Character calling
Ashish Chowdhry is back after a gap of three years. He has done films and will now be seen on television again with Ek Muthi Aasman on Zee TV…
Ashima Batish

You anticipate the most readymade excuses to tumble out if a ‘trying-to-be-Bollywood-actor’ makes a shift to the small screen. Something like the roles offered aren’t worth it or there is a dearth of good scripts. You rarely expect honesty, wherein an actor confesses that because he hasn’t been able to make a mark in Bollywood and has nothing in hand, has turned to television! Ashish Chowdhry is one such exception.

He doesn’t dilly-dally and states the obvious, “It’s too late for me to become a Shah Rukh Khan or Salman Khan. I don’t have enough Bollywood projects and television is fortunately accepting me.” The actor will now be seen in Ek Muthi Aasman on Zee TV, in which he plays a central character. He was in Chandigarh to promote the same on Monday.

It’s after a gap of over three years that Ashish will be acting again. Life hasn’t been kind to him all this while. He lost his sister and brother-in-law in the 26/11 Mumbai attacks, “And then my father suffered heavy losses in business. Even Bollywood didn’t have much to offer.” The track then changed from acting to setting up business. “I suddenly had this huge responsibility of taking care of my sister’s children and my own family. Earning money became the sole objective. Now that I have everything under control, I want to act again.”

In the meantime, he did get offers for reality shows like Jhalak Dikhla Ja and Bigg Boss but he didn’t sign any, “I wanted to do a show in which my acting skills were appreciated.” Taking a cue from the careers of Ronit Roy and Ram Kapoor, who oscillate between television and films, he hopes to repeat the same, but television is not the same anymore as it used to be when Ashish started almost fifteen years back.

A show runs five days a week and actors shoot on a continuous basis. “I understand that it is demanding but I am ready to face the challenge. As long as my role is meaty, I don’t mind slogging.” He is even ready to play a role that’s older than his age. In films, where actors don’t age, (the three Khans still pass off as college students or 30-somethings) television makes actors play much older roles, “At my stage, it doesn’t matter. Camera is addictive and I am desperate to face it.” His films Dhamaal and Double Dhamaal did well at the box-office, and the third sequel is stalled because of Sanjay Dutt who is serving his jail term. He says that only when he comes out of jail the shooting will commence. “Till then I am happy doing television.” We are happy to see him back! 

Tweet trouble

Ashish made news for tweeting post the hanging of Ajmal Kasab in which he wrote that he wasn’t happy to hear about it. Clarifying the same, he says, “I didn’t mean it specifically in case of Kasab. I meant that I would be unhappy to hear about anybody’s death. Some people misunderstood me and presented my case negatively to the public.”

Independent voice
Ashima Batish

Nikhil D’ Souza It’s plain assumption to say that music in India connotes Bollywood. No doubt it contributes the maximum, but you can’t ignore the significant addition made by composers of independent music. It’s the marriage of the two that musicians of India now hope for.

Not that the two haven’t mingled ever; we saw that happening when Aamir Khan roped-in Indian Ocean for Peepli Live and recently when the band Bhayanak Maut gave their composition for the film David. “It now needs to be made a permanent affair, when both music genres can co-exist and are appreciated by the masses,” says Nikhil D’ Souza, an independent musician to begin with, who has also sung hit numbers like the title song of Anjaana Anjaani, Sang Hoon Tere and Jannatein Kahan, from the film Jannat 2 and the soft number Alvida from D-day. Nikhil was in Chandigarh recently to perform at The Altius Hotel.

The scene, he says, is gradually changing. The independent music that was earlier limited only to festivals is now reaching the masses through films. “Production houses of Anurag Kashyap and Mahesh Bhatt are encouraging music from outside the industry. But it still remains a risky proposition; people might or might not like it.” While in Bollywood he is just lending his voice to songs, outside the film industry he also writes songs.

Members of the band 3 He was also seen in MTV Coke Studio, which he feels is as good as its original version — Pakistan’s Coke Studio. Having worked for both genres, he finds making music tougher than singing for Bollywood. “For the latter, you just have to follow directions of your music director. But when it’s about your own product, you stand responsible for the lyrics, music and execution of the same. There is nobody to guide you.” The sincerity, however, doesn’t differ in both cases.

