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No check on illegal digging
Shivani Bhakoo
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, April 15
Crores of rupees being spent on development of the city is going down the drain as certain private companies get away with illegal digging of roads.

The construction of one of the major roads, Ludhiana-Pakhowal Road, is in full swing as the ruling party is not leaving any stone unturned to prove its development claims. A private telecom company has dug up the road, which was constructed yesterday. It was only because the alert public that the authorities woke up from their deep slumber and got the digging stopped.

An RTI activist, Arvind Sharma, who has complained to the Secretary, Local Bodies, MC Commissioner and the other officials concerned, said he happened to pass the road this morning and saw the company workers digging up the road.

“I immediately contacted their contractor and asked him if he had sought permission to dig up the road as it was constructed yesterday only. The MC officials, too, were informed but everyone took it very lightly. It took the MC staff two hours to reach the spot. Since the road was in a bad shape and was being constructed after a long time, we never wanted anyone to damage it,” said Sharma.

Sunil Sharma, SDO (B and R), however, said the company had not taken permission from the MC for digging up the road. “It is unfortunate such a leading company is carrying out its work in an illegal manner. I have requested the higher authorities to lodge an FIR against the company as also claim damages,” said Sharma.

When asked it was the duty of Municipal Corporation officials to keep a check on such illegal activities, Sharma said there were so many roads and thousands of streets and such activities were carried out during the night. “It is not possible to keep a check on them all the time. We are spending crores on roads but these companies do not think twice before damaging them,” said Sharma.

Several incidents of illegal digging of roads have come to light in the city in the past. It seems the Municipal Corporation is learning no lessons from such illegal activities.

‘MC took it lightly’

I immediately contacted their contractor and asked him if he had sought permission to dig up the road as it was constructed yesterday only. The MC officials, too, were informed but everyone took it very lightly. It took the MC staff two hours to reach the spot. Since the road was in a bad shape and was being constructed after a long time, we never wanted anyone to damage it. — Arvind Sharma, An RTI activist


It is unfortunate such a leading company is carrying out its work in an illegal manner. I have requested the higher authorities to lodge an FIR against the company as also claim damages. — Sunil Sharma, SDO (Bridges and Roads)


Hunt on for cop’s kidnapper

Sahnewal, April 15
Munna, who allegedly kidnapped head constable Rakesh Kumar posted at the Sahnewal police station and left him for dead near Bhairommuna village on Saturday night, is still at large.

Assistant Sub-Inspector Gurmit Singh said the case was being handled by the CIA staff and had been nabbed. “The main kidnapper is yet to be arrested and the investigation is on,” he said.

It is learnt Munna, along with his accomplices, first robbed a Scorpio from Jalandhar. After carrying out a snatching at Salem Tabri, Ludhiana, he kidnapped the head constable. The head constable had arrested the kidnapper a month ago and recovered smack from his possession. To avenge his arrest, Munna stabbed him and left him for dead near Bhairomunna village. — OC



Rape case accused cries foul
Says he has been framed for not vacating a plot
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, April 15
A 48-year-old Municipal Corporation (MC) employee has claimed he was falsely implicated in a rape case by the Dakha police at the behest of a SAD leader.

Rachhpal Singh of Birmi village, who met the Director-General of Police (DGP) and sought a probe into the matter, alleged the police were pressing rape charge as a pressurising tactic.

Rachhpal said the DGP has marked the case to Deputy Inspector-General (DIG) Kunwar Vijay Pratap Singh for investigation. "I went to the DIG’s office today and was told to come tomorrow," said Rachhpal.

He regrets the day when he purchased a 200 sq yd plot located in Dairy Complex, Haibowal, from a woman in 2001.

"I had made the payment through cheque and was waiting for the registry. Rita (name changed), from whom I had purchased the land, was caught in a vehicle-theft case. She was convicted and jailed. When Rita came out of the jail, I told her to execute the sale deed in my name. But she refused and got a case registered against me. However, she lost the case," said Rachhpal Singh.

Later, Rita, in connivance with the police, framed him in a false house trespass case in 2012.

"In the FIR, the house trespass was shown to have happened on February 7, 2012, while the case was registered on April 2, 2012, two months after the incident. That case, too, is sub judice. In the meantime, Rita, along with a Sarpanch, kept on mounting pressure on me to vacate the plot. When I refused, I was falsely implicated in a rape case," said Rachhpal.

