congress-backed candidates seek BJP, INLD support
Hina Rohtaki
Tribune News Service

Panchkula, June 11
In a bid to make their favourite candidate the Mayor, certain members from both the Selja group and MLA DK Bansal group, reportedly, are tying up with the rival parties: BJP and INLD. Although, 14 Congress-backed councillors could have found majority for selecting the Mayor of the 20-member Municipal Corporation, the internal rift has diminished those chances.

Bargaining on the condition that the key post of Senior Mayor would be given to one of their members, a few Congressmen have joined hands with these parties, while seeking their support behind the scenes.

“The situation has become similar to the one in the two cats and a monkey story. Till now we were having no say in the selection of Mayor, but now some Congress members are themselves approaching us for the support,” said a senior BJP leader.

If the two groups fail to reach consensus, the Mayor will be selected through voting.



Home Guards volunteer rewarded
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, June 11
The UT police today rewarded Home Guards Volunteer Jatinder Singh who had a narrow escape on the night of June 8 when he along with Inspector Sucha Singh were being brutally stabbed.

Inspector General of Police RP Upadhyaya rewarded commendation certificate Class-I along with cash prize of Rs 5,000 to Jatinder Kumar for his prompt action, coordination and future encouragement.

Inspector Sucha Singh was brutally murdered while Home Guard Volunteer Jatinder Kumar sustained critical injuries when they had rounded up a couple on suspicion.

Jatinder Kumar tried to save the life of Inspector Sucha Singh and immediately informed the police control room. The PCR vehicle reached on the spot immediately took them to the PGI, Chandigarh, where unfortunately Inspector Sucha Singh succumb to his injuries and Jatinder Kumar was admitted.

At the time of the incident, Jatinder Kumar showed his bravery and faught for Inspector Sucha Singh’s life, which was commendable, said a senior police official.



Land pooling scheme
GMADA issues letters of intent
Tribune News Service

Mohali, June 11
The Greater Mohali Area Development Authority (GMADA) has started issuing the Letter of Intents (LoIs) to the landowners whose land was acquired for the development of Sectors 88 and 89, under the land pooling scheme. The GMADA had acquired a total of 662.80 acres of land from several villages including Sohana, Lakhnour, Berampur, Manakmajra and Landran.

In lieu of the acquired land, 2,237 residential plots of various sizes, including 457 plots of 100 sq yds, 596 plots of 200 sq yds, 548 plots of 300 sq yds, 190 plots of 400 sq yds and 446 plots of 500 sq yds, have been carved out in these sectors to be allotted to the landowners.

Under the scheme, a residential plot of 1,000 sq yds and commercial plot of 100 sq yds are being given against one acre of acquired land.

Around 800 LoIs have already been issued, and the remaining will be issued in the next 15 days.



100 challans issued to violators
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, June 11
In a special anti-encroachment drive, the enforcement wing of the Municipal Corporation today removed encroachments from the Industrial Area, Phase I, Sectors 17, 19 and 22. The enforcement wing issued 100 challans to the violators.

During the drive, the enforcement team found dumped material, including heavy iron sheets, iron poles etc in the Industrial Area, Phase I. The enforcement staff seized all the material from the site with the help of a loader and issued 40 challans to the encroachers.

Kashmira Singh, Enforcement Wing Superintendent, said that in addition to that the team seized various items, including “rehris” “pharis”, cylinders, plastic chairs, tables, counters, etc. from Sector 17, 19 and 22 and issued 60 challans to the encroachers. Meanwhile, a house in Sector 2 was also demolished during an anti- encroachment drive.



68 police officials transferred

Chandigarh, June 11
A reshuffle took place in the UT police in which total 68 officials of the Chandigarh police have been transferred, including four Inspectors, three Sub-Inspectors, 22 Head Constables and 39 Constables. Three Station House Officers have been given temporary charge.