It’s pop rock that he loves to create and for the love of the same, he quit his lucrative job in the Gulf. Performing at festivals gave him the right exposure. He performed at One Movement For Music, a music festival in Perth in 2009 and was favourably reviewed by Rolling Stones in the December 2009 issue of Artists to Watch. Nikhil has worked with several music directors but he finds Amit Trivedi the most experimental.

“It’s composers like him and Sneha Khandwalkar who are interspersing music of India with Bollywood.” Music of Gangs of Wasseypur explains it perfectly!

Chandigarh connect

Azeem Ahmed, Sameer Singh and Swaraansh Mishra have come together to form the band 3 The People. While Azeem is a sitar player, Sameer’s a DJ and Swaraansh Mishra will lend his voice to the songs that have been penned by him. The trio aims to popularise Independent music in Chandigarh. “Ours is a fusion band and we hope people will like our form of music,” says Sameer.

Tune tonic
Music composer Rochak Kohli of Paani Da Rang fame is slowly but surely carving a niche for himself in tinsel town. His entire focus remains on the notes he offers…
Manpriya Singh

Rochak Kohli.
in rhythm: Rochak Kohli. Photo: Manoj Mahajan

School-time breaks led to college festivals, choir practices to theatre and smaller stints to bigger platforms. Chandigarh-bred and Mumbai-based music composer Rochak Kohli reflects on his journey and the rest does feel like history. “We were introduced to music in school itself and something beyond Bollywood interested us,” he reminisces the days at St. John’s High School, moving onto the DAV College.

It was only a matter of time before the theatre group Aghaaz and the collaboration with Ayushmann Khurrana happened. “I founded Aghaaz in 2001 and that’s when we took it to various festivals, travelled and won a lot of awards too.” He laughs, “Ayushmann and me went to the same school and later were in the same college. He had just shifted from medical to arts and was extremely serious about studies.” The real success story was to begin with Paani Da Rang. It was a song that swept the awards, received stupendous success and resonated all through the air waves. “That was actually the second or third song we came up with. The earlier ones were quite cheesy ones,” he laughs adding, “We were actually banking songs for a band at that point of time. I wrote the lyrics and we started composing; he later added onto the song.” Only to be followed by Saadi Gali, two days later. The song that was to be a part of yet another Bollywood flick, Nautanki Saala.

As for Pani Da Rang, it was an accidental trip by the director Shhojit Sircar. “Ayushmann Khurrana happened to be just strumming the song with a guitar when the director heard him and just asked for the song.”

Up next

The deluge of film offers was not intended, but certainly expected. “At the time I received a lot of film offers, which I couldn’t take up due to paucity of time. I was into a full-time job with a radio station and doing really well.” The passion finally won over profession and there’s a long list of projects he’s looking forward to.

“Coming up are four songs with T-series, out of which one will be an emotional Punjabi track for Bipasha Basu-starrer Creature.” He adds, “Then there’s a John Mayer kind of composition.” An artiste that makes it to his all-time favourites! “I’m also a fan of Taylor Swift, Beatles and AR Rahman.” Probably, which is why, there’s a mention of Bhaag Milkha Bhaag. “It’s a great story to have given music to.”

Meanwhile, he’s out to revive songs from the era long-forgotten, the times of1930s to 1945s. “It’s a project I’m doing with Sa Re Ga Ma and have to recreate the entire catalogue of songs that happened during that time.”

There’s a conscious endeavour to differentiate from the word remix. “I would say I’m recreating the songs and not remixing them. We are retaining the soul of the songs and the music is the same. It’s an attempt to present those songs if they were recorded today.”

Chandigarh connect

While shuttling between projects, the visit to the city has happened after a gap of three years. “I am thinking of opening a studio here. This is the place where fresh ideas come to you unlike Mumbai, where we have cramped spaces and closed places.” 

gyan zone
Plum pleasure
The newly opened Plums Asian Bistro offers a customised teppanyanki experience 
Jasmine Singh

Plums Asian Bistro has a colourful ambience Nestled inside the crowded and the ever-growing Elante Mall is a place that holds a magnetic pull. It is the newly opened Plums Asian Bistro. The first few seconds takes you to understand the name of the place, you might get tempted to peep in to see if there are any plums inside. For more, you need to step in.

