L U D H I A N A   S T O R I E S


MC to cut fuel expenditure
Shivani Bhakoo
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, January 27
The fund-starved Ludhiana Municipal Corporation has gone on austerity mode. To start with, the MC will cut fuel expenditure on its vehicles.

Vehicles allotted to officials and the field staff, including cars, tractors, earthmoving machines, trucks and tippers will get a fixed quota of fuel. The orders to restrict the fuel consumptions will be out in a couple of days, said sources.

The civic body spends around Rs 17 crore on fuel annually. Senior Engineer, Operations and Maintenance, Manjit Singh has been asked to compile a data of fuel consumption by all vehicles. The drivers, controlling officers in the PWD, Health and Horticulture departments have been asked to give feedback of fuel consumption.

MC officials say rationing of fuel will help the MC save around Rs 4 crore annually.

Official Speak

MC Commissioner Rahul Tiwari said a meeting on fuel cut would be held on Tuesday. “Such an exercise was conducted a few years ago and the results were encouraging. MC vehicles should be kept off-road once a week (except in case of emergency).” said Tiwari. 


* MC spends around Rs  17 crore annually on fuel

* Each vehicle will be get a fixed quota of fuel

* MC expects to save around Rs 4 crore annually with the rationing of fuel

* Orders expected to be issued on January 28 


1 killed, two hurt in furnace blast 
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, January 27
A worker was killed and two others were injured after an explosion in a furnace at a factory in Dhandari.

The deceased was identified as 20-year-old Shiv Ram. The injured, 35-year-old Tofal Khan and Irshad, migrant labourers putting up at Gyaspura, were rushed to a hospital.

While Shiv Ram died on the spot, Tofal's condition is stated to be serious. Irshad was discharged from the hospital this evening.

The incident took place on Sunday afternoon when workers of Kanav Agro Industries put the machine tools into a furnace for heating.

The oil kept near the furnace caught fire leading to an explosion. Shiv Ram, who was working near the furnace, suffered burns and died on the spot. Tofal and Irshad, who were standing at a distance, also suffered burn injuries.

The police reached the spot and started investigations. Prima facie, the police suspect that shot-circuit was the cause behind the explosion.

Shiv, a native of Uttar Pradesh, was living in Samrat Colony in Gyaspura. He was working in the factory for past many years. The police have informed the victim's relative. The investigating officer said action would be taken after receiving a complaint of the victim's kin.

Factory owner Ved Parkash said it was an accident.

On April 6, 2013, four workers were injured after a boiler blew up at an adhesive manufacturing unit at Beantpura near Samrala Chowk.



50 trees axed for road widening at PAU
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, January 27
A total of 50 trees were axed for the widening of a road on the Punjab Agricultural University (PAU) campus.

The university employees and morning walkers were shocked to see working axing the huge silver oak trees.

Soon the word spread that the trees were being cut to widen the road starting from the Vice-Chancellor's office to Veterinary Hospital.

Environmentalists lamented that the university which was known for its pioneering work in the field agriculture and forestry was destroying the green cover.

Morning walkers said vehicles entering the PAU campus were not following the speed limit (30km per hour) and the widening of the road would result in rash driving.

PAU Estate Officer Dr Jaskaran Singh said the silver oak trees had outlived and were posing a hindrance to the growth of kusum trees that have been planted next to the silver oak trees.

He maintained that the PAU authorities were not going to widen the road.

DP Maur, a retired PAU employee and a unionist, expressed his displeasure over the felling of trees for beautification.

Divisional Forest Officer Daljit Singh Brar said: “The trees are the university’s property and they can chop these if they wish to.” 



MC seeks suggestions from NGOs, residents
Shivani Bhakoo
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, January 27
The Ludhiana Municipal Corporation has sought suggestions from non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and residents to check the begging problem in the city.

MC Additional Commissioner (Technical) SP Singh said: “The MC, police and the district administration cannot solve the problem. NGOs and voluntary organisations have been asked to give suggestions till February 5 at the MC office, Mata Rani Chowk. After going through the suggestions, the authorities will hold a meeting for the rehabilitation of beggars.”

UK Sarda, a representative of an NGO said there were over 10,000 beggars in the city.

“We can overcome the problem by planning the rehabilitation of beggars. The authorities should set up a shelter for beggars,” added Sarda.

