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Khushpreet’s murder: Three convicted
Court to pronounce quantum of sentence on April 18; servant exonerated of the murder charge
Tribune News Service

A file photo of Khushpreet
A file photo of Khushpreet

Chandigarh, April 15
Three years after the sensational kidnapping and murder case of five-year-old Khushpreet in Burail village, the court of Additional District and Sessions Judge Atul Kasana today convicted three accused in the case. The quantum of sentence will be pronounced on April 18. The court convicted Sukhdev Singh, alias Billa (40), and his brother Gurwinder Singh (35) of Khushpreet’s murder, kidnapping and destruction of evidence. Their servant, Nand Kishore, has been convicted of kidnapping the child and destroying evidence. However, he has been exonerated of the murder charge.

The prosecution has examined 71 witnesses in the case.

The case

Khushpreet was kidnapped for ransom on December 21, 2010. His body was recovered on January 5, 2011, from a pit in Phase X, Mohali. The three convicts, who were Khushpreet’s neighbours, had kidnapped the child. Sukhdev, the mastermind behind the kidnapping, was under a heavy debt and hatched the conspiracy for ransom.

Khushpreet was kidnapped while he was playing near his home and the three demanded a ransom of Rs 10 lakh from Khushpreet’s family. They made a number of ransom calls to the victim’s family from different PCOs and the deal was then settled for Rs 4 lakh.

A police trap to arrest them on December 23, 2010, failed and the accused fled with the ransom amount of Rs 4 lakh right in front of the police. The police failure had led to a huge outcry and violent protests by residents of Burail village against the police.

The three convicts had kept the child in an intoxicated state in their custody for 14 days and killed him when he identified them as his neighbours. It was three months after the kidnapping that an embarrassed UT police finally cracked the case and arrested the accused brothers and their servant on March 22, 2011. Khushpreet Singh was a kindergarten student and son of a dairy owner, Lakhbir Singh.

Police were negligent

Khushpreet’s family, which informed the police of the child’s kidnapping within a couple of hours after finding him missing, had bemoaned that the casual attitude of police officers led to the kidnappers getting away. A police trap to arrest the kidnappers had failed and they fled with the ransom amount of Rs 4 lakh on December 23, 2010.

The child was strangled to death and his face smashed to make identification difficult when his body was recovered.

According to the prosecution case, the kidnapping was a well-hatched conspiracy of Sukhdev, who was acquitted in a murder case earlier. He hatched the plan with his brother Gurvinder and servant Nand Kishore. Sukhdev had forced a sleeping pill into the child's mouth and put a tape on it while he was in their confinement. The two also tied his hands and legs, and kept forcing sleeping pills into his mouth.

Sukhdev killed Khushpreet after the child recognised him as "the uncle who lives nearby and owns a big dog".

The motive

Sukhdev Singh was employed as a daily wager with the local Waterworks Department. He was under a heavy debt and owed lakhs of rupees to others. He thus hatched the ransom plan.



Parents seek death penalty
Have named their nine-month-old daughter Khushpreet
Aneesha Sareen
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, April 15
Breaking down in the court after the verdict was announced, Khushpreet's (fondly called Khushi) father Lakhbir Singh and mother Kulwinder Kaur said the void that had been created in their life with Khushpreet's tragic death could never be filled.

"We were blessed with a daughter last year and we have named her Khushpreet. She is just nine months old and seeing her we fondly remember Khushpreet and try to find solace that he is back with us. He was such a cute child, so innocent and was killed so brutally," said Kulwinder Kaur, tears rolling down her cheeks.

"I miss my child every single second. I still feel he is calling me and playing pranks on me like he often used to while playing in the verandah. We want the capital punishment for the convicts as they devastated our lives by taking the child away from us. If they are hanged to death, it will provide us some solace," she said.

"We knew the convict, Sukhdev, for years. Our families were never that close, but we always used to greet each other whenever we came face to face since we lived close by," she said.

"We are satisfied that justice has prevailed. No other parent should ever go through what we suffered three years ago," said Lakhbir Singh.

"We had given the convict's son 'shagun' a week before the kidnapping," she said.

Ironic as it may sound, convict Sukhdev was blessed with a son in 2010, a month before Khushpreet was kidnapped. Kulwinder Kaur's father-in-law had given him Rs 101 as "shagun".

"Little did we know then that he would devastate our lives for his greed," she said.



Khushpreet case: Egg on face of UT police
Aneesha Sareen
Tribune News Service

Khushpreet’s parents and residents of Burail village make an earnest appeal to the abductors to release him
Khushpreet’s parents and residents of Burail village make an earnest appeal to the abductors to release him. A file photograph

Chandigarh, April 15
Even though the court today convicted three persons for five-year-old Khushpreet Singh’s kidnapping and murder, the sensational case will go down in the history as a blot on the face of the Chandigarh Police.

