Notes from underground
The Kasauli Rhythm and Blues festival provided an ample serving of all genres of music 
Amarjot Kaur

As the Kasauli Rythem at Blues fed the appetite of the music lovers, who hailed from across the country and abroad, there was much more to the event than just the power-packed performances at the Baikunth Resorts. The festival is essentially a charity event, the proceeds of which will be used to cure children suffering from critical health problems. As we chat with a few bands performing at the three-day long festival, we get an insight into their music and much more…

Ministry of Blues

One of the finest Blues-Rock band, Ministry of Blues was formed in the year 2005. The band plays a genre of music that originated in the 1900s, but combine it with distinctly with the contemporary music. "We want to create a musical experience that blends music with deep emotional roots with the sounds and skills that typify modern Rock. Also, we play this music in a manner that is enjoyable to both the discerning Blues aficionado as well as the lover of today's Rock music," says Rauf, the keyboardist of the band. At Kasauli, they performed some of their original tracks too, including 9 to 5 and Deep in Debt.

The band comprises Philipe Haydon on Guitar and Vocals, Rauf on keyboards and vocals, Vinoo Matthew on Bass and Kishor Karambaya on Drums. The band is also all for music for free. 

Caralisa Monteiro

  Caralisa Monteiro Popularly known for her act in the film, Rock On, Caralisa has also etched a prolific jingle career as she lend her voice to over 3000 ads for several well-known brands.

"It's been about 15 years that I have been in the industry, Hindi film music industry, advertisement film commercials and musical theatre. This time I performed one of my originals, we know why, for the festival, because the audience is great and very welcome to original music too," says Caralisa, who has also sung for Bollywood films like Rock On, Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna, Karthik Calling Karthik, and Anjaana Anjani. The recurring themes in her songs are love, strife, and emancipation and reflect her own personal experiences and struggles. So when she says "I sing from the gut", it is a fairly layered statement. "I am currently working on my single, Angle in disguise, which will be out pretty soon," says she. 

Whirling Kalapas

  Ashwin Andrew and Uday Benegal It is true that no band has had a greater influence or created as indelible an effect on the Indian rock scene as Indus Creed. The band set the stage for the definitive rock movement in India, which is unshackled, path breaking, well-produced original music embodying the spirit of free expression and individuality. The award-winning band redefined the concept of live performance in India and performed across UK and the Middle East. The man behind the band, Uday Benegal, who is also associated with two other bands, Whirling Kalapas and Alms for Shanti says, "It's been a long journey since we started and the music scene in India has come a long way."

Having recorded three highly successful albums, including Evolve (2012) by Universal Music, Indus Creed like to describe their sound as "large and loud". With Uday Benegal on Acoustic and electric guitar, Gaurav Gupta on rhythm guitar, Mahesh Tinaikar on lead guitars, Zubin Balaporia on Keyboard, Jai Rao Kavi on drums and Krishna Jhaveri on Bass, the band delivered a splendid performance at the festival.

Talking about Whirling Kalapas, Uday shares that the band is a fundamental acoustic-based trio comprising Uday Benegal, Sankarshan Kini and Ashwin Andrew. "The music of this band is neo-folk, alt-country and eclectic and bluesy acoustic pop," says Uday. 


 Tipriti Kharbangar and Rudy Wallang of Soulmate Inspired by the sounds of the Blues, Blues-Rock, Soul, Rock 'n' Roll, Funk and R&B, Soulmate was formed in Shillong, in October 2002 when Rudy Wallang and Tipriti Kharbangar decided to form a band. As we talk to Tipriti Kharbangar, the talented vocalist and rhythm guitarist of the band, she says, "We didn't choose the Blues…..the Blues chose us"!

Born into a family of musicians, Rudy grew up listening to his father making music and started singing and playing the ukulele at a very tender age eventually graduating to the guitar. "It;s been a while now and I think that the best thing about our band is that there is soul to it, even in the name," he quips. The band has recorded 3 albums, including Shillong, Moving On and Ten Stories Up. At the festival, Soulmate are accompanied by Leon Wallang on Bass Guitar, Noel Lepcha on Drums and Karan Joseph on Keyboards.

