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campaign trail CONGRESS
Old warhorse banking on work
Unfazed by Railgate, Bansal says he knows the city better than his opponents
Rajmeet Singh
Tribune News Service

Congress candidate Pawan Bansal has breakfast before leaving for the campaign.
Congress candidate Pawan Bansal has breakfast before leaving for the campaign. Tribune photos: S Chandan

Chandigarh, March 29
It has turned out of to be a battle between an old warhorse and political greenhorns. Congress candidate for the Chandigarh Lok Sabha seat Pawan Kumar Bansal (65), a five-time MP (he has had one term in the Rajya Sabha and four terms in the Lok Sabha), is banking on development works carried out during his tenure.

His day starts at 5.30 am as he takes stock of the itinerary for the day. He personally chalks out the strategy for his campaign while his war room managers are busy sorting out things behind the scene.

Before he hits the road for the campaign, his wife Madhu Bansal ensures that after having a light breakfast, he takes his medicines for the day.

Unfazed by the anti-incumbency factor and allegations of bribery involving his nephew in Railgate, Bansal points out that he has been a victim of false propaganda. “I have come out clean. People can stone me to death if anything is proved against me even after 10 years”, he stresses during a brief chat with mediapersons as he sips warm water to get rid of a bad throat.

Keeping the morale of his team high, he hit the road today at 8 am, beginning from Sanjay Colony in the Industrial Area, Phase I, where a drummer announced the arrival of the neta.

Reaching out to the occupants of illegal shanties in the colony, Bansal assured them that they would be provided pucca houses under a rehabilitation scheme.

Aware of the leg work being done by Aam Aadmi Party candidate Gul Panag and BJP’s Kirron Kher, who is riding on the "Modi wave", the Congress leader is putting in extra efforts by hoding padyatras and a door-to-door campaign, covering a distance of up to 12 km a day. He, however, attributes it to a shortage of time.

After a brief halt at his Sector 28 residence, he moves to the next spot, Mani Majra, in his Mitsubishi Pajero SUV. In Mani Majra, he goes from one shop to another, greeting shopkeepers. “Mani Majra is crucial in providing the winning edge,” points out a senior party leader during the campaign.

Through the day, Bansal is seen with senior party leaders such as Lalit Joshi, Surinder Singh, Pawan Sharma, Pradeep Sharma and Ram Pal Sharma.

In the evening, he addressed a rally at Advocates' Society in Sector 49, Sector 44, Dhanas Colony, Badehri and Kajehri villages and Nehru Colony, Sector 53.

I have worked hard for the city, says Cong leader

“It is not that I came, I saw and I conquered. One has to work hard in a constituency and understand the issues of the people. I certainly know the city better than my opponents and have worked hard for its development. Talking at the superficial level won’t suffice. I personally know by name over 80,000 persons in the city,” claims the sitting MP.

On Railgate
I have been a victim of false propaganda. People can stone me to death if anything is proved against me even after 10 years
— Pawan Bansal



Modi’s charisma draws crowd
Amit Sharma
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, March 29
The charisma of BJP's prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi drew a large crowd to the Sector 34 ground this evening. People from all walks of life thronged the venue to listen to his speech and have a glimpse of Modi. Around 15,000 people turned up for the rally.

After 4 pm, school buses carrying BJP supporters started reaching the rally ground. Brandishing party flags, the supporters danced to the beats of dhol while entering the venue.

The excitement among the people was evident with hundreds of them even standing outside the venue for close to an hour during Modi's speech.

Nearby office terraces and houses saw people taking positions to have a view of the stage and to listen to the speech. Many sat outside showrooms and stood in the Sector 34 market to listen to Modi's speech.

Many youngsters dropped at the venue just to have a glimpse of the BJP stalwart. Ridhima, a college student, and her friends arrived at the venue to see Modi. The crowd kept swelling throughout the rally.

Modi's art of catching people's attention kept the crowd glued to their seats till the time he left the stage. As soon as Modi's speech ended, people started leaving the venue discussing his speech.

People parked vehicles away from the venue

In a bid to avoid traffic snarls, people preferred to park their vehicles at a safe distance from the venue and walk down. This helped the traffic police in managing the rush.
Some people left the venue a little early to avoid traffic jams.