The day Khushpreet’s body was found in a pit in Mohali, Burail residents went on a rampage and protested against police inaction in the case.

The body had a turban tied around his neck suggesting strangulation.

The failed trap

On December 23, 2010, the UT police had laid a trap to arrest the kidnappers and rescue the child as they came to collect the ransom amount of Rs 4 lakh.

Sukhwinder Singh, Khushpreet’s uncle who had gone to hand over the ransom amount, stated that cops were just 500 metre away from the kidnappers but acted as mere spectators to the entire incident as kidnappers conveniently fled with the ransom money.

However, the police claimed that they had called off the plan to catch the kidnappers apprehending threat to the child’s life. They said it was what mattered the most at that time.

Sukhdev Singh, the main accused, had initially asked the child’s uncle to hand over the ransom amount in Morinda, but later changed the place to Desu Majra near Kharar so that it gets dark by the time Sukhwinder Singh reaches there to deliver the amount. After collecting the amount, Sukhdev along with Nand Kishore, another accused, fled towards Balongi conning the police.

Messed up while tapping phone calls

One of the blunders committed by the police that led to their failure in catching the kidnappers and saving Khushpreet’s life was the mismanagement while tapping telephone calls.

The police unwittingly ended up putting an STD phone number 9217435500, which they suspected to be that of the kidnapper, and Sukhwinder Singh’s mobile number (9855534007) on parallel to Inspector Udey Pal Singh’s number (9779580934) at the same time.

The Inspector’s phone was attended to by a Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP). This resulted in the police getting diverted by the numerous other calls being made from the booth.

As a result, calls being made on Sukhwinder’s phone by the kidnappers got overlooked since it was not possible for the police to monitor and record the conversation being made on both the numbers.

Had the police used two separate mobiles to tap the phones, they would have been able to distinguish between chaff and grains.

Instead, the police kept receiving calls made from the STD booth, which turned out to be of no consequence and resulted in a loss of recording the crucial phone call made on Sukhwinder’s number.

Searches made by the police proved futile

The fact that Khushpreet was in his kidnappers’ custody in a house located barely 50 metre away from his for 14 days reflects the police’s abject failure and laid bare their tall claims that they conducted numerous searches and raids at various places in Burail ever since the kidnapping came to light.

Speaking volumes of their inefficiency and ineffective police beat system, cops remained oblivious to the whereabouts of the child.

Sukhdev, who was arrested in a murder case in 2001 by cops from the same police station (Sector 34), managed to deceive the UT police for several days.

Had the police kept a tight vigil in the area and kept an eye on those with a criminal background, Khushi’s kidnappers could have been identified and caught in time.

Inquiries indict three officers of negligence

To find out lapses in the police probe, a magisterial inquiry was first marked in January, 2011, against negligent officers, including the then SHO of the Sector 34 police station, after the police trap failed and the child was recovered dead.

DSP Vijay Kumar, who is no more now, was transferred and three police officers were suspended.

Later, a PIL (public interest litigation) was also filed in the High Court against the negligent officers and a separate complaint was also moved before the Police Complaint Authority (PCA). Thereafter, a departmental inquiry had indicted three cops.

The three officers, including Inspector Udey Pal Singh, former SHO of the Sector 34 police station, Sub-Inspector Narinder Patial (now Inspector), the then in-charge of the Burail police post, and the then investigating officer Sub-Inspector Balraj Singh, have been punished with forfeiture of increments.

While Inspector Udey Pal Singh was awarded with forfeiture of increments for four years, Sub-Inspectors Narinder Patial and Balraj Singh lost their increments for two years.

The three police officers were found guilty of taking the ransom calls made by the kidnappers lightly in the beginning, which had resulted in a delayed police action.

The reports of the two inquiries had indicted Inspector Udey Pal Singh, Inspector Narinder Singh Patial and Sub-Inspector Balraj Singh and had pointed to the culpabilities of the police officials for mishandling the kidnapping-for-ransom case.

The probe by the Police Complaint Authority had also indicted them.

