School of thought
Do same sex schools provide a better growing up atmosphere for your child? Or are co-eds a better solution? We find out...

When growing up, each little thing matters in shaping up an individual's personality. Family environment, school system, neighbourhood, peers; practically everything and everyone a child comes in contact with.

Schooling undoubtedly plays a significant role in a child's life. A recent study by researchers at Concordia University in Montreal suggests, "Single-sex schools may not be the best place for students who do not necessarily fit gender stereotypes".

The research brings out that, "Girls at single-sex schools report higher levels of victimisation like other students excluding them or disrupting their friendships with others."

Deepika Kaur finds that co-educational schools have a more relaxed atmosphere, but levels it to school policies than being same sex or mixed educational institutions. "I was in all girls school till standard 10 and joined a co-ed in class 11. I found the atmosphere was free in a co-ed, discipline was significant in both the schools, but everyone from students to teachers to the principal was more approachable in co-ed."

Rubal Bansal, who studied in an all girls, school admits to more 'groupism' in her school. She soon followed a co-educational institution post her schooling and found it liberating. "When I stepped out of all girls environ, it took me some time to adjust to a mixed, varied group," says Rubal admitting that it was a struggle to open up with people having different interests around. Now happy amongst a group that has both boys and girls, Rubal, who is pursuing MBA from Panjab University, says, "I feel boys make more loyal friends."

Harmohini Bajwa, mother to six-year-old Ishman, believes mixed schools are a better bet, but settled for a same sex school for her daughter for reasons entirely different, "I checked the results and found this particular school to be on the top; it had experienced teachers too. Although I believe co-eds work better, I chose all girls for entirely academic intent."

A co-educational institute works the best, says educationist Harneet Singh with two decades of experience behind her. "Students are at their best behaviour when they are in the presence of the opposite sex. Rewards hold more value, a scolding sounds harsher as students are more careful of their image. In their individual groups too, they can be bullies if they are in their own sex than a mixed group where they balance each other's traits.

Then in a co-ed group, finding friends and pursuing what one likes might turn out to be more pleasant. Many voices, varied views, Punita Singh, counsellor, puts the tension to rest, "Not following norms would result in victimisation; boys by nature would be physically aggressive, girls psychologically, but that would be true in both same sex or mixed education institutions. Only downside of same sex school could be that exposure to the opposite sex is little less."

When music means the world
While films feature in the scheme of things, music to Babbal Rai is and will always be most important
Jasmine Singh

As he plugs the Ipod in his ears, Celine Dion's When You Want It The Most There Is No Easy…, hits his ears. He fills his lungs with a good puff of oxygen, holds it for a while releases it slowly. Music is magic, food and entertainment for singer Babbal Rai. With his latest album Girlfriend releasing soon, Babbal sees his life in terms of music. Babbal Rai from Samrala is based out of Melbourne now. It is however music and of course family that brings him back to Punjab once a year. Also, the good-looking singer who measures every word he speaks makes his Pollywood debut with Mr and Mrs 420. It is certainly singing that figures on the top of his can't-do-without things in life.

"People ask me about my up-coming film, but I am always waiting to be asked about my album or my tracks," he smiles. Babbal Rai's album Girlfriend comes with eight tracks, which has been done by different music directors like Pav Dharia, Mofolatic, Desi Routz and Beat Minister. The singer has penned four songs in the album as well. "An album is a mark of a singer's identity, which is why it can never be taken lightly. I have tried to incorporate everything for the listeners. It has dubstep, a romantic track, dance number and more. The idea is to bring variety and flavour to the album."

With the singing fraternity in Punjab bitten by the 'singles' bug, Babbal feels an album is important for any singer. "As a singer, if I have to do live shows, I need a good collection of songs, besides my singles have done pretty well, and my fans wanted me to cut an album," adds Babbal who doesn't have a educational degree in music. "I feel responsible when I sing for my fans; I took up lessons in various ragas later on, so that I can work better on music."

Colloraboration is yet another game changer for the music industry, this singer is all for it as long as it creates something meaningful. "I perform with Jassi Gill, Prabh Gill and it works wonders."

Spring in step
Gurvinder Singh

Adulation and admiration for the art of belly dancing is growing in the country, thanks to a young girl, Meher Malik, who has become the face of belly dancing in India. She came to India as a teenage girl and fell in love with the country. "Coming from Muscat, a regulated systematic society, to India was a cultural shock for me," she exclaims. But now she is all for India.

