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2 killed as car falls into gorge
Two injured; vehicle was being driven at 100 kmph; driver at large; victims were drunk
Tribune News Service

Panchkula, October 15
Two youths were killed and two others critically injured when the Chevrolet Cruze car they were travelling in fell into a gorge on the National Highway No. 22 near Parwanoo late last evening. The car was reportedly being driven by a fifth person, Raman, at a high speed at the time of the mishap. Raman is at large.

Those killed have been identified as Prateek (17), a resident of Sector 19, Panchkula, and Amandeep, who used to stay in Baltana. The injured have been identified as Amit and Harshdeep (Amandeep’s brother). They have been admitted to the PGI, Chandigarh. Except Raman, all of them were students of Industrial Training Institute (ITI), Sector 14, Panchkula. Amit and Raman stay together in a room in Sector 25, Panchkula.

According to the police, the car was being driven at a speed of 100 km per hour. The driver lost control over the vehicle while negotiating a curve following which it hit a signboard and fell into a 25-foot-deep gorge. The police is trying to find out why Raman fled from the spot. The police said the youths were in an inebriated state and had left for Kasauli yesterday at 10.30 am. They were returning late last evening when the incident took place. Prateek's body was brought to his residence this afternoon.

Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP), Parwanoo, Sushil Sharma said all occupants of the car were drunk. He said they were verifying the driver’s antecedents.

The boys admitted to the PGI reportedly told the police that Raman claimed that he was a Vigilance official. The police suspects foul play in the accident.

Amandeep and Harshdeep belong to Amritsar and were staying in Baltana. The police has not been able to get specific information about Amit and Raman.

A passerby informed the police, which reached the spot. The youths were taken to the Kalka Civil Hospital where Amandeep and Prateek were declared brought dead while the two others were referred to the PGI.

Prateek’s mobile phone was recovered from the spot. The phone carried pictures of his friends clicked by him before they started their return journey to the city.

Prateek’s family is in a state of shock. He has an elder sister. His father is a driver with the Punjab Sales Tax Department. A case of causing death due to negligence and rash driving has been registered against the driver.



Birthday turns day of mourning for Prateek’s father
Hina Rohtaki
Tribune News Service

Panchkula, October 15
Birthday turned out to be a day of mourning for Anil Kumar Sharma today as instead of getting wishes from his son Prateek, he received his body at his residence in Sector 19, Panchkula. Prateek, a student of ITI, Sector 14, Panchkula, died in a road accident near Parwanoo.

Prateek had bought a new mobile phone which he was to gift to his father on his birthday today. Prateek has an elder sister. The family had great plans for Sharma’s birthday, but fate had something else in store for it.

“He had planned to gift his father a new mobile phone and had hidden it in his drawer,” said his friend Gurpreet.

Before the start of the return journey from Kasauli, Prateek had clicked several pictures of his friends on his mobile phone, which was recovered from the accident spot by the police.

There were several pictures of Amandeep, Harshdeep, Amit and Raman sticking out of the sun roof of the car.

Two months ago, the family had shifted to a bigger rented accommodation in Sector 19 on Prateek’s insistence. Prateek was to turn 18 this December.



GMCH-32 flooded with dengue patients
Ritika Jha Palial
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, October 15
City hospitals, particularly the Government Medical College and Hospital (GMCH), Sector 32, are flooded with dengue patients from the region and the tricity.

As many as 120 dengue patients are admitted to the Emergency at the GMCH. Besides, there are several other suspected cases of dengue at the hospital with the patients suffering from high fever.

The dengue patients have been accommodated on 120 trolleys in corridors around the Emergency at the hospital. The total number of patients at the Emergency, which is generally overcrowded, has almost doubled during the past 15 days. The entire area surrounding the lifts has been flooded with patient trolleys.

Patients with high fever have also been pouring in at other hospitals in the city, including the PGI. More than 38 confirmed cases of dengue have been reported from the city so far.

“We need to accommodate all those who come to us. The space in the Emergency is limited, but despite this we are attending to all patients,” said the GMCH Director-Principal, Dr Atul Sachdev.

At the PGI, nine dengue patients are currently admitted to the communicable diseases ward while four were discharged today.