Plums Asian Bistro, an oriental food joint, opens with an interesting ambience and an interesting array of dishes. The place uses small Japanese elements, the bells, origami white birds hanging from the ceiling along with hanging lights which gives you an illusion of eating under the stars. It has a seating capacity of 70-80 people and a wooden partition with the cut work of plum blossoms separates the outer and the inner eating area. Ankit Juneja, the man behind this concept, paces to and fro, looking after the guests. The place is full, a reason for the broad smile on his face. "Plums Asian Bistro is one of its kind, offering the most authentic cuisines. You will love the food here," he says.

The interiors are tastefully done, soft lounge music adds to the mood and you gladly occupy your seat in this Japanese 'house in a box'.

The menu has a variety of different dishes, some exciting names. Almost 15 different varieties of dimsums, both vegetarian and non-veg, mushroom pok choy, chicken sui mai dumplings, hargau, five spiced lab crystal, saka naka fish. The dimsum range keeps getting better. If you are the observant kind, you wouldn't miss the tangy orange tent card that says 'welcome to the Plums teppanyanki live grill'. A live grill that can customise your teppan experience. This includes a total meal, pick one appetizer and two main course dishes, club it with either rice or noodle and enjoy the meal, Rs 499 for the veg and Rs 699 for non veg, while the sea food teppanyanki will cost you Rs 799. The place has some authentic sushi dishes and also the all day café concept. "Our signature bowls are pretty good, besides we also use a lot of plum sauces," adds Ankit. This explains the name! Don't miss, the exotic oriental cuisines, nice flavoured teas and desserts.

Par Excellence
The release
Jesse Grewal

The 'release' is the action of the club head through impact. It is a combination of the shutting of the club face and the acceleration prior to impact and the subsequent deceleration post impact. The club face opens during the backswing like a door and must return to square at impact for a straight shot. If the club face remains open the ball will tend to get a 'slice' spin and move away from the player and if it is shut the ball would tend to 'hook'. To train the hands to feel this action one could hit shots from a short waist high backswing where the toe of the club points vertically upwards or is 90 degree's open. From here follow through till the club reaches waist high again with the toe pointing upwards again thus being 90 degrees shut. The timing of the shutting action of the club would make the ball go straight.

The second aspect of the release is the speed of the club head reaching its maximum before impact. The club is moved by our body and arms and this motion creates kinetic energy in the club head. This kinetic energy is transferred to the ball which gathers speed. When the energy gets transferred the club head loses speed immediately. If a perfect transfer had taken place and all the energy would have got transferred to the ball the club head would have stopped immediately. But as this is not possible the resultant residual energy makes the club complete the follow through. If the club head decelerates prior to impact then it loses energy and also loses its path creating poor impact. The action of the downswing is similar to a whip. To get the whip to hit something one has to pull the arms quickly in the initial part and then slow down for the whip to lash out. If the arms would keep moving the lash of the whip would not gather speed. Similarly in the first part of the downswing the hips turn quickly and then slow down for the upper body to gather speed, which in turn then slow down making the arms gather speed. The last segment of this chain is the arms slowing for the club to gather speed which is the 'release'.

(Grewal has coached several national champions and professionals apart from being coach of the Indian golf team for the Eisenhower Cup (World Cup) in 2008. He is currently the Director of National Golf Academy of India and CGA Hero Honda Golf Academy. If you have any queries get in touch with him at

Doc Talk
Under pressure
Dr Aditya Rattan

The optimum blood pressure (BP) is below 120/80mmHg. Hypertension is defined as a BP above 140mmHg systolic (higher number) or above 90mmHg diastolic (lower number). People should adopt a healthy lifestyle to prevent BP related complications. Any complaint of headache, visual disturbances, fatigue and breathlessness should be evaluated by a doctor. However, it may go unnoticed for years. One should not wait for the appearance of the symptoms. Regular BP measurement is important as undiagnosed hypertension can ultimately lead to the damage of the kidneys, eyes and other organs.

Fortunately, mild hypertension detected early in young age group can be reversed by simple measures. Discuss it with your family members. Share how you feel and what help and support you expect from them. Don't get stressed about the disease and never hide it. If obesity is the cause, losing weight will have multiple benefits. Simple changes in your diet can help you lose weight. You should avoid pickles, papad, sauces, cheese, butter, ghee, ice creams, cakes, soft drinks and fried food. Include whole and sprouted pulses, fresh fruits and green leafy vegetables in your diet. Prefer low calorie foods; replace whole milk with skim milk. Cut down your salt intake.

