A tribute to an art guru, in a myriad hues
Reviewed by Rajnish Wattas
Indian Painting: Essays In Honour Of BN Goswamy
Ed Mahesh Sharma & Padma Kaimal Mapin Publishing & Osianama.com Pages 492 Price not mentioned
After reading Indian Painting, how one wishes that school students were taught history books that used traditional Indian paintings to illustrate them, instead of the dull images that they usually have. This would bring to life authentically not only the inert pages of history texts, but also enable our art heritage to enter young minds.


More on nature-nurture debate
Reviewed by Jayanti Roy
Identically Different ó Why You Can Change Your Genes
by Tim Spector Phoenix, London Pages 338 Rs 399
Always remember that you're unique. Just like everyone else." This quotation by Alison Boulter implies several things. It celebrates individuality as well as underlines how out of ordinariness, arises the exceptional. I especially like it because of the paradox.

Brick-by-brick history
Reviewed by Aditi Garg
Excelsior: The Story of Wynberg-Allen School
by Rakhshanda Jalil Niyogi Books Pages 223 Rs 1500
An academic institution is only as illustrious as its alumni, staff and history. Wynberg-Allen School, an institution whose very foundations rest on philanthropic pillars, is one such institution with a glorious history and many renowned names associated with it. A peek into its formative years is an eye-opener.

A vivid description of Karachiís underbelly
Reviewed by Amarinder Gill
The Prisoner
by Omar Shahid Hamid Pan books Pages 344 Price not mentioned
The narrative is set in Karachi, the commercial capital of Pakistan. Prior to Christmas, an American journalist is kidnapped from the posh locality of Zamzama. The kidnapping happens to have taken place just a few days ahead of the American President's visit. The kidnappers plan to post a video of the journalist's execution on Christmas day.