So far, three dengue deaths have been reported from the city hospitals -- two from the PGI and one from the GMCH. A 60-year-old Patiala resident and a 20-year-old Kharar resident had died at the PGI. Last month, a Mohali resident died of dengue at the GMCH. The deadly aedes mosquito, which causes dengue, begins to breed towards the end of the monsoon.

More than 350 cases of dengue were reported at city hospitals last year, breaking the record of the previous five years. The aedes mosquito breeds easily in water lying in containers. At most residences, water is often seen lying in coolers. As the coolers remain covered from three sides, the water usually remains out of sight and become a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

The dengue-causing mosquito is in water in the form of an egg or larva for seven to 10 days. This is the most crucial time to check the mosquito menace. Once it grows into an adult and flies, it goes all over the place. 



Better panchkula
Lack of planning to blame for parking woes
The township of Panchkula, known for its open spaces, hardly has any parking space for commuters. In the Part III of the series, The Tribune reporter Hina Rohtaki reports about the parking mess and lists solutions.
Tribune News Service

Panchkula, October 15
Parking seems to be a never-ending problem in Panchkula as the authorities have not made any effort since years to manage the situation. There is a lack of proper planning and adequate parking space in Panchkula. The parking areas in the city are being maintained by HUDA.

Markets of Sectors 7, 9, 11, 15, 14 and 20 are found packed with vehicles. Finding no space inside, residents park their vehicles haphazardly outside the houses that are located near the markets.

It is more chaotic during festive seasons when shopkeepers and other vendors block the entire parking space as they put up stalls, following which the commuters have to park their vehicles near the residences. Long queues of vehicles can be seen in Sectors 7, 9 and 11, particularly during the festive season.

(Clockwise from top) Vehicles parked haphazardly at Sector 11; a police Gypsy parked in the middle of the road at the Sector 9 market; and a car parked in front of a gate at Sector 7 in Panchkula.
(Clockwise from top) Vehicles parked haphazardly at Sector 11; a police Gypsy parked in the middle of the road at the Sector 9 market; and a car parked in front of a gate at Sector 7 in Panchkula. Tribune photos: S Chandan

Due to the lack of space in Sector 11, commuters park their vehicles on the main road and there is no check on it.

Encroachment by shopkeepers and other vendors in the parking area forms the vital reason of parking chaos. HUDA and the MC remove encroachments, but they come again caring two hoots.

Paid parking and multi-level parking projects never saw the light of the day in the township. It seems the authorities are least interested in finding any solution to this problem, leaving the residents at the receiving end.

Roadside vendors run their business from a parking place in front of the Sector 9 market in Panchkula.
Roadside vendors run their business from a parking place in front of the Sector 9 market in Panchkula.

Green patches converted into cemented parking slots

Affecting the greenery of the area, many well-to-do residents in Panchkula have converted the green patches into cemented parking slots. Though they haven’t forgotten to maintain lawns inside their houses, they prefer to convert the green patches outside their houses into ‘pakka areas’.

“Residents are responsible for affecting the greenery of the city. How can the authorities keep mum? They are maintaining huge lawns inside their houses and have parked their cars in the green patches,” said Vibha Mohan, a resident of Sector 7, Panchkula.

One can see such violations outside the houses in Sectors 6, 7, 8, 4, 12 and many other sectors, mostly by the owners of 1 kanal and 2 kanal house.

“Why can’t they park vehicles inside their houses when they have an ample of space inside? After seeing one, everyone started following this concept. They should have some responsibility towards the city,” said Isha, a resident of Sector 6, Panchkula, who prefers to park her vehicles inside the house.

Such violations can also be seen outside the office of the Haryana Urban Development Authority in Sector 6. But they go unchecked, raising several questions.

Lack of parking space

The planning has been done in such a way that vehicles are found parked haphazardly outside residential houses in the narrow lanes. Even, the main markets don’t have any space for parking. Visitors to the markets of Sectors 7, 9, 11, 15 and 20 are seen parking their vehicles outside the residential areas because most of the space is encroached upon by vendors and shopkeepers.