Beggars are found in a large number at traffic lights and religious places. Recently, a priest at the Dandi Swami Chowk temple complained that the beggars become violent when devotees refuse to give them alms. “Some beggars are also drug addicts and seek alms just to buy the same, said Mahanand, a priest at the Dandi Swami Chowk temple. 



Complainants speak their mind 
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, January 27
The Commissioner's complaint darbar is fast turning into a platform for people to voice their grudges against police personnel.

In the past, complainants put the SHOs in a spot of bother.

During today's complaint darbar too, complainants were seen expressing disgust at police inaction.

In the afternoon, a woman from Shimlapuri met the Commissioner and sought disciplinary action against the SHO of the area.

She alleged that her husband had forced her into prostitution.

She said she had approached the Shimlapuri police many a time, but the SHO did not take action.

The Commissioner marked an inquiry to Deputy Commissioner of Police Harsh Bansal.

An elderly woman, Sharanjit Kaur from Shimlapuri, stated that she had sold a plot measuring 100 sq yd to one Gurcharan Singh, but he had usurped her plot and the police were not taking action.

Residents demanded that Bhupinder Singh Sidhu should be reinstated as the ADCP-II.

Bhupinder Singh Sidhu was transferred recently. He is the AIG of the NRI wing.

The residents said the officer was not only polite, but also had a knack of resolving disputes amicably. 



Better Ludhiana/traffic
Ferozepur Road turning a killer stretch
One needs to have a brave heart for travelling on the 18-km stretch from Jagraon Bridge to Mullapur. It tests the driver’s skills, as one needs to be careful to avoid a head-on collision with an oncoming vehicle. When commuters reach the newly constructed eight-laned road, they tend to over speed, which often leads to accidents. Ludhiana Tribune takes stock of the situation.
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service
The pedestrian underpass near Aggar nagar still lying unused; and (right) commuters pass through the road violating traffic rules on Ferozepur road in Ludhiana.
The pedestrian underpass near Aggar nagar still lying unused; and (right) commuters pass through the road violating traffic rules on Ferozepur road in Ludhiana.

Ludhiana, January 27
The 18 kilometer-long stretch from Jagraon Bridge to Mullapur is fast turning into a death trap for commuters.

Courtesy the "erratic" designing of the road, which has been constructed only to cater to the fast moving vehicles, while no provision has been made for those moving slowly on the stretch.

A majority of commuters who were either travelling on motorbikes have met with accidents. It seems the reason behind widening the Ferozepur Road is to reap the commercial benefit of the stretch and not the increasing number of accidents.

There is gross violation of traffic rules around the under-construction shopping mall, near Sacred Heart School, BRS Nagar, on the Ferozepur Road. Despite repeated requests by residents, the traffic lights have not been made functional on the busy Barewal Chowk.

The storm sewerage on the road has been covered to provide an easy passage to the under-construction shopping mall, inviting further accidents to happen.

It is learnt that two traffic officials had even filed a detail reports stating that direct access to the shopping mall could lead to fatal road accidents as the mall was being constructed right opposite to Barewal Chowk. Soon, the authorities reportedly gave nod for constructing the passage and a departmental store in front of shopping mall.

Marriage palaces flouting norms

Poor parking outside marriage palaces during the wedding season has become a major traffic problem on the Ferozepur Road. A majority of the marriage palaces do not have adequate parking facility and cars are parked alongside the road. Though the Administration and the police issue warnings claiming to take action, but there has been no improvement in the situation there.The guests coming out of these marriage palaces under the influence of liquor drive rashly, which often results in fatal accidents.

Rash bus driving

Bus drivers drive rashly on the busy stretch between Ludhiana to Mullapur which often leads to road mishaps. The bus drivers, working for the transport agencies, have scant regard for traffic lights. In the past, several incidents have taken place where the speeding bus had rammed into a stationary vehicle parked at the traffic lights. No action has been taken in this regard. Many times, the issue has been raised to install speed governors in the buses to curtail over speeding, but the Transport Department seems to be sleeping on the issue. Irresponsible driving by bus drivers leads to chaos on roads.There have been complaints that the bus drivers, instead of parking the vehicle on designated places, park their buses in the middle of the road.