Inspector Dilsher Singh has been transferred to police lines while Inspector Ram Dayal has been transferred to the Traffic Wing. Inspector ORP Pradeep Kumar will assume charge of RI Lines, while Inspector Parvesh Kumari has been transferred as in charge PEB Branch. Sub-Inspector Ashok Kumar has been given the charge of Sector 24 police post. Three Station House Officers have proceeded on leave and three inspectors have been given temporary charge. Inspector Rajesh Shukla has been given temporary charge of SHO of Sector39 police station while Inspector Dilsher Singh has been given charge of SHO of Sector 19 police station. Inspector Malkit Singh has been made the SHO of Sector 17 police station on a temporary basis. — TNS



Chandigarh club
Suspended 69 staff told to join duties

Chandigarh, June 11
The management of the Chandigarh Club, who had suspended around 69-staff members for removing their shirts in front of guests while protesting, today appealed to all absentee staff members to join their duties immediately to ensure smooth functioning of the club.

In a press statement issued by the club management, it reads that the management has already accepted the single demand of payment of increased DA from April 1, 2013, and increase the wages of the eligible employees under the Minimum Wages Act from April 1, 2013. The club management maintained that the same would be paid along with the salary of June. On June 9, Over 300 employees of the Chandigarh Club in Sector 1 had staged a protest outside its premises after the club management suspended some of its employees for protesting against the management in an “indecent way”. — TNS



Inspector’s death
SP, Traffic, donates five days salary to family
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, June 11
A meeting of the entire traffic police force was convened by Maneesh Chaudhery, UT SP (Traffic), at the police headquarters in Sector 9 today.

The meeting was held to decide on what the traffic staff could do to help the family of Inspector Sucha Singh who was posted with the Traffic police and was brutally murdered on the intervening night of June 7 and 8. Chaudhery donated his five days salary to the family and the DSP (Traffic) and SP (Security) also donated their five days salary to lend support to the family of Such Singh.



Theft accused accuses Panchkula police of torture
Tribune News Service

Panchkula, June 11
A theft accused alleged that he was given electric shocks during his one-day police remand. Sunny, who reportedly committed seven thefts in the town, made these allegations before the court today. However, the medical examination did not reveal any shock marks.

Sunny told the judge that he was given shocks using a car battery by crime investigating agency officials. The judge directed the authorities concerned to conduct his medical examination, following which he was taken to General Hospital, Sector 6. However, the medical report failed to substantiate Sunny’s allegations.



24-hr water supply in 7 Mohali villages
Our Correspondent

Mohali, June 11
Mohali has become the first district in the state to have round-the-clock water supply in seven villages.

Rs 46.93 crore have been spent on setting up waterworks in the rural areas, under a World Bank project, said a water supply and sanitation department official. New water schemes have also been introduced in as many as 136 villages to be taken over by village committees. Water meters had been fixed in houses at 40 villages, the official said.



PU-affiliated colleges
New criteria mooted for selection of faculty
Amit Sharma
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, June 11
In a major change made in the criteria for the selection of faculty in PU-affiliated colleges, for the first time the applicants applying for the posts will also be getting weightage for their participation in extra-curricular activities as a student.

The committee formed by the university to redefine the selection criteria had also revised the weightage of marks given for essential qualification and allowed the colleges to screen the applications and shortlist them for interviews.

The committee formed to revise and update the template for the selection of teachers took the decision in the meeting held today, which was chaired by Madhu Raka, Dean University Instructions (DUI).

Dalip Kumar, a Senate member and one of the committee members, said the applicants applying for the teaching job would be given marks for their extra-curricular activities such as participation in NCC and NSS camps, participation in youth festivals and winning awards in the youth festival. Sportspersons will also get marks for their achievements in the national and international events. A total weightage of 5 marks would be given to the applicants over others during the selection.

The committee has also decided that candidates who have passed the National Eligibility Test (NET) and possess a PhD degree will be awarded 10 marks in the selection template, while candidates having only one of them will get 5 marks.