No check on encroachers

Most of the space is occupied by encroachers in all the main markets, particularly in Sectors 7 and 9. There is no check on it. About 60 per cent of the space can be provided to the commuters if encroachments are cleared, but no efforts have been made by the authorities. At a recent meeting held by the Panchkula Deputy Commissioner, 10 days' time was given to HUDA and the MC to remove the encroachments, but the situation remains the same.

Proposals for paid parking yet to see light of the day

Recently, a proposal for paid parking was mooted at a meeting headed by the Panchkula Deputy Commissioner. The proposal has not been approved yet. A few years ago, a similar proposal was mooted, but it did not see the light of the day as the residents protested alleging that there was hardly any space and despite that they had to pay for that. Only a small slot of parking outside the Mini-Secretariat in Sector 1, Panchkula, is converted into paid parking.

Files of multi-level parking projects stuck

A survey was done by HUDA to have a multi-level parking in Sector 5, Panchkula, which had an ample of space for the same. But, the file did not move an inch ahead. Also, owing to massive chaos outside the DC office in Sector 1, a multi-level parking project was proposed long back outside the premises. The budget also got approved, but the file is still stuck at the offices of senior Haryana Government officials.

No cops present to manage traffic chaos

No policemen are present to manage traffic chaos in such sectors during the peak hours, particularly in the evening. Only during festivals, policemen are deployed to ease out the traffic congestion. Security guards have been deployed at the Sector 11 market by the association itself, but no help has been given by any of the authorities.

MC’s take on encroachments

According to the MC, they are getting encroachments cleared. Panchkula police officials also accompanied the MC staff and claim to have got encroachments on Sector 17/18 Chowk, towards Sector 16 and towards Labour Chowk cleared. They claim that they would soon clear the encroachments in the market areas as well.

Residents at the receiving end

The residents who are living near the market areas in Sectors 15, 10, 11, 9 and 7 are at the receiving end. Finding no parking space near the market, commuters park their vehicles haphazardly outside these houses causing great inconvenience. Several brawls take place due to such chaos.

“Recently, a man parked his car outside my house, and I urgently had to rush to a hospital as my son fell sick. But, I could not take out my car because of the vehicle parked outside my house. Who is responsible for the wrong parking?” said Rajshree Devi, a resident of Sector 7, Panchkula.

Most of the residents have hung ‘no parking’ boards outside their houses, but commuters hardly bother about them.

Suggestions to improve the situation

  • Underground parking can be implemented in the Sector 11 market
  • The police should take strict and exemplary action against violators who park their vehicles haphazardly
  • Traffic policemen should be deployed in the busy markets to manage the situation
  • A separate parking slot can be made available for the vehicles of shopkeepers at the backside of their shops so that the space in front is provided to the visitors
  • Encroachers should not be allowed to encroach upon any area meant for the parking and action should be taken against them
  • Community parking should be developed in the residential areas



UT Administrator for parking on rooftops, under green belts
Rajinder Nagarkoti
Tribune News Service

UT Administrator Shivraj V Patil during the stone-laying ceremony of a multi-level parking at Sector 17, Chandigarh, on Tuesday.
UT Administrator Shivraj V Patil during the stone-laying ceremony of a multi-level parking at Sector 17, Chandigarh, on Tuesday. Tribune photo: Pradeep Tewari

Chandigarh, October 15
Suggesting solutions to the parking chaos in the city during the foundation stone-laying ceremony of the UT’s first multi-level parking project in Sector 17, UT Administrator Shivraj V Patil today said the Administration should allow parking spaces on rooftops of shop-cum-offices (SCOs) and should make provision for parking lots underneath green belts.

In his speech, Patil said to solve the parking problem in the city, the best option was to construct parking lots under green belts and parks. He made it clear that the Administration would not give permission for any parking lot in the city unless there was provision for underground parking.

Creating parking facility on rooftops of shops, as suggested by Patil, will be a difficult task for the Administration.

Nominated councillor and architect Surinder Bahga said the idea floated by the Administrator was good but it should be implemented in new buildings instead of the existing buildings. The present buildings in the city are not designed in a way to allow parking of vehicles on rooftops. Besides big ramps and lifts would be required for the purpose, which would be a very expensive. Moreover, the present building bylaws would also come in the way of creating parking space on the rooftops, he said.