"Even while halting at the traffic lights the bus drivers park their vehicles on the extreme left side even when they have to turn to the right side. It is common sight at Bharat Nagar Chowk and Bhai Bala Chowk. Not only this leads to traffic chaos, but also causes traffic jams," said Deepak Khanna, who owns a showroom on Bhai Bala Chowk.

Pedestrian underpass

Two pedestrian underpasses (PUP) built by the government portrays a perfect picture of neglect. It has been over a year since the PUP constructed near Mini Secretariat was thrown open to the public, but the pedestrians never use the underpass. Another PUP built near Aagar Nagar is in a state of neglect. Instead, it is being used by drug addicts and for dumping garbage.Three-wheelers, heavy vehicles adding to the problemThe mushrooming of auto-rickshaws and plying of heavy vehicles have also added to the chaos. "The heavy vehicle and the auto -rickshaw drivers do not follow lane driving. One never knows when an auto -rickshaw driver will take a sharp turn while picking up or dropping the passengers," said Divesh, a commuter.

Projects in limbo

Many projects could not see the light of the day due to "fund crunch". The district administration had earlier identified 12 accident-prone points on the Ludhiana-Mullapur stretch and it was decided that caution signals and road bumps would be constructed on the stretch to reduce road accidents. But the project could not be initiated after the Public Works Department (PWD) estimated that it would cost Rs 12 lakh to the department. While crores of rupees were spent on the widening of the road, no caution signals and road bumps were installed at the accident-prone points, which includes government schools and hospitals.

Encroachment of slipway

Encroachments by shopkeepers on the slipway on the Ferozepur Road have also led to chaos on the stretch. Instead of removing encroachments, both the Municipal Corporation and the police indulge indulge in blame game. Traffic experts believe that if small vehicles are diverted on the slipway it will ease the traffic from the highway. Sources said the shopkeepers hare are the vote bank of politicians and they do not want to annoy them. Whenever any anti -encroachment drive takes place politicians come forward to shield the encroachers.

‘We are going to expand the stretch’

You travel on the road starting from Veka Milk Plant till Octori post. You will feel as if you are travelling on an airstrip. We have not only built a good road, but have also provided adequate parking facility for the commuters. We are going to expand the stretch till Jagraon Bridge. I have come to know the traffic lights are not working near Gurdev Hospital. The traffic lights will be fixed at the earliest and if the passage given to the under construction shopping mall becomes accident prone, it will be blocked  —Sharanjit Singh Dhillon, PWD Minister



Traffic cops pass on the buck to MC
Say civic body not cooperating in repairing traffic lights 
Charanjit Singh Teja
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana January 27
The traffic police pass on the buck to the Ludhiana Municipal Corporation (LMC) even when the general public criticises the traffic police for not having proper traffic arrangements in place on busy chowks and markets. The traffic police say the MC has not been repairing the traffic lights on time and do not provide generator sets or battery backup to run the lights when there is a power cut.

The senior traffic official alleged that after repeat letters to MC officials they did not paint the yellow line on the city roads.

"Due to the callous attitude of the MC officials, the traffic lights at some of the chowks have remained defunct for months. The traffic in-charges complain to the MC contractors on a regular basis. The defunct traffic lights make the job tough for policemen and the commuters have to face inconvenience." Gurdeep Singh, ADCP traffic said, "In the absence of yellow line on the city roads, residents park their vehicles haphazardly. We have written several times to the Municipal Commissioner to get the yellow line painted on roads. The traffic lights do not work properly. When it becomes dysfunctional, we have to call the contractor several times and ultimately it is our men who suffer."

Mayor, Harcharan Singh Gohlwaria said, "For the maintenance of traffic lights, we have a private contractor. If he is not working properly then I will pull him up. Our priority is to keep the city roads free from traffic snarls. We will get the yellow lines painted on the roads in the markets. Some of the roads will also be re-carpeted."



After claiming 8 lives, Elevated Road considered ‘jinxed’
Shivani Bhakoo
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, January 27
The "accident"-prone area of about 250 feet stretch on the Elevated Road seems to have become "jinxed" for MC contractors, who maintain that the particular stretch. So far, the stretch has claimed the lives of eight persons. Besides, the masons who tried to maintain and weld the grills etc, started suffering from one disease or the other. Terming all these to be "superstitions", the office-bearers of the Tarksheel Society believe that such things could never be proved and accidents could have occurred due to some "faulty-design" etc.