Meher had an experience of dancing with a belly-dancer on a school trip to Egypt at the age of 14 and since then her heart has remained with the dance form. She shot to limelight with her performance in reality television show India's Got Talent. After establishing the school, she has reached out to cities like Ludhiana and held workshops here. "People here very talented and irrespective of age want to learn," she says.

In tune…
The upcoming Punjabi film, Kirpan-The Sword Of Honour, has music that ranges from peppy party numbers to shabad and blend well with the script of the film
Manpriya Singh

In a deluge of romantic comedies, nothing stands apart, starting from the title, the dialogues, the script, or even the characters. Very few tickle the funny bone and most fade into a void. Any take at a different cinema deserves an equal chance, fair share of limelight and response encouraging enough for the industry to start evolving. That is why, at the music launch of upcoming Punjabi film Kirpan-The Sword Of Honour, everything else becomes a bystander, even the music itself.

Roshan Prince, the lead actor and also the singer of the movie, puts forward some valid reasons for his reservations. "Every time there's a press conference for any romantic comedy, the media and even general public on Facebook, often blames us on not attempting meaningful films. Now we have come up with a subject that's serious, so the audience better turn up to watch it." He adds, "The name might suggest it but it's neither a patriotic film nor a religious film. In fact, it's a complete entertainer. There is a message at every step of film."

Nevertheless, each message comes in the garb of entertainment. He adds, "It's like giving medicine in a sugar candy so that it is received well."

Boy to man

It's the story of a boy, which is woven against the journey of a Kirpan, a strong symbol of the culture and community. "My character, before interval, is vivacious and carefree. In the latter half, it matures enough." While the first part of the film has been shot in Punjab, the second part saw the cast and crew relocate to various sights in England.

Lyrical journey

As for the music, the directorial debut by famous writer Amrik Singh Gill has the music by Gurmeet Singh. The total eight songs, by lyricist Amardeep Singh Gill, have been sung by Roshan Prince, Master Salim, Idu Sharif and Miss Pooja. "For the first time, I feel, the songs haven't been put forcefully. The music is a part of the film and takes the story forward." Starting right from the party songs in college scenes to a wedding track, followed by a romantic number, the concluding song is a shabad. "Each and every song fits really well into the story and hasn't been inserted for the sake of it."

One of the songs has been borrowed from the creation of Guru Gobind Singh Ji. He adds, "I seriously hope this film does well for a lot of reasons. If it is appreciated, I'll make sure I do meaningful roles in future. Otherwise, I have Ishq Brandy coming up next," and proves a point.

stress buster
A fine balance
Renee Singh

There is a lot of buzz on how to maintain balance in life. It somehow seems like a tough thing to do because we all like to follow our heart.

Ideally we should maintain a mix of work and play, of things we have to do and things we want to do, of things that drain us and things that feed us. We also need to find enough time for sleep, fun, relationships that sustain us, exercise, eat healthy meals and engage in other life affirming activities that keep our minds and bodies recharged.

How to maintain a balance

Sometimes just trying to maintain a balance can be a task. Even when we find an overall balance, there will be times when:

  • We are overloaded
  • Times when we realise we need to slow down
  • There are times we can't slow down immediately but can start working towards it.
  • If you feel you are still looking for balance in the near future, please don't stress. Being on the path is itself a state of balance.

Maintaining balance is a constant process, you have to learn to recognise when you are not in a state of balance. If you stand perfectly still for a while you are sure to fall. Try balancing on one foot, you will find yourself leaning in one direction and in order to not fall!

You will also notice that there are times when you will need to adjust slightly to be back in balance and there are other times you need to adjust quite a bit.

Staying in balance is unique to everyone because we all have our own unique ways of responding to situations and things. We all have different needs for balance, different variables we work within our lives, different levels of tolerance for imbalance and different resources available to us among other things.

Sometimes, when we get into a state of negativity our thoughts spiral in a downward flow, our immune system goes down and we know we are falling sick. Our throat gets itchy or we have a running nose and fever.

Listen to your body and emotions and make the necessary changes to reach a state of balance. Think of all the things you need to do, you want to do, and which ones you have to do:

  • An ideal situation is a mix of all these things.
  • Learn to say no. Do not allow yourself to get carried away into saying yes to everything that comes your way.
  • Try crossing some ''have to do'' items from your list.
  • Think of your own well being first and then try to make the right choice.
  • Be sure your ''want to'' items, which are sources of joy and feed you emotionally as well.