Rachhpal said the woman, on whose statement he had been booked, was Rita's daughter-in-law. "Rita's daughter-in-law lodged a complaint with the Mullanpur Dakha police on March 9. For three days, I had been made to sit in the police station, only to be released in the evening. On March 12, I was forced to sign a blank paper "wherein it was written that I have vacated the plot after receiving Rs 3 lakh. Soon after being released from the police station, I sent an email to the Governor, narrating the entire episode. The police learnt about my email and got the case registered against me on April 5," said Rachhpal.

When Amrik Singh, the investigating officer from the Mullanpur Dakha police, was asked to comment on Rachhpal's allegations, he said: "Such things cannot be discussed on the phone."



Community centre land: LIT defies govt directions
Kuldip Bhatia

Ludhiana, April 15
Strange as it may sound but it is a fact that the Ludhiana Improvement Trust (LIT) authorities are sitting over explicit directions by the Punjab Government for the cancellation of allotment of 2,000 square yards of prime land allotted for a community centre in Block H and I of the posh Bhai Randhir Singh Nagar Colony.

The Local Government Department, vide its memo no. 5/189/2013(12)2LG2, 138288, dated December 19, 2013, had directed the LIT to cancel the allotment of land worth about Rs 40 crore, which was allotted more than 25 years ago for setting up a community centre for the residents. After the allotment of the land, the then Residents Welfare Society had deposited 25 per cent of the price of land. Thereafter, no further payment was made towards the cost of the land.

While the society had violated the terms and conditions of allotment by not paying the subsequent instalments, a marriage palace and 30 rooms were constructed on the site, allegedly without any approved building plan. Moreover, though the society had been running the community centre virtually as a marriage palace, and the rooms were also rented out, it is paying no house tax or other local taxes to the LIT or to the Municipal Corporation, to which the Bhai Randhir Singh Nagar scheme had been transferred for maintenance.

The residents of the colony, who had obtained all this information under the Right to Information Act, maintained the LIT authorities continued to defy the government directions in this matter even though they had met senior officials of the Trust a number of times.

Information provided by the LIT to Baljeet Singh under the RTI Act on April 9, 2014, reads: “As per the report of the sale branch (Ludhiana Improvement Trust), action against the welfare society, Block H and I (Bhai Randhir Singh Nagar) is in process and that no show-cause notice (for the cancellation of allotment of the land) has so far been issued to the welfare society.”

Baljeet Singh and other area residents alleged a retired senior official of the MC, who was heading the welfare society, was using his influence to stall action against the society.

“Under the normal situation, the Trust should have taken necessary action for the cancellation of allotment of the land and further steps as per the directions of the government. But if no such action has been taken in the past four months, it seems the LIT authorities are in a defiance mode,” the residents said.



Candidates devise novel ways to woo addicts
Tribune News Service

Mandi Ahmedgarh, April 15
Setting a precedent, the administration has toughened stance against those people who woo voters with drugs, narcotics and liquor.

Teams of officials from the Excise and Taxation Department and the state departments have been deputed to keep a check on the supply of these materials.

However, supporters of almost all candidates contesting the Lok Sabha elections, irrespective of their affiliations, have devised novel methods to scuttle the administration's move. Instead of keeping and shifting heavy stocks of liquor and other products or paying cash to voters for purchasing these items, the candidates’ supporters are distributing symbolic items as tokens that can be traded for liquor at vends. Currency notes of small denominations of a particular series, playing cards signed by some designated supporters and medical prescriptions by registered medical practitioners were reportedly being used as tokens which entitle the bearers to claim a particular brand of liquor or other items.

Though the officials are aware of these tactics, they feel helpless to initiate any action against the supplier or the receiver of the products sold on retail.

Manager of a liquor vend, situated on the Ludhiana-Malerkotla road, near here, admitted he had been advised by his master to accept Rs 10 notes of a particular series for liquor worth Rs 100 each.

Signed playing cards supplied by liquor vendors are being distributed among voters. Diamonds, spades, clubs and hearts in a pack of cards, carrying a settled value, can be traded for liquor.