Contractor Gurvinder Singh said that ever since he took the contract of making grills on the Elevated Road, he had to face many problems. "On this particular stretch, eight persons have died in various accidents. Day before yesterday, a driver of a tractor-trailer lost control over the vehicle and it broke the huge grill barrier. A major tragedy could have taken place if the trailer would have fallen down from the Elevated Road. Besides, the workers who make the grills and iron barricades have been suffering from many physical ailments. I have to keep changing the workforce daily", said the contractor.

Joginder Singh, a shopkeeper, said that the road was not "safe" as it had claimed many lives in the past. Terming these to be mere superstitions, the president of the Tarksheel Society here Megh Raj Mittal said that such things could never be proved by anyone. "These are nothing but superstitions. If persons have lost their lives that may be due to negligent driving or the design of that particular stretch could be faulty. But saying that the road is unlucky is not justified. And we must not promote such things, too", added Mittal.



Power Dept’s shocker for consumers
Demands advanced consumption deposit; amount to increase if consumption rises
Lovleen Bains

Sahnewal, January 27
The advanced consumption deposit charged in the electricity bills came as a shocker for consumers and left them fuming.

It is learnt that the amount shall increase every year if the consumption rises. Consumers are sore over the unannounced move of the Powercom.

“After frequent hikes in the prices of LPG, petrol and diesel, the common man is now made to bear this new charge. Is the charge justified when consumers have already deposited the security for electricity meters before their installation? It is akin to paying toll tax when you have already deposited road tax for your vehicle. We fail to understand why a consumer was being charged twice for one service,” said Amana Baba, a resident of the town.

Social workers Amrik Singh Sandhu and Sampooran Singh Sanam said, “Consumers have been caught unawares. The electricity department has added the advanced consumption deposit to the bills without intimating the consumers. This when the price of power per unit is already high.”

“The Akali-BJP combine has ruined the common man. While it is in the habit of blaming the Centre for every problem being faced by the residents of the state, it has to justify the move of additional security being demanded from consumers,” said Sanjeev Kumar Verma, the president of Young Citizens’ Association of Sahnewal.

“One shock after another awaits the common man today. On the one hand, the Delhi Government has made power cheaper while on the other, the Punjab Government is hell bent on emptying the pockets of residents of the state,” said Mohinder Singh Kooner, adviser of the association.

Harbans Singh, a social worker, said, “The government has been testing the patience of the common man. The Akali-BJP combine will be shown the door in the next election.”

Amanpreet Singh, PSPCL SDO, Sahnewal sub-division, said, “Consumers are definitely finding it hard to deposit the consumption deposit in one go. Hence, they have been asked to pay it in instalments. The department has acted tough as the outstanding amount at each sub-station is nearly a crore. The advanced consumption deposit shall increase if the consumption on a particular meter increases.”



Teachers’ arrest invites criticism, fellows seek release
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, January 27
Representatives of the TET Pass Unemployed Teachers Union, Punjab, have alleged harassment at the hands of the police.

On Republic Day, teachers were arrested under Section 107-151 of the CrPC. Unable to meet the Chief Minister, the teachers held a protest at Chatar Singh Park. The police sent them to Dehlon, Meharbaan, Koom Kalan and Ludhiana.

Most of the teachers were let off at night. Parveen Kumar, general secretary of the Government School Teachers Union, in a release stated that they would be take out a protest march tomorrow. SHO, Model Town, Gurdev Singh said: "The court has sent 36 teachers to judicial custody." 



AAP holds protest outside DC office
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, January 27
Members of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) today held a massive dharna in front of the office of the Deputy Commissioner (DC) demanding arrest of those who attacked the party’s workers in Amritsar during the Republic Day celebrations.

The convenor of the party’s Punjab unit, Harjot Singh Bains, claimed that about 600-700 members of the AAP were taking part in a function organised to unfurl the Tricolour to mark the Republic Day at Company Bagh, Amritsar, on Sunday morning when nearly 3,000 members of the Hindu Krantikari Sena reached there, insulted the National Flag and attacked the AAP workers, including a large number of women.

The attackers were denouncing Arvind Kejriwal and shouting slogans in favour of the BJP’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi, he added.

