Sunday, May 4, 2014, Chandigarh, India
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Brides Wanted

Panjabi Saraswat Brahmin boy 1987 born, 5-10, B.Tech. Well placed in MNC, Bangalore, Package 10 LPA. Upper middle Class family. Girl should be equally qualified, well placed, sobre and cultured. 98156-22778 [email protected]  C4-11232

Sikh Mair Rajput Australian citizen vegetarian boy, 1981, BA, B.Ed., 6'-00". Wanted educated tall beautiful girl. Upper caste no bar. Preference to Doaba area. Send profile with photo to E-mail: [email protected]  Contact: 0061435144782. C4-12143

Beautiful suitable match for 5'-8", fair, handsome Parmar Sikh Rajput
clean-shaven only son (Canadian PR boy), 23.11.1982, 6.45 p.m., Chandigarh, M.S. Software from USA, working as Software Engineer in well-known company at Vancouver, Canada. Earning annual six figure Canadian Dollars. Started own business, Financial sound. Upper caste no bar. Send photograph alongwith particulars: [email protected]  Contact: 98782- 33824. C4-12459

Professionally qualified non-manglik NRI match for handsome Punjabi
Saraswat 31/ 5'-10" PEC Engineer working USA H1 team leader S/W USD 150K. Upper caste welcome. 9417143721, [email protected]  C4-11763

Professionally qualified match for Sharma Himachali boy, B.Tech. working
with MNC as Assistant Manager, 04.08.1984, 5'-4". Prefer suitable beautiful educated girl. 094182-87710. [email protected]  C4-12611

Required Extremely beautiful Professionally qualified girl for very handsome
boy, CPA, Australian citizenship. 16.2.1985/3:30 p.m./Chandigarh. 5'-9". Parents well settled in Panchkula. Upper caste no bar. Mobile 93164-67288, 93161-26034. Email : [email protected]  C4-11967

Match for 5'-10"+, 8.12.1986, 5:05 a.m., Chandigarh, convent educated,
PEC, IT Engineer, Chandigarh based. Own house, no liability. Presently Mumbai, likely shifting to Chandigarh/NCR. 98144-05956. [email protected]  C4-7236

Professionally qualified well settled/NRI match for cleanshaven Ramgarhia
Sikh boy, B.Tech. Oct. 83/5'-11", working with top MNC, presently in U.K. Caste no bar. [email protected]  C4-11096

Suitable match for Ramdasia Sikh (Weaver) clean-shaven boy, 1980 born,
height 5'-8", fair complexion, Hotel Management Degree, having own Restaurant at Shimla. Contact: 098787-48907. C4-11356

Match for Sikh Brahmin ND/NT, Sept. 1989/5'-6", B.Tech. (P.U.), MS (USA).
Working in USA, SEL (Power) on work visa. Preferred B.Tech., Studying or Work permit girl. 081463-88177, 098149-03448. C4-12021

Sikh boy B.S., USA citizen, handsome 33/6'-2" seeks slim, attractive girl.
Very well-settled in business. Reputed educated family. owns real estate in USA and India. Send biodata and picture to: [email protected]  C4-8118

Professionally qualified match for Saini Sikh 5'-9", 1981, legally divorcee,
permanent settled & having own business in Australia. 8591910051, [email protected]  C4-9848

Amritsar based Jat Sikh parents seek suitable match for Canadian PR son
27/6', Father retired Bank Manager, Sister Army Officer. Boy coming India Sept. end. Only serious enquiries. Respond with biodata, pics. 99155- 23769, [email protected]  A4-8800-OL

Well settled & highly educated Jat Sikh family seeks Jat Sikh match for their
37 years old, 5'-11", tall son (divorced), an Australian Government Executive. Boy's annual package exceeds 1.20 lakh Australian dollars. Family owns property in India and Australia. Preferred qualifications MBBS/BDS/IT/CA/MBA. Serious inquiries only. Email biodata & photos to [email protected]  C3-130214

Canadian Jat Sikh parents seeking a suitable match for their son 30/6' tall
Canadian citizen, University Graduate with Bechelor's Degree in Commerce major in Accountancy, currently pursuing CA designation and professionally employed. The girl should be well educated, tall not less than 5'-5", fair, slim and good family values. Pl. send bio-data and recent picture to email: [email protected]  C3-140353