Stocking and carrying poppy husk and opium invite stringent police action. In-charges of party offices have been trying to woo addicts by arranging prescription slips for drugs from physicians practicing in remote areas. Payment of these drugs is also made in advance by the supporters of the respective candidates.



floating of tenders for mandis in district
Process conducted peacefully
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, April 15
The tendering process at the District Food and Civil Supplies Controller's office in Sarabha Nagar was conducted peacefully today.

DFSC Dr Sona Thind said people entering the office as well as the building were thoroughly checked by the police personnel.

She said of around 120 mandis in the district, tenders were called for only 12 mandis. She said negotiations regarding the tenders would be done tomorrow. 



Hospitals encourage people to vote 
Manav Mander
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, April 15
After the Civil Hospital, various private hospitals in the city have taken up the responsibility to encourage people to vote.

The OPD and prescription slips of patients are carrying various messages and slogans to make people aware of their right to vote.

The Civil Hospital is stamping every OPD card with the message "Voting is our right and duty", both in English and Punjabi. Various banners and posters asking people to vote have also been put on the premises of the Civil Hospital.

Following this example, Dayanand Medical College and Hospital, Christian Medical College and Hospital, SPS Apollo Hospital and Fortis Hospital, too, are putting stamps on the patients' cards, asking them to vote.

While stamps at all the other hospitals read "Voting is our right and duty", the stamp at Fortis Hospital asks people to "Vote for your own change".

Banners have also been displayed at hospitals asking people to go out and vote on the date of polling. CMCH has got the message “Be responsible, become voters” published on its writing pads.

SPS Apollo Hospital has not only put up the hoardings on its premises, but will also be displaying them in different parts of the city. The hoardings read: "Your Voice, Your Vote" and "Choose what's best for your country, not just yourself".

Dr Nitin Behal from Fortis Hospital said the hospital is also considering giving 10 per cent discount on the OPD services to those who show the ink mark on the poll day.

"Being responsible citizens, we should vote for the sake of our country. Since, hundreds of people visit the hospital every day, we thought of creating awareness by putting stamps and banners," he said.

The Indian Medical Association has already announced a 25 per cent discount for the patients. DMCH is also offering discounts.



Fogging to start today
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, April 15
Keeping in view the mosquito breeding season, the Health Department has issued the fogging schedule for different wards. Fogging will be held from April 16 to 30 in the morning hours.

Fogging cannot be done if it is raining, if wind speed exceeds 10 miles per hour and if evening temperatures are above 85°F.

The following is the fogging schedule for April 16—

Zone A

Ward No. 1 Guru Harvihar, New Akash Nagar, Manjit Vihar, Baazigar Basti, Harinder Nagar, Geeta Colony; No. 2 Sartaj Nagar, Cheema Colony, Diary Colony, Lajpat Nagar; No. 3 Gagandeep Colony, Shimla Colony, Jaspal Colony, Puri Vihar, Amrit Vihar.

Zone B

Ward No. 5 All areas.

Zone C

Ward No. 75 Dhandari Kalan, Harijan Basti, No. 74 Makkar Colony, Ram Nagar; No. 62 Shimplapuri, Guru Gobind Singh Nagar; No. 63 Preet Nagar, Basant Nagar.

Zone D

Ward No. 26 Lakshmi Nagar, Pratap Colony; No. 45 Preet Nagar, Kartar Nagar; No. 46 Abdullapur Basti, Jammu Colony, Red quarters; No. 48 Indira Colony, Model Town.


*y Remain indoors and keep children away from the fogging vehicle

* Park your vehicle off the street

* Do not follow the fogging vehicle or stop it while the fogging machine is operational 



Keep yourself hydrated during summers
Manav Mander
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, April 15
The sunny skies are perfect for beach trips, picnics and other outdoor adventure. But before you go out and enjoy, make sure you are protected from the extreme heat that the summer season can bring.

Keeping yourself hydrated is the most important thing during summers. As temperature rises, one becomes vulnerable to heat cramps, exhaustion, dehydration and heat stroke. The elderly people and children must be especially careful as they are more prone to various heat-related complications.

Hundreds of people around the world also die every year due to heat-related conditions.

All this can be avoided if proper preventive measures are taken.

“Staying hydrated is a must during this season. Make sure that you drink plenty of water; better if you take in more than the standard eight glasses a day to avoid rapid fluid loss. Other cold beverages and sports drinks rich with electrolytes can also help in replacing minerals and cooling down the body temperature at any time,” said Shilpa Joshi, a Mumbai-based dietician and nutrition expert.