Man of the moment

Punjabi Movie Dil Vil Pyaar Vyaar (DVPV) is being released on May 2 in a big way. Apart from being a family entertainer the other unique aspect about DVPV is for the first time that Punjab's top actress Neeru Bajwa will be seen on screen opposite Maan. Now, there is another pleasant first that has been associated with the film, Gurdas Maan was on the sets of popular stand-up comedian Kapil Sharma's show - Comedy Nights with Kapil on Colors. The episode was aired on April 19. The show saw Gurdas Maan informing Punjabi movie enthusiasts, what DVPV will be bringing for them when it hits theatres.

Says Gurdas Maan, "This shows how Punjabi films are gradually being accepted not just by Punjab and Punjabi NRIs' but also at a National level. DVPV is also coming on the sets of Bani Ishq Da Kalma aired on Colors. The show will be telecast on April 28."

All the fans of Gurdas Maan and DVPV had a fabulous evening watching the great entertainer talking about DVPV, his trademark bhangra jig with fans and his hilarious interaction with the inimitable bua on Kapil's show. The show came alive when bua made an entry dancing to the tunes of DVPV's chartbuster Saanu Te Aisa Mahi. The melodious songs of Dil Vil Pyaar Vyaar are already making waves everywhere.

Turning tables
DJ Aaron James loves diversity, be it music or the people surrounding him

Tune in: Aaron James Deejaying happened to Aaron James by fluke…mixing tapes for a friend, he took up an open slot for $50 and a dinner way back in 1997. Fun he had that night on console made him stick to Deejaying!

A New Yorker, Aaron takes pride in his city's ethnic diversity. "Be in NYC subway and you will come across people from almost all the countries in the world, some of them on war with each other! That's how it works - put people together and they figure it out," says Aaron, bit shy in contrary to the person he is on the console.

In Chandigarh, on Saturday, to play at Blue Blazer, Aaron is happy to be in city, where he has been a couple of times before. He knows that party people are open to experimentation bit more than other cities in India.

Aaron has played across the globe, one tour that he finds truly life changing was Rock The Vote Tour in 2008 that took him around 50 US cities with artistes of repute. "It was the first time, I could think beyond me. Our cause - to register millions of voters - was bigger than me and I got to collaborate with artistes like The Beastie Boys and Sheryl Crow."

Aaron has been in and out of New York for he loves to be in new places and India fascinates him big time. "I have come to India couple of times in last decade and here I find my true calling. There is something in the place, people, culture that makes me want to settle down here." And, he might for he is really keen on getting hitched with this Delhi friend of his, but nothing is official yet. But Delhi is not his favourite city in this huge country. It's Mumbai where he totally feels at home. "I don't want to be disrespectful to other cities but I not that comfortable in landlocked cities. And, Mumbai has my close friends whom I can call family."

His music - he dabbles in number of genres - retro, electro, reggae, dub hip hop, house and EDM - totally depending on the place he is in. What inspires him? "Well, people dancing away their worries. Just being there and enjoying the moment."

He is quite in awe of Indian music and musicians who put in so much hard work in their profession having collaborated with the like of Midival Punditz. Ask him to choose one; he goes totally for Priyanka Chopra. "She might not be one of your best singers but if I had to pick up one to have a drink with, it has to be her."

It's the same passion with which musicians across the world work and he connects with many. One of his eventful collaboration is with Shaa'ir + Func, an Iraqi troup. Their concert in Delhi Drop Beats Not Bombs in Delhi garnered them much attention.

Aaron in his music and life is all for unity in diversity. "Put me in a room where everyone looks like me, I would be too uncomfortable," put that on his NYC upbringing! And, also the nose stud that he wore out of fancy for many in his city do. "It was not until I came here in India I realised that there could be meanings to it too." He admits being asked too many questions for wearing that little sparkle on his nose, the obvious being if he's gay, "No, he sets the record straight."

It's Asia and its booming market where he is hoping to make people dance on his tunes more in more in coming times! 

stress buster
Forget your fears
Renee singh

One of the main causes of stress in our lives is fear. Although fear is not always bad, it is an emotion you are supposed to feel, like any other emotion. We always hear that if something is present and potent there is cause to be afraid. Looking at the practical reality of it, for example if there is an earthquake and you are in it, you should be afraid, but if you are just thinking of an earthquake and feeling fear, then it is an unreasonable cause for stress.