Match for 6'-3", Nov. 83 born, cleanshaven, handsome thorough gentleman,
very respectable earning, permanent resident of Canada, living in own house. Parents, grand parents educated in good boarding schools. 4th generation to say no to dowry. Contact at E-mail: [email protected]  C4-11296

Professional match for Jat Sikh USA Green Card Holder (applied Citizenship),
26/5'-9", handsome, sober, teetotaler, well mannered boy holding Accounting Degree and cleared C.P.A. Exam, working in California. Simple well educated family. Desired pretty match with rich family values preferably from U.S. Please Email details with picture and phone: [email protected]  C4-11887

Suitable match for suave, handsome Jatt Sikh boy: born July 87, 6', IIT
graduate; presently pursuing Ph.D. in USA. Belong to respected, cultured, affluent family. Looking for well-educated, confident, graceful girl. Contact with basic information and pictures. Email: [email protected] , Ph: 9815785658. C4-12047

Jat Sikh Canadian citizen handsome cleanshave only son, 24/5'-11",
convent educated, +2 non-medical ICSE board. Seeks well educated Jat Sikh girl, minimum 5'-5". Prefer Doaba and girl went on study base/PR in Canada. Contact: 9815538441, 8699635727. E-mail: [email protected]  C4-12101

NRI/Indian match for Jatt-Sikh B.Com./MBA Chandigarh settled March
82/180 boy. Doing business as Stockist of Testing Instruments & Reagents for Hospitals/Diagnostic Centers. Sister, brother in law Doctors. Early marriage. +91-78149-72341. [email protected]  C4-12519

Beautiful match for cleanshaven Jat Sikh boy, 8 September 1989, 5'-11",
B.Sc Nautical Science and IInd mate foreign going course, presently working in Merchant Navy. Ropar/Mohali/tricity preferred. Contact: 099888-12365. C4-12549

Professionally qualified match for Jat sikh boy, August 1984, 5'-11", B.Tech.
(India), MS (USA). Working as Quality Analyst in MNC at USA on H1B Visa, from an educated Chandigarh-based family with substantial assets. Email: [email protected]  C4-12849

US Citizen Jatt Sikh Engineer, 32 yrs, 5'-11" handsome boy, very successfull
in his Engineering career. Owns Properties in India and US. Recently divorced from Non Indian girl after brief paper marriage. email: [email protected]  C4-7344B

Jat Sikh Canadian parents seek a tall, slim, beautiful, professional girl for
their turbaned, trimmed-beard, vegetarian, non-drinker, Pilot son. 6' tall, 29 yrs old, born in India, raised in Canada. Rural/urban property. Malwa region preferred. Please respond with recent pics & full bio-data of girl & family. Preferably from Canada. Email: [email protected]  C4-8904

Handsome 6' Jat Sikh Australian citizen, 32 years, divorced, no issue, brief
four week marriage, B.Sc. IT, Diploma Hospitality Management, only brother Senior Engineer settled Sydney, 17 years, educated khandani family. Father retd SE. Only Australia-based girl and family need contact. Mob: 048120-0031, [email protected]  C4-9072

Jat Sikh boy 32/6'-1", cleanshaven, non-drinker, handsome, MBBS, MS.
Employed, handsome salary (legally separated after brief marriage) seeks good looking & well-educated girl. Contact: [email protected]  NA4-9241

Suitable match for Mahajan boy, Pathankot, B.Tech., working as Telecom
Engineer, MNC Chandigarh, 24.01.1984, 5'-7". Suitable educated girl required. 9779457702. [email protected]  C4-12647

Saini Gursikh Canadian Citizen beautiful/fair complexion boy, 5'-9"/ 26
years only son. BBA (University of Toronto), Managing family business in Canada. Family from Moga, Punjab with 100 acre farmland in India and urban property in India and Canada. No Dowry. Send photos and bio-data to [email protected]  or call India: 94172-16466, Canada 001-905-872-2288 (9AM to 9PM Toronto time). C4-11903