Set small and easy goals for weight loss and try to achieve them.

  • Give yourself a target of shopping for healthy grocery items and preparing nutritious foods yourself.
  • Keep yourself free from electronic gadgets — mobile, laptops, TV for some time and give your brain some time to relax. Indulge yourself in hobbies/stress relieving activities like listening to music, playing outdoors or anything that relaxes you. Meditating for a few minutes daily can calm you and keep your BP under control.
  • Aerobic exercises can help you reduce your weight, stress and BP. Make regular exercise a part of your life.
  • Quit smoking. It damages your blood vessels and increases your blood pressure. Control your alcohol intake.
  • Stay happy and cheerful.

(Dr Rattan is a Panchkula-based cardiologist)

star track
Ranveer turns Deepika's bodyguard

Deepika Padukone & Ranveer Singh Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh are the new alleged couple of Bollywood. They have been spotted together at various places.

Ranveer seems to be madly in love with his alleged girlfriend Deepika Padukone. He has been at her side at almost all her promotional outings for her recently released movie.

A source said, “Deepika has been busy travelling for her film with Shah Rukh Khan. Ranveer has been spotted accompanying them a couple of times. A few days back, when SRK and Deepika went to meet swimming champ Moin Junedi who is physically challenged and is going to participate in the World Junior Games at Puerto Rico, USA, Ranveer was also in town.”

Last week, both Ekta Kapoor and Shah Rukh Khan arranged their parties, respectively. Ekta Kapoor was throwing an iftaar party for her film. Shah Rukh, on the other hand, had arranged a special screening of his recently released movie for his close friends at his residence. Ranveer Singh was first spotted for some time at Ekta’s party, after which he went onto enjoy Shah Rukh’s party. Deepika was also present at Shah Rukh’s party. An insider said, “Ranveer was present at Ekta’s party for some time and then went for the screening where he and Ayan Mukerji were the only friends of Deepika who were spotted.”

Ranveer has also been suggesting Deepika hang out joints. A close friend of Deepika revealed, “Dippy was in Delhi to promote her film and headed for a night out. Everyone expected she would go to a club owned by Arjun Rampal as she knows him well. But since Ranveer visited a newly-opened club by Arjun’s former club manager and liked it a lot, he insisted she come along. And Deepika decided to party at his recommended place.”

When Ranveer was asked about this, his spokesperson said, “He has not travelled with Deepika anywhere. He has been shooting for Ram Leela and Gunday back-to-back. But yes, he has visited the Chennai Express sets on two occasions and that too because he was invited.”

Well, this is clear that both Ranveer and Deepika are still trying to cover up their relationship, but how will they justify the numerous clicks by paparazzi. The love birds were captured by paparazzi at various hangout joints, not only in India but also in Dubai. Also, Ranveer was spotted at Deepika’s plush apartment numerous times.

SRK can't stop smiling

Shah Rukh Khan Shah Rukh Khan’s happiness knew no bounds as his Eid release Chennai Express saw a grand opening with 80-90 per cent occupancy.

Thrilled with the initial response of the movie, Shah Rukh Khan says he can’t stop smiling. He thanked his fans for the overwhelming response of the movie.

"I can't stop smiling. Till the time I don't stop smiling, the excitement won't settle down," Shah Rukh said.

The conference was held at the compound of Mannat and was also attended by Chennai Express director Rohit Shetty. SRK said that he is happy with the initial response, but he wants to wait for some more days to see how far the film goes.

"It is nice that the film is doing well. I want to wait for three to four days. I am happy that people have liked the film and it has opened well," he said.

However, he didn't know how much the film has made at the box-office.

"I don't know how much (business) it has done till now. I just woke up. If a big film releases, I try to refrain for at least two to three days (from counting the collections)," he said.

Shah Rukh Khan added that the film has a message and basically women are portrayed in a positive way.

"The film has a message, but it is not on the face. The film is a made up story. She (the female character played by Deepika Padukone) is a strong woman who runs away from home. We have made a point in the film without making a point of it," he said.

The background of the movie is South Indian, and it has many Tamil dialogues sans subtitles. SRK maintains, "The idea was to show the audience what the hero is going through. Also, love has no language. If we start explaining, then the point is lost. It will spoil the creativity," he added.