Parents need to be extra cautious about their children since dehydration in them can cause increased sleepiness, dizziness, constipation, headaches and decreased urine output.

In severe cases, dehydration in children can cause sunken eyes, shrivelled and dry skin, low blood pressure, rapid breathing, delirium and unconsciousness.

Dr Anita Sabharwal, a city-based paediatrician, recommends keeping children away from juice and other fluids that use concentrated sweeteners and turn to water instead. “Even if they are not too keen on water in the beginning, don't be tempted to give them juice because they are actually dehydrating,” she said.

She said: “Flavour packets that can be added to water should also be avoided because they contain artificial sweeteners like aspartame.”

Tips for parents

* Dilute juice with water using a ratio of at least 50:50.

* Make juice ice cubes and put them in child's water bottle.

* Fill a pitcher of water and toss in some fruit like berries and lemon slices.

* Brew your favourite herbal tea, cool it and use it to add flavour to water.

Other useful tips

* Don't wait until you are thirsty to drink.

* Avoid sugary drinks or drinks with high alcohol content.

* Carefully replace fluids during outdoor and strenuous activities.

* Exercise early in the morning.

* Be careful not to 'overhydrate'. Too much water can dilute your body's salts.



3 shots of HPV vaccine can prevent cervical cancer, says expert
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, April 15
Three doses of human papilloma virus (HPV) vaccine to females in the age group of 15-26 years can prevent cervical cancer. The efficacy of the vaccine is more than 90 per cent in the age group, said Dr Princy Gupta, a gynaecologist at Ludhiana Kidney Centre, adding that every fifth woman suffering from cervix cancer belongs to India.

The main cause of cervix cancer is HPV, which transmits through sexual contact. After breast cancer, it is the most common cancer among the women in India. Every seven minutes, one patient of the disease dies in the country.

However, it is possible to prevent the cancer through vaccination, pap smear test and gynaecological examination. The most important test that helps in detecting cervical cancer at a pre-cancerous stage is the pap smear test.

"Women should go for regular gynaecological check-up and pap smear tests to prevent occurrence of the disease. Women should save their daughters from cervical cancer by getting them vaccinated," added Dr Sandeep Mahajan, an oncologist.



Parents protest at DC office
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, April 15
Parents protested outside the Deputy Commissioner’s office demanding rollback of the fee hike at Sacred Heart Convent Schools at Bhattiyan and Sector 30.

Parents said the Right to Education Act was not being implemented in any of the private schools.

They also alleged that the Deputy Commissioner did not meet them despite giving them time to meet today.

Denying any such scheduled meeting, DC Rajat Aggarwal said teams from schools had a meeting with the ADC.

Aggarwal said he was busy with meetings regarding the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. “The schools have sought 15 days, as they want to discuss the issue with school managements. After this, another meeting will be held to resolve the issue,” he said.

Parents have been observing hunger strike at Jagraon Bridge and outside the schools against the fee hike.



PAU offers more seats in undergraduate programmes
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, April 15
Punjab Agricultural University has increased the number of seats in its undergraduate programmes to 556 for the 2014-15 session. In the 2013-14 session, the number of seats stood at 443.

University registrar Dr PK Khanna said last year, the six-year BSc Agriculture (Hons) programme was being offered to students in Ludhiana and Gurdapsur districts with 50 and 20 seats respectively. This year, in order to provide education on the doorstep of rural youth, an Institute of Agriculture has been established at Bathinda where the course will be offered to those who have completed matriculation. The number of seats at both Gurdaspur and Bathinda institutes will be 60.

Dr Khanna said in the first two years, students will be pursuing the programme at their campuses, but during the third year, eligible students will be shifted to the PAU campus.

Dr Khanna also informed that PAU has introduced a B.Sc (Hons.) Interior Design programme in the College of Home Science

Nigerian scientist to work at varsity

A Nigerian scientist, Dr MA Busari, from the Federal University of Agriculture, Nigeria, has been selected for the CV Raman International Fellowship for African Researchers by the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India. Dr Busari will work as a post-doctorate fellow at Punjab Agricultural University (PAU) under the guidance of Dr SS Kukal, professor of soil conservation. Dr Busari will be working on advanced technologies of water management in agricultural crops being developed by the varsity.