Match for smart Sikh Saini boy 30 yrs 5'-5", B.Tech., MBA, working MNC.
Small family settled Chadigarh. Father XEN, brother IFS. Upper caste, dowry, religion no bars. 98884-84211, [email protected]  C4-13149 

Wanted Canadian citizen beautiful educated girl for Mair Rajput very
handsome Sikh cleanshaved BBA Canadian boy, 6'-1"/23. Upper caste no bar. Contact: 9988109615, E-mail: [email protected]  C4-11054

Suitable match for Arora/Khatri boy, vegetarian, 35/5'- 8", Non-smoker,
non-drinker, divorcee, Australian Citizen. [email protected]  C4-11240B

Match for handsome, clean shaven Sikh Khatri-Kamboj boy 25.07.80, 9:25
p.m., Virgnia USA citizen, settled from 17 years, 5'-11", Masters IT, Sr. Software Consultant. No dowry. Caste no bar. Hindu Sikh families welcome. Respond with picture, biodata. Email: [email protected]  Mobile: 001-5714382201 C4- 11619

Well-settled Punjabi Hindu khatri parents invite correspondences for US
born and raised son 1988, 6'-2" handsome very fair MBA cast no bar seeking beautiful educated girl call (702)-683-5887 or email bio data with recent photo at [email protected]  C4-12053

Match for MD Cardiologist, educated and working in USA, handsome 5'-8.5",
1976 born, never married, cleanshaven Khatri Sikh Doctors family. Email: [email protected]  C4-12739

Professional match for Jat Sikh boy December 84/6'-0", cleanshave,
non-drinker, handsome, B.Pharmacy PR Canada seeks girl from India/Canada Software Engg., BPT, B.Pharmacy. Photo must. Mohali-based family. Email: [email protected] 97803-68153. NA4-10184

Suitable match for handsome Brahmin boy, 1979/6'-2", Double Bachelor,
Master in Information Technology, currently working as Information Technology Manager for 7 years, salary six figures, living in California since 1984, girl height min. 5'-5" and in Medical profession preferred. Our email: [email protected]  Phone: 209 499 9059. NA4-6908

Extremely beautiful well educated match for handsome Khatri manglik 6'
boy, 17.12.1986/1:25 pm. Senior section engineer, central government. Brother doctor, own house Chandigarh. 98158-92787, [email protected]  C4-11140 

Match for Khatri boy 31/5'-6", B.Tech India, MS USA, working USA since
2010, H1B visa. Weak left leg muscle with no restriction to perform activities. Visiting shortly. Preferred Engineering Degree match. [email protected]  Box 1073M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Wanted beautiful, professional match for handsome Khatri boy, B.Tech,
MBA, 5'-8", 14-1-1986, 08:45 a.m. Khanna (Pb), job at Delhi, package 7.50 lacs. Contact: 9888691646. Email: [email protected]  C4-12027

Well-established Hindu Khatri family seeks alliance for their handsome son,
well-educated, own business, 1983 born, Ht. 5'-10". Looking for a beautiful, well- educated, non-manglik girl from a respectable family. Contact: 98550-00554. Email: [email protected]  C4-12465

Suitable match for Chadha Khatri boy, May 1980/5'-6", BAMS (Moga), DHMS
Ontorio (Canada), working in Winnipeg. Father Homoeo Dr., Brother married. Contact: 09464889922. C4-12971

Suitable match for Malhotra Manglik boy fair, slim, handsome, 5'-8",
03.09.1989, 5.17 p.m., B.Com., MBA. Well-settled in father's business. Caste no bar. Girl's merits only consideration. 094161-75084. Email: [email protected]  C4-9784

Suitable match for cleanshaven handsome Sikh Ramgarhia boy April
1984/6'-2", B.E., working as Vice President in a top Investment Bank in USA on H1-B visa. Respond with biodata and latest photo to E-mail: [email protected]  C4-12207

SM4 Ramgarhia handsome turbaned Sikh boy 11.08.1982, 5'-9", IT
Professional. Father in Canada. Immediate marriage. Contact 98762-53882. C4-12639