We all want to be strong, we want to be in control of our lives. We want to prove to others in this world that we can make it. But unfortunately we have fears which may be the result of a bad experience or maybe just created by our vivid imagination. Fears come in all shapes and sizes, may be a fear of heights or of animals or bugs, any fear actually, it has the power to stop you in your tracks.

Fear can overshadow living

Sometimes we are surrounded by people who are living in fear. They live in fear of sickness, fear of germs, fear of losing their job, their spouse, their best friend. Many times irrelevant fears of losing this and that and all of it which is practically non existent, none of these are present and potent. So we are living in fear of something that may or may not happen. Living in fear is really not living. It is just waiting for something bad to happen. You can of course conquer your fears by understanding why you are afraid.

Freedom from fear

One of the main reasonable in our lives is ''freedom from fear''. Releasing your fears and giving them into the hands of the Universe is the best way to keep yourself de stressed. Start living in trust, start believing in the fact that the universe conjoins with you to give you what you want, only then will you remain positive and clear about your wants and desires. Trusting your inner power and strength is the best way to get rid of any fearful thoughts that take over your life, surrender these negative thoughts to the universe and ask for positive reinforcement in your life.

Fear attack

Fear is a powerful enemy so we need a powerful ally to overcome fear. Love,as we know is the most powerful emotion therefore living in love, faith and trust is the only way to combat fear. Whoever is living in fear does not have perfect love in his life, he is not in sync with himself and the universe. It is very important to create this connection in order to lead a stress free life.

Practical ways of dealing with stress

Breathe deeply: Do not take short shallow breaths. Long deep breaths get more oxygen into your brain and muscles and more toxins are expelled by our lungs.

Put things in perspective: Sometimes stress is caused as much by the perception of a situation as the situation itself. Whenever you feel you are getting stressed take a step backwards and ask yourself whether you are worrying unnecessarily and deal with it.

Soothing music: Listening to relaxing music puts you into a more peaceful state. Anything that associates you with pleasant thoughts will drive away your fears instantly.

Distract yourself from the worry: Take 15 minutes for yourself, calm down, have a cup of tea, take a walk or take a bath, whatever suits your temperament and makes you feel better and ready to cope.

Get Real: Fears are worse than reality. Anything bad that happens once create a fear but the mind does not accept that there is no likelihood of its happening again.

Go back to basics: A good sleep, a wholesome meal, a good walk, these ease and relax you. No need to go in for complicated methods.

Talk about it: Sharing a fear makes it simpler. Share it with a friend or family member or anyone you trust.

Reward yourself: Recharge yourself by taking a massage, a candlelight dinner, a good book or whatever you enjoy.

Fears are unreasonable things that come into our lives unasked unannounced and reek havoc with our lives. They have no roots so are shaky concepts that can be thrown away easily. Make an effort to shed away your fears and start living joyfully.

(Singh is a Chandigarh based psychotherapist)

Alternate theory

Call it the placebo effect, power of faith in a system, discount it or believe it but the fact is that alternative form of medicine has come a long way. Homeopathic continues to bring people in its ambit each day. "The onset of any kind of allergy or disease happens due a combination several factors. Stress being a first and foremost. When your body's immune system weakens that spells the onset of several diseases and that is what homeopathy tries to strengthen," Dr. Batra's zonal head, north, Dr. Saurabh Kalra briefs on how the system works.

"We try to know the nature, behaviour and basic character of a person before prescribing any medicine to them," he shares while announcing World Homeopathic Month. "April 10 was birthday of Samuel Hahnemann, the originator of homeopathy. As a part of the celebrations, we are giving free consultations and medicines at a discounted rate."

The season itself spells the onset of allergies, nasal allergy, hay fever, asthma; just some of the things which homeopathy takes extreme pride in treating. "Everyday we are getting at least 5 to 7 cases of seasonal allergies. Our lifestyle is to be blamed for this. It comprises canned foods, staying indoors, environmental pollution and toxins from fertilized foods."

He adds, "All your life, you have eaten everything and suddenly you are allergic to something." Just in case, staying healthy appears a tad difficult, he spells some simple rules. "Avoid stress, fast foods, canned products. One must have only seasonal food and exercise everyday." Little changes go a long way. — TNS

Master Chef
Sweet, sour & spicy
Ranjan Dibya

The salad sounded pretty interesting. The base of the salad is crunchy noodles and bean sprouts. The dressing sounds really tasty being made with peanut butter and chili sauce. The dressing is a nice balance of sweetness, sourness and spicy.