Student brings laurels

A PhD student of the School of Agricultural Biotechnology, Punjab Agricultural University, Palvi Malik, has brought laurels to the university by bagging fifth Monsanto Beachell-Borlaug International Scholarship for 2014. Malik is among six students chosen at global level from a total of 45 applicants. Malik and her supervisors at PAU and Ohio State University, USA, will receive a grant of USD 1,40,000 for a period of three years. Under this scholarship programme, Malik will work for one year in an advanced laboratory at Ohio State University. Four other students of PAU selected in previous years for this scholarship are Amandeep Sandhu, Dharminder Bhatia, Amandeep Kaur and Mitaly Bansal. The students selected under this scholarship programme are also given an opportunity to meet Word Food Prize laureates during World Food Prize Ceremony, held every year in October at Iowa, USA. Vice-Chancellor Dr Baldev Singh Dhillon congratulated the student and the department for successfully competing for the scholarship and bringing laurels to the university. 



City girl makes it to IIM, Ahmedabad
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, April 15
Harleen Chadha, a city-based student, has made the city proud by making it to the IIM, Ahmedabad.

She did her BTech from Punjab Agricultural University.

Harleen said she owed her success to her parents and teachers who had full faith in her and motivated me throughout.

Director of her coaching institute congratulated her on getting admitted to the prestigious management institute. 



ludhiana votes 2014
Govt staff pledge to vote
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, April 15
Following the instructions of the Election Commission of India, Deputy Commissioner Rajat Aggarwal, who is also the District Electoral Officer, made all the employees take a pledge to vote at Bachat Bhawan here today.

The pledge read: “We all are residents of India who have faith in democracy. We should exercise our right to franchise for maintaining all the traditions of democracy. For establishing a powerful democratic set up it is required that we should cast our vote without any fear and irrespective of any cast, creed, language, religion.”

The officers and employees who took this pledge included Additional Deputy Commisioner (Development) Isha Kalia, District Transport Officer, District Treasury Officer, District Welfare Officer, employees of the District Public Relation office, Sub-Divisional Magistrate (West), Sub-Divisional Magistrate (East), employees of the District Education Officer (Primary) and District Education Officer (Secondary), employees of the tehsildar office and officers of different branches.

Health staff to vote for deserving candidate

Employees at the Civil Surgeon office today took a pledge to cast their vote judiciously. Civil Surgeon Dr Subhash Batta asked all the employees to take the pledge.

"Following the instructions, I took a pledge from all the employees working in the office. The employees of the department pledged to cast their vote in favour of the deserving candidate. The employees also undertook pledge not to vote on the basis of language, cast, creed and other such criteria," said Dr Batta.

"It is a small initiative taken by us and it will be great if we are able to bring about a change and encourage people to vote. If one wants a change, one has to vote for it," said Dr Batta.

District Health Officer Dr Avinash Kumar said voting was not just a right, but a duty of every citizen as well.

He said people should vote with utmost responsibility, without being carried away by language and religious difference.

An employee working at the Civil Surgeon office said with so many activities taking place to create awareness on voting, she was looking forward to go out and vote on the polling day.

DC visits nakas

Deputy Commissioner Rajat Aggarwal checked various nakas set up across the city. He instructed the staff deployed there to keep a strict vigil so that no smuggling of drugs and money could take place. He said strict action should be taken against those who distribute drugs for getting votes.



SAD-BJP hijacked Centre’s projects: Kotli
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, April 15
In past seven years, the SAD-BJP alliance did nothing for development, other than laying inaugural stones.

This was stated by MLA Gurkeerat Singh Kotli, while addressing a gathering at ward number 65 here toay.

Kotli and senior Congress leader KK Bawa appealed to the vote for Ravneet Singh Bittu, party’s candidate from Ludhiana. Kotli and Bawa campaigned door to door as well.

Kotli, in his address, said under the Badal government, corruption has been reached its peak.

“Claims of development made by the SAD-BJP leaders have proved hollow, as nothing has been done in the state in the name of development,” he said.

He said most roads in Punjab had been built using funds allocated by the Centre.

“The Centre has provided health services to villagers under the National Rural Health Mission. The Centre has also increased income of agrarian households by giving minimum support price,” he said.