Around 15,000 turn up for the rally

Bharatiya Janata Party leaders were expecting a gathering of 50,000 for the party's prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi’s rally, but according to UT police sources, only 15,000 turned up for the rally.
In his speech, Modi only targeted the Congress and its leaders, but did not say even a single word against the Aam Aadmi Party or its candidate.
Among the three top senior local BJP leaders, Modi first took the name of Harmohan Dhawan and then that of Satya Pal Jain and Sanjay Tandon.
BJP general secretary and in charge of Chandigarh Aarti Mehra said, "Majboori ka naam Mahatma Gandhi and majbooti ka naam Narendra Modi".
In the banner on the main stage, the photos of Harmohan Dhawan and Satya Pal Jain were missing.
BJP's city unit president Sanjay Tandon and former MP Satya Pal Jain took Harmohan Dhawan to the stage.


Chandigarh Votes 2014
Dhawan ‘ignored’ at Modi rally
Rajinder Nagarkoti
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, March 29
Rift in the BJP's local unit came to the fore at the party's prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi's rally here today. Feeling 'ignored', former union minister and senior BJP leader Harmohan Dhawan initially did not get on to the stage and preferred to sit along with his wife and daughter among the public.

As the news reached BJP city in-charge Aarti Mehra, she sent ex-MP Satya Pal Jain and the party's city unit president Sanjay Tandon to persuade him to come on the stage. Jain and Tandon succeeded in getting Dhawan on the stage.

Sources said Dhawan was upset as neither his name was mentioned in the invitation card for the rally nor his photo was on the banner put up on the stage. The invitation card, however, carried Tandon's name.

Sources added that Dhawan's supporters were not given seats on the stage while supporters of Tandon and Jain were seated in stage.

The majority of volunteers managing the rally were Tandon's supporters.

Dhawan was also not on the Airport committee constituted to receive Modi, sources added.

However, Harmohan Dhawan told TNS that there was no rift in the local unit of the party.

BJP city president Sanjay Tandon said as soon as he learnt that Dhawan was sitting among the public, he respectfully brought him on to the stage.



Kejriwal, Mayawati in city today

Chandigarh, March 29
Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leader Arvind Kejriwal will be holding a roadshow in Chandigarh tomorrow.

The nearly three-hour roadshow would start from Ram Darbar at 9 am and after moving through southern sectors, including 44, 45, 41 and 40, it will head for north to cover sectors 15, 16, 23, 22 and 29. From there, it will proceed towards Sector 26 and Bapu Dham Colony and will conclude at Mani Majra.

Being Sunday, the rush of vehicles on roads would be less. However, the police have made arrangements to avoid traffic snarls on the city roads.

In the afternoon, BSP leader Mayawati’s rally will be organised at the rally ground in Sector 25. A large number of people are expected to attend the rally. — TNS



Gul Panag gets support from Sikh Regiment veterans
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, March 29
AAP candidate Gulkirat Kaur Panag struck an emotional chord with retired and serving officers and their families during a bimonthly get together of the Veteran Sikh Regiment Officers Association at Defence Services Officers’ Institute (DSOI) here today.

Gul, who was not sporting her party’s trademark ‘aam aadmi’ cap, said, “I owe every ounce of what I am today to the armed forces. I am the granddaughter, daughter and sister of the Sikh Regiment. For me, being here is like being home.”

The actress-turned-politician got swayed by emotions when the association passed a resolution to support her in the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections.

However, the lady making a foray in politics did not make any promise to them neither did she speak about how she would tackle the problems of ex-servicemen and their families. Rather, she banked upon her defence roots.

Issues pertaining to the city, however, did not crop up.

While campaigning for his niece at the gathering, Gul’s uncle Major General Charanjit Singh (retd) said, “The AAP cannot give money or liquor to influence voters, but can give an incorrupt Member of Parliament (MP)”.

On the sidelines of the event, Gul went all guns blazing against the Ministry of Defence. She said, “The ministry is highly corrupt and is not soldier welfare-friendly at all. Even for basic rights, including disability pension and war-widow pension, soldiers and their families have to fight cases in the Supreme Court.”

She claimed, “Right before the Lok Sabha elections, the Congress, in order to woo defence voters, came up with One Rank, One Pension (OROP) scheme. The party does not have any interest in the welfare of the soldiers.”