Spicy tangy oriental crispy noodles chicken salad


100 gm Iceberg lettuce

100 gm Chinese cabbage, thinly sliced

200 gm Chicken strips

100 gm Crispy noodles

1 Medium Onion, thinly sliced

1 Small Capsicum seeded and sliced thinly

For the dressing

1 Tsp Soyabean sauce

1Tsp Tomato sauce

1 Tbsp. Peanut butter

1 Tsp Red chilli sauce

1 Tsp Sesame seeds

1 Lime (juice and zest)

1 Tsp Sesame oil

Salt to Test

For the garnish

100 gm Bean sprouts

100 gm Crushed peanuts

100 gm Spring onions, finely chopped


  • Chicken strips boil or pan fry it, till it is cooked. Keep it aside.
  • To make the dressing, mix all the ingredients, soya sauce, tomato sauce, peanut butter, chilli sauce, lemon juice, sesame oil and salt
  • In a large mixing bowl, take the lettuce, chicken strips, cabbage, onion, capsicum and crispy noodles with the sauce and toss well.
  • Serve in bowls garnished with bean sprouts, crushed peanuts and spring onions

Chef Ranjan Dibya is senior executive chef

As told to Poonam Bindra

Traditional take

Ravi Dhillon Ravi Dhillon of Dhillon Brothers is back with a single titled Pagg. A song that was born out of personal experience, Ravi is proud of it and promises to give a new single every alternate month. Here's the Punjabi singer sharing his journey…

Heart of the matter

I belong to Patrali, tehsil Kurali. Once we had Akhand path at home and they wanted Sardar boys to take the sawari; but most of the boys present were clean shaven. Pag, a symbol of Sikh identity is fast losing its appeal to youngsters, I shared my thoughts with writer Satnam Singh Mattu on Facebook and Pagg was born. I wanted to do something different from all the songs being played on channels 24X7. I guess Pagg is one. The song would be on channels soon and I am hoping to connect with audience, especially the youth.

Tryst with music

I and my twin brother, Soni started singing together on stage. Change of circumstances took us away from music, my brother moved to Australia but I continued my journey with music. I was with Idu Sharif for more than a year. Apart from him, Gurdas Maan has influenced my journey. So has Hans Raj Hans. He would encourage us calling, Nikke nikke do khalse. Today I consider Jazzy B to be on the top. I have followed his style of dressing in my track but my style of singing is original.

Loud & clear

Jahan Geet, a student of class X1 in Carmel Convent School, Chandigarh is the youngest female dhol player of India. Besides being good in studies, she is equally proficient in drum beating. She has performed in various cultural programmes. She began by performing at the school level and has also participated in international programmes like Kapurthala International Heritage Festival.

Her recent achievement is performing for the reality show, Entertainment Ke Liye Kuch Bhi Karega that is expected to be telecasted in May. To promote Punjabi culture, she has traveled across India. Her performances have also been telecast on several other channels. She has also been acknowledged and recognized as first female drummer of India by Tom Tom Magazine published in the USA. She has recently been awarded a Certificate the Independence Day.

pet passion
Special treatment
Poonam Bindra

Sidharth Thapar with Ladda The 'Thapars' are a family who are in love with anything that is 'canine' and have seven of the four legged friends living with them as family members. Among the daschunds, a pug and two cocker spaniels 'Ladda' is the boss and favourite who considers herself much above all of them.

A three old American black beauty Ladda is a cocker spaniel who knows her mind very well." She interacts like a human being with proper eye contact and it seems she is understanding everything when you try explaining anything to her" says Sidharth Thapar, a BBA student at PCTE Ludhiana. As we see Ladda squatting royally on her cushion we are told that she does not allow any other canine friend of hers to enter the house and they all have to stay outside while she gets quite pampered inside. "Since the day she was made to sit on a separate seat in the airplane when my uncle brought her from Europe she feels that she is special," chorus the family. Ladda seems to follow the routine of her meals with the family right from the quota of almonds in the morning which are disbursed by the grandmother to all the family members and all the meals too are the same for her. "She sits on the floor and has what ever we have and if some family member gets up she will promptly sit on his chair," quips Sidharath.