SM4 Ramgarhia Sikh cleanshave boy, 5'-8", 1982 born, presently in UK on
student Visa Pursuing M.Sc. IT in Computer Network. Preferred UK Student Visa or work permit or UK/ USA citizen, sister and parents in USA, e-mail: [email protected]  or cell 0019178153504 call after 6.00 p.m. USA time. C4-12994

Suitable match for professionally electrical qualified handsome Sikh
Ramgarhia boy 5'-8", 1990, Canadian citizen well-settled educated family. Send detailed bio-data with recent pictures. Email: [email protected]  C4-3250

PQM for handsome Ravidasia boy, 1979, B.Tech-CSE, 5'- 8", working with
top MNC, (NCR), package 11 LPA. [email protected]  Cont 09996377064. C4-12886

Suitable match for Parjapat (Ghumar) Australian PR boy, 4.5.1988, 5'-8".
Preferred B.Sc. Nursing. Send photo & biodata. Email: [email protected]  97799- 81279. NA4-9101

Punjabi teetotaller vegeterian Widower 48/165, having 13 years son well
settled in Goa (Hip replaced due to car accident, preferred educated issueless lady from respected family. [email protected]  092259-01234. C3-139124B

Match for Himachali Manglik Rajput boy 9.2.1986, 1:21 a.m., Ambala,
working in MNC Chandigarh, professionally qualified, Tricity preferred. 98881-89825. [email protected]  A4-9072-OL

Professionally qualified match for Manglik Brahmin boy, 5'-9", 25.10.1981,
7.22 pm, Ferozepur, B.Tech, Masters from New York University USA, working California on H1B. Girl should be beautiful, min. 5'-4". Upper caste no bar. Preference Resident/H1B Visa. 9855596821. E- mail: [email protected]  C4-12137

Well-qualified working beautiful, slim working match from status family for
Gursikh Tonk-Khashtriya boy Software Engineer MNC Gurgaon, 7 LPA, 86/5'-6". Parents well-educated/Govt. employed. 95010-28182. [email protected]  NA4-8833

Seeking educated, beautiful match for handsome, slim Khatri, 5'-10"/35
boy, having one issue, owns electrical business, godown, house, car at Nabha. 98143-00828. C4-13071B

Professionally qualified match for turbaned Sikh trimmer 30/6'-1", B.Tech.,
PG Tech. Mgmt., PG Mktg. Mgmt. Canada. Simple, qualified, nuclear family Mohali based. Boy presently in India. Contact: +91-7696461220, Email: [email protected]  C4-13241

PR status (Canada) Feb 1985, 5'-8", Master in Computer Networking from
University of Alberta, working in Telecommunication Company (Canada). [email protected]  98888-35184. NA4-9990

Match for Garg boy 06.12.84, 5'-8", 9:15 AM, Raman Mandi, Distt. Batinda,
MCA, working as Team Leader in DTDC Courier, Chandigarh, 3.5 LPA. [email protected]  94632-58735. C4-10666

NM PQM for B.Tech., MBA (MDI Gurgaon), CFA, FRM Gupta boy, 5'-8", Feb.
84 Patiala born, working at MNC Chandigarh. Currently in Europe on project assignment. Slim, employed girl preferred. Contact: [email protected]  , 98880-30054. C4-11755

Suitable match for Australian PR Garg boy 5'-11", 31.10.1983 (09:15 am,
Dhuri) Income 60000 AUD yearly. Seeking beautiful educated girl. NRI/willing to settle abroad. 0172-2629278, 9501166577, [email protected]  C4-11947

Professionally qualified match for Bansal N/M boy, 5'- 8", 19.1.83, 4.43
p.m., Kaithal, B.Tech., working in MNC Chandigarh, Rs. 12.00 Lac P.A. Tricity preferred. 098159-72850. [email protected]  C4-12511

Well settled and well-reputed Canadian Kamboj Sikh family are looking for a
prospective bride for their Canadian born and raised son. He is a 5'-9", very handsome, Physically fit, athletic and kind 34 year old who has a prestigious position in the family-owned corporations. We are looking for someone who is beautiful, educated, hardworking and down-to-earth. Caste no bar. Send bio-data with recent picture at E- mail: [email protected]  Only serious inquries please. C4-11278


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