Breakthrough came after three months

  • After receiving flak from all corners, DSP Vijay Kumar, who died of cardiac arrest this year, took it upon himself to solve the case and managed to crack it on March 22, 2011, three months after Khushpreet was kidnapped.
  • In the end, five-year old Khushpreet’s kidnappers-cum-killers were found up by what in intelligence jargon worldwide is classified as Techint or Technical Intelligence.
  • The prime accused, Sukhdev Singh alias Billa, made the “mistake” of calling his brother, Gurvinder Singh, an accomplice, from his mobile phone either just before or soon after he had finished making a ransom call from various STD booths - at least five - located in and around Chandigarh.
  • A careful scrutiny and analysis, lasting several days, of hundreds of mobile numbers obtained from mobile towers located near the STD booths from where ransom calls were made led the police detecting a phone number common to the areas immediate close to the five STD booths that coincided with the time when the ransom calls were made. The number turned out to be that of Sukhdev.
  • A follow-up analysis then revealed that Sukhdev had each time placed a call to a specific number, which turned out to be that of his brother Gurwinder Singh.
  • This led to the police zeroing in on Sukhdev and his brother Gurwinder, thus providing them with the much-sought-after breakthrough in what was seeming to be a blind case.

The timeline

December 21, 2010
Five-year-old Khushpreet Singh kidnapped from near his house in Burail village.

January 5, 2011
His body recovered from Mohali.

March 22
The police crack the case and arrest two accused, Sukhdev Singh, alias Billa (40), and his brother Gurwinder Singh (35).

May 1
Police apprehend Nand Kishore, the third accused in the case.

May 5
Court allows UT police’s application to match the voice samples of the accused.

May 27
The UT police file the first chargesheet against the accused.

July 7
Supplementary chargesheet filed in the court.

August 6
Court frames murder and kidnapping charges against the accused.

April 15, 2014
The court finds the three accused guilty.



Cheating case
Dimpy agrees to refund Rs 50 lakh
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, April 15
The cheating case involving former president of the Chandigarh Territorial Youth Congress Vijay Pal Singh Dimpy as the accused is on the verge of a compromise as the accused agreed to refund Rs 50 lakh to the complainant in the court today. The court has now issued a notice to the complainant for Wednesday when the draft will be handed over to him.

The Economic Offences Wing of the Chandigarh Police had booked Dimpy following a complaint by former Punjab DGP SS Virk. He was arrested during the wee hours of April 5 from outside his house in Sector 40 after he was returning from a social gathering where Congress candidate Pawan Kumar Bansal was also present.

A case against Dimpy, a long-time associate of Virk, was registered on January 4 this year at the Sector 3 police station.

Pradeep Virk, son of the former DGP, had stated that in 2006, they had paid Rs 50 lakh to Dimpy as advance to look for a property in Chandigarh. The complainant had stated that since his father was interested in buying a property in the city, he asked Dimpy to look for one and even paid the advance money to him. Virk claimed that the payment was made through cheque and Dimpy failed to find a property.



22-year-old youth shot at in Sector 37
Admitted to PGI; had gone to attend a friend’s birthday party
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, April 15
Unidentified assailants opened fire on a 22-year-old PU student, Yugam Anand, in Sector 37 in the wee hours today and fled from the spot. The victim has been admitted to the Advanced Trauma Centre at the PGI. His condition is stated to be stable.

Yugam, a resident of Sector 20, had gone to attend the birthday party of his close friend, Karanveer Singh Sandhu, at his residence in Sector 37 last night.

Simranjit Kaur, elder sister of Karanveer, had thrown a party to celebrate his birthday and had invited among others Yugam, Akash Bhel, Akash Arora, Sameer and Tony Sharma. They all reached Karanveer's residence in Sameer's Hyundai Accent car.

In his statement to the police, Yugam said he came out of the house at 3 am to attend a phone call and was going towards his car when he saw a person hiding in the car of one of his friends.

"He appeared to be a thief and got up on seeing me and said he was hiding as some persons were trying to kill him. After a heated confrontation, he fired two gunshots at me when my friend Parul tried to overpower him. He then fled on a bike while his accomplices were in a car," he told the police.

The police said they had registered a case of attempt of murder against the assailants, but certain contradictions had been found in the statements of the complainant.

"There seems to be more to the case than meets the eye. There are umpteen contradictions in the statements of all friends and it could be a case of a brawl too, but nothing can be said as of now," said DSP Surjit Mallik. The police have not ruled out the possibility of all youths being in an inebriated state at the time of the incident. The police said the mishap took place at around 3 am but instead of informing the PCR, the victim's friends took him to the GMSH-16, but their car ran out of fuel on the way. A PCR Gypsy spotted them and took Yugam to the GMSH, from where he was referred to the PGI. Parul, who escaped unhurt, told the police that one youth was on a bike while others were in a car, thus adding to the confusion among the police.



Poll Expenditure
SMSes, radio ads cost candidates quite a bit
Amit Sharma
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, April 15
The key candidates among those who contested the Lok Sabha elections for the Chandigarh seat spent large amounts on reaching out to the people by issuing advertisements on radio and sending SMSes to residents.