“A large number of policemen was present at the spot. However, they turned a blind eye to the attack and did not take any action against the attackers despite repeated requests of the AAP members. An FIR was lodged only after a number of protests were held in the evening. We demand that the culprits be arrested immediately and justice provided to our party workers. We are holding demonstrations in front of the DC offices across the state and will keep protesting till justice prevails."

Among those present at the dharna were AAP district convenor Ajay Mittal, district secretary Balbir Aggarwal and Sandeep Mishra.



SAD-BJP discriminating against Ludhiana: Tewari
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, January 27
Union Information and Broadcasting Minister Manish Tewari today said the SAD-BJP government was vindictively discriminatory towards Ludhiana. He said not only was the government discriminating against the city of 30 lakh people, it was even diverting funds for development of Ludhiana to Bathinda.

Talking to representations of people from different areas, particularly Ludhiana South, Atam Nagar and Central constituencies, who met him to highlight problems related to civic amenities, Tewari regretted that the Akalis were trying to settle score with the people of Ludhiana just because they voted against them during the last Assembly elections.

He said, "I am not against developing Bathinda, but I am certainly against developing it at the cost of Ludhiana.”

The Union minister said roads in the city had been left with potholes for years together just because the Akalis want to prove a point that if people do not vote for them they would have to face discrimination on the development front.

Tewari said the Akalis must understand that the government should carry out development in a uniform manner.

The Congress minister alleged that the Central projects that he had managed to get for Ludhiana like cleaning of the Buddha Nullah were not allowed to take off as Akalis feared that he might get the credit.



The Republic’s patriotic frenzy 
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, January 27
Ludhiana: Students of Tagore Public School celebrated Republic Day with fervour. They presented various items. The chief guest unfurled the National Flag.

Green Grove

An inter-school debate was held at Green Grove Public School. For seniors, the topic was 'Juvenile criminals should be pardoned for heinous crimes' while for juniors it was 'Parents should be held responsible for discipline in schools'. Students from Ludhiana, Khanna and Gobindgarh participated in the competition. JPS Jolly, president, Green Grove, was the chief guest. BCM Aryan Model Senior Secondary School, Ludhiana, bagged the overall trophy.

Drishti Dr RC Jain

To mark the R-Day celebrations, a fete was held at Drishti Dr RC Jain Innovative Senior Secondary Public School, Narangwal, Ludhiana. The event aimed at raising funds for UDAAN, a social community project, under which education is being imparted to 75 slum children. Students gave dance performances. An exhibition was also held.

Ryan International

A special assembly was held at Ryan International School. Surinder Dawar, Member of Legislative Assembly, unfurled the National Flag. A cultural programme was also presented.

Bharatiya Vidya Mandir

Patriotic fervour pervaded Bharatiya Vidya Mandir. Schoolteacher Parveen Sharma hoisted the National Flag. A colourful programme was presented by students. Meanwhile, the faculty and Trust members of BVM, Udham Singh Nagar, celebrated the 65th Republic Day with zeal. Principal Bandana Sethi unfurled the National Flag. School manager OP Sabharwal told students about the formation of the Constitution.

Vardhman school

Parents unfurled the Tricolour at Vardhman International Public School. Students presented a cultural programme.

Bon Voyage

A cultural programme marked the R-Day celebrations at Bon Voyage Vidya Bhawan. Students presented skits on female foeticide, child labour and the other social evils.

Saraswati Modern School

Tributes were paid to the freedom fighters at Saraswati Modern School. The chief guest unfurled the flag. A march past was also held.


The 65th Republic Day was celebrated with fervour in the town. Students presented cultural programmes. A function was held at Ahmedgarh's Town Hall, where executive officer Chetan Sharma hoisted the Tricolour. Patriotic songs, poems and choreographies were presented by students of DAV High School, Islamia High School, Green Valley Public School, Sanatan Vidya Mandir Senior Secondary School and Maya Devi Public School. Office-bearers of various social and educational organisations were honoured for their selfless service to society. Another function was organised at Shaheed Bhagat Singh by the local unit of Bharat Vikas Parishad. Rajesh Sharma, president of the parishad, unfurled the National Flag. A sub-division level function was organised at the market committee in Payal. Tributes were paid to martyrs. Indu Puri, president of the nagar panchayat, Malaud, was the guest of honour. At Raikot, students mesmerised everybody with their performances.