Ash to dance for a cause

 Aishwarya Rai Bachchan Aishwarya Rai Bachchan always comes forward for charity. She is the brand ambassador of UNIAIDS and now she will lend her support to the Uttarakhand flood victims. To raise funds for the victims and for the re-development of the place, Bollywood celebrities have come forward with full force. The event has been named Saath Hai Hum - Uttarakhand.

It was not too long when Ash performed on stage at IIFA and now she will again perform live on stage for a charity. Aishwarya is going to be the special attraction of the show. “The actress will apparently be performing to a medley of patriotic songs for the event,” claim sources.

Ash is not the only member from the Bachchan family to lend support, her father-in-law and megastar Amitabh Bachchan is also involved in this social cause. He also appeared on TV and appeal to the audience to donate for Uttarkhand.

Saath Hai Hum-Uttarakhand is a unique concept for the relief fund. It’s a seven-hour on-air marathon event planned to be telecast on the Independence Day. Madhuri Dixit has also shot a promo for the initiative. The dancing diva pledged to bring smiles to the several homeless Uttarakhand’s children.

Bollywood actors like Amitabh Bachchan, Abhay Deol, Neha Dhupia and Bipasha Basu have also shot for the promos. Ajay Devgn, Kajol, Anil Kapoor and John Abraham are also part of the event.

Not only Bollywood stars but TV actors also joined the proposal. Diya Aur Baati Hum, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai Meetha Meetha Pyaara Pyaara, Saraswatichandra, Savdhan India, Devon Ke Dev Mahadev and India’s Dancing Superstar team joined the project.

Celebrities like Lata Mangeshkar, AR Rahman, Boman Irani, Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy, Pritam, Prasoon Joshi, Mukesh Bhatt, Ayushmann Khurrana will be seen supporting the initiative.

Uday Shankar, CEO, Star India, said in a statement, “I am delighted that the Indian film industry has embraced our outreach plan and is partnering with us in this initiative to spread hope.” 

Justin eyes Jackson's home

 Justin Bieber Teen pop sensation Justin Bieber is reportedly looking to buy King of Pop Michael Jackson's former home Neverland.

The troubled pop teen is said to have sent his team last week to view the sprawling ranch in Californian town of Los Olivios.

"Justin has been caught up in a fair amount of trouble lately so the best thing is for him to get out of central LA and live a quieter life.

"His team genuinely wants him to calm down and be happy. They've found the ideal solution, which is to move him to a ranch hours out of the city where he won't be constantly hounded. Neverland is up for sale so it's a no-brainer for Justin, he would love to live there. Michael Jackson is his idol. The only issue is that it is rundown and would need a fair amount of work," a source said.

Bieber, 19, currently lives in a 4million pounds mansion in the LA suburb of Calabasas. — PTI

When Ben felt insecure

Ben Affleck Argo star Ben Affleck considered himself an unsuccessful actor when he was approached for magazine shoots but not movie offers, according to friend Matt Damon.

The 40-year-old actor-director confided in Damon about his insecurities, saying he felt his movies were unsuccessful and he was more in demand for magazine shoots than his art.

"I would call him from Prague and say ‘how are you?’ He'd go, ‘you know, I'm in the absolute worst place you can be. I can sell magazines but not movie tickets," Damon said.

"I was like, it's going to be a long, long, long walk back up the hill.' But he knew he could do it because he's a writer, he's a director, he's incredibly talented," he added.

Affleck had a tough time making a comeback in the movie industry. He, however, bagged an Oscar this year for his film Argo.

"He just took a public beating for a long time. Now, when I tell people how great he is, they don't roll their eyes anymore. They agree," Damon said. — PTI

chatter box
Leading the way

Anuj Sachdev Anuj Sachdev is enjoying his stint in the lead role in Sony's Chhanchhan. The show might not be getting great TRPs, but has stabilised and Anuj is happy about his choice. Read on.

What kind of response have you got for your role in Chhanchhan?

People have loved my entry as Manav and are talking a lot about the show. The response has been good. It is way better than before. When things go in well everything works. My entry was at the right time.

Did you feel the pressure to perform?