Traffic snarls in the city
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, March 29
With supporters swarming the BJP’s rally in Sector 34 today, city residents faced inconvenience as all roads leading to the venue were closed for traffic for over three hours.

Modi’s cavalcade turned left from the Tribune roundabout and reached Sector 34 parade ground, through the route leading from the Kali Bari light point. Though there was no traffic jam on the Dakshin Marg, chaos was witnessed on the stretch from the Chandigarh airport to the Tribune Chowk at 5:30 pm when Modi’s cavalcade was on its way to Sector 34.

Traffic snarls were also witnessed at the Kali Bari light point, Sector 46 college roundabout leading to the Sectors 33/45 road and then at the Sectors 44/45 roundabout.

The Sector 34 market was completely closed for routine traffic from all four sides thus causing major hassles to residents of Sector 34 and nearby sectors.

It was only after the cavalcade had passed that the normal traffic was restored. Traffic jams were back again at these points as Modi left the venue at 7 pm.

“We tried our best to avoid inconvenience to the residents and there were no major traffic hassles reported from anywhere in the city,” said SSP Maneesh Chaudhery (Traffic and Security).



election expenses
Election Dept releases rate chart
Amit Sharma
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, March 29
Hiring a driver for election campaign would add Rs 9,880 to the candidate’s poll expenditure. The cost of engaging a cab for eight hours will be recorded as Rs 1,300 while Rs 800 and Rs 300, will be added to the candidate’s poll expenditure for hiring a three-wheeler and a cycle-rickshaw, respectively, for a day.

The UT Election Department has released the rate chart to calculate the poll expenditure of candidates.

For every flag hanging on a car or a building, Rs 6 per flag will be added to the candidate’s expenditure while a plastic flag would raise his poll expenditure by Rs 47. A banner made of cloth will be recorded at the rate of Rs 145 per metre.

Gates erected to welcome candidates at rallies in sectors, colonies and villages will also add to the election expenditure. A gate decorated with marigold flowers will add to the expenditure at the rate Rs 200 per kg of flowers. The amount will be Rs 500 per kg in case of mixed flowers.

Hiring a 'dholi' (drum beater) for campaign will escalate the poll expenditure by Rs 2,100 per day.

Election officials stated that the cost of lights, chairs, tents, projectors, screens, mikes, sofa and various items used for organising a rally had been given to the candidates for their reference.

Sources said the expenditure incurred on BJP prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi's rally would be added to the party's Chandigarh candidate Kirron Kher’s account.

Similarly, a team of the department will also attend the BSP rally at Sector 25 on Sunday.



Youngsters fed up with corruption in every field
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, March 29
Before preparing manifestos aimed at luring voters, the political parties should first draft a policy for fair selection of their own candidates for Lok Sabha elections.

Students of Sri Guru Gobind Singh Khalsa College (SGGS), Sector 26, were of the view that corruption is deep rooted in all spheres of life and people are fed up. They believe that those who are not fair in selection of their own candidates cannot be expected to provide good governance and work for development of the country.

For Balwinder Singh, an arts student, elections are an ugly process. "I prefer to stay away from it as so much corruption goes into holding of elections," he said.

Balwinder has no hope that the upcoming elections will be free from malpractices.

Harpreet Singh says selection of candidates remain unfair and most of those who get the party ticket are not even well-acquainted with the problems of the area that they would represent in case they win. He said candidates should have a history of good deeds. "The parties should abstain from malpractices such as distributing money, liquor and using muscle power to garner votes,” he added.

Shilpa, a science student, feels that manifestos of national political parties should include steps to ensure safety of women and focus on controlling inflation, which affects everyone.

Her classmate, Sarita Rawat, says there should be severe punishment for eve-teasing so that nobody dares to indulge in it. Most promises made in manifestos are seldom fulfilled by the parties, she added.

Sandhya, a student of computer sciences, says she is fed up with the widespread corruption in educational institutes. The rich can afford to study anywhere as donations are to be paid to get admission in a good college, she said. The government should curb such malpractices and admissions should be done purely on the basis of merit, she added. "Also, the government should do something for the homeless in the country," Sandhya commented.



poll vane
In the evenings, the elderly discuss poll
Ritika Jha Palial
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, March 29
“Bansal is a resident of this city. Who would know the city better than him? The ladies, Kirron Kher and Gul Panag, did not find the city worth living. Do you think they will own the problems of residents here?”