State Bank of Patiala

The zonal office of the State Bank of Patiala celebrated the 65th R-Day on the Ludhiana-Jalandhar highway. Rajeev Kumar Sharma, deputy general manager of the bank, hoisted the National Flag. Sweets were distributed.


Blood donation and check-up camps marked the R-Day celebrations. An NGO, Zindagi Live Foundation, organised its 30th blood donation camp at Pindi Dyal Dharamshala, near Kailash Chowk.

Around 412 units of blood were collected by teams of doctors from Dayanand Medical College and Hospital, Christian Medical College and Hospital and Civil Hospital. Yogesh Gupta, general secretary of the foundation, said they had donated 3,900 units of blood to different hospitals to date. Divam-Khula Aasman, an NGO, organised a blood donation camp at Bharatiya Vidya Mandir, Civil Lines. As many as 100 units of blood were collected. The NGO thanked Dayanand Medical College for making a camp success.

A medical check-up camp was held at Hero DMC Heart Institute. Two hundred patients were examined at the camp.

Martyrs remembered

The United Cycle and Parts Association held a function and paid tributes to martyrs. 

District Congress

The District Congress Committee, Vidhan Sabha (East), celebrated the 65th Republic Day at Vishwakarma Chowk. President of the body Pawan Dewan distributed sweets among workers. The District Women Congress (Rural) also celebrated the day. Books were given to needy students.


The Bharatiya Janata Party organised functions at various places. Prof Rajinder Bhandari and Satpal Gosain unfurled the National Flag.

Bal Bhalai School

Cultural programmes were held at Bal Bhalai School and Kitta Sikhlai Kendra, Dr Ambedkar Nagar. MLA Simarjit Singh Bains unfurled the National Flag.

Textile body

The Textile Masters Association held a function at GLADA Park. BSP president Ramanjit Lali hoisted the National Flag. He said poverty, illiteracy and unemployment needed to be eradicated.

Mazdoor Union

The Mazdoor Union took out a rally at Fabra Road. Workers said the minimum wages should be Rs 10,000 per month. Manjit Singh Buta hoisted the Tricolour.

Desh Bhagat

The Desh Bhagat Yadgari Society distributed sweets among children at Rajguru Nagar. Krishan Kumar Bawa, president of the society, said that the Constitution of India came into force on January 26, 1950.


Lord Vishwakarma No. 173, an NGO, organised a function at Freemasons' Hall in Sarabha Nagar. The organisation distributed artificial limbs among 51 persons.

Peace mission

The Mahatma Gandhi Peace Mission celebrated the 65th Republic Day at Gandhi Dham. NGOs like Himathar Sathi Jagriti Manch, Ludhiana Welfare Organisation (regd) and Sarav Sanjhi Welfare Society carried out a cleanliness drive. — TNS

Anti-corruption body

The Janata Nagar unit of Action Against Corruption held a function to mark the R-Day celebrations. Students presented a cultural programme. They were apprised of the importance of the day. 



Tableaux catch eye of residents
Anupam Bhagria
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, January 27
On the 65th Republic Day, residents were sensitised against social evils through 17 tableaux at Bharat Nagar Chowk and Fountain Chowk. After the R-Day function concluded, Punjab Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal flagged off two tableaux of the Health Department and the Social Security Department.

After unfurling the National Flag, he took the salute from the contingents of the Punjab Police, Home Guards, PAP, Police Band, NCC, Bharat Scouts and Guides. The CM also distributed tricycles and swing machines. Schoolchildren presented a cultural programme. Ten persons were honoured for their contribution to society. 


* A low turnout was witnessed

* Councillors' chairs remained empty

* When students were performing, spectators were busy talking over phone



Bisiness news

Amway promotes beauty products

Ludhiana: The Amway India organised a programme in Ludhiana to publicise its two beauty brands, Artistry and Attitude. The entire product range of Artistry and Attitude was displayed. On the occasion, Manoj Vats, area manager, Punjab, Amway India, stated, "In today’s competitive market, Amway products, which are available only through its distributors, have carved a niche for themselves."