Everything in your busy schedule may seem vital, but you have to learn to let go.

Ask For Help

  • A friend or an objective observer can easily spot your need to get back to balance. Ask for an objective opinion.
  • Getting help from a life coach is also one good way of getting back to balance.
  • Going to a therapist for professional help may be a good idea.

Stress at work or raising kids are certain situations providing a moderate amount of stress. Finding balance may seem a challenging task, but for one's own health and well-being it is the only way to minimise stress and live a healthy life.

(Singh is a Chandigarh based psychotherapist)

Future Shock
Green is in
Nishtha Shukla Anand

At a consumer electronics show held in Las Vegas recently, the world has seen a wonderful line-up of concept cars. We saw a slate of vehicles that are constantly being improved and experimented upon. These cars are being designed and innovated using the latest power technologies. In fact, some of the major automobile manufacturers showcased interesting concept cars this month. This means, we will soon be able to run cars partially on electricity or solar energy. City drivers are constantly bothered about fuel prices. For all of those, the sooner we see these lovely concept cars rolling on the road, the faster we go on our path to nirvana.

One of the superstars is likely to be the C-MAX concept from Detroit-based Ford. This is a completely solar-powered vehicle and something we have never seen before. This car has been developed by Ford in association with SunPower Corp of San Jose, California and Georgia Institute of Technology. It would have the ability to harness the power of the Sun using a concentrator that works like a magnifying glass. The rays of the Sun would be directed to the roof of this vehicle, which would help it move.

The other star launch was the debut of an FCV from Toyota Motors. This is a fuel cell powered concept designed to be a sedan. It uses hydrogen as battery and the only exhaust this car would leave would be water vapor. The car is expected to launch in California by 2015. Toyota is also showcasing a test mule vehicle, which would be a hydrogen power train that would be tested on real roads.

Audi also made an outstanding entry with its concept car that drove by itself onto the stage. This car would drive itself, using a super chip and being routed by 'smart roads'. However, their highlight was the laser-equipped Audi Sport Quattro Laserlight. This was a red hybrid car with laserlight LED/laser lamp headlights.

(Anand is a Chandigarh based technology expert)

Master Chef
A warm treat
Ranjan Dibya

The nip is in the air and the sun is playing hide and seek. This is the time to try out hot and warm concoctions with different options. Add a dash of vodka to cream and coffee with other creamy additions and you have "Roule", which tastes out of the world.

Fresh coffee cream Roule


Preheat the oven at 160 c temperature. Boil the milk and add sugar. Then bring it to room temperature and add milkmaid. Add egg yolk to the mixture. Add coffee decoction and Vodka together. Blend it using a hand blender, pour in individual baking mould. In a tray add some water keep the baking molds on water. Bake it at 160C for 20 minutes. Remove from the oven and bring it to room temperature. Before serving chill it in the refrigerator. Serve chilled garnish with coffee beans and coco wafers.


  • 200 Ml milk
  • 100 Ml milk maid
  • 50ml coffee decoction
  • 2tsp. vodka
  • 5 No egg yolk
  • 60Gm. castor sugar

(Dibya is a Ludhiana based senior executive chef)

As told to Poonam Bindra

Take one
Ratish Gupta
Ratish Gupta

Punjabi Cinema Golden Honors a celebration of the rich heritage of Punjabi film and entertainment Industry is honouring those artists who have helped the industry scale its current heights. The Golden Honors being organised at CT group of Institutions, Jalandhar on Febuary 8 will help promote meaningful Punjabi cinema along with the work of new and up coming Punjabi film makers. Says Ratish Gupta, founder Punjabi Canvas, an organisation that aims to promote the Punjabi Language and Punjabi Cinema, "Punjabi Honors will create a common platform where legends, present stars and future artists will come together and share the same space. It is also our endeavour to educate the people of Punjab about the legacy of our cinema (it's journey over time) so that they can appreciate the growth that our industry has seen and be proud to be associated with it."

The day of the event would begin with a seminar on the growth and technical advancement of Punjabi cinema. The seminar will be followed by a screening session of Punjabi short films and documentaries. The culmination of the event would be with an honors night for the veterans and contemporary stars of Punjabi cinema.