“It has also been decided that candidates already teaching postgraduate courses in any college will be given more marks in selection than any candidate who is teaching undergraduate classes in any college. There are many candidates who are teaching in colleges on a contractual basis. In such cases, candidates teaching PG classes will be getting more marks,” said a committee member.

As per the decision, the colleges making the selection will also have the right to screen the applications.

“Against one vacant post, a college will have to shortlist 20 candidates. With the addition of one more vacant post, the number of shortlisted candidates will increase by 10 candidates,” the committee members said.

The recommendations of the committee will be sent to the Syndicate for its nod before the implementation.

Proposed changes

  • Total 10 marks weightage for NET and PhD, 5 marks each for any of the two qualifications.
  • Achievements in extra-curricular activities, including sports, participation in the NSS and NCC camps, awards in youth fests, to have a total weightage of 5 marks.
  • Marks for research publications have been revised to 10 from 15.
  • The new template will have 15 marks for the essential qualification, which was earlier 10 marks.
  • Earlier, there were two different templates followed for selection in PU-affiliated colleges in Chandigarh and Punjab. Now, there will be a single template for all colleges.



Mission Admission
Providing quality education to students

Post Graduate Government College for Girls, Sector 42, Chandigarh

Website: www.gcg42.ac.in

Phone numbers 0172-2676005

Star streams: Biotechnology, Computer Application and Social Sciences

Established in 1982, the college aspires to provide quality education to students for their overall personality development so that they can effectively meet the challenges of the modern life. Built magnificently on a spacious campus with well-equipped laboratories, a well-stocked fully computerised library, computer laboratories, sprawling playgrounds and a hostel with all modern amenities, the college has the infrastructure of a well-established institution. It caters to the needs of a cross-section of student community not only from the tricity, i.e. Chandigarh, Mohali and Panchkula, but also from other townships and villages in the periphery of Chandigarh.

Career-oriented courses

Course Seats



Environmental Auditing


Tourism & Travel


Event Management


Animation & Graphics


Web Designing & Multimedia


Mass Comm & Video Production


Disaster Management




Claim to Fame

The college has 22 research projects sanctioned by the UGC and other government agencies. PGGCG-42 is the first college to start postgraduate course in science and the only college in the city to have a Functional Hindi Language Lab. The college has a newly constructed IT block. The college also runs activities under the UGC programme, including IAS and Allied Services Coaching classes, UGC-NET classes, coaching classes for entry into government and private sector services.


The college with its infrastructure caters to the academic and professional needs of the students. The college has separate administrative, science, arts, commerce and professional blocks. The available infrastructure is quite sufficient to sustain the available courses. The college has a newly constructed canteen and the Chandigarh Administration has provided all financial help for the same. The auditorium and gymnasium are in the final phase of completion. The college has 15 smart classrooms equipped with the latest equipment. It also provides wi-fi campus to the students.

Seats available (in each stream)

Course Seats

MSc (Zoology) 20
(Admission on OCET basis)

MSc (Botany) 20
(Admission on OCET basis)

MSc (Microbial Biotechnology) (Admission on OCET basis) 20

MSc (IT) 40

MA (English) 40

MA (Public Administration) 60

MA (Political Science) 60

MA (Sociology) 60

PG Diploma in Translation 30

PG Diploma in Mass Communication 30

PG Diploma in Guidance & Counselling 30

PG Diploma in Computer Applications 30

BPEd (One year) 50

BA 850

BCom 140

BCom (Hons) 20

BSc (Non-Medical) 160

BSc (Medical) 120

BSc (Hons) Biotechnology 30

BSc (Biotechnology) Elective 40

BSc (Bioinformatics) Elective 30

BSc (Microbiology) Elective 30

BSc (Computer Sci) Elective 40

BA/BSc (IT) Elective 40

BCA (Computer Applications) 80



Government college staff get lessons in e-governance
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, June 11
The Department of Information Technology conducted an exclusive two-day training-cum-workshop of government college staff of the UT on e-governance campus solution, which will be launched in five government colleges from the next academic session. The training concluded today at the SPIC-Centre of Excellence, PEC Campus. This training is seventh in the series on e-governance and is one of the activities under the National e-Governance Plan.