Congress candidate Pawan Kumar Bansal spent Rs 5.50 lakh on airing party advertisements on radio and Rs 39,000 on SMSes. The total expenditure incurred by Bansal on his campaign was of Rs 26.65 lakh.

Similarly, Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) candidate Gulkirat Kaur Panag spent Rs 1,10,809 on sending SMSes and paid around Rs 60,000 on broadcasting advertisements through radio.

BJP candidate Kirron Kher spent Rs 18,000 on voice calls and Rs 14,000 on SMSes during the election campaign. The party also spent Rs 1.35 lakh on petrol and diesel. The BJP candidate's total expenditure on the campaign was Rs 18.64 lakh.

In his expenditure, the Congress candidate has also mentioned that Rs 90,000 was spent on artistes and orchestra hired for rallies. Tents and other arrangements, including the sound system, cost Bansal Rs 2.50 lakh.

Of the total expenditure of Rs 18.86 lakh, Gul spent Rs 1,33,831 on purchasing caps donning AAP slogans, while she spent Rs 1.95 lakh on hiring vehicles. The fund-raising dinner hosted by her led to a collection of Rs 2 lakh, of which Rs 1.30 lakh was spent on the dinner.

Independent candidate spent Rs 150 on scooter repairs

Deepak Shukla, an Independent candidate, has added an expense of Rs 60 in the poll expenditure on getting a punctured tyre of his scooter repaired. Of the Rs 6,650 spent by him on campaigning, Rs 1,800 was spent on petrol and Rs 150 on the repairs of the scooter.



Hit-and-run: NGO wants strict punishment for accused
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, April 15
A day after the UT police arrested the accused, Satyajot Singh, a BTech student, in the hit-and-run case amid eyebrows being raised over "shoddy investigation", volunteers of ArriveSAFE, an NGO which promotes road safety, held a silent protest near the Sector 34 police station here today.

The volunteers sought strict punishment for the accused. “Instead of taking the victim, Sujata Sharma, to the hospital, the accused drove away, which was an intentional act and not negligence,” said a volunteer.

Eyewitnesses said the accused was drunk. He was speeding to overtake another car when he hit Sujata Sharma, an IAS aspirant, in Sector 49 on Friday night, resulting in her death.

The NGO demanded that the accused should be booked under Section 304 of the IPC, which provides for 10-year imprisonment, instead of the customary practice of imposing Section 304-A, under which the accused can get bail.

ArriveSAFE president Harman Singh Sidhu cited a case in which the Punjab Police booked the accused driver of an Innova that hit two head constables of Hoshiarpur, resulting in their death. The accident took place near Shahkot village in Jalandhar district on February 21.

They also gave a representation to the Sector 34 SHO regarding their demand.

The accused, 23-year-old Satyajot Singh, was hiding in Anandpur Sahib all these days. He is a student of Indo Global College in Mohali and his father is a retired government employee.


contract to maintain toilets
CBI poses queries to MC officials
Amit Sharma
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, April 15
The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has sent a questionnaire to officials of the Municipal Corporation (MC), Chandigarh, seeking information and documents to investigate the alleged favours extended to M/s Selvel Media Services Pvt Ltd in maintenance of public toilets and advertising.

The CBI had registered a preliminary inquiry against former Chief Engineer SK Bansal, former Superintending Engineer (SE) SR Aggarwal, RC Diwan the then XEN, who is presently SE, Public Health, for allegedly giving undue benefit to Selvel Media in bagging a tender for the operation and maintenance of 86 public toilets and displaying advertisement between 2007 and 2012.

The tender was allegedly manipulated and the advertisement payment waived.

The CBI sent three different questionnaires to the MC Joint Commissioner, the Chief Auditor and the XEN, Public Health. The civic body has been given seven days to supply the information and documents. The deadline will end this week.

The CBI wants to know why advertisement tax, as per the Chandigarh Advertisement Control order (1954), was not collected for 46 toilet blocks and the Part A of 40 toilet blocks according to the terms and conditions of the tender.

Another query posed by the CBI is whether the MC took permission from the Chief Administrator, UT, for displaying advertisements on 86 toilet blocks and 15 connecting passages allotted to Selvel Media.

Meanwhile, sources said the file regarding the technical bid of allotment of maintenance work of 86 toilets and 15 connecting passages has been misplaced.

CBI wants to know...

  • Why advertisement tax, as per the Chandigarh Advertisement Control order (1954), was not collected for 46 toilet blocks and the Part A of 40 toilet blocks according to the terms and conditions of the tender?
  • Whether the MC took permission from the Chief Administrator, UT, for displaying advertisements on 86 toilet blocks and 15 connecting passages allotted to M/s Selvel Media Services Private Ltd?