A model of the parking lot
A model of the parking lot

Echoing similar views, former nominated councillor and architect Pallav Mukherjee said allowing parking on rooftops would result in expensive remodelling of buildings in the city. On rooftops, there are already a number of things like digisets, cables and towers, which will create hurdles for parking of vehicles. This idea would be feasible only in new buildings, he said.

However, he welcomed the idea of creating parking lots under green belts.

Patil praises Mayor

In his speech, Patil praised Mayor Subhash Chawla for his efforts. He said the Mayor’s job was more tough than that of a state minister. He said a Union Minister’s job was easy as compared to that of a state minister and the Mayor. Some of those present at the function were linking Patil’s statement with former Railway Minister and local MP Pawan Kumar Bansal.



UT Administrator lays stone of city’s first multi-level parking
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, October 15
UT Administrator Shivraj V Patil today unveiled the plaque to lay the foundation stone of the city's first multi-level parking at Sector 17, in the presence of city Mayor Subhash Chawla.

Patil also made a first dig with spade to start the work. Speaking on the occasion after laying the foundation Stone, Patil said the only solution to overcome parking problem was to go for underground parking.

Stressing upon maintaining prescribed quality control norms while constructing underground parking, Patil, said it was very difficult to rectify defects later on in underground structures once they get completed. He asked the construction agencies to be careful regarding quality control and it should be checked at all levels.

Appreciating the design of the model of the parking lot made by the Chief Architect, Sumit Kaur and her team, Patil also lauded the assurance given by the engineers to complete this project in 18 months instead of given time of two years.

Mayor Subhash Chawla said, "The Rs 46.62 crore multi-level parking is a three-storied underground parking lot and will accommodate 931 cars." 

Features of the project

  • Estimated cost: Rs 46.62 crore
  • Estimated time to complete the project: 24 months
  • Total area: 4.78 acres
  • Landscaping at surface: 1.41 acre
  • 45 feet 9 inches parking lot below surface, including water tank
  • Eight lifts in the parking lot
  • Two computerised ticket counters at entry and exit point
  • Four ventilation points
  • Latest fire-fighting system
  • Fully automatic parking
  • Separate lanes for the movement of fire brigade vehicles
  • Two ramps for the entry and exit of vehicles



Vegetable prices set to rise further
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, October 15
Vegetable prices are likely go up as the wedding season is approaching during which the demand is set to increase. Retailers say the cost of onion is likely to shoot up once the new stock gets distributed in the retail market within a day or two.

While onion is currently priced at Rs 60 a kg, it is likely to increase by Rs 10 a kg.

The cost of tomato is also expected to increase from Rs 40 a kg to Rs 50 a kg. The cost of other vegetables like capsicum and peas has already increased and has reached Rs 80 per kg and Rs 100 per kg, respectively.

“The prices will increase further by the end of this month. While the supply is already erratic, the demand is going to double due to the wedding season. During the Navratras, the sale of onion had come down, but now there is a spurt in the demand,” said Ravinder Rana, a vegetable vendor in Sector 15.

“There is no surety when the prices will stabilise. Heavy rain has already reduced the supply, while the demand has doubled. This will have a cascading effect on the availability of onions and other vegetables,” said Manoj, a wholesale trader in Sector 26. 


MHA pulls up Chandigarh Admn
Rajinder Nagarkoti
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, October 15
The Union Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) has pulled up the Chandigarh Administration and asked UT officials why there is no industrial policy.

In a meeting convened by the MHA in New Delhi to resolve the dispute between the Chandigarh Administration and the joint forum of Industrialists, MHA Joint Secretary IS Chahal asked the UT officials why they have failed to prepare industrial policy for the city.

Industrialists submitted that the administration had prepared draft Industrial policy in 2010 but till date no implemention has taken place. The UT officials, including Joint Secretary (Home) SK Setia and Director Industries Mahavir Kaushik submitted to the MHA official that industrial policy is under consideration. The ministry called the meeting between the UT officials and industrialists after receiving several representations from the joint forum of industrialists.