Slamming the SAD-BJP alliance, Kotli said they had hijacked all projects initiated by the Central government. PPCC secretary Pawan Garg was also present at the rally.

Meanwhile, Ravneet Singh Bittu campaigned at various villages including Gagra, Kothhe Pone, Chhajwal, Chowkiman, Talwandi Kalan, Mor Kareema, Sohiyan, Pabbiyan, Soojapur and Kular in Jagraon area.

Addressing gatherings in these villages, Bittu said the SAD-BJP alliance promised to give jobs and unemployment allowance to the youth, but did nothing.

“Drug addiction has crossed all limits in the state,” he said. 



AAP’s Rakhi Birla to hold roadshow 
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, April 15
Aam Aadmi Party leader and former Delhi minister Rakhi Birla will take out a roadshow to campaign for party candidate Harvinder Singh Phoolka tomorrow.

Phoolka said, "Birla has expressed keen interest in visiting the city.”

The roadshow will start from the railway station at 2 pm. The cavalcade will pass through Clock Tower, Bajwa Nagar, Balmiki Ghati, Division No. 3, Isaa Nagar, Janakpuri, Naali Mohalla, Chawni Mohalla, Peeru Mohalla, Salem Tabri, Jalandhar Bypass, Fatehgarh Mohalla, Qilla Mohalla, Partap Chownk, Gill Road and Dholewal Chowk before concluding at Jawahar Nagar Camp.

Today, Phoolka visited houses of party volunteers and thanked them.



Congress members join Akali Dal
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, April 15
Congress member Banti Chopra along with some other fellow members joined the Shiromani Akali Dal today.

SAD-BJP candidate from Ludhiana Manpreet Singh Ayali said the members who left the Congress would get their due in the SAD.

Gurpreet Singh from the Congress and Sarabjit Singh from the BSP along with his associates also joined the SAD, according to a press release issued by the party.

Addressing another meeting, Ayali said his party believed in serving, rather than just talking like other parties.

Ayali said there was a “Modi wave” across the country and the formation of NDA government at the Centre was assured. Meetings were held at several places including Wards No. 64, 73 and 74 besides Guru Nanak Dev Nagar.



From schools & colleges


Students excel in exams: Students of the Department of Computer Science and Applications of Ramgarhia Girls College brought laurels in the M Sc first semester conducted by the Punjab University. Harpreet Kaur stood first in the class securing 74.3 per cent marks, Manpreet Kaur stood second securing 73 per cent marks and Sandeep Kaur got third position with 70.6 per cent marks. Principal Dr Narinder Sandhu congratulated Professor Rattan Deep Chawla, Head of Department of Computer Science and Applications. Ranjodh Singh, president and Jagtar Singh, general secretary, Ramgarhia Educational Council also appreciated the efforts of the faculty members and students.

Baisakhi celebrations

Orient Convent School celebrated Baisakhi with enthusiasm. Students took part in the celebrations and gave passionate performances. Students of Class IX and Class XII performed bhangra and giddha, whereas the students of primary wing gave a performance on a Punjabi song. On this occasion Director Vikram Sharma told students about the birth of the "Khalsa Panth".

Guru Gobind Singh Public School

Students of Guru Gobind Singh Public School celebrated Baisakhi with zeal and enthusiasm. Students came attired in traditional dresses. Ramneek Kaur and Navpreet Singh, students of class V recited poems and students of class I and II performed group dance on 'Teri Kanak di Rakhi'. Students of Class III and IV performed giddha. Solo dance was performed by Gurnoor Kaur of Class IV. Five students were also baptised on this occasion.

Hanuman Jayanthi celebrated

Hanuman Jayanti was celebrated on the premises of SDP Senior Secondary School, Basti Jodhewal, under the guidance of president Balraj Kumar Bhasin. Students delivered a lecture on the life of Lord Hanuman and presented hymns.

Fresher’s party

Fresher’s party was celebrated at Baba Isher Singh Public School .Children came in colorful dresses to attend the ceremony. They performed dance. Master Manjot Singh was declared as Mr. Fresher and Baby Gurpreet Kaur was declared as Miss Fresher. Principal Ranjit Kaur congratulated the winners. — TNS


A team of the Health Department paid a surprise visit to Government Senior Secondary School for Boys, Jawahar Nagar. The team, led by Food Safety Officer Manoj Khosla, expressed satisfaction over the mid-day meal served at the school. The team also inspected the kitchen and found it to be clean.