SC Judgment
Transgenders hope for better jobs, equal rights
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, April 15
Lauding the landmark judgment of the Supreme Court recognising transgenders as the ‘third gender,’ social activists in the city hope that proper guidelines will be drafted and executed by the Union and state governments for their welfare.

The move has brought a ray of hope to the transgenders that they can now enjoy equal rights in society.

“As per the Aadhaar registration, there are as many as 1,573 transgenders in the city,” said Bikram Kohli, president of the Campaign for Diversity and Inclusion, an NGO.

He said the Central and state governments should draft clear guidelines and policies for transgenders to enable them to get reservations in jobs and educational institutions.

Panjab University senator and professor of sociology Rajesh Gill stressed upon the proper implementation of the policy that the government will draft for the transgenders.

“A strategy should be chalked out for the implementation of the policy. The authorities need to work out on the job opportunities for transgenders rather than drafting it on paper only,” she added.

Echoing a similar view, Dhananjay, a social activist running an NGO, Saksham Plus, said, “I welcome the judgment as it will give an identity to the transgenders in society.” “Due to non-availability of jobs, they were forced to take to prostitution or begging. I hope those political parties, who mentioned in their election manifestos to support the cause of transgenders, will draft suitable norms after coming to power,” he added.

Elated at the move, Tamana, a city-based transgender, said, “I hope the Constitution provides us equal rights.”



Typhoid cases on the rise
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, April 15
With the rise in temperature, cases of typhoid are being reported in the city frequently over the past two weeks. In the past 15-20 days, out of the total 800 patients examined at Medicine OPDs at the Government Multi Specialty Hospital, Sector 16, around 70-80 cases were of typhoid.

Water-borne diseases like jaundice are also on the rise. “While cases of jaundice are sporadic as of now, typhoid has been affecting a large number of patients,” said Dr Gopal Bhardwaj, Head, Department of Internal Medicine, Government Multi-Specialty Hospital, Sector 16.

Maintaining hygiene in food and water intake is the only precaution for typhoid, he said. “Prolonged fever, coupled with stomach ache, is a common symptom of typhoid. If ignored, typhoid starts affecting organs in the body,” Dr Gopal said.

In typhoid, antibiotics like paracetamol do not bring the temperature down.

Precautionary measures

  • Avoid eating cut fruits sold in the open.
  • Use filtered water for drinking.
  • Do not store food for long.
  • Do not ignore prolonged fever. Visit a doctor if fever extends beyond 3 days.



Nine fined for wasting water

Chandigarh, April 15
On the first day of its drive to check misuse of potable water, the Municipal Corporation (MC), Chandigarh, today issued challans to nine violators in different parts of the city.

A fine of Rs 2,000 each was slapped on each violator. The fine would be collected from the violators by adding it to their water bills.

MC officials stated that all the violators had been warned and if they were caught misusing water again, their water connection would be disconnected. “A majority of violators were caught washing cars," sources stated.

The MC has constituted 16 teams that will move across the city in the morning hours till June 30 to check the misuse of water. — TNS



Now, P’kula MC to act tough against those misusing water
Violators to get warning before penalties are imposed
Hina Rohtaki
Tribune News Service

Panchkula, April 15
Consumers wasting water will get exorbitant water bills these summers.

After taking a cue from the Chandigarh civic body, the Panchkula Municipal Corporation (MC) will be penalising those wasting water and the fine will be added to the water bill.

The Panchkula civic body has constituted teams to keep a check on those washing cars, courtyards or watering plants this summer.

Though the first violation would draw only a warning notice, the second violation would invite a fine of Rs 500.

If the violation is noticed for the third time, the consumer will be awarded a penalty of Rs 1,000.

Mayor Upinder Kaur Ahluwalia said, “I have asked the executive officer to constitute teams and send JEs to their respective areas to prevent wastage as the demand for water rises during summer.”

She added, “If a resident doesn’t pay heed to the warning notice, the MC will impose a fine, which will be added to the water bill. The penalty will be doubled for every successive violation.”

The MC officials will also be taking help of municipal councillors in checking wastage.

This is for the first time that Panchkula is taking action against those wasting the depleting natural resource.

The matter was raised during the last two House meetings as well but no substantial conclusion was taken then.



21 hypersensitive booths to be under e-surveillance
Our Correspondent

Mohali, April 15
Twenty-one hypersensitive polling booths in Mohali district will be under e-surveillance and live webcasting of these will be conducted during the Lok Sabha elections to be held on April 30.

This was conveyed by district electoral officer-cum-Deputy Commissioner Tejinder Pal Singh Sidhu here to general election observer Sanjay Dixit.

He said necessary arrangements for the e-surveillance and webcasting had been made.