Sweet delight

Gelato Vinto, a brand of natural Italian frozen desert has redefined the ice cream eating culture worldwide is launching their store in Chandigarh. It is a natural, fresher and a more nutritious, low fat version of industrial ice cream, people are substituting it and indulging in it instead of ice cream.

Akshay Batra , CEO Gelato Vinto sees Chandigarh as a place for foodies. In the city we will have different flavours including signature flavours like Chocolate Fudge Cake, Butterscotch Caramel Cake, Mango, Strawberry and Belgian Chocolate that are also available across other stores. Being 100 per centvegetarian in nature makes Gelato the best option for all including all the vegetarians. Also, it is freshly-made daily to ensure that it is always fresh unlike industrial ice cream, which is manufactured and stored indefinitely. — TNS

star track
American Hustle’s cast rocks at SAG Awards

The 20th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards gave David O Russell's con-man comedy American Hustle the top prize, making it the front-runner for Oscar gold.

The comedic film, loosely based on the Abscam scandal of the late '70s, received just two nominations at the awards, but it won the big one: outstanding performance by a cast in a motion picture.
Actress Claire Danes arrives at the 20th annual Screen Actors Guild Awards in Los Angeles, California
One for the camera: Actress Claire Danes arrives at the 20th annual Screen Actors Guild Awards in Los Angeles, California. — Reuters

Its star Bradley Cooper, practically yelling his approval, paid tribute to director David O Russell for the film.

Hustle and 12 Years a Slave are among the leading Oscar nominees, and at the SAG Awards the two films faced off for outstanding ensemble—the SAG Awards' equivalent of Oscar's best picture.

12 Years..., about a freeman forced into slavery in 19th-century America, led all SAG Awards nominees with four nominations.

Matthew McConaughey of Dallas Buyers Club took home the Screen Actors Guild Award for outstanding performance by a male actor in a leading role. He plays an AIDS-afflicted man in the film.

Cate Blanchett, who also won a Globe, won the SAG Award for lead female actor for her role in Woody Allen's Blue Jasmine.

Lupita Nyong'o and Jared Leto led off the awards by winning prizes for supporting female actor and supporting male actor, respectively.

Leto, who stars as a transgender woman in Dallas Buyers Club, paid tribute to those who have been victims of AIDS, "that terrible disease." Nyong'o, who plays a slave terrorised by a plantation owner in 12 Years a Slave, won over competition that included Oprah Winfrey (Lee Daniels' The Butler) and Jennifer Lawrence (American Hustle).

Rita Moreno accepted the Screen Actors Guild's Life Achievement Award. She and presenter Morgan Freeman fell into their old Electric Company roles, pronouncing out "SAG-AFTRA." In the television categories, Modern Family won comedy series ensemble. It is the show's fourth straight SAG Award.

Veep's Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Modern Family's Ty Burrell won the honours for their performances in TV comedies. Michael Douglas (Behind the Candelabra) and Helen Mirren (Phil Spector) also took home trophies. Breaking Bad won drama series ensemble and star Bryan Cranston took home the award for male actor in a drama.

Downton Abbey star Maggie Smith won an award for female actor in a drama series. — PTI

Bipasha’s dance lessons

Bipasha Basu has launched her fitness DVD Unleash, which features her working out with regular people using dance methods. The launch was in South Mumbai.

A quick turn

At a recent awards function, Kareena Kapoor Khan ran into her ex-boyfriend Shahid Kapoor backstage. She did a quick U-turn. She returned to rehearse her steps only after he had completed his rehearsals and left.

Meet Alia Bhatt, the singer

Alia Bhatt, who has lent her voice to a song in her upcoming film Highway, says that if she fails as an actress, she will turn to singing. When director Imtiaz Ali asked her to croon a number in Highway, she jumped at the idea.

"I am not a singer... I think I am a bathroom singer. When I was asked to sing, I was excited and thought of trying it (singing) out. A R Rahman sir was very patient with me. If I fail as an actress, I will become a singer," Alia said at a film's promotional event.

When the team of Highway was traveling, since it is a road movie, Alia would often sing Rahman's song Jiya Re Jiya. That's when Imtiaz thought of exploring her singing talent. Music maestro A R Rahman told her to practice and said that if she learnt singing for two years, she could have her album.