Somewhere you feel it; anyhow there's always a pressure if it's a new show or if you have replaced someone. It could be any show. You never know. It takes time to get viewers hooked on. Now Chhanchhan is on track and being appreciated, so things are good.

What kind of rapport do you have with Sanaya Irani?

We are good friends. She's fabulous and a lovely co-star. There are no tantrums or issues. I could be shy doing some romantic scenes, but she's bindaas.

Are you also doing films simultaneously?

I took on this show as the production house is flexible with my timing. I am able to manage film shoot too. I shot for a Punjabi film called Hanni with Harbhajan Mann. It's releasing on September 5. I also have a Hindi film lined up, which I can't talk about but it should release next year.

What do you do in your free time?

I want to work on my body again as I got inspired by Bhaag Milkha Bhaag.

Small steps to stardom

Mehnaaz Mann Just eight years old and starring in a primetime Zee TV show with actor Shilpa Shirodkar already! Life is about to get more exciting for Mehnaaz Mann who was last seen on Zee TV's India's Best Dramebaaz.

Known for her poignant delivery of dialogues and her act on the historic Jallianwala Bagh tragedy, Mehnaaz has now got her big break on television in Zee TV's upcoming show — Ek Muthi Aasman. On the show, she has been cast as domestic worker Kamala's (Shilpa Shirodkar) daughter Kalpana, who grows up with her grandparents in a village near Panchgani.

This young, intelligent child is extremely bright with the potential to achieve great success. But she misses her mother dearly and counts the days for her board exams to get over, so that she can be reunited with her. However, her mother being a housemaid is constantly toiling; so will Kalpana's dream of spending quality time with her mother ever be fulfilled?

"I am more recognised on the streets and in my locality after being a part of India's Best Dramebaaz. Even my parents are getting calls for me to do ads but I never dreamt that my life would change so much after participating in IBD!" says Mehnaaz. "It felt like a dream when they called my parents to tell them that I had been selected for the role of Kalpana in Ek Muthi Aasman. I am excited at the thought of acting opposite an accomplished actor like Shilpa Shirdokar, but I'm a bit nervous too to make my debut on national television. As indebted as I am to Team Zee TV, I hope I can do my parents and family proud with this role."

Watch Mehnaaz as Kalpana in Ek Muthi Aasman coming soon on Zee TV.

Twists & turns

Neha Bagga Life hasn't been easy for both Bani (Shefali Sharma) and Rajji (Neha Bagga) post their wedding in Colors' Bani—Ishq Da Kalma. However, things are about to change for both these sisters. While all will be good for Rajji, things will worsen for Bani in the show's upcoming episodes.

The storyline goes this way - Bani is married to Parmeet (Gaurav Chaudhary), but the latter is more interested in the property he is going to inherit than his wife. While on the other hand, Rajji was married to Soham (Adhvik Mahajan) without knowing anything about it. Therefore, Soham has hated her all this while.

Shefali SharmaIn the upcoming episodes, Soham will decide on letting bygones be bygones and be nice to Rajji. On the other hand, things will worsen for Bani as Parmeet's brother will try getting closer to her. This will make things difficult for Bani at her in-laws place.

We also hear that in an interesting twist of events, Bani might have to leave her in-laws' place. However, nothing has been finalised as yet. — HRM

Right in the act

Nishad Vaidya Nishad Vaidya, who is seen as Amit in the show Amita Ka Amit, is a happy-go-lucky man who feels blessed to have found a role that suits him to the tee. He talks about his journey so far.

Did you always want to be an actor?

I was sure in my teens that I wanted to act. My dad and I came to Mumbai when I was seventeen and did theatre. Later I did a few ads, a film and a serial too. The role in the serial Pyaar Ka Dard was a small one.

So how did Amita Ka Amit happen?

I gave multiple auditions for the show and for multiple roles. When finally I was told that they chose me, it was a great moment. The whole experience was a momentous one for me.

Shooting for a daily soap must be taxing. Is it?

Well, hardwork is needed in any profession but I am enjoying myself as I enjoy acting. Yes we have to handle multiple things on the set and there is pressure, but you have to put in your best.

What's next for you?

I am only looking for good projects and challenging work. I am open to all mediums — theatre, films and TV.