He said there were 688 polling booths in the district. Of these 122 were hypersensitive while 231 were sensitive. Micro observers would be deputed to closely monitor the election process.

He appealed to the voters of the district to use their constitutional right on April 30 and exercise their franchise without any fear and greed.

The general election observer gave directions that with the objective of the successful completion of the poll in the district, the polling staff should be unbiased and perform their duties with dedication and transparency.

The directions were given by Dixit while reviewing the randomisation of micro observers to be deputed for the monitoring of the polling booths at the District Administrative complex here.

The poll observer said the Election Commission had taken various steps for ensuring fair and transparent elections. Adherence to the directions of the commission should be ensured.



Youth Congress leaders join SAD
Our Correspondent

Mohali, April 15
Prem Singh Chandumajra, Shiromani Akali Dal candidate from the Anandpur Sahib constituency, got a boost when some Youth Congress leaders of the Mohali area joined the SAD, at a meeting held yesterday evening in Sector 70.

Among those who joined the Shiromani Akali Dal were Sukhwinder Kumar Sukhi, Vinod Kumar, Gurdeep Singh Mani, Harpreet Singh, Maninder Singh Lamba, Karamvir Singh, Abhai Gill and Rishu Shankar.



Riding on road to success with gusto
Deepankar Sharda
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, April 15
Brimming with confidence and with vroooming sound of his bike, 24-year-old biker, Mohit Verma wants to grab the world.

The speed-daring youngster, in his wildest of dream, has never thought of achieving fame through this two-wheel 'speedster' ride. Starting his career with a 100cc bike, Mohit took four years, to own and perform on a 390 CC bike.

His motor sports fever took a big leap in year 2010, when he won the All India Bikers' racing event. And after that, he never looked back. He won Desert Storm challenge, finished fourth in Dakshin Dare rally Banglore, won Mughal Main Rounds Rally twice and recently he claimed two titles in SJOBA rally and won Baiskahi speed sprint challenge. "Speed and courage are two sides of a single coin. I am happy to become a master in performing this. I had started my career with a 100CC bike and the journey moves on. It was in 2012, when I won title of Mughal Rally. I was approached by some sponsors and KTM signed me under the banner of Thunderbolt. I participate in races for my passion and to attain satisfaction," said Mohit. After completing his graduation in 2011, Mohit is now a helping hand in his father's business. In his must do list, he has many upcoming national events, to perform and win laurels.

He will be participating in the Mughal Rally Race (where he has a chance to attain a wining hat-trick), Dakshin Dare Rally (in August) and in October Raid De Himalaya. “The Mughal Rally race would be the toughest phase to win laurels. I will be participating to claim hat-trick of the winning title. Afterwards, Raid De Himalaya and Dakshin Dare will remain the platforms must to perform. In 390CC bike category, pressure of racing with balance increases, which could affect the performance.” explained Mohit. When asked about his routine practice, for attaining his level best, he said, “The racing track in Sarangpur, near PGI, is among my must visit spots. The track helped to sharpen racing skills at its best while for balancing and hill-race; I usually shift my focus to Mallah- Bhojnagar hill track. Now with sponsors taking care of my equipments and bike, it’s easy to perform practice at regular intervals. Earlier, with no one to care it was risky and expensive too,” added Mohit.



tribune follow-up
PGI marks complaint to internal vigilance cell
Ritika Jha Palial
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, April 15
A week after a PGIMER doctor complained of finding water inside a pack of omnipaque - saving a heart patient in whom the fluid was to be injected from serious complication - the PGIMER director today marked the complaint to the internal vigilance cell for the investigation.

Sources in the PGIMER administration confirmed that considering it a “serious complaint” the authorities have forwarded it to the vigilance cell.

In a narrow escape for a Yamunanagar-based heart patient admitted at the PGIMER, doctors inside the cath lab allegedly detected water inside omnipaque just before injecting it into the patient.

The consultant in-charge Dr Ajay Behl called the chemist who had supplied the fluid and later filed a complaint to the Head, Department of Cardiology, Dr Yash Paul Sharma, reporting about the matter. The complaint was then forwarded to the PGIMER director.

The patient had also submitted his complaint (of which Chandigarh Tribune has a copy) to the PGIMER director on April 8 demanding strict action against the chemist who had supplied the fluid.

“Had the doctor would have not noticed it, I would have died,” the complainant mentioned in his complaint. He underwent a surgery after buying omnipaque from another shop and was discharged on April 8.

What is omnipaque

It is a contrast medium used in coronary angiography - for diagnosis of blockage in heart. The fluid is injected into the patient’s artery and it pacifies blood to show the contrast. It helps the experts to decide whether the patient needs a stent or not.