Delegation of industrialists includes Sandeep Sahni, president, Chamber of Chandigarh Industries (CCI), Arun Mahajan, president, Industries Association Chandigarh (IAS), HS Mamik and Pankaj Khanna. Delegations also submitted that the UT Administration should allow IT and IT enabled services under the MSMED Act 2006. On this UT officials said, “The matter has been sent to the legal department.”

The delegation also raised point of leasehold to freehold and need-based changes and enhancement of floor-area ratio (FAR). 

Tecent steps of ut admn

  • Rejects demand of converting Industrial plots from leasehold to freehold
  • A proposal for introducing automobile repair work and warehousing in the industrial area has not been found feasible at present
  • Matter related to need-based changes in the industrial area has been referred to the Chief Architect for consideration



MC fails to maintain underground parking lots
Rajinder Nagarkoti
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, October 15
While the UT Administrator Shivraj V Patil today laid foundation stone of the city’s first multi-level parking project in Sector 17, but it seems the Municipal Corporation has turned a blind eye towards the four underground parking lots-two each in Sector 17 and Sector 8.

Visit to these underground parking lots revealed that there is no security of vehicles, no attendants, garbage is scattered all over the place, no provision of lighting and even water also gets accumulated in the rainy season.

As infrastructure of these underground parking lots is not sufficient, commuters are not ready to park their vehicles in these underground parking lots. These four parking lots can accommodate more than 800 vehicles.

Poonam Negi, who preferred to park her two-wheeler in the parking lot near to the GPO office in Sector 17 instead of underground parking lot near to the RBI building, said: “There is no security of your vehicle inside these underground parking lots. Theft of petrol is common in these underground parking lots.” Sharing similar views, Rajat Bhatia, a resident of Sector 23, said: “Surface parking is safer as compare to underground lot.” Moreover, numbers of motorists were not aware about the underground parking facility.

Mayor Subhash Chawla said recently he held a meeting with the MC officials and directions were issued to them to clean the underground parking areas. “We are also planning to install lifts in these parking lots for the convenience of commuters,” he said.

Recently, Deputy Mayor Satish Kainth had written to the Mayor and the MC Commissioner and had sought reply on the amount spent on the maintenance of unused underground parking lots in the city. He had sought details about the number of underground parking lots in the city, how many vehicles can be parked in these parking lots; expenditure on these parking lots in the last five years and what type of facilities are provided. 


The MC can take lessons from the Business Promotion Council, a trader’s body, which is successfully running the CMC underground parking lot in Sector 17. Darpan Kapoor of the Business Promotion Council, said: “In the last 11 years, no theft of petrol, vehicles or security parts has taken place in this parking lot. Commuters, traders and even MC officials are satisfied. In this parking lot, people can park their two-wheelers free of cost, which has a capacity for 200 two-wheelers and 200 bicycles.” The traders have installed CCTV cameras in this parking lot to check incidents of theft. 



Differences among Cong councillors
Rajinder Nagarkoti
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, October 15
Differences among the congress councillors in the Municipal Corporation once again came to fore during the foundation stone laying ceremony of the city's first multi-level parking project in Sector 17.

Though all three posts Mayor, Senior Deputy Mayor and Deputy Mayor, in the MC, are of Congress, but still majority of councillors did not turn up for the function. In the function only Mayor Subhash Chawla, Congress Councillors Pardeep Chhabra, Harphool Kalyan, Gurbax Rawat and Sheela Devi were present.

Sources said that some of the councillors were against MC's decision to invite UT Administrator Shivraj V Patil instead of local Congress MP Pawan Kumar Bansal. Besides, there were differences among number of Congress councillors and Mayor Subhash Chawla as well.

Sources said that seating arrangement for Deputy Mayor Satish Kainth was also made in the dais but as Deputy Mayor did not turn up for the function, his chair was removed from the stage. 

BJP 'boycotts' function

Only one BJP councillor Satinder Singh attended function on Tuesday. SAD councillor Malkiat Singh was also present on the occasion. BJP Councillor and Leader of Oppostion Arun Sood and other BJP councillors were absent. A BJP councillor said that last year when the agenda of multi-level parking was passed, no discussion had taken place. Therefore, they had decided to boycott the function. 