“But Bansal did not make any major achievement in his last tenure. What has he done to control traffic? It takes me one hour to reach here (Sector 8) from Panchkula in the evening.”

“I have a feeling that Modi will win. Not because the BJP is better but…what is the alternative? The Aam Aadmi Party ended up in circus!”

“But…BJP may also end up polarising the nation. Some communities may feel insecure if the party forms the government at the Centre. But what is the alternative?”

If you think these are statements made by any authority or a candidate, hold on! As the poll fever rises, the city elderly sipping of their evening at coffee shops, participating in activities of laughter clubs at the Rose Garden or going for evening walk at Sukhna Lake are discussing politics.

Critical appreciation of government policies, spendthrift youngsters and poor health services in the city, otherwise the common topics of discussion among elderly, have taken a backseat these days.

Chandigarh Tribune team camped at coffee shops in sectors 8 and 17, Rose Garden and Sukhna Lake over the last two days to capture the talk of the town. There were aggressive discussions about ‘who is the right candidate’ and ‘what he/she needs to do for people’. Also, traffic snarls and poor sanitation system seemed to be the biggest problems in the city, they believe.

While the discussion of Tej Bans, a studio owner, Jaideep Chadda, a private doctor, and Vikramjit Singh, a builder, at a café in Sector 8 found that the AAP was fighting a losing battle, retired bank managers OP Ummat and KS Rath, enjoying their evening walk at Rose Garden, Sector 16, felt Kejriwal’s movement deserves appreciation.

“My vote undoubtedly goes to Bansal. After all, he has done a lot in terms of introducing new trains, contributing to the development of Panjab University and PGIMER. Yes, he did miss out on a couple of issues such as traffic problem and was named in a corruption case. But he knows the city well,” Ummat concluded, as they headed back home.

Heard in the city...
I have a feeling that Modi will win this time. Not because the BJP is better but…what is the alternative? The Aam Aadmi Party ended up in circus.

Bansal has done a lot in terms of introducing new trains, contributing to the development of Panjab University and PGIMER



Badal better PM candidate than Modi: Soni
Akash Ghai
Tribune News Service

Mohali, March 29
Denying any big effect of the “Modi wave” in the country, Congress candidate from the Anandpur Sahib constituency Ambika Soni considered Parkash Singh Badal a better prime ministerial candidate than Narendra Modi.

“Had the BJP and its allied parties presented Badal as their prime ministerial candidate, there would have been some better chances. Modi is good for nothing,” said Soni on the sidelines of her meeting with industrialists of the area at Bawa White House in Phase XI here.

Soni met the local industrialists to know their issues.

She said the SAD government did nothing for development of the industry here.

“If voted to power, I will work for the progress of the industry,” Soni said.

The veteran Congress leader has been banking upon her clean image and honesty.

SAD candidate PS Chandumajra has intensified his campaign. Lashing at Soni for terming him (Chandumajra) a parachute candidate, Chandumajra said he had been living in Mohali for the past 20 years.

“Soni, who has been staying in Delhi for the past several years, is misleading people by saying that the Anandpur Sahib constituency was her home. She should tell the address of her house, if any, in the constituency. She herself is a paratrooper candidate and people would send her back,” he said.

AAP candidate HS Shergill also tried to woo the businessmen community by carrying out shop-to-shop campaign today.



Poll Dept seizes Rs 2.80 lakh
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, March 29
The flying squad constituted by the UT Election Department today seized Rs 2.80 lakh from two city residents at two nakas.

The team, headed by Malkiat Singh, Executive Magistrate, along with SI Raghveer Singh, set up a naka near the Tagore Theatre, Sector 18, and recovered Rs 1.25 lakh in cash from Jai Gulati, a resident of Sector 9.

Meanwhile, Inder Pal Singh, Executive Magistrate and SI Nirmal Singh set up a naka near Shyam Mall, Sector 34, and recovered Rs 1.55 lakh in cash from Sunil, a resident of Burail.