He seems to the one spoiling her no end for she only eats if she is hand fed by him!! And no dry 'roti' for her as it has to be properly dipped in dal for her majesty to take. According to other family members Ladda is very diplomatic for she first tries to scare strangers by barking but if they don't get frightened she immediately gets friendly. Very fond of being groomed this intelligent cocker spaniel enjoys a hearty bath and the daily routine of being combed. Responding to the commands of 'hello' and others aptly Ladda seems to be understanding quite clearly whenever we are talking of her. She knows the rules of toilet training very well, yet Sidharath narrates an interesting incident. "When we had gone to Chandigarh for a dog show she came face to face with a big rottweiler, she got so scared that she immediately jumped into my lap and eased herself!!" As we leaves she even escorts us to the entrance and looks on condescendingly at the other doggies outside. Interestingly two of them are her children only but Ladda has to remain supreme.

star track
New kids on the block

 Tiger Shroff and Kriti Sanon The trailer of Heropanti has been attached to 2 States. The movie is out on May 23 and it launches the new talent that is Tiger Shroff. The film also launches Kriti Sanon. Both 2 States and Heropanti have been produced by Sajid Nadiadwala.

Debut dreams: Tiger Shroff and Kriti Sanon

Beyond expectations

Critically-acclaimed actor Saurabh Shukla, who has bagged the National Award for Best Supporting Actor for his performance in Jolly LLB, talks about his win...

Gratifying experience

It is very gratifying and humbling when you get a recognition like this. I have never complained that I have never been given my due because whatever I wanted to be, this industry has allowed me. So I am grateful to this industry for all that.

League of its own

As an Indian citizen, it means a lot to me because finally all said and done, a National Award has its own prestige and its own class. You can't compare it with any other award of the land. It is of the highest value and I am extremely happy that I have finally reached a place and position in life where I could get this award.

Best compliment

I don't know who said this but it was a message passed on to me by someone through a friend. And the message read, 'How could somebody do this? It looks like Saurabh has been sitting behind that desk for the last 15 years?'

Upcoming projects

I am doing Salman Khan's Kick, Jagga Jasoos and then one of my biggest films will release at the end of this year. It is called P.K and I have a very good role in that. Unfortunately, I cannot talk about it at the moment because I am bound by a contract.

Adele plans a comeback at Albert Hall

Oscar-winning singer Adele is secretly planning a comeback at Albert Hall, three years after her last show. The 25-year-old star has not performed a full-length concert since suffering vocal problems in 2011. She last performed a full 90-minute set in Glasgow in 2011, reported a publication.

Now she is considering returning to stage for the release of her third album, due out in October. Sources say she sees London's Royal Albert Hall as the perfect venue.

Executives at her record label hope she may follow this with concerts in New York and Los Angeles.

"This is the most exciting and promising news fans have had from Adele for ages. She is considering a comeback gig to promote her new CD," a source said.

"Her voice has been getting stronger over time and she has been working hard to rehabilitate it. A world tour is still a long way off," it added. — PTI

Too busy to celebrate

Bombay Velvet will now release on December 28 instead of December 25. The film has been wrapped up and there was a party for the same, in which Anushka Sharma was absent. She is currently busy working on her home production NH10.

For the love of the game

Sidharth Malhotra loves soccer. He is keeping a tab on the Spanish Premier League season. He wanted to go to Spain for it but could not due to work commitments.

On a signing spree

Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone will reunite on the big screen for Imtiaz Ali's next film, which again is a romantic one titled Window Seat.

RACING AHEAD: Deepika Padukone

Support system

Actress Gwyneth Paltrow has revealed that she is taking the help of Osteopathy to deal with her heartbreak after splitting from husband of 10 years. Paltrow and Chris Martin, who have two children together son Moses and daughter Apple, recently shocked the world of showbiz when they announced they were splitting, reported a publication. "Osteopath and healer Vicky Vlachonis have helped me deal with every kind of pain imaginable over the course of our decade-long relationship (joint, muscle, postnatal, emotional, and otherwise)," she wrote on her lifestyle website.

Paltrow, 41, is also enjoying some fun nights out with girlfriends. She recently shared a picture of herself on Instagram after the girls' night out at vegan restaurant Crossroads in West Hollywood. — PTI

More than lip service

Shilpa Shetty is setting a good example. She has postponed her vacation to Walt Disney World in the USA to be present here on the voting day. She will stay, cast her vote and then go for her vacation.