Dealers’ meet

V-Guard Industries Ltd, a manufacturer of consumer electrical and electronics products, hosted a dealers’ meet for its product range ‘pumps and motors’ in Ludhiana on Monday. The meet was organised as part of the company’s endeavour to strengthen the bond with its business partners and appreciating their service to the customers. V-Guard started operations in Punjab six years ago. The company has been registering a steady growth since then. The growth this fiscal has been over 70 per cent more than the previous financial year. — TNS



PAU notes

R-Day celebrated at PAU

Ludhiana: The 65th Republic Day was celebrated with patriotic fervour at the Punjab Agricultural University (PAU). Vice-Chancellor Dr Baldev Singh Dhillon unfurled the Tricolour and took salute from the NCC cadets performing a march past.


A training workshop was organised by the School of Climate Change and Agricultural Meteorology (SCCAM) for effective dissemination of weather-based agro-advisories in the state. More than 20 participants from the Department of Agriculture, Punjab, and NGOs attended the workshop organised under the Gramin Krishi Mausam Sewa, a project funded by the Ministry of Earth Sciences, Government of India. The project is functional in five different zones of the state and the PAU is one of the centres. Dr SS Kukal, SCCAM director-cum-coordinator of the project, shed light on the overall functioning of the five units of the project in the state. He dwelt on the role of weather forecast in day-to-day activities carried out by farmers. Dr KK Gill, the nodal officer of the project, discussed the meteorological parameters, data collection and working of the meteorological instruments. Dr SS Sandhu, assistant agronomist, explained the economic impact of the agro-advisories.

Annual function

The Faculty Club organised its annual function at Sukhdev Singh Bhawan on the university campus. Punjab Mandi Board chairman Ajmer Singh Lakhowal was the chief guest on the occasion while Dr Baldev Singh Dhillon, PAU Vice-Chancellor, presided over. Lakhowal said farmers had made immense contribution to the nation’s food kitty by adopting PAU-developed farm technologies. “We are making a mark at national as well as international level,” he added. Dr Dhillon said, “We must take inspiration from good personalities.” Earlier, Dr PS Sandhu, president of the club, welcomed the dignitaries and the participants. Prizes were given to the winners of various competitions organised by the club. — TNS



From colleges

R-Day celebrations

Ludhiana: The students and staff of the Government College for Girls here celebrated the 65th Republic Day. College principal Gurminder Kaur unfurled the National Flag and paid rich tributes to freedom fighters, who sacrificed their lives to see their country free from the British rule. Sukhwinder Kaur, the head of political science department, sensitised the students to the Constitution and the significance of democratic values and individual freedom.

Industrial visit

The Indian Society for Technical Education (ISTE) Students’ Chapter of Guru Nanak Institute of Management and Technology, Gujarkhan Campus, Model Town, organised an industrial visit for students of MBA 2nd semester. Accompanied by training and placement officer Rajnish Chopra, the students visited Vardhman Spinning and General Mill Limited, Ludhiana. Company officials explained to the students the processes of manufacturing goods.

Patriotic fervour

DD Jain College of Education organised a function on its campus to mark the Republic Day. A number of events, including PowerPoint presentation, quiz and short speech etc, were held and the would-be teachers took a pledge to serve the people of the nation. The function brought alive the spirit of patriotism. College principal Dr Vijay Laxmi congratulated all on the country’s 65th Republic Day.

Celebrations at Khanna

The NSS Unit and the Department of Political Science of AS College for Women, Khanna, jointly celebrated the 65th Republic Day on the campus here. Meanwhile, SDP College for Women, Ludhiana, also celebrated the Republic Day under the chaimanship of Balraj Bhasin. — TNS



Girl booked for forgery
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, January 27
The Model Town police have booked Jaspreet Kaur of Bhaini Sahib for getting admission to a college on a fake certificate.

Jaspreet was pursing BBA from Guru Nanak College. As per the FIR, she failed in her first-year exams and took admission on a forged marksheet in second-year.

The incident came to light when the authorities checked the record and were shocked to find that she had failed to clear her first-year exams.

The police have registered a case against the girl. 



ASI caught taking Rs 60k bribe
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, January 27
An assistant sub-inspector (ASI) was caught red-handed by the vigilance sleuths while accepting a bribe of Rs 60,000.

Another police official, who was accompanying the ASI, managed to escape.

While ASI Munish Kumar was arrested from his office located at Power Corporation Colony in Sarabha Nagar this afternoon, his accomplice, ASI Harmanjit Singh, is still on the run.