Illegal structures razed at Sector 42 furniture market

Chandigarh, October 15
The Land Acquisition Collector today pulled down illegal structures that had been raised on government land in the Sector 42 furniture market. The shopkeepers had extended their tin structures at the rear side of their shops.

Land Acquisition Collector Tilak Raj said around 35 illegal structures were pulled down with the help of the JCB in presence of the police. Showing patience, the demolition staff gave ample time to the shopkeepers to clear the encroached part of their shops. He said the area of shops under stay was not touched. The UT Engineering Department has been asked to fence the area freed from encroachment. —TNS



Capt Amarinder mourns death of Justice Saron’s mother
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, October 15
Former Punjab Chief Minister and permanent invitee to the Congress Working Committee Capt Amarinder Singh today mourned the demise of Devinder Kaur, mother of Justice Surinder Singh Saron.

Devinder Kaur breathed her last late last evening. She was cremated today in Chandigarh. People from all walks of life attended her funeral. Capt Amarinder Singh while expressing grief and sorrow over the demise said he shared the grief of the family and prayed for peace to the departed soul.

He could not attend the funeral since he was away to Delhi in connection with some meetings.



Makeshift bridge collapses
Was constructed 4 days ago after main bridge was closed
Tribune News Service

Mohali, October 15
The makeshift bridge, which was constructed at Jagatpura village following closure of its main bridge, last Tuesday, too gave way last night. With the development, thousands of residents of about 25 villages have been put to great inconvenience again.

The makeshift bridge was constructed merely four days ago for the pedestrians to cross the choe that separates Jagatpura and its surrounding villages from Chandigarh and Mohali.

As the people started taking two-wheelers, carts and rickshaws on the bridge, meant for only pedestrians, gave way. Now the residents of the villages on the other side of the bridge have to take long routes to reach Chandigarh and Mohali.

Ram Lal, a resident of Jagatpura, said the residents of the villages have to cover a stretch of 10 kms to enter Chandigarh, which otherwise is only 20 metres far away from the bridge.

“Most of the residents of these villages go to Chandigarh and Mohali for their jobs, studies and other every day works. One can easily imagine our plight with the collapse of the bridge,” said Chotte Lal, another resident of the village.

Notably, the main bridge, which was 41-year old, was closed for the public last Tuesday after its developing major cracks in its pillars. The administration had also built walls on the both sides of the bridge to stop inflow of the traffic. Now, the people have break opened a way and started using the bridge again thus putting their lives in a big risk.

Mohali Deputy Commissioner, Tejinder Pal Singh Sidhu, confirmed that the makeshift bridge has been collapsed due to using of vehicles on it.

“It was meant for pedestrians only. The makeshift bridge would be again readied soon to facilitate the residents of the villages,” said Sidhu.



Cong activists stage dharna in Mohali
Tribune News Service

Mohali, October 15
Staging protest against the recently imposed property tax, the Congress activists along with members of various social, business and residential associations staged a dharna and blocked traffic flow at Phase VII light point today morning.

The agitation, led by Congress Member of Parliament from Anandpur Sahib, Ravneet Singh Bittu, and the area MLA, Balbir Singh Sidhu, begun at 10 am at Dussehra ground at Phase VIII. Raising slogans against the property tax, the agitators marched towards the light point and staged dharna till around 12.30 pm.

Addressing the gathering, Ravneet Singh Bittu said the residents of the town should not submit the tax, which is simply anti-people. “The Greater Mohali Area Development Authority (GMADA) authorities charge several types of fees from the residents while purchasing and selling the plots/houses. The maximum funds of the GMADA are being used by the ruling party on the programmes like sangat darshan. With the imposing of property tax, the state government has overburdened the people here,” said Bittu.

MLA Sidhu said that they (Congress) would continue to demonstrate against the ruling party till the tax is withdrawn.

“The people should not deposit the tax as it is an undue tax. The wrong policies of the ruling government have led the state to bankruptcy and now the government has started overburdening the public by imposing these taxes. The public would give befitting reply in the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections,” said Sidhu.