According to Alia, who is geared up for the highway journey in a de-glam avatar with Randeep Hooda, both acting and singing are difficult. "I am just two films old when it comes to acting and it's my debut as a singer with Highway. For me both are difficult," she said. — PTI

Like a house of cards

Director duo Abbas-Mustan were supposed to direct John Abraham and Abhishek Bachchan in the Bollywood remake of Vettai. Now it seems that the production house wants to replace the actors so the director duo will walk out too.

Making a small difference

Vidyut Jamwal, who is known for his martial arts and fitness levels, received a letter from a fan who was inspired by him to exercise and lose weight.

Of time and tide

Hrithik Roshan has returned to the sets of Bang Bang after nearly four months. He is in Shimla with Katrina Kaif and director Siddharth Anand. He was on a break due to health reasons.

After the surgery, the therapy ...
Emraan Hashmi’s son may go abroad for treatment

Actor Emraan Hashmi's four-year-old son, who was diagnosed with first-stage cancer and underwent a surgery, is likely to go for chemotherapy sessions abroad. Ayan had a successful surgery on January 15 and is recovering after a malignant tumour was removed from his kidney.

"He is likely to be discharged tomorrow. As the surgery was successful, they are likely to go abroad for treatment... for chemotherapy," sources said. Apparently, cricketer Yuvraj Singh, who had earlier been diagnosed with a cancerous tumour in his left lung and underwent chemotherapy in the US, has given a reference to the actor. — PTI

Jennifer Hudson performing for Michelle Obama

Singer-actress Jennifer Hudson is all set to perform at US First Lady Michelle Obama's 50th birthday celebration. The 32-year-old I Can't Describe hit maker is performing in Washington but says she couldn't think of a gift to get her, reported a publication.

Asked how easy it was to pick out something special for Michelle, Hudson said, "You don't. You just go and be there and show your support, that's all you can do." The singer is really looking forward to the party. "I can't describe my new single but it's in the groove and the Obamas have already got it. It'll be fun." she said. — PTI

chatter box
Living in the moment

Krystle DSouza, seen as Sakshi in her new show Ek Nayi Pehchaan (ENP), loves her show and character as she says that is close to her real personality. She talks about her rapport with co-star Poonam Dhillion and more.

How is response of your new show?

The response is great as people are appreciating the chemistry between Poonamji and me, which is unlike any saas-bahu story anyone has seen. Here we support each other than take up fights. People also love the small fights between me and my on-screen husband.

The show seems to be inspired by English Vinglish. What's your take on it?

I don't know if it's inspired or not. All shows are inspired from some film or the others. Family dramas often take a leaf from Hum Saath Saath Hain. In ENP, we are not talking about learning English but about the basics. Sharda is illiterate and it's about her taking a step towards edication.

How is it to act with Poonam Dhillon?

Off screen we gel really well. We are like a house on fire. We chat a lot, even the production crew gets fed up. Our bonding is great, which also shows on screen.

How close are you to the character?

At sometimes, I feel like I am not even acting. I'm very close to Sakshi. Like her, I say what I think and feel. I am honest but care a lot about people and their emotions just like she does.

Are you looking at films next?

I am not thinking about the future as I believe in enjoying the present. When something has to happen it will. Till then, I want to focus on the present.

Being a good girl

Hina Khan of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai donated woollens at an NGO she recently visited. The actress was in Delhi to promote a brand and as the NGO was associated with it, she did her bit for the kids.

Shiv out, Sonal in

Actor Shiv Siddharth who was playing the role of a collegiate has been replaced and now actor Sonal Handa will be seen in the role opposite Saanchi (Roop Durgapal) in Balika Vadhu. Hope love in Saanchi's life stays on and doesn't end up like it happened with Jagya.

Rumour mills at work

After rumours that Salman Khan might not host popular reality show Bigg Boss in the next season, now buzz is that Ranbir Kapoor might replace him as the host. Last season Salman hinted time and again that he might not be on the show next season, which perhaps has given way to speculation. Let's see what's in store.

Shweta gets lucky

After Rahil Azam was finalised as the lead in a Life OK's upcoming show, produced by Garima Productions, now buzz is that Shweta Salve will play the lead opposite him. Shooting schedules of the period drama, which is touted as a big budget show, will start in Banaras from January 20. Shweta is very excited to have got this role and hopes to do a good job.