I, me & myself

 Imam Siddique After entertaining the audience with his wacky antics in the Season 6 of Bigg Boss, Imam Siddique is back with an entire show to himself, MTV Timeout with Imam- Ek Insaan, Kai Pehchaan, which will be telecast on MTV. The show will have Imam using the right weapons of success through his entourage-a hotshot manager, a well-connected sexy publicist, a bright helpful assistant and a young enthusiastic intern. He talks about the show and more.

What is your show all about?

The show is all about 'me, myself and I'. This show is about my eccentricities, idiosyncrasies, unreal aspirations, and ambitions. In the show, I have created various situations, which are about things that I have always wanted to do. I feel that these situations will lead to a hysterical journey.

What according to you is the most unique and entertaining thing about the show?

In this show, the viewers will also get to see my well-designed house and my fun pink ambassador, in which we will ride around the city.

What is the story behind the title of this show?

After Bigg Boss, I trademarked all my takia-kalams because I knew that one day they will become very famous. When we discussed about the show's title, we thought there could have been nothing better than this!

How has life been treating you after Bigg Boss?

I am enjoying being Imam like never before. I know that I could always make it big with my gift of gab and conventional good looks, but the love and respect I am getting right now, is simply out of the world.

Any plans of venturing into Bollywood?

I have been offered many roles, but all those who approached, wanted me to play the stereotypical gay character. Now, I will move to the big screen on my own terms and conditions.

Astro Turf
p Khurrana

ARIES: Try to reduce the amount of cash you spend on groceries. New attractions are likely to be serious. Do not hold back anything from your boss. Sportsmen: focus on exercise and diet. Tarot message: Don't waste an opportunity by being rash or impulsive. Lucky colour: Turquoise. Magic number: 44

TAURUS: Check all figures related to jointly held funds. Women: do not go in for idle 
gossip as it will not help. A new project can get a go-ahead and engage your full-time attention. Tarot message: Keep your eyes on the future. Lucky colour: Red. Magic number: 28

GEMINI: This is a very hazardous day for speculation. Pace yourself, since your energy levels can be low. Take some time out for meditation to disengage from the thoughts that keep coming back from the past. Tarot message: Don't do anything at the cost of health. Lucky colour: Pink. Magic number: 33

CANCER: Get all your affairs in better order. Avoid careless spending. This is not a time for delegating responsibility. Problems can be resolved without any major stress from you. Tarot message: Be positive. Lucky colour: Peacock-blue. Magic number: 36

LEO: A good day for negotiating contracts. Seek publicity for business plans. You are unlikely to get much chance to relax this evening. Women: beware of deception. Tarot message: Do not be in the rush to spend extravagantly. Lucky colour: Silver. Magic number: 54

VIRGO: Your card "The Magician" smiles on health. It is a useful day for discussing long-term plans. A telephone call or a friend gives pleasure in the evening. Tarot message: Spend time meeting experienced people. Lucky colour: Crimson. Magic number: 37

LIBRA: The Queen of Swords reveals that new love attractions are likely to be serious. Life at home is much easier to cope with. Businessmen: spend your spare time in the company of your loved ones. Tarot message: Make things happen from the most unlikely circumstances. Lucky colour: Brown. Magic number: 56

SCORPIO: A day of mixed luck. Students: expect extra pocket money. Any projects connected with study, travel and cultural pursuits will be very satisfying. Tarot message: Don't try to end all deadlocks at one go. Lucky colour: Ebony. Magic number: 25

SAGITTARIUS: Businessmen: avoid making any important business move. A new romance is in the offing. Try not to rely on anybody else to help you achieve your goals right now. Tarot message: Do not let trivial problems haunt you. Lucky colour: Red. Magic number: 28

CAPRICORN: A relative will behave in an unpredictable manner. Early morning surprises can turn into afternoon achievements. Take a lunch break; just enjoy the food, and your environment. Tarot message: Capitalise on your strength. Lucky colour: Forest-green. Magic number: 32

AQUARIUS: Put more effort into completing unfinished work. Your health can be worrying you a little, so it will be wise to see a health professional for the best treatment. Tarot message: Time will heal all pains and wounds. Lucky colour: Cherry-red. Magic number: 43

PISCES: A sudden improvement in your fortune is indicated. Work-mates will be rather aggressive. Emotionally you can be easily disturbed. This can be a time of sweeping changes. Tarot message: Lack of persistence can be disastrous in business matters. Lucky colour: White. Magic number: 47

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