3 P'kula villages to boycott elections
Hina Rohtaki
Tribune News Service

Panchkula, March 29
To vent their anger against the lack of basic amenities for the past 40 years, residents of three villages of Panchkula have decided to boycott the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections.

Residents of Chowki, Gunthala and Badichowki villages, in a collective decision, said today that they would not cast their votes to any party this time. These villages have around 1,500 voters.

Vinod Kumar, a councillor of the area, said: “All residents of these villages have taken this decision. I am convinced with their contention because they have failed to get any basic facility in the past many years.”

Panchkula Deputy Commissioner SS Phulia said: “I came to know about this. I have asked the Tehsildar and other officials to visit the villages and redress the grievances of the residents. Whatever maximum would be possible and within the policies would be done.”

He added that “I conveyed to the residents that boycotting the elections is not a solution to their problems. They should exercise their right to vote.”

Residents said these villages had no road connectivity.

“In so many years, there is not even a single road in our village. A ‘kutcha’ road has to be used to reach the village. We have seen so many elections, but no MP or MLA ever came to our area after elections to enquire about our problems,” said Bhago Devi, a resident of Gunthala village.

Another resident of the village, Gurdev said: “There is no dispensary till now. We are getting dirty and contaminated water supply and when we complain to the authorities about it, nobody turns up for months.”

He added, “We have a bridge in our village and that too is made of wood. Its condition is so bad that it can collapse anytime.”

Ram Pal, a resident of Chowki village, said: “During the poll campaigning, every candidate visits these areas, but after the results, nobody comes here. We won’t give vote to anyone this time.”



ambala votes 2014
Rajnath's rally
BJP-HJC holds meeting
Bipin Bhardwaj
Tribune News Service

Panchkula, March 29
To make Rajnath Singh’s rally, to be held in Barwala on April 4, a historical one, leaders of the BJP and HJC held a meeting of the coordination committee of the alliance, here, today.

Vishal Seth and Shashi Sharma, district presidents of the BJP and HJC, respectively, while chairing the meeting asked party leaders at the circle, block and village levels to mobilise the masses to vote for BJP-HJC candidate from the Ambala Lok Sabha seat Rattan Lal Kataria. They also asked the party workers to maintain coordination at the booth-level.

While talking to The Tribune, Seth said a gathering of nearly 20,000 from the four segments of the Ambala LS seat - Panchkula, Kalka, Naraingarh and Moulana - are expected to turn up in the rally. He said Rajnath would reach Ambala by 3pm.

Shashi Sharma, along with Balwan Thakur, who addressed public meetings in villages, including Mandna, Morni, Baldwala, Bhoor Mandlay, Thathr, Jia, Doodan and Barwala, this afternoon, said arrangements like transportation and other facilities were also being made at the venue.



Maintain your cool during AAP rally, supporters told
Bipin Bhardwaj
Tribune News Service

Panchkula, March 29
Apprehending protests and ruckus by anti-social elements and rivals during a roadshow of Arvind Kejriwal, national convener of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), on Sunday, the party leaders and workers have appealed to the supporters to “stay non-violent”.

Following recent incidents that marred Kejriwal’s roadshows, AAP leaders have also asked the party supporters to maintain their cool in case of any untoward incident.

A spokesperson for the AAP claimed to have apprised the local administration of the route of the Kejriwal’s roadshow well in advance and hoped that law and order would be maintained in the interest of the public.

Volunteers and members of the party from Kalka, Pinjore, Ramgarh, Barwala, Raipur Rani, Morni and Panchkula will join the roadshow.

Arvind Kejriwal is expected to reach Panchkula in the afternoon tomorrow and will lead the roadshow in the city.



P'kula DC caught on wrong foot
Hina Rohtaki
Tribune News Service

Panchkula, March 29
Panchkula Deputy Commissioner SS Phulia was caught on the wrong foot when a calendar board bearing photographs of Congress leaders Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, Haryana Governor Jagganath Pahadia and Chief Minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda was found hanging at his office in the Mansa Devi shrine in poll code violations.

Awareness observer JRM Pawar, who was there to inaugurate an exhibition, noticed it and ordered to remove the same immediately.