No more issues

Monica Bedi, aka Gumaan of Saraswatichandra, will soon be back on the show. Her character disappeared suddenly, which sources say was because she wasn't happy with the track. Now she will be back with a vengeance. 

The year ahead
Madan Gupta Spatu

If your birthday is January 20...

You'll be attracted by a beneficial proposal from a close friend. Evaluate it carefully but don't grant yourself a long time to do it. You'll feel a great urge to confide in your partner and talk about things which have upset you in the past.

2014 is quite favourable for businessmen and their social status and standing would improve further. Your industrious qualities would further increase and hence you should derive the maximum mileage during this time frame. Those dealing in consumer products, especially food and garments, will be expanding their business. Some good news will make this a fantastic period for those born before 1980. Sometimes you must take a risk, especially if your dreams are at stake.

Positive colours: White, sky blue, pink & cream

Select days: Sunday & Monday

Favourable numbers: 1,4,2,7

Gems recommended: Pearl, moon stone.

Charity on birthday: Donate white clothes to eligible needy or at a religious place today.

Rob Bourdon (Robert Gregory Bourdon, January 20, 1979 , Calabasas, California) who shares the birthday with you, is a famous drummer of Linkin Park. Rob is the youngest member of the band.

Astro turf
P Khurrana

ARIES: New business deals offered to you are worth considering. Artists get acclaim for their work and make good money for their work. If married, you plan a romantic evening with your spouse. Tarot message: You are on the right track, so don't allow others to interfere. Lucky colour: Lotus pink. Lucky number: 27.

TAURUS: Business and work opportunities are plenty. Take one step at a time to climb up the ladder of success. You make an important effort to resolve family issues. Soul searching helps in many ways. Tarot message: Business problems must be solved at the earliest. Lucky colour: Black. Lucky number: 59

GEMINI: You could have many public rivals. Focus on routine work and maintain a low profile. You have to test a number of possibilities to fine-tune your business strategy. Tarot message: You should pursue your goals without a thought of disapproval. Lucky colour: Green. Lucky number: 26.

CANCER: You are on your own, as friends and close relatives refuse to come to your aid. Poetry and literary gatherings hold your interest today. Despite your best efforts, domestic life may remain disturbed. Tarot message: Your determination to succeed will pay dividends. Lucky colour: Blue. Lucky number: 48.

LEO: Participation in a charitable activity is indicated today. The share market yields good profits after the recent uncertain phase. You struggle to keep your temper in check today. Tarot message: Don't allow others to interfere in business or personal affiars. Lucky colour: Peach. Lucky number: 45.

VIRGO: Finances need urgent sorting out today and your idea and plan is to invest and save wisely for a secure future. A happy event celebrated at home is enjoyable and keeps you on your toes. Tarot message: Lack of caution can leave you in losses; so be confident. Lucky colour: White. Lucky number: 25.

LIBRA: Thoughts of giving up midway are high. So weigh pros and cons wisely. Cancerian surprises you with a generous gift. Socializing will keep you busy. Tarot message: Seek out solid; well-researched information before making any moves. Lucky colour: Red. Lucky number: 50.

SCORPIO: There could be new career opportunities due to your past efforts. Spending quality time with your partner will be a priority for you. Travel plans for business or pleasure are possible. Tarot message: Catching financial opportunities at the earliest. Lucky colour: Grey. Lucky number: 58.

SAGITTARIUS: Mediation takes you deeper within. Health and physical energy is good but you need to take frequent breaks and watch out your diet and fitness routine. Tarot message: Leave things open-ended for best results. Lucky color: Magenta. Lucky number: 51

CAPRICORN: If there are important meetings today, you need to be focused and prepared as seniors and business associates will take a note of your ability to handle last minute changes. Tarot message: Don't get hassled by ordinary situations. Lucky color: Yellow. Lucky number: 34.

AQUARIUS: A trip is on the cards. You may be unable to make up your mind about an important decision. Don't hesitate to discuss things with close associates as this will help you gain a better perspective. Tarot message: Feel free to change your mind. Lucky colour: Forest green. Lucky number: 39

PISCES: You will be in a cheerful frame of mind. Going out of your way to help colleagues or loved ones will earn you goodwill and appreciation. Students need to fine tune their plans for higher education. Tarot message: You concentrate on projects with reliable outcomes. Lucky colour: Pink. Lucky number: 57.

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