Jennifer Garner celebrates birthday at Disneyland

Hollywood actress Jennifer Garner celebrated her 42nd birthday by hitting Disneyland to party with the Mickey Mouse. Dressed casually in a stylish sweatshirt pinned with an "It's My Birthday" button and sporting a high-ponytail, the mother of three appeared exhausted from all the fun she was having and was spotted taking a break to let her daughter Seraphina revel in the rides, reported a publication.

The Dallas Buyers Club star was also joined by her sister who kept her company while Seraphina rode one of the rides The fun and easygoing afternoon was probably just what Garner needed after her hectic last week promoting her new film Draft Day. The A-lister is married to Ben Affleck and shares two children with him, Violet, seven, and Samuel, two. — PTI

chatter box
Wishes from the heart

Amidst busy shooting schedules, the entire cast and crew of Ekk Nayi Pehchaan celebrated the birthday of the lead protagonist Poonam Dhillion, who portrays the role of Sharda in the show. Sakshi aka Krystal D'Souza was really excited for her on-screen mother-in-laws birthday.

With the help of the crew members, she arranged for a cake on the sets itself. Poonam was surprised to see the impromptu party. Commenting on the same, she said, "It was such a pleasant surprise. I am blessed with one of the best teams. It feels wonderful to have such a warm and loving crew. I want to thank each one of them for this sweet gesture".

Have feet, will dance

Shakti Mohan. The latest name to join the dance reality show Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa is of dancer Shakti Mohan. Last season, her sister Mukti Mohan participated in the show and now we will see Shakti show us her moves. She had won the second season of Zee TV's Dance India Dance.

A comeback worth it!

Known for his good looks and dashing personality, Sumeet Sachdev, finally returns to television after a sabbatical with bindass' Yeh Hai Aashiqui. He is all set to play the protagonist in its upcoming episode. Yeh Hai Aashiqui chronicles unusual love stories every week and this time round, it will show an innocent love story of Ashish and Suhani.

The story is about a son's deep affection for his mother and respect for her feelings that obstructs him to declare his love for Suhani. Sumeet Sachdev will be seen as the lead actor, Ashish and will portray the character of an ideal, obedient son. Ashish is ready for an arranged marriage but, his struggle with himself and his mom's demands begins when he falls in love with a flower seller named, Suhani.

This talented lad gained household popularity with his unconventional popular characters like 'Gomzy' in the iconic show Kyuki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi.

Navi makes an entry

Rajan Shahi's Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya will soon have a new entry. Navi Bhangu will play the role of Samarth.

He will portray the character of a young TV producer who is very successful in his profession. Navi Bhanghu has worked with Rajan Shahi in Amrit Manthan previously.

He says, "Rajan Shahi is like my Godfather. He is an awesome producer. I feel that I am lucky to be working in his show."

Another plum job

Paras Arora who became famous with his role of Veer Shivaji will soon return to television. He will play Abhimanyu in Star Plus' Mahabharat. After his last outing in the film Rajjo with Kangana Ranaut, Paras is excited to be a part of this show.

On road to success

Nikhil Chaddha, who proved his talent as Vihaan in Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke, will now be seen in Nadan Parindey as an Army officer. Excited about his new role, Nikhil talks to us about doing stunts and living in Chandigarh.

Tell us about your role.

I play an army officer, who is a very focussed. He has dedicated himself to the service of his country and is equally passionate about his love for Meher. He wants to get married to her. There are many layers to the character, which will be exciting for me to enact.

As the sets of the show are in Chandigarh, how is it staying away from Mumbai?

Chandigarh is a beautiful city and I feel though staying away from friends and family is tough, it keeps you focused. I am enjoying my stay in the city and exploring various restaurants as I am a big foodie. I have also done ample shopping.

You always wanted to work with producer Imtiaz Punjabi. Why?

He is an experienced professional, so as an actor you get to learn a lot of things. I have found someone as passionate as myself to work with, which is a great feeling. I wanted to work with him and I am glad that I got the opportunity so early in my career.

You are doing action scenes too in NP. Share something about it.

Yes, I did lots of action scenes and it was a first time for me. One needs a lot of physical strength to do stunts and fortunately I am a fitness freak. I workout daily, so I am able to manage that.