The police diverted the traffic on the road to other routes while the agitation was on.

The agitation would be intensified if the government would not take back the tax soon, said the Congress leaders.



190 UIET students get placement'
Varsity’s highest ranking certainly helped, says official
Amit Sharma
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, October 15
The academic-session at Panjab University (PU) that has just begun is turning out to be an eventful year for the students of University Institute of Engineering and Technology (UIET) as around 190 final-year students have already secured placements. While the students will be graduating in April 2014 they have already bagged jobs with companies offering salaries between Rs 3.5 lakh to Rs 7.5 lakh per annum.

Just three months after the academic year began; the UIET department has witnessed around a dozen companies for hiring the final-year students, who are going to pass out next year.

The companies ZS Associates a sale and marketing consultant, offering the highest package, has placed six students at a package of Rs 7.5 lakhs per annum.

The other companies that visited the campus include, Winshuttle, which offered a package of Rs 6.5 lakh and hired one student, while another company Deloitte offered a package of Rs 5.5 lakhs and placed 19 students.

Sarbjeet Singh, Training and Placement Officer (TPO), UIET department, stated that the companies around nine companies have already visited the department and more are scheduled to visit the campus in near future.

“The companies, including Cadbury and Grey-B services, have confirmed their visit to the campus,” TPO stated.

Officials stated that they were hopeful of placing the students.

PU officials stated that the university, being India’s highest institution in the Times Higher Education World's Top 400 University Rankings 2013-2014, will certainly help the students getting better placements. “PU’s latest ranking is certainly going to help the students of all the departments of university, bag high packages,” an official stated.



22,000 fill online PG forms at PU

Chandigarh, October 15
Online submission of examination forms for the postgraduate (PG) courses at Panjab University (PU) has received an overwhelming response as over 22,000 candidates have filled their forms online, while around 10,000 candidates filled the form manually. Today was the last day for filling the examination forms.

PU has initiated the online examination form submission for students from this year only. As part of the first phase, option to file online examination form was given to all the post graduate students on campus, affiliated colleges of PU in Chandigarh and Punjab, University School of Open Learning and Private, who would be appearing in December, 2013 examination under the Semester System. — TNS



‘Sirhind di Deewar’ to be staged today
Our Correspondent

Mohali, October 15
Much-acclaimed historical play, “Sirhind di Deewar”, will be staged at the Baba Banda Singh Bahadar Jangi Yadgar in Chapparchiri tomorrow.

The play is dedicated to the martyrdom of Baba Zorawar Singh, Baba Fateh Singh and Mata Gujar Kaur. The play, written by Harpal Tiwana, will be staged at the open-air theatre at the war memorial from 6 pm to 8 pm.



school notes

Ruhani Arora, a student of Saupins School, Sector 32, bagged the second prize in the National Science Seminar-2013 held in Mumbai. The topic for the competition was "Water Co-operation: Issues and Challenges" and it was organised by the National Council of Science Museums, Ministry of Culture. She was awarded the prize by K Sankaranarayanan, Governor of Maharashtra. Students form all over the world had participated in the seminar.

Rhia wins laurels in TT

Rhia Gupta of Bhavan Vidyalaya, Sector 27, won the runners-up trophy in the junior girls' event of the second State Ranking Table Tennis Tournament held from October 11 to 13.

Tiffin competition

On the occasion of the world food day, a healthy tiffin competition was organised at AKSIPS-41 Smart School. The students brought a nourishing tiffins to the school.

Awareness camp

The Births and Deaths Registration Department, Chandigarh Administration, organised an awareness camp at Government High School Hallo Majra, Chandigarh, here on Tuesday. The students were told the importance of issuing births and deaths certificates. Free formats for making birth and death certificates were also distributed to the needy students. The students were also made aware about the spelling mistakes in the names of parents made during the entries of names in the hospitals during the birth of child.

Salad-making competition

A salad-making competition was organised at the DAV Senior Secondary School Surajpur on the basis of "Cook well, eat well, live well". The inter-house competition was held in the Junior Wing of DAV Senior Public School, Surajpur. — TNS



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