Talk of future but still caught in a rut
Reviewed by M Rajiv Lochan
India: The Future Is Now: The Vision and Road Map for the Country by Her Young Parliamentarians
Edited by Shashi Tharoor. Wisdom Tree. Pages 164. Rs 495
Twelve MPS, from the BJD, BJP, CPI (M) and the INC have contributed essays to this volume to which Shashi Tharoor, of the INC, is listed as the editor. Tharoor insists they are young. All of them share their vision of what is needed in this country of ours to take it forward. Since most of them have been elected more than once and all of them have shown considerable interest in political activism, it is important for the rest of us to know what they think.

KiDLit (Indian Authors)

Vignettes of a shared culture
Reviewed by Harbans Singh
Delhi By Heart
by Raza Rumi Harper Collins. Pages 322. Rs 399
This book by Raza Rumi is much more than the "impressions of a Pakistani traveller". In searching Delhi, the author is trying to understand his as well as the identity of millions of other Muslims of the subcontinent. At another level, it is also a lamentation about the disruption of the Muslim narration that has woven itself into the Indian fabric through the numerous Sufi saints who profoundly influenced the life, culture, religion and politics of the subcontinent.

Helpless in god’s own land
The Braj, as painted by Goswami, appears to be obsessed with death. It is also means of livelihood or an entry into heaven.
Reviewed by Parbina Rashid
The Blue-necked God
by Indira Goswami. Translated by Gayatri Bhattcharya Zubaan. Pages 190. Rs 295
a rebellious young widow finds her ‘self,’ an orthodox father crosses religious boundaries to choose love over righteousness for his only daughter, a power-stripped Thakur gives up his life under the wheels of Sri Rangaji’s chariot, an artist chooses a Gandhi topi over his generations-old practice of making Murlidhar’s idols and hordes of widows die a little every day in order to save money for their last rites.

Why no focus on preventive healthcare?
Reviewed by Prabhjot Singh
Winning over Obesity
by Dr Sarvinder Gandhok Mohindra Capital Publishers. Pages 152. Rs 225
healthcare is one area where every state, whether developed or developing, feels the resource crunch. While advanced societies face complex diseases, mostly lifestyle related, developing societies grapple with preventable diseases like malaria, cholera, gastroenteritis, diarrhoea and tuberculosis. The burden of these diseases have to be borne with a limited allocation. Malaria continues to be one of biggest killers in Africa.