Phulia is the Chief Administrator of the Mansa Devi shrine. He has an office in the shrine. Not only Phulia's office but other offices of the staff of the shrine were also having similar calender boards.

Afterwards, Chief Executive Officer SK Miglani got it removed in seconds.

"I had ordered my staff to remove all such photographs from all offices," said the DC.

"These photographs may have escaped our eye otherwise we would have removed the same," he added. 



Mental harassment
GMCH Director seeks explanation from Prof Gautam
Ritika Jha Palial
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, March 29
Even as the authorities in the GMCH-32 here finally swung into action almost a year after the report of an inquiry into the alleged case of mental harassment of demonstrators by the Head of Department of Pharmacology, Prof CS Gautam, was submitted, the GMCH Director, instead of forwarding the report to the competent authorities, has now sought an explanation from Prof Gautam.

This was a fact-finding inquiry and the rules stipulate that the UT Administration is the appropriate authority to seek action on the basis of the report.

Chandigarh Tribune had recently highlighted a complaint letter by one of the demonstrators mentioning about the delay in the release of the inquiry report submitted to Dr Atul Sachdev, Director-Principal, GMCH-32, on March 14.

In her latest complaint, Dr Rupinder Kaur Hashmi, a former demonstrator at the Department of Pharmacology at the GMCH-32, said: “It is more than a year since the inquiry and its results are still not public.”

Prof Atul Sachdev said: “We have asked the HoD, Pharmacology, to explain the matter pertaining to the complaint”.

UT Health Secretary Anil Kumar said: “No such report has reached me yet.” About the necessary action, he confirmed that in a fact-finding report, the UT Administration was the disciplinary authority in the case.

Prof Gautam had earlier said he could not comment until the findings of the report were out.

In July 2012, Dr Rupinder, along with seven other demonstrators from the Department of Pharmacology, had given a complaint to the then GMCH Director-Principal, Dr Raj Bahadur, alleging mental harassment by Dr Gautam.

The complaints alleged that Prof Gautam had been often scolding and misbehaving with all his subordinates in the department. The probe was conducted by Dr Jaswinder Kaur, Head, Department of Biochemistry.

Later, KD Arora, a retired IAS officer, conducted another inquiry but the report is still in the custody of the GMCH Director.



150 research papers presented at conference
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, March 29
The national conference on “women empowerment - an index of human development” ended today at the University Institute of Legal Studies, Panjab University.

In the two-day conference, over 150 research papers were presented by students, researchers, professors and practitioners discussing the issue of women empowerment and its various facets.

Also, a conference report has been prepared along with the recommendations for women empowerment that will be sent to the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment and also to the Ministry of Women and Child Development.

Dr Raminder Dhillon shared her hands-on experiences while working in countries, including Trinidad and Tobago, Afghanistan and East Timor. The conference ended with a valedictory address by Prof AK Grover, Vice-Chancellor, PU.



from colleges
Farewell function

Chandigarh: BA third-year students of GGDSD College, Sector 32, here, organised a farewell function “ALVIDA” in the college auditorium on Saturday. The event began with a devotional dance performance. Mr and Miss Farewell competition was also held. Divay was declared Mr Farewell, while Palak was crowned Miss Farewell.


Mohali: The Gian Jyoti Institute of Management & Technology organised a seminar on “conserving electricity”. — TNS



from schools
Art and craft exhibition

Chandigarh: Aanchal International School organised its annual art and craft exhibition on the school campus in Sector 41, here, on Saturday. Students from Kindergarten to senior classes exhibited various art and craft projects, including emboss paintings, glass painting, T-shirt painting, snowmen, wall hangings. They also displayed live project models like rainwater harvesting, thermal energy, rock cycle model and pollution. The main attractions in the science section were live projects of rainwater harvesting, thermal energy and causes of pollution.

Earth Day observed

Government Model High School, Sector 34, here, organised a programme to observe Earth Day. The management switched off the lights of the school campus from 8.30 am to 9.30 am.

Earth hour

Earth hour was celebrated at Blue Bird High School. To mark the day, teachers pledged to save natural resources, including fuel, water and electricity. They also took out a cycle rally. Holding banners and placards, the teachers spread the message of “save earth, save water”. They requested residents of the locality to switch off lights of their houses for one hour at night to be a real savior of earth. — TNS



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