SSP (Vigilance) Satinder Singh said the action was taken following the complaint of Jagjit Singh, a resident of the Gurdev Enclave in Haibowal Kalan.

Jagjit stated that the police had registered a case of power theft against his father Kuldeep Singh after the electricity metre installed in their house had caught fire.

The accused ASI, who was the investigating officer (IO) of the case, had demanded a bribe of Rs 1 lakh for not arresting Kuldeep Singh.

After negotiations, the deal was struck at Rs 70,000. Harmanjit had already taken the token amount of Rs 10,000.

Today, Jagjit Singh visited the police station to give the remaining amount after intimating the Vigilance Bureau. However, Harmanjit left the police station minutes before the arrival of the raiding team.

Before leaving the police station, he told his colleague, ASI Munish Kumar, to receive the money.

When Jagjit Singh entered the police station, ASI Munish took the cash from him and started counting.

The vigilance team nabbed Munish. He told them that he had received the money on behalf of Harmanjit.

A case has been registered against the ASIs under Section 7, 13(1) D, 13 (2PC) Act. While ASI Munish was held, hunt is on to nab Harmanjit.



Woman dies in accident
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, January 27
A 55-year-old woman was crushed to death by a truck in the Dharampur area today.

The victim was identified as Urmila Kumari. The incident took place when she was walking on the road along with her husband, Jagdish Kumar. The truck came from behind that ran over her, while Jagdish had a narrow escape.

The truck driver managed to flee. The police have registered a case of rash driving resulting in death against the driver. 



PAU school script thumping victory
Our Sports Reporter

Ludhiana, January 27
Powered by strokeful innings by Chgatterpall (77) and Krishna (35), Government Model Senior Secondary School, Punjab Agricultural University campus, scripted a thumping 74-run victory over hosts Nankana Sahib Public School in the inaugural match of the Inter-School Tournament (U-16) for the Coca Cola Cricket Cup.

It is being organised by the Ludhiana District Cricket Association under the aegis of the Punjab Cricket Association here today.

Nankana Sahib Public School won the toss and invited PAU School to bat first. They could not survive their full quota of 50 overs as their essay culminated at 193 runs in 36 overs. Their innings revolved around Chatterpall and Krishna who contributed 77 and 36 runs respectively while Deepak scored 12 runs.

For the hosts, Ishmeet, Amandeep and Harman shared the bowlling honours. Ishmeet claimed three wickets for 34 runs, Harman captured three wickets for 25 runs and Amandeep got rid off three batsmen after conceding 41 runs.

In reply, Nankana Sahib Public School’s innings folded at 118 runs in 25.5 overs. Yash Dhiman top scored with 32 runs while Satveer and Ishmeet made 25 and 11 runs, respectively.

For the winners, Shivam and Mohan scalped three victims each after giving away nine and 22 runs, respectively while Munish grabbed two wickets for eight runs and Sharwan chipped in with one wicket for nine runs.

Earlier, Harmeet kaur Waraich, Principal of Nankana Sahib Public School, inaugurated the tournament in which four teams namely, Kundan Vidya Mandir, GMT School, Jalandhar bypass branch, Government Model Senior Secondary School, PAU besides the hosts Nankana Sahib Public School are taking part.



City girl wins silver medal in 4X 400m relay
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, January 27
Even after the athletics team from Punjab satisfied itself with an overall second position in the National Women Festival held at Bhopal recently, yet Rajani, an athlete from Ludhiana, proved her mettle by winning a silver medal in the 4X400m relay event at the national meet. In the 400-meter hurdles, Rajani missed the medal but performed well.

A student of MA (part I) at Guru Nanak Girls College, Modal Town, Rajani has been participating in the national and state-level competitions and has won several medals.

Participating in the senior age group, Rajani clinched two medals in the Punjab Women Festival. She also participated in the All-India Inter- University tournament last year.

“Earlier, I used to participate in track events. My coach, Sanjiv Sharma, motivated me to participate in hurdles and relay. So for the last three years I have been participating in the two events. My timings are improving. Now, I am practicing for the Federation Cup and I hope I get a medal there.

Sanjiv Sharma, athletics coach, said, “Rajani is very promising athelete. She has been practicing under my guidance from the last three years. She has been doing well.”



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