How did you feel about leaving Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke?

I was not happy creatively with the show and my role, so I took the step of exiting it at that time. I got what I could from the show. So it was best that I moved on for something better. 

Astro Turf
p Khurrana

ARIES: Your card suggests that romance will be on your mind. Independent efforts are unlikely to bring spectacular gains. You might have to cancel a proposed trip to avoid friction tonight. Tarot message: Act righteously and do your duties on time. Lucky colour: Pink Magic number: 57

TAURUS: Spiritual values surface. Taxation matters to get adjourned. Check the behavior of your spouse secretly. The personal and professional areas of your life might be at odds. Tarot message: Leave things open-ended for best results. Lucky colour: Golden Magic number: 65

GEMINI: Social activities accelerate. Co-workers are helpful. Professionals: Your clientele increases. A romantic relationship is revitalized. A proposal of marriage or a decision to start a family tops the list now. Tarot message: You need to take things slowly. Lucky colour: Red Magic number: 30

CANCER: Your card brings happy news. Share your interests with your family members. Legal matters come to the fore, handle them carefully. A good day for purchasing a vehicle. Tarot message: Try to get rid of negative feelings through love. Lucky colour: Crimson Magic number: 33

LEO: Check your e-mails and appointments before setting out this morning and you won't miss anything important. Your care could make all the difference in others decisions and peace of mind. Tarot message: Do not swing away from the course you have charted so far. Lucky colour: White Magic number: 61

VIRGO: You need to be alert and responsive. Read a good book at bed time. Group efforts and projects will inspire you and introduce you to new and interesting friends, pastimes and contacts. Tarot message: Don't be too certain about obtaining a legal clearance. Lucky colour: Mauve Magic number: 44

LIBRA: Focus on spirituality and meditation. You may find that a journey undertaken is subject to delays. Avoid social gathering in the evening. Students: Enjoy on the campus. Tarot message: Win a war with honesty, not by distorting facts. Lucky colour: Saffron Magic number: 29

SCORPIO: Work and domestic duty follow a familiar pattern today. You will find it difficult to reach an agreement with loved ones. Family members will be quick tempered. Tarot message: Delays are the only obstacle in your way to success. Lucky colour: Green. Magic number: 63

SAGITTARIUS: Employment affairs may be unsettled, especially in the morning. Home and family affairs will be most enjoyable. This is the time to travel with a romantic partner, children or social groups. Tarot message: Let past be past. Lucky colour: Yellow Magic number: 52

CAPRICORN: Mental work will be stimulating today. Women: Beware of strangers. A new romance can bring changes to your living quarters, as you both find the compulsion to be together. Tarot message: Handle others carefully, don't upset anyone. Lucky colour: Purple Magic number: 36

AQUARIUS: Attempt to improve your health will be successful. Tension builds and tempers can fray. An irritating co-worker can push you to your limits. Change your normal routine. Tarot message: Don't give up on your rights without considering a second chance. Lucky colour: Orange Magic number: 40

PISCES: It would be wise to keep work and domestic matters distinctly separate. Students: Time spent on studying will not go waste. Useful day for tackling household repairs. Tarot message: You are on the right track don't allow others to interfere in your way. Lucky colour: Peach. Magic number: 26

The Year Ahead
Madan Gupta Spatu

If your birthday is April 21...

During 2014, you will continue to change and evolve, especially in the area of your appearance. If you're unhappy with your name, consider changing it.

Jupiter, your ruling planet, will be touring your intimacy sector. A close relationship could bring tremendous happiness. If you are single, you could benefit from a grant, loan or scholarship, since lending institutions could be particularly generous at this time. There's even a chance that you will receive an inheritance or some other sort of financial windfall.

In your career, you will begin to notice more income coming your way, helping you to have a stronger bank account. Doing well in your career will give you a higher position in your company. Positive colours: Golden, red, brown Select days: Sunday & Monday Favourable numbers: 1,4,2,7 Gems recommended: Yellow sapphire & ruby. Charity on birthday: Donate white clothes to needy.

You share your birthday with Sheeba Chaddha, (April 21,1973) who is a stage and television actress. She was seen in the 2012 film Talaash. Her role of Nirmala was of a sex worker brought her good reviews from critics. She will have average career in the coming time.

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