Ludhiana scan

Kavi darbar

On the occasion of Baisakhi, the managing committee of Gurdwara Chet Singh Nagar, Grain Market, organised a kavi darbar. The participating poets included Ravinder Singh Deewana, Gurdish Kaur Grewal, Jaspreet Kaur, Joginder Singh Kang and Surinderpreet Kaunke.

Support for Bittu

The Indian National Trade Union Congress council has extended supporting to the Congress candidate in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. Swaran Singh, district president, and Suresh Sood, district general secretary, INTUC, said the decision was taken on the orders of Subhash Sharma, state president.

Deputy CM to address rally

Deputy Chief Minister Sukhbir Singh Badal will be addressing a rally being organised by Bhai Kanhaiya Ji Mission Sewa Society at Maryland Palace, Dugri Road, on April 17.

Sahit Akademi poll on May 4

The Punjabi Sahit Akademi managing board elections will be held on May 4 between 9 am and 1 pm at Punjabi Bhawan. Interested members have been asked to submit their nomination papers to the chief election officer at Panjabi Bhawan between April 17 and 21. No nomination paper will be accepted after 11 am on the final day. The chief election officer, Dr Sarjeet Singh, said the papers will be checked on April 22 and the list of eligible candidates will be issued at 3pm the same day. Candidates can withdraw their nominations by 3 pm the following day. — TNS



Woman accuses brother-in-law of rape
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, April 15
A 31-year-old woman has levelled rape allegations against her brother-in-law. Members of the Valmiki Sabha, Ludhiana, accompanied by the woman, met the Police Commissioner.

She said her brother-in-law raped her at the behest of her husband and in-laws, who lived in New Ganesh Nagar, near New Shiv Puri.

She said she got married six months ago. It was her second marriage and her husband's third. She claimed her in-laws started torturing her soon after the marriage.

The Commissioner of Police said investigation would be conducted and appropriate action taken. 



Bag containing Rs 22 lakh snatched
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, April 15
An agent of a cash-collection company complained to the police that two persons snatched a bag containing Rs 22 lakh from him on the Ferozepur road here today.

The complainant, identified as Mandeep Singh, said the incident took place at around 2 pm when he came out of MBD Mall after collecting cash.

He said while he was going to Punjab and National Bank (PNB) on his bike to deposit the cash, two persons came from behind and accosted him near the bank. They accused Mandeep of teasing a girl. Mandeep declined and heated arguments ensued.

He said the two manhandled him. The man sitting pillion snatched the bag and ran away. He chased him but the snatcher boarded a vehicle and escaped towards the Jagraon side. Meanwhile, the person riding the motorcycle also escaped.

Mandeep brought the matter to the notice of the company authorities, who lodged a complaint with the police.

Balwinder Kaur, PAU police station SHO, said investigation was on. "We are investigating the case from all angles," she said.

It is the second major robbery in the past two days. Yesterday, thieves robbed an 80-year-old woman of Rs 20 lakh at a house in Hargobind Nagar.

Second major robbery in two days

It is the second major robbery in the past two days. On Monday, thieves robbed an 80-year-old woman of Rs 20 lakh at a house in Hargobind Nagar.



Chess tourney on April 18, 19
Our Sports Reporter

Ludhiana, April 15
The Ludhiana District Chess Association (LDCA) will organise the Punjab State Chess Championship under the aegis of the Punjab State Chess Association at St Thomas Senior Secondary School, Brown Road, on April 18 and 19.

According to a press release issued by the LDCA general secretary, Arvinder Preet Singh, the competition will be held for under-9 and under-15 years categories for boys and girls during this two-day championship.

Matches will be played under the Swiss League System as per the guidelines set by the World Chess Federation. Participants must bring their own chess boards and clocks besides age-proof certificates.

Interested players may confirm their entries to Vikas Sharma (9815730066), Arvinder Preet Singh (9814084872) or IK Kalia (9814120639) by April 17.

On the basis of their performance in this championship, two under-9 players and four under-15 players will be selected to represent Punjab at the National Chess Championship (U-9) to be held in May at Puducherry and National Chess Meet (U-15) slated to be held in the month of August in Kerala, said Singh.



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