Deserted by son, veteran soldier gets justice from tribunal
Tribune News Service

Panchkula, April 15
Veteran soldier Thakur Singh Negi, 80, who fought the India-China War in 1962 finally got justice when a tribunal headed by the Panchkula Sub-Divisional Magistrate (SDM) ordered his son to evict the house.

Thakur Singh, who was residing in Sector 15, was thrown out of the house by his son and daughter-in-law on May 6, 2013.

He was living in an old-age home for the past 10 months. District and Sessions Judge RK Sondhi noticed him during a visit to the old-age home.

The District Legal Services Authority took up the matter and a case was filed under the Maintenance and Welfare of Parents and Senior Citizens Act - 2007.

SDM Gurmeet Singh and other two members of the tribunal today ordered his son, Deepak Negi, to vacate the house within one month.

Advocate Manbir Singh Rathi, counsel for Thakur Singh, said: “The complaint by the victim stated that after his wife died around 10 years ago, his son and daughter-in-law used to torture him physically and mentally. They forced him to shift to the old-age home. Thakur stated that he was also ill-treated by them.”

Despite the fact that the house was in the name of Thakur, he was thrown out of it. The case was filed before the tribunal in January this year.



Residents to keep watch on progress of cases
Our Correspondent

Mohali, April 15
The District Legal Services Authority (DLSA), Mohali, vide an order, has deputed 13 citizens as paralegal volunteers (PLVs) in various police stations to keep a watch on the progress of investigation in cases related to missing children and offences against women and children.

Stating this here today, Tarntaran Singh Bindra, Chief Judicial Magistrate-cum-Secretary, DLSA, said these PLVs had been deputed in view of the pendency of a case titled Bachpan Bachao Andolan v/s Union of India before the Supreme Court.

He said the DLSA had directed the paralegal volunteers to visit police stations at least once a week and report about the progress of the cases of missing children and offences against women and children. They have also been directed to check police stations so that fundamental rights of citizens were not violated. In case any infirmity, with respect to above matters, was found by any PLV, he should report it to the secretary, District Legal Services Authority, Mohali, who would take further action in this regard.

Chief Judicial Magistrate Bindra said one copy of the order, passed in this regard, had also been sent to the Senior Superintendent of Police and station house officers of all police stations for the implementation of the order.

He appealed to the public to bring matters related to the violation of the fundamental rights to the notice of the District Legal Services Authority, Mohali, for necessary legal action.

“People can also bring serious matters to the notice of the Punjab Legal Services Authority, Chandigarh, by contacting it on the toll-free number (1968), which is available 24X7,” he said.



347 units of blood collected
Our Correspondent

Mohali, April 15
A blood donation camp was organised by the Competent Foundation on the occasion of Hanuman Jayanti here today. As many as 347 units of blood were collected at the camp.

Senior SAD leader Balwant Singh Ramoowalia inaugurated the camp, which was held in the Industrial Area. Prof Prem Singh Chandumajra, SAD candidate for the Anandpur Sahib parliamentary constituency, who was expected to reach the venue, could not come due to his prior commitments. His son, Simaranjit Singh Chandumajra, was present on the occasion.



Workshop on cyber crime held
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, April 15
A workshop on “cyber forensic and cyber crime investigation” was held at the Chandigarh Police Headquarters, Sector 9, today.

It was inaugurated by Dr Sukhchain Siingh Gill, Senior Superintendent of Police.

Saurav Mitra, cyber forensic expert from C-Dac, Kolkata, gave a presentation on cyber forensic, cyber investigation and the Information Technology Act.

The cyber forensic expert shared different case studies with the participants.

He focused on the steps to be taken by investigating officers while handling cyber crime, especially preserving the evidence for analysing the system by the experts.



Tributes paid

The LIC Divisional Office, Chandigarh, celebrated the 123rd birth anniversary of Babasaheb Dr BR Ambedkar on Monday. LC Meena, senior divisional manager, Chandigarh Division, presided over the function. A large number of officers and staff members paid tributes to Babasaheb. LC Meena, while addressing the gathering, advised the people to learn from the life and teachings of Dr BR Ambedkar.

Plans announced

Oppo Mobiles India, a global technology brand, announced its plans to have a diverse product portfolio of over 10 mobile phones across categories by December 2014. The Chinese mobile phone manufacturer had made its entry into the Indian market in early 2014, said officials. - TNS



Architecture college admissions in limbo
Asks MHRD to intervene; COA cancels admissions stating ‘norms not being met’
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, April 15
The Chandigarh College of Architecture (CCA) has approached the Union Ministry of Human Resource and Development (MHRD) to ‘bail’ them out of the crisis that has emerged after the Council of Architecture (COA) cancelled its admissions for the 2014-15 batch.

