The churning that has EU on edge
Reviewed by Priyanka Singh
Punjabi Parmesan
by Pallavi Aiyar, Penguin Books, Pages 318, Rs 599.
The European Union fiscal crisis; tilt in market supremacy; a new pecking order; resolute China racing towards its clear goals; a determined India trying to keep pace are the focus of the book. All that could possibly go wrong with the EU, has. And all at once.
Current affairs books

Social democracy—means or end?
Reviewed by Kanwalpreet
An Indian Social Democracy, Integrating Markets, Democracy And Social Justice
Edited by Sunil Khilnani and Manmohan Malhoutra, Academic Foundation in association with Indira Gandhi Memorial Trust, New Delhi,
Volume 1 (444 pages) and Volume 2 (324 pages), Price Rs 1,995.
With the concept of 'Welfare State' not just a mere formality but an ideal to be pursued by States all over the world, India has always aimed to incorporate the basic ideas of social democracy. This book is a result of discussions and deliberations that took place during many conferences regularly organised by the Indira Gandhi Memorial Trust.

An assorted platter
Reviewed by Angad Sodhi
Taste: 7 Michelin Star and Celebrity Chefs
Compiled & Edited by Anand Kapoor, Om Books, Pages 192, Rs 1,500.
If one happened to see Anand Kapoor's book Taste: 7 Michelin Star and Celebrity Chefs on a shelf in a bookstore, one would definitely stop and pick it up. After all, what's not to like? The cover entices you in with that striking photograph of fresh green herbs ready to infuse the senses with a smorgasbord of flavours. Add to this a mouthwatering promise of glossy pages, offering pearls of culinary wisdom from some of the biggest names in the food business.