The objective of the workshop was to make the staff well versed with the entire module, which will help in the smooth implementation of e-governance campus solution in the colleges. This training provided an introduction to the necessary background and understanding on structured approach for the conceptualisation of e-governance as well as the importance and functioning of e-governance campus solution. The first day of the training focused on the concept of e-governance to principals and to give them an overview of the necessary tools for conceptualising, developing, implementing and management of e-governance project as well as to leverage the institutional mechanism and expertise working in e-governance for knowledge sharing.

The second day of the training was dedicated to the workshop during which the staff were given hands-on experience of admission module, which is likely to be rolled out in five government colleges in the coming academic session 2013-14.

The college staff was given insight into the admission and enrolment system module process, which will be adopted by the colleges. The key features, which were covered during the workshop on the second day, were online admission, enrolment of students, allotments of streams, generation of merit list on the basis of previous exam marks, etc.



Eight students make Mohali institute proud
Tribune News Service

Mohali, June 11
Eight students of Maharaja Ranjit Singh Armed Forces Preparatory Institute at Sector 76, here, have found berths in the final merit list for the 130 NDA Course. The merit list was released by the UPSC recently. Major-General BS Grewal (retd), director of the academy, claimed that the result of the academy in its very first year was better than that of any other school, including the Sainik Schools, in the region.

“Our Cdt Abhay Singh Rana has secured the 19th position, Cdt Ajay Pal Singh stands 37th, while Cdt Sahil Manhas has secured the 77th position,” said the director.

The other cadets who have been selected for the course include Vishavdeep Singh, Rajat Sarangal, Danish Chadha, Mohit Sharma and Tejinderpal Singh. These cadets would join the 130 NDA Course, starting from July 2 at the National Defence Academy, Khadakwasla.

“They are from the first batch of cadets who joined the academy in April last year and completed their training here in April this year,” said Maj-Gen Grewal.

Terming the academy’s results encouraging, Maj-Gen Grewal said the academy was also striving to create the interest of the youth of the state towards defence services.

“With producing good results, we will definitely attract the youth towards the Armed Forces Services,” said Maj-Gen Grewal.

The institute, a brainchild of Punjab Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal, has been imparting the best training facilities to trainee cadets entirely free of cost.



Class XI admission
Over 10,000 prospectuses sold on Day 1
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, June 11
Over 10,000 prospectuses for admission to Class XI in various local government schools were sold on the first day here today. The forms are available at Government Model Senior Secondary School (GMSSS), Sector 10, GMSSS, Sector 28, GMSSS, Sector 37-D, GMSSS, Sector 46, GMSSS, Modern Complex, Mani Majra, and Government Girls Model Senior Secondary School, Sector 20-B.

Long queues of students and parents were witnessed on the first day at various counters. The admission forms are likely to be available till June 20.

The Education Department has printed nearly 13,000 forms. After the response on the first day, it is believed that parents and students will have to struggle to get the admission forms in the coming days.



Chandigarh varsity sets up training academy

Mohali, June 11
To meet the demand for skilled hands in the state, Chandigarh University at Gharuan has set up an Oracle Academy on its campus here.

Inaugurating the academy, B. Purushartha, director of Technical Education and Industrial Training, Punjab, said the government had already drafted the Skill Development Policy, aiming at preparing 15 million skilled workers by 2022.

The academy would meet the requirements of the industry here, said Purushartha.

Satnam Singh Sandhu, chancellor of the university, said the academy would help the students in gaining industry-relevant skills prior to entering the IT workforce. — TNS



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