CCA principal Pardeep Kumar Bhagat said the Council of Architecture could ‘only recommend’ to the MHRD to cancel the admissions if they found any discrepancies in the norms.

“The COA authorities are misleading the students by uploading false information on its website without informing the MHRD or the Chandigarh Administration about the same,” added Bhagat.

Sources said Bhagat had recently approached the MHRD and secretary of the Department of Higher Education, Ashok Thakur, to intervene in the matter. In the communication, the CCA has sought assistance to curb the ‘arm-twisting measures adopted by the COA with the government institution’.

The CCA stated that it had brought to the notice of the COA that all admission norms had been fulfilled as per the Architect Act of 1972.

COA president Prof Uday C Gadkari said, “It is a temporary cancellation. If the college assures us that it will recruit faculty members, besides upgrade infrastructure, the council will allow them to admit students for the 2014-15 session. The council will inspect the college by May-end and give its approval.”

As per the observation of the COA inspection team — visited the CCA on May 15 and 16, 2012 — the college was asked to recruit adequate faculty, particularly senior-level professors, set up a computer laboratory with licenced software and upgrade other labs and instruments.

Later, the college informed the council in September 2012 that upon approval of the recruitment rules — which were pending with the MHRD— the vacant posts will be filled by them.

The college further stated that the computer cell, labs and other facilities in the college had been upgraded.

The council had also asked the college to deposit the inspection charge of Rs 50,000.

On this, the college asked the COA to provide them a copy of the notification which mentioned the fixation of inspection fee for the extension of approval.



Raga Boyz to rock PU tomorrow
Tribune News Service

Members of the Pakistani rock band Raga Boyz perform at Kala Gram in Chandigarh on Tuesday
Members of the Pakistani rock band Raga Boyz perform at Kala Gram in Chandigarh on Tuesday. Tribune Photo: Vicky Gharu

Chandigarh, April 15
The North Zone Cultural Centre, Patiala, in collaboration with Panjab University (PU), Chandigarh, will organise Raga Boyz, an evening of pop music by the famous Pakistani Rock band at PU Law Auditorium on April 17. Dr Nirmal Jaura, director of Youth Welfare, said, “Raga Boyz is a band of three brothers from Pakistan. They belong to the Patiala Gharana of Music.”

Panjab University Vice-Chancellor Prof Arun Kumar Grover, Punjabi University Patiala VC, Dr Jaspal Singh, and principal secretary to the Governor of Punjab, MP Singh, will be the guests of honour.



Baisakhi celebrations at varsity
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, April 15
Desh Bhagat University celebrated Baisakhi with fervour today. A special function was organised to mark the occasion. David Lelliott, British Deputy High Commissioner in North-west India was the chief guest.

Conveying British Prime Minister David Cameron's wishes on the occasion of Baisakhi, Lelliott said, “Baisakhi gives a chance to celebrate the immense contribution of Sikhs to Britain.” Desh Bhagat University Chancellor Dr Zora Singh greeted the staff stating, “It’s the day of the creation of the Khalsa Panth.”



Student council poll

Chandigarh: St Anne’s Convent School conducted an election to institute the St Anne’s Convent School Student Council for the 2014-15 session. The students of classes VIII to XII voted to elect the school captain and vice captain.

Interactive session

An interactive session on ‘Autism-the lesser known truth, was today organised at Banyan Tree School, Sector 48, in association with Max Super Speciality Hospital, Mohali. Dr Arpinder Singh Gill, senior consultant, paediatrics spoke on autism.

Student council

The investiture ceremony for the students’ council of New Public School for the 2014-15 session was held today. Principal RD Singh pinned the badges on captain Ashmeet Singh, vice captain Vikram Singh and school prefects — Preet Kaur, Sanam Thakur and Harjee Singh.

Baisakhi celebrations

Mohali: The Tiny-Tots’ Foundation School celebrated Baisakhi on the school premises. An interactive session was also organised.

Cultural programme

Baisakhi was celebrated with fervour at Mind Tree School. A cultural programme was organised and the students presented a vibrant show.

Special assembly

The students took part in a colourful show to celebrate Baisakhi at Sant Isher Public School, Phase VII.

World Heritage Day

World Heritage Day was observed at Gian Jyoti Global School, Phase II. A special assembly was organised on the occasion. — TNS



Aryans Group of Colleges inks pact
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, April 15
The Aryans Group of Colleges signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Pearson Education Services here today.

The pact was signed between Dr Anshu Kataria, chairman of Aryans Group and Mohammad Suhail, North head, Pearson Higher Education. Mohd Suhail said, “Till now, Pearson was providing digital classes but Aryans is the first institution in the entire region to get Pearson learning ware.”



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